Big Brother 14 Live Feeds: Week 2 Wednesday Highlights

Things are heating up ahead of tonight’s Big Brother 14 live eviction show. The Live Feeds have been pretty mild for a couple days, but Wednesday JoJo spent the day campaigning and smack-talking and smack-talking some more. Janelle took it upon herself to try to get Danielle fired up for things JoJo said about her last week. If there’s one thing you can count on from Janelle, it’s her quest to create good TV. Read on to find out what we saw and heard yesterday on the Big Brother Live Feeds.

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Big Brother 14 Live Feed Highlights – Wednesday, July 25, 2012:

9:20 AM BBT — HGs are up after wake-up call.

9:28 AM BBT — Joe tells Shane he’d rather have him in the house than Frank. OK, Joe.

10:20 AM BBT — Joe and Wil discussing their coach. They say they no longer want to share anything with Janelle. They also think Ashley has become a liability. They talk about making a deal with Frank and Ian, while keeping Janelle in the dark.

11:01 AM BBT — Britney telling Shane and JoJo it’s not over for JoJo yet. She thinks there’s still a chance to play on the fact that if Danielle is out, Dan is out. And that’s what Boogie wants.

11:21 AM BBT — Britney brings up a point I haven’t heard anyone mention. If there are only six people in jury, then America could get the seventh vote. Season 11 included a vote from the viewing public.

2:50 PM BBTJoJo making fun of Janelle to Shane. She says she should’ve had a nose job since she’s a fan of plastic surgery.

3:10 PM BBT — Frank discussing the times he almost died. This is a crazy story.

4:30 PM BBT — JoJo is pleading her case to Frank again. She admits her mistakes with Willie. He tells her he has no vote.

5:50 PM BBT — Dinner time.

6:35 PM BBT — JoJo and Shane discuss different scenarios and paranoia. They pretty much smack talk everyone. They say Britney isn’t as good a coach as the others.

7:25 PM BBT — JoJo shares her alliance wish with Ian. She tells him she wants an alliance with him, Shane, Ashely and Frank. JoJo’s campaigning goes on for a while. She’s working hard.

7:55 PM BBT — Boogie asks Ian if he’s OK letting Shane win HOH. Ian says yes but he will fight hard against Wil and Joe. They want Shane to get HOH so he can target Janelle’s team.

8:05 PM BBT — Boogie has an interesting thought: He thinks the next coaches’ competition winner will get the chance to pick an eliminated player to come back and join their team.

9:25 PM BBT — Britney and Danielle are flat-ironing Ian’s hair.

9:50 PM BBTJanelle tries to make “good TV” by tracking down Danielle to tell her that JoJo has been talking trash about her, calling her fat and trying to get her voted out. They’re trying to get her fired up, but I think they’re forgetting she’s not Willie. Janelle is totally having a Mean Girls moment and it’s worth a watch for a good laugh.

10:17 PM BBT — Coiencidentally, JoJo is talking smack about Janelle with Ashley in the arcade room. JoJo goes on to say she thinks this season is shaping up to be the most boring season ever. She thinks it’s all going so predictable.

10:40 PM BBT — Lockdown is over. The HGs find part of the HOH challenge set up in the backyard.  They immediately start practicing. It’s some sort of hockey game.

12:00 AM BBT — Janelle confronts JoJo and Britney over JoJo saying Janelle wants her out.

12:40 AM BBT — Everyone thinks Joe should not give JoJo his votes just for a couple packs of cigarettes.

The Live Feeds will surely be interesting after tonight. I have a feeling we’re going to learn some fun things that may shake the house up. Are you with me? Bring it on!

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  1. No kidding Danielle’s not Willie. Jojo could be kicking her puppy and Danielle would just go “Well, do you think I should confront her? I’m just not that kind of person.”

  2. Jojo is right. This season is boring. I don’t like the coaching spin and i am having a hard time watching boogie again. It’s so bad that i would actually trade out boogie for rachel…yes i just said that. And frank should be embarrassed. I don’t know if it’s just editing but i looks like people are talking to boogie and not frank. Who is HOH boogie or frank?

    • There is nothing wrong talking with the best coach in the house. That is how you learn to play on Big Brother! Brittney and Janelle have not won Big Brother and only Dan aside from Mike Boogie have won Big Brother so,
      who would you rather talk and listen to? Hell, even Shane allied himself to
      Frank and Mike Boogie, smart move on his part! The fools among the players are like Willie who could have had the strongest alliance with
      Frank and possibly Shane when he messed it up and all because he did not like Mike Boogie. So, he pisses his chances at $500,000 because he disliked one of the coaches? Willie did not have a clue to play the game and yet, he thought he knew better than the coaches who have already
      won Big Brother?

  3. Note to Big Brother Production;  never bring former players back ; it is getting tedious.

    • I think a season of ALL Super-Fans would be a great twist! (twist, since vets seem to be the thing)

      And let it be the people who have actually Applied to the show, not picked by hand from production.  Supa-Fans Only =)  That would be fun to watch!

  4. This is a boring season so far.  We don’t watch the live feeds-I just keep track online and read the spoilers and etc. Do they have food comps anymore? those are not shown or at least not yet. I don’t think that the coaches are going to enter, but I bet Kara has a chance of coming back

  5.  I love Jojo I hope she stays. Wow Joe now you think it would have been better evicting Frank you should have thought of that last week. I hope either Shane or Jojo wins HoH so that they can target Janelle’s team.

  6. Wow I don’t understand how ppl think this season is boring like its week 2!!!! The first week in any season I don’t think there’s been so much drama or fights ever. Like it calms down and everyone jumps ship. It does feel like td mid game considering there only nine weeks left but it’s only week 2!!

    • Big Brother barely started and the alliances that matter has just been formed! Shane has just allied himself with Frank and Mike Boogie’s team.
      That is a big move right there! You have two of the best players aligning
      themselves to each other! In addition, you have the other players Joe, Wil,
      Ashley now realizing that they have to play for themselves and ignore their coach which happens to be Janelle. The same goes for Jojo whose coach
      is Brittney. It is just getting interesting and will be more so down the line!
      People are too impatient because Willie gave them lots of drama so early in the game. That is not even a smart move! Those who last in Big Brother or
      Survivor are those who fly under the radar not attracting attention to themselves! And the players who end up winning it usually have strong
      alliances which see them thru the very end!

  7. Ah what a bunch of morons that we have in the house…… hey heres an idea lets all keep playing as teams and take out dans last member……. OMG…. its such a smart play…. It makes me start to wonder if some of them are even thinking.

    How do we know if dan gets evicted along with Danielle ???? ….. What if there is a hidden twist where being that dan is out of players, he himself enters the game…… What if dan figured it out and thats why he has been blowing comp’s. Im sure if thats the case where a coach enters the game, the others would them selfs would want to enter as well just for a bigger prize.

    • Well, if that’s the case…then it would be the PERFECT idea to get Danielle out!   If he enters the game once Danielle is out the door, then wouldn’t it make sense to have him come in the game now?  If they were to keep Danielle, that means he has another week in which he is safe from being nominated.  Get out Danielle, have Dan enter the game, then win HOH and nominate Dan?  The longer you keep his players around, the more time he spends protected from nominations because of his coach status.

    • on bb after dark it said dan would be booted out if kara left he is not coming into the game 

      •  Everyone keeps saying   ” BB after dark said this … BB  said that ”  Heres the problem with that, is that just like the people in the house, fans are also following what BB says.  Think outside the box, there are two very logical reasons why that can be a false statment

        1. Why is there even a key hole next to coaches???? If they cant enter the game, then why put a hole  there????

        2. Week 2 and already at 9 players 8 / 7 after tonights episode… so were already at jury house going into week 3.

        It just doesn’t make sense when you start to put the puzzle together. Plus its big brother where the motto is ” Expect the unexpected “

  8. I have been reading on the spoilers page, And I just want to say I am a little disappointed in this season! I really dislike the entire idea with the Coaches this is not their game and they are playing like it is! Can’t stand Janel and the Brittney is acting with her players it’s just wrong! Ashley is playing the entire house, and Joe went through Franks bag in the first week! So why would Brittney tell Jojo not to say anything it is only perhaps help her since she has pretty much been told by just about everyone she will be going home tonight! And Jojo is correct in saying this season is going to be really boring if she does go home, and to stop telling your coaches everything! Completely disappointed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Ok now people….why is Boogie playing the game?  I thought he is there to coach his players to how to play the game. I was watching the episode where Shane came into HOH room and Boogie did all the strategy talk with him and Frank (dummy) just sat there and listened to the conversation without adding anything to it. Then Shane left and Frank says nice talk to Boogie.  I don’t know what COACH means to anyone else, but to me I play the game and my coach watches and gives me feedback. NOT them playing the game and there team watches what happens next.  

    • What are you talking about? Coaches don’t participate on HOH and Veto competition. Nor they can vote. But it doesn’t stop them from manipulating or influencing the players. Their goal is to win 100k. I personally don’t like this mentoring theme this season on BB. I think it’s sucks.

  10. 2 things:

    1.  CBS is in big trouble once the Olympics start.  The ratings for BB will plummet.  And I think that’s why there’s less players this season.  I think they’re gonna do something like not have any evictions for 2 weeks during the Olympics.  They’ll do prize competitions and things like that.  Why else would they basically have 2 fewer players than normal?

    2.  Janelle may be the Comp Queen, but she continues to prove why she hasn’t won this game in the 2 times she’s played.  She’s making the wrong moves at the wrong time and aligning with the wrong people.  She should have her team cut a deal with JoJo and Shane to save JoJo, evict Danielle, then go after Boogie’s team.  Since Frank can’t compete in the next HOH, they’d have a 5-2 advantage in getting HOH and knocking one of Boogie’s players out next.

    Last night I could see a glimmer of this in Janelle’s eyes when she was talking to her team in the arcade but she just didn’t have the stones to push her team to make the move that would be best for them.

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