Big Brother 14 with Julie Chen

Tonight on Big Brother 14 we’ll have another live eviction where either Danielle or JoJo will be evicted. Unlike last week things seem a little more set in stone as we approach this next elimination. We’ll have our official eviction predictions up this afternoon.

The live eviction will be followed by a new HoH competition that should be more of a skill competition. HGs were given a mini ice rink and sticks to practice late last night, but we’ve seen in the past where the actual competition turns out to be very different.

I’ll be here posting live results during the east coast broadcast show so keep checking back for the latest BB14 spoilers. On the go tonight? Grab out free Big Brother apps.

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Share your thoughts and tell us why you want to see either Danielle or JoJo go home. Don’t forget to join us tonight in our chat room during the live eviction show at 9PM ET!

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Update: Julie Chen has just made this announcement for tonight’s show:

We will soon see what that “BIG” twist will be, but I’d guess right now that it’s all about adding more players to the list either by injecting the coaches or returning evictees.


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