Big Brother 16 Episode 6 Recap: Devin’s HOH Reign Brings The Crazy


Sunday night’s episode of Big Brother 16 picked up right where much of America decided to scratch their eyes out when Julie tells Cody he is not the new HOH, but Devin is.

They replayed the tape for us and it was clear that Cody fouled. And we’re quickly reminded that Devin has a daughter and he will hopefully get pictures of her in his HOH room. You know, just to make sure he really has a daughter.

Not very many people are happy that Devin won Head of Household. But everyone puts on their fake smiling faces and suck it up and join in on the celebration.

It doesn’t take long for Devin’s guilt to set in for how he treated Donny, so he decides to come clean to him that he passed judgement on him. Donny is really nice about it and tells him not to worry about. But luckily Donny tells us in the Diary Room that it’s not going to be that easy for Devin. He’s going to have to prove that he can trust him.

That wasn’t enough for Devin, however. He decides to call a house meeting to repeat what he just told Donny. And even though I think I know what Devin is trying to do, it’s not working at all. It just makes him look crazy. Really crazy. He tells them that he’s upset, that he’s not playing the game he intended and that he was unfair to Donny and yada, yada, yada. He also said that he’s the reason who the first nominees were. So Caleb and Frankie are all “wait a minute.” They all told everyone the nominees were based on who fell first. So Caleb feels like the house now thinks Caleb was a liar.

We get a Hayden and Nicole flirtmance segment. So that leads to Nicole telling Christine that maybe Hayden would be good to add to their two-person alliance. And then Hayden walks in and they’re all “we want to be in an alliance” and so there it is. Christine says she’s “either really genius, or I’ll be destroyed really soon.”

It’s time for nomination talk. Devin says he’d think about putting up Brittany and Paola. Amber says she will not put up two girls. Everyone agrees that she has to put up a guy. But Amber refuses to put up Donny, so that leaves Hayden as the only other guy not in the Bomb Squad. So Derrick steps in to add Nicole into the mix.

So at the nomination ceremony, it’s no surprise that Devin nominates Brittany and Paola and Amber nominate Nicole and Hayden.

Devin explains to everyone that Brittany is definitely his target. He tells Hayden and Nicole that they have nothing to worry about and they aren’t going anywhere this week. He also says that Paola will throw the competition so Brittany remains on the block. Brittany realizes that she’s the target and says it will take a miracle to save her this week.


It’s time for Battle of the Block and it’s more of the college theme and the nominees have to look at a series of photos and answer questions based on what’s going on in the photos. In the end Hayden and Nicole come out on top. So They get to come off the block and Amber gets dethroned.

That means Devin reigns as the sole HOH and Brittany and Paola are the two nominees ahead of the veto competition and ceremony.

What do you think of the nominations? Who do you think will be going home this week?


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  1. It usually takes some time for me to get used to new players with each BB season. However, because last season was so atrocious, I’m already addicted to watching these BB newbies!

    • yes last year was so bad that even Julie Chen did not invite the winner on the talk one of the worst painful to watch at times

      • Last season’s cast totally went and did what the show never wanted. The eye candy turned out to be hate filled. And the so called ”sweethearts” turned out to be despicable. Bad bad casting but it looks like they learned their lesson for this season (aside from the boring and predictable model & actress shopping once again)….

  2. Honestly, I must be the only BBfan liking Kind Devin…. I agree after last year’s houseguests I was skeptical about watching this year but I am glad I am watching. I really like this crew…..Kind Devin is entertaining at his very least. It is so entertaining to watch him self destruct….can you imagine the boredom without him… The day he is voted out will commence probably the most boring week in the house yet. I wish Frankie goes back to his antics…luved his British accent harangue. Not such a fan of Nicole/Jacosta as they are quite boring but enjoy their interactions with the other more interesting houseguests…. My least fav person has turned into my fav person to win – Derrick. All of the others are entertaining in their own special way. I’m luvin this season.

    • I agree Devin’s entertaining to watch self-destruct, but he’s too erratic for my taste. It’s actually painful to watch.

    • I saw that on the feeds and I really wish Frankie wasn’t one of them. I liked him in the beginning but now that I see he just goes to whoever has power and even throws his own alliance under the bus I don’t care for him. He reminds me of that snake Andy! So I hope America does something to screw up his game.

      • I agree. I was hoping Cody would get the votes. He kinda reminds me a little of Jeff Schroeder, so cute! Plus, he is already working with Derrick.

      • Yep Cody would of been a good one. Maybe Derrick will tell Cody. When Joey and Donny read the card in the DR it said you could choose to tell or keep it a secret.

      • I think if Frankie is on AT it will change his game – slow his roll. Because Frankie is active, in with everyone, he would probably help AT complete tasks in a thoughtful manner. Also, I would assume that makes the safety of Donny (whom Frankie was previously ok with evicting) and Derrick a priority for Frankie now. Maybe??
        Hard to say til we see what kind of tasks these are, I guess.

      • And interesting since I think I read where Derrick was wise to Frankie and was saying that Frankie has to go before Jury.
        Sounds like AT will last throughout the game since no specified number of tasks?

  3. Question???? Does anybody know the channel for BBAD using “DISH “??? I CANNOT FIND IT!!!!! Help if u can!!!!! WOULD APPRECIATE!!!

  4. Okay, so what was all that talk about Paola “not using protective gear” during the BotB that the HGs were going on about earlier on in the week? Cause nothing of the sort was needed for this comp. Or am I mixing up this comp with the POV?

    • I think the HGs were noting that Paola should’ve gotten the answers she gotten wrong, right. Since she wasn’t handicapped by the protective gear thus should’ve answered it. She answered it like she couldn’t see the images.

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