Big Brother 15 Episode 5: Week 2 Nomination Show Tonight

Big Brother 15 - Julie Chen

Big Brother 15 is back tonight on CBS a 8/7c with the latest nominations ceremony plus the cliffhanger HoH competition results from last week’s live eviction episode.

Since we were watching the competition play out online using the Live Feeds we already know who won and who is on the chopping block. Check our spoilers page to find out all the latest events in the house.

Viewers hoping to see the true side of many of these HGs revealed to the TV-only crowd are likely to be disappointed again tonight. We’re not expecting CBS to air any of their hateful comments unless there’s a full blown in-house fight as a result.

The real BB game continues to be on the Live Feeds with plenty more drama than CBS can fit in to three weekly, hour-long episodes. Want to see what it’s like to watch the in-house cameras, listen in on the HGs private conversations, and see who is doing what? Then get your free trial for the Live Feeds and see what you’ve been missing.

Big Brother 15 Episode 5 Preview:


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  1. Im torn.

    On the one hand I feel that Elissa has gotten a raw deal and is only targeted for being related to Rachel. Shes not been allowed to play her own game, shes been reduced to continuing Rachels game. So with that I am rooting for her.

    On the other hand, with the MVP thing I want her gone because she is going to win it every week just because she is related to Rachel. This week her game play was awful and she only survived the vote because she nominated someone the house wanted out more than her. Nick should have won MVP this week, he is playing, unlike anyone else. So for that Id like to see her go.

    • I can understand why you feel divided. However I disagree that Elissa has been given a raw deal. She knew before the game even started that she could be recognized and that it may be held against her. Yet she agreed to those terms. She’s also had ample time to make connections like every other HG inside. McCrae didn’t initially nominate her, which was a good sign that at least a few were willing to work with her. Instead she’s held back and waited for America to give her MVP status, kind of like a princess expecting devotion from her subjects.

      But Elissa is not the problem.

      It is Rachel’s die-hard fans that are ruining the game. Since Elissa was used as a renom the first week we have seen an uprise of posts that read: “If Elissa goes I’ll stop watching!” Ok, you’re telling me that out of 15 other HGs you can’t appreciate any of them? None of them are at least slightly likable? True BB fans like to see someone win, yes, but we also enjoy the journey. We like watching the contests, and seeing who saves themselves. We like the whole thing, not just one person. Even though we may have favorites.

      Personally, I don’t want Jeremy or Aaryn to win. However I feel that as long as Elissa is there we’ll still have this stalemate. If Elissa happens to be eliminated this week I won’t be disappointed.

      • I have to in some ways agree with you artyom. Elissa is not playing the greatest of games and i won’t be disappointed if she leaves. If BB put her in the house to stir up trouble….mission accomplished. I guess what i don’t get is why the other HGs didn’t scramble to form an alliance with her. Whether you hated Rachel or not…she DID win and you have to appreciate her tenacity. So knowing that, i would think the HGs would assume (as most people did in the beginning) that Elissa would be as much of a gamer as her sister. Well we know that’s not true NOW. But at the time i would of thought they would want an alliance with someone that possibly had the same traits as a previous winner. Maybe they were intimidated by Rachels ghost. Or maybe they saw she was the “weak” sister. Whatever the reason, she is certainly alienated from the rest. Whether it be by assumption by other HGs or her own doing.

      • Production didn’t exactly do Elissa a favor either. They wanted her strictly for ratings, but this season isn’t for her. It should have been 16 brand new people with the MVP twist. Now if they had brought Elissa into the house 2 years ago when Evil Dick had to leave suddenly, THAT would have been fun to watch.

      • For the most part I agree with you Artyon. I would probably disagree however that it’s all of Rachel’s fans who are making posts like the ones you cited. My reason for being disappointed by Elissa leaving is that if Elissa goes, there would be no power balance against Aaryn, Jeremy, Kaitlyn & GinaMarie. Elissa stands the best chance to win the MVP and keep nominating the HoH and/or the Moving Crew Alliances which is just fine. I’m with you in NOT supporting anyone from the Reilly family. Rachel was far too mouthy, opinionated, entitled, and yes, sadly strong at the game…

      • Agreed, but I don’t want anyone from Aaryn’s alliance winning MVP simply because the vote is split between the house guests… ”The enemy of my enemy is my friend.”

      • noooooo…Elissa can’t go yet. and as far as I’m concerned, she has gotten a raw deal. The bigots want her out cause she is Rachel’s sister. I still can’t believe that CBS had not given any explanation as to why they have not done anything about the racial remarks and the cheating done during the game :(

  2. I’m not sure if the live feeds are work it. Every time something interesting happens, they cut to FISH more this year than before.

    • No, not “every time something interesting happens” or no one would be watching and we’d have nothing to discuss from the Feeds.

      It feels quite the opposite to me with there being less Fish this year. Production doesn’t cut to Fish because “something interesting happens.” They are required to cut to Fish if someone talks about someone back home who didn’t sign a waiver or if someone signs a song.

  3. Well no surprise CBS only showed Aaryn and her rude/racist remarks and only showed the houseguests complaining about her. Why didn’t they show Amanda’s remarks or Spencer’s remarks or half the other houseguest that have made racial comments? Well I guess they can’t show Spencer because his were not only racist but filthy! And Amanda complaining about Aaryn’s remarks in the DR but she made quite a few of her own racist remarks. And kind of portraying Jeremy as funny. I guess we know how CBS wants this show to go.

      • She made a few remarks the other night. Not sure which night but I was watching the feeds and it was after 1am eastern time. I went back to a few different times trying to catch the exact time and day but can’t find it. Wanted to post the day, time and camera. And yep I also saw the racial slur to Andy. She also made a comment about Helen but don’t remember the exact words but it was when she was with the group of girls up in the HOH. She’s not as bad as Aaryn or Spencer those two are the worst but don’t be a hypocrite in the DR when you do the same thing.

  4. Elissa bores me. Even though I like her staying because her winning MVP pisses off Jeremy and Aaryn so much…she just brings nothing interesting to the table.

  5. while I appreciate CBS exploiting the racist and bigoted comments I can’t help but wonder “why” they did it. Is there something in the works we are not aware of but it may be public knowledge soon?? I do believe that the HG’s guilty of the deeds were told to cut the crap out but they continued. There is more to this…stayed tuned

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