Big Brother 14 Live Feeds: Week 10 Friday Highlights

Big Brother 14 Live Feeds

Just three little mice left in Big Brother 14. The drama has cooled since Thursday night’s explosive eviction, but there’s still work to be done. One competition down and two to go before the big finale show. HGs spent the day cheerful in a group of three, but whispering in pairs while they awaited the second round of the final HoH.

Read on to find out what we saw and heard yesterday on the Big Brother Live Feeds.

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Big Brother 14 Live Feed Highlights – Friday, September 14, 2012:

8:50 AM BBT – HGs are up early and getting dressed in nicer clothes.

9:52 AM BBT – Trivia breaks to show HGs enjoying a big breakfast.

11:35 AM BBT – Live Feeds return. Dan says he’s stuffed from their big meal. It seems like they just had their “reflection” event for the season.

11:55 AM BBT – Danielle talking with Dan while Ian is in the DR. She’s annoyed with Ian. Seems he has been asking if she knew what Dan was going to do. Danielle says she can’t die happy if Ian wins.

1:00 PM BBT – Dan and Danielle reading their HoH letters from home.

1:45 PM BBT – Dan is alone and going through various Jury House votes. He’s pondering if Britney will vote against him for personal reasons (it didn’t sound like that from what we saw) and if he has any chance at Frank’s vote (I’m doubtful, but there’s time).

2:30 PM BBT – Ian joins Dan in the Lounge. Dan is working it to seem like he’s still at odds with Danielle. Dan pushing Ian to throw the comp so he can allegedly evict Danielle. Ian says he can’t throw anything at this point.

3:45 PM BBT – HGs comment that they can still hear construction in the backyard.

4:05 PM BBT – Danielle tells Ian she wants to be the one to get to evict Dan. Both sides of the Dan/Danielle alliance are smoothly working on Ian to convince him they’re going to evict the other.

5:15 PM BBT – Cameras and appliances have been going haywire in the house. Ian thinks there was an apocalypse outside.

8:45 PM BBT – Dan insists Britney pushed the reset button as well. He didn’t like getting all the blame for that.

11:52 PM BBT – Boredom leads Dan and Danielle to wrap Ian up in toilet paper like a mummy.

12:40 AM BBT – Danielle talking with Dan about him evicting Shane. She’s still pretty upset about it. Danielle thinks things would have been easier if they had kept Shane over Ian. It’s a very long talk as they play chess. Lots of back and forth over decisions made and the impact. Important takeaway: Dan says he’ll celebrate if Ian wins Round 2 then Danielle should act angry at Ian and voice suspicion that they have a F2 deal.

Ian is caught in the middle and I don’t think he even knows it. On Saturday the second part of the final HoH should play out. If Danielle beats Ian then you’re looking at a solid F2 with Dan and Danielle. If Ian wins then it could go either way. It all comes down this!

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  1. Please Ian pull this off… I love underdogs hense buffalo bills fan here. But Ian is beyond intelligent and hope he uses his head if he wins. And really hope he doesn’t pass out to give his final pick. He needs an oxygen machine if he wins big brother.. Love the show though..

    • One other thing..When Dan voted out Shane he ran into the room with Danielle saying that he is doing this for her that he is her coach and he needs to see her win. Dan was going over all the votes in the jury saying she only needs 1 more. Well then Dan if you are saying you are doing this so she wins then put yourself in the jury house and vote for her to win…. That would be a true coach as he “claims” to still be doing..

      • Don’t you realize he was lying to Dumbelle? he lies to everyone… That is how he plays…. His moves r to his own benefit….

      • Cathy, all the stuff Dan was saying to Danielle was a lie. It was a lie! He was saying it because she would believe him, she can not think for herself. All he had to do was say, “I did it for you. I am trying to get you to the end, as your coach.” And she bought it. But, he is NOT her coach, he is her competition! And if she can not see that then she deserves to lose to him. It is not Dan’s fault that he is in the house with a group of sheep. These people are easily manipulated. Shane and Danielle did not question anything Dan told them! At least Jenn recognized that he was managing to do some amazing things to save himself. Again, Dan is not coaching Danielle, but he says he is because it makes her feel important to him.

      • He talks to her like she’s a child. Doing it for her? To get her the win? Because he’s her coach? Pitiful. Danielle is self-absorbed because she is so needy. Dan makes her feel powerful.

      • He was lying. Why the hell would he give up half a million dollars for some girl he met 2 months ago? Why else would he even consider throwing HoH to Ian? He wants her out because if everyone is still bitter, he’ll lose. However, if Ian wins and votes her out, the jury will be forced to vote based on gameplay because Ian ticked off quite a few people as well. It is a game. I know it’s hard to believe, but lying is often part of it.

  2. If Ian can pull off these next 2 wins, he So deserves the $500K! Hes playing against a master manipulator, twice his age it seems, and a veteran bb winner! This is hardly fair for Ian!! My poor college kid!! Ill be praying for you.

    • How is it not fair? It’s actually way harder for Dan playing the second time because I may be crazy but having won BB before I think that’s puts a little bit of a target on your back since day 1. And he just broke Dr.Willl record of going past final 4 after winning the first time! Go Dan!

      • Ian doesn’t have an obsessed robot following him around blindly carrying out his every command who doesn’t have a snowball’s chance in h*** of winning no matter who she’s standing next to. So I’d say that’s not fair!!! All kidding aside though….Dan does deserve to win based solely on game play but I’m still rooting for underdog Ian.

      • Hahah yeah but how is Ian any different from Dani? Dan basically ran all his hoh and nominations to and tells him what to do heck he threw first hoh comp to him. But I do agree that Ian has done way more than Dani I want him to get second place money and Dan to win.

      • He also told Ian who to put up when Ian was HOH before. And this last HOH he got Ian to not put him up twice.

      • True butndan hadn’t exactly manipulated Ian to nominate frank because it’s kind of a no brainer to nominate frank. Ian would’ve still put up frank even if Dan didn’t tell him to. Not trying to be a biased Ian fan just stating the facts.

      • Ian and Dani can’t even be compared. Ian has played a completely different game. His motives are also completely different.

      • I don’t know . If Danie goes to f2 against Dan she has Frank, Shane, and Ashley maybe Jenn that is all she needs. I hope Ian wins

      • I hope Ian wins too! GO IAN… He’s not greedy, so seeing him win would make me very happy! Although he’s made some mistakes he puts the effort in, 100%. Like everyone else he has back stabbed others, but you could see that it did morally bother him and took it’s toll. He has a good heart!

      • Heart is so irrelevant. Jeez they need to make sure to cast a house full of sociopaths next season. I’d watch the hell out of that. Hmm…it’s too bad I’m not old enough to apply yet.

  3. It’s been a great season!! I have seen more blindsides this season alone than all the others put together. Dan going from good to “evil” has made for some great viewing and conversations. LOVE IT! (It seems that I am one of the very few who is semi neutral on him. I dont just absolutely love or hate Dan.)
    I am Team Ian and really hope he wins, but I will be OK if Dan wins, too. (If Dan wins, hopefully Ian will get America’s fave) Back to blindsides…IF Ian/Danielle wins final HoH and takes Danielle/Ian, Dan will pee in his britches from shock. Cant wait!!!

    • If it is Ian and Danielle in Final 2, Ian will win that
      $500,000 obviously. It is in Ian and Dan’s best
      interest not to bring each other to the Final 2!
      They have to take Danielle to give them the best
      chance of winning that $500,000!

    • Yeah… That would be the ultimate twist. Ian chooses who to take to f2, and seeing through Dan, and using him to get to this position, he decides to avenge Shane and all of Dan’s victims by choosing Danielle! It would be classy, he could end the game as the hero, and I think he would easily win the 500G

  4. Dan and Ian have played the best game of anyone. I hope that Danielle doesnt make it to the end she has done nothing except what Dan or Shane told her to do. She isnt a good player and the best example of that was taking Dan off the Block and putting Shane on. Dan needed to go but she has been drinking the Dan coolaid for way to long. Good Luck Ian you are really the best in my book and deserve to win it all. Dan is second and has already won and will win so much more then anyone will because of his coach contract…think about that Ian and Danielle if you take him to the end with you.

    • they gave up their coach contract when they entered the game. he won’t get anything for coaching. i think someone said 20,000 plus 750 per week.

  5. the cameras did go crazy and all week long they’ve been just going to random objects and stopping. makes me think one comp will be like a memory or awareness contes. could be all wet.just a guess.

  6. I just hope Dan chooses Ian..and vice versa for F2. They have done much more than Danielle. Dan has had to drag her along, kicking and screaming (and lots of crying). It’s hard to try to save yourself with one hand and carry a load like Danielle with the other. If nothing else, Dan should get props for having to endure the most torture from another hg. Maybe the fans should get applause for that too. Dan/Ian for F2.

    • LOL “It’s hard to try to save yourself with one hand and carry a load like Danielle with the other. If nothing else,” I love it and so true. You gotta give Dan some credit he has a lot of patience. I probably would have killed her or evicted her myself if she were my player.I love how she can’t possibly grasp why Dan wouldn’t want Shane in the final 3… ummm cuz Dan wants to be in the f2 idiot.

    • The only thing if Dan did take Ian he would lose to Ian. Danielle sure wouldn’t vote for Dan and neither would Shane and probably not Frank. So that’s 3 votes. All Ian would need is one more vote. Dan has a much better chance in beating Danielle. I want Dan to win.

      • True, and this is why Dan will do everything he can to take her… But inside I bet he’s just wishing he didn’t need the money and could pick Ian over her, just to see her reaction. It’s got to be a wee bit tempting, don’t you think :)

      • I’d have to agree but it galls me that she might be sitting in F2. I’d much rather Dan and Ian are there…and would be happy if either one of them wins. I’m a Dan fan and think he should win but if the jury can’t see that then what can ya do? I’d settle for anyone but Danielle.

      • Britney would vote for Ian too. It’d be a win . Dan sees that. He wants Danielle in the F2 with him for that reason.

  7. Dan is only 29 years old. Ian is in his early 20’s and Danielle is only 23. There’s not much age difference at all. When Dan calls Ian “kid”…it bugs cuz he’s not much younger then Dan. Dan is a master manipulator. If I was his wife in real life, I would be worried-he is so good at lying in front of your face, that its actually scarey. Danielle is ridiculous. She has done nothing but what Dan has told her to do. She and Dan show no loyalty at all. Ian has been forthright except when he pylled a fast one on Boggie and Frank-which he almost caved cuz he’s really not very good at lying. But in for Ian. He’s hung in there-mostly for himself and his own efforts-go Ian!!!

    • Yeah but like Dan said and almost everyone he s playing for his family to have a better life. And ppl can be completely different ppl in BB house just because he lies in BB house doesn’t mean he would in real world. And they were together since before BB 10 dating so they have been together for a long time already. I would also argue that Dab and her actually stayed loyal to each other since Day 1 if she doing what Dan says that’s a form a loyalty.

  8. What would be funny is if Ian decided to deliberately lose to
    Danielle. Remember the very first HOH, both Ian and Danielle
    purposely lost to Dan. Call that Stupid! Of course, Ian does
    not know that Danielle is working him over so that, she can
    guarantee her puppeteer is in the Final 2 with her! And
    people say Dan cannot win if he makes it to Final 2. Well,
    let the jury decide. I feel there are enough votes to give
    Dan the win and $500,000. Only thing standing in Dan’s
    way is if Dan gets evicted before he makes Final 2! That
    would require the next 2nd part of the HOH winner to win it
    and then, beat Dan for the Final HOH! Evict Dan and
    deny him the $500,000. Don’t think it is very likely at this
    point. And Dan will go all out to win the Final HOH because
    winning it gets him to Final 2 and that $500,000 prize!

  9. Dan asking Ian to throw the comp and Ian replying that at this point he is not throwing anything! Good for you Ian at least you are no as dumb as Danielle

    • I thought that was great two. I can’t believe anyone would throw anything at this point but from what other posters are saying he did throw the 1st round to Dan which I don’t get cause why not just win it in the first round to guarantee that you get to play in round 3. Seems way to risky to me.

    • Ian knows how the game works. Danielle…not so much. If you have to have the word “backdoored” explained to you (which Ian and Dan took the time to explain to her)..then you’re not quite the player you think you are. If there is any doubt which is smarter…Ian or Danielle….i’d say take a look at the open mouthed pic of her as Shane is being evicted and all doubt will be removed as to which one has more brain cells.

    • Ian did throw the first part of the HOH to Dan which
      was a dumb move. Same with Danielle. She dropped
      to guarantee Dan the win! Dan and Danielle will try and
      manipulate Ian into deliberately losing the 2nd part of
      the HOH to guarantee it will be Danielle vs Dan for the
      Final HOH! Given a choice, I am sure Dan wants it to
      be Danielle with him for the Final 2. Gives Dan the
      best chance to win that $500,000!

      • If Dan wins $500,000 he will be the first HG to win an additional $500,000. If he loses he will not win an additional $500,000. If Ian wins $500,000 he will have won $500,000. If he loses he will not win $500,000. If Danielle does not win she will lose $500,000. If she wins she will be $500,000 richer. 13 HG’s have won $500,000. Who will win $500,000 on Wednesday night? That is the $500,000 question.

  10. The winner of round 3 gets to choose who to take to final 2 with them right? From what other poster are saying it seems like they think whoever wins round 2 is in the final 2 with Dan who won round 1. It almost doesn’t matter who wins round 1and 2 except that they have a chance to play in round 3 and then that winner decides who to take with them. If Dan wins he could take either one if either off the other two win I think they will both take Dan. It looks like Dan is going to final 2 no matter what. If he sits next to Danielle I think he will win hands down but if he sits next to Ian I still think he can win but the votes will be divided a little more evenly.

  11. Based on the scheming that’s going on in the house right now, It’s Dan and Dumbielle on the F2. Ian can beat the odds, if he gets a winning streak by winning both Comps and pick Dan at the end. As long as he doesn’t pick Dumbielle, I’m ok with that. I’m still hoping for a Dan/Ian in the F2.

      • No, I don’t think Ian will change his mind and
        throw any more comps. He is not very trusting of
        Danielle OR Dan after the Shane eviction. If he
        makes it to the F2 he will win. No matter how
        great a game the jury may think Dan has played,
        he has made too many enemies on the way. Ian
        has not. He has kind of been the BB mascot to
        everyone. Being the youngest and making it this
        far will impress them all. To make it to the F2 with
        Dan will be a plus to have competed so well a-
        gainst such a much admired previous winner. They won’t want to give Dan another win.

  12. Dan is smart by wanting to bring Danielle to the final 2 bc I dont think anyone in the jury will vote her to Win the 500k maybe Shane? But I think against Ian he may come in 2nd. Dan has played a great game a dirty one, yes. But that is how BB should be played. Jordan was the only BB winner in my eyes that played an honest game (great for her) always loved Jordan. But would be amazing to see Dan win for the second time. And Ian wouldn’t be mad if he won at all. But am kinda rooting for Dan have to say.

    • Its hard not to root for Dan like how can’t you vote for the guy who is responsible for all the jury evictions, besides Ashely.

  13. I would love to see little college student, Ian WIN at this point! Yes, Dan has puppetiered the entire house, but lost my respect when he SWORE on lives, bible, dead grandfather’s necklace to Frank for final two? He is out of conrol with his lies. Realizing it’s just a game, I hope he LOSES!!!

  14. okay i just have to put this out there since this is almost over….after danielle said last night she has to have “cancer surgury” when she gets out that crossed the line for all the cancer victims out there…i have listened to her ego-crazy embelishments all summer long…but i thought dan crossed the line with the bible thing….but to play a cancer card for money…there are no words that can explain what a selfish person this chick aka heffer is! bring on the negative comments i don’t care…but really if you have ever lost a person to could not buy them life!

    • All of them are classless people. Ian said last night that Jenn wouldn’t vote for him because he has a penis.This kid is seriously obnoxious. These guys talk all tough behind people’s back. This is gonna be the most hated cast. Most of them need an ass kicking to put them back in line.

      • Wow its a game calm down, how can we judge these ppl based on a frickin gameshow, there frickin stuck in a house for like 3 months, without any contact. I think there bound to do some mean things, and probably even go crazy its a crazy game. Infact that why we watch big brother for the drama!

      • This cast has been really nasty and hateful and love him or hate him Dan has been the least classless and hateful of most because he has taken the time to get to know most of them and sat down and had real conversations with them. Even Dan’s messages when they were sent out of the house were very nice unlike some of the other players messages. Ian even though I love him has been one of the absolute worst in saying things awful about people and I am not team Frank but wow Ian has called him every name in the book.

    • I agree she has claimed to have and done everything I thought the cancer was the lowest she could go.I think her and Dan belong together for always they are two of a kind

    • This one I agree with playing the cancer card if you have never had cancer or had someone you love die from cancer was the lowest of lows. Now saying that I do hope that she is okay and does not have to deal with the fear of breast cancer. As for the bible thing Dan was telling the truth about the QP so does not really bother me and I can separate the reality of real life from television and him being on a game show, but when you use having cancer and if you don’t as a way to gain sympathy or money or whatever that is a really low blow and an insult to anyone that has suffered either from a loss or having cancer themselves.

    • Did you see her face during her little episode too… She was boiling over inside, thinking the money is going to slip through those fat hands of hers… The true colors of ugly Dumbelle. The real reason she was curled up in the bed sobbing is because she knows her chances lessoned when Shane left! She is hideous… The cancer thing was a disgusting and very desperate thing to say… Terrible!

  15. Neither Danielle or Ian have played close to as good of a game as Dan has and hopefully the jury will vote who played the best game and not hold a grudge because Dan screwed over some of the jury.

  16. I think Dan made two big mistakes this season for having a hands down win for 1st place……..1st he should have let Ian be the tie breaker when Frank was voted out, so Frank wouldn’t have been holding anything against Dan. Frank would have thought Dan kept his word (even though Dan knew Ian would vote Frank out). 2nd he should have had Danielle keep the nominations the same when it was him and Ian on the block and let Shane vote out Ian. That way Ian would have also voted for Dan in the F2 and he would have prob had Shane’s vote as well b/c I do believe Danielle was sticking to Dan for the F2 even with Shane still in the house and she could have talked Shane into throwing the 1st or 2nd comp and more then likely Shane wouldn’t have made it to the 3rd comp and at that point Dan or Danielle would have voted Shane out and he wouldn’t have held it against Dan like he does now, so Brit prob could have let Shane see how Dan was the better player. Especially if it was Danielle that voted him out! As it stands now with this jury it seems a lot of them are taking things so personal and not on game play so he may end up winning 2nd place, but overall love him or hate him he has played the best game.

    • I disagree, like Dan says he got blood on his hands day 1 so why stop, at least if all the jury members realize that they are in the jury house because of Dan, well I think thats enough said for who played the best game. Also, from watching the jury last I think they realize that they want Dan in te jury but at the same time is playing amazing. I kinda agree a little on taking Shane, but it would be more risky for Dan to making final compared to with Ian because he is pretty much gurantted a spot, but I do agree he would have his vote but but i think Ian will vote for Dan anyways if Ian sent out next.

    • He couldn’t take the chance of leaving Shane in. I don’t think Shane would of threw the final 3 part HOH and if he won Dan was gone.

      • Yea, your probably correct. I just don’t think Shane would have made it to the 3rd comp. I think Danielle would have been able to talk him into throwing the 1st or 2nd one leaving her and Dan in the last one. Bless his heart, Shane seemed always willing to do whatever she said for some dumb reason! I hope he goes back and watches all of this or someone tells him that Danielle was with Dan the entire time! I love Shane, but I don’t think he is the sharpest crayon in the box after listening to his live chat w/Jeff !

      • I think Dan felt threatened by Shane’s f2 deal with Danielle. He didn’t want to risk losing that comp and having Danielle backstab him. I do think Danielle would have taken Dan if it got to that point but I can see why he’d be worried.


    “It’s just a game. It’s okay to swear on the bible, on someone’s dead body, bla bla bla…”

    Of course IT IS NOT OKAY. We’re talking RELIGION here people!!! It’s about faith! To GOD! Look I am not a christian. I don’t read Bible. But if someone in my religion swore on our “BIBLE” and literally do the exact opposite, their body already burns in hell no question! And why did he even have to swear on his grandparent’s dead body? GOD! I felt really sorry for his grandpa. What if he burns in hell?

    Well apparently people here don’t care. Why? Because you’re not his grandfather, right! Screw him, right! “Oh I am not the one burning in hell”

    Why can’t he just LIE? you know just LIE! Dr.Will lied, Danielle Reyes lied, Mike Boogie lied, did the word “Bible” EVER comes out of their mouth? NO! why? Because it’s OFF THE TABLE! Clearly unnencesary.

    Oh and that fake hugs and bla bla bla makes me want to vomit
    at lease if you’re faking, then be good at it!

    • Why are you even wathcing BB seriously, your acting like he shot someone in real life. If you haven’t watch other seasons there have been events wayyyy worse than what Dan has done. Also, is it really his fault for them to believing him? Also, idk but I thought I was watching a game on my television, so i’m guessing that it is just a game!

      • Yes I have watched the other seasons and I have ZERO problems with the lying and believing bla bla bla…

        But a lot of people finds it offensive! Believe me!

        Clearly you don’t have religion so oh well. If you actually have one, then please leave that religion cause you don’t belong in any

      • So I guess you forget Justin putting a knife to someone neck in BB2, or Erics fight BB6. And look at you frickin putting me down based on my opinion of a GAMESHOW! Your also doing the same thing to Dan, like have you even met the guy in real life, im sure he is not the same person. Also, if you have watched Dan first seaosn he played fairly honest, so if you were going into the house and were Dan would you play the exact same way. You probably would of been voted out already. He does it because ppl least expect him to do it. And like he said many times in DR he doesn t take that lightly what he has done but its what he has to do!!!!!

      • I have said I have no problems with what he did. GOD!

        That’s the game I get it! Lying is important. But did he really have to put BIBLE in his words? Really? If he’s a good player and knows how to separate real life and game, then that word wouldn’t EVEN have to come out eventually. It’s so not necessary and lots of us with religion finds it really offensive!

        Frank didn’t even force him to swear on the bible, especially over a dead body. Oh god that’s disgusting!!!

      • K read everyones comments!!!!!!! Did you even watch that episode when he told Frank about the Quack Pack.. He clearly states I brought it up that the information is the truth and it was.

      • Techincality! Really that’s your getaway. Okay, what if I killed you parents, but I swore on the bible said I didn’t do it. Because you know what? I didn’t. Then who did? Let’s say My brother, why? Because I told him to and I’ll give him 500G in return. How does that feel? oh it’s okay right. It’s technicality. Everyone can get away with it

      • I think your missing the biggest thing in that situation…… YOUR NOT ON A GAMESHOW!!! Yeah obviously thats not fine, but your not on a frickin gameshow its in no shape or form the same thing as what Dan did. Like Dan didn#t do that and killed someone, they got got eviected form the big brother game, and sent to the jury house. Like frick how cant you accept the that big brother is on your televison screen!!!!! Also, i really don#t understand if it upsets you that much why are you watching the show, and better yet coming to the fan site to whine about it. You like those Justin Beiber fans you hate the guy go to youtube watch his video and put a hate comment on and all your doing is making him more famous. So if you really want to make a statment why dont you just stop wathcing it makes no sense to me.

      • And really if Dan got eviected you wouldn#t be whinning about it right now, so its their own fault for beliveing him.

      • of course I’d be still whining about it! It’s so offensive. I have FULL RESPECT for a player who lied a bunch of times, but never put religion in to it, but ZERO RESPECT for a player who even lied just ONCE, but put religion into it.

      • Now it makes sense you were a Frank fan and are still mad at him getting evicted. Seriously the things that Frank did are so much more HORRID AND VILE than Dan telling the truth when he swore on the bible. Wrong most of us do not find it offensive since the man was telling the truth.

      • Jodi was not a hm; she was a she! You do not even watch the show as is now evident you just want to start trouble. You are offensive and hope you get that religion that you are being such a hypocrite about because it is evident that you do need it.

    • Give the bible thing a break PLEASE. I am a CHRISTIAN and Dan told the truth when he swore on the bible about the QP. Stop the hypocrisy. Guarantee at one time or another everyone of us have sworn on something that we were telling the truth and if you say you haven’t you are probably lying. ENOUGH it is a GAME. If you have ever watched past seasons of BB a lot of the house guests have sworn on the bible and been LYING; Dan told the truth so let it go.

      • of course we have lied but swearing on the bible and lied, that I NEVER DID!

        If you don’t find that offensive, then holy cow! You’re just a human creature with no respect to GOD! If you don’t have one then find. But If you do, please find some peace! Leave that religion!

      • Read the frickin comment he did it on the information! maybe watch that episode with Frank he clearly states that, and then whine about it.

      • Seem medical help quick because it is a freaking game show and I love God but I also love a forgiving God which you apparently have yet to meet. Seriously what he swore on was that he was telling the TRUTH about the QP and he was so I doubt you ever had religion because if you did you would not behave this way or say these things. Hypocrite is what you are!

        you can lie every time, and then “GOD PLEASE FORGIVE ME!” lie again, and the “GOD PLEASE FORGIVE!”

        Cause God is like a trash can right. It’s full you take the trash out, it’s empty again. It’s full again, Oh you know what we need to do? Take the trash out. And it’s empty again. Yeah! That’s not how GOD works

      • Yeah but maybe you forget that Dan not backstabbing ppl in real life get over it already. Like seriously why do you even watch BB.


        my problem is that why do you even have to put religion in the middle of it? If you are religious, you want people to know that, then play religiously. If you can’t play like that, then throw your religion out the house for a moment.It’s that simple. Seriously!

      • Most people do not take their religion off like a coat so of course his religion came with him in the house and for the millionth time WHAT HE SWORE ON WAS THE TRUTH!!! Do you not get that!

      • Who friggin cares you Ahole. All you’re looking for on this site is someone to argue with. Everyone please ignore this Fanfu## and maybe he will just mist away!!!

      • Just like Dan (and i’m NOT calling Dan God), if he can win more than once (hopefully), then God will forgive more than once. One chance is not all you get. Otherwise we all would be doomed.

      • LOL seriously if you don’t then you’re an idiot!
        unlike the other fans right here who would still responding like crazy if this topic was brought up.

    • WOW!!!! I cant believe sombody has their panties in such a twist about a game. I still say that God has MUCH BIGGER worries than Dan’s game play. I don’t know for sure Dans intentions and true words to Frank.. honestly, I dont care.
      If the good Lord has a problem with Dan, let Him and Dan work it out.

    • So exactly when did God tell you it was up to you to judge? I think you need to stop watching before you have a heart attack & die & be judged.

    • He must be pretty freakin good at the “fake” hugs and bla bla bla as you call it. He’s still there…and they’re still buying it.

  18. would love to see Dan cry again when after all the crap he’s pulled the jury says the jokes on you Dan -you play the best game but we’re still not going to vote for you-enjoy your second place ashole

    • I think its funnier to hear you whine about it some more. Like look at you perfect human being judging someone based on a television show. Good job!

      • LOL. We can count 2 votes already against Dan. Shane and Joe. and their votes could probably for Ian so finger crossed

      • Exactly! So why are you hating I thought thats why everyone watches BB because of the entertainment, and Dan does a good job of providing that to the viewers. We wouldn#t be arguing right now if he didnt.

  19. Question. Should Dan throw round 3 of the HOH? If he wins, he has to chose between Ian and Dani, and he has a final two deal with both. One of them will be really mad. Will he think Dani and Ian will take each other? Thoughts please.

    • I don’t think that Danielle really wants Dan out she just told Ian that she was going to take Ian to the end because Dan wanted Ian to think this so that Ian would throw the Comp. I was hoping that Danielle had finally seen the light and that she would have Dan’s head on a platter to show Shane. Then she went and told Dan what was said. She was lieing to Ian about how she felt about Dan, just so that he would feel better throwing the comp.

  20. I wish with all my might that Danielle gets sent to the jury. I want to see the vote between Dan and Ian. They have played the best game out of the three left. Plus, I’d love to see her make another ugly face.

  21. so apparently I went CRAZY here, and a lot of people responding like CRAZIER!!!! LOL

    seriously, you guys are real fan! GOOD JOB :):):)

  22. it’s funny. People here are mad crazy to me! Okay if I am crazy, then why will you be responding to me CRAZIER!

    It’s so easy to light a HUGE FIRE in here LOL with so many encouraging Fans. With one post, one exhausting topics, huuuft!

    I don’t even know what the hell am I posting about! So have fun here people :)

    • oh and by the way, I am coming back tonight with a post about Jenncity being the best player off all time with all of her BIG MOVES! Let’s see how people will react to that LOL

  23. I’m cured, I’m cured! After many years of watching BB this season has left a bad taste in my mouth. Not sure why. I have been on the Dan bus since his original season but my addiction has certainly waned. I have 9 hours of BBad left unviewed as these last three characters are soooo boring. Given a choice Ian would be a good winner…….

  24. Lan needs listen to dan and get rid of her after all dan took all the heat this summer to protect Lan and he also help her along the way otherwise she would of been gone now she trying to get rid of dan. if thats the case if Lan gets rid of dan Dan would still get the votes if he go n tell the others about him

  25. LOL…Danielle told Dan earlier that she would do pretty good at the Morph comp….because she has a photographic memory! If that’s true…i hope she never forgets what she reads on all the fan sites.

  26. I am mortified at the possibility of Dan taking Danielle, and the jury picking Danielle based on personal grudges. I could live with either Ian or Dan winning, but Danielle winning would be a complete joke

    • Guess production did not get who they wanted to win the first time so they are having to do it over and over and over until they get who they want to win LOL!!!

  27. Anyone who swears on the Bible that they are telling the truth will not win! Swears on his wedding ring and his dead grandfather.

    • Danielle is so stupid or poorly educated. Yesterday saying that all Christian religions are the same. Where does that come from? Now she is trying to threaten Ian.
      Dan yesterday making fun of Ian working so hard in school on his assignments saying teachers don’t read them anyway. What do his students and parents think of him. They Danielle and Dan) are both losers in my mind.

      Dan trying to be sneaky running from place to place between them. Quite pitiful.

  28. Danielle

    I know that you’ve done things on your own this season, but those occasions are few and far between. I give you credit for being the last woman standing in a house designed to make you go crazy, but it seems you were already crazy to begin with, so whatevs. Your dependency on people has both helped you in the game, but will hurt you in jury votes (unless you win the final round and evict Dan)
    You have demonstrated very consistent behaviors in your diary room sessions as of late. They all start out whiny, per usual, but now end in a pre-fake cry manner. Stop it. If you spent more effort on your own game and less on Dan’s, you could have a better argument should you get to final two.
    Your threat to Dan that you would castrate him with a butter knife has not gone unnoticed. Most everyone who’s tried holding a conversation with you has been forced to feed your insecurities with compliments and confirmations, because every conversation eventually revolves around your shallow being.
    You are neither self-aware nor close to mature enough to know what to do with the prize money, should you win it. But that shouldn’t be a factor for the jury. Most of the jury still think you’re a harmless southern bell-shaped sweetheart, so you did something right I suppose.

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