Elissa Slater on CBS's "The Bold & The Beautiful"

Big Brother 15’s Elissa Slater made her return to CBS’s “The Bold & The Beautiful” this Wednesday and Thursday after appearing in last week’s “Get Real” episode where CBS reality stars took over the “Bikini Bar.” This time around Elissa was with her sister, Big Brother’s Rachel Reilly, as they went shopping at the Forrester Boutique.

Wednesday’s appearance by the Reilly sisters was limited to background scenes with the two women sharing astonished looks over the clothing they found. As for Thursday’s appearance, well, I watched the whole episode and didn’t see them once. They definitely didn’t have any lines and if they were just in the background again then I missed them. Did you catch the sisters on Thursday’s show?

Here are the pics from Wednesday’s scenes with Elissa and Rachel where they appeared as extras in the background. If you missed last week’s scenes where they both had lines then check out those pics here and another set here.

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