‘Big Brother 16’ Backdoor Plans Solidify In Week 5

With the Power of Veto competition out of the way the final pieces of a Backdoor plan are coming together this week on Big Brother 16. Overnight Zach worked with Frankie to execute the setup and things went as well as they could have possibly hoped.

Zach talks with Amber on Big Brother 16
Zach talks with Amber on Big Brother 16 – Source: CBS

Big Brother Houseguests love to make plans while they wait for the Veto to happen, but now with the results known things can really come together. Here’s what they’re up to now.

As soon as the Feeds returned yesterday we found Hayden celebrating his PoV win with Frankie and plotting their next move. Frankie is all about getting Amber out of the house and Hayden has no issue with creating an opening there on the block for Frankie to make that happen.

They know they’ve got a potential roadblock though with Caleb who obviously has his heart set on keeping Amber around especially at least until Jury. So to get around this obstacle they need to get Caleb on board. If they can’t, Frankie says his alternative is to put up Caleb and send him home.

Frankie’s initial plan was to wait until Sunday to get HGs up to his HoH room for individual discussions but why wait?

Flashback to 9:40 PM BBT last night Cams 3/4. Derrick has been talking with Caleb and getting him to think about all the issues going on between Caleb and Amber. Caleb says they need to “backdoor her” but what he really means is to make her think she could get evicted. He wants Jocasta to come down and Amber to go up against Victoria “and scare the living daylights out of her.”

From right there Caleb suggests he’d be okay with Amber going up on the block, but he doesn’t say he wants her to go. So they’re close to their goal and close enough to let it happen without resistance from Caleb, but they’ll need him fully on board to make sure he doesn’t flip out on Thursday night.

Caleb continues to talk with Derrick and says he needs to do what’s best for his game. He says that sending her home isn’t good for his game, but scaring her is. Caleb says he could give her a speech that they’ll keep her, but he’s doing it to scare her and for her to remember “I am Beast Mode Cowboy” and he put her on the block and he can take her off. Actually Caleb can do neither as he has no power, but his misconception of the power he actually wields in the game is a persistent theme.

Jump over to 10:40PM BBT Cams 1/2 for Caleb’s talk with Frankie. “I think it’s a good opportunity to scare Amber back to her place, because I think she’s forgetting it.” Caleb says they’ll just need to convince Hayden to use the Veto. Frankie says he thinks he will. (Frankie already has this planned with Hayden.)

Frankie says it’s extremely important that no one talk to Amber about this. Caleb swears it will be a surprise and it will shock “the world.” He thinks everyone will say, “I can’t believe the romantic cowboy puts the girl up.”

Zach and Amber have a very long talk later on in the Hive which eventually works its way to Caleb around 1:40AM BBT Cams 3/4. Zach tells Amber that Caleb wants her to basically get down on her knee and beg forgiveness for whatever has upset him. She’s not going to do that and Zach suggests she just wait it out.

By telling her to avoid Caleb for now this will help their plans to drive a wedge between her and Caleb. Caleb’s issue is that she hasn’t yet come to him so extending that silence will only help their mission to garner his support for her eviction.

Zach takes that conversation back to Caleb. They’re out playing pool at 3:05AM BBT Cams 3/4. Zach is blowing a lot of smoke at Caleb with what she said and he knows what buttons to push with Caleb. It seems to have worked too.

Caleb mentions her going up in the hot seat. Zach says “make her sweat a little.” Caleb responds, “send her home. Pfft. Won’t bother me.” And there we go. Full circle on the plan.

Zach and Frankie celebrate their very successful night of Caleb manipulation at 3:28AM BBT Cams 3/4. Frankie asks “how is that possible?? How did this happen?” Zach: “I created this! I made this happen myself!.”

The Veto Ceremony is coming up mid-day on Monday. Watch for Hayden to use the Veto on Victoria and Amber to go up as the renom. Whether or not Caleb gets cold feet on Amber’s eviction will be inconsequential. The plan is in motion and if it gets to the point that she’s on the block then it’s likely too late for Caleb to do anything to stop it.

What do you think of all this craziness? Should the guys have gone for Caleb this week or was Amber the right move?


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  1. Well when the ‘Beast’ comes out of the ‘Mode Cow–Boy’ maybe he will be next out!!

  2. I see a Huge fallout between Caleb and the HG’s and then Frankie trying to cover his ass by claiming he didn’t know that would happen. When that happens, someone like Hayden will be like, “Dude, it was Frankie’s idea”, and all Beast will come out. I agree Caleb needs to go but not before I see Frankie fall off and enjoy the taste of being on the block, IMO.

    • That is what I am hoping for. I really hope that Caleb is upset about Amber’s potential eviction and targets Frankie & Zach. Not to complain or anything but this season NEEDS a powershift ASAP.

      • Joey man I couldn’t of said it better because those are my thoughts exactly…

      • You never know with Caleb, but at this point it looks like he’s ready to say goodbye to Amber. If you want a power shift, look elsewhere. Cody has been stewing for a week over letting others run his HOH for him, and he’s starting to turn on Frankie. Hayden is also turning on him, as it is becoming apparent how much power Frankie has now that he’s become a full-time HOH for the first time.

        If Hayden, Cody, or Donny win HOH, Frankie might be a target, and Derrick will have to bring some serious mist to keep his allies safe. Combine that with Team Nicotine chomping at the bit to go after Zach, and the Detonators are slowly approaching a state of mutiny.

      • Even if Frankie goes up as a target because of either Cody or Hayden, there’s no way I see Derrick going to bat for Frankie. I can see Zach trying to help him out but if that happens, watch for the revelation to Zach about what Frankie tried to do to him in the week he was on the block and how he was trying to campaign him out and then leave Frankie there thinking, “Man how did I get myself in this mess?”. By then it’ll be too late because everyone will know you can’t trust Frankie and then he’ll be evicted out, it’s what I see at least if that scenario plays out.

      • It’s pretty crazy how fast a house can turn on an HOH in recent seasons. Fans love to sneers at “floaters” who don’t win comps early, but Ian and Andy wouldn’t have won their seasons if they hadn’t stayed out of the competition fray for the first 5-6 weeks of the game.

      • Yeah your right, I personally didn’t like the Andy win and felt he didn’t deserve it just because of what little he did in terms of comps as for Ian I was excited he won because I felt he deserved that because he did more then Andy did on his season.

      • Totally agreed – even the term floater doesn’t seem to appreciate that sometimes inaction IS the smartest action! As you said, look at Ian & Andy.

      • Well let’s hope this idea of yours happens! I would like to see Frankie’s butt up on the block.

      • Me too, I really want his ass on the block and see him melt down and when that happens, watch Pandora’s box open with his mouth and have things out in the light and then have it thrown back at him. He’ll try and throw a lot of people under the bus and If Caleb actually wins the HOH this Thursday, wow, you can expect a wild week and I can put money on that.

      • I’m looking for an endurance HOH this week. Caleb will definitely be the favorite to win it, and if he does, look out other house guests. Caleb will be coming for revenge.

      • Usually the muscle guys are the first out in an endurance. I don’t think Caleb will do well at all. But we will just have to wait and see.

      • Except he absolutely dominated week 1’s endurance competition. He was doing dance moves on the contraption it was so easy for him.

      • Depends on the type of endurance… Caleb rocked on the piggy roast to start the season.

    • Sadly I think Frankie will do a better job of throwing Zach under the bus on this one…

  3. Its a good move then Caleb can get his face out of her butt and play the game Nothing against Amber Shes a great competitor

    • Caleb is the next target. Don’t think he’s going to have a chance to play. At least I hope not.

  4. I dont want Anber to go we need at least one pretty girl who isnt annoying to make the jury since Britt is gone. Boring week once again.

    • LOL if you think this is boring, then I’m not sure you fully understand Big Brother. There is some great manipulation going on right now.

      • I agree. There’s only been a few times I’ve stayed up late to watch the feeds and last night was one of them. I couldn’t turn them off. I finally had to at 5 am. Lol

    • Well, she may not annoy you, but she does me. Even tho’ Caleb is trying to manipulate situations to gain control over her, if she had just seriously put him in his place a few times and not tried to be so nice, things would most likely be very different right now. Men like Caleb perceive nice as a weakness and use it to their advantage. Not saying what he does is her fault, but that it has continued and she recognizes the potential for him to be controlling. With everything I have seen, and I don’t have the live feeds, I have yet to see her say, JUST STOP,YOU’RE WEIRD, something seriously adequate to ring his bell and get his attention. I think she is afraid she may need him to help her later so she is playing his game and sorry, but that annoys me.

      • Amber being rude to Caleb or being ‘not as nice’ as you put it would only hurt her game. If she was a complete bi#%h to him, he’d probably go after her to get her out of the house, and that’s probably what she’s afraid of. She shouldn’t have to put her game in jeopardy because some idiot doesn’t understand the meaning of the word “no”. Which she has told him repeatedly, by the way. So, “No” is not an adequate enough response in your opinion? You said, “If she had just seriously put him in his place a few times…” A few times?! This bs with Caleb should’ve ended THE FIRST TIME SHE NICELY SAID NO. Caleb needs to get over it.

      • I obviously haven’t seen what you have. If you feel she has adequately expressed her concerns about his behavior, then you look at it differently. From what I have seen, she hasn’t expressed her opinion to him each time he has done something controlling and she needs to be consistent. If you feel that is ok for her to ignore it because it would hurt her game, that is your opinion. I also feel that if she was more assertive in expressing her concerns when all of this started that the house would have been behind her and that if anyone would have went home at that time it would have been him. But now her game is in jeopardy because the HGs realize that exactly what you are talking about has happened and she has played his game because she thought she might need his help. They are playing a game, but it is a scenario that too many women have faced for real in their life and it shouldn’t be taken lightly.

      • Some women have no help. Amber has the HGs and national TV. Put him in his place no matter how many times you have to do it.

      • Mostly agree here with you… I think she tries to have it both ways with Caleb. She wants him to like her enough to be her ally and friend, but not enough to be attracted to her – I personally find that insulting and disrespectful to Caleb. Just tell him straight up that he is a potential boyfriend (and put up with his nonsense) OR tell him that you find him creepy and want him to stay away (even call on the production team if he doesn’t get it)… She has the right to feel safe and secure, but she doesn’t have the right to tell him ”how” to express his emotions. Heck vote him out if you have to – he doesn’t have any allies left in the game!

      • This is a personal topic for me and I allowed that to affect my thoughts . But I wanted to thank you for seeing the meaning through the really badly worded post. I will lighten up a little and definitely stay off of this subject.

      • Since her fate is pretty much sealed, I’m praying for an eviction speech where she lays into Caleb for all the crap she’s had to put up with. For that matter, go after the others for insulting her behind her back while she cooked and cleaned for them.

        The BB Ants will increase sevenfold once Amber is gone.

      • Its a stupidly immature crush…and Amber just has to realize that. Yes, it’s stupid, but, at the end of the day (as Caleb says a million times!), she should be flattered. No one can force you to date them, and she should just smile and forget it. She’ll have plenty of players “not so into her” and playing the field to choose from. Then she’ll boo-hoo how jerky guys are because they cheat on her. One thing is for sure — Caleb is loyal.

  5. I think it’s the best thing to do, but as far as Frankie I think if he wins the money needs to be on a place in U.S. Not in Africa. We r in deep woe here with finances .

      • OOPS, sorry, CYRIL, that was meant to post to Cherrie. I’m still learning and need to slow down. I can’t edit because I’m a guest.

      • If you know something I don’t know about editing as a guest, I’d appreciate some info. Sounds like you all are having fun with the edit thing on the next block.

      • So at the bottom of your comment, there are two arrows, edit, reply and share. You don’t see the three of them? Option to edit? ..Why don’t you just sign up to Disqus.

      • Believe it or not, this is the first time that I have ever tried to post anywhere. I’m not very computer proficient. A friend of mine warned me that a lot of these established sites aren’t very welcoming to newbies. I read a lot before I decided to post. I was going to give it a try before signing up to see how things go. To answer your question, I have the arrows and reply and share, no edit. It’s ok, if I stop enjoying it, I’ll just go back to reading. Thanks for your reply.

      • You are definitely welcome here – this doesn’t mean debate won’t happen (and sometimes less frequent participants will get a bit lippy), but most of the regular names you see are good people.

      • Thanks, Matt. I enjoy the playfulness, sarcasm, and even serious aspect of the posts and expect debate and differing opinions. Where there are opinions, there are always those few who express theirs with a mean spirit. It’s part of life.

  6. Anyone who is as easily manipulated as Caleb is should be kept in the house. It’s hilarious how neither Caleb or Amber really understand the precariousness of their situation in the house. Props to the Detonators for that!

    • I think he should change his handle from Beast Mode Cowboy to Clueless Mode Cowboy. It is funny how he thinks that the Bomb Squad still exists and that he is still in charge. I can’t wait to see his face when he finally does get find out that he’s been on the outside for weeks.

  7. Well once again Frankie will get out of this with no blood on his hands. He’s got Caleb’s blessing to put up Amber and he’ll just say when she gets voted out that he had no idea they were voting her out. He has everyone doing his dirty work for him. And Caleb is so delusional. He thinks this will get Amber running back to him. LMAO.

  8. I think they should go after Caleb first who wants to deal with his wrath when Amber goes home it will be like Gina Marie on steroids

    • Good more drama in the house makes good feeds. Lol. And everyone wants Caleb gone so he won’t have anyone. He will be the next to go if he doesn’t win HOH.

    • It’s Good, I want to see that happen, Gina Marie on steriods lol. Like Laverdargirl said, “Good more drama in the house makes for good feeds lol”. It’s true too I just hope and I mean I hope it all blows up in Frankie’s face. Caleb will flip when he realizes that the whole house was in on it when Julie tallies up the votes and gets a unanimous decision and then we can roll the dice and expect wild week of drama and good feeds that’ll finally shake things up in this house.

  9. With all the chances that Derrick & Frankie keep passing up to take Caleb out, I would love to see him knock one or both of them out of game.

    • I’d like to see Frankie go first. I don’t care if it breaks up Team America, which is a stupid twist anyway.

  10. Caleb wants Amber up there so he can be her hero and comfort her. He is officially scary!

  11. I think the manipulation of Caleb is pointless because they have the numbers to send either Amber or Caleb home! The only question is which of the two will end up on the block and be sent packing. Too much being made of this manipulation which does not change the status quo in the game! It is still Derrick and Frankie controlling pretty much of everything.
    And at this point, Caleb even if he wins HOH will not have enough powers to send anyone home! What needs to happen is an uprising from the other floaters out there like Donny, Jocasta, Victoria, Nicole, Christine and Hayden. It is in all their interests to form an alliance and target Derrick, Frankie, Cody and Zach. You have to break that alliance or get evicted one by one! Floaters still have the majority vote if they are up to making a “really big move” and target the Detonators. More than likely, the floaters are content to just float along to get along which is not a winning strategy at all!

    • Actually, the manipulation of Caleb is exactly the thing that keeps the blood off of Frankie’s hands. It’s not pointless at all, it’s really smart game play. Love him or hate him, Frankie is playing a smart game right now.

  12. If they use the dual HoH in the future, with the BoB, I’d rather see it used only the first few weeks to thin the herd. Then revert to single HOHs. May not make a huge difference but it might throw the power around more.
    I liked the BoB twist but the HOHs work together and resort to throwing comps so it isn’t the “anti-floater” twist I think it was meant to be.
    Single HOHs lend themselves to being more independent decisions. Alliances can still manipulate but not as likely. And we might see some deal making like in previous seasons like, safety this week and I’ll save you next.

  13. Don’t they realize they are going to be stuck in jury with Victoria. I wish she was so gone.

    • Eventually they’ll all be stuck in jury with Victoria it’s how I see it because they need her vote that’s why they’re keeping her safe.

  14. TA hasn’t met their mission yet, have they? If they have, it is the easiest 45,000

    • Not yet. they still have the Veto meeting to get a blow up. TA choose Zack for the argument…I don’t remember with who.

  15. i really feel amber is getting a bad rap because of the caleb deal, so she said she didnt like caleb, that her right to say that, just because somebody in the house is basically stalking you doesnt mean you have to like them, she has told caleb she wants nothing to do with him but he still hasnt gotten the hint, i mean how long is caleb going to cry over this amber thing, telling everyone now that amber cant be trustedand telling everyone that he and he alone is keeping her in the game, it would suck if amber is evicted, she is the last really attractive girl in the house now that brittany is gone and yes caleb america does see what kind of person you are and they probaly feel sorry for you because you look like a complete dingus on tv, caleb”beast mode stalker dingus cowboy” should be your new hash tag

    • Oh my… I personally think Nicole is quite cute, but aside from that, I’m not sure why you feel Amber is getting a bad deal. Seems like more people are willing to call Caleb names (like stalker, psycho, weirdo…etc) than they are Amber.

  16. I really want Frankie to backdoor Zach. His attitude with the other HGs really annoyed me and probably annoyed the HGs. I don’t want to hear his loud mouth ever again.

    • I am with you. If Amber is able to stay, maybe, just maybe, she can target and put on the block one of the Detonator guys like Zach, Frankie, Derrick and Cody and send one of them home! These guys have just been coasting along as everyone just follows their lead. Time to end that now!

      • And you believe Amber would do this over listening to Frankie, Derrick & Caleb who tell her to nominate Donny, Jocasta, Victoria & Nicole?

    • Mad Cow boy shaves his arms?? who does that especially on national tv for a date?, Man this guy is like genital herpes, Just won’t go away…

  17. Zach is a total jerk. Nicole didn’t even do anything to deserve that speech. Plus, during bob he kept yelling at them to fail. The current target is Amber but the house might turn on Zach sooner then we expected. What even is a fruit loop ding a ling?! He makes up words and act’s like he’s 5! He has no feelings at all. I think Zach didn’t even come to play big brother, only screw up people’s games and toi with their emotions. In a week or 2, the detonators probably will be no more!

  18. i think they made a bad mistake putting Amber up instead of Caleb. Caleb will go after them, if he wins HOH!!

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