Big Brother 16 Episode 34 Recap: HGs Play The Fake Veto Competition


You know what’s harder to watch than an episode of Big Brother 16? An episode of Big Brother 16 where everything happening will mean nothing on Wednesday when the game rewinds.

Tuesday night’s episode picks up right after Frankie nominated Cody and Victoria. Frankie tells us that Victoria is the target and it’s time for her to go after doing nothing the entire seasons. His words, not mine.

Cody thinks this means he’s the low man on the totem pole, which makes Cody regret not getting Frankie backdoored last week even more.

We get a fun little montage of Big Brother making fun of all of Victoria’s game delusions, including her calling Derrick the Robin to her Batman. Funny stuff.

Cody and Derrick get some alone time, so it’s time for them to talk about what is going on this week. Cody tells Derrick that Caleb told him it crossed his mind to ditch Cody this week, but he won’t do that. Derrick tells Cody if he wins the veto, maybe he’ll use it on Cody so that Frankie has to put Caleb up and they can evict him.

Derrick reminds Cody that they pushed that button and it could mean things change on Wednesdays. The wheels are definitely turning.

Speaking of the button, we get a stupid montage of tall of their stupid speculations on what the button means. Cody’s ideas are the worst. Derrick’s are the most-likely. And since there’s basically nothing else to cover this season, they show us footage of Caleb and Cody attacking the button with karate chops. This is Big Brother 16, folks.

It’s veto time. It’s a freak show theme, which is just really Big Brother morph. And we’ve got some hideous freaks. And again, since there’s nothing else to show us, we get to watch almost the entire Veto competition. So after far too much footage and far too much DR commentary from the HGs, it’s finally time to reveal how long it took each person to play.

  • Cody finished in 12:14
  • Caleb finished in 8:39
  • Victoria’s time was 17:18
  • Frankie finished in 5:54
  • Derrick’s final time was 6:17

Frankie has won the Power of Veto and holds all the power and it’s starting to show. He right away starts wondering what to do with the veto. He could keep Victoria and put up a threat. Of course we know that this could all be a moot point since they pushed the button and the game will be rewinded. I think a lot of the HGs have that feeling as well.

And just when I couldn’t think of how they’re going to fill the rest of the time of this episode, I forgot about the Team America challenge. Frankie and Derrick managed to make the HGs believe there’s a mouse in the house. And Cody was jumping up on furniture like a dainty lady. So it looks like Team America managed to pass this challenge.


OK, back to the game. Frankie decides to keep the nominations the same because he doesn’t need to get rid of a threat, because in his mind he is the only threat. So he’s good with keeping things the same.

But once again, we know the button could make all of this pointless. We’ll know Wednesday night.


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  1. Every time they show Frankie, I just want to throw up, I will fast forward my DVR, just to not listen to him!

    • I feel your pain. I’m a huge BB fan and am really hope next summer they go back to some of the early seasons for idea’s. Variety of cast plus food comps for everyone. Can you imagine if Derrick had got 24hr solitary confinement?

      • With his paranoia, he would have lost it! I agree..BB has to go back to what makes the game fun for players and viewers. The HN comps, luxury comps, DPOV, Pandora’s Box, I loved the Coup ‘d tat (I know that is not spelled right) stuff that keeps the game interesting..better relatives of ANYONE..this year, in my opinion, has been a total bust. I hope they get their act together for next season, if there is one.

      • Not for CBS….this was to promote the Arianna Grande release of her new cd. Even in here, trailers going across constantly. Didn’t someone write in here that CBS owns her record label or vice versa? This season had just been one big Arianna Grande commercial. JMO

      • I wouldn’t mind new twists and comps, if they were fun, silly and/or helped the HGs. The biggest thing missing from this season was laughter. Other than laughing at Zach’s antics, which wasn’t even production’s doing, I don’t remember laughing a single time.

      • Can we give Frankie a week’s solitary confinement, if he’s not out the door tonight? (I think Matt’s right and no one is going home this week, but I can still hope!)

    • Starting to feel like the only one in the world who’s been fine with this season. Sorry you haven’t enjoyed it. Better luck next season I guess.

  2. Yeah I thought he had a big ego to begin with. .now he thinks he’s god ooh I just threw up in my mouth a little bit! !

  3. West Coast – watching the mouse/rat episode. Cody is such a little pooty! I keep wishing they’d grow some balls, but I’d be happy with him growing just one. Frankie is talking to the camera about his magnificence when it comes to winning, how Caleb is the only one close to him in wins, and how he has “carried these boys” in the competition. Oh wait, parting words – “we will be judged by the world”. He has no idea!!! His ego has no equal in BB history, well maybe Dr. Will, but he was conceited without the grossness. Victoria is rambling on about being proud that she made it to F5. Poor little thing, just no clue.

    • ROFLMAO @ ‘growing just one ball’. I do not think there is one, no less six between Frankie, Caleb and Cody. Lol

  4. I like Branden’s writing in that he’s not afraid to just say what’s on his mind, seemingly without feeling a need to be so politically correct, which is nice to see in today’s world and I respect it. However, I do kind of wish he wouldn’t throw in what seems like pretty clear and obvious bias as to his dislike for certain houseguests or for the way the show has gone this season. For example, Matt hasn’t really made it any secret that he’s not a big Frankie fan, but he’s not quite as blunt about it, and I think that’s a bit of a better approach when writing for this site. Again, I don’t at all mean this as an attack on Branden, I do like his writing for other reasons as mentioned, and I wouldn’t keep reading otherwise.

    • That’s the whole point of this site, the ability to say what we think. We shouldn’t all conform to your idea of what is acceptable. If everyone sat down and wrote purely intellectually, it would get boring really quickly. Shows like BB, especially this frustrating season, bring out people’s emotions. We love HG’s, we hate HG’s, we have strong reactions to situations. Comments might be funny, they might be controversial, they might cause you to rethink a situation, they might be informative, but the diversity is what keeps us all coming back.

      • I don’t recall saying or implying that I wanted everyone to ‘conform to my idea of what is acceptable’…so I’m not sure where that came from. I do agree though with most of what you said otherwise. I’m right there on board for differing opinions, that’s what keeps things interesting. I make no apologies about not being a fan though of people speaking with obvious bias when they don’t admit to it or try to pretend they speak for everyone, and I especially dislike when opinions aren’t backed up and thus can’t be respected. Like someone commenting with just “So and so sucks” but not saying why. That’s useless. I don’t have to agree with an opinion to respect it, there just has to actually be an opinion and have it be validated by backing it up. In this post, which you responded to, I wasn’t talking about commenters on the boards, I was talking about somebody who works/writes for this website. I don’t see what’s wrong with thinking they should be a little more subtle about their biases on who they do and don’t like, and on how they perceive the season to be going. Imagine showing up to work and writing about how much you hate the job. Part of the job here is covering Big Brother, and there were clear signs here that Branden hasn’t enjoyed this season. It’s honest, and for that reason I respect it, but it comes off biased.

      • You’re a very intelligent writer and I respect your opinion. I hate to admit it, but I’m afraid I’m a little more low-brow than you, I really enjoy the character breakdowns, and even some of the rather more outrageous posts. Just nothing cruel or hate-fueled. I guess that’s what makes this world interesting, we can agree to disagree. I enjoy your posts.

      • I appreciate the kind words, and not solely for the sake of reciprocating them but because I actually believe them, I think you’re also a very intelligent writer. I always read your comments when I see them on boards, for that reason. I have no problems when I disagree with anything you say, and in fact, that’s what makes it more fun and interesting; debating as long as like you said, it’s done respectfully and not in any cruel manner. I too also get a laugh sometimes seeing others flip out with their opinions on houseguests and whatnot, here on the boards. My original comment was meant only for the writers, as I feel like when you’re a writer, Matt’s approach which employs a little more subtlety, I feel like it may be a ‘better’ (for lack of a better term) approach than that of Branden’s. Writer to me equates to employee or representative. That being said, Branden’s more bold approach can be entertaining, and I did point out that I do like and respect that, and that I wouldn’t keep reading his work if I thought it was flat-out bad. He speaks his mind in a world where everybody is trying to be a little too politically correct for my liking, so it’s nice to see. Sorry if I sound like I’m contradicting myself, one minute slightly criticizing him and the next praising him, but I’m just trying to say I like and dislike different aspects of his writing.

        While I’m at it I’d like to point out I think both Matt and Branden do a great job keeping up with, reporting on, and generally covering the show, the live feeds, etc. Thank you to both for your hard work.

      • I second you on that. I think I responded a little hastily on the first post in this line. Should have read a little more closely so that your intent was fully understood. Well, I’ve been told before that I jump the gun a bit. lol

      • Not a problem =)

        For what it’s worth, even my original comment, I kind of hesitated before I sent it lol. I was wondering if I would rub anyone the wrong way. I hope I didn’t with you.

      • Sounds good, glad to hear it. I also hope I didn’t come across with any kind of ‘high and mighty’ demeanour, as I noticed you said “I fear I’m more low-brow than you”. I don’t ever mean to sound like I’m trying to show off intelligence or anything, and I can definitely appreciate and enjoy simpler things in life such as low-brow humour.

      • You weren’t condescending at all, I just replied too quickly to a post I hadn’t read closely enough. My “low-brow” comment was strictly tongue-in-cheek. I can rustle up a little culture when I have to. :)

      • Haha, right on. I’m not sure I could ever say I’m cultured though, so you may have a one-up on me there…

    • My opinion is slightly different. I view the writers of this blog and most blogs as commentaries, rather than reporters. As such, I feel that their opinions and bias are a much needed addition to their articles. It brings life to them. Sometimes I agree and sometimes I don’t, but I always appreciate it. I love the commentary section of the newspaper more than the front page. I’ve written for blogs and can tell you that the articles with straight reporting don’t get a reaction as much as those with commentary included.

      If you don’t like blogs with opinions included, you’d really hate Tamara Tattles, Princess Glammy and a few others.

      BTW, I really enjoyed the intelligent discussion between both you and GMaG!

  5. im going to be happy after this wednesday….every friggin article always has ‘…but it wont matter this week.” ok guys, we f-king get it. there is a rewind this week. geez-rus!

  6. Cannot believe i am saying this but now my final two hopes are Caleb and Cody sorry cannot stand ego skankie and lying don’t win anything (except a HoH by a fluke) Derrick or the wannabe thinks she is all that Victoria.

  7. My husband said why are we watching this when none of it counts? It was pretty funny listening to Victoria talk. And the whole mouse thing is just stupid. They still talk about it as if they have seen it but it never occurs to them that they haven’t, and why is that?

  8. Not an exciting week. The big twist became a Production waste because it changed nothing in the game They have to send a dog in the house, and tomorrow Dan Gheesling will pay a visit. They sure are putting a lot of padding………what about a pig in the backyard.

  9. This is so set up, the comps are made for Frankie! The balance beam with the seeds and then the morph but really how do we no the times are accurate that’s what CBS comes up with so they could put any time. If Frankie wins this next HOH I will scream, I hope they will do a physical challenge and he will not hold up and they can get him out. That would be the best move of the season!!!!! Let’s hope tonight brings some excitement for next week, come on BB-CBS grow a pair, just because you have connections with Frankie sister it’s time to make a move!

      • His little fingers may fall off. Let him stay out there for awhile, that’s what he signed up for. He seemed to handle the last endurance with the bowl fill up just fine.

    • Sorry kids, but I think this is a bit of paranoia. How was the balance beam comp “made for Frankie”? Or the morphing comp for that matter. The guy is good at comps. It doesn’t mean they are made for him. Besides, Frankie winning the last HOH is not at all to his advantage, given the rewind.

      I’m not saying that CBS doesn’t have a bias for Frankie. They very well might. But I do think the paranoia is a bit over the top.
      Truly, if CBS wanted to keep fans happy, they would sabotage his game. No one likes him, so how do they benefit from him winning?

      If people think this is about his sister, well, I suspect she will be at the finale either way. But her management team is not going to suddenly allow her to do all kinds of promo for CBS or Big Brother. I just don’t see a logical reason why CBS would pre-select Frankie to win.

      Also, I see this same kind of paranoia season after season in these comments.

      • hmmmmmm, well …. hmmmmm
        That leaves me a bit speechless. Although I still don’t see how the comps were rigged for Frankie, this is an interesting, and indeed tantalizing, bit of information.

  10. Had Frankie used the veto and put up Caleb or Derrick, the twist would have been more interesting because it would have exposed a bit of his game, assuming he has one, and created a lot of tension. But because he is as hesitant to make a big move and the rest, this week has amounted to nothing more than a snoozer and the twist has been largely irrelevant. But the dog is cute.

    • The only way this will be of any interest tonight is if Frankie does not win HOH, Cody does and he puts him up. But, I don’t see Frankie losing another comp.

  11. If you look at the website showing pictures of season winners it has Julie’s picture, Ian, Andy AND Frankie! Why Frankie…….he didn’t win!!!!! Or is that just showing it’s already been determined he won. He should have been sent home for the rape comments and the threat to punch Nicole in the face!!!!!!

    • ….and for calling Nicole the “c” word, although Spencer used that word several times last season and wasn’t sent home. I guess production does not care what these HG’s say or do. As long as they don’t headbutt someone, they are ok to stay. The rape talk was horrible enough, but, what really bothered me was Frankie describing to the other idiots what Zingbot would do with it’s arms/hands to Victoria. Made me sick.

      • Adam made a comment earlier about there being a clause in the contract concerning physical attacks, but nothing for mental. (Apologizes to Adam if I didn’t paraphrase this right.)

      • Alot of times, mental is just as bad. Wait until Victoria gets out and watches this back. Wonder what she will think of her so called friends then? Same for Nicole.

      • I agree and often the mental damage lasts longer and inflicts more pain. Just ask the parents of every suicide victim from bullying.

  12. I’m rooting for Victoria to win HOH comp tonight! I know, i know… far fetched, but i would love to see the priceless looks on all of their faces if she won!

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