Big Brother 15 Live Feeds: Week 10 Monday Daytime Highlights


The Big Brother 15 houseguests slept most of the day, but there were a few noteworthy moments for you to read up on. Amanda and Elissa exchanged goods as collateral for an interesting deal they’ve come up with. GinaMarie also had a meltdown-free HOH blog experience, so there’s that.

Read about those moments and others on our Live Feed highlights below. And remember to sign-up now for the Big Brother Feeds so you can watch any of these moments by using the Flashback archive feature.

Big Brother 15 Live Feed Highlights –  Tuesday, Sept. 3, 2013

7:30 AM BBT – Judd is up after only sleeping about two hours. He shaves then goes outside.

8:15 AM BBT – Judd goes back to bed.

10:24 AM BBT – Feeds cut. Wake-up time.

10:55 AM BBT – Judd, Elissa, Andy and GinaMarie were all up and moving about but have all gone back to bed.

10:58 AM BBT – Judd and Elissa say Happy Birthday to Howard.

12:00 PM BBT – Everyone is sleeping again.

1:15 PM BBT – GinaMarie is awake.

2:10 PM BBT – GinaMarie gets the HOH camera so she starts waking people up. She also wrote her HOH blog while she was in the Diary Room.

2:14 PM BBT – Indoor lockdown called.

2:15 PM BBT – HOH camera photo time.

2:40 PM BBT – Elissa and Amanda trade jewelry (Amanda’s earrings and Elissa’s rings) as collateral. Elissa last night promised Amanda she will vote to keep her this week. And in turn, Amanda has agreed to keep Elissa safe until the end. They think they also have Andy’s vote, but as of now, they do not. Elissa and Amanda hug after their deal is complete.

2:46 PM BBT – Amanda is excited and tells McCrae that Elissa is being completely for real about this.

3:15 PM BBT – Amanda tells Andy about the deal and that now he can vote to save her without any worry from the others. Andy says OK, they hug and Andy leaves. Andy isn’t planning on voting to keep her.

3:20 PM BBT – Elissa tells Judd that she’s worried he’ll work with the guys over her. Judd tells her no that’s not true.

3:30 PM BBT – Spencer, Andy and Judd are talking about past seasons of Big Brother and Survivor.

3:32 PM BBT – Amanda tells Elissa that things are solid and that Andy is on board (he isn’t.)

3:33 PM BBT – Indoor lockdown is over.

3:43 PM BBT – Andy tells Spencer, GM and Judd that Amanda has Elissa’s ring and she thinks Andy is on board. He tells him no way. GM laughs about Amanda leaving the house this Thursday with Elissa’s ring. Andy repeats his plan to vote out Amanda and blame the vote on Elissa to make him think the plan all along was to screw with Amanda. Andy, Judd and Spencer are laughing about how stupid Amanda and Elissa will feel.

3:46 PM BBT – Immediately after Andy was laughing about Amanda’s looming blindside, he promises Amanda she’s safe and acts excited with her. She’s convinced she’s not going home now.

So Amanda is happy with the deal, but it’s not looking like Andy is going to help Amanda out even though she’s always presumed she’d have his vote. So things will either get interesting when she finds that out or she’ll be in for a serious blindside on Thursday night.

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  1. hmmm hmmmm plans needs to be outed.. so that Andy will be totally exposed the rat can’t find a hole big enough to hide in if it happens

    • well if he does indeed vote Amanda out he will be and then if either Elissa or mccrea wins hoh he is out

      • That is only if someone doesn’t figure out that Andy and not Elissa is the one that jumped ship and didn’t vote the way he said he would. He is the biggest RATSNAKE in the world. If someone doesn’t figure that out soon, he will win this game.

      • Elissa needs to take McRay into the voting room with her so he hears her vote. I’m pretty sure that someone did this in a prior season. Hopefully that is prior to Andy’s vote so he knows he won’t be able to call out Elissa for switching her vote.

    • expose andy and he will have to stay loyal to mccranda and elissa would be the only way he could save face. expose andy/spencer final 2 deal and perhaps judd willl jump into elissa’s plan and double eviction would be ANDY. then spencer and andy gone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I’m totally team Judd now. He is the only one sticking to his word. As much as I wanted Amanda out I now want Elissa out just as much. Just for even working with Amanda. GM. is a racist cow. Andy is a floater. Spencer is a floater. Mc loves Amanda which makes him guilty by association. Judd is the only one that actually tells people when they ate over the top or racist. This season is super rigged or just the worst season of all time.

    • Judd’s first deal back in the house was a final two with Elissa. Then he went behind her back and went to a diff alliance and has been talking about evicting her soon. How is he sticking to his word? No one but Amanda and McCrae have had a long and solid alliance. (Not that I’m a fan of MCranda, btw)

    • Judd is a dummy anyway. Spencer and Andy are already planning to evict Judd. Just wait for it! Once more, Judd will be evicted for the 2nd time and he would not have a clue! He should have stuck to Elissa who was a reliable ally. Elissa was dumb to make that move and try and save Amanda! It was all risk and very little upside! She should have just struck safety agreements with Spencer and reiterated her alliances with Gina Marie and Judd with a warning that if they betray her—-she will go after them! That would have been the smarter strategy! Use fear like Amanda to threaten the others to keep their word. If not, they there is no deal!

  3. Woohoo!!! CBS is back where I live. Now I don’t have to wait until Friday to watch the weeks episode although I am very thankful for TVGN for doing that!!!

  4. Its gonna be a tie and GM will break it. either that pr Andy will change his mind and vote out spencer..producers want Amanda to stay in the house

  5. I can see what Elissa is trying to do. She’s no fool. She knows her ass is grass, that they all are coming after her. Keeping Amanda, she wouldn’t be the only one in the other house guests cross hairs. Also, with this deal, she believes she will have Amanda and McCrae instead of being all alone. If it doesn’t work…does it really matter? The exterminators were planning on evicting her over McCrae next anyway. She still has to win HOH or POV to stay to the end. She didn’t mess up her game, she’s trying to improve it. Anyway it goesTHE RAT WILL NOW BE OUSTED.

    • Unfortunately, Elissa could be the one evicted right after Amanda due to her stupidity! This move does not make sense when you alienate the majority in the Big Brother House. The smarter move is to strike a deal for safety with Spencer and reiterate deals with Judd and Gina Marie. Sweeten the pot too with promises of your jury vote if they keep you safe. However, if they betray you, you will go after them if you win POV, if not and you get evicted—-you will vote against them if they make Final 2! You have to stack the deck in your favor then, let them pick their poison if they dare take it! That is the best way to keep the other house guests loyal!

      • There is no deal to be made there. The exterminators will come after her next, no matteer who she votes out. However what she has screwed up is now GM isn’t an ally either, and will be coming after her as well. Elissa has gone from being a target of 5 property to 6 people. So I guess you can say its worse than before but only marginally

  6. I was getting kinda annoyed with Andy being a rat, but I’m loving it right about now. I hope he plays it up as best he can that Amanda has his vote to stay (like continues to ‘celebrate’ with her), then come Thursday, she gets blindsided AGAIN.

    Am I dreaming? Are we really going to get not one, but two blindsides to the trashiest person in the house in the span of one week? It would be such a fitting way for her to leave the game. I hope she feels 100% confident heading into Thursday, only to figure out the votes are 2-2 and watch GM evict her. That would be priceless.

  7. Best case scenario would be for Amanda to be evicted Thursday with GM breaking the tie and Andy being exposed for the rat he is and evicted the double eviction.

    • I really think Andy is good here, if Amanda is evicted then she will and so will mccrae blame that on Elissa, I hate Andy but this is good for him. Mccrae will not believe Elissa over Andy

    • Sorry thing is though…Andy will act it up and they (McCranda) will believe it was Elyssa who screwed them. I don’t know why anyone trusts him.

  8. Leave poor Andy alone…. Lets get Amanda out then her BBF and Elissa for being just plain stupid for wanting bully to stay

  9. well then elissa needs to get judd’s vote and promise final 4. so now all of a sudden andy is loyal. seriously.

  10. I want Andy outed “before” the vote. I want Amanda & McCrae to know what he has been doing. I want Amanda to go off on Andy 10 times worse than she ever thought about going off on Elissa. and that was so soooo bad. Can u imagine??

  11. Why does everybody hate Andy? He has played a really good game, just because he’s playing a low key game does not mean that he is playing a bad game.

    • For real. He’s had nobody coming after him all season. Everyone likes him which is why he’s had to be a “rat”. He hasn’t been a floater. He’s won some competitions and will need to make a BIG move this week.

    • Probably because he’s lied repeatedly to everybody, assured them he’s on their side, talked junk about them behind their backs, and then cried about them when they were voted off. Seems a bit disingenuous…you know?

      • Dan, all due respect, but lies, talking behind people’s backs and pouting are the definition of Big Brother. I agree he has played a good game, he’s just not covering his bases on his “ratting” nature as he should. He runs to everyone, I don’t think he’s read people that well because you can’t just do the way he has with everyone… not everyone knows how to keep secrets and Andy obviously thinks everyone CAN keep secrets! :)

      • I appreciate your input, and totally understand it’s part of the game. I am merely talking about the way he does it. He hasn’t had an in your face moment yet, which I would like to see…

      • I have seen all seasons of BB. Player’s like Andy never draw a lot of fans. That’s just a fact. They’re just not well liked. If there was a prize on HG hated the most, Andy will probably win.

        Of course he’s playing a good game, but I never root for those kind of player. You have to be liked too.

      • I guess the only opinions that will really matter in the long run are the jury’s. I go by how I feel, and I feel Andy’s game makes me a little sick…

      • lol..My friends ask me why I don’t like Andy, and I said, Just keep watching him….and now they understand.

      • Also, I was answering the question that Chris posed…to the best of my knowledge and in my opinion. I do like what you had to say.

      • Its more than that because people have said they don’t really trust him. They must also think he is not a threat to them.

      • I guess it’s like watching a sporting event…everyone seems to be rooting for somebody. I don’t have any favorite here and have a tendency to side with the person who plays the game with a bit of integrity. Honestly, not much of that either this season.

    • He’s the ultimate double crosser and deserves to win if her gets there. I prefer a McCranda win to a Judd-GM final 2 so I just hope he winds up flipping on the exterminators but I seriously doubt he would do that. He hates Elissa and like Spencer and Judd.

    • He’s a rat and a snake and thinks he’s the only one that deserves not to be put up. He’s turned on all 5 million alliances that he’s made. That enough reason?

  12. Here’s what I think is going on, for what it’s worth. I’ve heard Elissa’s rings weren’t the “real” ones, and even if they were, I’ve also heard her husband could afford to buy her a new set, even more expensive.
    With that said, I think one of two things has happened here. Either A): Elissa is plotting the ULTIMATE revenge on Amanda in which she still intends on voting her out Thursday, which should provide for the best goodbye message EVER, or B): She’s doing this and promising safety to Amanda to make the house more peaceful for her from now until Thursday’s eviction. It just doesn’t make sense to me that she of all people would suddenly want to work with someone who has made such derogatory remarks towards her, even on a personal level. SURELY something else has to be going on here than what meets the eye, there’s no way Elissa would actually make this dumb of a move. I mean seriously. If she REALLY is planning to keep Amanda, she’s not nearly as clever of a game player as we’ve given her credit for. Because, keeping Amanda, will make her the biggest target in the house among the other houseguests (except McRae) and I think she knows that!!! Anyway, just my opinion….. I don’t think any of us will know where her head is really at until we see the diary room confessions and her vote on Thursday! Time will tell!!!

    • Basically same thing I said earlier on FB. I think (am hoping) Elissa has this devious plan for the ultimate BD of Amanda. Telling her as she is leaving “You really didn’t think I would vote for you did you?”

      • Why would Elissa do that? Andy will be exposed as the rat and she just earned 2 more jury votes plus the ones she already has from Helen and Candice. She only needs one more to 1 the game.

  13. I’m so disgusted with this show…no way is all this stuff not scripted….it was never this obvious to me until this latest switch with Elissa and Amanda….very very disappointed.

    • Carol, read below to what I wrote if you can… I’m not sure Elissa is actually “pro Amanda”… there may be more to this than what meets the eye. I’m not an expert of course, but I’m just thinking SURELY Elissa has to be smarter than this. Hopefully ONE of my guesses are right! :)

      • hope your right …but my enjoyment of this show has really hit bottom…just feels too planned…the actions etc. If we knew the truth, probably all reality shows are scripted…but does it have to be so obvious…??

      • It’s absolutely impossible to script this show. In 15 seasons, not one person has ever admitted it, and there are plenty of people who are angry enough with CBS that they’d love to if it were true.

        On top of that, the lawsuit would cost CBS much more than $500,000. This is silly.

      • Hey good to see you back upb. I think there was a couple of lawsuits regarding bb over the years (can’t say I know this for certain as it’s hard to confirm random internet articles as genuine or not)… I think there are media blackout clauses on these contracts contestants sign which is why we don’t hear too much from them one way or the other once the show is done.

      • I’m pretty sure the media blackout is 1 year. I’ve heard plenty of former HGs criticize the show, but they’ve never accused it of rigging, even the ones who have plenty of incentive. All they say is that DR will ask lots of questions that make you start thinking you’re doing the wrong thing, and maybe you should consider something else. I’ve also heard a former producer say that there’s always a lawyer in the production studio.

        I know people say that the FCC classifies it as a “for entertainment only program” like wrestling. Still, there’s no way the FCC’s judgment will stand up to a lawsuit if it’s rigged. That’s simply FCC’s opinion, which can be challenged in court. Wrestlers are independent contractors. They negotiate salaries, but they don’t win prizes for championships, which are scripted. BB HGs get an appearance stipend, but they only win money for staying in the game. It’s not guaranteed in their contracts, as in wrestling. It’s fundamentally different.

        The only lawsuits I’ve ever read about are about copyright and fear of endangerment in the house. I’ve never seen anything about cheating.

      • Interesting… you probably know more about this than I do. I’ve known some people in the production business (for CTV), and I’ve known one person cast for a reality show (BB-Canada), but I’ve not heard anything that would suggest rigging from either of them.

      • There is a precedent case in the case of David Hester versus A & E producers of Storage Wars. That case has been decided in favor of the producers with the judge stating: ” Since this is a reality show (much like Big Brother), the producers have creative license to steer the show any way they see fit! That includes planting valuable items in the lockers up for auction!
        In the case of Big Brother, they can add twists, add competitions, enduce house guests to do things thru prizes like Pandora’s Box, etc. to steer the show any way they see fit!

  14. I have watched BB for many years. I have not enjoyed this season very much at all. I will make my decision as to watch next year (1) how this one ends – no Amanda winning; (2) a few weeks into next season. I really hope to see Julie talking to Amanda Thursday night. Thanks for the updates have had trouble with Wi-Fi today and couldn’t get the feeds much.

  15. Humph! I wonder if Elissa is setting Amanda up to keep her calm? OR to give her a taste of her own medicine, false hopes and promises….?

    This just doesn’t seem right.

      • Yeah, but this is too risky. I would’ve kept on with GM and fight like heck to win HOH, put up Spencer and Andy, that’s one of the Exterminators gone OR win POV… Anything but this.

        I am with Judd, they should just hand over the check to Amanda and call a wrap!

    • She doesn’t trust Spencer, Judd and Andy. I think she’s doing this to make it through DE on Thursday. And she’s right because all 3 of them would put her up.

  16. I’ve been watching Andy closely. When he’s talking to the Exterminators and McCranda, he sounds like he’s telling the truth to both sides. I guess we just have to wait until Thursday to see if Andy is indeed a rat or a mouse.

  17. This is crazy, I was cheering for Elissa before this, how can she make a deal with the devil ???? Pure madness !!!

  18. On BBAD during Amanda’s and Elissa’s discussion to save Amanda, Amanda says they are ‘even’ now, McRanda evicted Helen and Elissa evicted Aaryn… Amanda says “in the beginning of the game it looked like you were gonna go “….now the good part… this is either proof that production is promising Elissa safety OR Elissa is a complete narcissistic fool…. Elissa states (verbatum) : “But there’s no way I would have went and if I went they would have brought me back”. How arrogant of her to think she was absolutely assured safety by production. To hear a houseguest make this statement with 100% sincerity really makes me feel something is ROTTEN in DENMARK.

      • I’ve watched that clip many times and it is without doubt that Elissa is sure that she would not have been out of the game, she was definitely implying that the “THEY” who would save her is production people…….her statement had nothing to do with OTHER evictees.

      • She would have come back. Remember, she was the winner of the HOH comp when Judd came back. She would have come back and been HOH.

      • No she has said it twice. She told Aaryn when Aaryn was HOH that she’s Rachel’s sister and they don’t want her gone. Meaning production.

  19. Unless McCrae goes on a competition tear, Andy is winning this game.

    I’m not a fan really, but he has played arguably one of the best social games in a long time. He’s not controlling the house like Dr. Will, but he’s doing a great job at keeping everyone on his side and staying out of danger, while being aware of everything in the house and having a hand in it.

  20. Elissa wonders if Andy has blabbed. Amanda has expressed her feeling that something does not feel right. Maybe time fro a nicechit chat to compare notes. There maybe a rat in the plans that needs exposing.

    • This happened just now? Because I turned my feeds off. I’m just getting sick hearing Andy’s voice.

      • yep Elissa expressed concerns earlier and Amanda voiced her bad feelings to McCrae just a little bit ago. Again GM needs to ask Elissa where her wedding ring is.

    • ” Where ignorance is bliss, tis folly to be wise” Only Elissa can see the rat for who he is….McCrandy are dumb to still believe Andy is with them. He does everything but tell Amanda he is in an alliance with GM, Spencer and Judd. Out of his own mouth, he tells Amanda what Elissa is trying to do will cause him to lose faith with GM, Judd and Spencer. Idiot Amanda didn’t even pick up on that. I really want Amanda to go, but if Elissa pulls this off, it will make for good tv. She’s the only one in the house that see people for who they are and recognizes the alliances.

    • Read superBBfans post a few minutes ago, seems like proof positive that Elissa has been told by production that she was safe in the early part of the game.

  21. Ok, I’m reading that the plan to keep Amanda, didn’t came from Elissa or DR. It seems Amanda made the proposition to Elissa.
    Anybody will live feeds, can you check and report: Cam 1 – 10:23 pm.

  22. As much as I hate Amanda, it would be better for her to stay for Elissas game. Andy will be exposed making him the #1 target for the double eviction then Elissa is safe. She can win HOH for the week and be safe again, making it to F4…

    • That’s exactly how I feel. Get through DE on Thursday then worry about getting Amanda out. She can beat her at comps.

    • If Amanda stays, that keeps the 3AM or 2AM Alliance pretty much intact! That will allow Andy, Amanda and McCrae to roll into Final 3 with no trouble as they pick off Elissa, Judd and Gina Marie, one by one! I still consider this ploy to save Amanda a dumb move! Elissa should just try to win HOH and put up Spencer and Andy with the target being Andy!

  23. Ok its goung to be the big brother mole elissa next to this years winner Amanda in the end. How eles do you think she knew what happened in the season of survivor. Just to let you all know the big brother guy loses in the end.

  24. Tell me why Elissa is a fool????? She was the next target on the exterminators list. So what is so wrong in what she’s doing? Because she’s not playing the game how you would? Now you’re all sounding like Amanda.

  25. Elissa may not seem to be the brightest crayon in the box, but no way in heck is that her real ring.

  26. it starting to seem like both Elissa (given the fake mvp awards) and Amanda (Alison Groedners ‘friend’) are BOTH production plants, now working together to get to the end. Rigged, rigged rigged… if elissa actually votes to save amanda there is no way anyone will ever convince me otherwise.

  27. I really believe that Elissa is being honest with her decision to vote to keep Amanda. She’s smart and she knows that there’s another alliance with the guys going on. Not only that, Amanda told her that Spencer and Andy was coming after her next. Her decision is solely based on the game and not on personal things.
    I only hope that the rat will dig his own grave and be exposed for the rat he is. My feeling is something is brewing and he will soon be exposed. The reason I think Andy is choosing to side with the exterminators is because he believes he will make it to final 2 with Spencer. With Amanda and McCrae, he’s not guaranteed that spot.
    To me, Andy and Spencer are the most boring players from this season. Can’t wait until they both are gone. It bugs me how much Andy and Spencer think they have this game in the bag.

    • I understand Andy’s game and I might even like it if he wasn’t also a whiny little crybaby. When he was afraid Elissa would put him on the block against Aaryn he acted like a child, when others have been on the block multiple times. He is a weasel and a crybaby.

  28. This very well might be the TPTB pulling the strings but this is the only chance that Elissa has.
    After McCrae she knows she is # 2 on the chopping block if Amanda goes with the first evection on Thursday and she has to do what she has to do.
    As for the rat on voting Amanda out I will believe it when I see it.

    • i think he really is voting amanda out cause if it does not end in a tie or her going home then the rest of the that alliance will know it is andy and they will be gunning for him next and andy does not want that he is a coward you all know that

      • The only people left in that alliance would be GM & Judd and they wouldn’t be gunning for Andy with Amanda, Elissa & McCrae still around.
        It might actually be a better game play for Andy if he did flip and voted Spencer out.

  29. Elissa is not too bright to trust Andy. I know everyone does and its because Andy is very comfortable telling his lies. It seems to come very naturally. He looks people in the eye and tells them the biggest lie possible without even blinking. This is not acting folks. This takes a practiced liar.
    Having said that, if Andy let’s Amanda take Elissa’s ring with her when she leaves – well, that takes a particularly bad kind of person.

      • Is that true? or is it another internet rumor? Remember the one about Amanda getting Diamond Power of Veto? Amanda strikes me as someone who would know a fake piece of jewelry if she saw it.

      • To be honest It was from a chat rm. that I thought I shared it here. I tend to believe it. Rachel was a guest on one of the BB site and she talked about Elissa brought a fake wedding ring. Apparently she learned it from Shelley Moore doing the same thing on her season, ..and who would give a diamond wedding ring as collateral? So it is hearsay but it was convincing.for me.

    • no it would be the stupid b*****s own fault who told her to give her the ring in the first place??? she should have made absolutely sure it was a done deal and she didnt she knows andy is a rat and a liar and took his word at face value her own fault no one elses done deal!!!!

  30. This has to be more than a ruse to out Andy. I mean Andy is going to out himself with his goodbye message to Amanda. /The only way this would hurt Andy is if he voted to keep Amanda but then they have majority and it doesn’t matter anyway.

    And so what if Andy flipped alliances, the only one that would care if Amanda got voted out would be McCray and if a double eviction they plan to get McCray out same day not Elissa so?

    So this Elissa/Amanda alliance has to be sincere somehow or makes no sense. Can’t just be for 1 jury vote for Elissa no? she’s already got the entire jury vote if she gets that far, well it’s way too soon to be worrying about jury votes so…

    I say get GM on board girls, 3 girls against 3 guys get spencer out then go for it. Keep it interesting.

  31. Smh @ Andy. I really think his decision to stick with the Exterminator alliance will ultimately cost him his chance at winning. Oh well.

    • If Amanda gets evicted Elissa could possibly gain some loyality with McCrae; Elissa at this point has no one on her side.

      • I think Elissa is hoping to work with McCrae. But if they don’t win the next 2 HOHs they are going to have a problem with the numbers.

      • Today Andy was working hard on maintaining his good standing with McCrae. If Amanda gets evicted, He might blame Elissa if he falls for Andy’s lie.

  32. Amanda needs to wake up…Andy is not loyal. Elissa asking Amanda a little while ago on the feeds does she think Andy is saying anything? And Amanda saying no way Andy is 100% loyal. I wish the DR would hint to Amanda about Andy in some way. The “RAT” is already planning on blaming Elissa. How stupid is Amanda when Andy kept saying if it’s a tie it was Elissa. Amanda says she’s not lying. But if it’s a tie know that I voted to keep you. Come on Amanda wake up. I wanted Amanda gone so bad but now I want Spencer gone and Andy right behind him. Then they can get Amanda out.

    • Amanda and Helen, the too “bosses” of the house are both falling for Andy’s lies. But let’s face it. He is a very accomplished liar.

    • Either one out this week would please me. If you look at it from Elissa point of view, it a good plan for her, if it works. If Amanda stays, she’ll always going to be the bigger target. So I guess, I agree with you.

      • There is a worst case scenario her too though. If Amanda goes and Andy succeeds in convincing McCrae it was Elissa who voted her out. Then Spencer, Judd, Andy or McCrae win HOH. Then Elissa will follow Amanda out the door Thursday night.
        Elissa has to hope Amanda convinces McCrae that only ANdy could be the double crosser.

      • Exactly. I think this will further Elissa in the game. Now if that “Rat” would only vote to keep her. If he doesn’t I hope Elissa gets HOH during the DE and puts Andy and Spencer up and Andy goes. Bite him right in the ass.

  33. OMG I had to turn the feeds off for awhile. Andy is such a smug little bitch. Telling Spencer, GM and Judd “I can’t wait to see the look on Amanda’s face…Epic”. I want to slap him. Then he says if McCrae gets HOH we have to hurry and tell him the ring is fake. (which it isn’t). Or if Elissa gets HOH we have to tell her McCrae wants an all guys alliance. Then GM who was up Elissa’s ass and her bestie saying just wait until Amanda leaves and I go off on that bitch. She thinks Amanda was bad just wait. Hate that little fatal attraction bitch too. LOL Not too many I like.

  34. Oh Julie… ”There’s this ONE girl who said ugly things in the house.” sigh… ”The one interview that everyone was looking forward to…. hoping that I would take out my claws and give it to her.”

    Well… it’s official. Seems like Julie herself may not be the impartial (and/or aware) host she makes herself appear to be. I’m willing to wait and see however if she does still treat the others the same way she treated Aaryn (though it really doesn’t seem likely after that interview with David Letterman).

  35. Just watched Julie Chen on Letterman. I knew the subject of Aaryn would be brought up which it should be but I’m disappointed that she didn’t say quite a few of the house guests have made racist remarks. It kind of makes me think okay because Aaryn made a comment about your race so you talk about her but all the other racist remarks that were made you never ever mention. Why because it’s not about your race? We’ll see what she asks Amanda if she gets evicted and Spencer and GM. If she doesn’t bring it up to them as well it kind of makes her a hypocrite. If she does then I take it all back. Just have to wait and see.

    • I think her motivation is less ”I was offended” (cause to be honest I don’t think she personally cares what was said by Aaryn). I think it was so shocking what Aaryn had said and it really ticked off the BB Crew because Aaryn (as Julie herself said) was cast to be this season’s ”America’s Sweetheart” to win everyone over with her pretty face and nice personality…

      • Oh I see…well I still think she downplays the rest of them. Amanda who called Aaryn out was calling Candice Black Mamba and saying she didn’t want her nappy hair wearing her headband and so many more but Julie has not mentioned one thing about the others.

      • Yes, it’s absolutely disgusting the things that were said by GM, Spencer & Amanda (the youtube videos were beyond belief, and I can’t believe not one second of it was revealed on the show)! This really is the height of manipulation of information and lacking in integrity. I don’t condone Aaryn, her words, her heart, or her excuses. But to cover up the more extreme racist remarks by Amanda, Spencer & GM is without excuse! And this is me as a bi-cultured person saying this!

  36. Amanda still thinks Andy is going to vote Spencer out. But she also said she thinks Elissa is telling her the truth. Elissa is not a good liar. If she was lying to Amanda I think Amanda would know. But, like Helen, Amanda seems to have a blind spot for Andy’s lies.

    • Elissa was smiling remember when she was HOH last week and Amanda was asking if she want going to be the renom and Elissa said no but, she was smiling? That was the give away that Elissa was lying! Elissa is an awful liar and cannot lie with a straight face! Her facial expression betrays her true intent!

  37. I am watching and listening. I am going to put just a thought out there. The Amanda and Elissa exchange of jewelry is looney tunes. Elissa would not give Amanda her wedding ring. I hold Elissa accountable and not the type to gamble her ( priceless on and emotional level) wedding ring to someone who slammed her husband and family… nor do I buy into the cost of Elissa disrespecting her husband and marriage vows by doing so. Hence the rumor that her ring is fake. Amanda’s jewelry is of zero value too. What I think is… this is a big rouse on Elissa’s part. Wait..I am speculating…Elissa says to Amanda yes to keeping Amanda but she goes ahead and does not vote to keep her. Why? because this would be brilliant to expose Andy.. McCrae will have his mind blown that Andy who has been feeding him spoonful of lies, votes Amanda out. The rat trap is set by Elissa. I think that Andy’s vote will impact McCrae more than Elissa backing out the deal. McCrae will take the bait and over look the Elissa target. Ok..again I am just looking at this in a different angle. Not saying I am right, just a feeling.

    • Gah, Emma, tell me you watched the David Letterman interview? Tell me you’re upset that Julie said on national television that one house guest was this year’s villain because of the things she said…

    • It makes sense from the voting part of it. If the vote is 4-0 then, you do not have to be a genius to figure out that Andy lied about voting Spencer out! A 3-1 vote would be trickier because Andy can claim he cast the solitary vote to save Amanda! It is going to be Elissa’s word versus Andy’s word. A 4-0 simply says that everyone voted Amanda out but, that also implies that Andy voted out Amanda contrary to his promise. Elissa should vote out Amanda so that, it becomes a 4-0 unanimous vote and Andy cannot hide the fact that he in fact betrayed Amanda!

      • You are forgetting that she has one vote to stay, that is McCrae. He will not just go with the house and vote her out.

      • Yeah, forgot about that vote. So, Amanda will know for sure if the vote is 2-2 because the vote should be 1-3 in her favor. One person betrayed her, either Elissa or Andy. Now, who will she believe?

      • Yep. This would be a hugh blindside/lie for Elissa. Could garnish some respect from GM and Judd. With a 3 to I vote, Automatically, Andy’s game is ousted for being a liar.

      • What we do know is GM will break the tie…and Amanda goes. McCrae will not buy Elissa’s promise, but Andy rat trarp lie.

    • I think this plan is too intricate for Elissa. I have no idea about the jewelry but I think she is hoping to work with McCrae is Amanda is evicted and she will work with Andy, McCrae and Amanda if Spencer if evicted. Elissa is not a good liar and if she did not intend to vote to save Amanda, I think it would be obvious to Amanda.
      If you are correct, then Elissa has put herself at great risk by not revealing her pan to anyone, including Andy.

      • He just does not like the cameras and them listening to him all the time anymore lol i think he is tired of them seeing and hearing his every move (might have to do with them feeding the hg’s information in the diary room)

      • yes he did but i think it just came about recently that he found out other houseguests are getting certain information that they should not have heard so i am sure he is thinking they are getting the information from the diary room is my guess

      • U mean like ellissa getting info to change her plan to backdoor amanda and this week her joining forces with amanda

      • if that’s the case then they should go into the DR & tell them that they wanna play the dam game their way. If they get pissed at production or the people in DR let them know it.

  38. 1:29 am McCrae tells Amanda that he believes Elissa will vote for her but he is not sure that Andy will. uh oh trouble in ratville.
    If they all 3 have doubts about him then there is a problem . CAN THEY NOT CONNECT THE DOTS??

  39. Who would give Andy their vote? How in the world could someone who really did nothing win? I’d give it to Amanda for controlling so much in the beginning over the rat……..He will never win, period.

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