Big Brother 14: Week 5 Eviction Predictions

Tonight on Big Brother 14 another HouseGuest will be evicted when the remaining eight HGs cast votes and host Julie Chen reveals the results. We already have a very good idea of what’s going to happen based on what we’re watching on the Live Feeds.

Here’s your chance to contribute your own prediction along with those from other great Big Brother sites. Cast your vote in our poll for tonight’s eviction and then share your thoughts on who will be sent packing.

Tomorrow we’ll be interviewing tonight’s evicted Big Brother 14 HG so feel free to share any questions you might have and we just might pose it to them.

Big Brother 14 Week 5 Eviction Predictions – Joe or Wil :

Wil Heuser - Big Brother 14
Big Brother Access Wil Heuser - Big Brother 14
Big Brother Junkies Wil Heuser - Big Brother 14
Big Brother Live Wil Heuser - Big Brother 14
Zap2It Wil Heuser - Big Brother 14
Wil Heuser - Big Brother 14
Wil Heuser - Big Brother 14
Big Brother's Spoilers Wil Heuser - Big Brother 14

All of these Big Brother sites agree: Wil is going to be evicted. What do you think? Share your guess in the poll below!


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    • i bet he is coached to say all the stuff, like how the heck would Boogie know that danielle is a nurse and not a kindergarten teacher, I mean Im sure he probably figured it out but is it that possible that Boogie and Wil are soo bang on with everything? Wil’s favourite saying “I dont buy it” lmao. 

      •  No that more or less came from Brittany, she and Boogie were discussing it after Dani finalyy fessed up to her that she is a nurse.

    • A lot of good his assessments of the game players are doing him when, Wil
      is playing like a fool! It is not enough to get information but, to use that information wisely! See, Mike Boogie is that good because he gathers information from what people say and processes that information. He knows who is lying and who is telling the truth. Wil tells Mike Boogie and Frank about a huge alliance which just puts a huge target on his back. Without knowing who is part of the alliance, doesn’t Wil know when to shut up? Then, he fails the question of who he will put up if he wins HOH after Joe is evicted? He plays coy and has a Janelle moment when he is left speechless and cannot lie to save his sorry ass? Information is only useful if you use it correctly and apply some common sense in the process. Wil has no common sense and not the sharpest tool in the shed! Good riddance! 

  1. Oh no. Do they realize if they keep Joe until jury, they will have to suffer his cooking more there once they are evicted? It will be like double the hurt, you’re evicted AND have to eat Joe’s family dinners.

      • @ shirey, if you’ve listened the house guests really don’t have much of a choice if they want to have any protein other then the protein powder. On BBAD the other houseguests have complained SEVERAL times that there is no chicken left, no this or that, so it’s pretty much eat Joe’s meals or just eat snacks :(( 

  2. Wil is stupid. Tell us what we do not know. He tells Brittney about the plan of Frank to backdoor Dan when it was he and Ashley who were pushing for it? And when he had a chance to lie in front of Frank and Boogie who he was putting up after Joe leaves, he plays coy and refuses to answer it? Another Janelle moment where the liar cannot lie if his life depended on it? For saving Joe who was on the chopping block, Wil deserves to be evicted! Get rid of this fool!

  3. I like Wil…I know he apparently isn’t high on the popularity polls but I think he is a way smarter and more entertaining player than Shane! (I dislike Shane more and more…but that is for a different post). I have a feeling the Silent 6 will make the next few weeks a bit boring :-/. Bummed Wil couldn’t make it further…as much as he didn’t like Janelle…I knew turning on her wouldn’t be good for him. I can see where he thought he’d be in some good graces with people…but those people weren’t about to put their necks out for him :-(. Janelle actually did put her game on the line for him by at least not sacrificing him to Boogie….which partially (along with Joe) ended her game….wish he knew that. Sigh…another person I like going home….

    • I totally agree!  When he sees the show, I hope he’ll feel some remorse for his too soon power high.  He is becoming more entertaining, so it sucks he’s leaving.  I don’t particularly like him, but he does make the show more interesting to watch.  Unfortunately his “big game move” of ditching Janelle has bit him in the ass, the very next week!

    • Now Will is gone, the entertaiment left right out the door, Shane is boring, and  Jenn, although, shes a rockand roll entertainer, theres something, strange about her, and its not because of her style. She makes you wonder, whats her reason, for being there, but hey, its some more of the houseguest ,I,m questioning too.

  4. double eviction tonight I think! Thats why Big Jeff will be there with his Clown Shoe from last season’s FF! Miss you Jeff! You brought great entertainment value to the house, unlike 99% of these hg’s!

  5. Wil and Danielle are tied for being the most annoying BB house guests of all time. With out a doubt! When will was like “watch your back” about Frank I laughed my guts out and when the zingbot said about the restraining order against shane for danielle I was on the floor!! 

    • Ashley beats both of them as the most annoying HG! I couldn’t believe it when she said you have to be smart to be a spray tanner. We really don’t grow them that stupid here in Pennsylvania.

    •  I have to agree. Joe is boring to watch. At least Wil provides a bit of entertainment. DRs are funny to watch too

      • I agree I think Will is so funny an brings us some entertainment. I can’t Andy I’m rooting for him to win but I don’t think it’s him time right now. Leaving us to watch joe with his nasty pee hands ( bc he NEVER washes them an cooks for everyone)! Some excitement better happen soon, I hope tonight is a double eviction I just hope Shane or Brit don’t go!!

      • does live feeds show when he pees? actually i haven’t seen any of the hgs pee or wash their hands.

    • Oh no Shane commented that he liked Wil and Danielle got a hold of that comment.. he wouldn’t last too longer if he did manage to stay..

  6. Actually I think both of them should be evicted, but I think tonight Wil has worn out his welcome. Joe can’t stop competing like he did in the Lemonaid squeeze off and this ultimately be his down fall.

  7. Joe needs to leave, he is the biggest liar on BB14:

    My reasoning? He keeps saying in the DR “I WILL NOT GO DOWN LOOK AT ME GET THE VOTES” ( sorry for the caps, but Joe yells ). Then Joe does nothing. Then again in the DR “I AM GOING TO WIN THIS COMPETITION”. Then totaly does nothing.

    •  Wil gives us,a good laugh and keeps us in suspence awaiting what is going to happen next..Wil,Britt,Shane & Ian are the ones who keep things stirred for an interesting BB..Also the most entertaing,

    • Joe has more nerve, than anyone in big brother14,and I doult, if he wins any thing.  He needs to take his fifthy hands,and all of his little cooking equipment, and go home.

  8. I’m afraid that Wil is gone.  Unfortunately it is not Joe.  When Joe dies…he will be a legend in his own mind.  I am sooooo bored with his antics…

  9. i wish it was Joe leaving I cant stomach him He screams when he speaks
    He a moron to boot.
    Now the one person I would love to see out is Jenn She is queen of th floater

  10. Joe is like the proverbial house guest that shows up on your doorstep unannounced with a bucket of fish.   They both stink.   His bravado in the DR doesn’t  show up in his ass kissing sessions.   All talk…no action.   I hope he goes tonight.   And  heres a little tip for you Joe….I hear Kentucky Fried Chicken needs a new chef.

    •  I darn sure would not eat there,if that nasty,unclean Joe was hired there..But don’t need to worry,if he was hired it would be out on the farm,catching and cutting off the chickens heads..Dirty guy deserves a dirty job.. 

    • Wil tried his best to sell the idea of backdooring Dan to get a reprieve, because he promised Frank he had his back and would try to get all the votes for it to work. Honestly, it just convinced Frank more not to break up that alliance that Wil was on to. 

  11. Wil needs to go, His cocky attitude is what is making him go home. Plus he is a biggest threat  rather than joe……..

    Joe is as as harmless as jerry was back when dan won.  Just lets hope BB doesn’t come up with pie eating contest or something that involves eating food because joe would win that.

    •  A number of reasons Why back dooring dan right now would be a terrible move. More importantly, its too early in the game and even worse with the so called alliance they made last week. If frank would of have done that then almost the whole house would go at him since he would brake trust.

      Like boogie said, keep the trust and once they are all trustful then strike

  12. I think Joe is going home tonight because Ashley, Britney, Danielle, Jenn, and Shane are voting out Joe and Dan, Ian, and Mike Boogie are voting out Wil.

    • Do you think Danielle will really go against Dan’s wishes?  How is Brit going to like siding with folks (Wil, Ash, Jenn) who haven’t proved they can win a comp (Shane & Danielle), against their former alliance, D/F/I/B?  She better be sure Shane & Dani can win back to back HoH’s in order to cripple DFIB asap, because I’m sure Shane will be #1 on their Hit List.  And they will not cut Brit any slack if she turns alone (mostly meaning without Dan).

    • If any of the Silent Six votes to evict Joe, that would be too obvious. There are six of them which means there has to be five votes at a minimum to evict Wil. Since, Ian is also expected to vote out Wil, that would make it 6 votes and since, there are only 8 votes this week, you have to assume Ashley and Jenn might vote to evict Joe. Or, they will be smart figuring that Wil is getting evicted anyways so, why put the target on them and vote with the majority. In which case, an 8-0 unanimous vote is a possibility!

  13. I don,t care who leaves as long as britt or danielle go next but then againjenn and ashley need to go to!

    • Jenn and Ashley need to go. Jenn is a waste of space. She doesn’t even try to compete. And Ashley is just annoying.

  14. Joe needs to go because he doesn’t wash his hands after the toilet, he keeps yelling in the diary room, and he needs to shave the strip of hair off his chin.

  15. I was hoping for JOE to go, but fear it will be Wil.  Wil adds a little laughter to the boring house and Joe the cook needs some lessons in hygiene.

  16. While many BB fans are hoping that Joe is evicted tonight because of several reasons, from what I’m hearing on the feed and the chatter, Wil will be evicted tonight with a vote of either 5-3 or 7-1. I have a feeling one player will make a statement, maybe Jenn. Tonight should be interesting for sure especially who wins HOH…

    Also I heard some houseguests last night, I belive Ian, saying they are thinking there is going to be a double eviction tonight, but since it wasn’t promoted already I suspect there will be on in another week or two.

  17. I think that Joe will go but I hope we see Boogie (arrogant) and Frank (obnoxious) leave very soon.  It’s way past time for them.

  18. I like Wil, and I especially like that he KNOWS exactly what people are up to and just bats his eyelashes and plays along…and lets you know that he knows and he’s no dummy in the diary room :)  

  19. As a viewer, I want Joe to go!  If I were a HG, I would have to vote to evict Wil. 

  20. I’d like to see Joe go tonight. Too bad it’s not Jenn or Ashley. Instead of going after each other they should start picking off the floaters. That would actually benefit the Quack Pack (what a name!) because then Frank and Boogie would only have each other.

  21. Joe will go. But Wil needs to seriously actually play the game. Why do they get gays (who i root for) who ALWAYS are weak players .. the best gay player was Ragan. Joe deserves to stay but i think Wil can step it up where as Joe can’t buy a clue.

  22. Will is a big pain in the rump.  He is always talking about the otherside, then because of the politics in the house, he is trying to save himself.  I get so tired of all the talking between everyone or non stop predictions.  The show needs to cut down on the all the talking.   Why in the world is Jeff coming on the show. This is foolish; I hope the girlfriend doesn’t follow, that was sickeneing.  I will say one improvement is the cutdown of smokers.  I don’t see anyone so far smoking which is nice.  

  23. Ashley, Britney, Danielle, Jenn, and Shane vote to evict Joe, Dan, Ian, and Mike Boogie vote to evict Wil, and by a vote of 5-3, Joe is evicted from the Big Brother house

  24. I’m going to be upset if Joe doesn’t get evicted tonight because I’m tired of his loud voice

  25. I don’t want Joe to go to the jury house because he is still not going to wash his hands there and he is going to still yell there

  26. Frank and Wil need to cut their hair if they stay in the house and Joe needs to shave his chin if he stays in the house

  27. I wish Wil stayed and Joe went home but i think Joe is going home next week because no one wants him in the jury house or in the finals

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