Big Brother 15 Episode 35 Recap: A Season Retrospective

Big Brother 15 - Final 3 Memory Lane Brunch

Sunday night’s episode of Big Brother 15 was a retrospective, or as I like to call them boring clip shows. We did get a little (very little) of relevancy peppered in here and there.

The episode picks up right after GinaMarie cast the sole vote to evict McCrae. Andy is worried about McCrae turning jury against him and Spencer is making jokes about having survived more nominations than anyone in Big Brother history. Hey, Spencer, that’s not exactly a fete when you were the target NONE of those times. A professional pawn is not something to be proud of.

And because CBS thinks we need to AGAIN see The Exterminators reveal their secret alliance to McCrae, we get to see more footage of that. Andy explained step-by-step how The Exterminations came together and how they’ve gotten Aaryn, Elissa and Amanda out and are now about to get him out as well. Judd was just a casualty of friendly fire, so to speak.

Flash back forward to after McCrae’s eviction and we’ve got the Final Three brunch ready. Which means it’s time for a terribly-scripted and terribly-line-read CLIP SHOW.

First up we get to be reminded how one of the most horrible alliances in the show’s history formed. I’m of course talking about The Moving Company.

Then we get the big Jeremy stole the win fight. All this reminds me of is how this season’s casting was pretty horrible and CBS might want to rethink casting procedures in the future. Next.

Time for an Elissa montage. We’re reminded that Judd was the first person to realize that Elissa is Rachel’s sister.

Showmance montage alert! Luckily they decide to only focus on the showmance that actually turned into something: McCrae and Amanda. McCranda fans should be happy that they finally aired the Big Brother wedding footage that was only seen previously on the Live Feeds.

Fight time! We got a recap of all the big fights (fit for TV anyway), including my favorite: GinaMarie vs. Amanda. They are both such fighters so actually watching them go at it was pretty much the best thing from the season. I’m not a GM fan, but that girl can FIGHT. And there’s no beating her.

Big Brother 15 - Final HoH Round 1

And we finally get to see something actually relevant. It’s part one of the final Head of Household competition. It’s an endurance skating competition and the person who wins this part moves on to part three and will go head-to-head with the person who wins part 2.

But wait, we’re out of time. So all we get to see is the beginning of it. If you’d like to find out how it played out, check out our Big Brother spoilers.


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    • The exterminators are made to look like they have been this strong alliance since the beginning. Nothing is further from the truth. They seem to be taking credit for getting everyone out going by tonight’s show.

      • Yeah, they’ve been together (and not even really ”together”) for about 3 weeks and now they’re the best alliance this season? It really doesn’t take much to agree that when a power couple is left in the house with 6 players left maybe (just maaaaybe) the other 4 players should ban together?

      • What blows my mind even further is America handed Amanda to them not once, but twice. I often wonder if they didn’t all vote in blocks and someone had listened to Jessie or even Candace she could have gone out earlier and this game may have been very different. Candace figured out the Moving Co so she was smart. She just didn’t have the game play to go along with it. Then later Jessie figured out Amanda was running the house, but again Andy and Judd stopped it because she needed more votes. She didn’t realize that Andy or Judd was part of it.

      • yep… Ironically two of the most bullied people (Candace & Jessie) turned out to be the most observant and ”correct” as to what was really happening.

  1. Well history is always told by the winners (or in this case, some very ill mannered people who need something to feel good about themselves for)… Personally I found it ironic that GM of all people said that they got rid of all the rats in the house. Really GM? Really (I think there’s a mirror and some pictures still in colour on the photo wall). ;)

    • Just saw this Matt and great description of exactly what they did on this show. I agree about it being ironic that GM of all people said that they got rid of all the rats in the house. She forgot 3 including herself.

    • As much as I adored Candice for the most part, she did unfortunately let the other house guest’s anger become her anger… It’s sad to see people become infected by hatred & bitterness, but I guess some wounds just bring it out in all of us.

      • Matt that is true, but why did they show that and very conveniently leave out all the horrible GM stuff that she said and did? To me that’s just protecting the F3. The fight with Amanda had none of the usual racist mentions that GM has shown us on the live feeds. Talk about an editing job. I tell everyone that they continue giving Spencer and Andy wonderful edits and have added GM to the mix since Candace was evicted and she yelled at her that her mother gave her away and didn’t want her. BB may have that warning on their page and before the show airs, but they are hiding what really goes on in the house and protecting them. They are showing worse edits of HGs already evicted. They make this alliance of the Exterminators as something that has been around since the beginning. It’s a pure joke.

      • Yeah they’ve dropped the ball so bad in the areas of integrity and truth it’s not funny. As we’ve talked about even Julie had the nerve to go on not one, not even two, but THREE national tv shows to talk about only one guest’s hateful actions. I lost so much respect for Big Brother as an ”impartial” witness. Sadly the conspiracy theorists now have more ammunition.

      • So true Matt. Like you I have lost a lot of respect for a show that I have watched and loved since S1. I am truly sad that they chose to go this route. I’m not one to make waves, but I am tempted to email Julie and just ask why? I have looked for an email, but have not found one and I know realistically she would never see it and it wouldn’t change a thing. Another thought I had is I wonder how Aaryn as well as her family will feel once they see how she was singled out and the others were given a pass. I know GM lost her job as did Aaryn, but will GM even care if she wins it all?

      • Yes exactly, that’s the worst part about this all. Aaryn’s family, friends and community will now only be FURTHER angered (and act out on that anger). She will be a freakin’ martyr in their eyes (or the eyes of those that might have been on the fence)! What Julie has done actually worsened the problem of racist attitudes all for the sake of cheap ratings… I am ashamed of Big Brother’s cheap tactics in regards to this issue.

      • Couldn’t agree more Matt. They did the casting and should have taken full responsibility along with showing that all of them were wrong in what they did. Instead they decided to cover it up and then along with what Julie did, as you said will end up making things worse all in the name of ratings. I blame myself for not turning it off and instead continued to help their ratings. My only excuse was I have always loved this show so of course I stuck with it as I always do.

      • I don’t understand why you feel that way. I was 100% sure that Julie was going to call out the evicted house guests on their bad behavior. That is why I continued to watch. Well, by the time that Amanda got evicted, I was invested and wanted to know the outcome of the program. I am still watching, because I want to know who wins and I hope the house guests will be confronted on Wednesday. I could never walk away without knowing the outcome of this whole thing.

      • Yes, but I’m saying (as I sit here in the safety and shelter of my own home) it’s easy for me to sit and criticize the ethics of Big Brother. Their lack of impartial editing and abuse of power over perception is horrible, but still I watch the show. It’s a form of hypocrisy within me (not a big deal to most people I realize, but if I’m being honest with myself it’s hypocrisy none the less)…

      • Let’s be realistic guys – Julie could not call out every single guess about his or her racist comments because it would end up consuming each episode.
        If you recall Julie called aaryn out because aaryn made the national press unlike some of the other houseguest. I think aaryn being called out had more to do with timing than it did with who said what racist/bigoted comment when.

      • LeeArmie like you I was 100% sure at one time that the evicted HGs would be talked to when evicted, but at this point I am seriously doubting that I will ever get to see it. Tonight’s show was such a massive edit from what took place on the live feeds and the fact that all of them have been getting good edits except for the one of GM live when Candace was evicted. I just don’t think there is time for Julie to sit down and let’s say GM or any of them win announce them as a winner and then tell them how most of America viewed them. If I’m wrong and it happens I will be pleasantly surprised and admit I was wrong.

      • Jacee, I hope it happens, as well. If it doesn’t, I will be fine with that. I will not watch next season, though. I don’t think I can ever love BB like I once did. So, I am fine with this season being my last season.

      • That exactly what I’m waiting for.. Because if any of the final three wins I can’t see how anybody would want to cheer and clap for either of the especially GM. They most defiantly need to be confronted..

      • I agree it will be hard to cheer for any of the final three getting the $500K. However, I did not like Ian Terry or Dan at all!

      • As much as i wanted to Aaryn out because of the racist things she said, She is the ONLY one who got called out for her actions. Amanda was only called a bully and she did a lot more than bully people. GM looks like she could really win BB and I cant believe CBS would want to award somebody that said things that was just as racist and inappropriate as to what Aaryn and Amanda both said. As much as I think Andy is the BIGGEST rat, he played the game and never got personal or inappropriate with the other house guess. even though I can’t stand to see him win either, he is the lesser evil. Ughh!!! just simply awful… BB15 just unbelievable..

      • I used to think that Tracy, but sure enough there’s a video montage of his words/actions out there also. Turns out he’s not immune from spouting racist comments (mostly under his breath). This in combination with what he said about Elissa & her family. Yikes!

      • Yes, even Andy said things so that is why I don’t care who wins. Any of the F3 don’t deserve it based on the type of people they all showed themselves to be. What was said had nothing to do with game play. They were just hurtful words and totally unnecessary.

      • Well that just rips it!!! Where did CBS find these people??? I’m nor really A big BB fan from jump, I watched it last year and thought Ian was a brilliant player, and the game last year was so awesome. This year i seen no game strategy. Just a bunch of ignorant bullying racist that floated off each other. If McCrea had of stayed out of bed and out from under Amanda the whole game, He just might would have took this game home. ANYWAY!!! Amazing Race I’m ready!!!!

      • I am so ready for Amazing Race Tracy. I have watched BB since S1 and believe me this was the worst season ever. There were some great seasons and some not so great, but this without a doubt was the worst ever. I also agree about McCrae. I had hopes for him until Amanda got him under her spell. Later it was too late for a comeback and too many people against him. I have the live feeds and thought you might like to know that Ian was rooting for McCrae. After the comp that Ian hosted they were all talking about how much Ian liked and rooted for McCrae.

      • I really hate that McCrae allowed Amanda to manipulate his game. I would love to see how their relationship play out now..

      • Tracy obviously did not watch BBAD. Andy was totally inappropriate and said extremely nasty things about people he said he cared about.

      • Let me ask you this…do you think at some point the producers and directors need to do “damage control?”
        I suspect they want to be picked up for another season. Is it realistic that they would ask Julie to point out in the exit interviews each evicted houseguests racist/bigoted attributes? At what point does it become overkill and at what point does it lessen the chances that CBS will renew their show? I suspect it’s a delicate dance.

      • Matt,
        Candace is still right there with the people who made her miserable. Candace needs time to process what has happened to her. She didn’t appear to be overly angry to me. I don’t think this will leave her bitter in any way. She will probably never forget it, though. I think she needs and deserves time.

      • Oh I respectfully disagree. I was watching her body language when Aaryn came in the house. If Candice rolled her eyes at Aaryn’s apology any more (or crossed her arms and looked away from Aaryn when she was in the room), I would’ve said maybe two jury houses are necessary. This whole situation with Aaryn, Candice, GM and the others has made racial tensions worse not only for themselves, but for thousands of people across the USA.

      • Matt, I said Candice wasn’t overly angry. Yes, she was definitely angry. As stated, Candice has not had time to process it. When Asryn walked in the door, I’m sure Candice’s wound was re-opened. Some people are able to get over things right away, others need a little time.

      • Yes fair enough, and well said. I do think though that Candice’s wounds caused her to be as angry as many of the other house guests. Now I don’t think she stooped as low as they did, but the fact that she is angry (and remains angry) really has shown that this cast had a horrible effect on each other and created new tensions for those communities they represent.

    • while i feel bad for her for the way she was treated…. the fact remains that candace was just as mean and rude as the ‘villains’ of the season. people are holding her up on this pedestal very undeservingly

      • I Agree. This was not the for Candice to be on. she took everything -aside from the race stuff-way too personally.

      • Oh my. I think ANYONE would take the stuff that happened to her personally Lenore! I’m not saying she isn’t responsible for her own hateful words, but man oh man, are you sure you could live under those conditions with that level of hatred coming your way?

    • I watched the CBS episodes and BBAD and I did not see Candace as a bitter, unhappy woman.
      Moreover, she was a lot smarter than most of the cave people on the show this season. For instance, Candace figured out the Brigade before anyone else in the house.
      Additionally, because the house was divided this year – very early on – Candace found herself flailing to find her way in a game that often times makes no sense. I think her biggest mistake was getting too close to Howard who was a complete incoherent disaster!
      Finally, I think you like many of the houseguest view Candace as “bitter and unhappy” because she knew she was smarter and better than most of the houseguest she was surrounded by.

  2. I was so disappointed in the next to the last cover up – I mean show of this season. Since I have the live feeds and for any one on here that doesn’t have them this show was indeed scripted. Way to go BB to make them all seem like your average HG instead of who they really have been all season long. Instead of concentrating on the F3 they decided to show us things that really don’t mean anything since the HGs are long gone and certainly not all of them were gone by the hands of the Exterminators. The Exterminators are a recently formed alliance in a season that has had so many alliances that I couldn’t keep track of all their names. My feeling on this episode is that they had to edit so much out that this was all they could come up with. Why bother to show us things that happened so long ago and certainly not relevant to what has been going on in the house more recently, or in any way show us the true personalities of Spencer, Andy and GM. It must have killed them to have to sit there as long as they did over breakfast trying to say normal things when anyone with live feeds will tell you they don’t talk that way or that kindly about anyone who has played this season. All they have been doing is trashing each and every HG, GM continuing with her racist talk, and all of them continuing their vile and disgusting behavior.
    They didn’t even show all of Part 1 of the final HOH so I guess they will fill the final episode with the rest of that, then Part 2, maybe a little bit of jury and then the final comp where it will be decided who gets to be F2, jury vote, winner comes out, confetti flies in the air and we will have our winner of BB Season 15. The worst season ever and I have been watching since the first season.
    They may have fooled people without feeds or After Dark, but they certainly didn’t fool us that do. Definitely the most boring episode of the whole season. I give it a “F”.

    • I’m quite surprised they didn’t show only Aaryn’s racist remarks again! I’m not surprised that they showed the most replayed clips in Big Brother history. They’ve had to cut so much out of what has actually transpired in the house it’s crazy.

      • If you read my last comment to your other post when I say I had another thought that may be the reason they didn’t air Aaryn’s comments again. Since Julie has already said so much and they are clearly giving good edits to GM now that she is in F3 now they may have to watch themselves. Just a thought.

  3. This episode was so contrived. Ugh.. I tuned in for a few minutes and thought Rat Faced get your ears pinned Andy…speaks like he’s all that…I’m gay and HATE that that bitch is such a bitch. Hate that big eared fake bitch. Speaking like him….lol

    • Careful Michael, this season has proven all too well one human truth… When we let other people’s hate become our hate, we perpetuate the cycle. Andy may win this game, but soon enough he’ll understand that people never really saw his actions as ”winner material”.

  4. It’s so annoying to see CBS edit the show in a way to make GM, Andy, and Spencer seem likable and deserving of winning. But we all know how bad they suck.

    • Not sure everyone knows (or believes) that Yousef. I think they believe what the show tells them to believe. Heck there are people who still feel that Elissa (or their chosen fave house guest) weren’t guilty of the same types of hateful actions & words… Sadly I’ve even had to admit that two people I liked the most this season (Judd & Candice) eventually allowed the house culture of hate to get to them. Where I might disagree with most people is I don’t think vengeance is the answer (people have been calling for the heads of these people but what will that accomplish other than to satisfy our own vengeance?) …Personally, I’d like to see some serious counseling, community service, and education get into these people’s heads so they can understand that we all suffer when racism, elitism, sexism, and homophobia is allowed to go unchecked. They need to understand WHY what they said/did was wrong. Then (and only then) could an apology and repentance be made.

      • Well said Matt and I agree it would be nice if they did that, but as always it’s a big IF. I have to say I have said the same thing as Yousef, and I admit I have wanted to personally email Julie to just ask why, but I don’t want the heads of anyone. I just make my comments on here, but based on what I have seen with my eyes and heard with my ears on the live feeds.

  5. Andy is such a liar I think he forgets when he is lying and when he is telling the truth. He lives in a delusion. Again we had to hear him tell McCrae how the Exterminators evicted Aaryn. This is a total fabrication by Andy to make the Exterminators seem less lame than they are. Aaryn was evicted by Elissa and Andy was on the block with her. If not for Amanda and McCrae, Andy would have gone home, not Aaryn. The Exterminators didn’t come into being for real until GM won HOH. By then it was 4 to 2 with Elissa being by herself. Its not like they took on the whole house and won. These people are so lame and are responsibly for this season being the worst ever.
    And for the record, McCrae knew those idiots were working together. The only surprise is they called themselves something as stupid as the Exterminators – an odd name because the biggest rats in the house is with them.

    • Agree and hate seeing them running around pretend pumping a spray can like they are the best alliance ever. They sure are NOT. If you read the posts below you will see that we are totally on the same page as you. For the last episode before the final it was a joke and just a rehash of things that didn’t mean much at this point. It was BORING!

  6. People still watching this show? I want to say I’m shocked it came down to these three but frankly this season was so bad I stopped caring weeks ago. I popped by because I thought it was over and wondered who won. Now I can see I don’t really care.

  7. Out of the worst season ever, this has to be the most boring episode ever. Sorry, but I erased most of these episodes from my DVR. They were boring the first time and didn’t get much better with repeat (and repeat and repeat) showings. As bad as these people were, they were also very bad television. C’mon production, give us back our show.

  8. They should have shown more of the GM/amanda argument in the kitchen. GM really let the bully have it and amanda stormed off crying. Priceless.

  9. I think my favrotie part of the episode last Sunday was the “Diary Room Sessions uncut” segment. That’s as much raw of a deal we see out of the HG’s when going there to vent out and cry their hearts out besides having to narrate in present tense to viewers the events of the day.

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