Big Brother 13 Live Feeds: Week 8 Friday Highlights

Big Brother 13 is on a streak right now. Thursday’s live episode was the most exciting of the season, but the fun didn’t stop there when they rolled out another late night HoH competition. Things only got better on Friday when a major twist-bomb dropped on the house: the return of Pandora’s Box. The game has been turned upside down and anything can happen. Oh, and there were even noms last night, not that those really matter until we get this twist sorted out.

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Big Brother 13 Live Feed Highlights – August 26, 2011:

11:30 AM BBT – HGs slowly stumbled out of bed and head outside. After a brief lockdown the HGs start discussing if it’s related to Pandora’s Box.

12:30 PM BBT – Porsche tells Adam her plans for nomination (him and Rachel). Adam is less than thrilled. Warns her if Jordan wins then she’ll save Rachel and control the votes. Porsche says Jordan has no chance to win. Adam points out Porsche hadn’t won zippy until the day before.

2:15 PM BBT – Kalia thinks they should throw the next HoH comp to Adam and let him do a little dirty work by evicting Jordan.

3:30 PM BBT – Rachel reveals to Jordan she is “late” and isn’t on any birth control. Could we have our first Big Brother baby??

4:15 PM BBT – Rachel and Jordan agree that they’d vote for Kalia if she gets to Final 2.

4:49 PM BBTLive Feeds return and Pandora’s Box has struck! Porsche took $5K to open it. Full details on Pandora’s Box twist here.

5:30 PM BBT – HGs excitedly discussing the twist potentials. Shelly realizes if Jordan or Rachel win the Veto then she’ll go home. Yeppers.

5:45 PM BBT – Kalia has a friendly talk with Rachel in the Candy room, but when she goes back to her group she makes up a story to cover that up.

5:50 PM BBT – Porsche makes a pretty off-color joke about Rachel’s potential pregnancy. Says maybe the Veto comp will involve throwing a medicine ball at her stomach to save Rachel the $400 for an abortion. Stay classy, Porsche.

6:15 PM BBT – Kalia proposes to Porsche that they make a faux Final 4 deal with Rachel and Jordan in case they win the Veto.

8:00 PM BBT – Live Feeds return and nominations are confirmed: Rachel and Jordan.

9:15 PM BBT – Jordan and Rachel go talk with Porsche and Kalia in HoH room. Jordan is proposing they team up. She promises they won’t be mad if they get the Veto and don’t save them. But if they work together they can get out Adam and Shelly.

After a wild ride the HGs went to bed at a reasonable time to get ready for Saturday’s big event. The Veto competition is coming our way and everything rides on it. We’ll have those spoilers soon so keep an eye on the site here.

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  1. not a very good big brother, in my opinion.
    let’s go w/ all new HG’s next time.
    NO one deserves to win.

  2. O SHT! Thats a pretty messed up joke from Porsche. But I still lol’ed. And I’m starting to think Kalia will win this money. Even though she played a key role in the worst move ever in Big Brother….(Or maybe it wasn’t! Maybe Lawon was just lying low then he was gonna win every competition and strike fear into everyone) Probably not lol.

  3. On wikapidea ( I think that how it’s spell lol ) it said that shelly and adam won the veto. I hope so cause I <3 Adam

  4. I do think Rachel and Jordan win the veto and Shelly goes home, teaming together P/K/J/R is not a bad idea, will it work? Probably not!

  5. How could Wikapedia ( correct spelling I think )know something that hasnt happened yet? I think the VETO is played this afternoon

  6. I understand what this game is all about, and I try not to let it get to me, like Shelly turning on Jeff. Not the move I would have made but I think it was right for her. But Porsche sucks as a human being. I am NOT a Rachel fan but her jokes are just plain WRONG !! Plus she’s been taking stuff from the vets all season ( probably has Rachels dog) and putting the Benefiber in their drinks!! Come on, is this the high school version of BB??
    Anyone but Porsche please win !!! (Notice she only started winning once the best competitors left ??? Brendon, Danni, Jeff )

    • I’d agree that it was the right move for Shelly, but what blows my mind is the fight she picked with Jordan afterward. What was she thinking?? That benefited no one and made her look bad. Shelly should have at least acted terribly sorry even though it was a smart move.

      • I so agree with you, Matt. I was all for Shellys move until she goes and picks the fight. Dumb Shelly should have just let Jordon have her moment. No need to kick someone when they are down.

      • Everything else Shelly has done was so calculated. Whether you agreed with her moves or not, they were usually pretty smart. That attack though, I just don’t get the “why?” part.

      • What was the fight about? Shelly has done NOTHING!!! All season… And I hate floaters and backstabbers ;( she is a dirty player ;(

      • Matt- Shelley is a 1st Class Bitch, she has to be to have gone after Jordan just because Jordan refused to talk to her after the eviction. Jordan had a right to be upset. Yes it was a good move for Shelly but not the way she did it. If the tables had been turned she would have gone running into her room and cried like a 2yr old. She can justify all she wants. This lady has no class. How do you think she got to where she is professionally. Nice women don’t get jobs like the one she has.

      • I think Shelly just was tired and felling guilty not the best thing should of done but I think it was just one of those things that happened. Am tired of all the Shelly bashing. She’s playing a game maybe alittle to strong but am sure that’s how she got were she is. Everyone has had a bad day and has done things they wish they hadn’t done. so give her a break and stop the bashing of her family not wanting her back.

    • Do u think maybe she felt some kind of shame and sometimes people will go on the offense way of handle it instead of the defense way which would have been better

      • What I am trying to say is sometimes in order to justify our action we go all out screaming instead of calmy explaining our reasons for doing so

      • It’s called “not enough” medication. Menopause is a b–ch just like Shelly. I agree, her moves have furthered her game up until now. The fight she instigated right after Jeff’s eviction shows her mental instability. I would prefer anyone to win,other than her or Porsche. I am sure Porsche knows exactly what the cost of an abortion is. She might get a discount in the back of her “VIP” club!

    • Let’s say rachel and jordan win they veto…adam and shelly will be replacements and rachel and jordan decide who goes home…they WILL send shelly home. If none of that had happened, they wouldn’t send shelly home…so at the end of the day, I guess it wasn’t much of a game move at all.

      • Shelly screwed up…. Atleast with jeff she had a chance at final 3 but that would mean she would have to win something to decide her own fate, but she chose to stab him in the back and know she will either be forth or sixth. Shelly will never see the final three. I don’t think Jordan is upset at the fact jeff is gone, it’s how he was evicted, not a big jejo fan but that was pretty cold blooded! I guess she didn’t expect Jordan to be upset? Now all Shelly does is try to make Jordan look bad and say when she watches the tapes I won’t be there for her appology? Lol your in a fantasy world Shelly.

      • If Adam wins can he save Jordan/Rachel with a deal shelley goes home. Then Adam, rachel, and Jordan can work to evict the others

      • Susie – they are playing the veto comp in pairs. If Adam/Shelley win they can’t put up the HOH (Porsche) and her partner (Kalia) and the Rachel/Jordan pair will stay on the block unless they win the veto. In that case Adam/Shelley will go up with one of them going to the jury. In any case, seeing as Adam turned his back on Rachel and Jordan when Jeff left I doubt they would trust him again.

      • exactly. So after 6 wks she does the math…with dani operating the calculator, that she would get 3rd IF jj kept her safe. 3rd or 6 th? Did she forget the comps for final 3 or just know she couldn’t beat anybody in
        the bb house

    • Shelly trying to take out jeff because she was scared of going against him in F2 is ridiculous, cause she’s still in the same position, porsche and kalia will take eachother wayyyyyy before they take shelly. So in doing all that, shelly actually made a lot of people dislike her, lost herself a few jury votes, and set herself up as a main target.

  7. If Porsche & Kalia are the top 2, please vote Kalia to win.., she is more worthy because of the damage she done, while Porsche just re-start her engine, don’t relax Jordan & Rachel, you two need to fight for your man Jeffy & Bookie do them proud, remember they have to stuck around Dani. Shelly needs to get out. Adam can be played out, have him throw away the HoH comp so Porsche can be upset. Win fight to the end Kalia.

    • I did not see the fight, but Jordan was demanding what shelly was doing and why she sent Jeff out…. EXCUSE me earth to Jordan… this is game show. Shelly realized that if Jeff and Jordan took her to the final 3…there is no money in it for her. She voted right for her…Not Jordan not for Jeff…for Shelly and everyone that is in that position would have done the same thing too. I don’t care if your in love with Jeff and Jordan…They were not entitled to win the game… It was not the Jeff and Jordan show, it is Big Brother… anyone of the HG playing to win by any means necessary. I thought this double eviction was awesome. Jeff trying to intimidate Shelly right to the end. Good game play Shelly. Now if the Newbies can get Jordan and Rachel out… I’ll be happy.

      • Shelly made the best move possible to ensure she gets no votes.
        She took the easy route and played the part of her ugly self to get everyone to want her next to them in the final 2. Losing at everything doesn’t secure second place but add being a skanky bitch and I think she’s gonna get the 50k she came for.

      • yes shelly may have made a good move for herself but she didnt have to pick a fight with jordon that was just not right

  8. I think Shelly is just loosing it, living on peanutbutter/jelly sandwiches for 56 days, with no outside interaction made her brain go nuts when she flipped out on Jordan

    • Here in jordans area we are safe. Hot, hazy and very humid. We may get some thunder storms later on. besides some mild winds and humidity irene isn’t an issue. were west of storm. Please pray for those that are in storms path

  9. If Jordan and Rachel dont win today Rachel will go home and from a game point I think it’s wrong it should be Jordan and I think that this fixation to get R out might be the other side downfall
    Right now it’s like it stood on Jordans season she is underestimated they kept her thinking she was the less problem and she went on to win

    • Jordan only won because she is nice..not because she is a good game player…she is a Floater….

      I say get rid of her and Rachel… I don’t want a vet to win…

      • A floater is somebody that keeps switching sides like Adam Jordan always stayed true to her alliance she is not a floater

      • Part of the game is social and it is nice when this game is not won by a backstabber. I have hated this last part of this because Kalia,Porsche,Shelley, and yes even Dani are so catty. Its not the game its personal

  10. I cannot believe what a Rachel-protector I have become! She drives me nuts at times but….what Porsche said is beyond the pale and just goes to the mind set of the evilness/hatred spewed by her, Shelly, Kalia and Dani this season…joining the rat ranks of Britney and that other girl last year. Sure, Rachel has called people “b itches” and other not so nice names – in response to game play – however, the things that have been said about Rachel are beyond horrible and not fit for things that should be allowed on a reality show. BB should, in my opinion, tell Porsche that her comments are not acceptable. Also, why is it ok for Shelly to take her puppy but not for Rachel to take Dani’s unicorn? And why can’t Shelly be the mature, kind woman she tries to convince us all she is and just put the damn dog in the storage room, no quetions asked, like Rachel has asked them. Rachel has not been horrid the last few weeks and has toned down a lot. When Jordan went nuts (Shelly provoked it btw – she always thinks she has to come out smelling like a rose – but she comes out looking like cow dung) no one calls her names but when Rachel does it she is the worst person on planet earth! Hypocracy run amok!! That Porsche comment makes me sick. What a horrible person.

    • dido! I really want rach to win! She has had to fight the whole game to be where she is. She above all deserves to win it all!however in the begining she got on my nerves as well but she had toned it way down since Brendon left! She plays better w/out him!

    • BELIEVE IT OR NOT..Jeff had a hand in that.. (in a sense) He flat out told her that she had to get her crap together and stay focused on the game not her issues with the other females..and NO TROUBLE MAKING..She kinda slipped up a couple of times but rethought the issue. That is why DANI and her demons started ragging on Rachel sooo bad..She was not fighting back..She was trying to do as Jeff ask her..and evn with him gone she has done really well…She did get a mean thought yesterday but Jordon told her to wait until the day before eviction..GOOD THING SHE WAITED CAUSE THE TWIST HAPPENED..

    • I am with you guys. I have never been a Rachel fan, but I find myself wanting her to stay, wanting her to win.

    • Thanks for the comments doni, I totally agree. Production should smack Porsche for making that remark, it beyond the game play and sick, sick, sick! She is a terribly horrible person!

    • Another great post. I wasnt a rach fan but I’m soooo on board now . Ill be your first mate . Jeff taught her to bite that tongue and she did it. she had to step up and care for jordan. I’ve seen a calmer, kinder compassionate rach. I expected shelly would be the one. Instead she went quote dani “jackhole” mode. And who does porshe think she is? Danis puppet

    • I agree 100 percent. Shelly is a horrible person and Porshe has nothing to be proud of either. At least Rachel doesn’t intentionally try to destroy others and say hateful things. Porshe and Shelly totally disgust me as human beings. Josie is probably being harrassed at school although I really pray she isn’t but you know kids. Poor child!
      Please let Rachel and Jordan win veto and send Shelly packing. I am done if not. Can’t stand to watch the others.

      • What? Each and everyone of the house guest have said mean things about other houseguest. It all depends on who has the power.For some reason the power makes the houseguest a little nasty while they have it. When they don’t have the power anymore – things are different.I use to like Jeff but he has had to much publicity and it is going to his head.He was finally put in his place. Good Luck newbies. I don’t like the vets coming back. It is not fair. They had their significant other through most of the game and that is harder to work with for those who don’t have someone to have their back most of the game. Dani was put in a bad spot from the beginning. Sad season.

  11. Porsche is a unbelievable, what a sorry excuse for a human being. Maybe that’s how they roll at the strip club.

    • I think Porshe has just beat Rachel again in another comp, but this comp is being the most hated. (Not sure its the one she would want to win ), look how Rachel talked in beginning of season how everyone hated her from last season, now I think Porshe just took that title away. Rach way to clean up your act :)

  12. I really hope Jordan, Rachel, Kalia, and Porsche team up and make it to the Final 4. Shelly is destined to go home this week, and I would love it if Adam was the next to go. Shelly lives in a multi-million dollar mansion, and Adam has done nothing to deserve the money. Jeff threw the veto so Adam could win, just like Jeff threw the HoH that Jordan won. Jordan is (sometimes) sweet, but she’s emotionally unstable and doesn’t deserve to win again. Really hoping Kalia wins. Or Porsche.

  13. I don’t care how much you hate someone for someone to make a comment like that is just wrong this is a baby we are talking about i hate people like that no wonder her and Jenelle are such good friends… If she makes it to the final 2 she better not win she don’t even deserve to make it to final 2 go Rachael and Jordan make Jeff and Brendon proud that would be so GREAT…

    • Oh please like Rechael is a angel now . Rechael have said bad things about other peoples. god bless the baby if she is.

      • Right on! I will agree what Porche said was bad but Rachael has been that way for two seasons now. How quickly you all forget all the many ugly thing Rachael said over two seasons. The only reason Rachael has calmed down is because all her protecters are gone. Even Jeff and Jordan got sick of her and said negetive things about her. You need to look at the big picture.Remember all that has gone down.

  14. I was hoping that jeff or danni made it to the end they have made the best moves and had the best game. As for shelley i think it was wrong aruging with jordan but it was a good game move, but now it going to backfire if J-R win veto cause she will be gone. As for adam do something..

    • The road to the final two is just not about the people you get to walk out that door. If you boot out all the vets from the BB house they will be the majority in the jury house. If Shelly makes it to the final two she will still need to votes from these guys.

  15. Why has nothing happened to Porshe yet? What is BB13 thinking to keep her in the house after soemof the idiotic stunts shes pulled? I mean, there’s seriously something wrong when another “human being” can make wise cracks about killing and unborn child! Any attempt to joke about abortion is just plain sick. BB think about the viewers you’re lsoing with thsi pathetic crap!

  16. Why would JORDON & RACHEL need to make a final 4 deal if they win the POV??.. They win Shelly goes home..leaves Adam..possible comp winner possibly not…Why make a final 4 dea?? And how does HOH come into play with the twist?? DOES HOH comp stay the same way??

    • That’s ok, Sheila Jo, we knew what you were saying. Totally agree, Porsche’s comment was very uncalled for. Never liked her anyway, but that was it for me.

  17. Rachel & Jordon are going to win the veto watch out girls, and the he she. as rachel would say im back b***h,s go rachel & jordon win bb 13

  18. If Rachel and Jordon don’t win POV, the house is better to send Jordon home. Not one HG can win against Jordon, she has Jeff, Rachels, and Brenden vote; and likely Adam or Shelly if they are on the jury.

    • I agree… I said this when they walked in the door as a couple. Jordan will win becasue every thinks she is all that…get her out as soon as possible. No one will win against her and why hand her another 500,000.?

  19. Yhere have been quite a few very mean and uncalled for things that have been said or done to rachel this season. Just like last seasons brittney. Rachel may be annoying at times but the worst thing i have heard her day about someone else is call them a b***h

    • It was just a stupid comment give the girl a breai.. if Rach wasn’t such a sleeze she would not be in this position..and why would you even talk about it so that it would broadcast all over the internet and TV..stupid bitch…

      • everybody is talking about it and no we are not all bitches and maybe it was a stupid comment but taking in account everything she has done and said to Rachel it’s not a very cool or nice thing to say

    • It shouldn’t matter who does or does not need the money or who has or has not won the money. It is a GAME. The best game player, adjudged by the jury, should win it. The jury membersknow much more aboutthis year’sgame than anyone else. If it about who has money or has won before there is no need to play the game. CBS could just cut a check!

  20. I just can’t understand why nothing has been done. And why did porche turn on rachel anyeay. She never did anything to her. Just bc she was emotional when brendon left. And everyone talks about the dumb look on jordans face but porche certainly has one of those all the tine too.

  21. I know not everybody is going to agree with me and thats fine
    Porsha is a typical person who does not think the repercussion of her words and actions
    Stealing belongins spiking food wanting to tear up Bible pages because it would be fun and throwing medicine balls to save abortion money and the list goes on she will have eventually to deal whit the cosequences that comes with her actions
    Adam he left his balls home and cannot make a decision on his own even evicting Brendon he did it because Danielle said otherwise I am coming after u
    Kalia talks the talk but does not walk the walk
    Shelly calculating manipulative liar made a big move but so far everybody that made one went home right after that and going off on Jordan the way she did I have no words for that except what I said on above post to Matt

  22. Really sick of hearing Jordan called a floater… she has remained with the vet alliance since day one. As far as riding coat tails, she won luxury comp in one clue and just because Jeff & Brendon didn’t try to out-golf her doesn’t mean they would have beat her 3 (which beat everyone else’s score) for her HOH.
    Lastly, showing some emotion when Jeff left & Shelly got so ugly afterwards, hardly means she’s unstable. She was hurt & betrayed. Who knows… maybe if she hadn’t spent so much time reining in Rachel & had kept her phone call home, she could have held it all in. I love that she let off some steam and didn’t spend days moping around being bitter… wish I could have seen it! I loved it when she finally went after Russell. She’s a little dynamo when you finally do piss her off. Go Jordan & Rachel…adios Shelly!

  23. While I agree that it is wrong for Porshe to have said that about throwing a medicine ball at Rachael’s belly I don’t think that she should be kicked off the show for it. I wonder if they are going to make Rachael take a pregnancy test and if she is pregnant will they allow her to stay on the show. It may not be good for her to compete in the physical comps if she is pregnant and I don’t think it would be fair for the show to fashion the competitions according Rachael’s needs.

  24. Ok peeps…. Let’s give credit where credit is due. PORSCHE SAID I hope its a comp that pregnant people cannot do, ADAM SAID maybe she will get hit in the stomach w medicine ball, and PORSCHE SAID yea that will save her 400 dollars for abortion. Shelly sat as a mother and said nothing to defend the shitty remarks. AGAIN, ADAM MADE THE INITIAL REMARK ABOUT THE MEDICINE BALL AND PORSCHE FINISHED IT!

  25. just wanna say….Rachel came into this game wanting to “redeem” her behavior from last year. She started off pretty well, then week 2 “bad rachel” returned and it lasted for 4 weeks….the week brendon first left was her breaking point. Since that time I must say…she has redeemed herself. Except for a petty night on Dani’s bday she has been pretty good. And, after Jeff got evicted, it was Rachel that was the voice of reason when Shelly got after Jordan and Jordan lost it. She is being a really good FRIEND to Jordan – sure they are talking game, but she is just being there for her, cooking for her, taking care of her, being a FRIEND. In my book – she is redeemed. Just hope if they don’t win veto and going forward she keeps it this way. And last night with Porsche’s aboriton comment — that just shows who the complete ahole is – and its not Rachel. I agree with a comment above that Porsche has now taken the “most hated” award from Rachel. She is a piece of work and I cannot wait for her, Kalia and Shelly to see what people really think of them outside of the house….yes they will have fans (those who allign with Dani) but I am willing to bet a majority will DESPISE them…and wonder if the anti-choice people will protest CBS :)

  26. Ithink it’s awesome the way that Jordon and RACHEL have come together and are actually friends..When Brendon got evicted Jordon was Rache’s rock..and the roles reversed when JEFF got evicted. I really admire Rachel for her keeping her cool during the Shelly/Jordon fest..and keeping Jordon from killing Shelly..(in truth I screaming “WHOOP ASS JORDON WHOOP ASS!!!) lol..The 2 have formed a bond and I do believ that it will be a close friendship from here on out..Even if they don’t make it to the final 3/2 they won in the end cause they have that bond.. (oooh… this post is so sappy)..LOL..but I had to say it..And if not for Shelly the coming together and the friendship may never have happened..At least Shelly accomplished that and in doing so she may have gotten herself evicted..That is the best part..

      • Not sappy Fly, but you are correct in saying bold moves usually make you next on chopping block, I think Shelly goes this week. Rachel/Jordan will pull together forsure and win veto, when your down a person usually comes out fighting and I think R/J will do that.

    • You need to watch live feeds and see how she behaves, She is like the girl in high school who is beautiful prom queen and then picks on the nerds, pretty on outside, her insides make her ugly overall.

  27. Flyonthewall-great post & I agree. I’ve been amazed & proud of Rachel and how she’s changed (did I really just say that? lol). Really hope Jordan wins pov, Rachel wins hoh & they get F2. Does anyone else find it hilarious that the current hoh finds it necessary to lock the hoh room for the 1st time this season… the biggest thief in the house?

    • R u kidding me? But then again she judges people at her same level so off course she would lock it

  28. Was the comment wrong? Yes. But was it a complete joke? Yes again. Really, it’s not that big of a deal.

  29. opinion..If Rachel/Jordon win HOH next week let’s see who trys to make a deal first..Kalia or Porsche??

  30. shelly finally showed true colors and everyone got upset yet they couldnt see this all along we did and they live there was hoping porsche would win now until her save 400.00 comment now kalia will pobably win it unless adam does somethings between now and final show but his time is running out.

  31. i hope that rachel and jordan make it to the final two and whoever win split the money veterans rule

  32. I wanted Jeff to win. He’s an excellent competitor. Had a solid social game. But more importantly he had a strategy. He was PLAYING THE GAME. I cannot tell you how disappointed I will be if Adam or Porsha who have done NOTHING win this game.

    As for Shelly, she has to face herself in the mirror. She will NOT be sitting in the F2 seats. She should have kept her word, stayed with Jeff and Jordan and then EARNED her right to be in the F2. Now, she’s just made more enemies in the house and ruined her credibility in the real world. I hope losing your integrity was worth it Shelly.

    • Jeff was kind of a bully, And teamed up with the wrong people.

      Adam and shelly arent winners, He shoulda teamed with Dani and kalia.

      • are we watching the same BB? Jeff is a jerk, Jeff is a nice honest guy, you kidding me people??? he should have aligned with Danielle who already was going back on their deal and was going to lie to him if she didn’t win the vito and say she threw it, she’s the WORSE player in BB, her horrible scratchy voice even her DAD said she made bad moves. come on people

  33. I actually hope Shelly wins. After all the dumb moves this season and everyone playing it safe, Shelly had the umph to double cross Jeff and Jordan. After all that jumping for joy when Brendan returned to house. Everyone else has been playing it fairly safe with their alliances but Shelly made a really bold move. I could not stand the woman until she tried her best to save Dani.

  34. What do you expect from white trailer trash who uses her tits to make money. She needs to go away and apologize to her family for being a horrible waste of air!!!!!!!

  35. First of all, I want to say that this season has been very interesting… I loved Danielle, But sadly she was Evicted. Now i love Jordan and Rachel is okay. I hope Jordan wins all the money! She has a heart made out of gold.. Shes very sweet and deserves it.

  36. I agree that Porsche should apologize for her comment about Rachel. No matter how you feel about Rachel, the comment was not okay. Didnt Porsche get called on the carpet before by producers for sneaking a fiber suppliment in the food and drink supply of the she is inappropriate again. how many chances do they give these people…makes me wonder if it is “scripted” as opposed to “reality” .

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