Big Brother 16 Episode 21 Recap: The House Turns On Frankie


The Big Brother 16 house fuse was lit last week during the double eviction and it exploded on Sunday night, mostly maiming Frankie’s game.

The episode picked up right after the double eviction where we find Nicole going on a rampage. She’s asking Christine if this is what she had planned the whole time. Nicole breaks down in tears and Donny tries to comfort her. “My best friend in the house is gone,” she says. Nicole continues to blow everyone up, including Frankie, who denies it and then tries to flip it on Nicole. But it doesn’t quite work. Everyone is listening to what Nicole is saying and Frankie is starting to appear more and more guilty.

It’s time to get to the next Head of Household. The HGs have to go up two at a time and read clues from an eye chart and answer the questions. It’s Cody versus Nicole first. Nicole gets the point and eliminates Cody. Victoria and Derrick are up next. Victoria scores and Derrick is out. In the Donny versus Christine matchup, Christine wins. And then it’s Zach versus Frankie and Zach wins the round.

In round two, It’s Nicole versus Victoria and Nicole gets it right and is the first Head of Household. So that means Christine or Zach will be the second HOH. Zach doesn’t even read the question and just guesses. And is wrong. So Christine wins.

Nicole and Christine get to work on who they should nominate. They agree to work together despite everything that’s been going on. Frankie comes in to try to do damage control. He admits to working with the other side of the house, but he’s throwing in several lies along the way. He suggests them putting up Cody, Zach, Caleb and Derrick. Nicole isn’t buying his story and Christine is sick of Frankie speaking for her and ruining her game.

Zach goes into see where Nicole’s head is. He tells her that Frankie and Nicole are liars. Nicole says she knows that. Zach asks her if they are her targets, but she won’t answer because she says he will tell everyone. So Zach decides to tell Nicole that the Detonators happened two weeks ago and not just the past couple of days like Frankie and Nicole told her. Nicole tells Zach that she had an alliance with Cody, surprising Zach. Then Nicole tells Zach that Frankie told her to put up him, Derrick, Cody or Caleb. So he proposes that they work together. She’s intrigued since she’s alone, but she has to think about it, she says.

So Zach, feeling backstabbed by Frankie, takes that info to Derrick, Caleb and Cody, and Operation Evict Frankie begins. They plan make sure Nicole nominates Frankie and the person she nominates with him will throw Battle of The Block. And if Frankie wins veto later in the week, then Christine will be backdoored since she will have been dethroned as HOH.

Derrick takes the plan to Nicole. She’s totally down with the plan. She says he trusts Derrick.

During the nomination ceremony, Christine nominates Donny and Zach. Nicole goes with Caleb and Frankie. And Zach decides to put Frankie and Christine on blast. He calls them both liars. And Frankie is confused. I’m not sure why he’s confused, though, because he’s been throwing Zach under the bus all season.

Zach says they’re both dead to him. Frankie comes into the room with Nicole, Hayden and Zach and Zach leaves. Frankie tells Nicole he understands why she nominated him. Frankie is happy and confident to be up with Beast Mode Cowboy, but little does he know that Caleb plans to throw the competition.

Big Brother 16 Week 7 Battle of the Block

It’s Battle of the Block time. And Frankie knows from Caleb’s actions that he’s planning to throw the competition. Frankie begs him not to throw the competition. Caleb tells him that he doesn’t believe him and that Amber is gone because of him and he can play the game by himself. Caleb sits down and tells Frankie to play the game himself.

And he does.

It turns out that Frankie didn’t need Caleb to win the competition. Because Zach and Donny aren’t working well as a team, so Zach takes over on himself, but gets too flustered. So they try it as a team again and just can’t get it together. Frankie wins the Battle of the Block. On his own. So Nicole is dethroned as HOH and Donny and Zach remain on the block.


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