Big Brother 15 Live Feeds: Week 7 Monday Night Highlights


For anyone who thinks my earlier statement about this being a boring week in the Big Brother 15 house, just needs to read our highlights. Even production realizes they’re going to be hurting for content this week to the point they’re apparently putting words in the HGs mouths.

Read about those moments and others on our Live Feed highlights below. And remember to sign-up now for the Big Brother Feeds so you can watch any of these moments by using the Flashback archive feature.

Big Brother 15 Live Feed Highlights –  Monday, Aug. 12, 2013

6:19 PM BBT – Aaryn thinks America hates Candice.

6:25 PM BBT – General chit-chat going on. Helen says she likes Boogie and compares Andy to Ian from Big Brother 14.

8:15 PM BBT – Jessie tells Aaryn she believes Spencer is going home and if she goes home it will be a blindside. Jessie is angry at Elissa and Helen and is considering making a deal with McCrae and Amanda to make sure she stays. Aaryn seems to want Jessie to stay, too. She’s over Spencer.

9:15 PM BBT – Andy telling McCrae and Amanda that he’s annoyed with Jessie and the things she’s been saying and she’s definitely going home this week.

9:20 PM BBT – Andy and Amanda are talking about how production acts like this week is going to be super boring to produce and they’re trying to feed them lines and create drama that isn’t there.

10:15 PM BBT – Andy tells Elissa and Helen that Jessie is on to them and they need to at least act like she’s not getting voted out.

10:27 PM BBT – GinaMarie continues discussing her favorite topic: Candice. She’s still saying really nasty stuff.

10:53 PM BBT – Helen and Jessie are finally talking. Jessie tells Helen she thinks she’s acting weird. They argue about Jessie wanting to flip the house on Amanda and then targeting Helen and Elissa. Helen also brings up Jessie saying Helen didn’t need the Big Brother money. Helen gets mad and leaves.

11:04 PM BBT – Helen starts retelling her tiff with Jessie and of course it’s way more animated and exaggerated than what really happened.

11:08 PM BBT – Jessie tells McCrae she wants to work with them. Amanda joins the conversation and Jessie  tells them  about Helen wanting Amanda out last week before she realized they didn’t have the votes.

11:25 PM BBT – Amanda tells Helen what Jessie is saying and Helen wants to confront her. Helen asks her why she’s saying she and Elissa said they wanted Amanda out. Jessie says she isn’t lying (because she isn’t). Helen gets pissed and tells Jessie she’s going home.

11:30 PM BBT – Jessie tells Amanda that Helen really has been talking about getting Amanda out. Amanda says she knows there’s truth to it.

11:38 PM BBT – Helen and Jessie are going at it again. Helen keeps walking out and saying she’s done and then starts back on Jessie again when she realizes she can’t sit still for five seconds without being dramatic.

12:00 AM BBT – McCrae jokes that he’ll ask Jessie if he can have her cigarettes if she’s leaving or try to jokingly trade his vote for them.

12:15 AM BBT – Amanda stating that if a HG tries to flip the house and get her voted out then that HG leaves instead.

12:30 AM BBT – Elissa wonders if Jessie is America’s Player and if so then she’s not very good at it.

12:35 AM BBT – Elissa and Jessie arguing in the backyard. Jessie is upset that Elissa suggested she was on something.

12:45 AM BBT – Helen and Jessie arguing about Helen revealing that Jessie wanted to get out Amanda. Helen promises Jessie she’s still safe. HGs start to gather round to hear it.

1:00 AM BBT – Jessie trying to convince Aaryn that Andy is most loyal to Helen & Elissa, not McCranda.

1:35 AM BBT – McCrae tells Amanda they need to strike at Helen first even if it means going after Elissa instead.

1:45 AM BBT – Jessie goes to the backyard and tells Spencer & GM that she overheard the other HGs and knows she’s going to Jury.

2:00 AM BBT – Jessie says she’ll go out with a bang this week and turn HGs against one another along the way.

2:15 AM BBT – Jessie reminding Spencer & GM that they had a shot last week again with Amanda on the block, but no one wanted to go for it.

2:25 AM BBT – Amanda still complaining that McC was talking to Jessie alone. She’s been complaining a lot about this tonight. McC was trying to get info.

2:45 AM BBT – Aaryn getting worked up with worry about Jessie causing problems this week. Jessie overheard them saying bad things about her earlier and they expect her to retaliate.

3:00 AM BBT – GinaMarie yelling and calling for a house meeting. Aaryn and GM are arguing. Most HGs came up for it. Elissa and Helen downstairs upset about dealing with this drama.

3:15 AM BBT – Amanda thinks GM & Aaryn are trying to cover their alliance by fighting.

3:20 AM BBT – Jessie is doing more eavesdropping by leaning against the doors to listen in.

3:30 AM BBT – McCrae checks their door and says Jessie scurried back to bed.

3:45 AM BBT – McCrae heads out for a smoke. Amanda warns him to steer clear of the drama.

4:00 AM BBT – Things have finally calmed down for the night, but more fun lays in wait.

Luckily for the Helen and Jessie arguments, we did get some excitement from last night. It sounds like Jessie is just sealing her fate, though, and will be heading out the door this Thursday.

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  1. Jessie is just fighting for her life. Unlike Judd, she is standing up for herself and against Helen this time! Good that she outed Helen to Amanda because that would put the pressure on Amanda to move against Helen knowing for sure that Helen is targeting her! I am still hoping it is Spencer who gets evicted! Jessie should continue to talk and spill everything she knows about everyone in the house! They are going to vote her out anyway. If she can get some to flip her way then, who knows maybe, Spencer ends up going! If she still goes, she atleast, planted a seed in Amanda and McCrea’s heads. She should tell Elissa and Helen that if she winds up in jury this week—-she will vote against them if either of them wind up in Final 2! That is the threat Jessie should be making!

    • Yes, Jessie should tell what she knows. I know I would. I definitely would tell what everyone has said. Hell, I would even make up things. If I were in that house, I would leave with a BANG!

      • Jessie has one bit of leverage she can use to strike a deal for her jury vote. She should ask Amanda and McCrae to vote to evict Spencer instead and promise to vote for them if they make it to Final 2. She should also do the same with Aaryn and Gina Marie. That is 4 votes if she can get them and she can still stay this week! Just tell them she wants to last one or two more weeks and she will also help them target Helen!

      • They won’t buy that from Jessie the Drama Queen, so she will only end up tattling on everyone, just like Judd did!

    • Unlike Judd? Judd had a commercial break to campaign. 3 minutes doesn’t allow for fighting. You have to stay calm and debate it. If you blow up then people will gladly vote you out in a DE.

      • They were already backdooring Judd and he saw it coming by the expression on his face! Like they would change their votes when they put him up to evict him? He should have ratted out his alliance who betrayed him as he had nothing to lose!

      • Plus, who did Judd blame for his eviction…..Jessie and Elissa. He blamed the two floaters. The two people who have the least amount of pull in the house. Plus, Judd wanted Jessie out. So, even If Jessie was involved with his eviction, it was only fair.

      • Yes. Judd was a dummy. He never uses his head and just shoots from the hip hitting the innocent bystanders!

      • Jessie is handling this situation much more rationally than Judd did. Judd was like a piece of road kill that wouldn’t die.

      • I don’t think 3 minutes of campaigning would have helped Judd. No one trusted him and thought he was telling a bunch of lies. Some thought he was MVP, as well. Judd’s best bet was to expose the alliances and go out with a Bang.

      • Amanda decided that Judd was MVP so it made it so in everyone’s mind. I don’t get the following that broad has. Are they all blind as bats?? FFS!!!

      • Kiffeslady &LeeArmie are both correct. Amanda hasn’t won one comp all summer but sure has blown up a lot & 2faced everyone!

    • I would be happy to see Helen go. She thinks she is so great at this game while Andy plays her like a fiddle.

      But look what Helen leaves behind. Is anyone going to be happy with any of these house guests winning?


    • Helen plotting against Amanda is no different than Amanda plotting against Helen. They have all talked about getting rid of each other so why is it more shady for Helen to be thinking thinking it than Amanda?

  2. OMG, the feeds last night were simply, as Ian would say it, comedy gold!

    Jessie exposed Helen’s web of lies and there was simply no escape. Helen will have to win HOH if she doesn’t want to be up for nomination next week.

    Jessie may be going but she won that war of words with Helen.


    • That is why of all the house guests this season, I respect Jessie because she stands up for herself and does not allow both Helen and Amanda to bully her and ran her over! She has something the others don’t have which is cojones! I will definitely vote her America’s Favorite Player because she has earned it!

      • I agree! Way to go Jessie! Hey, since you are going to vote me out anyway, here goes… And I will tell everything, make up things, and on my way out crush all my cigarettes… smoke that!

      • If Jessie was not so darn whiney and needy, I would have liked her more. Also, I like Elissa, even though most people don’t.

      • Good for Elissa on trying not to drag herself on Helen’s troubles. It was simply not worth arguing.

      • I also like Elissa because of the whole bunch, who is the most likeable left? Just Jessie and Elissa.

      • How is she a hypocrite? Give me a few examples. Because what I have seen has been Ellisa being nice to everyone even stinky Amanda! Her croutch must really stink all she does is lay in that nasty bed with McRea all day & night! Yuck makes me sick!

      • I guess you don’t have the live feeds and if you do you need to rewatch them. Let’s see where do I begin. She is constantly talking crap about Aaryn. She probably has said at least 100 times or more about Aaryn flipping Candices bed. She talks about Amanda and Aaryn taking Adderall. She talks about these people aren’t on her level. She asked Jessie just last night if she’s on something. I could go on and on and on. My point is she talks crap about everyone then says it’s not very nice that so and so is talking crap. That’s being a hypocrite.

      • Agreed but she proved to be stronger than the other “strong” ones. She is not afraid of Helen and Amanda… She may cry and whine but doesn’t easily back down to them.

      • Who’s Elissa? She never says anything worth listening to and all she does is whine and complain about everyone. Doesn’t like the rude comments but then she asks Jessie are you on something. She the biggest waste of space.

      • Yup. I’m sure that she’s also thinking ”More tv advertising time for me when I can show off my yoga instructor skills” (Those Reilly sisters are a calculated bunch of witches)… ;)

      • I like Elissa because she is the only one who cares about the horrible racist remarks GM and Aaryn have made. Elissa has said these are people she would not associate with outside the house. Good for her.

        But, she is a really lousy Big Brother player. She sucks at the competitions and she is terrible at the social game. Plus, she complains to Helen and Amanda about not going to the jury house because she doesn’t like the people in the house. That’s a really bad thing to say if you want to make it to the end.

      • Have you listened to all her rude remarks? The only time she talks is when it’s about someone. She’s the biggest hypocrite in the house.

      • I agree with you. I said a few weeks back, when Jessie was arguing with the Aaryn Nation, that she was not easily bullied. I like that about her. The others try to alienate her (remember the recent argument with Amanda?) by bullying her but she stands her ground. I didn’t like some of the things she said at first about people not liking her because she was pretty (that kind of rubbed me the wrong way), but she is ballsy and is full of chutzpah. I like her. Way to go Jessie! Keep up the campaigning till the last moment !

      • Elissa is such a ding a ling that I can hear the bells clear across to the East coast of America.

      • No, I can’t like a ding a ling like that. She’s a follower. She’ll fall apart if Helen gets voted out. The only reason she lasted the first 3 weeks is because she was made MVP by America.

      • But let’s not forget that almost all three of the weeks Elissa was put on the block also… even after being voted MVP. She’s managed to stay in the house even as a nominee with a huge target on her back. The 3 people that she put up while being MVP have been sent packing so she hasn’t been completely useless. Let’s give credit where credit is due.

      • Elissa put those people on the block only because she was told to do so. Not because it’s what she wanted to do or what was good for her own game. Had that been true she would have gotten Aaryn out right away.

      • The only reason she stayed in that house when she was up on the block is because Helen saved her. Not because of anything she did. But I will give you that she did when a POV contest.

      • To add what Richie said, she also manage to win a competition to guarantee her safety. She’s in a spot where she doesn’t need to make a move unless the opportunity presents itself and she did that when she couldn’t get Nick to give her a guaranteed vote to stay from him (he could have lied) thus Elissa put him up as an MVP nominee.

      • Candice stood up for herself too. But I think in BB you should stand up for yourself in other ways. Jessie going after Helen does not help Jessie in any way. It only hurts Helen. Jessie needs to make Spencer the bigger target to save herself.

      • Exactly. what a waste of time, when you should campaign to stay. Play the strings of the man should go, girl power blah blah blah.

      • It doesn’t matter if they would have campaign they was going home. This season is predictable. They vote the way there told to vote no one obviously wants this money are they would made bigger moves like get Aryan,Amanda,McCrea,and Spencer out. They are handing this money to Amanda.

      • You got it Prince. I think Candice & Jessie are standing up for themselves, but in the wrong way. They isolated themselves in their argument when they should’ve been trying to pull consensus to their side. Jessie could’ve said: (In front of Andy & Amanda) ”Maybe I misunderstood what you meant Helen when you asked if I would vote against Amanda this week. Andy, did I misunderstand what Helen was asking?”

      • I believe Jessie has done everything that she could do. She overhead them saying that she was leaving. Jessie knows that the house rules. Campaigning against Spencer, at this point, is pointless.

      • That would have been great strategy ! Unfortunately, I don’ believe that Jessie is smart to have thought of phrasing things that way. Helen is the smart one. Don’t forget she is a political consultant.

      • The problem is that Jessie knows she’s getting voted out and nothing she can do at this point will change that. So why not go after everyone who has done you wrong while you have the chance. I would do exactly what she’s doing. Expose them and let them squirm their way out. At least I’d be entertained my last week in the house.

      • Now, I have to agree with you on this one. No need playing nice when you are sure that you will be leaving.

      • Jessie is definitely going to get my vote for America’s Favorite Player. She first showed her cajones when she refused to give up her bed to Aaryn and her thugs early in the season. She sat there with all Aaryn, Kaitlyn and Germy and took their verbal abuse and didn’t back down one iota! The house picks on her because she does stand up for herself just as Candice did. The house seems to have the sense that no one but NO ONE can stick up for themselves to them (meaning, Amanda, McCrae, Helen, Elissa and Aaryn)….bunch of bitches. Andy is also a bitch because he says nothing.

    • Jessie should exposed Amanda as well. At least, we would have something to watch. Amanda’s epic blow up, and out of bed, not boinking. I would lie to her face and say I was MVP. I also, want Jessie to take the lighters with the Cigarettes. Amanda always says why do you take the lighter Jessie?

    • Go Jessie! Expose all their lies. Keep stirring the pot, you have up to Thursday to really make them see the whole picture! Who knows? Maybe, the votes might change and Spencer gets evicted!

      • The only problem is none of what she is saying does anything t make Spencer a bigger target. If anything, by her exposing Helen and trying to change sides again she is only reinforcing in Amanda’s mind why Jessie needs to go in the first place. She cannot be trusted. The fact is, Jessie did try to flip the house on Amanda and she can expose all she wants but she cannot refute that fact. Helen should just tell Amanda that Jessie is just trying to flip the house again to save herself.

  3. I hope Jessie tell everything she knows, leave that house tuned upside down!!!! AND, Candice is long gone, Why is GM and Aaryn still talking mess about her? Why would Aaryn think America hates Candice?? Well, I can’t wait till they both find out what America thinks of most racist people on the house…

    • That’s what happens when you admire someone so much… The green eyed monster. They have no other reason to hate Candice other than she has what they want (GM especially), beauty, brains, respect, and a real crown.

      • Gina Marie is so thuggish the way she talks which is totally without class! She also lives in Staten Island and is Italian. If you have seen Mob Wives which is a series, Denise, Carla, Drita and Karen are all related or married to mob figures, are Italian live on Staten Island and talk like thugs. Could Gina Marie be related to any of them?

      • I absolutely adore Candice (my fave player of the season until she got involved with Howard). But in fairness, she didn’t know how to hold her tongue in a fight which is why GM is still yapping about her. The difference between GM and Candice in their fighting was how low GM was willing to go (which was beyond acceptable….it was horrible the things she said)!

      • I believe Candice’s biggest downfall was her not standing up for herself the night Asryn flipped her bed. Asryn, GM, and Amanda sensed fear and they played on that fear.

        Addition: Candice didn’t fear them. Howard just wanted her to be the bigger person. However, in this situation, being the bigger person was not a good idea.

      • Candice problem was, she wore her heart on her sleeve, and she could,nt keep her mouth closed to ignorant people.

      • That was only after she was targeted. 2 Weeks BEFORE that happened she was on the ‘inside’ of the alliance with Helen & Elissa, but chose to isolate herself with Howard who was just using her (admitted even in his own words). If she had stayed close to Helen & Elissa, she’d be in a much stronger position.

    • When Aaryn and Gina Marie get out—-they will find out how badly hated they really are! Worst for them, their bad karma has not hit them yet!

      • Oh how I wish they could find out, their jobs are gone on national tv. It would be a kodak moment.

    • GM and Asryn are very delusional. Both appear to have psychological problems. GM needs to stop worrying about Candice and worry more about why she hates herself and why she is bulimic.

      • Both are delusional yes. No pill could fix either girls vile hatred. That hate in ingrained in them.

      • There is so much negative stuff on this season. How could all be exposed? Were to start? Unfortunately, it is not Survivor. Jeff Probst would skewer the HGs. That I would watch.

      • :) sad Julie Chen is not in the position to do what Jeff Probst does best. It would be a expect the unexpected episode if Julie Chen was able to expose and make the HGS answer to her!

      • They need a 3 hres finale (instead of 2) and they need to bring DR. Phil. On one segment just for GM and Aaryn, you start by telling them before the show, that they should apologize publicly. Then you show to GM and Aaryn (and the rest of the world) the segment from the Oprah show when she meet her birth mother. Cut it down to the essential. And Dr. Phil can explain to them why they are wrong and ask her to apoligize. Imagine GM, Aaryn and Candice hugging each others with a bunch of I’m sorry. Everybody in the place and on TV are going to be crying and the rating would go thru the roof. That would probably redeem the season, just showing that it was all for waste.

      • That’s easier, you show them how it look on TV and tell them why it’s not acceptable and hope they get it.

      • They are both delusional. Plus, sneaky enough to say oh my bad, and then in the next breath continue on with their behavior.

      • The show should actually bring Dr. Drew back who used to be among the rotation of Julie’s co-hosts/panelists back in BB1.

      • Taking from your idea, it would be hilarious to have a psychologist (I could see Dr.Phill wanting this gig) actually sit beside Julie while Aaryn, GM, Spencer, and Amanda leave the house. It could be an intervention special (that would film and be shown on the Dr.Phil show). …but yes, I realize of course this too is unlikely cause PR firms would make sure this doesn’t happen without the house guest’s consent to appear on such a show.

      • Then why not get Dr. Drew? He is not as much of a blow hard as Dr. Phil. At least Dr. Drew is get’s to the root of the problem, and is direct. He doesn’t do the blah blah blah I like to hear myself soap box that Dr, Phil stands on.

      • Oh I agree with that… but regardless of who it is Emma, it would be nice to see a serious intervention follow this show.

      • Matt I do like your Intervention idea too. On that show you get what you get. Some recover some fail.

      • Oh it’s just a fun thought for the ”idealist” in me… but yeah won’t happen because of all the legal & PR red tape it would take to get through. More likely that something like Capt’s idea would take flight, where guests get asked by Dr.Phil to come on his show (a month after the show’s done) to see each other once again, apologize and acknowledge their wrongs. Problem is, it wouldn’t be anything less than rehearsed…

      • Good God you’re a PollyAnna!! That fantasy actually made me cringe. Do you stay up late at night thinking of crap like that? FFS!!!

      • Yeah but Jeff is a bit annoying in that he goes so far as to reveal (hint strongly) at what the other players are thinking and planning. ”So person x, how would you feel if there was a backdoor plan to get you out tonight?”

      • You missed my point. Jeff Probst at the end of the season would expose HGS behaviors. Yes, he would talk game too. He would ask why no game play? what were you thinking? Yes, Dr. Phil could have a go at the HGS too.

      • Would be interesting if they somehow addressed the hate crime issues… My guess is they won’t because it casts a negative light on too many things involving Big Brother

      • But the producers would be drawing attention towards the show as a show that allowed these guests on in the first place. Corporations & Politicians Creed: ”It is better to deny anything happened, than to apologize for what has happened.”

      • In this case I think that it would be worse. They need also need to send a message to the HGs of future season, that conduct like that is not acceptable and will be exposed.

      • We are on the same page with this. I wonder however if that’s really what the producers want. I mean they could very well be going down the road of BB-Uk where the lowest of the low in characters are brought on the show.

      • Europe is different than here. Nobody would accept that here. Rating are holding for now but eventullay they would drop.

      • lol. Though I generally agree with you, I’m pretty sure ”The Real World”, ”Jersey Shore”, and other trash tv makes some good money until people get bored with it…

      • Finger’s cross they will do what you say. I see that in the future a contract of conduct in the BB house, If malleolus or malice intent you get docked money. You go hateful racist docked money. homicidal threats removed from game.

      • That’s a given, They were caught with their pants down this year. Stuff like that never happen before. They’ll take the lesson for sure.

      • Just when I thought GM could sink no lower…out she comes with Candice being a ‘crack whore baby” Jesus.

  4. McCrae should put his big boy pants on. Orchestrate Amanda’s demise. Figure out that if he won 500k, he would have the pick of the litter, and not the vile snapper he is boinking this summer.

      • It would be an epic move. if McCrae thought like a young man, yeah I hit that, got a piece, over it. I would be priceless victory for him to get her out of the house. So, what she is on jury. Boo hoo. Amanda is delusional enough to vote him to win the money, so she can demanda half. Geez they are and engaged, married, and talking baby names Ewwww.

    • If McCrae would stay out the bed with Amanda so much, he would be able to think… That’s why Amanda thinks hes playing the game for her. It would be epic to see him when the game after Amanda gave all her cookies away to the pizza delivery boy, everyday ALL summer long…HA!

      • On the live feed. It was insanity Amanda and McCrae in bed, her mind melting you trust me?. you trust me? No man in their right mind would deal with that. Clinging and insecure generally sends a man running away.

      • You are so right!! its clear that he dose not like her attitude BUT, before BB he was not getting cookies like he getting cookies with Amanda. Amanda knew what she was doing when she targeted him. I might be wrong but, I don’t think she would give McCrae a second look if this was not a game. Just like the saying goes “some people will do anything for money”

      • You got it Tracy. People seem to think McCrae is ”better off” without Amanda. Really? He would lose his shield. He would lose his ”extra vote”. He would lose his elitist princess with fake boobs and a willingness to give it up like a rabbit….so…exactly what does he gain again by turning on her at this point? The fans will like him more? Oh well then, by all means, he should definitely go for it! lol…

      • I wonder if McCae isn’t a LOT smarter than all of us realize. He could be keeping Amanda until the end knowing full well that she has more enemies than he does. I’d say it’s a great strategy (albeit annoying for us as fans) if that’s what he’s doing…

      • when the few seconds hes not with Amanda, he gets his thoughts process going in the right direction and want her gone. Then soon as she back in his face, hes back to being her pet. If you notice she dose not like them being apart for not even a minute. She knows she is controlling him by not letting him get to far from her, not allowing him to think.

      • Agreed when they first hooked up Amanda said she would never have gone for McCrae. She just hitched a ride. McCrae must have low self esteem. Most guys would take the cookie, then move on to get the 500k. Would you want a of America thinking you are cookie whipped?

      • LMAO!!!!! If he don’t get it together he gonna be cookie whipped right out the house… AND, if Amanda wins the game engagement OFF!!!

      • Oh no matter what happens, Amanda will go back to Lawyer & Doctor chasing after the show is done. HOWEVER, I’m thinking that McCrae isn’t as weak as people think. Has anyone ever suggested McCrae is a ”bad guy”? Has anyone ever said ”McCrae needs to go?” (without saying first that Amanda shoudl go?) And when it comes to competitions, who’s going to be able to pull out a win when they need to…Amanda or McCrae? He’s in a GREAT position, much better than Amanda!

      • Matt you are so right!!! I just hope after her break down from not winning the HOH competition and throwing a guilt trip on McCrae about him not letting her win wont get in his head to give her his wins,

      • Exactly. McCrea has already checked out of the game. He is playing engagement, married, and name the kids game. UGH!

    • It might happen in final 3, but even then he might want to face her in the finals with all the enemies she has.

      • She has no enemies, everyone cow tows to Amanda. Everyone says you are going to win. You are a strategic player with no blood on your hands. The HGs even said they like her social game. Argh!

      • Right now they do because she has “power” in the house. But when they hold the cards, I think most of the jury members would let loose on Amanda.

  5. Chicago-style politician Helen has got to go. Her smiling in your face as she stabs you in the back tactics will finally be catching up to her. (I can only hope). It is impossible for me to comprehend how these losers can continue to accept the alliances of H & E plus McCranda right in front of their face, where old- fashioned alliances, secretive and fun to watch, are squashed immediately. Please watch how thin-skinned Helen will become when she is the target. Always punch a bully in the nose and watch them go crying home to mommy. Her politics are one of personal destruction and her comeupance will keep me watching.

  6. I think that the most interesting people are now gone….only the annoying ones and the nasty ones are left. I too pretty much only read the live feed posts as the show is pretty aggravating.

      • Candice was great (before Howard). Howard could’ve been this season’s ”Hero” if he didn’t lie to Helen, followed by letting Candice being his sex slave, followed by making a sexual advance on Amanda. I also think Judd was a nice enough guy.

      • Amanda admitted she lied about howards whisper only to Mcrea.. he told her that was f ed was time stamped on jokers updates. So you can look it up in the feeds see it.

  7. I have the feeds and never watch them.. I can’t stand this group.. there is not one of them I want to win..YUK!

  8. Helen let her ego get in the way her her game again last night. When Jessie first began speaking with her Helen started calmly but then couldn’t resist the opportunity to lecture Jessie about she wronged Helen. That’s when it blew up into an argument.

    I’ll say it again, Helen only thinks she is running the house. In reality she has only Elissa’s support. Helen helped get rid of Candice and now Jessie – two people who could have been in her camp against Amanda.

    • Exactly. Helen only has Elissa which is dumb of her! She discarded Candice and now Jessie who would have been loyal to her! Aaryn has a Final 4 alliance with Amanda and McCrae which means Helen is fast putting herself in a position she cannot win! This is still a game of numbers and Helen it seems cannot do the math! And they way Helen has been treating Jessie is shameful!

    • Helen thinks she’s the only one in that house that has the right to lie. Just too funny to watch her get all self righteous about lying when she’s the biggest liar and embellisher of the truth that the house has EVER seen.

  9. I don’t want any of the remaining house guest to win BB15. Why not take the winnings and refund fans for the live feeds. So what if it’s 1/10th of a cent, lol. This season sucks!!

    • You don’t want any of the REMAINING houseguest to win? Hell I don’t want the ones in the house to win, Jury house to win, and the ones before that. They all stink. This was the first year I couldn’t find anyone to root for from the getgo. Except Candice…but oh man, she had no chance from the beginning. Was a rotten shame how they treated her and had NOTHING to do with game play. And PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE send the men in white coats for GM. That nutjob.

  10. I watched most of that fight. Helen was doing so much lying and back pedaling it was humorous. She’s not as slick as she thinks she is. Jessie has seen through her for some time now. Helen won’t let anyone else get a word in at all. That’s her thing. They were fighting in the HOH room with Andy sitting there. Helen kept saying “I’m done with this” and started to stomp off toward the door at least 5 times. But couldn’t keep her mouth shut. I had to laugh at her desperate antics. Unfortunately, this house has targeted one person to pick on at all times until said person is voted out. I wonder who will be the target next week.

    Elissa showed her true colors last night as well. She doesn’t know how to have a confrontational type of conversation at all. So in true RACHEL style she asks Jessie if she’s been on medication and if maybe she’s forgotten to take it. Unbelievable how junior high and immature that was!! Elissa is pretty much useless at this point. She has no game at all. She’s just following Helen around and hoping for the best while she sits around pinching her lips together with her fingers. I swear she does that to make sure that they puff out or something. It’s just so strange to watch her do that so much. Also most of the time she kind of talks like she’s high herself. She rarely makes any sense when she speaks. I just don’t get her at all. Even though Rachel was a pain in the ass and well, just a pure ass, she did seem to have some intelligence whereas Elissa has none at all. Very odd woman that one.

      • You’re welcome. I try to watch when I can. But lately they all make me so sick I have to turn it off.

    • I have to disagree with you about Elissa. She was the biggest target for the first 2 weeks and she turned that around. She also won the Veto when she most needed it. Elissa may think highly of herself but so does Amanda and even more so than Elissa. Elissa is the only one who’s never said anything derogatory, racist, misogynistic or homophobic. She may be a bit odd and says things she shouldn’t but I don’t think they’re to be intentionally mean.

      • Elissa was intentionally mean last night when she asked if Jessie was off her medication. She said it in such a condescending tone. Then she went outside and told everyone that Jessie needs medication and that something is wrong with the girl. She kept snickering. Now that’s intentionally mean to me.

      • You’re comparing that comment to the racist, misogynistic, and homophobic comments we’ve been hearing… It’s nothing compared to that. I don’t think that’s mean to be honest and even if it was Jessie didn’t care. Jessie was acting crazy anyway… GM has said way worse things yet you’re punishing Elissa for one semi-mean comment.

  11. No one has mentioned the possibility of Andy winning the whole thing because he has an alliance with everyone…when the jury votes and he is left with the hated ones….think about it

    • Helen might be on to him. If she learns on whose loyalty Andy really lie and she goes out the door, she might taint the jury (unless she reaches final 3).

    • I’ve thought Andy was in the best position all game. I worry now that he has won 2 comps in a row, he might be perceived as a physical threat, but other than that he is playing well. Everyone is upset he didn’t make a big move this week, but it was best for his game not to.

  12. After the fallout, McCrae and Amanda went to the bedroom alone and started whispering to one another. Amanda was self-absorbed about the Jessie trying to get closer to McCrae. McCrae on the other hand was thinking about everything that had just taken place. He believes Jessie. He knows that Helen is targeting Amanda and that makes him nervous because they are viewed as a package.

    I don’t think he needs to be concerned because I do see Amanda getting evicted before him. It would actually benefit his game is she does. I also think if anybody but Helen and Elissa get HOH next time, Helen will be on the block or be backdoored. They’re all catching on to her methods. Andy, Amanda, McCrae and Aaryn know and I think Spencer does also. GM doesn’t have a clue about anything. I actually felt sorry for Jessie last night. She was speaking the truth and Helen was trying way too hard to cover her tracks.

    • Amanda will push for a Helen backdoor/eviction. But I do think McCrae is in more danger than people think. He is seen as the competitor and I don’t think it helped showing the other houseguests that he would even take Amanda out of a competition. He is here to win, and some houseguests are taking notice. Not to mention Amanda is almost ensuring a win for anybody sitting next to her.

  13. When Helen goes to jury, which I suspect will be sooner than later, she will attempt to control and manipulate everyone again. I can see the writing on the wall already. All houseguests will vote the same for the winner of BB15 and Helen will take take the credit for it, just like she does now.

    • Its funny you think that about Helen, because that’s the way I feel about Amanda. These women are so into controlling everything, that they would take pleasure in controlling who won.

  14. Production has been telling the HGs what to say since BB2. No surprise here. This show is one big bore. Its time for CBS to create something new.

  15. “Helen says she likes Boogie and compares Andy to Ian from Big Brother 14.”

    I’m sorry, but has Helen ever watched this show? First Aaryn as Janelle and Andy as Ian? Please.

  16. I have to flashback to all this drama. It was so boring when I was watching last night so I went to bed. Figures then my favorite part starts. DRAMA. Thankful for the flashback.


  18. I hope all the members of the JURY will vote for NO ONE to win the 500K, If they do that, America will be happy as none of these WACKOS deserve the prize after ruinning ALL AMERICANS summer. Ginamarie, enough about batching Candice, she is not there to defend herself, it looks like all the peircing in your body is also affecting the little brain you have, yes America knows about your peircing, get a life loonie.

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