Big Brother 13 Live Feeds: Week 7 Saturday Highlights

It was Veto day in the Big Brother 13 house on Saturday and things were exciting with the pressure surrounding so many of the HGs looking to secure their safety. The Veto players were picked the night before, so the only thing left to do was wait it out and see who would be in control of the final nominations this week. Read on to see the latest plans for Thursday’s eviction.

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Big Brother 13 Live Feed Highlights – August 20, 2011:

11:05 AM BBT – Daniele and Porsche discussing post-Veto scenarios. They wonder if Adam would get renom’d by Jeff. Nope, I don’t think so.

11:15 AM BBT – Kalia complaining that Daniele and Porsche complain. Found that funny.

2:45 PM BBTLive Feeds return from 2 hours of Trivia. Jeff has won the Veto. Let the panic begin. Kalia is very worried. Shelly promises Kalia her support to keep her if she stays on the block. The Zingbot returned for the competition. HGs retelling some of his zingers.

4:00 PM BBT – Sounds like Porsche came in second in the Veto competition. Daniele is expecting to be renominated and evicted. Elsewhere, Jeff/Adam/Shelly discuss the importance of their group winning the HoH competitions back to back to keep them all safe.

5:00 PM BBT – Jordan tells Rachel that Jeff is keeping his plans secret even from her. Nah, not really, but they don’t want to reveal anything to Rachel.

6:30 PM BBT – Jeff, Jordan, and Adam going over scenarios. Jeff is most worried about Daniele and how she can win at anything. Adam agrees that Jeff should renom Daniele.

6:40 PM BBT – Rachel and Kalia comparing notes about Shelly and the things she’s said. Both are aggravated.

10:15 PM BBT – HGs playing poker in the kitchen.

10:50 PM BBT – Jordan and Adam talking game. Jordan wants to get Kalia out next.

11:30 PM BBT – Rachel tells Jordan they need to get Daniele out. She’s a big threat for them, especially if she makes it to the end.

1:00 AM BBT – Jeff and Jordan having a long, private talk. They agree now is their big chance to get out Daniele. Jeff says that’s his decision. He’s going to backdoor Daniele. No way around it.

There we have it. The Veto Ceremony is Monday afternoon. It looks like Jeff will take one of the nominees down, probably Porsche because they believe she’ll float back to them. Then Daniele will go up and the votes are against her. Crappy birthday for Daniele.

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    • She ain’t gone yet..still got to get her on the block and out the door…gonna be along week..

      • I can read ..I know all about the spoilers..but she ain’t gone yet..She won’t be “gone” till the front door opens and she joins Julie Chen..Like I said gonna be a long week..

      • U got a point…this could be like the BB8 when her dad pulled off the ultimate taking her of and saving himself…idk!

      • Yeah, I cannot wait till Danielle is on the block then, cannot wait till Danielle is out the door and into the jury house! Brendon will be so happy!

      • Dani is gone with no hope of staying. Jordan, Adam and Rachel will evict Dani for either game related or personal reasons. Shelly and Porsha will evict Dani to vote with the house and not piss off JJ or Kalia.

      • Has everyone forgotten it’s double eviction. As in both people leaving. How is there any chance for Danielle or Kalia both. Please, wow me with your conspiracy theories.

      • @mr.mustache

        Double eviction does not mean both people on the block go home, it means that after the first eviction ceremony, an HoH comp is played, then nominations are held, I’m not sure about PoV, and then a second elimination ceremony is held, all in the same night.

      • No one has forgot that it is a double eviction. If Dani goes on the block she then will walk out the door. Then, they will play a weeks worth of play to see who wins HOH, POV, then eviction. Dani will already be out the door before they eliminate the second houseguest.

  1. Wooot Woot! Judas has gotta go! no if’s AND OR BUTs! Danielle made too many strong moves too soon, too egoccentric.

      • I’m so tired of her “entitlement” issues. She expects to be treated better than anyone else. So funny watching her be the whinniest HG in have not room. Also had extra towels and a plush blanket & still complaining.

      • gonna be good to see jeff gone, cant play in the HOH and Kalia will dominate Thursday. good times ahead

    • What’s worse than making her moves too fast is that she tried to make big moves when she didn’t even have the power. She let that golden key crap go to her head. She was/is a floater because she has(or thinks) deals with everyone in the house. At least jejo has stayed on the same side!

      • Dani was floating at first because of the golden key and her ineligibility to play in comp’s. She had NO choice but to float!

        Everyone has deals with everyone else to some degree. They all have at least considered backdooring each other. Brenchel talked about splitting JeJO in week 1! JeJo talked about splitting Brenchel in week 2! Brenchel talked about splitting JeJo again, made the deal with Dom and then ignoring the deal by evicting him! I still don’t understand why Dani didn’t out Brenchel more over that deal! That also made week 4 great. Too bad production sticks their noses so far into the game flow!

        JeJo did not stick to just one deal. They have and had multiple deals dependent upon how the house voted.

        JeJo are this seasons best floaters! Floating in the BBH will win you the game! If you float can float to the middle to 3/4 of the way or more, then you can make final 2 in BB. Doubt it? Ask Lane and Hayden!

        I don’t understand why the HG’s have made the term floating a negative term when it’s not. Aggressive play and lack of social game is what gets you evicted! Right Brendon? (2 Seasons, 3 evictions! A BB record?)

  2. Woohoo! I am so happy to see MannyDanni go! That’s what happens when you break your alliance and get too cocky! I sure won’t miss her horrible personality/gameplay.

    • Yes! I was over her after she called Beyonce ugly…lol! Everybody always complains about Rachel and Brendon but she is as arrogant as they come!

      • She called Beyonce ugly? The nerve of some people. Calling Beyonce a talentless no-nothing hack would be a more apt description, but not ugly.

      • In the defense od Beyonce…..Paul just what is it that you used to make yourself on of the most powerful WOMAN in the entertainment business..none the less….one of the richest as well…

  3. Okay seems like Jeff is scared of Daniele, not because it would be the right game move! “A man who sticks to his own words” my ass

      • It’s definitely a risk, but Daniele has repeatedly said jury votes should go to the best player. Now that Jeff has tied Daniele for comp wins this season (though a diff mix) would that combined with a “big move” like evicting her earn him her respect despite it resulting in her heading to the jury? If he sends her now she’ll have 3-4 weeks to cool off and not be heat-of-the-moment angry.

      • Dani’s jury vote is what he might lose…If given a choice Jeff would rather wait and hope that Rachel could get a HOH win and put her up…Then Rachel is the bad ass not him…That is how Dani planned to get Jeff out..letting Kalia or Porsche put him up if they won HOH (that did not pan out) If he wants her out he has no other option than to backdoor her..

      • lmao @MATT….Are u sure about the cooling off period??? Dani is still begruging her Dad his I don’t know about her forgiving and forgetting if Jef is the one to get her

      • It doesn’t matter. If you use that line of thinking, Jeff is gonna lose the vote of whoever he puts out so, so what? Somebody is not going to like Jeff, might as well be Judas. Jeff knows that Judas would come after him first chance she got. BYE BYE JUDAS!

    • Its the only move worth a d*mn. You can’t tiptoe and keep players around that are your biggest threat b/c you’re worried about how they might vote. That kinda gameplay will surely make you a juror instead of F2.

    • No way will Jeff wait to put up Dani. If he does wait he is dumb as bricks and deserves not to win BB. He has got to get Dani out while he has the chance not to wait for Rachel to win HOH–no way should he wait for anyone else to win HOH. Get Dani out now. Take off Porsche because she floats where the power is and put up Dani. Get her out because he really has nothing to lose and everything to gain by getting her out. If he goes to final 2 and Dani doesn’t vote for him, well you can’t count on anyone’s votes from the jury. You have to play here and now and do your best and be your smartest. If the situation was reversed, what does Jeff think Dani would do? She would have him out the back door in a heartbeat. I will be really disappointed if he doesn’t take advantage of this time to get out Dani. It will be some sweet revenge for what she did as well as the rest of them to Brendon.

      • This is my prediction and hope, LOL….if Jeff puts up Danielle, the week while she is waiting her fate, he will think and think about it and go against his gut and keep her…don’t count Dani out-she ain’t gone yet. Also its double eviction that night so can someone tell me how that works? I asked earlier but didn’t see any replies.

      • they evict the houseguest who has been on the block all week, but then they have another HOH comp, nominations ceremony, veto comp, veto ceremony and eviction in the same hour. fun fun fun!

  4. Well dani you had a good run and gave us some good entertainment without you this season would fail more than it already did i was rooting for you..hope you make it to all-stars if bb last past this lame season

    • King I dont think she had a good run. Splitting from her original alliance who had such big Tagets on their back while she was flying under the radar was just plain DUMB!

      • She was in power for 2 weeks basically 3.And she having a big target on her back is exactly why she had a goon run if she didn’t win those comps she would be going home a lot sooner.
        I watch the show for entertainment value and she made the game entertaining

      • they would have taken her out even if she was with her original alliance. this game is made for liars n floaters not competitive players. At least she proved to be a strong player without her daddy.

    • Actually, if there is a Big Brother All Stars, the other players would have seen how she has played this season and she will get there with a big target off her back from the get go!

  5. WOOO HOOOO!!!!! I just hope that Jeff is smart enough to stick with his “gut feeling”. They have made some dumb decisions this year!

    • You are right. If Jeff doesn’t backdoor Dani it will be the dumbest move he’s ever made. Dani has to go she know’s it herself. Can’t let her have any chance of controling the next hoh. Even though she couldn’t win hoh next she could control Porche or Kaliay if they won. Got to get her out while the gettins good.

  6. I love it, bout time somebody takes that witch danielle out the house. And let the people sing “na na na na hell yeah good bye” LOL

    • Who cares who she votes for in jury at least she wont be the one voted for TEAM DANI dead in the water!!!! Gee how fast do you think it will take Porsha to thy to brown nose her way back to Je/Jo & Rachel???LOL soryy loser after Dani &Kalia YOU are next!

      • I think Porsche is already working her way back after seeing how she is on the block. LOL She was reported playing cards with Shelly, Rachel, Jordan last night while, Danielle and Kalia sulked. I have a feeling she is striking a deal for her very survival. The funny thing is when Porsche gets off, she will voting to evict Kalia or Danielle if Danielle is put up as replacement nominee! Call this the Revenge of the Puppet! Porsche joined Danielle after they summoned her and threatened her to join their alliance or get evicted! LOL

      • You’re right but they will only be using her. She may not got next but as soon as they get rid of Kaliah and maybe Rachel first, she’s gone.
        They only reason anyone would keep her around is that noone on the jury would vote for her. If they are voting for the real players that is.

  7. Go Jeff!!!
    Nice to see his Competitive Streak take shape. He battled for HoH and won, battled for Veto and won. He’s holding all the Power right now. I’m just really glad he has put Daniele at the top of his renomination conversation; especially with the double-eviction being THIS week as opposed to the week after as Dani and the rest believe.
    Go JeJo!!

  8. Dani..hmmmmm…I’m not gonna bash her as a player too much. She’s made some mistakes for sure, but she’s one of the better ones when it comes to understanding the game…..blah blah blah. Oh who am I kidding?

    Her voice and attitude are that of a valley brat.

  9. Best case scenario during the live show: Kalia wins HOH and nominates Jejo right away. I would love to see the jaws drop when that happens. Unfortunately, I don’t think Kalia or any of the houseguests have the guts to nominate Jeff or Jordan.

      • Chances of either one of them winning is slim to none. I wouldn’t count them totally out but if it’s a physical challenge, there’s not much chance that we won’t see them on the block next.

  10. Team Dani!!!! I am so hoping that she somehow pulls it off and stays a bit longer. Of course, if she does, people will be saying cbs rigged it. (which is fine with me if they
    Dear Fortune teller, please give Dani a Diamond veto. amen
    I am not gonna be one of those who threaten to quit watching if my favorite goes. But, it is going to be like watching a football game with no interest in who wins.

    • Its funny with me I guess, I never invest in a player when watching BB. I just like to see good strategy unfold. Thats the only thing I hope for in a season. I couldn’t care less about who actually wins.

      • I’m in the same boat. I root for the veterans because they have been playing the game. Now, the newbies have a chance if they want to take it! Let us wait and see!

    • LOVE that Jeff got the veto – best outcome! Now get Dani o u t! Becky, I really hope you don’t get your wish but i did hear BbFortuneTeller talking about Pandora’s box, the “best” for Dani & the worst of her box for Jeff. So, unfortunately, even if he does renom Dani, she may not be leaving. I want Dani gone now but Kalia would be nice also.

      • Ohhhhh? Dont give me any false hope. lol. I was joking about the fortune teller, but must have missed something.

    • @Becky I so agree with you regarding Dani. If they gave Brendon a chance, give Dani one. If not and Dani truly goes I will still watch, but could care less who wins out of the crew we have left. I use to love J/J and normally would have went with them, not this year. Totally, not the same people I use to like. Jeff is a bully. Never could stand Rachel just as many people can’t stand Dani. This is my opinion and my right to it. The rest of the floaters forget. It would serve J/J right if one of the floaters won. What happened to this year’s macho man saying he was going after floaters. Guess he is scared of Dani. lol Well, he better be scared of Rachel too. He may have gotten rid of too many vets when he evicts Dani and the floaters will sail right to the end. If he was smart, since he has the votes he would keep Dani in case Rachel turns on him. Make a deal with her to go after Rachel. She kept her word and kept him safe while she was HOH and during the last veto comp before yesterdays. I would LMAO to see him out next, because he forgot about the floaters. Everyone of the Dani haters can say what they want, but she made the first bold moves and did the hard work with less numbers. You can say she moved to fast, but she knew she was not going anyplace with the vets. They all had partners she did not. Rachel will probably team up with Porche, not for J/J, but against them. You said it best Becky, “it will be like watching a football game with no interest in who wins.”

      • Who cares who wins. I just want to see how much drama the outgoing house guests can cause. If Dani and any of the other females want to stir things up all they have to do is tell Rachel on thier way out the door that they are going after her man. She will go nuts. Not that she isn’t already.

      • Gail, the problem with making a deal with Judas is that she can’t be trusted. Give it up, Judas is going home. Any kind of twist that could save Judas can’t happen because that is not how BB works. When they have a game changing twist, America knows something is coming at least a week befor it happens. Sorry JUDAS IS OUT!

    • @ Becky I totally agree with you. I would have normally gone with J/J, but not this season. They are not the same people this season. Jeff turned out to be a bully and Jordan is not so much the sweet girl she used to be and she has been so boring to me this season. I have totally enjoyed watching Dani play and she made the first bold moves of the game. She had to do something when ED left. She knew she would go no place with the vets. I think Jeff by getting rid of Dani is getting rid of too many of the strong players. I guess macho man Jeff is scared of Dani. I would LMAO if one of the floaters sailed right by him. He did say he was going after floaters. Guess he is not a man of his word. He would be better off to work a one week deal with Dani. She did keep her word when she was HOH and not put him up or backdoor him as he is doing to her. Her targets were Brendon and Rachel. If he kept Dani safe this week and got that one week deal he would get through the double eviction coming up. I expect Rachel to team back up with Porche. After all that is what Jordan suggested to Rachel except just pretend so they would have Porche in their power. I bet Rachel does just that except to benefit Rachel and not J/J. Rachel wants to win and she knows she would not against J/J. Adam may really like Jeff, but he may team up with Shelly and Kalia so they have the numbers. I can’t stand Rachel either just as Dani haters can’t stand Dani. We all have our favorites. I like you will continue to watch, but could care less who wins. If Dani really goes as predicted I am going to cancel my live feeds. They will be of no interest to me any longer. Dani thank you for providing me some entertainment in this otherwise boring season. I hope CBS gets it right next year.

  11. What’s with all the hate spilling over from HGs to Beyonce? Peace, guys! Go hug your kids, spouses, family and get rid of this negative energy. It’s harming you more than anyone else.

  12. i think dani should go end of story. porsch next, she close to winning comps and the vile-phoney shelly whom i can’t stand bashing rach hater. can’t stand mouthie people gang talking bullies- flip flopping game playing losers. win stuff and keep your mouth shut.if you want rach out, shut up and play the game shelly and quite kissing arse.listen to who the bashers are and listen to the real game players, big difference.

    • Shelly need to shut her mouth because everything comes out of it is a lie.I usually pull for people from my home state but she is not one. I know its just a game but she needs to stop with that fowl mouth. Her and rachel just agreed on a truce thur. night but she hasn’t stop bashing rachel since. The worst thing that came out of her mouth was how she would stab and cut up rachels stuffed animal. That is something to teach your kid. Poor josie I feel so bad foe her because the kids at school will tell her about what her mom would do to there stuffed animal if they had a sleep over with her. Not everyone from La. has a bad mouth like shelly.She is no better than rachel right now.

  13. Sorry had to laugh: “Crappy Birthday Danielle”. Not that I hate Danielle or anything so don’t stone me, just thought it was funny. =)

    Go Team JeJo!!!

  14. Every morning, Shelly goes out and sits on the couch, counts on her fingers, talks to herself, there is something sinister going on with her, I don’t think she will stick with Jeff and Jordan at all. She is a natural liar, it comes so easily, when she does get caught, she is way to defensive in trying to defend herself, which then makes it obvious to me that she lied. There is just something there with her I do not trust at all, Jeff and Jordan and Adam better keep a very close eye and ear on her.

    • if the floaters were smart, they would rally together and try to get JJ out.. jeff is obviously a strong comp player.. but he’s also a huge bully.. he scares them, heck i think he scares jordan too.. double heck he scares me! the way he yelled at rachel was just wrong.. can’t believe brendon just watched

      • Eventually they have to reach that conclusion but first they have to win things.I think porche is due a hoh soon despite what people are saying she has been competing well.

      • king > that’s where i hope porche goes against jeff’s word of not nominating him if she wins HOH… she has to know by now there is no way she would be safe another week with jeff…

    • lynn I know what your talking about. Shelly is a little odd-didn’t like her at frist and I still don’t know if I like her but I kind of hope she wins that would blow everyones mind because I think she’s played them all(vets) who think they know how to play this game. I don’t care who wins as long as r or jj dosen’t win.

    • I cant believe he let jeff talk to her like that either, but I think she deserves’that sometimes with the way she acts. However, not from somebody else’s man

      • How many times did Brendon call Jordan stupid, she is just very naive, not stupid, alot from what I saw. He had no right to say that to someone’s else’e woman! Brendon and Rachel tried numerous times to get out Jeff. Some alliance.

      • What delicate little flowers there are on this blog. Jeff is from Chicago and that’s how they talk normally. He is merely a victim of his environment. Jordan has said on many occasions that she understands that is just the way he talks when he gets excited or upset. Not bullying.

  15. Why is it that no one is talking about Jeff’s big get out the floater speech. It seems that only applied when he was at risk.

    • Exactly! Big Jeff cant practice what he preaches. Sure, I cant blame him for wanting Dani out since he knows she can kick his butt, but he is such a hypocrite.

    • that’s what makes him a hypocrite… no one can play ‘game’ just him! whoever gets jeff out has my vote

    • well if he made a speech about “get out the competitive players” while he was at risk it would’ve be too smart on his behalf now would it?

      • No it would have been stupid. Just as it would be stupid to keep the people that you know want to get you out just because they are good game players.

    • @Barb: It was a smokescreen. Jeff talked to Jordan after he did that. He explained it was so Daniele/etc. didn’t think he was coming after her and instead would nom/evict floaters. It was purely a distraction (waving my left hand so you don’t see the dagger in my right).

      He backed that up by nom’ing Kalia and Porsche. Then if things didn’t go to plan w/ the Veto he’d go with it and evict one of those two so he could say, “see, I did what I “said” I’d do.” But instead he has the chance now to go after Daniele as he always intending.

      Lots of doublespeak going on in the game. It is tough to keep up with.

      • @Matt Danielle came right out and asked him if he would backdoor her and he said no. IMO that is not keeping his word regardless of not putting her up to begin with. So much for the floater speech. The floaters may just come back and do the same to him.

      • Dani also told Jeff and Jordon that they were not “HER” targets…Then Dani runs up to the HOH and tells Kalia “If u win HOH this week u have to put up Jeff and Jordon”. That would have been Dani’s way of backdooring…Now by putting up Kalia and Porsche This may be Jeff’s way to backdoor Dani….It’s a game careful what u wish for…

    • @Barb I just made a reply to Becky at comment 11. Actually, now I see there are two of them. I thought the first one didn’t take so wrote another one right under that. lol I said a lot of things in both of them, but couldn’t remember exactly what I said in the first. I mentioned exactly that. Guess he is too afraid of Dani he is forgetting all the floaters and they will sail right by. lol

      • Exactly, lieing is part of the game. If they told the truth 100% of the time they’d be evicted really fast. Like, if Jeff said, why yes Dani I want you out and I’m going to put you up for eviction first chance I get he would already be gone.

  16. If Jeff dont get Dani out, this is proubly the last chance he will get, cause Dani will backdoor Jeff as soon as she gets hoh, bye Dani have fun in the jury house .

  17. I TOLD YOU BB Interfers………
    Jeff saying he’s been getting influenced in the diary room to keep Daniele. Jeff saying no way is he going along with it.

    • That’s always been the case. Production is well known to attempt influence, but when it comes down to it the HGs still make their own choices.

      Same thing happens every season. Last season DR tried to get HGs to keep Annie that first week.

      • If they cant convince Jeff to keep Dani, then they need to focus on the others to DO SOMETHING! It’s gonna be so boring to watch the rest just lay down and give game away.

  18. People Im so tried of all of you complaining about Dani.What has she done but try her best to shake the house up alittle.Instead always worry about the end of the game she plays for today.They are only going to be two people at the end not three as in Jeff ,Jordan and Rachel.If Jeff was smart he take Dani to the end .As so many of you think nobody likes her he be sure to win. I hate that people get so worked up over a game.Money is money if you take a real friendship with you out of this game friends are forever .GOD BLESS ALL OF YOU Smile God LOVES ALL OF US…….

    • ARE U WATCHING THE SAME SHOW WE ARE??? Dani has been playing 2 or 3 weeks ahead of the game since it started..That is one of the reasons that she may be near the end of her game..All she did as HOH was map out plans for the next week or the 2 weeks after..You can’t do that and expect events or the game to go ur way..It don’t happen..So in saying that Dani played one day at a time..nawwww did not see it that way…

      • Im sorry flyonthewall , I have been watching the same game as you.I just didnt want to make the game personal.But lets get started .Rachel just crys all the time when things dont go her way.Jordan is just a complainer then acts like a little angel.Jeff and her really started the war with Dani.When they told Dom to throw the veto then lied til the veto game was over .Then told him he was going home. Because he was friends with Dani.Dani has tried to get over that tried to be friends as good as you can be in that house .Kalia has been back paddleing ever since she voted Keith out the first eviction.As far as Jeff he dont know what he wants but to spend the summer with Jordan.Adam Shelly and Porsche. need life vests they are all floaters.Why dont Rachel want to go to the jury house to be with Brendon?If Dani leaves thrusday. Rachel pack up too and leave she be afraid Dani might come between her and her man.It be a early honeymoon for Brendon and Rachel .Since she has worn that same shirt ever show I love my hubby go be with your hubby Rachel.Remember Jordan just won two years ago 500,000 .Lets let somebody else win.I just wanted everybody to see I have been watching ever show.Im not stupid. Im just not going to fight over a game.Its not worth losing ny soul over .I love to watch the show .It sometimes gets boring so thats why I kinda like Dani .She loves to stir dtuff up. Whoever wins wins .Money is money true friendship last a life time.GOD BLESS ALL OF US

    • Jeff is smart to bd Dani. Dani will never take Jeff to the end. In fact, Jeff will be go.e if D, K or P win the next HOH

      Jeff will have his best chance to win by taking Rachel to the end.

  19. Yes Brendan was giving a chance but Dani has been giving lots of chances. I had a feeling her days were numbered when it was revealed something about her knowing and talking to someone in production. There was no way CBS could let her win or stay after that. Remember this only my opinion so take it with a grain of salt. Just saying…

      • Came out of Dani’s mouth directly. She was talking about a friend of hers working the diary room that night. She also just had a big birthday party. Why?Did you see the plush thick blanket she had in the have=not room?

      • They give everyone who has a birthday during time of game a party. They all get blankets. So what if she “made friends” with a camera man, its not like he has votes.

  20. I was thinking that in the DR they were trying to get Jeff to keep Dani because Friday night on B B A D he as in the DR for over a hour and he came out and he said can you tell my face is red? It was because production was I am sure trying to get him to keep Dani and Jeff probably saying no way in hell! Lol

    • it was on a recent televised episode.. when brendon returned and was put back up on the block.. and they were trying to see whether they had jeff’s vote, and jeff tried to argue why he couldn’t.. rachel was apparently making ‘faces’ which made jeff go ballistic on her…. i understand the HGs find rachel annoying, but out of all the times that she’s been, i think it was totally unnecessary as she wasn’t at that point

      • OK, I saw that part, in no way did Jeff go “ballistic” on Rachel that day, he just doesn’t put up with her crap the way Brendon does, he won’t baby her and she doesn’t like it. She was trying to get a reaction out of him because she knows he does have a temper and gets aggravated with her very easily, hell, so does the whole BB world! He was trying to tell her they simply did not have the votes for Brendon to stay, so they went with the house on voting. He did not go ballistic, just like when she told Brendon that Jeff was making sexual advances towards her, this girl is a pathological liar who needs constant reassurance, which she gets from Bookie, on a daily basis to make sure she matters in this world! I would love to see her go.

      • really?? his face was contorted!! my jaw literally dropped when that happened… in the beginning things were going ok but when rachel was making so called ‘faces’ as jeff put it, he was getting paranoid or had to somehow justify his point by yelling at her… i’m not a fan of rachel either but she was just sitting there listening as jeff was telling brendon why he could not vote for them…

      • Lynn & Essie- On the feeds that conversation was a lot longer and Rachel was making lots of faces as she usually does when she wants Brendon to fight for her & Jeff stepped up to her directly. She deserved to be spoken to harshly b/c of the crap she was spouting all week about Jeff & Jordan that NObasis in truth.

    • Rachel and Brendon asked J&J if they were gonna vote for him to stay.. J&J told both of them that Brendon was a vote short of staying and if they would get another vote that they would vote to keep him. They gave an honest answer which made sense but Rachel and Brendon got their tempers up over it. Rachel was giving Jeff the evil eye and pooched out lip that she is known for and Jeff called her on it…Later there was a discussion betwween the 4 of them that came to an understanding/truce.

  21. Look at it this way…Jeff is against anybody that floats through the game (many different views on what an actual floater is). Dani on the other hand is all for making big moves (some big moves she made too soon.) Jeff has put up Kalia and Porsche both of which have been refered to as floaters (according to what u perceive a floater to be)..He did what he said..Now in backdooring Dani(if he does) he is making a big move. CAN ANYBODY ELSE SEE THAT??? I’m not talking like or dislike about Jeff and Dani..I am talking game..I like the game…My liking or not liking a HG is a mute point..

    • You know flyonthewall I agree if it was Danielle doing this then everybody would be prasing her that its OK to lie and backdoor people she did it to Brendon last week get it over it people it’s a game and u do what u can to win
      If Jeff doesn’t back door her he will just have handed her half a million $$ and all of u Dany lovers would call him a dumb ass

      • Yes it is very frustrating reading all of these hypocritical comments sonetimes. Everyrmtime soneone makes a deal in the house i completely expect it to be a lie. No
        matter who it is and that’s fine b/c that’s the way the game is played

      • As a Dani fan, yes she did backdoor Brendon and both times the house went along with it. She did not make a huge speech that she was going after floaters as Jeff did. She also told Jeff he was safe during the veto comp that Jeff threw to Adam. She made good on her promise to Jeff. Dani asked Jeff if he was going to backdoor her and he said no. Don’t you think now Jeff will be the target and just may get a backdoor from Rachel and possibly Porche? Just another thought to think about. My point is that I think Jeff is burning too many bridges with the vets and forgetting his true targets the floaters. The floaters may end up going to the end.

    • no because then he would get rid of a floater… obviously that’s not smart game play hence his plan to backdoor dani (which is why she didn’t try to get rid of a floater during her term when he tried to argue endlessly with her about it)… talk the talk, walk the walk guy

      • as I understand it Jeff did not put her up and she said she would not try hard in the veto and just before she said that she was going to try her hardest she also told Jeff that she would keep noms the same
        She didnt win and yes he said he wanted to get rid of a floater but he said it so danny wouldnt worry to much

      • Even Dani knew they were both talking game crap b/c they will both go after each other as soon as they can. Jeff has the opportunity now. It does not always knock twice.

  22. I’d like to know how exactly the double eviction show on Thursday will go down? I know it’ll begin with Jeff’s nominees and the vote to evict one of them. Afterwards an HOH and nominations. But will there be a Veto and POV ceremony? Or just straight eviction after the HOH nominates 2 HG’s?

    Also, are the HG’s only informed about the double eviction after the HOH is crowned? Or will they sort of know by the set up of the HOH competition?

    • Exactly as you said. They evict someone, then they play HOH, Veto, POV and eviction – all in one episode! Ahhh!

  23. Wouldn’t it be interesting if somehow the Golden Key came into play this week. All the players that had one are still there. Was Adam the last to receive one? It was of no advantage to him. He wasn’t evicted but his partner was and he went straight into the games a golden key holder, but it benefitted him in no way.. So maybe since this the first week one of them could actually have enough votes to go, Julie pops in and says As a golden key holder and explains a twist. Just some food for thought!

  24. yes there is always a veto I think they might suspect that is a DE by counting the number of people vs the week remaining in the competition Rachel yesterday was saying that she thinks this week will be DE but some of the others thinks it will be the week after this and yes I thing they will tell them after the first eviction that it is a DE week

  25. i always thought that jeff might backdoor or put dani up and get rid of her. jeff doesn’t know this yet but he’s actually a bully and even though he thinks he’s playing an honest game he’s not. there’s no honesty in the house of bb and everyone tells each other what they want to hear and his game is no different than any other player on bb. not to long ago when jordan was hoh they thought about backdooring brendan and rachel. i’m growing quite tired of jj and everyone thinking their so nice and jordan’s over abundance of sweetness. all jeff does is trash talk everyone behind ther backs with jordan cosigning. but i’m finally glad that jordan is coming out from behind jeff’s shadow and is starting to speak for herself. however expressing anger is not jordan’s strong suit and comes off very comic like. almost like a child who is throwing a temper tantrum because they didn’t get their way. but i would like to see dani stick around a little longer just to watch the tension between her and rachel. plus those horrible ugly faces rachel makes behind dani’s back and all her bedazzled shirtdresses make good tv conversations among friends. afterall they’re the only two right now that have any tension going on in the house beside shelly. but her gripe seems fake and forced and she needs to own up to what she did or what she was trying to do. it’s her fault dominc is gone and the newbies alliance fell thru because she can’t keep her mouth close trying to play all sides. shelly, adam, porcha, and kalia are all non factors in this game at this point and will be plucked off one by one. none of them have any game or think for themselves and rely on others to get them ahead. they bring nothing to the game or show, they’re boring to watch and bore me to death. shelly and adam are the biggest floaters and suck ups w/o any game and shelly may as well give jordan the money personally for the good deed of giving her the chance to talk to her family. i’m really over that good deed. porcha doesn’t think game at all and is only concerned with cooking, coming up with recipes for slop and eating. kalia blew her hoh power move which i blame her if dani is evicted when she let jeff bully her and then not putting up a second vet when jeff removed himself and allowed lawon to be voted out. If the newbies don’t start winning hoh’s and pov’s and start their own secret alliance to get rid of the vets they will all be plucked off one by one and jordan or jeff will win. how naive can they be. it’s time to wake up newbies and start playing and winning these competions and kick those vets out. otherwise this will become the dullest bb cast and show in history and the viewers will only have the happenings and what;s going on in the jury house to look forward to.

      • there is not a risk to it they are the dumbest group every and probably the most stuck on themselves in the process except for Adam and I believe he thinks he will get some kind of promotion out of this..if he wants one he better stand up and be counted

  26. I have to agree with some of the comments above. Even though Danielle was my favorite I’m not too unhappy to see her go. Now that Dani and Brendon are gone, Jeff is really the only power player left and he can’t compete during the fast forward so it’s possible he’ll go soon too. Anyway, what I’m saying is that it’s gonna be exciting to see some the floaters and lesser players actually have to start doing things for themselves and not rely on their veteran allies. And on the Danielle thing this week: I can’t imagine her staying at all. There are only two scenarios for her safety.
    1. She persuades the Jeff/Jordan alliance to get rid of Kalia in exchange for Jeff and Jordan to be safe if she wins HoH next week.
    2. She persuades Adam and Shelly to vote out Kalia. Then it will be 3-2 in her favor.
    So it’s still possible but unlikely and knowing Danielle she’ll try her heart out. Should be interesting to see.

  27. how come Jeff could talk about production and no one else like he said they told him they would like Dani to stay.

  28. My crystal balls says Dani will sell Rachel out for telling her when she was HOH would she consider putting up J/J..if she doesn’t she is a better woman than I for all the crap Rach has been tossing at her on her bday even and before and beyond..think Jeffs best move is to deal with Dani he always gets a 2 for l anyway him and Jordan in the deals, double eviction will be interesting Jeff better watch out don’t Jordan will help much and as much as I love her and like her a little mouthy is she not a real floater also because she got tosed the Hoh sorry but Jeff needs to drop the floater stuff does not make her look good even though he does not see her that way, Adam has a good chance if he ends up at the end with Shelly because he may be playing the best social game and hey guys Shelly really does not need the money and little by little she is letting everyone know by talking about her house and stuff and who she knows oh well just my dumb thoughts

    • jeff already knows about that and he knows its part of the game Jeff best move is to send danny packing and out the door

      • I don’t think that’s Jeff’s best move. I can see him being backdoored or put up on the block and voted out. He is forgetting about the floaters possibly turning on him with the help of Rachel. Rachel and Brendon suggested getting Jeff out before. Since he can’t play for HOH during double eviction one of the others may see it as their best move. I think he would have been smarter to make a one week deal with Dani to have him kept safe if he kept her safe.

      • If he was stuipid enough to make a deal with the devil/Dani, she would not honor it and he would be gone next anyway.

  29. Bye Bye Dani……you got Brendon out twice, now, the Coolest Guy (,JEFF), in the house is gettin you OUT …HEY..KARMA…Ya should ve kept Brenchel together, now Rachel will go MUCH Farther than last year…..HAWW -HAWW

      • So do I!!!! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Jeff and definitely hope he wins Big Brother this season. He has been pretty honest this year and not the liars like some of the others in the house have been He is just about the only one I like this year except Jordan but she has already won so definitely rooting for Jeff.

  30. Rachel doesn’t know how to play BB. She can play competitions, but so what? in BB you dont want to unless you have to. Will Kirby needs to give this whole season a lecture on how to play.

  31. Jeff is entertaining, but him controlling the game is too predictable. I am rooting for Dani.I hope she doesn’t get back doored, and then she can lead a mutiny on JeJo. I think Dani might be able to get Rachel to come to her side, since Jejo is a duo, and Rach and Dani are really on their own. In order to beat Jejo, they need to align together. This season is kind of lame though. Dani and Jeff are the most fun to watch. If one of them goes home now, then the season is ruined in my opinion.

  32. Ahh Dani you played the worst game of all players this season.

    Instead of going after the obvious treat brendon ( who would have been voted out regardless if it was because you or not ) you should have done what you planned to do from the get go and backdoor Jeff.

    Now you have Jeff and/or Jordan making it to the finals once again and possibly winning the game for a second time doing minimal work.

    • Judas got hot pants for the virgin Duminick and blew her game. Same thing happened on BB8 with Nick, but daddy was there to oust Nick and save her. Judas is the most over rated player in BB history. Bores me to death, she is so predictable. BYE BYE JUDAS!

      • Couldnt agree more… I personally think she could have easily won this season if she would have stick to her original plans to get out Jeff first as we all know Jordan is completely useless without him.

  33. Sad to see that my girl Dani will most likely be evicted!

    She could have done so well, I think she just got bored with the golden key and everything and she tried to turn the couples against each other and it backfired and she had to fight for the next 4 weeks to stay in the game.

    If Daniele goes home I will be definitely rooting for Rachel, I mean this girl has been through hell and back in the BB house and I hope she goes far! Dani might be able to stay if she can show Jeff he will become target #1 as soon as she is gone, and how she can work with him to help him if she stays.

    • Rach has been through the ringer, but much of it is her own doing. She is pitiful when things don’t go her way, and way too arrogant when she wins. She has self isolated herself. No one trusts her, and while she does make for entertaining tv, I don’t think she deserves to win. Watching her is like being on a rollercoaster, eventually you get sick of it and need to get off the ride. Rach is my wife’s favorite, but Dani is mine. I guess we will see what happens. This week is a pivotal week for how the game ends up….

      • Really hope Dani somehow gets to stay! Without her Jeff will just plow through the game, CBS has already given him so much of the spotlight and sooo much money, he doesn’t need to win Big Brother!

        I want him GONE Thursday night! Rachel needs to win HOH and get him evicted ASAP!

    • Kalia totally wasted her HOH week. So stupid to back down on Jeff and let Lawon (one of her allies) to leave. She needs to go. No one that silly should still be in the game. Even though I am a Dani fan, I do admit she lost her mind when she endorsed the decision to let Lawon put himself up. That totally switched the balance of power and momentum for team Dani. She probably will go him this week….

  34. Regardless of tonights outcome,it looks like the vets are going to rule the rest of the way.I hope that a lesson is learned by this.Leave the game to ALL new contestants like it used to be.And PLEASE —- no more BR and JJ .This has been the worst Big Brother ever!!!!!!

  35. I am so tired of everyone complaining that the season is boring and ill stop watching if this person goes or this and that i have watched the show for awhile now i watched the first one then missed a couple seasons but since i started watching it again since season 8 people are always saying things like that but yet everyone continues to watch it.. I’m glad that Danielle is going I can not stand her.. but i am so tired of people saying they will not watch it if thats the case then stop coming here 2 then it just annoys the heck out of me

  36. DANI leaves Thursday!!!!!!
    Rach can’t walk muchless win a comp without Bren.

    PORSHE will win the next HOH!!!! Then the sparks fly. (Jeff & Rach / Jeff & Shelly / Jeff & Jor)?

  37. Jeff would be an IDIOT not to get Dani out.
    Dani controlls Proche and Khalia. If Dani is gone, they’ll probably go to Jeff, they don’t seem like the ones who have guts to kick Jeff off the game.
    Dani also a tough competitor down to finals, between Jeff and her, most likely she’ll get equal votes.
    Although it’s true that BB will kind of get boring because everyone is just keeping a low profile, think about it there’s Rachel :P she’ll probably cause some trouble.

    • We’re not hating on her. We’re just stating the fact of how to play the game right. You should think so too it’s a good game move 49 days into the game, to take out a competitor, leave the floaters there, so that when it comes down to it, easy to get out.

  38. Danielle is to blame for her crappy birthday and no one else. She screwed over her alliance with the vets and then lies to everyone, and know is even starting to throw Kalia, who can’t stand, under the bus. Dani needs to go Thursday and then hope that Kalia is the next one out the door or maybe Porsche. As long as it is one of the two that goes in Double Eviction.

  39. Can’t wait to see Dani out that door!! She was so sure of her game play!! Gonna bite her back!! Goodbye Dani!! Better game play next time!!

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