Big Brother 15 Episode 17 Recap: GinaMarie Takes The Throne


Sunday night’s episode of Big Brother 15 gave us a taste of what GinaMarie is like in power, and it looks a lot like a girl who was just voted homecoming queen. We also got to see what it’s like when Amanda gets really self-conscious  and picks yet another battle in the house. And of course there was also Judd’s bear shirt.

The episode picks up during the Head of Household competition. Everyone is still standing at this point. Then we cut back to Howard’s eviction and what happened immediately after. It’s basically the worst post-eviction scenes ever. Nothing is happening, no one is arguing and that’s it. So then we cut back to the HOH contest before viewers get bored.

All in a row, Spencer, Candice, Helen, Elissa and Amanda fall. Judd and Andy fall next. Spencer gets to pick a box for falling first. He got a bullhorn. He has to speak through it until just before nominations. Candice picks second and gets the $5,000. Helen wins a backyard barbecue for her and three guests.

Jessie falls from the contest, leaving McCrae and GinaMarie. They start bargaining with each other on who should fall, but neither one of them are budging. So the competition continues because GinaMarie needs her hair dye and she isn’t going anywhere. So McCrae slips and the thing that basically no one ever thought would happen happened: GinaMarie is the new Head of Household.

Amanda’s paranoia begins immediately because that’s what she does and how she’s played the game the entire time. Which is one of the reasons why America has decided to nominate her as the MVP nominee last week. Candice hopes she remembers what it was like when Nick left and has sympathy for her since Howard just left.

Aaryn is happy because not only is she safe, but she can use GinaMarie to get out her No. 1 enemy, Candice. GinaMarie thinks Spencer would be perfect sitting next to Candice on the block, too, since he voted out Nick a few weeks ago.

Its time to see GinaMarie’s HOH room, and it’s a typical reveal but the best part was Andy’s Diary Room commentary. “GinaMarie is 32-years-old but all of the things in her room insinuates that she’s 15..”

It’s time for Helen to pick who gets to go to her barbecue. She’ s already picked Aaryn and Elissa and there’s a third spot. Jessie asks Helen “Why Aaryn?” And Aaryn is walking by and hears it. And as Aaryn is retelling it, Jessie walks into that room.

Jessie admits to Amanda and McCrae that she’s annoyed that Helen invited Aaryn to the barbecue. Amanda tries to explain why Helen chose her, but Jessie isn’t getting it. Don’t worry, Jessie, none of us on the outside get it either.


A little later, Amanda confronts Jessie about wanting to flip the house on Amanda just before Howard’s eviction. And since Jessie is already in the mood from Helen’s barbecue party and Amanda is always ready for a fight, it’s on.

Jessie later picks up the fight with McCrae this time and of course Amanda comes to her boy’s rescue and takes over the fight. Jessie calls Amanda and a bitch after Amanda calls her crazy. It gets pretty nasty. Amanda tells her she has no one and that she’s going to go home this week. They leave out the really nasty things Amanda said to her that couldn’t be shown on network television.

McCrae tries to talk some sense into Amanda about how she acts to people and how personally she’s taking every thing. But Amanda isn’t having it. And they get into their own fight. He’s upset that she’s keeping that target on her back and that will in turn effect his game.

Jessie, fearing she put a target on her back, talks to GinaMarie about nominations. Jessie tells GM that if Candice is her target, she probably shouldn’t put her up because Amanda will push to get Jessie out instead. GM tells Jessie that Candice is her target and Candice will be going home regardless of who is up next to her.


At the nomination ceremony, GinaMarie does the obvious by nominating Candice, but puts Jessie up next to her despite Jessie’s plea.


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  1. OMG, did anybody see Aaryn, during the HOH competition, she’s giving out the price, she stuck her tongue out in Candice back because she won $5000. I couldn’t believe it, I rewinded and watch again, 2 times, she stuck her tongue in Candice back because she won $5000. How low can you go ?
    And Sharon think she not racist. Wake up and smell the rose.

    • Yes she’s an ass!!! She mentioned on the live feeds that she was upset that Candace was grateful to get the money and had the nerve to call Candace ungrateful. She’s a piece of work, she tried to say that Candace’s statement meant she wasn’t grateful to be in the BB house. I really would like to not see her anymore on my TV she disgusts me – ugh!

      • Aww poor wittle black girl.

        Black women predominate the most racist, obnoxious, “disgusting” people on this earth, who are you kidding?

      • I’m far from poor and I’m far from a girl so when you address me make sure you address me appropriately you stupid bitch. You’re a joke that’s why your profile pic is an egg because you’re a sorry dumb ass that can’t stand they way you look which is why you’re hiding behind a product of a chicken. If you’re not going to talk game and what these HGs are doing don’t address me – peasant.

    • She did that because of Candice’s remark about finally something good happened to me in the BB house. They were talking about it on the feeds.

    • GM is a racist, disgusting human. Her nomination speech was stupid and very personal. I can’t stand to see her or hear her speak. I wanted her off my TV as well – ugh!

    • It made my day, too. It showed me and the world how stupid GutterMouth really is. By the way, her comment wasn’t even original. If you are a survivor fan, you will know that she stole that whole speech from Survivor. That girl is crazy.

  2. could not barely watch this am I the only one who feels bad actions gets rewarded? This is the worst season on BB after all that is happened with racism to accept this behaviour by
    the network is not cool at all

  3. I like this episode. We get to see Amanda as the “Queen of Darkness” ..and Jessie congratulation !.Her argument to Amanda….”I’m attention seeker? you’re wearing underwear” lol Nice!

    • Yes, that was hilarious. I guess she is hoping that Playboy magazine see her. That was just weird.

      • She’s very slutty, why else would a twenty year old pizza KID fall for that piece of work. None of the other men want that all over them. And McCre is right shes putting him at risk by throwing all her trashy tantrums and demanding him to back her up.People on the thread have even siad get Amanda out then send him out right behind her.

      • Besides he has turned into quite the floater, second place in that house means nothing. Oh Candice is black so she has to go, its bullshit, there are real threats in that house that will turn on you in jury. NOWS the time twits! Wake up and play the game people!

      • Well to be honest Sara, Howard sadly put the moves on her (in the hopes it would help his game)… Now he’s having to explain himself in interviews.

    • every season people say its the worst season of BB, dont like it dont watch or comment

    • When Amanda walked out, I asked “Where are her clothes?” and then I said, “Rachel wore no underwear, and that is all Amanda wears. Welcome to Big Brother!” So, I loved it when Jessie said that to her!!

      • I suppose since she paid so much money for her boob job, she feel obligated to show them off. But, someone should tell her she really doesn’t have the body for the outfits she likes to wear. Her family much be So Proud!

      • Sadly her mom DOES sound proud of Amanda’s elitism and gold-digging ways. I was really blown away when even her mom said: ”I hope McCrae turns out to be a secret ceo or millionaire.”

      • Wow, that is sad.
        And, unless it is true, I think McCrae will find himself single again 15 minutes after the show is over.

  4. It’s nice to know that Aaryn and GM lost their jobs due to the behavior and the true character they showed on this show. A person can be pretty on the outside but have ugly characteristics and that makes you ugly.

  5. I have never been so disgusted with CBS concerning BB15. The women are so trashy. Some of the guys are clueless when it comes to playing the game. The racism that continues each week. Once Candice leaves who will be the next target? Helen? Amanda is the most hateful person; hopefully she goes home this week. I will continue to watch BB just to see who rises up to improve the game for all to see.

  6. If Candice had a brain she would be dangerous. She told DR that she dropped from the hoh comp early because her intuition told her to play a low-key week. What a clown.

  7. Why won’t anyone just turn the game and nominate Helen?? She is obviously running the show!!! Everything is just so predictable. And yes. Aaryn sucks and needs to GO!!!!

    • They won’t turn the game and nominate Helen because she is so nice to their face! They don’t understand that her nice behavior is her strategy! When she went up and happy to GM it looked sincere, but you know it is not. If you watch the show, you should know that just Helen’s way of manipulating the players. Helen is playing this game very well. And so is Andy. He never makes waves and seems so to everyone’s friend. He is present for a lot of conversations, but he never speaks unless he has to.

      • Amanda said Andy told her what Jessie said. If Jessie was smart, she should have told what Andy said. I would have made up some stuff. Also, did Jessie even confront Andy for telling?

    • When Helen became HOH on Week 3, she was able to form a protection cloak composed of houseguests that could shield her from being nominated without anyone noticing it. She has a way with words that can easily persuade people to trust her. No one has called her yet so she’s sitting pretty until later on once they’re down to ten or nine HG’s.

      It’s only frustrating because no one has come to challenge her power, or even Amanda, the even greater power running the house. Spencer would have had the house flipped against Amanda, thanks to her being upped by the public vote, but Candice ruined that opportunity to oust her so it’s back to square one for him.

      It was nice to see Jessie tell it like it is to Amanda because her own grip on power is hurting her game more than anything else.

      I’m hoping this is the week she’ll be sent out packing but we will see. :)

  8. All you people out there saying how disgusted you are with the things being said on this show and oh how I can barley watch it. Sure do keep tuning in for more none of you are any better then any of them on the show. You call them names and talk just as much trash. I have an idea stop watching if you are soooo disgusted turn it off.

  9. I am so tired of Aaryn. When she stuck out her tongue and made a rude noise after Candice won the $5,000 I couldn’t believe it. She’s a cruel, cruel person. I can’t wait to see her go!

    • What I can’t stand is all the airtime Aaryn is getting. From the shows on SWT nights to BBAD. I tape BBAD so I can fast forward and not hear her voice. I so hope she is second evicted Thurs night.

      • She does get a lot of airtime which is why I don’t watch BBAD anymore. But we all have hope that she’ll be gone during this double eviction!

      • That is what I just posted. I am not sure how DE is going to work. But if Elissa,Jessie, or by chance Candice wins HOH, then she could be evicted without reprocussions.

  10. A few weeks ago CBS portrayed Aaryn as a racist. Now she is being portrayed as an American Princess. Shame on you, CBS. Its surprising you haven’t lost your sponsors.

    • I’m boycotting KMart and Sears and Roebuck for their racially insensitive commercials and for CBS for GM aka Gutter Mouth and the white trash broad: Aaryn the Aryan goddess.

    • They still are, Jessie showed her astonishment over Helen choosing Aaryn for that barbecue party despite all the thing she has said (to be fair, I don’t think Helen still don’t have a clue about Rice-gate).

      And the derogatory remarks have not been as significant in frequency as it once was in the first two weeks. It doesn’t mean it’s no longer happening.

  11. What I don’t understand is why are the two stupid racist b*****s still in the house???? They getting rid of people who are not a threat how dumb are they this is the worst season of bb history

    • I think you’ve miscounted Kuri. If you’re wanting the ‘outspoken racists’ out (and let’s remember racism starts in the heart and ends in the mouth)…then you’d want GinaMarie, Aaryn, Amanda & Spencer all gone…

      • I just found out about Amanda last night it made me so suck to my stomach I’m surprised the show hasn’t been cancelled for this year I’m hoping next year they pick smarter people to play

  12. Amanda won’t go home this week, CBS will see to that. CBS already chose her to be the winner, she can’t be evicted.

      • Dude, check it out on Youtube. CBS chose Amanda winner already and will make twists if she gets close to being evicted. Watch and see.

    • Not from the talk on the feeds tonight. Helen was telling Andy her friends are pushing for Amanda to go. Meaning production.

      • Funny how Spencer is all of a sudden into kiddie porn. CBS sure got the spot light off Amanda didn’t they.

  13. So, “Operation evict Amanda” got squashed. Andy told Amanda everything. I wanna go to the studio and beat the crap out of that elf !

  14. Love to see Amanda’s face if she went home. Mcrae & Andy would be scurrying around like the little rats they are. The hot girls would go crazy and start trying to throw each other under the bus if Candace stayed. I would love to see those two blond weasels eating crow trying to save their a–es.poetic justice. Judd wake up.

    • She’s not going home. That was squashed. Wonder if the live show will be taped again like last week.

  15. Aaryn and GinaMarie really need to go next week or sooner. GM’s loud voice makes my ears bleed and Aaryn is just a nasty piece of work bigot.

  16. Based on live feeds Candice is going home. The votes for Amanda got squashed. If what was said earlier about live show being recorded then I think this weeks will be too. I wish we could vote off the person in the double eviction.

  17. I think the only people NOT racist in the house are Judd, Andy, Jessie, McRae and Helen. I’ve heard Ellissa say a couple thins but hers are not in the same category as Aaryn, GM. Amanda ans Spencer.

    • Well let’s be clear on where racism originates. It’s not how much your mouth moves that determines whether you’re a racist, it’s what you believe and feel about another culture.

  18. Arron and that other weasel are just jealous of Candace because Candace actually won something worth winning(Candace Steward Miss Louisiana 2005) What did GM win Miss strawberry festival. Candace is a lot better looking person inside and out.And as for saying ax me something, you got that from Amanda stupid. Candace is a lot smarter than you three morons put together. DAAA

    • Has Arron told Guttermouth that “yous” is not a word? If she doesn’t mind GM saying yous, I don’t understand why she has a hard time with Candice saying axed.

  19. I don’t really get all the hate for Amanda yeah sure she picks fights but hey she actually playing the game. And I love how she calls out people to their face, sure some of the stuff she said to Jessie was mean but I love how she called her out on the loyalty thing! And I don’t undertand why people get so offended by a fight, like what you want them to just get along the whole time, and flip a coin for who gets evicted? I watch it cause I love seeing intense fights makes big brother interesting. And I find it funny how people get pissed at Amanda for starting fights but is she the one really starting them? Cough cough WHAT ABOUT ANDY!?! This guy considered a floater but he really isn’t , he get information from everyone and then snitches it to the other person and keeps getting away with it! It’s funny he the reason why fights are breaking out, yet nobody is mad at him! lol

    • Just tired of watching Amanda wahhhh cry everytime she thinks somebody is after her. She needs to realize she is a target because she IS playing the game.

      • Yeah I get how people get paranoid and break down, but look at it from her perspective, she getting put up by somebody (in this case America or production) and she has no idea who. She not breaking down because of being on the block she breaking down because she can’t stop thinking who the heck is the MVP, and putting her up. how wouldn’t that drive you insane espcially since this twist never happened before, and your already trapped in a house of paranoia to begin with.

      • Amanda’s abrasive tongue
        has caused real estate family’s company..trouble ….website down due to death threat. Her momma is pissed.

      • Only good thing about this season is future houseguests may learn what not to do when in the BB house. Awful people here this season, still don’t have a favorite. Judd, Jessie, Elissa, Helen are the only ones that I haveway like

      • hahahaha I def have not seen that wow just watched it I take it all back that is pretty bad stuff.

      • Don’t worry, I’m like you. I didn’t know how bad she’d become until I watched that video…

      • Yeah like thats frickin bad, they for sure make her look like the guy guy on the show, total hyprocrite to Aaryn, that way worse then anything Aaryn has said.

    • Amanda thinks that she is the queen of the world…
      She attacks everyone with anything she can remembers… if the target doesn´t shot back, she makes a party to show how good she is… if the target shots back, she calls them bullies.

      Last week Amanda “warned” more than half the house that they would go home if they vote her out.
      She cornered everyone. (Judd was pushed inside the talking bedroom just to be warned that he would go home if he voted for her… same thing with Jessie)

      But helen can make some stupid arguments… she says that Howard was voted out… because he was on a relationship inside the house… but the big relationship is Amanda-Mcrae.

      And then Candice telling that Spencer was the one that wanted her out???
      She trusted Amanda instead of Howard… big relationship that Helen found.

      And stupid mcrae… “Im just playing for Amanda”… (Amanda must thought “This pizza boy is fun for getting over the time im here. Better he will give me the $500000 and i will kick is ass out right after the show is finished”)

  20. This season is really weird there is nobody Im really routing for, I did like Amanda at the start but then now I don’t like her at all, I don’t really like anyone that is left, besides I guess Judd, but he not really doing anything strategy wise idk.

  21. McCrea needs to tell Amanda to put some shorts on! How disrespectful to her man. NASTY MANIPULATOR! GO HOME ALREADY! #TeamHoward&Spencer

  22. This sucks cause I have TWC and CBS cut from the channel so we can’t watch it… Wish they had free TV that shows it or a App cause everything is blocked … This is a hot mess

  23. If next week ends up being the first week of jury,hat means Aaryn made it to jury. One of Americas most hated person in The house. I feel when Amanda has her “moments” it is from the frustration and paranoia. But the things that come out of G and Aaryns role off their tongue. I personally did not like what Danielle Donato said, but people liked her and said she was playing the game. I wish it was Spencer Aaryn GM then maybe Amanda.

  24. The fight edit tonight between made me think Amanda you can’t put baby in the corner. Yes, you can call Jessie a baby and refer to her crying, how did that work out for you Amanda? Jessie fought back, very articulate and made a valid point, she doesn’t have to be your puppet. Well, played Jessie. Then you retracted to GM. No Jessie.

  25. i like that helen and amanda are running the house. I don’t always agree with how they are doing it but then again I don’t think anyone is in agreement 100% with how anyone plays the game. Keep in mind that if Helen and Amanda were male your perception of them would be very different!!

  26. Amanda is a bully. It didn’t work on Jessie! Asryn is a bigot and Ginamarie is stupid. Goodnight.

  27. Man…I can not wait for the Zingbot to show up. He WILL have a field day with these HGs. Zing!

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