Big Brother 14 Episode 6 Recap: Nominations and Veto Winner Revealed

BB14 Episode 6 Veto

Since Sunday’s Big Brother 14 ran out of time covering Willie’s expulsion, we got to learn who Frank’s nominations were and the Veto competition and ceremony all in the same night.

Did things go as expected or did someone throw some more drama into the mix? Before we get to the results, let’s back up and start from the beginning.

Wednesday’s Big Brother picked up right after Willie’s expulsion. Britney and her team are really feeling defeated. They all know that Willie’s actions have back them into the corner with the whole house coming after them. They are also all aware that Frank will almost definitely be nominating JoJo and Shane, especially considering they voted against him last week when Kara was evicted.

On the other end, we’ve got Frank, Boogie and Janelle celebrating in the HOH room. It’s kind of odd seeing Janelle doing exactly what she said she’d never do — work with Boogie. But strange things happen in this game. JoJo cuts in and pulls Frank downstairs to fight for the chance to avoid nomination. Frank basically tells her she (with the help of Willie) has made her bed and now must take a long nap in it.

JoJo finishes up and joins Britney and Shane, where Britney tells them to do some damage control. The best thing they can all do is try to get back in a good place with the rest of the house guests. And then after the Veto competition they’ll reassess what needs to be done.

The Veto players are picked and joining Frank, Shane and JoJo in the game will be Ian, Ashley and Wil. Frank picks Joe to host the game. Yay, more screaming Joe. Gah.

At the Veto competition, the HGs go into the back yard and everything has been turned into a giant Mexican restaurant. There are big vats of cheese, guacamole, beans and salsa. Hidden in the dips are menu items. And the players have to play a game of memory as they pull the menu items from the sludge and recreate the master menu located on the opposite side of the yard. Oh, and in typical Big Brother low-rent cheesiness, the players are dressed like giant tortilla chips.

The players finish in this order: Shane, Ian, JoJo, Frank, Wil and Ashley. Ashley got 13/16 right. Wil got 16/16 right. Frank got 16/16 right, so Wil is knocked out. JoJo got 16/16 right so Frank is out. Ian got 16/16 right so JoJo is out. Shane got all of his right, too, and since he finished first, he wins the Veto!

Britney jumps in a bowl of guacamole did in some pretty fantastic player/coach solidarity. And while they’re celebrating, Danielle knows that Shane will save himself and Frank will put her up on the block next to JoJo.

Shane makes a great game move and makes a silent deal with Frank and Boogie. Or at least I think that’s what’s going down. Sometimes with this game you can’t tell. Boogie thinks it’s a good idea to take Shane under his wing and work him to his advantage. Shane promises to not mention their plan to work together to anyone.

He keeps his promise when Britney asks if Boogie and Frank offered him a deal. He tells her no and he that he wouldn’t make a deal with them.

Meanwhile, Dan tells Danielle that he’s not going to bat for her because that’ll just lead to her nomination and eviction. He’s actually playing a coaching tactic that will get her to fight harder for herself, but she gets confused and looks at it as abandonment. And she cries. A lot.

Shane tries a last-ditch effort to spare JoJo and also help his help Boogie and Frank’s future game. He wants Frank to nominate Wil and send him home this week, and then continue taking out Janelle’s team. Frank doesn’t even seem to think about it and after Shane takes himself off the block, Frank replaces him with Danielle, just as expected.

Who do you think will go home on Thursday? Who would you rather see go home?


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