Big Brother 15 HGs reunite

Over the weekend former Big Brother HouseGuests Judd Daugherty, Jessie Kowalski, Jeremy McGuire, GinaMarie Zimmerman, and Aaryn Gries came together in Texas for some fun in the sun. Looks like the BB15 gang was off on adventures playing a game, doing some day drinking (and night drinking), and even some fire walking across the bonfire. Naturally.

The HGs were definitely having a fun time together and didn’t have to wait on Big Brother for a booze delivery of mismatched beer cans. One of the funnier bits shared was Jeremy and Aaryn posing with a bottle of wine and the caption of Amanda’s “check their teeth” comment.

Juddsie fans will be excited as well to see their reunion which included cuddling and oh my, even a kiss between Judd and Jessie.

Whatever else went on that weekend it sure left these former HGs exhausted as the shared pictures trailed off and they headed back to the airport.

We’re closing in on finding the next batch of Big Brother 16 cast members so get your application in this week before the deadline arrives or get to an audition!

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