The Exterminators held on to the power in tonight’s episode of Big Brother 15 and got to continue their plan to the final four. But will it last through this week’s power of veto?

The episode picks up right after the eviction of Amanda’s eviction in the double eviction. GinaMarie is celebrating in the Diary Room. Spencer is thanking everyone for overlooking him for so long and allowing him to cast by.

And right away we’ve got Andy trying to frame Elissa for voting out Amanda when it was really him. And it didn’t really work. McCrae knows it was Andy. He can see it on his face. But the house wants Elissa up. So when McCrae won Head of Household moments later, he put up Elissa and since Judd won the Power of Veto, Elissa was sent out second.

The next HOH happened later in the night. And it was a weird hybrid of a memory/puzzle game called “Pixel This.” Andy gets knocked out first. Then Judd. So it’s down to Spencer and GinaMarie. In the end, it’s Spencer who wins the Head of Household competition for the first time this season.


And Spencer gets to hand out “gifts” to the competition losers. GinaMarie and McCrae have to be tied together for 24 hours. Andy gets the chance to play for $5,000. And Judd gets to do exercises for 24 hours.

So McCrae and GinaMarie have to spend every second together, including sleeping together. Amanda is going to love this when she hears about it. And Judd has to do whatever exercises the drill sergeant says and he never knows when it’s going to happen.

It’s time for Andy’s gift. He gets to smash three piggy banks out of several and gets to keep what money he gets out of the pigs he choses. He only ends up with $94.83.


Spencer makes the nominations we all knew he was going to make: GinaMarie and McCrae. Of course McCrae is the target, but Spencer has tried his best to make him think he’s not. But McCrae sort of knows that Andy, Spencer and Judd are working together. He doesn’t realize that GinaMarie is also in on it.


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