Big Brother 15 Live Feeds: Week 5 Monday Daytime Highlights


We had a couple moments of Big Brother 15 excitement today after the Power of Veto was used for the fifth time this season. Spencer is no long on the block, so the scramble beings. But despite some campaigning, so far no one is really budging from the original plan.

Read about those moments and others on our Live Feeds highlights below. And remember that you can check out any of these moments by using the Live Feeds flashback/archive feature.

Big Brother 15 Live Feed Highlights – Monday, July 29, 2013

8:15 AM BBT – Feeds cut. Early wake-up time.

9:10 AM BBT – Judd and Andy confirming to each other that they’re not really going to vote out Candice like they told Spencer. It’s still going to be Howard.

9:30 AM BBT – Judd tells Amanda the plan is still to vote out Howard.

9:50 AM BBT – Spencer tells Howard it’s looking good for him. Spencer then heads up to the HOH room to tell Aaryn the same thing.

10:10 AM BBT – Feeds cut. Veto ceremony time.

10:55 AM BBT – Feeds are back. Candice is the replacement nominee.

10:56 AM BBT – Amanda making Jessie promise that she won’t flip and vote against her.

10:57 AM BBT – Spencer pushing to Helen to keep Howard and evict Candice. Helen repeatedly mentions “if I’d be the 5th vote… [to evict Amanda]” but Spencer doesn’t seem to quite catch on.

11:00 AM BBT – Amanda is upset that Andy told her about Howard and Spencer telling them to flip on the plan to evict Howard but Judd didn’t. She says she can’t trust him now.

11:05 AM BBT – Amanda takes Helen outside to tell her about Spencer and Howard asking Judd, Andy and GinaMarie to vote out Amanda instead of Howard. They’re both saying it’s shady that Judd didn’t tell Amanda.

11:07 AM BBT – Amanda pulls Judd to the chessboard to ask him about the deal Spencer and Howard offered him. He told her not to worry and that he didn’t tell her because he didn’t want to upset her especially since she has absolutely nothing to worry about.

11:12 AM BBT – Amanda and Helen are back outside talking about Judd. They’re worried they can’t trust him. Helen says they need to get him out (which she says about a different one of her alliance members every single day).

11:15 AM BBT – Jessie and Candice arguing a bit in the bathroom. It’s sort of a confusing argument, but basically, Jessie is not happy with the way Candice approached her earlier.

11:45 AM BBT – Candice is now arguing with Howard in the back yard. Howard tells her to not be so negative and to not give up so easily.

11:58 AM BBT – Amanda tells McCrae she is cool with Judd now. She now has proof he wasn’t trying to scumbag her. McCrae tells her to just lay low and she’ll be the only nominee totally safe.

12:50 PM BBT – Elissa comes into the HOH room and hugs Aaryn (WHAT?). They have a long talk about what’s going on this week and actually seem to be on good terms.

1:20 PM BBT – Game talk has stalled. Everyone is napping or laying in the sun.


So right now it sounds like a few people are thinking Candice is going home this week, but the plan remains to send Howard out the door Thursday. But it’s only Monday, so be prepared for some flip-floppping to go on before then. Especially with inconsistent Helen in the house.

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  1. I think Aaryn and Elissa need to get in a final 2 alliance. We need some kind of secret alliance like Will and Mike Boogey.

      • Gettin’ money man it’s nothing to me
        Bankhead boy, how I love this street
        Play if you want, this is how we eat
        Keep one eye open we don’t get no sleep
        To all them dead homies: “R.I.P.”
        To all them homies locked up: “Wish you were free.”
        And I’ma keep reppin’ ’til they get in to me
        One-hundred… I am a G

        Worst final 2 ever. E would lose :(

  2. I am expecting to see one of the greatest flops in BB history. They are down to 12, Helen would rather not have Amanda on Jury because she will have to cross her to get her out.

  3. These HG’s are some of the stupidest ones in history!! Stop letting Demanda bully you and tell you what to do and get her out!! If they don’t while they have a chance then personally I hope she makes it to the F2 and wins the whole thing!! This is their chance while they still have the numbers and they are going to blow it!!

    • I think it’s way too early now to turn on your own alliance member when there are way too many people in the house. You don’t want to give the other side of the house anymore “fire power.”

      • The only other side of the house is Spencer, Candice, and Howard and two of them are on the block. If the people who seem to be blindly doing her biding don’t get her out now they might never have another chance to do so.

      • It looks like either Howard or Candice have the walking papers. Here is the thing, who ever stays between Candice and Howard, plus Spenser I do think, will put up Amanda and McCrea together.

      • I agree. There’s too many people left yet to turn on your alliance. After a few more evictions then were going to see some scrambling. Can’t wait.

      • I think that with the things going on now there are three possible sides to be on…”they” just need to figure out the third. Elissa and Aaryn could possibly keep both sides at odds for now. Wishful thinking

      • TO LATE TO TURN on Alliances there has not been a real Alliance in that house since the game started except Mccrea and Amanda all of the other house guest go with power. The Floating Game begins. Why should you win a half Million dollars Well cause i flopped around more then you did and when all of the good players left i was able to win games that was my strategy so thats why i should WIN… lmbo lol lol

      • Except Amanda has done exactly zero for her alliance so far other than bossing them around. She can’t win HoH, she can’t win Veto, she (especially now) can’t win MVP, etc. She’s bossy dead weight. Why they would keep her until Jury, where she’s going to go ballistic towards whomever orchestrates her exit, is beyond me.

      • Exactly! I know it’s hard to see when you’re in the situation, but they’re giving all the power to someone who hasn’t even done anything! If Amanda was slightly less aggressive, she’d actually be playing a brilliant game by making people think she’s important when she’s not. But she let the power get to her head…

  4. We soooo need a flip flop in the votes…surprise those feeling safe! No cowards should be allowed in the game! Having a balanced game is possible – not being afraid to make a big move, being social, being strong at comps and being loyal while advancing in the game.

    • Spenser would be on board. But, the only way I see the tides turning is Helen keeps noodling the idea with Elissa, then we have 3. You could hope GM votes Amanda out if her girl Aaryn, gives her the go. That’s four. Judd, Andy and Jessie can not seem to pull their head outta Amanda’s butt. So, it will be an uphill battle. But an epic, eviction if Amanda and McCrea are spilt up, and she is sent packing.

  5. Rule number one in BB is break up the showmances. David, Jeremy, and Kaitlin all were part of a showmance. Even Nick and GM spilt and they were friendly, just like Howard and Candice. The in your face love fest between Amanda and McCrea, is the oblivious choice if you want to win the game? Right? Big moves and blindsides have happened. But, now something stinks. Just don’t understand the cup of oblivion the HG’s are drinking. Sigh…

    • Rule Number 2 in BB break up bigger alliances rather duos. Keeping Howard in the game and evicting Amanda. Basically leaves Howard with 2 solid allies, Candice and Spencer. Yeah David, Jeremy, Kaitlin all were in showmances but then again they were also part of huge of alliance. So evicting Howard is still most logical sense. Because there is still alot of pair combinations left in the game.

  6. IF Howard reaches Final 2 vs most people, I think he wins because he’s made very few enemies and has been reasonably honest. Amanda has been in your face with her attempts at manipulation and would lose to most people in F2. So Howard makes the most sense this week. Just my 2 cents.

    • Yea, I agree with your 2 cents. Amanda and Howard’s personalities are polar opposites.

    • Well Howard is pretty boring and he has lied to people. In fact he’s lied to everyone except Spencer. He has alliances with everyone except Candice who he’s sleeping with.

      • Lying is part of the game in Big Brother. Howard’s lying has made him less enemies than Amanda’s overt attempts at manipulation (i.e. Helen forgave Howard’s dishonesty, but Judd was fairly annoyed at Amanda’s constant “nominate Howard” campaign during his HoH. Again – just my 2 cents.

      • Um. Judd is boring. Gina M is a bore too.
        You are just saying that because you expect Howard to be angry and disengaging. Again, everyone lies on this show.

    • I disagree with that plan. Candice needs to campaign if she wants to stay. Pissing ppl off, um Aaryn is not out the door. So, what if she ruffles a few feathers, it shows she has heart.

      • Campaigning is one thing. But it seems she is doing a lot of whining. When she campaigns it is more about saving Howard than herself. She made herself a huge target this week.

    • Agreed. I don’t know how many times I had to fast forward through her repeated nausea, especially last night.

  7. Aaryn did admit to Spenser this week she didn’t want to put him or Howard up. If Aaryn didn’t hold her deal with Helen and appease the so called house, this week would have been different. It would have been Elissa, Candice, and Amanda on the block. Now, we are stuck with no interesting game play this week, Howard the sacrificial lamb. Sad.

    • BB. Possible ratings boost if they place pandora box in Hoh room. Without Aryan knowing that accepting it would release her nomiees from eviction this week and she would be required renominate two new hg.

    • Too early to throw in the towel. Amanda could still get evicted. If Helen does not move to evict Amanda, I will nominate Helen next week as well as Judd with Aaryn and let us see who gets evicted next week! Amanda might just take out Helen or Judd next week. These house guests are not getting a free pass from me atleast. I have no doubt there are enough votes to get these guys on the block over and over if that is what it takes for them to play the game! So, they can choose to evict Amanda now or let Amanda get a chance to evict them! Helen and Judd, pick your poison because those are the only options!

      • He is a horrible player definitely but, no threat compared to Amanda. I think it would be great to stir the house guests and make them take it out on each other! Evicting Howard or Candice would accomplish nothing to enhancing game play but, evicting Amanda will definitely stir the pot! Otherwise, this week would have been a huge waste!

      • I know what you’re saying. It will definitely shake the house. I’ve been following the progress and Spencer seems to be doing the work. Every time I see Howard, it’s either he’s playing pool, playing chess or lifting weights. What the hell !..They couldn’t even reach a “tie” They have 3 days to pull this off…It’s an uphill battle, but not impossible.

      • The key will be Helen because she holds sway over the other house guests like Jessie. Gina Marie will probably go along as well as Spencer and Elissa. That is 5 votes and would be enough to evict Amanda! Of course, if Helen refuses to try and evict Amanda then, I will put Helen and Judd on the block next week. Let us see if Amanda will spare Helen or Judd when their turn on the block comes!

      • Of course the key is Helen, But Howard needs to do a better job on making his case to Helen. He did talk to her, but he spend more time explaining his mistakes in the past. It was painful watching him. At the end of the conversation, Helen got more information from him and he got nothing… I thought he’s Psychology Major.

      • I knew it! I should have acted sooner to save you! I will pick you up Wednesday night for church, it’s not too late my friend!

      • She did. Can’t trust that fool as far as you can throw her.
        Helen use to be my main
        ’til I met the white girl: cocaine
        Every little thang that she done with came

        ‘caine was that thang, she brought me my fame
        In ’96, gave me my name:
        “L-O, L-O!”
        Yeah, I got it for the L-O
        It ain’t hard to find, still posted in the ghetto
        Holla at your boy, save your money like Geico

    • If Elissa and Candice were on the block one of them would definitely go home and it would be a very boring week.

  8. I really hope something happens these next few days, and Howard somehow stays. If not, then I hope Production does something to bring him back into the game. They have been giving him a great edit lately. It seems as though CBS adores him. Maybe they have a trick up their sleeves. At least I hope

    • Why? He is boring and his socials skills are horrible. I don’t think Howard adds anything to the house. On top of that his relationship with Candice makes her look stupid. It like someone scratching their fingernails on a chalkboard. If Howard stays, let it be Candice who goes home.

  9. I look for BB to step in and make this more entertaining ,this is the most boring bb ever! BB is getting more and more lackluster so please stop telling the house to settle down it’s boring!!!!!!

    • production needs to borrow a page from BBCanada and start feeding this crew a ton of booze… it loosens lips and sinks ships… things will happen …. come on production, get these HG’s plastered every day !

      • I think you’ve confused a few of the Cdn cast members with the majority of them. Talla primarily couldn’t hold her alcohol and was hilarious. There were a couple heavy drinkers (Gary, Andrew), but at least half of the cast were light-weights (and 2 non-drinkers)…

      • The cast members weren’t drunk (minus Talla) I over-exaggerated a bit but when they did have alcohol they played games and were quite hilarious.

      • Every have a shot of Cap’n chased with cranberry juice? It taste like candy. Promise :-)

  10. I am super happy Elissa is safe! I love her so much
    I hope Helen can try to get votes to evict Amanda!
    Spencer and Helen on board we could convince Elissa
    GM could vote her out too
    McCrae and Andy won’t flip
    Let’s just hope Judd or Jessie could flip and vote Amanda out

    • If they vote Amanda out the house will flip against Helen and Elissa. That was made pretty clear by Howard and Spencer tonight on BBAD. They think 4 people are running the house including Amanda, McCrae Helen and Elissa. Howard wants to evict Amanda and then go after Helen, Elissa and McCrae.

      I was warming to the idea but after hearing Howard’s conversation with GinaMarie, I realized if that happens, Aaryn and GM would be back on top again. That is the last thing I want to see happen. Get Amanda out when those two are gone and not before.

  11. no…please…get Elissa out….quit ruining BB with the Rachel clone….yoga my butt, she seems a little too ‘calm’ for it to just be yoga…..please please please….if she doesn’t go soon, this is the last summer I EVER watch Big Brother…she’s even more annoying than Rachel….

  12. Anyone that calla what amanda does bullying clearly doesnt know what the term means or has never been bullies

  13. Helen should be the target for eviction next week. She’s the most two-faced person in the house. She lies to everyone. If they don’t get her out she’s going to win.

    • Lying is part of the game. Racism and bullying is not! The reason to nominate Helen on the block is she is getting in the way of evicting Aaryn because she is coddling Aaryn like Amanda and Judd. For that reason, I will gladly put them on the block along with Aaryn!

    • If Amandad and Helen go, Aaryn and GM will be part of the group running the house again. Did you like it when Aaryn was in charge? Helen and Amanda can go after they get rid of the dirt that’s left to clean up.

  14. Aaryn really needs to watch what she says… she was up in the HOH room and apparently one of the fish was dying and she said “everytime I’m up here a black fish dies” She has no filter. If she knows that the people outside of the house see her as racist why in the world would she say that…

    • Aaryn is a racist that is why! A leopard does not lose its spots. Jeremy and Kaitlyn did not even show any remorse in their interviews with Julie. They act like there is nothing wrong with what they said. Good that they got evicted. However, we still have Aaryn, Gina Marie and Spencer in the house.

      • Although I agree with how you feel Cam, believe it or not, you are giving her the easy way out when you label her as a racist. She needs to understand MORE than that – she needs to understand WHY racism is wrong and why it shouldn’t be accepted by those around her. But here’s the kicker.. I bet that if people knew the cost of eliminating racist behaviour, not too many would be willing to pay that cost. It’s not just an Aaryn problem. It’s a societal problem – we actually ALLOW some people to spout hatred of various forms if the person is wealthy enough, good looking enough, or powerful enough. Just like those that are happy Aaryn has lost a couple of her modelling contracts – it’s sadly a short lived victory. History and simple observation tells us that a well rehearsed apology will allow her to capitalize on her ‘recognition’ and good looks once again. Why? Because people bend over backwards for celebrities (even minor ones) who may or may not be well behaved…

      • Let’s let this go. Back in Bankhead, we know crackers are racist and Aaryn is NO different.

      • I hope people don’t let this go Shawty – it’s BECAUSE people have let this go without addressing the issue that people become racists and hate mongers into their adult years…

      • I’m what you call a “cracker”, and I feel that racism is appalling. It sickens me. Don’t put people in a box due to the color of their skin. Judge people by the content of their character.

      • Let a brother break this down:
        Aaryn probably never met a colored or gay person in her life. She should have embraced this experience. However, as we see, she doesn’t. You can’t make assumptions about people and things that you are unfamiliar with. Its wrong. On the hand, she could be born and raised a hateful person. God will take care of her rest assured

      • She’s got a harsh awakening when she gets out of the house. So she lies in the BB house to get further in her game but when she’s finally out of the house she is lying in the bed that she made for herself while in the house.

      • Again, this isn’t going to be the fairytale ending that most of us want. The reason she is this way INSIDE the house, is because she has found a community where it’s ok to be that way OUTSIDE the house. Yes her attitude is wrong inside the house, but the BIGGER problem is what has happened to her OUTSIDE the house!

      • Yes, but like most people who propagate hatred against others, she has a community where that hatred is considered ok. It might not be her family, but it could be that she has been so spoiled and butt-kissed in the modelling world that she could act anyway she wants without consequence. Again, it’s a societal problem EVERYONE faces.

      • And isn’t that totally amazing? She doesn’t even realize that she is racist…yikes!

      • The world aaryn is living in is far from fairytale….believe me, she is no where in my world! :-)

      • lol… think you’ve missed what I’m saying Jillith. I’m saying this won’t end in the fairytale style people want. She won’t get out of the house, realize how angry everyone is, then fall to her knees and beg for forgiveness from everyone. It simply doesn’t happen that way. Most likely she’ll get out of the house, hear from her family/friends that there are ”haters” out there because of how cbs chose to edit her, she’ll shelter herself even more within her community of adoring fans/followers. She might have a hard time getting a couple modelling gigs until she gets her ”PR situation under control”, but a well rehearsed apology will take care of that. Badda-bing-badda-boom she’s back earning a hefty salary surrounded by men who want her, women who want to be like her, and friends who use her for infamy… Now of course this won’t be people like you & I, but the truth is with all those things going for her, she won’t really care about people like you & I.

      • It’s obvious she doesn’t care about real, normal people. I was being sarcastic about her not being in my fairytale. In all honesty I would never let her in it :-)
        I don’t know the extent of her modeling career but from what I’ve seen of that profession she need needs to be able to accept and work with ALL kinds of people, attitudes, ethnicities, sexual preferences, etc.

      • Well we definitely agree on that – it’s hard to imagine ANYONE (not just her) who can continue to have such outspoken views that are hateful but somehow get ahead in her career… Then again, isn’t hollywood and our news filled with people who can’t get enough of Britney Spears, Lindsay Lohans, Paris Hiltons, and a ton of other ”infamous” celebs who we keep giving more money, attention & power?

      • She would be getting whipped in my world and working on my plantation with the master.

  15. Why are people mad that the house guests are lying. You’re supposed to lie. That’s the game. It’s Big Brother. The entire house has basically been one big alliance. They keep voting together and telling each other everything.

    Helen seems to be the one person that every single house guest goes to to ask who the target is, who’s going home, who they should vote out. She’s going to be in F2 for sure.

    • Supposed to lie? Not sure I agree. Do the players who win typically lie a lot? Yes, but not always. Jordan made it far each time she was in the house and she avoided lying as much as possible – now to some that will be defined as a ‘floater’ but meh, who cares?

      • The reason Nick was out of the house was because when Elissa asked him whether he would vote for her to stay or not he decided not to lie. In my opinion, if he had just said what she wanted to hear he could have saved himself.

      • I don’t think that’s why Nick is gone. But if you feel that honesty was the reason everyone voted him out, then I guess we’ll have to disagree on this one.

      • Not the only reason but it’s the reason why Elissa went against him and got her alliance too as well as he wasn’t on her target list until that one conversation.

  16. Lying on BB is second nature. Without it, the show would not be what it is today. Remember, it’s only a game. Not real life. Some of y’all tend to forget that.

    My rap now got the trap on hold
    Unless you want to hold, you can see my fold
    What I get for a hold, I make more for a show
    So I’m out on the road travelin’, livin’ the globe
    Yah know!
    I stay connected like a magnet
    So holler at me, you know what’s happenin’
    I get ’em wrapped, duct taped, and plastic
    Give ’em to my partners let ’em work they magic
    Call ’em in the Arch, whip game I mastered
    I’m a boss, got D-boy habits

  17. Racism affecting game I couldn’t be in a room with that racist girl even if game talk is going on me and Cbs would be having a talk now Aaryn wants all the blacks she was racist against gone

    • Well, I want the whites gone on the show then. What do you have left? The Cosby Show

      • well it couldn’t be me the houseguest see money and Cbs sees ratings and now Aaryn is frustrated by Candice bringing up her racist remarks

      • If this show was not scripted, Candice would have kicked her ass. BBAD sucks tonight. I don’t want to see Gina Marie’s beat up face.

  18. Aaryn needs to come down here and talk that racist bull….she won’t see the light of day again in Bankhead. Holla at cha boy. Rep your city and throw your sets up!

    • Woah now, let’s keep the hate circle stopped at Aaryn. If you’re looking for justice, the hate’s gotta stop. If you’re looking for vengence, then justice will never happen…

      • Or Sugarfoot? Possibly. But let’s give him the benefit of the doubt – he could just be passionate about the issue.

      • Which is why I’d like to give him the benefit of the doubt… sometimes people are just genuinely passionate and overstate their case.

      • I have no connection with Scotty or anyone. He looks crazy and was posting some zany things. I just say my opinions, maybe share a lyric, and keep it movin’. U dig?

  19. Some thoughts from tonights BBAD. GM is really a nasty beotch. The way she talks about people is really horrible. Aaryn too. Just when you think the girl is beginning to redeem herself. She starts the catty talk about the other girls in the house.

    One thing became clear tonight. It is too soon to evict Amanda. If that happens the power will shift back to the original alliance minus Jeremy and Kaitlyn, but two thirds of the means girls will be back in power. Does the thought of Aaryn back in power make you ant to keep Amanda another couple of weeks? It does for me!

    I looks like Helen and Amanda have both realized they need each other a little while longer. What they talked about a couple of weeks ago is still true. They need to get certain people out before they turn on their own alliance.

    Howard is not a nice person. It is becoming more clear as he campaigns to save himself. If he goes home its because his social game is terrible. Only Candice is falling for his games and she is really stupid for supporting him at her own expense. I don’t think he likes her no matter how much he hangs out with her.

    • Watching GM and Helen rewrite history on the hammock on BBAD. GM claims she didn’t hear any racist comments during the mattress-flipping event. She conveniently left out the fact that she used racist talk herself during that melee. And if Helen only knew about the rice comment she would blow a gasket. She is in for a rude awakening when she leaves and sees the recording.

    • Your words are poetry…couldn’t have written that any better myself. My thoughts exactly.

  20. Last night was funny… Aaryn and Alissa are very similar.
    I didn´t see why did Alissa got to talk with Aaryn… but they made a great team on the have have not competition.
    Strangely they didn´t talk with each other… but they gave advice to each other. That was fun.

    Then, when Aaryn looked like scared with Alissa entering the hoh room… Alissa goes for a hug. Then they sit down and talk for a good time.
    More fun than that… i think that only jessie thought that Alissa was with Aaryn… everyone else was making votes and Amanda kidnapping people to warn them, if they vote for her, they will be the next ones out of the house…

  21. Floaters unite! Perfect ending for this horrible cast of the “season of no floaters”. epic fail (insert sarcasm)

    I hope that McCrae and Amanda take it to the end!!

  22. Drives me nuts that Howard is calling everyone in house “scared” to make big moves or just play the game WHEN he’s the one who has thrown every challenge !! He’s too scared to be HOH or be considered a physical threat..waaaaa

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