Big Brother 15 Episode 6 Recap: A Special Guest And A Veto Fit For A Baby!


Big Brother 15 Houseguests donned baby clothes to compete for the Power of Veto competition and normally I’d make fun of what they were wearing and the competition as a whole, but like Andy said, since it’s a house full of babies, it was some how appropriate.

Wednesday night’s episode picked up right after Aaryn nominated Elissa and Helen. Aaryn’s DR session tells us that Elissa is her target and again she mentions revenge on David.

Elissa and Helen are annoyed because Aaryn said Helen was guilty by association. They head off to the Have-Not room to console each other. Elissa comforts an upset Helen by telling her she’s not going home because Elissa is the target.

Candice chimes in again with her theory that there’s an all-guy alliance and that they probably used Aaryn to do their dirty work. Close. Candice is definitely using her brain more than most of the houseguests. But will she be able to use her suspicions to out the Moving Company? We’ll have to see.

It’s MVP reveal time again! We get the silly music and the shot of just the feet as if we don’t know that it’s clearly Elissa. And it is. She again gets to nominate a third houseguest for eviction. Elissa heads off to tell Helen she won and they agree to not tell anyone about it this time. And immediately Jeremy’s name comes up for the nomination.

But Elissa thinks logically and wonders if it’s too risky to put him up and give him a chance at winning veto. Helen tells Elissa it’s a better idea to just nominate him up front in case someone doesn’t use the veto and they can’t backdoor him.

Showmance Alert #4. This time it’s the Nomance that includes GinaMarie acting sad and pathetic begging Nick to like her, kiss her and marry her. She’s his side-alliance and nothing more and he’s her summertime romance. He just doesn’t know it.

Poor, sad GinaMarie. I’m so embarrassed for her.


It’s time to find out the MVP’s nomination. The photos on the screen scroll to a stop on Jeremy. His response: “Let’s do this.” Aaryn’s response: “Shocker.”

The veto players are Aaryn, Jeremy, Elissa, Helen, Amanda and Nick. Elissa gets to work on getting Nick to throw the competition and Aaryn heads off to call Elissa every version/combo of bitch that exists to Kaitlin.

It’s veto competition time, but first we get a message from Britney from Big Brother 12 and 14. She showed up on the screen to introduce the competition since it’s a baby theme and she’s almost due to have her first baby. And they have to “help Britney” put together a giant baby mobile. And then they have to balance it or something. Those details of these sill Big Brother games aren’t important. What is important is how cute Elissa and Nick looked in their onesies. Jeremy just looked like the giant dork he is.

But name-calling aside, Jeremy won the Power of Veto, just like he said he would.

Candice goes back to her guy’s alliance suspicion and asks Elissa to not put up a girl if Jeremy uses the veto on himself. Candice tells Elissa about her suspicions and putting up a guy is the best move. Elissa goes to Nick to see he plans to vote for her and he can’t say no. So that gives her the out to put Nick up in Jeremy’s place.

And of course Jeremy uses the veto on himself. And then the new MVP nominee is revealed and it’s Nick. So tomorrow night, Nick, Elissa or Helen will be walking out the door. Who do you think that will be? Who do you want to stay?


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  1. I like NIck and want him to stay. He is playing the game and has not said anything horrible. He studies the game and reminds me of Dan. Elissa I did like but do not like that she lied to Nick and then put him on the block after swearing she wouldn’t. Elissa is now starting to remind me of Rachel in her first season, and did not like Rachel in her first season. Her working with Jordan made her a more likable person. Hope CBS is not manipulating the house guest like they have in past seasons to keep Elissa because that with the MVP will just make it so predictable.

    • If someone cannot give you an answer to whether they are going vote YOU out or not, I think that gives you plenty of reason to nominate them.

      • I am suing my brain and just because Elissa is Rachel’s sister she shouldn’t just get the MVP every week. Elissa’s game play sucks and she is a horrible player whereas at least Nick is playing the game and has not called anyone a whore or made racist or homophobic comments. He is one of the few that has played pretty honest and stayed true to his alliance.

      • yes you should sue your brain, you seem to have been shortchanged when you received yours.

        And you seem to conveniently forget that Nick has allied himself with several people who ARE racist and/or homophobic. That said I would hate to see him leave so soon but better him than Ellisa.

      • he has used the word retard /retarded he laughs at the slurs and slams . Is Nick “‘guilty by association”???

      • If Helen is guilty by association for being friendly/ just not catty to Elissa, I’d say Nick is guilty by association for laughing at the offensive comments. Just my opinion.

      • Elissa never had an opportunity to even play the game. She has been trying to align herself with people, but no one will let her in except Candice and Helen. The rest of the hgs hated her from day one and wanted her out from day one. I will be glad to see her go, because I don’t think there is anything that she can do to get the majority on her side. If the MC alliance were smart, they would have embraced Elissa and used her to keep them safe (since everyone thinks Elissa will get the MVP every week). If Elissa does leave this week, I wish her well and hope that she, at least, had an exciting stay in the house. By the way, I’m not an Elissa fan. I just think it was very unfair that the hgs disliked her because of her sister Rachel.

      • Definitely…they even talk about it on the live feeds how when they’re in the DR production suggests things to them. Amanda said when she was in the DR production kept trying to get her to say Aaryn was a racist. That’s why they showed on Sundays episode Amanda going on and on about Aaryn’s remarks.

      • Do you think it is possible that Amanda was trying to cover her butt by saying production coerced her into saying what she said about Aryan? Anyone with at least one good eye and one good ear can tell Aryan is a racist. I highly doubt if anyone has to be forcef to say that she is either.

      • No…Amanda said all this on the live feeds. She wasn’t trying to cover anything. And yes we all know quite a few people in the house have made racial/rude/disgusting comments, but we also know production likes to manipulate and edit the way they want the show to air.

    • I thought I liked Nic, but he is so devious and a Dan wannabe. Elissa was justified in putting him up, since he couldn’t give her an answer. Hopefully TH MC starts falling apart.

    • You are faulting Elissa for putting Nick on the block when Nick refused to say he would not vote with her? I think Eliisa was stupid for telling Nick anything but once she confided in him, I think his response left her no choice. Having said that, I liked Helen’s plan to put up Kaitlyn and then throw the veto competition to her so they could back door Jeremy.

    • I agree with you Sharon regarding Elissa. She approached Nick and asked him for a deal to throw the veto in exchange for not putting him up for two weeks. He agreed to that deal and for all she knew he kept his word and threw it. She later went back without a deal and just asked for his vote. She definitely went back on her deal with him. She was going to vote Kaitlin out until it was suggested it was better to put up a guy. She then chose Nick because it was suggested to her that Jeremy and Nick were together. She couldn’t put Jeremy up again.. I am not impressed with her game play at all and she did remind me of Rachel when she did a very poor job of acting surprised by getting MVP. She knows how many fans Rachel has and said in the beginning of the game that Rachel’s fans would help her get MVP. I was willing to give her a chance because she is not Rachel, but she has not impressed me at all by her game play and I think she will be much happier at home. I also hope that CBS is not manipulating to keep her in the game. I know she said they really wanted her this season, but I agree with you it will be boring and predictable. We have already had so much happen and I just wish people would let the game play out and if you don’t like it then don’t watch. We already know some have lost their jobs and I just wish people would move on. jmho

  2. Considering who is in the house I wouldn’t mind if all 3 nominees stayed this week. Since I’m also a realist I think it’s Elissa’s turn.

    Candice is so close to figuring the major alliance out. She wants to eliminate the boys, but she’s only approached 2 of the girls. That’s not going to work. She should either face her fear and approach some of the girls or at least Andy and Judd.

      • I said approach, not make an alliance with. If you think there is an alliance with at least 4 guys in it, and you only have 3 girls, you are going to need another person. So you talk to people, put out feelers, see what they have to say.

    • MC has caused so many alliances to be formed, I would not believe any of them, all Nick needs is his 4 from MC and 2 from the blondetourage

  3. Ok so we know Elissa is gone, does it really matter if it’s Nick or Jeremy as the 3rd nom? nope. Doesn’t matter who she puts up as a replacement, it’s a done deal. Now we get to watch Aaryn get her way…ugh…I don’t think I can watch it

    • Elissa isn’t gone just yet. McCrae still might vote against his alliance if Jessie sticks to voting out Nick. So she better hope Amanda pulls some more strings.

      • all amanda has to do is let mccrae kiss her a little bit and she will have that guy like putty in her hands

  4. What a cast. Jeremy thinks he’s king of the house when in reality he’s an absolute moron. Howard’s bible-thumping gets on everyone’s nerves. Aryan and her clown look like twins. GinaMarie has a mouth like a sewer. McCrazy looks like a nutjob with those bandanas in his hair Whoever cast this show should be fired.

  5. So Elissa has started to figure out the MC. Hopefully she tries to use that. I said earlier in the week, she should try to go blind and try to fracture the MC.

    • Exactly, I wish these people would start playing the game. Dan was such a good player, they need to stir things up to stay, not just sit around counting votes they could or could not have.

      • Dan is a perfect example imo. He was dead in the water. And he hosted his own funeral, turned on the water works, and ba-boom, he was back in business and could have won the game

      • I believed Dan’s funeral happened week 7. When MC gets exposed and the alliance starts breaking apart, I think we’ll see some game playing. It’s still early

    • you don’t understand, MC by design, wants for make fake alliances, MC member would see her attempts as acknowledgement of the proper function of MC

  6. If the houseguests were smart they would vote out a strong player (Nick). But of course people don’t like Elissa mainly cause she’s Rachel’s sister.

    • True, Nick is a strong player. And getting a strong player out is good strategy. But he’s part of the MC and right now they are protecting their own. They mainly want to evict Elissa for 2 reasons. #1. Jealousy – because they are afraid she will get MVP every week and #2. Jealousy. I’m praying for a blindside.

      • He said today, he’s playing like Dan. Not by choice because fans don’t like Dan. He wants to play like’re full of it !..I’m going to church and pray for blindside too.

      • Lol…I think if Nick stays and ever wins HOH that he should get an etch-a-sketch in his HOH basket. Aaryn is always saying he’s sketchy. Maybe he will sketch his strategy out on it for her….or a picture of Frank!…

    • I don’t understand why the moving company doesn’t pull Elissa in to their alliance, they then could control the 3rd one nominated every week. It gets harder and harder to watch BB every year. I’m sure house guests come in with some sort of ‘plan’ on how to win the money. But it all seems to go out the window the first week.

      • That is exactly what Spencer wanted to do, use Elissa’s MVP nomination. He’s right, keep her around, she will always get the MVP and they can manipulate who she puts up.

        They could all be playing so much better than they are. I think this shows that having all newbies makes the show dull for the first few weeks. I

        didn’t like when they let the mentors into the game last year, but at least the mentors had the game going from the get go. This year’s cast is dull and overly racist.

        Spencer clearly hates women! I don’t want anyone to be thrown out because of their beliefs, but these people are going to be in for a surprise when they get out and discover that America does not love them at all.

        Jessie has been kind of quiet…what’s up with her. Has she figured out that she’s not ‘the pretty girl’ in the house?

      • Jessie now realizes that none of the cute “boys” in the house want to hookup with her. Poor thing was all over Nick, but didn’t have any luck with him. I think she came into the house looking for a showmance and it didn’t happen for her.

      • If Spencer doesn’t want her, she can always try to find out if Andy is willing to give it a shot.

      • I don’t understand why the MC doesn’t stand up to Jeremy. Why is everyone so scared of him? If I were on the show, I would get him all riled up against me and let CBS try to edit it out of the show. Who cares what a useless 20-something boat part associate thinks about you? This guy is the biggest loser in the house.

  7. I like how CBS tried to show that there are “good” people in the house too, reading their bibles and saying their prayers. Too bad that religion is what is responsible for most of the homophobia that has people up in arms about this show.

    • It definitely is not the only thing responsible. There are close-minded people everyone. Some of the biggest supporters of the gay community are religious. You should choose different words.

      • Hurtful remarks were made by stupid people in the house, no one said anything about God being for or against homosexuals.

    • I’m definitely not a fan of any doctrine (religious or not) that teaches against an equal love and acceptance towards each other… Which is why I’d say this comment has crossed the line and needs to be removed.

    • Howard needs to take his bible and smack a couple of the hgs in the face with it. I don’t know what I would do without my bible (not a thumper, but I do love the bible). Plus, if you like to read and there is nothing else to read other than the bible, what exactly are you supposed to do? If prayer gives strength, I say pray on.

    • I am offended by your comment and I am not even religious. The most religious people in the house appear to be Elissa, Howard and Jessie. I don’t see them in that group of bigots. It appears to me the godless ones are doing all the trash talking.

  8. Candice has figured it out but for the life of me I do not know why the girls are not using this to their advantage. They should be taking each of the girls aside, with the exception of Kaitlyn, and letting them know about the boys alliance. Aaryn in particular might want to know this because it would help her piece together why David is gone.

    • all the girls except the ones in the have not room are in a shomance with someone so they will not stick together and then shocked when their turn comes to be voted out.

    • Because these girls get so close to figuring the out the whole MC but then they get distracted by something else and never finish thinking it through. And the fact that McCrae hasn’t been found out yet. I still don’t know what side he is on.

  9. I like Elissa, but truth be told, she doesn’t stand a chance of winning this game. It started because she’s Rachel’s sister – no one trusts her or likes her and thinks that she’s exactly like Rachel and she’ll never get away from that stigma. It might be better for her to leave tomorrow night instead of sticking around to be nominated every single week and winning the MVP every week.

  10. If Aaryn doesn’t leave soon it will show that CBS supports racism and ‘bad’ behavior. If she ends up winning, it will show that you can get rewarded for bad behavior. CBS needs to do the right thing, add a twist, and get rid of Aaryn sooner rather than later.

    • I’ve said this before in another article and I’m saying this again. Unless she incites violence in whatever shape or form, she will not be forced out of the game. She’ll suffer the consequences of her actions once she gets out of the house.

      CBS have already acknowledged that the houseguests are slurring out and have been addressed on the main show. Just consider the basic premise of Big Brother: a group of people from different walks of life, each with their own set of beliefs and ideologies, all places inside a confined house with cameras and microphones recording their every move and every word 24/7. “Expect the unexpected”, expect that friendships, romantic relationships and alliances will form as well as clash of personalities and beliefs along the way. Don’t expect a happy ending if things turn ugly.

      CBS doesn’t condone its actions but it simply cannot remove them from the game for that reason only. If anyone of them wins this season, they will get the same treatment as Adam from BB9 got: He came out the winner but without job to support himself and hell broke loose afterwards.

      Don’t worry about Aaryn, Spencer, Jeremy, Kaitlin and GinaMarie. They’ll all get what’s coming for them.

      • No CBS didn’t acknowledge it. They showed Aaryn and GM making some of the least offensive of their racist/homophobic comments. They didn’t show Jeremy or Spencer doing the same thing. If people think this show is swayed in Elissa’s favor, ask yourself why Jeremy is getting such a good edit. Its because he is the kind of douchebag that BB supports every single season. He can be a bully to women and nothing is done about it.

      • The publicity the issue generated is more than enough for people to know that Jeremy and Spencer will not be liked outside the house.

    • CBS has been supporting racism and bigotry since the first houseguest made a racist comment and the producers did nothing about it. Aryan and the other bigots should have been removed from the house last week.

  11. OMG ! Is this really happening? Nick could be in trouble. McCrae, Amanda, Helen Judd, Candice and Jessie will vote Nick out. I hope they pull this off……this is war!

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