Big Brother 14 Live Feeds: Week 4 Wednesday Highlights

Big Brother 14 Live Feeds

I bet you can’t guess what happened on the Big Brother 14 house and on the Live Feeds.  Come on, try! You’ll never guess! Wait, what’s that? Janelle bashing all day long? OH! I thought you’d never guess.

So yeah, that’s pretty much all that happened today. Apparently the housguests aren’t allowed to tell Janelle they’re voting to evict her but they’re allowed to lie to her and tell her she’s safe causing her to slack on campaigning. Sounds totally fair, Big Brother. For all the Janelle basing and little else, read on to find out what we saw and heard yesterday on the Big Brother Live Feeds.

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Big Brother 14 Live Feed Highlights – Wednesday, August 8, 2012:

1o:03 AM BBT — Wake-up call.

11:12 AM BBT — Frank talking to the Live Feeds. Says he hopes everyone watching realizes Janelle is playing a terrible game this season.

11:16 AM BBT — Boogie and Britney discussing Danielle’s job. Boogie thinks she’s lying about being a teacher. He thinks she’s in the medical field. Britney plays along since she kind of knows some of the truth now. But with Danielle, the truth is hard to find, it seems.

11:42 AM BBT — Britney tells Danielle that Boogie knows her job secret. Danielle doesn’t seem to care but says she’ll never confirm it. Who cares if she’s a nurse anyway?

11:48 AM BBTBritney and Danielle talking about what happened with Shane last night. Britney thinks they shouldn’t be coupling up. They talk about Danielle’s other relationships.

1:17 PM BBT — Dan says he wants to tell Janelle she’s going home. Boogie tells him production wouldn’t like that.

2:45 PM BBT — Joe tells Frank he’s sure Ian, Ashley, Jenn and Wil are working together.

3:00 PM BBT — Joe plans to win several HOHs. He also thinks Ashley is an actress. Oh, and he tells Shane he has his back 100 percent. Joe’s trying to find an alliance at every corner of the house.

3:35 PM BBTJanelle tells Frank in case she leaves tomorrow she wants to say she’s sorry for saying bad things about him. They have a nice heart to heart. Too bad Janelle couldn’t have picked Frank in the first episode.

3:52 PM BBT — Jenn bashes Janelle, reminding us she’s still in the house.

4:45 PM BBT — Britney continues to snow Janelle by saying Dan would be crazy to vote her out.

5:01 PM BBTBritney is upset over lying to Janelle. She feels guilty and is almost crying. She asks Dan why they’re voting Janelle out again. Britney wants to at least tell her she’s going home.

5:15 PM BBT — Danielle is telling Britney she lets Janelle bully her. Britney says she’s not being bullied. Danielle’s lunacy continues.

7:36 PM BBT — Feeds return after a mystery outage. Looks like the HGs had a pizza party. HGs saying it must be the half-way party which leads to speculation as to why they’d have a party before anyone goes to jury. Boogie thinks something is definitely up.

7:45 PM BBT — Boogie thinks the party means two people will be going home this week.

8:14 PM BBT — Britney tells Boogie the Diary Room told her she can’t tell Janelle she’s going home.

8:37 PM BBT — Janelle is convinced she has the votes to stay. Apparently production is OK with people lying to a person to blindside them but the truth is out of the question. Why do we watch this show again?

9:15 PM BBT — Britney tells Janelle the Diary Room told her they’re not allowed to say how they’re voting. She says they’re being strict with that this season.

9:42 PM BBT — Dan tells Janelle he will tell her if she’s getting evicted. Even though he won’t/can’t.

1:10 AM BBT — Danielle is on about Round 223 of Janelle bashing and about .5 percent of what she says is true. (And for the record, this isn’t us bashing Danielle, this is us sharing the truth based on what has happened on the Live Feeds. Janelle says one thing and Danielle twists it into another. That’s a fact.)

So it looks like Janelle is toast. Maybe this time she’ll at least be able to put some make-up on and get blindsided with some dignity. I wonder what the focus will be after Janelle leaves the house?

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    • Yep. Just because Danielle is SO jealous of Janelle, she thinks it`s ok to lie to her own alliance? What a jack-ass. Danielle has been “twisting” Janelle stories around like CRAZY. I kinda want Janelle to stay cuz she`s good for the show and for the game. She can be a little snobby but she`s not THAT bad. (NOT as bad a Danielle: THAT`S for sure!) Also, Britney has been my favorite but BOY, she sure has been kissing Danielle`s ass lately. What is she doing?! (NO Britney!) Danielle`s over-exaggerated imagination is really getting on my nerves, lately. She`s screwing up Britney`s head and game by her bullshit. 

    • either Danielle, Frank or Boogie I would love to see anyone or all of them go out the door before Jury

    • Double evictions are brutal! If anything, we’ll have to pray that Shane doesn’t win so that someone could send her packing. Unless he’s sick and tired of the Faux-showmance and would take pleasure in sending her home. 

    •  That girl is a brick shy of a load,delusional at best and I’m not sure how much longer i can listen to the grating voice like nails on a chalkboard.Get rid of her already!

  1. God, I hope Janelle goes home. There have been some nights were I had to turn of the live feeds because she wouldn’t stop complaining about “The Ogre” Frank. And now that she thinks she might be going home she wants to amend any offenses…what class! 

  2. I don’t understand why production won’t let the hg’s tell Janelle she’s getting voted out, seems like they’d enjoy the drama that would surely follow..

    • You know, I was just thinking. Does anyone think that BBN ISN`T telling them that and “maybe” the 6 of them are making it up to keep the house more mellow this week? I didn`t hear anyone else from the other side mentioning this rule. Have you guys? Maybe I missed it. It just doesn`t make ANY sense to me cuz how is Janelle suppose to fight to stay in the house if she doesn`t even know what`s really gong on? If I missed others from the OTHER side relaying this same BBN message at some point, please let me know. (anyone else besides Dan, Boogie, Britney, Danielle, Frank or Shane). Thanks! :)

      •  Janelle has offered most of her clothes to Danielle and others..She is going about packing her things in a very calm and don’t care manner…Yes Janelle will go out the door..BUT,she will be back..wait and thoughts

      •    If you’re on the block unless you’re a complete idiot you should always be campaigning to secure votes because this is BIG BROTHER!!!!!!!!  That’s why I love it.

  3. i dont know why you guys at bbn are so against this blindside.  all this lying is making for great tv. i for one am enjoying thus season much more than the last 3

    • There is for sure more drama this season for the viewers!  I love it when people are clueless to whats going on.
      On a side note, I dont think all at BBN are against it.  They are basically just fans like the rest of us and love the drama, too.

  4. I think its kinda funny that she still thinks she has some safety.  It’s time for her to hang up her Big Brother appearances once and for all.  Shes played out and not the same Janie she used to be.
    @Branden:disqus , whats wrong with the HGs bashing her when she has done her fair share of the same thing to other HGs? (other than it gets a little boring for all the attention on one person at a time)
    Go Home, Janie!!

    • That’s really unfair. Remember, Janelle wasn’t a regular player up until last week; that’s why she hasn’t made any solid alliances. If she had been able to truly be able to play from Day 1, I have no doubt she’d a queen bee of an alliance right not–as always. Though, in hindsight, maybe she should have gotten to work last week when she knew early, but I’m sure that was hard to do when production didn’t want her to blab (even though she did).

      • Even though she had no voting power as a coach, she ran her team of Ash, Wil and Joe. Those guys had no idea how to play the game. She ran her team away from Britney in week 1, ran to Boogie in week 2, and then ran back to Britney in week 3. She never put herself in a situation to have a solid alliance when the coaches entered the game.

        Janelle didnt play a game smart this year.

      • Janelle chose the reset!

        She made a deal with Brit that they would reset together then work as a team. Brit is the biggest liar in the house.

        She’s also the player that seems to spend the most time bashing others. She’s the worst kind of player.

    • I agree the vets are all just clueless, just last week Boogie had NO idea they were sending Fank home … It was Awesome to see the light buld go off :-)

  5. ??? Can someone explain why “production” has any say in whether they tell Janelle or not?  I guess I don’t get that? 

    • usually you can hear the production telling them not talk about production. But when Brit were telling Janelle that lie the production didn’t stop her.

    FOOTBALL.   MAKES ME CRAZY  !!!!!!!!!!!  

    • does the station have a sister station ? because they have done that a few times here …WE normally watch on ch2 but during other things like football they showit on ch 9 at the normal time …it’s worth a try to find out..hope this helps

  7. Haha this is great! Get that botox loving or whatever is going on with her face, whining brat outta there 

  8. ..the wrestling between Shane and Danielle in the HOH bed last night on BBAD was a little more than I wanted to see..Danielle should have tried alot harder to keep her legs together..this girl is pathetic in the way that she keeps throwing herself at him and acting like a little school kid. For the viewer’s sake, please stop!!

    • Danielle is a very immature girl.  She is not capable of seeing many things like how important it is to keep your wits so that you win.  Regarding Shane, from day one I wonder if he is into girls at all.  I really don’t care either way but it would appear that any affection from Shane towards Danielle is for game sake and nothing more.

    • cancelled my bbad because of that ..I don’t feel like watching that witch anymore and her throwing herself at him OMG . He has already said to all of america that he is just using her and she is nothing to him…it’s going to be funny when he does dump her crazy ass. Shane is just being a man ..Put it in his face and he will do anything for it….

  9. I was watching the flashback to Danielle and Britney’s conversation about Shane yesterday – Danielle is a nutbar.  Isn’t it Danielle that keeps asking Shane for kisses? And isn’t it Danielle that keeps initiating the cuddling with Shane?  I mean…she’s a little scary…like crazy scary.

  10. This season has more lies than any other season lol. I felt so bad for janelle last night, how all house were against her.
    Technically she did dig her own grave when she pushed Dan to bring Boogie to play together, she worked hard to add Boogie to the mix, and the taste just turned sour.
    she was in the loop with them tell Dan talked to Boogie. So she digged her on grave, Boogie pushed her in it and now the HG are covering her with the dirt. kinda sad. But LOL I love it

    • Boogie’s chances of winning $500,000 are also getting buried.None of the newbies are going to vote for him in jury.He needs to sit next to a coach in final 2 not Frank. The target on Dans back has just gotten bigger ,also.Dumb move by Rat faced Boogie. 

      •  Response to DuggyD’s comment more or less:

        I don’t think Boogie will sell out Frank. He’s said on numerous
        occasions he would save Frank with PoV and do anything to keep Frank safe,
        which could.would put Boogie ultimately in jeopardy of getting evicted himself. Boogie didn’t want to
        reset the game, he just wanted to get his players far and to get himself
        the coach prize. I don’t think Boogie has any real desire to win the
        $500k, it would just be an added bonus. I think he will be loyal to Frank the way he was loyal to Will.

        I think Dan will meet his demise at the hands of Boogie. It would be just beautiful if Boogie or Ian or Frank put up Dan against Shane. Not only would have you Danielle suffering like crazy, you would cement her demise as well as pit two of the Six against each other, ultimately breaking the alliance and drawing a line in the sand.

  11. i wasnt big fans of frank and boodie ive been wanting frank to go everysince they first put him up the first time but now since stupid danielle put up janelle i hope they win it all and put up shane and danelle next week i mean come on danielle and shane are saying there like brenchell serously they won a couple comps and it went straight to there head totally arrogant

  12. What really kills me that all of them resent lies telling and each of them is genuine in it. I hoped if she new that they stabbed her so she turns the table around. but they have no balls to do so.

  13. I hope it is a double elimination also, I would so like to see that dingbat Ashley fly up out of that house!  How do CBS ever cast a MORON like her?????

  14. Britney and Dan both seemed very bad about Janelle being evicted, at least two people have hearts. :(

    • Brit didn’t feel Bad at all, in after dark show she kept talking bad about Janelle even though they have the votes to evict her. Brit has to faces and both of her faces are so ugly like her voice.

      • Janelle kinda did this to herself. While she was a coach she and her team bounced around to who was in power. They were on Brits team week one. Franks week two, and back to Brit week three. Thats why they want her, and her team out.

  15. I hope to see Brit to be next to go home, I just cant listing to her talking, she talk through her nose I will love to see them play her again her voice is so annoying and her lazy eyes freak me out.

  16. Why wen someone plays the gam people always clam that the person is crazy like how people say that Danielle has MPD.

  17. I don’t know. I really want to keep watching despite my fan loyalty to Janelle, because she DID mess up (when Boogie confronted her), but I honestly can’t think of anyone else to like this season. 

    • Brit was Janelle BFF and she was the first to stab her. all Boogie said he don’t trust Janelle and they flipped on her.

      •  Janelle could have made the same alliance that boogie did,but she wanted to stick with the coaches. Three of the coaches were not ready to dump their favorite player yet. She kept pushing to get rid of Frank and boogie out played her simple as that.

  18.  I cant stand these houseguest seriously. None of them deserve to win, these houseguest are either following other people, or not doing anything. Even thought I cant freaking stand that douchebag Booger it was a good move on his part. But I still dont like him. These houseguest gets on my nerves and they really need to think of there game instead of playing someone elses..

      • How can Boogie be riding Frank’s coat tails when Boogie is the one that save Frank and Frank hasn’t really done anything this season?

    • I agree I think Boogie made a great move.I dont care for him but if the other hg want to listen to him then he deserves to win. I am really shocked by Dan and Brit for believing in him to they played this game already and if they cant see he is lieing then they need to go to.I really dont care for this cast this year but since i am a big bb fan i continue to watch. At one point i was hoping for dan but because he is playing a bad game this year and boogie is playing a smart game i am now cheering for boogie.I hope all of us will be surprise tonight and jenelle stays and then the War will begin,But i know that wont happen.

      •  Boogie’s plan to evict Janelle is strictly personal. He is just mad because she got rid of Boogie’s boyfriend back in Season 7. The only strategic part is that he was able to convince Dan. And whatever Dan says Danielle will do. These houseguest are really annoying and im sick of them already. Nobody deserves to win

  19. Even though I can’t stand Boogie, I hope he wins this season. Then everyone who listened to him and trusted him can be stabbed right in the back and see how stupid they were to do his dirty work. If they were smart it would be him going home tonight. I can’t wait to laugh at all of these morons as they get evicted one by one.

  20. i don’t get why production won’t let them tell janelle…. that sounds fishy… wouldn’t it cause more drama if she did know? causing more viewers? I’m ok with janelle going home, i think it’s a good game move but it would have been equally as good if frank was leaving… i don’t really know who i’m routing for anymore….

    • I don’t think they do, I guess it is just a lie to keep Janelle in the dark. usually you can hear the production telling them not talk about production. But when Brit were telling Janelle that lie the production didn’t stop her.

    • I’m totally with you about not knowing who to route for !  Been trying to pick a fave all season so far & just not finding anyone who stands out for me. Makes me feel kinda “wishy-washy” but maybe its the players this season that are the wishy-washy ones …idk

  21. BB production team please tell the HG not to spread lies about production, and if they do kick them out.

  22. I dont know why Brit came back she wasnt any great player. Cant wait to see her go home were she belongs.

  23. I pray Boogie wins it all. If these HG are too stupid to know what he is doing they dont deserve to be in the game. I was pulling for Danielle but can not stand her now. I pray she next to go and gets same blindside she gave Janielle.

  24. Janelle will only be gone until they bring Pandora’s Box into this season. Surprise Janelle is back and BB will have wasted another HOH.   BB is betting heavily on Janelle improving their ratings for this season.  And wait, another twist, Janelle will be America’s Player.

    • They aren’t going to bring anyon back. Do you not realize that we have a month to go and there’s twelve HGs? She’s gone tonight… fans nees to start accepting it. There won’t be some magical “power” that saves her. That’d be two HoHs in a row wasted and things would be even more suspicious in regards to manipulation than they already are. All that blatant manipulation is going to do is send the show to the chopping block sooner. They can get away with subtle manipulation but they have to stay under the radar. The producers most likely want a big tv moment tonight for when she is blindsided. Why else would the DR tell Dan that they can’t reveal their votes to her? If janelle comes back via pandoras box, it’ll be for 24 hours as a guest, ala Rachel in BB12.

  25. Wouldn’t be shocked if the producers pulled something crazy, in order to save janelle! I wouldn’t mind! I love janelle!

    • I believe they did something to save Rachel when she was on the block so anything can happen but lets hope that is what they do.  They need to tell Boogie he did that phone bit with Wil get a new bit to do because it’s stupid

      • If anything, production is wanting janelle to go. They’re telling all HGs not to tell her who their votes are for. I think they want to have a big TV moment for when Janelle is blindsided. There isn’t going to be a twist hat somehow saves her…. Why does anyone want something like that anyway? When production starts screwing with things it’s no longer a reality show. It’s scripted.

  26. what a mess of a season. production should be just as bored and uninterested about danielles crotch that they should turn the cam away and show us something game worthy! 

  27. I am sorry to see Janelle go.  I only hope that someone catches on to Danielle’s lies soon and we can smile as her butt walks out the door.

    • Brit is the one who make the lies, Danielle is just a dumb they tell her jump she ask how high.

  28. Im so over boogie and his diary room with Frank , it was funny with Dr. Will, just sad that he does it now, also, he moaned like a little girl for everyone lying to him last week, but hey its okay he is doing it to Janelle., I so want Boogie out of this game, I want all of the coaches gone, let the new players have the game, I really like Ian and Wil

  29. Boogie is the only one true to his buddy, he said it flat out I won’t make deals to get Frank out. All of them are ready to step on their buddy.
    Dan first thing he said to Boogie , I don’t mind to get rid of danielle and shain.

  30.  im not a fan of janelle but danielle’s lying and twisting janelle’s words around gets me mad , cant wait till danielle is out the door next !

  31.  the one thing i hate about Daniellei is she saying shane is the one who pushes her for cuddles…she told brittney….but what pisses me off is why doesnt brittney tell shane what she says… then shane will see shes delutional liar

  32. why does Janelle think she was put on the block if she is safe?  what would have been the point of using the POV unless it is to backdoor someone?  Janelle looks like she is not interested in playing the game this summer.  She probably wants to go home.  no fight – no game – no strategy

    •  She just had a kid, I am surprised a new mother would agree to go on the show. Oh wait I know why she is a sociopath!

  33. this season is defiantly shaping up to be one of the better ones. 1st reason is because it’s not vets. vs. newbies like last season. i think because of coaching twist, the coaches had a chance to actually get close to the newbies, before having to play. Also, there’s a lot more drama, and a lot more actual players. lets not kid ourselves last season only 1 person knew how to play BB, and he left the first week for personal issues. Better vets + Better HG + Better Twist = Better season.

  34. I think production has something to do with shanes 180 on the way he acts with Danielle now, it looks fake. after lastnites wrestling match with them two.. that was strange after the incident he sat like across from her…like weird… i mean most guys would be right by you holding you or kissing…you can see its production that prob tells shane to act this way but most of us who watch think it looks fake. so please production stop. its forced looking..

  35. Danielle uses the term BULLY or BULLYING about Janelle although janelle has never bullied anyone in the house. It really is sad that she uses the term bully so easily when in todays society bullying is such a serious problem. To say someone is bullying another because they are talking to hg’s on if they are voting for them or not(is that not what people on the block do???)is bullying then Danielle has more serious problems than I thought. She is so insecure and jealous overall but this takes it to a new level. I can’t wait til danielle gets what is coming to her. I can’t believe any of the houseguests have told Dani that what Janelle is doing is NOT bulling(its calling playing the game)! So over Danielle the inmature girl who throws herself on shane and then says its shane who is throwing himself at her(cuddling)lol. Please.

  36. You know that the BB Producers will ahve a double eviction at some point… i hope its not this week though.

  37. I think the possibility of a DE is high given the number of HG left.     But the excitement of a double eviction depends on who wins HOH.     If it’s a coach then don’t expect much.   They will go for the least amount of drama.   Probably would nom Wil and Joe. If it’s a newbie then all bets are off.    I would expect Frank/Boogie or Dan/Brit to be nominated.   Hopefully a newbie would have the guts to nom two power players.   But so far they’ve been disappointing.   Once Janelle says howdy to Julie i expect some sort of twist.   Too many hg and so little time.   As for Janelle leaving…..had to happen sooner or later.   Her game spirit just wasn’t there.   But thanks Janelle for giving us some great BB moments in the past.

  38.  @Kris Hanshaw, I completely agree with you on everthing except Britney so I don’t have to type it out .Britney is doing the same as in her season floating under the radar and letting everyone else do her dirty work…Boogie as soon as I saw he was coming back I considered not watching BB at all..I can’t stand to see or hear him ..If they had a brain between all of them they would’ve got rid of him asap.I decided not to watch anymore of this season because of all the lying and whinning. The stalker lunatic is running the asylum.It’s gonna be funny when Dirty pig Shane dumps the lunatic Danielle after he gets what he wants from her
    and he probably already has gotten IT from her ,What a cute couple a dirty douchebag and a raving ,lying lunatic…What really sucks is I’ve watched BB since day one and look forward to watching it every year…but NO MORE… 

  39. does it seem strange to anyone else that only 1 person (brit) was told that they couldn’t reveal who they’re voting for? seems like they would have told everyone if it’s true.

  40. If Janelle leaves there is no reason to watch anymore she is the one playing the game right and not stabbing everyone in the back( Dan ,Britney,Boogie,) I hope a coach doesn’t win because they aren’t doing anything but ride on the back of the newbies ignorance.. Dan you are a slimey jackass I hope you don’t win anything ..And you were one of my favorites too..Hope your students aren’t watching .. Love you Janelle the other HG are just jealous of you

  41. you legitimately sound mad that janelle is going home. if you are writing for a big brother site, you must know that they are allowed to lie. You make it sound like they are breaking rules…

  42. People have always lied on BB…What’s new? I love this show but this season is very strange…

  43. Honestly I am tired of the same returning house guests.  How about next season we have all new players and no veterans???

    • We ask that every year & it never happens. I hope BB 15 is all newbies but not holding my breath.

  44. Hypocrites. They are “mad” at Janelle because she lied, but they have been lying as well! Dan & Mike WON THEIR SEASONS BY LYING! Apparently lying is par for the course on BB, so why don’t they just quit using it as an excuse. Danielle and Brittney don’t like Janelle because she is “pretty girl competition.” The house, as in life, seems to pit pretty girl against pretty girl. Danielle is an insecure lying little baby. She is NOT a sorority girl…her community college where she got her Associates degree didn’t have sororities. And CBS, while I have watched this show forever…count me out from now on. I’m tired of the same crap, different season.

    • Totally agree!! I can’t stand Danielle. She says Janelle is fake but she is the fakest one in the house. Janelle going home is completely PERSONAL! And I hate how it is being done. I respect blindsides with top competitors but this one is just wrong.

  45. Let me remind ~ BB hmmm how boring would it be if there was everyone being nicey nice ~ telling the truth and all getting along…..zzzzzzz SPICE it up ~ bring on the drama ~ gives everyone something to talk about ~ bashing, lying that is BB right there ….. ENJOY 

  46. omg Danielle said her goodbye message to janelle..was nothing can come between me and my man…hahaha what man your imaginary man shane…or trey. rachel really had a man. Danielle is a stalking freak dont compare ypurself to brenchel they are solid.. you and shane are nothing… get a book about how to read men,

  47. The truth is that it’s time for all 4 veterans to leave.  None of the newbies play their own game because they are so heavily influenced by the vets.  So… double eviction tonight… Danielle and Boogie !

  48. “He’s such a loser! What a douchebag!” Lmao Janelle still one of the greatest and most likeable players to ever play this game. Have fun raising you’re baby Janelle, you’ve earned you’re spot in BB history.

  49. This is the 14th season I’ve watched Big Brother it will be my and my friends last year if Mike or Dan win this year big brother I think that the new players got a bad deal this year because of bringing back the coaches in game they should have left them as coaches…It’s getting hard to watch Mike Boggie I hate him dearly”……..

    •  If you’re going to stop watching because someone wins that YOU don’t want to win,then you shouldn’t be watching the show to begin with.That sounds like something a five year old would say.

  50. Why is production interfering with what the HG are allowed to say? Isn’t that tampering with the game? Does anyone know why they’re doing that this season?

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