Spencer fights with a chicken

We’re down to the final days of Big Brother and those are always slow for viewers, but imagine how boring it must before for the final three HGs after nearly ninety days. They’re trapped, they’re tired of being there, and they’ve got nothing to do but hang around. Thankfully GinaMarie has decided against the flat “sleep it out” route and is making things a little more entertaining for everyone.

On Saturday GinaMarie broke out some past competition gear and combined it with a few creative pieces to form an official Exterminators uniform complete with tanks on her back and a spray nozzle. GM roamed the house spraying here and there, cleaning off the memory wall all their Exterminations, and even going back to clean out McCranda’s sloth cave. Don’t worry, she didn’t touch the bedding directly but used a pair of tongs. Hopefully those were melted down later in DR.

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Then Sunday night GM was in the mood to dress up again as she caught sight of Spencer’s chicken suit. He offered it up to her for entertainment and combined with her green tutu GM enjoyed a romp around the backyard. Just don’t ask her what sound a chicken makes.

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With three more days to go in the house we’re sure to see her getting even more stir crazy and coming up with other ideas to keep herself, and us, entertained.


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