Big Brother 13 Live Feeds: Week 2 Tuesday Highlights

It should have been a rather boring day in the Big Brother house but with Brenchel around you know drama is waiting around the corner.  The controlling ways of Brendon against the manipulative craziness of Rachel is a disaster waiting to happen.  With Brendon threatening to leave every time they fight and Rachel pouting like a child, the first half of the day was entertaining to us live feeders lol.

Read on to find out what happened yesterday on the Live Feeds.

Big Brother 13 Live Feed Highlights – July 19, 2011:

9:45 AM BBT – The hg’s are up and what should come as no surprise to anyone, Brendon is complaining.  He doesn’t like that Porsche cooked and left a big mess.  So basically Porsche should cook for him and clean up and do everything lol.

11:40 AM BBT – Cassi tells Shelly she wants to fight to stay.  She says she won’t campaign against Shelly but has to go up and ask them in the HOH to keep her.  Shelly says she needs to try so she doesn’t regret it.  Shelly immediately tells Porsche that Cassi is going to campaign and makes sure Porsche isn’t going to flip. 

12:08 PM BBT – Another BIG news flash:  Brendon and Rachel are fighting again. Apparently insecure Rachel asked Brendon if he loved her and he didn’t like that.  He said her behavior was getting on everyone’s nerves.  Dani comes in and Brendon leaves but comes back and puts Dani on the spot by asking her if Rachel’s actions bothered other people.  Dani was like maybe a little.  Get it through your head Brendon, it’s not just Rachel driving everyone crazy.

12:25 PM BBT – Brenchel outside in the hammock where the argument continues.  Rachel trying to say it was a joke but Brendon going on about how she is putting a target on their backs.  She counters by saying every morning when she gets up he starts in on what she’s doing wrong and she’s tired of it.  Rachel tells him he’s being an a hole lol.  She tells him he can’t control her and bully her around.  Brendon is done and heads inside.  Geez with these two!

12:45 PM BBT – And the fight continues inside lol.  Brendon asks Rachel to please not ask him if he loves her because others see it and think their relationship is a joke.  Rachel said she was joking around about it and now it’s a big fight.  She doesn’t care what others think.  Obviously you don’t girl.  We all get that lol.

1:20 PM BBT – Brenchel has now made up and are making out but stop because they think JJ could be watching them from the HOH room.  I think Jeff and Jordan have better things to do than watch the two of you suck face.

2:15 PM BBT – Rachel says she wishes she could be as tanned as Lawon and Kalia.  WTH is that?  Seriously?  They are black and you are white!

6:26 PM BBT – Kalia talking game with Dani and tells her that she and Jordan swore they would never nominate the other.  Probably not the smartest move letting Dani in on her tight alliance with Jordan.

7:20 PM BBT – Jordan tells Jeff she is worried Brenchel will get them out before the jury because Rachel was asking who won America’s Player on prior seasons.  You had your chance to get one of them out Jordan.  Should have jumped at the opportunity. Jordan brings Rach to the HOH to ask her if she (Rach) wants them out.  Rach of course says noooo.

11:30 PM BBT – Cassi is crying to Shelly and Rachel.  They hug her and Shelly tells Rach that Cassi is playing for her family.  Her dad is unemployed and her brother is in prison.  I’m out!

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  1. I think I’m starting to feel bad for Rachel. Brendon is clearly abusive. I looked at each of their Facebook pages, and Rachel status is that she’s engaged to Brendon, but Brendon doesn’t,even mention her on his Fb page. He is clearly abusive to her. He knew exactly how she was, and now he wwants her to be a nice girl. I would really love to se her play without his attempts to brain wash her. He will throw her under the bus. Is he just using her for the Showmance factor? Yes she is very a annoying, but I can’t help but think she has had a hard life and just wants to bbe accepted. I hope Shelley goes. She really is a back stabber. Why can’t anyone figure that out? Or is Cass I starting to wonder about her too? Omg I have way to much time on my hands! lol :-)

    • Don’t worry I have too much time on my hands too. I wonder how Rachel would act if brendon wasn’t around.

    • So because Rachel’s fb page says engaged, and Brendon’s page makes no mention of it, that makes him “clearly abusive to her”?? Wow, totally illogical!

    • you are right. i dont like the way brendon talks to rachael. i think rachael is a nice misunderstood person. i do not like brendon. i wish rachael would leave him. read up on brendon’s ex-fiance and you will know the type of person he is. he is not nice at all.

  2. We definately need some action in this house. Everyone is playing the “safe” game. I wish there was at least one person who would go against the house and make some power moves. I was hoping when the key twist thing was over it would be Dani, but it is still too early to tell. Something needs to happen soon. BBAD was so boring last night I fell asleep.

  3. I went on the cbs site and I didn’t see this so called poll that could affect the new HOH. Anyone know where this is located?

  4. It is interesting watching Cassi play EVERY card in her deck just to stay in the house.

    >note to Miss Cassi< If you are campaigning to stay, you ARE campaigning against Shelly…duh

      • ziggy1, of course S has. She’s actually playing the game. The “partners” twist was designed to pit them against each other as soon as a duo is nominated. I think C is so full of herself she cannot imagine S playing for her own win. C’s reaction when Julie tells her S voted to evict Keith will be interesting. C cannot imagine S playing the game for herself. In C’s mind S was there to ‘help her along in the game’. I’m glad C will not be in the jury house. So tired of listening to her tales of woe and self-centered convos.

        I enjoy watching the ‘active’ players…floaters need to go soon.

  5. I watched those feeds yesterday during their fight, Brendon is clearly a control freak and verbally abusive to Rachel, he definitely tries to control her, she better get out now while she can, maybe it’s just the game that gets him riled up, but I doubt it. Brendon hates to look bad. I would get away from this jerk as fast as possible if it were me, Rachel always acts so pissed off with him, makes her little pouty face, yesterday she did stand up for herself a little more than she usually does, but she always caves in and becomes his puppet once again, It is a sad thing to watch.

    • Well, there’s looking bad and than actually looking bad. Did anyone see that outfit he wore with the facial stuff on BBAD last night? Somehow I don’t think he is too worried about actually looking bad – he went way across that line.

    • Well, if Brendon hates to look bad, I think it’s a little late for that. I think his little apology to rachel about skping 3 other chicks and sending one a picture of his weiner did that for him. I agree he is controling and mentally abusing her, but why is she putting up with that? She must have zero self esteem, because he is not all that.

      • He is gross. You can just tell that he is a wanna be kind of guy. I think she is crazy and must have low self esteem

    • I too can’t stand Shelly. When she walked in the house..she was annoying to me. As far as Brendon and Rachel…I think that they are a strange couple. I think that Brendon is trying to keep Rachel in good light..but that light burned out the moment she walked into the room. I can’t make a statment as to Brendon being abusive…we only see a little so…that would be an assumption. Rachel knows what Brendon is like…she is the one that is making the decision to stay with him. Doesn’t appear that they live together because he tells her that he can’t afford to support her. So..if they are suppose to be getting married…what happens if she gets pregnant…if he can’t support her..he can’t support a child…it is a mess and I think that it is a shame that they are making a specitcal of their relationship.

      • Perhaps when he says he can’t support her he is referencing not being able to support her in the manner she is accustomed. In a conversation with Dominic yesterday when he was asking her what she did in Vegas and how much did she earn she was explaining that she was a cocktail waitress at day clubs and nightclubs and earned on average $1600 a day. That’s a lot more money than the average joe earns here in Southern California. Vegas is another world for sure. Anyway, I think that would be something a lot of mean would feel they would not be able to provide for.

      • i am not a Rachel fan but she was talking to Dom and she told him she used to make 1,500 a day in vegas but she had to move to LA and shes broke blew it all with B at least she got a car and is more than 1/2 paid. Don’t know as i see it shes better than Dr,Frankie lol

  6. I just heard Cassi say on BBAD to Adam that she has never seen the show before and was actually approached to be on the show to help her modeling career. How can anyone be a contestant if you’ve never seen the show??

    • I heard her say things like that a few time. I’m not sure but it fits in with her personality and high opinion of herself that everyone just wants her because she’s so beautiful, so smart, so sweet, blah, blah, blah. I find a lot of what she says delusional so not sure if I believe it given all of the competition and hoops most have to go through to even get auditions and what ever. Of course in her world she is so great they were knocking her door down for her to do it. Right.

  7. Dominic also said he never saw the show before either, all he saw was Season 12 (he likes Enzo and doesn’t know who Evel Dick is).

  8. does anyone know how the veto comp went, am really busy with the new grandbaby and don’t have much time to catch up on anything…but am interested. thanks all.

  9. OMG this season is garbage! Where did they get these people from! Why are they throwing veto’s are they that Stupid all they have to do is win the veto and put a veteran team up and take the house back these people are lame and dumb!

  10. well so long cassi, as far as the game goes all we need is for Dominic to win HOH then guaranteed one of the couples are going up, if a vet wins bye Lawon the third week should be intersting if a vet wins Kaila and Lawon go up if they win the veto, one of the couples go up, lets hope things get more intersting

  11. ok cassie is leaving-so now rachel has to pick on someone eles(who do you think it will be?) personally i liked cassie at least with her there it was interesting and rachel had someone who would stand up to her. last nite bb was boring!!!

    • Dom for sure but maybe he gets HoH and puts her up, did anyone see sherly yesterday she was limping but when she was in dr she forgot for a second ,i don’t think shes hurting her and Kaila are some what the same,

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