Big Brother 13 Live Feeds: Week 5 Sunday Highlights

Another Sunday in the Big Brother house and Rachel was really working on her votes to stay in the game.  She even plead her case to Dani who remained indifferent the whole time.  It’s obvious all the house guests are getting sick of Rachel and her constant whining and crying.  Even Jeff and Jordan have had their fill of her.

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Big Brother 13 Live Feed Highlights – August 7, 2011:

10:50 AM BBT –  Shelly is trying to once again make Rachel feel better by saying that she will come back with a vengeance if she’s voted out.  Rachel says she knows she will come back if she goes.  Rach says Dani doesn’t lead Kalia in a good direction.  She says Dani has no true allegiance to anyone but herself and she really doesn’t care about Kalia.  Shelly thinks Dani has a big heart in real life and this is just a game for her.  Rach says Dani drinks, parties, cusses and works at a bar.  Isn’t that what Rachel was doing last season?  Hmmmm
12:20 PM BBT – Rachel, Jeff and Shelly are wondering what exactly the twist is going to be.  They want to ask the DR what Julie’s exactly words were last Thursday.  They are speculating that whomever leaves will come back with a special power and they were warning the HoH.
12:40 PM BBT – Rachel asks Porsche what happened to their relationship.  Porsche wishes Rach had been a little more grounded when Brendon left.  Porsche said she didn’t like how Rach acted towards people last week.  She said she stayed away from Rach because she was waiting on her to calm down.  Rach trying to say that it’s hard because the love of her life left and she won’t see him for 6 weeks.
1:00 PM BBT – Adam has shaved his head and his beard and looks like a completely different person!  WOW!
1:50 PM BBT – Rachel is in the HoH talking to Dani and apologizes for what she did and how she acted.  Rachel says she knows Dani is mad that Dominic is gone but she took away the love of her life.  Says she physically hurts without Brendon.  Does anyone else think they’re relationship is very unhealthy lol? Dani appreciates Rachel saying this and says she wasn’t mad about Dominic.  It was the trust thing because she was truly with them and then they turned their back on her by going to JJ.  Dani says she is sorry Rachel is hurting but she can’t apologize for her game move because they were going to get her out.
2:00 PM BBT –  Rachel doesn’t want to argue with Dani anymore.  She doesn’t know what to do without Brendon.  Oh my gosh! Think for yourself!  Quit letting Brendon fight your battles! Rachel said everyone is going from side to side with whomever is in power and waiting for her and Dani to bash it out lol.  I totally agree with that!  Dani says half the game is your relationships with people and she spent a lot of time with Cassi, Keith and Dom.  She says Brenchel didn’t do that last season or this one.
2:10 PM BBT – Rachel asks Dani to vote her to stay in the game.  Dani basically saying it wouldn’t do any good because of how she acted last week, it wouldn’t matter who Kalia put up as Jeff’s replacement because no one wants Rach around.  Rach can get the votes but needs Dani’s to ensure her safety.  Rachel says keeping her in the game would be a huge advantage for Dani because Rach would always be a bigger target.  Rachel is pleading her case big time but Dani is making no promises.
2:50 PM BBT – Kalia gives Porsche the good news that she is not putting her on the block as the replacement nominee.
3:00 PM BBT – Adam and Jeff talking about the replacement nominee.  Lawon volunteered to go up but not sure what Kalia is going to do.  Jeff says if she’s smart she will put up you (Adam) or Shelly.  If it’s Lawon they’re voting him out over Rachel.  Uh oh! Be smart with your choice Kalia.
5:15 PM BBT – The feeds were off for a few and when we return the hg’s had cake and music for Adam’s 40th birthday party.
6:00 PM BBT – Shelly tells Kalia there is no way she is voting for Rachel to stay in the house.
7:00 PM BBT – Shelly is now telling Kalia to go to Rachel and get her to swear on Brendon that she won’t put her up and send Porsche home instead.  Kalia is wondering how to persuade Dani because Dani wants Porsche in the game.  IF Kalia goes to Dani with this new plan, I don’t think it will go over well lol.
11:00 PM BBT – Kalia and Dani talking about Shelly and Porsche and what to do about the renomination. Kalia wants Rach gone but it’s obvious Shelly got to her.
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