Big Brother 15 Live Feeds: Week 2 Wednesday Daytime Highlights


Tonight we get to see how the Power of Veto competition played out on Big Brother 15, but on the Live Feeds a lot more has happened since then. Today, as we get closer to the live eviction tomorrow night, we’re getting better ideas of what people are thinking and already some plans for the the next week in the house and beyond.

Read about all the moments from the house on our Live Feeds highlights below. And remember that you can check out any of these moments by using the Live Feeds flashback/archive feature.

Big Brother 15 Live Feed Highlights – Wednesday, July 10, 2013

10:05 AM BBT – Wake-up call.

10:45 AM BBT – Judd and Amanda discussing how shady Howard and Spencer are and if they win Head of Household tomorrow night, they go up.

11:15 AM BBT – Amanda, Judd, McCrae and Andy consider getting Jessie to evict Nick, thus saving Elissa. They’re afraid that’s too risky, though. Helen joins in and tells them it’s pretty confirmed that Howard and Spencer have a deal and that Candice is willing to get Nick out too. So could Nick be the second blindside eviction in a row?

11:44 AM BBT – Helen tells Candice to get Howard to vote Nick out. Bad move, Helen. Howard will expose this plan.

12:23 PM BBT – Candice, McCrare, Amanda and Andy agree to vote out Nick.

12:48 PM BBT – Andy is finally called to the Diary Room after about four days of not being called.

1:00 PM BBT – Now Amanda is telling McCrae to vote to evict Helen.

1:07 PM BBT – Amanda explains to Andy why she wants McCrae to vote for Helen. She says it will be fewer votes for Elissa. Andy doesn’t like that idea because he thinks it exposes his vote. None of this is making any sense at all.

2:13 PM BBT – Amanda trying to convince Howard to vote out Nick. He agrees. But it’s not a real agreement. He’s just trying to get her to stop asking.

2:19 PM BBT – Judd tells Amanda they have the numbers to get Nick out (they don’t really).

2:36 PM BBT – Elissa explains to Judd why she got out of bed last night. She said she wouldn’t like her husband sharing a bed with another woman, so she didn’t feel right.

2:48 PM BBT – Amanda thinks Jessie and Howard are both on board to evict Nick.

So even though half the house thinks they have enough votes for Nick to go home tomorrow, Howard will be the one vote they don’t have. And that could further the suspicion that there is a guy’s alliance. Will the Moving Company sacrifice Nick to keep their secret? Probably not. And they probably won’t even have to. We’ll see what happens tomorrow.

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  1. Oh big brother….where would my shameful delight in trash television come from if you weren’t casting people like you have this season? Looks like this bunch is destined to be famous for their infamy!

  2. I kinda want Elissa gone over Nick at this point, but either way, it looks like the MC is on the verge of collapse.

  3. There is no way any alliance is going to be able to stay intact this season. These people bash each other 24/7. Even those who they have an alliance with. They’re just catty, drama-filled people who think that BB is all about showmances, backstabbing and hate. There is no real strategy being played without them having to say crude things about each other.

  4. This has been the longest, most boring week in a BB house. The live feeds are so terrible that I complained and got a refund. I won’t miss them! CBS should be ashamed of itself for not stopping the racism and bigotry of some of the players. They should have been out of there days ago.

      • Everyone’s definition is different! But I do have to say that this has been the trashiest group in the house ever! BB seriously needs to reign in the racisim and bigotry that is going on!

      • I totally agree. Nick, Jeremy and Spencer calling the girls “their bitches.” Spencer using the “c” word again and again, Spencer is one nasty dude. Talks about Jessie f****** Judd. He talks about sexual stuff alot, it is obvious to me that he is a male chauvenist pig, it is so disgusting. I think I am with the guy who got a refund on his feeds.

      • I beg to disagree. This is boring because it is like watching paint dry. Seriously, everyone knows Elissa is going to be evicted. It does not help CBS moving the eviction to Thursday. Everyone is waiting on the next HOH hopefully, one that can take on the racists and bullies in the Big Brother House yet, that has been pushed back as well! For that reason, it is boring as you already know what is going to happen and CBS extends the agony over it still further out! This will not increase ratings but, could further depress it. Put it back in the Tuesday and Wednesday slots which was way better!

      • As long as she doesn’t incite violence in whatever shape or form, she will not be forced out of the game.

        If CBBUK 5 is any indication, CBS will let Aaryn and her minions play the game until they are evicted to face the consequences of their actions outside the house.

        But with her recurring disregard of abiding BB’s orders (especially if she was already being called out inside and outside the Diary Room), something will be done.

      • Aaryn actually made a comment the other day about the black fish and the white fish in the HOH room were separated, That the black fish were at the bottom of the tank. This girl is going to have a rude awakening when she leaves the house and I hope that happens very soon!

      • Matt, I have been watching the feeds, and I am so confused right now..who in the heck is going home on Thursday? I can’t figure out who is with who..these are some very confusing alliances!!

    • BB 15 is full of controversy and unlikable contestants. But I wouldn’t call it boring. Sunday’s show had the biggest audience. Whether we like it or not, audience are drawn to controversy. Insensitive remarks have hurt some cast members reputation, but it may have not been bad for TV ratings.

  5. I’m honestly sick of all the blatant statements by viewers about Aaryn and the others needing to leave the BB House
    It’s not going to happen so please stop

  6. I love Nick but I want to see this blindside happen really bad. THen again I want Elissa to go (as much as I love her) to see what the house does next. But we know Elissa will be back. Some how. Some way

  7. why the f does the mvp get to chose the replacement nominee… that’s fck’d… are there any rules written down anywhere about this game…. oh wait… rules don’t matter, i forgot about the cheating during the last HOH comp.

    • Because the MVP’s nominee pre-Veto saved himself so she had no choice but to name a replacement.

      MVP is like HOH without the guarantee of safety.

      • when elissa talked to nick she basically told him she was mvp because she said she was putting him up at the replacement… cat’s out of the bag… it will be bye bye elissa now…. she really was NOT the best player and shouldn’t have recieved mvp… its turned into a popularity contest (assuming the voting isn’t rigged by production, which i’m almost positive it is)

      • How often do we get to help an underdog win something? I agree Elissa is not the best player. In fact, she is a bad player. But no worse than the bullies in the house who use threats to get their way. That’s not playing either.

  8. K im confused if they get McCrae and Jessie vote they don’t need Howards vote to evict Nick. They’ll have Amanda, Judd, Candice, Andy, McCrae, and Jessie, and thats all they need to evict Nick. Where is Howard vote coming in now?

  9. I seriously think all the MC members are talking bs, they’re probably all going to vote elissa out, so I wouldn’t count CraeCrae or Howard’s vote in yet. As much as I would love to see Nick blindsided, Elissa should just leave this week, every episode can’t be about her being put up for nomination and then winning MVP and struggling to stay, it’s getting old and boring, we need a change. But please please please can an underdog step up and win HOH this week!

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