Big Brother 15 Week 7 Have-Not food

Big Brother 15 fans might have outdone themselves this week. America’s Vote for the Have-Not food has landed four unlucky HGs a week of head cheese and habaneros. Or as Helen put it, just Slop for this week.

When the Have-Not food competition ended last night after more than three hours the HGs returned to find a table full of peppers and meat jelly. Disgusting.

Amanda, Elissa, GinaMarie, and Helen came up on the losing team having been handily beat by the guys in the competition. After looking things over they agreed that they wouldn’t be eating any of these supplemental meal options. The presentation platters of food were dumped in the trash. I wouldn’t eat this either, but it’s a complete waste of food week after week.

Habaneros are very spicy peppers and not really something you’d use for sustenance. As for head cheese, it’s not something you’d use for anything. It’s not cheese, but it is typically part head meat. There’s a variety of things it could contain and none of them are appetizing. You can read through Wiki’s entry for all that fun information.

Check out the pictures of their food collection including a head decorated in the head cheese. Did I say “disgusting” yet?


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