Big Brother 13 Episode 6: Week 2 Veto Show Tonight

Power of Veto

Tonight on Big Brother 13 we’ll get to watch the second PoV competition play out with the survival of Adam and Dominic on the line. If you’ve got one of our free Big Brother mobile apps then you probably already read how the competition and ceremony turned out.

It has been a crazy nuts week in the house with fights and backstabbing all around. Sunday night’s fight between Cassi and Rachel should finally get aired tonight so that will be interesting to see how CBS edits it. They obviously won’t be able to air everything said, especially not what Jordan said to Rachel afterward. It’s definitely worth using the Feeds’ Flashback feature to see it all over.

Check back in tomorrow morning for another episode review by BB12’s Matt Hoffman.

If you haven’t been watching the BB13 Live Feeds then you’ve been missing the real game and there’s no way CBS is going to be able to show most of what’s been done and said in the house. You can catch it all on Flashback which lets you jump to any day and any time in the season. Go ahead and grab the Free Trial right now.

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  1. Nice plug to get us to order the live feeds! I watch bbad if I had the live feeds it would be bad

    • Hey Beth 1 weren’t you in the other room, lol. I agree, what a waste of money at this point for the feeds. I too am sticking with BBAD until there is some action worth watching.

      • Agreed. Im everywhere! My husband gets so pissed about how much time I spend on bb! Even though she has one before I still want Jordan to win.

      • Last night on BBAD, Cassie told Adam she has never seen the show before and was actually approached to be on the show to help her modeling career. How can anyone be a contestant on this show if they have never seen it before??

    • Showtime costs what each month? $10-$12? BBAD gives you three hours a night of coverage, but didn’t cover events like the Cassi and Rachel fight.

      Meanwhile, with the Live Feeds for $13-$15 a month you get around the clock access, $10 of free mp3’s each month, 4 different camera views to flip between at your discretion, and Flashback so you can rewind to any time in the current or past season and watch events you’ve missed.

      There’s a big difference between what you get with the two different options. Hard to say the Feeds are a waste of money when Showtime costs as much and provides a lot less.

      • That’s a good point. And very true, I would’ve loved to see the cassi, rachel fight. But I do jump online first thing in the morning and read your posts to catch up, so I’m forgiven right? lol :)

      • I would love the live feeds but I have been forbidden. I’m out of work on an injury so I would love it!

      • Of course! Just didn’t want others to be discouraged about the feeds when they’re the best/only way to see most of the action.

  2. I just heard Cassi say on BBAD to Adam that she has never seen the show before and was actually approached to be on the show to help her modeling career. How can anyone be a contestant if you’ve never seen the show??

    • This has happens to many of the hgs. I’ve heard many of them state that they were approached which bothers me because so many people try out for the show. Real fans

      • They should scout the sites, there seems to be a lot of people here who would kick butt on the show. Especially people who have been following for years

    • Yes, that’s correct. Cassi had to quickly watch past seasons to see how the game works.

      Each season they cast a few HGs who have no clue how the game works and it shows. Shelly knew the game and knew to go make deals ahead of time. Cassi was clueless, hung out with Dominic for weeks, and then days before her eviction decides to try and build relationships to keep her in the game.

      I don’t know why they cast people like that other than to provide cannon fodder for players who know the game.

    • Dom didn’t even know who ED was. Even if you aren’t a fan of the show, how the heck can you not know of ED? :)

  3. great Season Go Jeff And Jordan that is love Brendan and Rachel is a big JOKE

    • Now Cassi’s mom is in jail too? So she has an unemployed father, and a mother and sister in jail? lol. No wonder she talks herself up so much. Look where she comes from.

  4. Does anyone know how the veto comp went? am too busy with my new grandbaby to be able to subscribe/watch feeds or bbad. thanks all!

  5. To cfl: I was wondering if Cassie is creating a sob story to stay. If she is it’s good game play. I do think Jordan is playing a better social game this time.

    • I don’t think she’s making it up-at least she say’s whats on her mind. I would rather have her stay than Shelly because it’s going to be boring without her. The other house guest better start stepping up or their be ou5t the door with her. I hope cbs say no one is going home tonight. Now that would be a great spin

  6. Please, please does Porche have any other outfit. She wears the same thing every night. Does she even shower. I am wondering or how many did she bring. Cassie needs to go, she now is playing the sympathy card. Crying, crying crying. Give us a break.

    • LOL, yes that same pink outfit. It’s almost like a replay everyday of her. Pink outfit, in the kitchen doing dishes, does she even socialize with the other players? I don’t think I’ve even heard her speak in a while

      • Lucie, I was thinking the exact same thing today about Porsche. She wears the same thing just about everyday. She is such a phony, even her voice is so annoying. She only talks to Rachel. Hope she goes very soon.

  7. I thought i was the only one that noticed that alfit how does she wash it everyday never seen that in BB , and its getting small for her she its almost as much as Kaila.

  8. Has it dawned on anyone else that w/ E.D.’s early departure, the show will be one week short… since BB is scheduled to run on CBS for a certain amount of weeks during the summer season? Doesn’t BB have a commitment to the network to produce an exact amount of shows?

    I have to wonder: just how BB & the network plan to counteract this shortage? Possibly, during one week, no one will leave. Could Cassi be so lucky?

    After all, we’re always told by J.C. to “expect the unexpected.”


    • We think Keith is in sequester and eventually an evicted hg will come back into the game

      • @ Beth:

        Hmmm… I guess that would make sense.

        Maybe the producers will decide who returns based upon a HG’s popularity w/ the public, or by the amount of drama they personally bring to the game.

  9. OMG does Rachel ever get through a single day without crying. Ugh!!!! She can dish out the snide remarks buy she certainly can’t take it. Get a backbone Rachel. ….. & Brendon!! Can you say “nut-jobs”!!

  10. Thought we heard that veto holder would veto one person & jordan would nominate just one replacement? Can anyone confirm?

    • Veto was played on an individual basis but veto holder (Dominic) takes both he & his partner off nomination. Jordan then had to nominate another pair (Cassi & Shelley). Wish it had been Rachel & Brendon.

    • Veto was played on an individual basis but veto holder (Dominic) takes both he & his partner off nomination. Jordan then had to nominate another pair (Cassi & Shelley).

      • Note: if 1st response doesn’t go through (error in sending mssg appears), don’t resend, as I did. 1st response does in fact go through.

  11. Bye-Bye Cassie. I don’t care who wins HOH as long as it isn’t Dom. He’s so wierd. I hope he goes next.

  12. k. i thought rachel was playing better and i liked her more, until this episode. Gosh Rachel that comment drove me crazy like jeff! but what mad me even angrier is that she dishes all that out then when someone stands up to her she goes and cries like why is everyone ganging up on me! Omg rachel, check in with reality. Go Jeff and Jordan!

  13. The thing that really made me mad was when Rachel was crying to Brendan after the Veto comp that she should just go in there and tell them that they let Jeff’s girlfriend win the HOH competition. I almost wished she didn’t say that to Brendan first and just blurted it out in the HOH room in front of Jeff. She would have been so gone!

  14. BYE BYE CASSI! 2 weeks is all they could take of you and, my god, all we could take too!

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