Big Brother 15 Live Feeds: Week 8 Thursday Highlights


The power has shifted in the Big Brother 15 house and the Live Feeds have gotten a second wind. After a new HOH was crowned and a jury member returned, the houseguests were squirming, alliances were shifting and people were being tossed under buses left and right.

Read about those moments and others on our Live Feed highlights below. And remember to sign-up now for the Big Brother Feeds so you can watch any of these moments by using the Flashback archive feature.

Big Brother 15 Live Feed Highlights –  Thursday, Aug. 22, 2013

10:01 AM BBT – Feeds cut. Wake-up time.

10:50 AM BBT – Houseguests are up getting ready for the day.

11:15 AM BBT – Helen is having a goodbye moment with GinaMarie. She’s also warning her about Amanda and McCrae. She also warns her about Andy. Tells her that they had a final two deal and he’s about to vote her out later that day.

11:45 AM BBT – Feeds cut for rehearsal.

1:00 PM BBT – Feeds return. HGs relaxing, having lunch and cleaning the house.

2:00 PM BBT GinaMarie indicating to Elissa that she wants to work with her and not trust Amanda and McCrae any more.

2:05 PM BBT – Andy and Helen are talking. She’s telling him she holds no hard feelings for the way he’s going to vote.

2:20 PM BBT – Andy is now rethinking voting out Helen. He tells Aaryn he thinks he’s making a mistake. Aaryn has decided it’s best for Helen to go.

3:12 PM BBT – Helen sayging goodbyes. She’s crying to Aaryn and telling how much she likes her.

3:16 PM BBT – Feeds go to trivia for the live show.

7:26 PM BBT – Feeds return. McCrae and Spencer have dropped out of the competition already.

7:26PM BBT – Jessie has 3 balls. Elissa has 4 balls.

7:29PM BBT – Elissa caught a 5th ball. Amanda has 4.

7:30PM BBT – Andy is out.

7:37PM BBT –  Jessie falls. She tells Amanda that she hates her and leaves.

7:42PM BBT – Crazy, mysterious visitor runs out to backyard yelling. Security chases him off. It was staged.

7:55PM BBT – Helen sharing notes with Judd. Says GinaMarie tried to save her.

8:05PM BBT – Elissa has 6. Judd 4.

8:06PM BBT – Helen falls and is out.

8:07PM BBT – Candice falls! Judd is back in the game.

8:09PM BBT – Judd catches another ball.

8:12PM BBT – Judd says Jury wasn’t allowed to talk game off camera.

8:13PM BBT – Elissa catches her 7th ball.

8:15PM BBT – Judd falls.

8:16PM BBT – Amanda nearly falls but saves herself.

8:30PM BBT – Elissa has 9 balls.

8:31PM BBT – Elissa catches ball number 10. and wins HOH.

8:31 PM BBT – Feeds cut.

8:50 PM BBT – Spencer telling Judd he had no idea they were going to blindside him

9:18 PM BBT – Elissa tells Judd that Helen, Amanda and Aaryn are why he went home. Judd tells her he has NO alliance right now and will vote out who she wants.

9:48 PM BBT – Elissa tells Amanda that her or McCrae has to go up against Aaryn. Amanda is not happy.

10:10 PM BBT – Amanda tells McCrae and Andy that she will threaten Elissa if she decides to put McCrae up. Amanda starts crying and has ALREADY started the Judd talk. Saying he was MVP and put her up for weeks.

10:20 PM BBT – Judd talking to the others about the Jury House.

10:32 PM BBT – Amanda demands to McCrae that he tell her EVERYTHING Judd says to him.

11:03 PM BBT – Judd tells Andy he’s starting fresh.

11:13 PM BBT – Andy asks Elissa where her head is. Elissa says she is definitely putting up Aaryn. Andy thinks she should also put GinaMarie up. Elissa says she absolutely isn’t putting GM up. Andy says what about Judd? Elissa says nope.

11:19 PM BBT – Elissa and Andy shake on a two-week “deal.”

11:21 PM BBT – Elissa tell McCrae she might put him up next to Aaryn and that he HAS to win the veto. McCrae fighting hard not to go up. He says that putting him up will be a mistake.

11:30 PM BBT – McCrae might be getting through. Elissa says she wants Aaryn out, but if Aaryn is safe she’ll settle for GM. McCrae says if she doesn’t put up GM then GM can win Veto and save Aaryn then neither would go. Elissa seems concerned like she didn’t think of that.

11:50 PM BBT – Andy tells Aaryn that he’s working on it for her and she’s his “number one priority.”

12:00 AM BBT – Elissa tells Spencer she wants to nom McC next to Aaryn. Spencer pushes for GM instead.

12:20 AM BBT – Andy warns Amanda that Elissa is probably going with her original McC & Aaryn plan. McCrae says she has no logic in putting him up. Yeah, she does.

12:50 AM BBT – Andy points out Aaryn evicted the last minority. Aaryn says she’s the last minority because she’s got blonde hair and blue eyes.

12:55 AM BBT – HGs worry Elissa will get a special power this week. Aaryn says that isn’t fair for it to be this week after all of her HoH’s.

1:00 AM BBT – Elissa gets her HoH room. There’s a bottle of liquor and a letter from Rachel. Her basket doesn’t have any sweets.

1:35 AM BBT – Aaryn is the first to bail on Elissa’s HoH.

2:00 AM BBT – Andy tells Aaryn he most wants to keep her and GM. He’s going to work on Elissa tomorrow to keep them safe.

2:05 AM BBT – Judd is goofing around in the HoH room. He’s very excited to be back in the game. Elissa says she’s happy he’s there.

2:30 AM BBT – Andy jokes about making a fake OTEV clue for Aaryn: “She has one of the prettiest faces, even though she’s an overt racist.”

2:40 AM BBT – Andy talks to Judd about Elissa’s plans. Andy tells Judd he should be safe this week and that he’s okay with Elissa breaking up McCranda.

2:50 AM BBT – Spencer warns Judd to not bring up the Grasshopper alliance again.

3:00 AM BBT – Judd says Amanda is the reason he was evicted and he does not trust her. GM and Spencer tell Judd they didn’t know the blindside against him was going to happen.

3:25 AM BBT – Elissa standing strong on her plan to nom McCrae. McCranda scrambling to get her to not do that. Amanda says it doesn’t make any sense since they’ve been protecting her from week one. Heh.

3:35 AM BBT – Elissa kicks them out of her room. After leaving Amanda says Elissa wants either McCrae, Amanda, or Aaryn out this week. Could be. Could be.

3:50 AM BBT – McCranda, Andy, & Spencer in Lounge. They’re very worried about Elissa’s plans. They’re discussing how to talk her out of nominating McCrae by saying the Veto could be luxuries.

4:10 AM BBT – Andy tells Spencer he thinks McCranda would betray them to get themselves safe. Andy says he’s working things to keep both of them safe and get back in good with Judd.

4:30 AM BBT – HGs all getting in to bed. Spencer stays up a little longer.

It sounds like Elissa is really wanting Aaryn and McCrae to go up. But don’t expect that to happen because Amanda has steamrolled everyone in this house and she’ll most likely do the same. Elissa might end up nominating Aaryn and GinaMarie, per Amanda’s threats requests. Or maybe she really will stick to McCrae & Aaryn as she suggested later in the night.

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