Big Brother 13 Live Feeds: Week 5 Wednesday Highlights

The big subject of conversation today in the Big Brother house was the upcoming twist which Dani has pretty much figured out.  Lawon is still wanting to get voted out and Rachel is making her last minute deals.  Should be an interesting night for the houseguests as either Lawon or Rachel battle it out with America’s choice.  The feeds go down for two hours this evening as the house guests have their half way party which should be shown during the live show.

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Big Brother 13 Live Feed Highlights – August 10, 2011

9:35 AM BBT – Shelly has been up for a few cleaning and is now joined by Adam who says he has the most to lose if Rachel stays in the house.  Shelly says the other side thinks he is with them and he denies it.  Adam wants a new person in power and can’t believe Lawon isn’t campaigning to stay.

10:00 AM BBT – Rachel has now joined Shelly and Adam in the backyard.  Shelly thinks all evicted houseguests will compete on Thursday to come back in the game.
11:30 AM BBT – They have a new vacuum in the storage room and Dani shows Shelly who will be incredibly happy about it since she does all the cleaning.
11:45 AM BBT – Shelly and Dani speculating that Lawon could be America’s Player since he wants to go to the DR all the time.  Shelly says he will come after Kalia and Dani.  Shelly thinks Kalia is telling him to act crazy.  Dani just thinks he is bad at the game lol.
12:00 PM BBT – Shelly is now complaining about Porsche and tells Dani she told her she was giving Rachel a sympathy vote.  Shelly is really trying to make Dani suspicious of Lawon and Porsche. Talk turns to Rachel and how she isn’t as good as she thinks she is (at comps).  They say the DR has to talk her down.  Shelly calls Rachel rude and disrespectful and says she needs meds.
12:50 PM BBT – Rach talking to Adam about keeping her safe this week.  Adam says he will owe her and to remember this down the road.
1:15 PM BBT – Dani and Kalia are speculating what the twist could be and Dani says the same thing Shelly did this morning about all evicted HG’s competitng against each other.  Dani is worried Brendon will be back.
2:10 PM BBT – Convo between Rach and Jordan. Rach thinks Shelly and Adam will vote to evict her and says everyone is acting weird.  Jordan telling her to calm down and that Shelly wouldn’t have spent all that time talking to Kalia if it wasn’t true.
4:00 PM BBT – Adam and Dani laying around chatting about the twist. Adam says they’re screwed if Rachel stays and Brendon comes back.
8:00 PM BBT – The feeds are back from the half way party and the hg’s enjoyed pizza and music.

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  1. WAKE UP PEOPLE!!!! Today is the day we been waiting for all week!!!!!!!!!!! Most of the HG’s were up all nite discussing the upcoming show and the “twist”…Gonna be a long day for all of us die hard BB fans…WAKE UP PEOPLE!!!

  2. While I am still Team Danimal (I love this nickname for her), I am starting to like Rachel a little. I would so love it if Dani and Rachel would kiss and make up and wipe out the house.
    They seem to be the only ones willing to make moves for their game. They would dominate. As of this moment, I could “deal” with either of them winning.
    I can’t fault anyone for whatever strategy they use.. if it works, go for it! But, Jordon needs to not complain about “floaters” when she floated her way to $500K without doing too much.
    With my new “love” for Rachel being noted, I still DO NOT want Brenda back in the house. Rachel can kick butt much better without him. I wanna see back-stabbing, hair pulling, nail biting drama-not some raunchy romance. Break up the real life couples and let the games begin!!!!!

    • I agree Becky. I too love the nickname for Dani (Danimal)..she is fierce and not afraid to take on ANYONE in the house.

    • yayah I want Dani to win also but she does not want to win this week because next week is her birthday and she does not want to be possibly evicted on her bday. If she does not win this week she may b up for nomination. There is no one she can trust. Kalia makes bad decisions so Dani has no one.

  3. @ Chole /Matt..Any idea who is ahead in the CBS polls?? Somebody has bound to have leaked some kind of info..This “twist” is to good not to share…lol

    • Nope, no details yet, but I did notice that Brendon went from being ~5% behind Dominic to now being 1% ahead of him. If CBS’ poll has a similar result then we could see Brendon swinging for a chance to return.

      I think it’ll either be Brendon or Cassi battling Lawon. Then again, CBS could do whatever they want. We might even see all 4 evictees compete against Lawon. Who knows!

  4. Its gonna be a good show tonight. Does anybody know if the evicted HGs were sequestered from each other or just from the real world? I’m thinking if it was like how it was on Survivor. If they could compare notes of what was going on in the house b4 they left.

  5. Can’t wait for Kalia’s HOH to be o v e r so we can see/listen to anyone else on BBAD…Rachel may need medicating but this woman needs a rubber room & a gag. I really hope Shelly & Adam vote to keep Rachel, that Jeff gets HOH & Kalia or Dani get to join the jury next week… a girl can dream. Can’t wait to see which evictee returns… ready to see some major action, hopefully in favor of the vets.GO JJ&R!

  6. I think Adam is getting scared that Brendon might come back. I think he is going to vote out Rachael. Hope not. If Dom comes back it is just Jeff and Jordan and maybe Shelly. We aren’t half way through the game already, are we? That was quick.

    • I think your right. I would like to see a tie vote. 3 for Rachel, 3 for Lawon. Would love the burden to go on Kalia to make a decision on her own.

      • I really, really do hope so, only because I am team Dani and this will help her! And you are sooo right about Kalia. Actually, I would like to see EVERYONE start to play for themselves.

      • I think she would vote Lawon out even though it would be in her best interest to get rid of Rach now.

  7. Caria, Julie said evictees have been isolated from each other. Anyone know why the feed on BBAD was saying that all 4 previous evictees would be battling this week’s evictee? If that’s true, wth was America’s vote for…shitz & giggles?

    • Maybe America’s Vote will have the upper-hand in the comp. If it’s a stamina comp, maybe AV might get an extra 10 minutes or something.

  8. It would be awful if Rachael was evicted and had to go against Dom or Cassie and lost. Then both Brendon and Rachael will go home together.

    • If that did happen, at least they could plan their wedding together. I too would rather see both Rachel and Brendon back in the house, Would make a better bb.

  9. Does anyone know if Dani is still going to clap if the situation gets suspicious like said in the past couple of days???

  10. Anyone else notice the scrolling text on after dark last night said “as part of another big brother twist, this week’s evicted houseguest will compete with the 4 previous evicted house guests…”
    I thought only one of the four previous house guests would compete based on America’s vote?

  11. I do not think the evicted guests where in contact with each other or the outside world.

    I love the showmance with Brachel, and hopes Brenda returns to the house. Hey, they are trying to win the money for the wedding, how romantic. While Brachel seems made for each other and appears to be a fun couple, their relationship does not seem to healthy and it appears that they still have a lot of getting to know each other. They should hold the wedding until Rachel matures a little.

    Porshe, Adam, and Shelly floats to the whoever has the power. Shelly is very under estimated in this game and it would not suprise me if she made the final 4. Porshe is not bright and is boring. Funny, how Rachel could do no wrong when they had the power and all of a sudden she cannot take her emotional ride. Porshe will find herself soon evicted if she does not come up with a strategy.

    I started out liking Dani, but now I cannot stand she or Kalia. Jordan is in the best position in the house because she is so sweet, not considered a threat and has Jeff to protect her.

    What can I say about Lawan, poor poor misguided Lawan. In the end, I hope that Brendan comes back and the veterns are left standing. The game would be boring with the newbies.

    • I’m not sure how anyone could like Brenchel, this is Big Brother it is a game, it is NOT PERSONAL. Those two need to do some serious maturing, I hope for their sake and the sake of American and it’s future that they aren’t like that outside the house.

      Shelley is a true puppet, she has absolutely no game play as she is doing nothing but floating by on Jeff’s coat-tails and telling him what the others say.

      Lawon, Adam & Porsche will be around long enough for the others to get tired of them none of them are threats at all, although Adam surprised me when he stepped it up in the Veto.

      Dani & Kalia, well Dani is a strategic player, she wins competitions, she isn’t there to make friends she is there to win. I can see her pulling it off but we all know the jury is full of people with vendettas and will vote for the floater sitting next to her.

      Kalia just goes with the person who bullies her the most, she can’t think for herself even if she was HoH, I would love to see her tie-breaker vote tonight.

      Jeff & Jordan, both are strong players when they need to be, Jeff is too mouthy sometimes though and isn’t really good at playing the social game, he would have been in a much better position if he sided with both sides instead of Brenchel. Jordan floats through the game, if she is sitting in the final 2 she automatically wins with the pity votes, everyone likes her.

      With that said I hope Dom comes back and we get rid of Rachel tonight, then there will be some balance again in the house.

      • i hope brenden comes back is the only player in that group that can win anything cassi sucks at the game dom is no game player look what happen to him caude of dani play there stupid im pulling for jeff or rach if u vote cassi cause shes hot ur and idiot just watch porn lol

  12. Shelly wants to project a good image for her daughter yet she is a lying snitch guess thats why she has those awful lips running from side to side cause she does not have the guts to make a move on her own she’s a snake

  13. I am tired of the same people returning to the show it would be nice to see new faces each season I cannot watch the Brendon/Rachael Jeff/Jordan combinations thank god Nick is off new contestants will birng more to the show with diffent game set ideas and plots no old players please.

  14. I liken the idea of rachel being booted and then she will go against Dom for re-entry. Then Dom comes back and he and Dani lead the newbies against Jeff and Jordan. Will we miss Rachel’s crying and general stupidity? No. It will have to be aired from the Castle where she will be reunited with Prince Charming.

  15. I think Rachel is staying and Brendon is back with a revenge on his mind. The power is back… The floaters have to go. Don’t sit in the middle of the fence you may just fall off.

    • Why does everyone keep saying they want Brendon back and the Veterens will take control and send floaters home? When veterans were in power they never nominated or voted out floaters. The only time they talk about floaters needing to go is when they are not in power and are targets.

    • This would be great…not eager to see Brenchel reunited, but Dani’s face would be priceless and I don’t want Rachel to leave yet.
      Shelly always votes with J&J and I have to give her big kudos for getting Kalia to put up one of her own…she doesn’t win comps but she’s definitely playing.

  16. Im really torn between the non playing clueless Lawon or the arrogant pshyco fake cring Rachel. But I do agree Adam is getting scared that Brendon may come back and then hes screwed. And he holds all the power at the vote as Rachel has Jeff, Jordon and Shelly and Lawon has Dani, Porsche and maybe Adam with Kalia breaking the tie.

    As for the twist, IMO someone will get evicted Thursday and go to sequester. The HGs will play for HOH. Then Sunday will air the comp to return to the house in place of the food comp as the have-not thing is over now. The reason Im thinking this is because it says the voting will end 8/11 @ 11:59.

    As for who will return, I do feel CBS has their hand in controling this. I also agree that Brenda coming back would shake things up, it would totally screw Dani and the newbies though. Also it would be messed up after Brenda was just on last season, got to come back with Rachel, got evicted and get to come back AGAIN. As for PT, he would at least come back to play the game. But yes, not excited to see him and Dani smoosh all season either. And Cassi was a bit boring but I think that was the game she was playing, float.

    Final note, CBS did a horrible job casting this season. I think they wanted to do a allstars and didnt have enough people wanting to come back. I feel they should have tried to get seven non-couple Vets and paired them with seven newbies and had one vet and one newbie per pair. Anyway, just rambling, thanks for reading and would love your comments.

    • How funny would it be if Brendan was voted the America’s favorite and Rachel was voted off? Brendan wins and comes back in and Rachel leaves??

      Reminds me of season 12 when Rachel came back to the house while Brendan was out and left a message for him with pretzel sticks.

  17. I’m wondering about Shelly…She just “floats” along while everyone else gets “steamed”. In my opinion, she is the one to evict.

  18. Ok so America can vote back in one of the 1st four evicted houseguests and Now the way I see it Keith was just too big of a horn dog to even play, I liked Cassie but she wasn’t much of a competitor, I know I don’t want Dom back cause he will just team up with Dani and I can’t stand her so YES I have voted for Brendon to go back because he does play the game and he is good at it. Now this week who ever is voted out has a chance to come back to the game and if it is Rachel she will be back because she is a competitor. I would just like to see Dani and Kalia gone. Rachel and Brendon as annoying as they are but they play VERY well. So I hope Brendon IS voted back in just to annoy Dani!

    • Actually if Rachel is voted out tonight by your theory she would have to face off against Brendon further pissing her off by re-eliminating her man, or having him eliminate her. Actually that’s not a bad scenario!

      Dani can win HoH tonight and take her out next week! :)

      • Dani really doesnt want HOH this week, she said if it came down to Shelly, Porsch, or Adam, she’d let them have it so she can play next week, her birthday, week.

  19. why should Evel Dick care or have any say in this.. hes the one that bailed on Dani and the show.. all hes interested in is selling bb stuff on ebay.. he needs to stfu…..

  20. Why do those that want Dom back think that he will automatically pair back up with Dani? She screwed him over the last time he was in the house. If Dom got back in tonight it would be in his best interest to play the game solo. Thoughts?

  21. what a night this will be! can’t wait to see who is coming back. most think cassie. whom do you all think she will side with. would that not be something if she goes right to dani. then there will be two she devils in the house.
    I really don’t know what cassie did to deserve going home. maybe it was because she is pretty or what else could it be.?? she is quiet and I honestly don’t know her that well to make a decision. May need some help on ths one.

  22. mr. joker I do not think that rachael and her man would duel for anything. they would both leave together. or make a deal on who is leaving.

  23. too bad that cbs did not have all the vets to play the game. they at least no what is going on. you can tell by dani last night. she knows the ropes and has a bit of more knowledge in how the game is played. most of the newbee’s just sit around waiting for some thing to happen. my word! lawon just begs to leave. unreal.

  24. Jeff does not look happy that Brendon is back. He realizes Brendon could take the money from him. It is not dani the couple have to worry about as much as it is each other. If they came to win, Brenchel actually needs to evict Jordan she is 2 likeable.

  25. I think this Big Brother 13 is the worst ever.. At least other seasons were entertaining.. The Brigade and Britney were so hilarious last season.. Irritating Rachel & Brendon were easier to take.. I wish Lane & Brit came back as a power couple just cause they had awesome personalities.. Dont ever bring Brendon or Rachel back.. I would rather have the guy who pulled a knife in season 1 or Jesse or Enzo even Ragan would of been enjoyable.. Dominic & Daniele were so cute together.. Bringing Brendon back makes the show suck.. Also Jordan is so depressing on this season.. Why the hell did she come back?? Spend time with Jeff on your own time if you come sad.. The truth is the show would of been better if Dick stayed.. He ruined the outcome of this season.. It should be in the contracts no pathetic early withdraw.. He should of walked out door and consider that an eviction then first HOH would of been w/o power.. Reset game..

  26. Thanks for bringing Brendon Back now I can switch
    off this show for good the characters are getting worse and worse and bringing the same people back over and over sucks I likened the players to those running the country into the ground, the players the floaters the back stabbers mud slinging each otehr that’s why we are a great country with role models like this.

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