Big Brother 15 – Counting The Votes In Week 1

GinaMarie tries to count

The houseguests are preparing for the first eviction of Big Brother 15 and we’re keeping an eye on what’s the most likely scenario and who should be going home. Read on for those spoilers or steer clear and be surprised come Wednesday night.

There are twelve votes this week with sixteen houseguests present but excluding McCrae as HoH along with the three nominees: David, Elissa, and Jessie.

The initial plan for eviction across most the house was Elissa as her Rachel Reilly relation placed a general target on her back. Slowly we’ve seen support for an Elissa-eviction erode as she partnered up with McCrae using her MVP status as leverage.

Before long the plan became to evict David and when McCrae used the Veto on Candice and freed up a spot on the block that effort was officially on track.

Right now most of the house is anticipating David’s eviction, but don’t tell that to Aaryn, Kaitlin, Jessie, or GinaMarie. They still believe they have the numbers and are in control of the game. Yes, that means Jeremy is working against them and aside from a few hints to David has continued to talk like he’s supporting David to stay in the house. He isn’t.

We’re still a little more than a day away from the first eviction of the Big Brother 15 season so there could definitely be some surprising shifts, but if the eviction were held right now we’d see David walk out the door by a majority vote with no tie-breaker required.

Do you think the HGs are making the right choice? If you were in there voting, which of the three nominees would you vote out? David, Elissa, or Jessie? Share your thoughts below.


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  1. Wow, David or Elissa? A strong physical player vs. a strategic player that is Rachel’s sister. Tough one. I would say that getting rid of David would break up a showmance with Aaryn that could be interesting later on, but I don’t think there is a really a showmance left their. I would say if the Moving Co. gets their way, David will go home and that alliance will be pretty strong.

  2. As I am a guy, I think David is the bigger physical threat and it would be better to get him out first over the other two. This also breaks up a couple. Elissa isn’t as bad as she is being made out to be. What does have me baffled is her loyal following outside the house. As far as they are concerned, Elissa should be given the half million grand prize right now, JUST FOR SHOWING UP. Elissa didn’t even try to save herself, it was someone else’s plan. Until Elissa shows me she is ready to play the game, or win a comp, or make a move, she won’t be receiving a vote for MVP from me. However the season is still young. Let’s see what happens.

    • I’m sure it’s part of her strategy,cool,calm,laid back.I love Elissa and I hope to see her standing at the end of the game.

    • I can only speak for myself….I voted for Elissa as MVP because she came in with an unfair disadvantage. Looking that much like Rachel would make anyone a target, right away.
      She seems to be proving that she is her own person and not a clone of her sister. My next vote for MVP will be based on who I think each person will put on the block.

      • I voted for Elissa as well.She is her own person and deserves to play her own game!

      • My fear here is that Elissa has traded one set of problems for another. Most of the people who want to keep her are doing so because they think she can be used. I’m not sure which is worse – having someone be nasty to your face or someone trying to manipulate you behind your back. If I was Elissa I would go with the flow for the next few weeks and get a side deal going with someone. Get deeper into the game, and then break out on my own. It all will come down to who wins the next HOH.

      • You must not have seen Elissa on that show when Rachel got married – what a biotch!! And a drunken one at that – just plain arrogant, nasty, rude with a sense of entitlement – she needs to go before the ego grows more.

      • No Snuggles, I did not see that. Perhaps I would see her differently had I seen it.

    • Well, what can she do right now? He neck was on the line for a close to elimination. She needs to stay calm and collective for now. She will make a move when the time comes for it.


  4. They only want David gone because he’s a physical threat and the guys are jealous of him. He’s not very sharp so you could persuade him to do anything you want. Jessie is annoying and Elissa needs to go just because when i look at her I see Rachel and I cant stand that. So Elissa or JEssie should go not David


  6. I don’t want David to go, please save him. he is cute, funny and iI think he will be missed

  7. Elissa is the smart choice because she is much more likable than David or Jessie. Passing up an opportunity to get out likable players has been the downfall of many. With that said….I would NOT make the smart choice. I would get rid of David because his alliance is a frat party. I would choose to keep the players that I was able to live with over those that might cause me to lose my temper and hurt my game.

    • Agreed. Jesse and Elissa will have perpetual targets on their backs and, once Aaryn’s gone, David will probably become a lot more likable.

      • Elissa should have MVP again for all the abuse she is taking. Jerkemy is so hostile to her that he is now wishing that she gets stabbed and sent to the hospital. He should be gone gone gone. Then Aaryn. Jerkemy is unstable and even more so when drinking.

  8. I don’t really care who goes. And as far as MVP I don’t think any of them deserve it. All it’s been is a bunch of name calling and catty fights. And McCrae is ok but all he does is stay in the HOH with annoying Amanda. Spencer is another big mouth and all Andy does is cry. I don’t even think I’m going to vote for MVP until I see how they are actually going to play the game.

    • McCrae is a moron.Spencer&Andy aren’t even in my equation and I absolutely cannot stand Amanda.I wish she was leaving.

      • I don’t want Elissa to win it every week. Want someone else to shake things up.

      • Jeez Karen! Why don’t you scream at a stranger!? Did YOU read what you said? When asked who you would like to get MVP, you responded “Elissa”! Then you said not same winner every week. Contradict yourself much!?

      • When you butt into someone elses business and comment you should learn to read.She asked Who I wanted to win I said Elissa,for this week.Then she said she didn’t want her to win every week and I said I didn’t either ,that would be boring.And then she came back and said she didn’t want a repeat….so what is it you’re not understanding because I’ve said it multiple times.And I wasn’t screaming at her .There’s no contradictions in what I said.Learn to read.

      • All those exclamation points indicate screaming. You were wrong. You must be a child, not an adult. I’ll let it go as I cannot have an adult conversation with a child. Sorry to butt in, you are correct about that. It just struck me as mean, the way you responded to her. Forget it.

      • Thank you Traci. That is exactly what I meant. When she said Eissa I just stated I didn’t want her again. Didn’t think it was going to make her so defensive. I guess I won’t comment to her anymore. Lol

      • Wow a little defensive are we? Have a cocktail and chill out. Wasn’t trying to start an argument. You said you wanted Elissa again and I said I didn’t want a repeat.

      • Sorry Lavendargirl, she’s right…It’s none of my business. I certainly wasn’t trying to cause trouble. I totally understood the comments the same way you did. Whatever. Bottom line is this should be about Big Brother. I’ll leave it at that. I look forward to reading these posts & I won’t screw that up. Proceed

      • My defensive comment was to her not you Traci. Thank you. And you have every right to comment on this site. Like you said this is about Big Brother and I just won’t comment on her posts anymore. Thanks again.

  9. If David goes then a tough competitor is out of the house. If Jessie goes then it breaks up the catty girl alliance. As for Elissa, well she’s yet to be proven as a competitor. Strategy wise OR competition wise. But i would like her to stay a little longer at least to find out if she can make the cut. The girl alliance can be gotten rid of later. They don’t hold much power. So get rid of David before he wins an HOH.

  10. Ok, so Mcrae saved Canice and put up Elissa? I know he saved Candice, but missed the part where Elissa was put up. This question was posed Elissa, David or Candice.

    • If you’ve been watching the feeds, or reading Matthew Boyer’s posts, you would know that McCrae did win PoV, saved Candice, and then renominated Elissa.

  11. David should definitely go, what good is getting rid of Jessie or Elissa going to do to anyone. David’s the only real threat (ignoring the fact that he’s not particularly clever).

  12. I say David this week too. Jesse and Elissa can be dealt with later. I wouldn’t let Elissa stay too long though as I think she may be a good player. Jesse is just too arrogant, like David.

  13. Send David home with his stash. He doesn’t know what’s going on at any point of the day. The guy thinks he’s on “Temptation Island”

  14. After a week I’ve found the houseguests to be extremely boring. There isn’t one I care about. The most annoying (to me) is David and that horrible hair that he keeps twirling every two seconds. Is he a surfer or a beautician?

  15. I want Elissa gone. Especially with this whole mvp thing I don’t like that rachel is helping elissa from outside of the house. Plus, we’re still seeing rachel! I’m over her, I want people in the house who have no relations to annoying past season guests who BB is gonna try and incorporate in on a regular basis.

  16. I vote to evict the David, the Californian idiot. Without Ken, Barbie (AKA Aaryn, AKA Aryan, AKA KKK Member) will fall apart and will receive the demise that is well overdue for her.

  17. Well, I don’t see David as any kind of threat in any way BUT that being said, he is a stupid, obnoxious egomaniac (as are most of the younguns this season) who I would love to see gone and he can take his biotch girlfriend with him!

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