Big Brother 13 Live Feeds: Week 5 Sunday Highlights

Another Sunday in the Big Brother house and Rachel was really working on her votes to stay in the game.  She even plead her case to Dani who remained indifferent the whole time.  It’s obvious all the house guests are getting sick of Rachel and her constant whining and crying.  Even Jeff and Jordan have had their fill of her.

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Big Brother 13 Live Feed Highlights – August 7, 2011:

10:50 AM BBT –  Shelly is trying to once again make Rachel feel better by saying that she will come back with a vengeance if she’s voted out.  Rachel says she knows she will come back if she goes.  Rach says Dani doesn’t lead Kalia in a good direction.  She says Dani has no true allegiance to anyone but herself and she really doesn’t care about Kalia.  Shelly thinks Dani has a big heart in real life and this is just a game for her.  Rach says Dani drinks, parties, cusses and works at a bar.  Isn’t that what Rachel was doing last season?  Hmmmm
12:20 PM BBT – Rachel, Jeff and Shelly are wondering what exactly the twist is going to be.  They want to ask the DR what Julie’s exactly words were last Thursday.  They are speculating that whomever leaves will come back with a special power and they were warning the HoH.
12:40 PM BBT – Rachel asks Porsche what happened to their relationship.  Porsche wishes Rach had been a little more grounded when Brendon left.  Porsche said she didn’t like how Rach acted towards people last week.  She said she stayed away from Rach because she was waiting on her to calm down.  Rach trying to say that it’s hard because the love of her life left and she won’t see him for 6 weeks.
1:00 PM BBT – Adam has shaved his head and his beard and looks like a completely different person!  WOW!
1:50 PM BBT – Rachel is in the HoH talking to Dani and apologizes for what she did and how she acted.  Rachel says she knows Dani is mad that Dominic is gone but she took away the love of her life.  Says she physically hurts without Brendon.  Does anyone else think they’re relationship is very unhealthy lol? Dani appreciates Rachel saying this and says she wasn’t mad about Dominic.  It was the trust thing because she was truly with them and then they turned their back on her by going to JJ.  Dani says she is sorry Rachel is hurting but she can’t apologize for her game move because they were going to get her out.
2:00 PM BBT –  Rachel doesn’t want to argue with Dani anymore.  She doesn’t know what to do without Brendon.  Oh my gosh! Think for yourself!  Quit letting Brendon fight your battles! Rachel said everyone is going from side to side with whomever is in power and waiting for her and Dani to bash it out lol.  I totally agree with that!  Dani says half the game is your relationships with people and she spent a lot of time with Cassi, Keith and Dom.  She says Brenchel didn’t do that last season or this one.
2:10 PM BBT – Rachel asks Dani to vote her to stay in the game.  Dani basically saying it wouldn’t do any good because of how she acted last week, it wouldn’t matter who Kalia put up as Jeff’s replacement because no one wants Rach around.  Rach can get the votes but needs Dani’s to ensure her safety.  Rachel says keeping her in the game would be a huge advantage for Dani because Rach would always be a bigger target.  Rachel is pleading her case big time but Dani is making no promises.
2:50 PM BBT – Kalia gives Porsche the good news that she is not putting her on the block as the replacement nominee.
3:00 PM BBT – Adam and Jeff talking about the replacement nominee.  Lawon volunteered to go up but not sure what Kalia is going to do.  Jeff says if she’s smart she will put up you (Adam) or Shelly.  If it’s Lawon they’re voting him out over Rachel.  Uh oh! Be smart with your choice Kalia.
5:15 PM BBT – The feeds were off for a few and when we return the hg’s had cake and music for Adam’s 40th birthday party.
6:00 PM BBT – Shelly tells Kalia there is no way she is voting for Rachel to stay in the house.
7:00 PM BBT – Shelly is now telling Kalia to go to Rachel and get her to swear on Brendon that she won’t put her up and send Porsche home instead.  Kalia is wondering how to persuade Dani because Dani wants Porsche in the game.  IF Kalia goes to Dani with this new plan, I don’t think it will go over well lol.
11:00 PM BBT – Kalia and Dani talking about Shelly and Porsche and what to do about the renomination. Kalia wants Rach gone but it’s obvious Shelly got to her.
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  1. The best gamer so far is definitely SHELLY. If she can get Kalia to put up Pors or Lawon, the game will turn upside down.

    Can’t wait til POV ceremony !

  2. I’m so sick of rach and her crying but i have to admit i really want her to stay.I really hope porh or lawon get put up as a replacement because neither one would win against brendon (who i hope gets voted back in)and someone could finally get dani or kalia or one of the floaters out. If kalia would start to think about jury votes cause right now i don’t anyone handing her that money at the end.

  3. Has Kalia decided to go with “keep Rachel” plan ??
    I did not see all of BBAD last nite…

    • Yes she has and it looks to be Lawon who will take the fall. Even crazier is that he’s full aboard and suggesting that he be evicted because they think he’ll come back stronger (either with immunity or HoH).

    • That wouldn’t be fair if lawon leaves. He hasn’t done anything wrong. I mean yeah he’s a floater but is he really a threat??

      • Thats what everyone said about Jordan in SS8 and she WON! lol,,,, all the more reason to get them out now.

  4. I think that if Shelly convinces Kalia to put up Lawon or Porsche and keep Rachael it would be great. She doesn’t want to trick Kalia into putting up one of them, because they will know what side she’s on by her vote. So she will have to get Kalia to keep Rachael. She is very good so far at getting both sides to believe she is on their side. She will eventually have to show what side she’s on, but maybe it will be too late to do anything about it. I don’t think she wants to win HOH, because that will show what side she’s on. I can’t believe that Lawon thinks if he comes back, he will come back as HOH.

    • Danielle is not happy- Kalia seems to be making a decision on her own and Danny is not liking it.

      • that’s because it’s a dumb move. Kalia is not a bright player I really don’t want Rachel to say but if Kalia puts up anyone but Jordon or Shelly than kalia should just walk out now because she dosen’t have a chance. Why be hoh if your going to let everyone tell you what to do? Keeping Rachel is not in her best interest-why can’t she see this?

      • Kalia is making a bad move and if Brendon comes back we are back to square one. I can’t stand the thought of Brenchel back. Brenchel fans will be happy, but I can’t stand seeing them again. It is bad enough with Rachel alone. Some call it drama, I call it disgusting. This will even hurt J/J from going all the way with Brenchel back together. @chick from louisiana and ziggy1 I agree with you. I just pray Dom is voted back, but I think the show wants the drama.

      • I don’t think that Dani is upset about kalia making a decision, per say. It’s just that the decision would be…lets just say probably one of the dumbest ever.Kalia needs help should listen to Dani. She’s obviously listening to the nitwits who are going to get rid of her butt asap. She might as well listen to someone who has her best interest in mind somewhat.

  5. The last I heard Kalia talked to Lawon about going up and being voted out. He’s happy about it. He would love to be evicted and come back. He thinks he will come back as HOH.

  6. Let me get this straight>>> If either Lawon or Porsche go up on the block RACHEL IS SAFE?? From what I have read if Lawon goes up they voting him out..and the same goes for Porsche. IS THIS CORRECT??

      • Thanks…I like understandable…So in the end unless Adam or Shelly went up Rachel was safe anyway??

      • i agree with you we’ve had enough of wretchel she’s nothing but a crimson haired whiny goldigger!! that needs to be dealt with sooner than later.

      • Of course it makes no sense to you because you know the tiwst and everything…lol, but they don’t! This is gonna be awesome, I hope everything goes as planned..and I think if Lawan is ok with it, then Kalia will do it regardless of what Daniele wants. Also Daniele is clearly afraid of Rachel as much as she’s trying to act like she’s not, that’s why we wants her gone asap. In BB patience can go a long way, and she has none when it comes to Rachel being out.

      • Scared why Mandi? She is just as good as or better in the comps. She might have felt a bit threatened when the other sister girl Brendan was in the house, but I don’t think that it’s an issue now. Could be that she simply can’t stand that red-head weasel. Rachel is obnoxious. Very. I can’t stand to see or hear her(and I’m watching t.v. So imagine how it would be in person. Rachel is trying to provoke Dani, to get her thrown out. Dani is playing it smart, just hope that she can continue to resist temptation and not knock the hell out of her(blowing her chances of winning). But I must admit, that face that Rachel has is very scary indeed.

  7. lets vote to have Jordon win again she could be the first million dollar winner :):):) after 13 years of Big Brother. You have Amazing Race and Survivor that the prize is 1 million dollar

  8. I give credit to shelly. If she convinced clueless kalia to completely trust her,keep Rachel..a brilliant move. She is a great social player. I hope somehow Rachel goes since I’m team Danni but great moves shelly.

    • I agree. Shelly is really playing the game, I thought people were catching on to her crap, but obviously not. I cannot believe Kalia let her talk her into this plan. What a dumba$$. I am team Dani too, so I was hoping Rachel was gone, but guess not.

      • Team Dani too. Let’s just hope that even if Rachel doesn’t leave, that the return HG will be Dom or even Cassie for that matter. Dom and Dani could or should I say would end up in the final two. And if it’s Cassie, it’s enough to keep crazy-horse Rachel reeling. Jealousy would be the end of her game.She R doesn’t like C because C is cute and R knows that she’s not. She also doesn’t feel threatened by the other females because in her sick ‘little’ mind, she thinks that she looks better. She can pretty much figure them out too. She knows that J is just a bit more mindless than she is, she knows that Dani can’t stand & will challenge her, Joe Camel & Kalia are flakes, that only tolerated her because of the Brendan crush. She thought she knew Porsche, but she flipped on her so she’s unsure of her now. She can’t get a good read on Cassie to save her life.

  9. i would like to see the twist that whoever comes back is HOH and wish it is Brendon that would shake up the house and that rating the drama would be pricelist

    • they said americas choice would battle the evictee for a spot back in the house….. nobody said that would make them HOH….. just put them back in….. the HOH competition is seperate…..

  10. Flyonthewall… Shelly convinced Kalia to save Rachel in exchange for one wk safety & vote out Porsche bc Porsche coming back due to twist would be easier to control than a vengeful Rachel. In bigger news, Kalia wants to align with J/J/R for her own safety & is trying to flir Dani back to vets side ( which she was never really on to start with, obviously). Then Lawon actually volunteered to be evicted bc they all think the evictee automatically comes back & as an hoh… r they on some really good drugs or what?! Can’t believe Kalia bought the whole wheelbarrow of bs Shelly served up. Go JJ&R!

    • Awesome ain’t it..lmao..If it will only hold till the nominations today..lets hope nobody blows it…I don’t like Rachel as a person but when she gets her head together she plays the game..and that is what the show is about ..GAME

      • SS the deal has to play out till Thursday..they just don’t need to blow it and let the cat out of the bag..

  11. OMG! I cant stand this craziness and love it at the same time! If Rachel pulls this off, she deserves to stay. Some game play is great. What I hate is the thought of Rachel and Brendan being together again. AAARRRGGG!!
    If Jeff and Jordon had spoken to me the way they did Kalia with the bullyish threats, I would say, “OK.. F both yall. Rachel is safe, its you two on block.” But, hey, thats just me.
    Another thing, I found it so funny that Jordy was complaining about floaters and people doing nothing. Correct me if I am wrong, but isn’t that how she won $500K? LMAO!
    Is Shelly playing for himself or Jeff and Jordon? Cant figure that dude out.
    It’s looking a little like my girl Dani may not win this game. I have no idea who to root for if she goes.
    Oh, well…it’s gonna be interesting to see how this week plays out!

    • I know some people don’t like the fact that Jordan won, but she was the final HOH and did have the sense to pick Natalie so I feel she deserved it. That’s Big Brother. Natalie won nothing. Why aren’t people complaining that she won $50k?
      I’m surprised that Kalia wanted to make a big move in the game and then withdraw after she has made enemies.

      • Hey, I have no problems with a “floater” winning. Whatever strategy works… go for it. Just dont be hypocritical and gripe about it if thats how you won.

      • Daniele has the record for most veto wins,she did A LOT her season and this season she will NOT go out without a fight.

    • Rachel is not pulling the deal off. That credit goes to Shelly who came up with the plan. She has Kalia convinced she is with her and Dani. All the while Shelly is with Jeff and Jordan. Shelly came up with the plan and told Kalia that she needs to play her own game so people don’t think she is just listening to Dani. I watched BBAD until the end so don’t know when it was changed to Lawon. It was suppose to be Porche. He won’t have the votes so will go. Rachel stays. If Brendon is voted by America you know he will win against Lawon. We will be back to Brenchel. If your for Dani the only hope will be if Dom comes back instead of Brendon.

    • I agree completely Becky. That dude seems to be playing for JJ, why I don’t know. Dude acts as though s.he is star-struck and JJ aren’t even close to being that.

  12. So Lawon is going to act mad when Kalia puts him up and he is going to try to get info from the other side. I hope they keep their mouth shut.

  13. talk about geting stabed in the back kalia is going to be sorry if she keeps rachel she is just a lieing snake.

  14. I can’t believe Shelly actually flipped Kalia and that Kalia is now not only trying to save Rachel but evict Lawon. Trippy stuff, lol. You could see the daggers shooting from Dani’s eyes when Kalia was relating “her” new master plan to align with JJ&R. Hope it holds bc if Rachel goes, the vets won’t have the numbers to remain since both Porsche & Adam are apparently with Dani now… or has that changed? Shelly has always voted with J&J so far but getting Kalia to flip was freakin brilliant.

  15. Kalia just wants to hang out with the popular crew ie jejo.All team jejo has to do is sit back and make kalia make this stupid decision.
    That’s whats going to cost here this game her she just wants to be on jejo good side,if they threatened me like i would have put them up and have rachel as a replacement..dani has to win hoh

    • It don’t matter if Lawon wins or loses the America’s choice comp cause Rachel is still in the house for another week

  16. Seriously? This is the best plan for Rachel. I hope now though she stays quiet. Lawon is NOT the person to send out to win anything, but let them think he is. I seriously love this plan. Haha. The newbes are so stupid.

  17. Love this season, I like the integrity and competitiveness that JJ and BR have displayed, class acts, yes they cried but it’s hard, but they hold themselves responsible for the wins and losses!! Dani is evil and thinks it’s awesome ( it’s sad really ) and Porshe and Kalia have no back bone. If your going to do something, do it…dont flip flop… BB13 I love the vets :)

    • i fully agree. if only america could vote and bring brendon back while lawon gets evicted, and then dani and kalia and the rest of the floaters can be evicted! i can only hope!!

  18. Honestly, best case scenario for a good show would be Rachel to go home this week. Then America should vote Brendan back into the house and have Brendan and Rachel battle it out to stay in the House :D. would be hilarious and great for tv. lol

    • That would be the right thing to do..But most people voted for Dom and Cassie because they are pretty and handsome..not for their game play…It is a “game”.. That is where Shelly is a player she understands it’s a game and she plays the game..

      • that wouldn’t be best case scenario for ratings, because A: contrary to popular belief, brenchal are smart and they would know, that if she goes now, she goes to jury, but if he goes now, he goes back home. But, if he comes back in the house now, he will automatically make it to jury if he doesn’t win the game..and at the very least that is what they wanted. Also, they’re going to think about the ratings for more than just 1 episode…with Rachel staying and Brendon returning….the house is going to blow up! And it’ll be just another stupid move by the Dani clan…I.e. keith throwing the veto and dom as well.

    • I had the same thought. Would make for good t.v. but hope that’s not the case. Tired of B&R. Have had enough of them for a lifetime. They just need to go somewhere (far, far away from t.v. land), get married? and aggravate the hell out of each other, with their sicking *sses

  19. The advantage for Jeff Jordon Shelly and Rachel is that they are in the have not room..They can discuss the scam in private..Good week for them to be have nots after all..

  20. Why is Rachel always ridiculed ect, when she has a crying jag.?any one doing the same to Jordonwhen she was crying and clinging to dorky JEFFRO

    • When Rachel cries it is all about RACHEL..when Jordon was crying she was crying cause she lost the comp and all her team had to suffer cause of it..She was not just concerned with herself..

  21. Except for her rationale into thinking she will go to the end with jj, Shelly is becoming a really good at the strategic and social aspects of the game, which is important to be considered a good player in this kind of game. If she forms a new powerful alliance, with a good final two partner and win some comps, she could be a force to be wrecken with. However, Dani is now the outsider/underdog and I’m rooting for her. Cassi (whose stupid honesty and calling out Rachel, though I’m not a fan of rachel, serves to use in the game) will either lose the challenge to come back, or be tricked by Shelly and be sent right back out. VOTE FOR DOM HE AND DANI ARE REALLY A DYNAMIC DUO.

  22. I meant to say Cassi, who stupidly told Brendan and Rachel straight up that she is against them and didnt’ even scramble to stay should not come back. She will just be tricked by Shelly and be evicted again. Rachel is already losing it, don’t just add drama to fuel Rachel’s jelous insecurity drama. She serves no use for the game. BRING BACK DOM HE AND DANI WOULD MAKE A TRUE DYNAMIC DUO.

  23. If someone does not put up Shell she will win ,her real work is to back stab people to get ahead in her work, i know the people she works with will keep an eye on her when she goes home . To work with that type most be hell. PS if she wins she will retire or get her own business.

    • That tactic only works for long. Playing both sides is a guaranty to blow up in her face. She’s gonna need to win a competition very soon.

      • Yes this tactic has been working for too long already. Just hope that someone will ‘hurry up’ and light the fuse. Yes, playing all over the field usually only cause bodily harm.

  24. well it looks like a dead heat between waaaandon and dom i hope is not official waaaandon needs to stay gone and wretchel needs to go to the jury house that’s the it’s gotta happen for the season or start to wonder to jump the shark i hope that never occurs.

      • I just looked on twiggs and Cassie is ahead lets hope it stays that way. Poor Keith has only 1%. I think it’s going to be close. My hope is Cassie comes comes back and teams up with Dani and I want to see how Shelly explains why she threw he under the bus. I know it’s a game but I really think Shelly did (Cassie wrong)

      • nope… Cassie.. if she knows the game won’t hold a gruge. It was early in the game and most HG’s vote with the house during that time..So I don’t see Cassie being pissed..

      • Is everyone kidding? We should all know serves absolutely no significance. It doesn’t make a bit of difference one way or the other what says. First of all, no matter what the votes say, brendon will most likely be the one to return. Second of all, the people on here that vote are a tiny fraction of the BB viewers. So some unofficial poll taken by an unrelated to CBS website is hardley something that should be followed..I’m just sayin

      • Is everyone kidding? We should all know serves absolutely no significance. It doesn’t make a bit of difference one way or the other what says. First of all, no matter what the votes say, brendon will most likely be the one to return. Second of all, the people on here that vote are a tiny fraction of the BB viewers. So some unofficial poll taken by an unrelated to CBS website is hardley something that should be followed..I’m just saying.

  25. is this true? or is it just speculations did Lawn the prop volounteer to go up and be voted out? R these newbees on some special meds that gives them allucinations??If this goes trough it’s brilliant. Who came up with this plan??

  26. I thought the same because to play a game of lying and backstabbing so well takes practice and practice makes perfect leading one to believe this is her norm in real life too. I feel bad for her daughter and husband. Which Shelly do they believe? Think about it as it seems so natural for her to so and that is from real life practice and her way of life.

    • It’s a country called North Carolina..lmao..u just gotta love them sweet innocent southern girls…lol

      • Sweet innocent right. We’re going to try completely dumb. lol Somethings shouldn’t be spoken even if it’s thought.

  27. this is exactly what i wanted to happen and i will not vote for cassie or dominic because that would just give dani more power i am voting so that brendon can comeback and help jeff and jordan plus brendon actually played for his pov and won and used it on his queen plus i wanna see dani and kalia curl up in a ball and whine maybe kalia will even pull a chima now that makes good tv i cant wait til that spoiled egotistical brat gets a taste of her own medicine cant wait to see the drama unfold vote brendon for great tv im so excited it might me time to go drop another line im thinking numbger 2 lol

    • Why would you give it Brandon to win – he would just give it to Rachel and were back to square one.

  28. The only good thing about Lawon leaving is that Dom or Cassi will beat him easily in the comeback challenge..if Brendon is America’s choice then they are screwed.

  29. i was just at and it showed that waaaandon is in the lead at 42% THIS CAN NOT HAPPEN I WANT THEM BOTH OFF THE BLASTED SHOW I CAN NOT STAND THEM AT ALL!!!!

    • It’s possible that when everybody calmed down and realized what the “twist” was really all about that they decided to vote for a player..which would be Brendon..

      • Exactly! Even if we don’t like brenchal as people, they are there to play as well as jejo…everyone else are Douchers!

      • Considering that CBS edits the players in such a way, Jeff (who has made some negative remarks about gays) always comes out smelling like roses. I’m not surprised waadon is winning and sincerely hope there is no monkeying around with the votes for higher ratings.

  30. These newbies have been completely outclassed, outplayed, outwitted, and manipulated like little children by the veterans and none of them deserves to win. The only one who had any backbone was Cassi and we saw what happened to her.

  31. come on america we can’t have bretchel get together if it happens thoughts of jumping the shark i hope that doesn’t happen but it very well could so sad i really like the show

  32. The way I see it, is if Kalia puts up Lawon he will go. He stands no chance of beating anyone in a reentry competition. America is not going to vote Brendan back in (I hope)… So if you are one of many who want Cassie or Dom back in this is the best case scenario. Yes, I realize Rachel would still be there, but either way I still think she would be, because she will beat any of the re enterers even Brendan because he will let her. So Dani and Kalia would have a stronger force.

    • That is my thinking too, anyone but Lawon will make Dani’s team stronger but I would not take that risk.

  33. Unless the replacement nominee is Jordan, Rachel is STAYING. I don’t think Jeff, Porsche and Jordan would keep Shelly in the house as Rachel is a stronger player in their alliance.

  34. After watching BBAD, I can see why Kalia wants to put up Lawon/Porsche – they think the twist is Pandora’s box esque with the whole benefit/punishment dynamic. Oh well, looks like Rachel is safe and Brendon will be back. Go vets!

  35. Can Matt always do commentary for BB!? Matt is way more biased and always makes me laugh and think about the game from a different perspective… No offense Chloe =)

  36. IMO it will be Brendon coming back and we will have Brenchel all over again. I can’t stand watching the two of them. It’s all about ratings and they think the two of them are good for tv. For Brenchel fans I think you will have the two of them in the end. I think this stupid move by Kalia will ruin it for fans of Dani as well as fans of J/J. Rachel has completely fallen apart and has not won a thing since Brendon left. She will regain her strength when he returns and I don’t even think J/J will be able to beat the two of them.

  37. Is anyone else sick of Adam’s filthy mouth? I can’t believe that most viewers like to hear that garbage all the time. I for sure, don’t.

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