Big Brother 14 Episode 13: Another Eviction and HoH

Big Brother 14 Week 5 HoH competition

Sorry for the boring headline, but I wanted to make it as exciting as this week’s eviction episode of Big Brother 14.

From a completely predictable eviction to bad episode editing to a seemingly staged and receptive HoH win I was about ready to fall asleep. I guess it’s going to be one of those seasons.

The episode started right after Janelle’s blindside renomination from Danielle. What we got was a lot of people playing dumb when Janelle was put on the block even though everyone already knew. We also get a lot of campaigning from Janelle and since every single person in the house except for Joe lied to her face, she actually felt like she was going to be safe.

Right after the shocker, Janelle joined Danielle in the HOH room to a find out why that just happened. Danielle says that she heard Janelle was coming after her so she had to put her up. We get just a tiny bit of this whole mess that played out way differently on the Live Feeds than what CBS showed us tonight. CBS did a good job keeping Danielle’s crazy out of the episode, so there’s probably a whole group of episode-only watchers who think they’ve just found the new Jordan Lloyd with Danielle. And that’s so not the case.

We get to see Britney actually feeling bad for what’s happening to Janelle, but she’s the only one. Britney feels terrible for lying and wants nothing more than to at least let her know they’re voting to send her home. Did that ever happen? Well CBS forgot to let us in on that. But no, that never happened. Janelle remained in the dark up until the end. She probably had an idea, though.

Julie pipes into the HGs to do some talking. She hits up Frank, Boogie and Jenn, reminding America she’s actually still in the game. Then CBS decided to pretend there might be another budding showmance in the house with Ian and Ashley. And they didn’t play it as cheeky as the should because now I’m sure some viewers think there’s actually something going on with them. When there’s not.

The best part of the episode was that they cut the HoH interview. I guess CBS was afraid Danielle might come off as crazy. Or they realized that it was really Boogie and Dan’s HoH so talking to Danielle was pointless. And they’ve given up on the Shanille shomance so much that they’re pretending there’s one with Ian and Ashley. Poor poor crazy Danielle.

It’s time for the live vote. Frank or Janelle will be going home. Here’s the rundown:

  • Boogie votes Janelle
  • Jenn votes Janelle (do Jenn’s votes even count?)
  • Joe votes Frank
  • Wil votes Janelle
  • Ashley votes Janelle
  • Britney votes Janelle
  • Shane votes Janelle
  • Dan votes Janelle
  • Ian votes Janelle

And not that you need me to tell you, but that’s 8-1 and Janelle is heading out of the Big Brother house. Janelle says her goodbyes and stops by to talk with Julie, leading to the second-best thing about this episode. I’m of course talking about the part when Janelle calls Boogie a “douchebag” and CBS bleeps it out.

Janelle gets her goodbyes and they’re from Boogie, Dan, Joe and Britney. CBS again snubs Danielle and I’m loving it.

And the HoH competition, it’s a knockout quiz called Big Brother Battle of the Bands. Here’s how that played out:

  • Round 1: Wil vs Jenn: Wil wins, Jenn is out
  • Round 2: Boogie vs Joe: Boogie wins, Joe is out
  • Round 3: Wil vs Ashley: Ashley wins, Wil is out
  • Round 4: Britney vs Shane: Britney wins, Shane is out
  • Round 5: Ian vs Ashley: Ian wins, Ashley is out
  • Round 6: Dan vs Britney: Britney wins, Dan is out
  • Round 7: Frank vs Boogie: Boogie loses & is out
  • Round 8: Ian vs Britney: Britney wins, Ian is out
  • Round 9: Frank vs Britney: Frank wins and is the new HoH

So that’s Frank’s second HoH and just another reason why this episode was kind of dull. It would’ve been fun to see someone who hasn’t been HoH win. But these players haven’t done a great job proving themselves, so there’s that.

What did you think of the episode? Sad or happy to see Janelle go? What do you think of the new HoH?


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