Big Brother 15: Week 6 Nomination Anticipation

GinaMarie loses it

Nominations are only a few hours away in the Big Brother 15 house as the HGs sleep the morning away after a very contentious late night round of battles between Amanda, Jessie, and Candice. Surprisingly the new HoH managed to stay out of the fray and focus on who would be heading to the chopping block next.

Aaryn immediately took the opportunity to remind GinaMarie who she should be targeting this week: Candice. There’s no doubt she’ll be going on the block. The unknown then became who would be sitting next to her for the second nomination.

GinaMarie and Aaryn debated two options: Spencer or Jessie. One metric they discussed was who would be more likely to win the Veto and thereby prevent Candice from winning it and taking herself off the blog. GinaMarie suggested Jessie would be the better option there. Not the guy that just one the Veto last week, but rather the HG who hasn’t won anything yet. No explanation on that one.

Andy of course popped in on the conversation and suggested that Spencer might not perform as well two weeks in a row for the Veto if his spirit is broken by a consecutive nomination. Now that at least makes sense whether or not it’d be accurate.

The fight later that night between Jessie and Amanda is likely to seal the deal for these noms. If GM thinks the house is on the outs with Jessie, because if Amanda doesn’t like you then the house doesn’t like you, then she’ll go with Jessie for sure.

Spencer also made a wise move just after the HoH competition when he went to Amanda and tried to bury the hatchet. It could have just been an act, but it was successful as she later told McCrae that she “had a moment” with Spencer. It probably won’t keep him safe for long, but when Amanda inevitably goes to announce her nom suggestions to GM I’d expect her to go easier on Spencer than Jessie.

As we’ve heard again through the day, GM is preparing to nominated Candice and Jessie for eviction.

Who do you think GinaMarie will put on the block tonight at the Nomination Ceremony? Who would you nominate if you were the HoH this week? Don’t forget that you get to help set the 3rd nominee by voting in CBS’ poll for the MVP vote.

We’ll have the noms spoilers later tonight when they’re revealed on the Live Feeds.


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  1. I was expecting Candice and Elissa; I see no reason for her her to put up Amanda. I wish she would, though. And McC. Putting up Spencer or Jessie is weak. I’m tired of people being afraid of crossing Helen. even though I like Helen.

    • Other than keeping Aaryn’s friendship GM has no real beef with Elissa. Spencer will be up or should be if Jessee (SUPPOSED PAWN) or Candice win POV..I think the house will be pleased with either of the 3 going but MVP is still looming….

      • One less vote to evict Candice if Aaryn finds herself sitting in the MVP nom. GM only votes in case of a tie. Only time will tell if Candice actually walks out.

        A floater needs to go this week. Which will make double eviction that much sweeter.

      • Double evictions scare me. You never know what’s going to happen on those shows. The HGs most people actually like have a higher risk of leaving during a double eviction than not, i.e. Jeff and Brendon both left the house on double eviction nights.

      • Agreed. But I guess it depends on HOW they do the double eviction. The twist changes things.

      • Someone is getting clown-shoed this season for sure.

        Jeff and Brendan leaving paved the way so their girls could win though. But it was sad to see them go the way they did.

  2. GM will hold up her end of the “don’t put me up, I won’t put you up bargain”. Helen will remain safe. McCrae is safe. Aaryn is safe. At least from GM’s nominations.

    I begrudgingly say this, but GM does try hard in every comp she has been in. Sucking down disgusting yogurt, taking buckets of curdled milk to the face and now winning an endurance comp. She’s not the most liked HG, but I recognize her drive to win. Which is more than the majority of the house can say.

    Also, how have the HGs not figured the twist out? Julie says the twist will change, expect the unexpected and they know America was voting for MVP. By the inconsistency of targeting, since America is putting up their “hated HGs” targets and not the targets discussed in the house, it just seems so obvious at this point. That being said I’m probably expecting too much strategy from most of the house.

    Twist needs to end IMO.

    • Or let them know that America is voting. It might make them finally understand WHY they were nomd. If Amanda is mvp nomd again, it’ll be funny who she tries to blame this time. Howard is gone, so…

      • Maybe getting rid of the MVP paranoia would make the HGs focus on regular game paranoia. Everyone is so clouded by their vendettas against the MVP and figuring out who it is it has destroyed a lot of regular game play and discussions.

  3. It looks like Amanda is gonna be the 3rd nominee. It’s a long shot, but who knows, they might take the bait. Plus, who doesn’t wanna see Amanda’s rampageous behavior one more time….it’s comical !

  4. The double eviction would be awesome if CBS decided to let America’s top 3 choices be the 3 that sit on the block!

  5. So is this the last MVP week? No way for America to pick 3rd nomination in a double eviction is there?

    • Was thinking the same thing OR (would be nice) if they took the next on list from America’s MVP votes. This way Aryan and Amanda may be in risk of going home.

    • yep there is the 2nd highest vote getter gets in the MVP seat…would not be fair any other way

      • Are you sure that there is going to be a 3rd nomination for the 2nd eviction on double eviction night? Wouldn’t it make the HGs suspicious about the MVP if there was a 3rd nomination with so little time between evictions? I may be wrong…but I’m thinking that there will be no MVP for the 2nd eviction.

      • We were just assuming all these to happen. You’re right, it could be suspicious, but the MVP in the beginning could have chosen 2 nominees anyway, 1st choice and 2nd choice.

      • Here’s something else to chew on…let’s say Amanda gets the 3rd nomination this week (likely). She doesn’t go home during the first eviction. Would she go up as the 3rd nomination again for the 2nd eviction? That’s why I’m kinda leaning toward no 3rd nomination for 2nd eviction.

      • I’ve heard this question yesterday, Not sure, but if a Veto was used to save her, or she won the Veto and save herself, the 2nd choice would go up right? Tell me if I’m missing something.

      • If the MVP choice is pulled off the block…the replacement would be the person with the next highest votes. Of course this is when America is MVP. The MVP from the house would tell BB their 1st and 2nd choices for nomination.

      • ….and Aaryn would be that 2nd choice. Isn’t that what we’re wishing for? Then again, this could not be the week of double eviction.

      • Sure there is. My guess they will get us to vote for the 3rd nominee starting during the broadcast wednesday until the start of the live show on thursday.

      • That would be ok….I meant that they can’t evict # 1 and use the MVP without using MVP on #2 would not be fair to # 1…hope that makes

  6. Losers who cannot think for themselves or have no common sense. Candice and Jessie are waste of nominations… ugh!

  7. Another wasted week on lame, senseless nominations. So, Candice and Jessie? When the strongest players are Helen and Amanda? I guess the others do not care or want that $500,000. This is just an observation that Aaryn and Gina Marie probably want that $500,000 more than the other house guests outside of Helen and Amanda! Think about it, if you evict Helen and Amanda from the game—-your chances of winning that $500,000 just got better!

    • For now they are all taking the easy way out. It’s not exciting to watch but sooner or later someone has to get Big Dog blood on their hands. And then we will get to watch Amanda chew her own face off.

      • At the rate it is going, not even double eviction might solve this problem. Next week, it would be Jessie (assuming they send Candice home this week) and Spencer and only then, we might have a chance at a major move but, there is still Elissa, Aaryn and Gina Marie so, it could be the 2nd week after the double eviction. Yuck!
        They might aswell bring Survivor because atleast, the players there try to play the game!

  8. Very much wasted nominations grow some balls here houseguests put mastermind helen or snake in the grass andy or break the dynamic duo up but not 2 weak players that haven’t won anything

    • I think maybe McCrae is getting the message that Amanda is becoming more of a hurt than a help to his game…He is not happy with her actions concerning Candice & Jessee….We will see what happens if she is MVP again..

      • If she continues to act the way she has been then it will be the quickest BB marriage and divorce ever seen! I’d make sure she got custody of Andy :)

    • I’m going to play Devil’s Advocate for a moment. Let’s hypothetically say GM has realised that Aaryn is likely to go before her. So far she has remained true to her word to the HGs when she has made deals etc. It wouldn’t be advantageous of her to burn the bridges that could get her further in the game. Logically speaking, Candice and Jessie are the least likely to keep GM around or extend/prolong/help her game. They are also expendable amongst the majority of HGs/critical to their alliances. They are safe choices. No bridges burned, no real blood on her hands and she remains true to her word and agreements.

      This is a fitting strategy for her game play. She needs allies not enemies at this point. She’s an extra vote when you need one.

      Now if this is any of her rationale, well…

      • Actually, the chances of Aaryn lasting way beyond GM is pretty high. If she analyzes the situation dispassionately, she would know that Amanda, Helen and Judd were all coddling Aaryn which makes GM expendable. Sure she may buy herself another week but, if she formed an alliance with Candice, Spencer—-that would be 4 people in an alliance that could have a chance to go deeper! All of them have to stick together and vote together! Each time you win HOH, put the other house guests from Amanda and Helen’s group on the block and strip them of votes! Then, she gives herself a good chance at that $500,000. She is at the bottom of the totem pole by allowing herself to be pawn when she had the power!

      • GM is absolutely expendable which is why staying on their good sides for now works for her. She has a much better chance to stay in the house longer.

        Aaryn can still go this week. GM is guaranteed the week.

        MVP twist has changed normal game play and decision making. Sitting at home you can obviously see who is working together and everything that is going on. It’s easy to say put up so and so from the couch when you can see everything. Amanda and Helen’s groups might not be as obvious to them as it is to us.

        They still think one of them is MVP. That alone changes every single strategy in the house.

  9. They should put up Helen and Candice for the only fact that Helen is running the house (from what I’ve seen) and Candice is partially on the out. Jesse instea of Candice would be good too. So either Helen and Candice or Helen and Jesse

  10. Have to give kudos to GM for not telling all that was said during her “interviews”. Not only does it keep down trouble it makes her sense of fairness more evident. Hopefully she won’t feel the need to share the conversations at “any time” soon. I have to say tho that I don’t think Aaryn is very happy with GM’s sense of fairness and being decent to all the HG’s.

  11. I wonder with double eviction if that will put an end to MVP? It really wouldn’t be fair to put up 2nd choice during the second eviction. Because if Amanda goes up and stays safe then we should have the chance to put her up again not have it go to 2nd place. It’s a whole new game. HOH, noms, pov, so it wouldn’t be fair to use the 2nd place person.

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