Big Brother 15 Spoilers – HGs Practice Week 5 HoH Skill Competition

Big Brother 15 skill competition

The BB15 Houseguests were presented with their next Head of Household competition last night for a chance to practice and prepare ahead of Thursday night’s eviction show.

There are a few typical HoH comps we’re used to seeing: endurance, Q&A, and skill. When there’s a skill competition Big Brother usually prepares a rough mock-up of the challenge the night before in the backyard for the HGs to practice. This lets the HGs know what’s coming and get used to it while helping production avoid a complete cluster disaster of “wait, how does this work” on live television.

This week’s skill challenge involves a ramp and a revolving area filled with buckets. The HGs have to roll their croquet sized balls down the ramp while dodging obstacles in its path. Below the ramp is the revolving base requiring just the right timing for HGs to land the ball in a bucket.

Competitions tend to vary at least a little from what they practice as they’re typically far more dressed up and often changed for where they’ll aim or what’s required to score points. So what we’re seeing here is likely different from what we’ll watch on the show.

To watch the Big Brother HGs practice you can Flashback to 8:45PM BBT Wednesday. Everyone was taking turns and most were occasionally getting close. It’s tough to tell from these rounds just who will do well and who will choke under the pressure.

This competition should be a good chance to make it anyone’s game for who will take control next. Which HG do you think could do the best in this challenge?

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  1. I hope Helen, Amanda, Mcrenne, Jessie or Andy wins and put up Howard and Spencer.

    But I would not mind Judd going home, he is such a pussy, he should got ride of howard this week. I hate players like him

      • and they all have Amanda in their sights. Which makes me happy and the game interesting.

    • I would like to see Ellisa win. Then when she gets that little rush of imaginary power, her nasty side will reemerge and she will cement her negative image for the viewers.

      • I am an Elissa supporter, but I have to agree with you in this case…I am disappointed that Elissa has reduced herself to this cattiness towards Amanda’s choice of having worn a one-piece bathing suit, personally I think Amanda is very pretty in anything she wears. How foolish of Elissa to upset one of her staunchest supporters! She needs to humbly apologize for her behavior immediately and try to do some kind of damage control. I don’t have hight hopes for Elissa now, even as far as winning MPV and I think THAT was a major reason why so many of the houseguests wanted to keep her around, so that they could try to influence her choice of the third nominee.

      • Amanda when told by Elissa that she no longer has MVP said that Elissa was useless to her! I think Amanda is a huge phoney and she is also coddling Aaryn along with Helen and I do not like them one bit now! If we are still MVP this week, I will put up Aaryn, Amanda and Helen as nominees. Someone has to knock Amanda and Helen a notch to tell them that the focus should be evicting all the racists—-if not, then, they can get evicted ahead of the racists if that is
        what they want! Their choice.

      • Her apology, as Candice said, wasn’t heartfelt or has meaning behind it. Please, that was a lame as apology and she hated doing it because she told Kaitlyn she had no choice. If she wasn’t on the block, she would never has apologized and she’s just saying whatever in order to stay in the house. A racist, no matter how much they try to mask it, is and will always be, A RACIST!! That’s why Candice didn’t believe a word of her apology, or did you not see Candice tell Howard she didn’t believe a word of her apology on BBAD, I did.

      • I admire the fact that Elissa still is upset about Aaryn’s racists remarks and feels she needs to go!

      • True. So, Amanda needs to stop playing victim, because Elissa didn’t like her one piece bathing suit. So, what. At least Elissa said it to her face, that the difference.

    • Howard wasn’t gunning for Judd, so it would be stupid for Judd to do Amanda’s dirty work.

  2. It looks like one of those competitions where you have to send the thing down the ramp and hit some hole with points. The one that gets most points, gets the HOH.

  3. I am a huge Elissa fan but I couldn’t believe she was saying those things to Amanda telling her she looks disgusting and like a hooker and a stripper! She can’t play for veto so the only way she can be safe is if she wins HOH. She has to win HOH and get out Aaryn, it’s the only way she can redeem herself!

  4. Hard to believe that I still am not adamantly rooting for anyone…….shows how awful this cast is. McCrae is lame now and there are no hidden alliances like the MC which keep the game entertaining. These girls just talk and talk and talk to each other. I wanted to yell at Candace to stop telling Helen and Elissa everything geez. Howard for the win I guess.

    • I know what you are saying, I have never seen HG’s that just cannot keep their plans within their own alliance. Everyone knows all about the other’s gameplay. Helen talks all the time about protecting everyone in the darn house. Judd is bad about blabbing. There have been so many alliance formed this season, I don’t know who is in what alliance anymore. Elissa blew everyone’s cover the other night with the whole Kaitlin and her alliance thing, with the meeting in the color room. They need to bring Dan in the house and give them some lessons on how to play this game the right way!

      • Probably should just find smarter people. But, I guess that wouldn’t create all the dumb drama that CBS wants. Me, I’d rather see smart game play over stupid drama. But, that’s just me.

    • Agree. These are really lame HGs. That’s why they keep voting out anybody that tries to play. I thought this was to be a No Floater season. Seems like there’s more than ever. I even keep forgetting that some of these HGs are even in there.

      • I agree with you on that one look at Amanda, Andy,GM,Spencer, Howard, Candice. they have not won anything. At least Kaitlyn, Judd, Elissa, Helen, McCrea has won something and they are playing the game. I guess they want the floaters to win the game instead of someone that is playing win the game. I wish they would bring Jeremy back at least I know he would win

  5. This is from TV Grapevine titled “The latest deceit from Big Brother 15”. I refused to believe it, but you guys can check the site for the full article and decide for yourself.

    Hailey Jones: Was involved in the selection process of BB 2013. It has already pre-determined that Amanda Zuckerman will be the BB winner, and you will see in the upcoming twist will work in her favor, especially if she’s close to eviction. Elissa was chosen by CBS not for winning but as a destruction for the true winner which is Amanda.

    • I believe Elissa might have been selected to “rock the boat.” Some of the things that she does are just so bizarre……like how she confronted Amanda about her onesie swim suit. I think I read that Elissa was a little tipsy, though.

    • Read the same article this morning. I do believe it, although the final selection is always made by Allison Grodner, owner of the Fly on the Wall production company. She has manipulated and/or rigged every BB since the second season.

      • I’ve always believed that when Production build a story line, they have a desired outcome. But it’s an ongoing process based on several factors that would affect their ratings. That’s when manipulation comes to play. So it could change based on their stats, but to have a pre-determined winner, that’s kind of crappy.

      • Agreed. I checked the article out that you referenced. How, could they? especially with all the lunacy in the house this year?

      • It would make more sense she knows Dr. Will. Boogie is in LA. She live in Florida. Dr. Will is a plastic surgeon now, in Florida. Hey wait a second…. No ?
        Look what you’ve done, I’m now involved in conspiracy theory.

  6. I hope Howard or Candice gets HOH…or Spencer.

    I was JUST starting to like Ellisa and give her a chance and not judge her based off her more than irritating sister when she pulls that crap with Amanda. Now I just thought that was a little over the top.

  7. I’m hoping for Howard to win. He seems like a wonderful man who gives a lot to his community and kids in need. Go Howard buddy!!!!

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