Big Brother 16 Episode 15 Recap: Zankie Reigns As Zach Runs Wild


It was a Zankie reign in the Big Brother 16 house, but it was Zach who took the power and ran with it this week. Even though he left a pretty big mess along the way.

Sunday night’s episode picked up right after Frankie and Zach won Head of Household. Let me rephrase that: right after Zach won HOH and Frankie had it handed to him by Derrick.

Everyone is comforting Frankie over his grandfather’s death while sweating Zach as the other HOH. They know he’s a wild card and is likely to do anything.

We immediately find out that Zach’s target is Amber because she’s coming for the guys, specifically Zach himself. But Donny and Jocasta feel like they’ll be the next targets along with Victoria. The alliance really thinks they’re pulling something over on people, but they’re not.

Zach decides to feel things out with Caleb. He tells him that he’s afraid of Amber targeting him and that he could be putting her up. Caleb says he doesn’t know if he’d like it, but he’s wearing a little thing with Amber, so it sounds like Amber going up wouldn’t be the worst.

Caleb lets Amber know that she’s on the radar. She tells Caleb that if Zach puts her up, she’ll out the alliance. As if that hasn’t been done before.

Christine and Frankie are talking about how nuts Zach is when he comes in the room and tells Christine that she’s gonna go up and throw the Battle of the Block this week. She refuses. Zach gets really upset with her lack of teamwork and tells her she needs to earn some stripes for the team.

It’s time for a trip to Psychoville with a pit stop to Delusional City. Caleb finds out Amber likes pickles. She finds out he hates pickles and won’t eat one. So she says “what if I said I’d go on a date with you if you ate a pickle?” He takes that to heart, eats a pickle for her (much to her disdain). So they go on a “date” in the backyard. And it’s super awkward and she tells us in the diary room that was her first and last date with Caleb.

Zach is bored and decides to mess with Christine’s game. He plants a lot of confusion and paranoia in Nicole’s mind about Christine. So Nicole goes to her to ask her if there’s anything she wants to tell her. Christine decides to continue lying about working with The Detonators to Nicole. She seems to not necessarily buy the lie, but accepts it. And now Zach is on Christine’s radar.

And every week I forget it exists, but then Team America time pops up and makes me want to quit life. Donny find out that have to get two HGs to fight during an upcoming ceremony. Donny relays the message to Frankie and Derrick and of course they go straight for Zach. And Zach basically hands it to them with what he plans to say to Christine during his nomination Christine. That is if she responds to it. And if he nominates Christine.

It’s time for the nominations ceremony. Frankie goes with Jocasta and Victoria. Now it’s time for Zach’s show. He reveals that he nominated Christine and Nicole. He insults them both and it’s very entertaining, but nothing really becomes of it because Christine and Nicole aren’t good cast members. They’re never going to fight or actually play the game hard, so sorry Team America, you failed.

It did get Nicole to cry. Which is funny in itself. I mean why cry over being called a “Fruit Loop Dingus”? But it worked.

And elsewhere Victoria is crying again because Frankie has nominated her yet again. But that’s OK, she’s getting a pep talk from Mama Jocasta, who is as worthless as Victoria is. So put those two together and they might almost win the Battle of the Block.

It’s time to get to the Battle of the Block. They have to build a wedding cake, climb to the top and stand for 3 seconds. Christine and Nicole win and Zach is dethroned. That means Jocasta and Victoria remain on the block ahead of the Power of Veto competition.



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