Big Brother 13 Episode 14 recap: Shelly continues to play the best game in the house

Sunday’s episode of “Big Brother” continued to prove two things: Lawon has no idea he’s on a competitive reality show and Shelly is playing the best game in the entire house.

Before I get into the whole Shelly thing, I’ll follow the usual recap format. The show picks up right after Bookie left and Kalia won HoH. The first thing we get to see is that Porsche’s best (only?) move in the game was a complete mistake. She accidentally put Jeff against Shelly in the HoH competition. It was completely unintentional but now she and everyone else thinks she’s playing the other side. So she is. It’s kind of ridiculous and hilarious.

Then we get a lot of Rachel crying and more of Rachel’s stilted talking in the diary room. Those are two of my favorite parts of this show.

Kalia gets her HoH room and Big Brother decides she’s not interesting enough to spend a lot of time on, so they switch to Shelly crying about her kid. Did you know she had a kid? I didn’t know she had a kid.

Because we can’t go five minutes without Rachel, we see her run up to Kalia’s room to try to cut a deal. I guess she’d be ridiculous not to try to cut a deal, but does she really think she won’t get put on the block? Rachel throws out all the age-old promises and Kalia dishes out all the “I don’t knows” and “I’m not sures.” Yada.

Next we get to see Shelly interact, for what I think might be the first time ever, with a minority. I love when Big Brother pulls out the touching guitar music and the soft conversations.

I wish that had lasted longer, actually, because I could’ve gone the rest of my life without seeing Adam strip out of anything, much less an elf costume. At least that segment reminded me he was still in this game.

After a pointless diary room of Lawon screaming, the HGs get to play the have-not competition. They have to mix some gross drinks and make someone drink and guess the ingredients. The team who loses will be the have-nots for the week.

No one uses any really gross ingredients so it’s way more boring than I thought it would be. Jordan almost pukes and Shelly proves my suspicions that she really doesn’t eat food. Seriously, on the Live Feeds, following the competition, Shelly tells everyone she has never tasted, seen or smelled the following things: jalapeno peppers, green peppers, red peppers, olives, yams, prunes and the list goes on. She only eats peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. A grown woman. That’s almost as crazy as her claiming she “knows her place” in her home and that her husband is her “boss.”

So Shelly and Jordan lose the contest leaving themselves, Jeff and Rachel have-nots. But America, being almost as smart as Porsche chose catfish and coconut for the have-not food this week. Really? Catfish is great eats. Dumb America.

Jordan gets upset, or should I say “FUSS-TRATED.” Aaaah, I feel bad every time I make fun of her. She’s so freaking sweet and innocent that I’d probably let her murder me if she wanted to. Anyway, it was fun to see her angry and telling it like it is this week.

Now for Shelly’s game play. Kalia calls Shelly to the room to talk to her about game play. And before Kalia even has a chance to make her an offer, Shelly makes the offer herself. She asks if Kalia sees the two of them playing with Daniele and making it to the final three together. Shelly really wants to make final three with Jeff and Jordan, So while loyalties are with JeJo, but now she has a final three deal on both sides no matter what happens. And for some reason, Shelly’s secrets never come out. That kind of game play hasn’t happened in several seasons. Shelly is in it to win it.

Jeff shakes his manhood at Kalia and annoys me too much to even write about, so I’m going to skip to the nomination ceremony. Rachel further proves she is NO different this season by intentionally irritating Daniele like a seventh grader at lunch time. Then Kalia nominates Rachel and Jeff. No surprise there. While I like that the game is in full force, I would rather people get rid of Lawon, Adam and Porsche first. So it’s getting kind of annoying how the eliminations are playing out. Maybe the new twist will keep things exciting. Let’s hope.

If you want to know who won the veto, we have those results here.


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  1. before i get into shelly can we talk about how STUPID kalia is playing, especially int he last couple of hours? she is going to keep rachel, and is STILL, STILL trying to prove to JJ she can be trusted with regards to them. ARE U EFFIN KIDDING ME? she is taking away ANY credit she got after winning this last HOH. she is going to put up Porsche who she already told was safe and who is on her and dani’s side, to keep rachel.

    after telling daniele, she tells shelly everything, and guess who shelly tells? runs right down to jeff, tells him the plan is full go, and basically say whatever u need to say to soothe her.

    she’s an idiot.

    now about shelly. its amazing to me nobody has realized shelly is a undercover spy working for/with JJ. its very obvious. Here why; Adam is viewed alot like Shelly. nowhere in the game, not on a side. but the thing is, adam is always nervous about going home, and never has any information to give to anyone. Shelly is never nervous, and ALWAYS has all of the news from EVERYONE in the house.

    if u have all the info in the house from two DIFFERENT sides of the warzone, ur with someone. she knows way TOO much to be “in the middle”

    her game is great no question. its annoying how snake-like she is with no wins under her belt, but have to, HAVE TO respect her game.

    did i mention how dumb kalia is with this move she’s hellbent on making?

    • I AGREE! I cannot believe she is falling for this bull. And why are people still telling Shelly anything?

    • This is so great. Rachel is gonna stay. Brendon is gonna come back. The vets will be back in Fat City!

    • Yes Kahlia has to be the dumbest damn fool to ever play if she falls for that bull and decides to keep Rachel. Then next week her ass surely deserves to go. I had just started giving her a little credit, but now she’s making me regret it. Why is her dumb ass listening to anything that Rachel or Jeff’s stupid ass has to say. Especially after announcing that she makes her own decisions. Well damn, she certainly needs someone to make this one for her silly ass. Why is she talking and even listening to Joe Camel(Shelley). Once again, yes she is extremely dumb.

      • couldnt not have said it better Ann. and i surely couldnt have said it with more fire and comedic breaks. very nicely done and i agree.

      • You just never know what the hamsters are gonna do. This is why people can’t get enough. I so hope she keeps Rachel. It will be one of the stupidest moves ever. Like when Jeff got fooled by Kevin and Natalie and backdoored Russel. That was real dumb, but maybe that’s the move that put Jordan in position to win. You just never know.

      • @ Wayne, No! No! No!,The stupidest move was Marcel winning the power of veto and not using it on himself and getting voted out.

    • Hi Marcus I like your comments they r insightful. Totally agree with everything u said. Kalia has been STUPID STUPID STUPID, Dani was smart to begin to reel in Adam in case she had to cut Kalia lose. Kalia let Jeff rattle her and throw her off her game, if she even had one. She can redeem herself by putting up Shelly though. She has said she does not want to put up Adam becuz of his birthday, but I would not be surprised if she turned on Lawon and put him up, her only true alliance.

    • Kalia is a newbie so, why is she thinking of sending one of the newbies home? They are less of a threat to her and probably can be persuaded to form a new newbie alliance! Face it, as long as they allow the veterans to use
      them as puppets as Danielle has done to both Kalia and Porsche, they have no chance to win this game! I like Shelly’s game play because she is atleast, trying to win it! Kalia won HOH and did nothing but, put a target on her back! She should be trying to strike a deal for safety next week and the week after. She does have a bargaining chip if she is wise to use it which is to offer to backdoor Danielle as replacement nominee in exchange for safety! Jeff/Jordan and Rachel will take that deal because there are other newbies to evict and they want nothing better than to evict Danielle! Danielle still has a chance to go back in the house but, she needs to beat the other evictee in a competition so, her being able to get back is not guaranteed! Also, by evicting Danielle, they can mess with her psychologically by showing everyone is against her! She has been manipulating the newbies and it is time they got to her head this time! And if she gets back in—-it would not matter because she would have a huge target on her back and would be the first target for eviction so, she
      would be fighting to survive each week!

    • I do think Jeff and Jordan are on to Shelly and are using her to advance their game. So, in my mind, Shelly is not really the strongest player, but actually I have no clue who I would say is the strongest player. The only thing I will say about that is that Dani messed up big time — and now her influence is getting Kahlia to mess up big time!

  2. I freaking love Big Brother!!! If you love big brother add me on facebook!

      • I was off for weekend and posted many many times. Even had a few debates and a lot of back and forth with bookiefan about who to vote for, bookie or cassie. can not find any now.
        I had two emails in your system and probably used both.

  3. Ok, seriously, why am I still having to watch Adam and Lawon? They should be gone. No value added from the entertainment side, elf suit or no elf suit. Somebody needs to get them out so we can watch the real players play the game.

  4. Can someone tell me what just happened in the storage room with shelly and jordan? Why were they so happy? They were whispering on BBAD and it was too low for me to catch what they said.
    Were they happy because they think that with porsche going up they have a definite porsche eviction or a rachel eviction? Because they stopped talking when rachel walked in on them

    • because shelly is in a alliance with them, and they are going to have definitive numbers to get out kalia/daniele. shelly worked kalia over and kalia took the bate before she could bat an eye. for every negative there is with shelly/rachel’s deal, kalia turns into a false positive.

    • They were celebrating because J.C. Shelley has planted a con of making her(Kahlia) think about keeping Rachel puting up Porsche and convincing her that she(J.C.)(as well as others are her friends (JJ&R). I can’t believe that she’s punking out and handing the game back over to the other side so easily.

  5. about the votes to get someone back. WHY WOULD ANYONE VOTE FOR CASSI? she didnt want to play the game until tuesday… the week of her eviction. Dominic with his young run and gun self would have blew the house up to his detriment. he didnt care, he just wanted to blow the house up. cassi was just eye candy and then “i wanna play on tuesday”

    • Cassi definitely should not come back. This may suprise you, but I would love to see BOOKIE COME BACK!

      • If Porsche goes home and Brenden comes back….well…let the games begin! Seriously, the show is getting a bit boring and it seems when someone like Brenden and Jeff are in the house, there is more activity, playing pool, etc. Even the gals seem to be happier but this week is going too slow. As far as Kalia is concerned, just when I started thinking she was going to stand on her own two feet and play this game, once again….Danielle is making her decisions! Getting a bit tired of Danielle’s moods and attitude toward her father, Evil Dick….can’t help but love him! Too bad BB isn’t bringing back Evil Dick….now that would make for some real game play and should boost BB ratings through the roof! Hint. Hint.

    • you really should be embarrassed for yourselves. really. “Bookie?” and “gals?”
      WHO on earth – WHO – can possibly be fans of brenchel? WHO? i’m sad you exist, just like i am sad they exist.

    • Cassi and Dominic are poor game players and should not even be considered being put back in the game. They do not add anything in it and will just be taking space which could go to a better competitor!

    • Yes, definitely, a “Bookie” return would make for great fun. Wouldn’t that turn the house in an uproar. Oooh, I can just see it now…the live feeds will be hot and there will likely be loads of editing for the show due to the “shock and awe” value.

      Great fun to see how Daniele and Kalia try to save themselves.

  6. If Kalia doesn’t do whats best for her and not Dani, she’ll be sent packing very soon. What is this now the “Dani Show”??
    This is getting stupid that everyone is trying to please Dani.
    Just sayin’

    • I agree. Kalia should keep Rachel and help get rid of Dani. Dani is the snake in the grass. The vets were all playing nice until she got all showmancy with Dom.

      • Second that…..Danielle doesn’t seem like a very nice person… always pouting. Excitement is what this season needs! Bring back Evil Dick!!!

      • not this week because Dani would have a chance to come back in…but this is amazing, it will be so awesome if they can pull this off. The best move for Kalia’s game is keeping Rachel or at least putting up Porche and letting the rest work itself out. Then next week, they will be more focused on Daniele and not Kalia. So for everyone saying that Kalia is stupid right now, she is actually playing smart, for her OWN game. BRING BACK BOOKIE SAVE RACHEL YAY!

    • obviously dani knows what kalia’s plan in bullshit and is trying to talk some sense into her..what benifits dani benefits her as well..the rest of the house is with jejo and will put both of them up…

      • What benefits Danielle will not benefit Kalia. In the TV show last night, Danielle was gloating over the fact that she did not have blood on her hands as Kalia is doing her bidding. So, how does it benefit Kalia to put multiple targets on her back by alienating the other veterans who will
        come after her as a result? It does not bring her closer to the $500,000 and guarantees her a quick exit! Porsche is another puppet, she was allied with Rachel but, betrayed Rachel because Danielle threatened her?
        Considering that Danielle has no strong alliance in the house, the newbies needs to grow a back bone! Danielle needs the newbies more than the newbies need her. Actually, the newbies have no use for Danielle because they only alienate the other
        house guests to put them up for Danielle’s sake!

  7. Things should get interesting now. Hopefully Rachel is evicted because the most probable person she will face is Cassie and we all know what a joke Cassie is. Rachel will be back no problem. Then JJR will take out Dani and Kalia and the rest are just easy.

  8. And the evicted will not be coming back with another house guest, It’ll be either the one America votes back in or the house guest that is just voted out. The 2 have to compete as to the 1 that’s coming back in!!!

    • If kalia puts up Porsche & she gets voted out instead of Rachel, then Porsche will be the one to face the Americas vote winner. (Brendon could win that?) The the original team will be back together.

  9. What is wrong with Kalia???

    If Kalia puts up Jordan to replace jeff… she forces jeff AND danielle to vote for jordan to stay meaning all they need is 1 more vote…shelly, adam, lawon? Maybe it is hindsight because I know jeff and jordan are coming after kalia and danielle regardless but they used Jordan as a pawn before why not use her again… so retarded

    • She promised Jordan she would never put her up. She is actually being loyal. Good for her.

    • You never know what can happen so, why chance it? If Jordan goes then, Danielle got her wish. Danielle does not really care who goes home. It is all the same to her! Kalia put a huge target on her back the next week and the only big winner would be Danielle! Kalia should be making her own decisions and thinking of the implications for the following week where she cannot compete and will be most vulnerable. Danielle got safety this week without doing anything and as a bonus able to get the people she wanted nominated! Porsche is another puppet allowing herself to be used by Danielle to do her dirty deeds so, if put up needs to go! She
      should be thinking how to advance like Shelly is playing instead of being a useless puppet
      of Danielle.

  10. She may be playing the best game in the house now, but sooner or later it’s going to come back and bite her, and I can’t wait. She doesn’t have a chance of winning the money once the houseguests compare notes, and you know they will eventually.

    • She played the game as it should be played and don’t be too sure of that! Will and Boogie were the most adept manipulators before this season and they did what Shelly was doing and won
      Big Brother because of it! Shelly is atleast, playing her game to win it! Other newbies are allowing themselves to be just puppets like Kalia who is HOH but, is letting Danielle decide who the nominees are and what to say to them too! Pathetic game play on her part and she wasted her HOH! The same can be said for Porsche who is another Danielle puppet. She just put a target on her back for what?
      To advance Danielle further in the game?

      • I dont get why its ok for people to be Jordy and Jeffs puppets, but not ok for someone to be Dani’s.

  11. kalia you better hope danille wins the next hoh comp cause your going to feel like a idiot if the other side of the house wins and put you and Danielle up.
    People need to vote dom back in the house and give dani someone smart to play with cause jejo has kalia on some magic voodoo spell where she just is dying for them to like her.
    With that said jeff and his crew still need to win hoh which he and jordan are not that good at..bring back Dominic people if kalia falls for this trick the season is basically set for jejo/rach to win

  12. I love JEFF, I love JORDAN! I really love how they’re not taking any crap this season. I always thought Brendan was a creep anyway. It almost makes me feel sorry for Rachel and now I understand why she is so insecure. Evict Porsche, useless in this game, and I just don’t like her. Keep Luwon, because you need someone weak. Evict Danielle ASAP! Adam…does it really matter? Jeff and Jordan final 2, this time Jeff wins.

    • strych, You feel the same way I do. Jeff and Jordan are my all time Big Brother Favorite’s. I also want Jeff to win this time and Jordan in second place. I want Brendon to come back and get Danielle and Kaliah out of the game first, then the rest of the floater’s. Every one of the floater’s vote the way the person in power want’s them to. Go Jeff and Jordan.

  13. First off there are way to many floaters in the game who haven’t done crap or even tried to play and yet have never been put on the block. Kahlia is so stupid to be playing daniell’s puppet i mean she isn’t great at the game at all her dad won over her. And her showmances ughh she always goes home single and no one ever contacts her after but perhaps that is because she is not worth there time. She is a total puke and got caught and then has the nerve to say all the lies she was spreading…where what lies it was all truth she is so good at back stabbing herself. I hope Brendon comes back in and they wipe them all out and it comes down to Jeff and Jordan winning the money they are after all the best people and players and have never backstabbed but yet still make it to the end..after all Jordan did win her season.

      • Even Dani’s dad said she is playing a dumb game. Dani admits she played too aggressively too soon. She is nothing without ED.

      • ed needed her 2 you know they worked of each other each had a part in the game dani was good at comps and dick was a master manipulator the season is not done just yet so lets see how things turn out

  14. Wow! It is weird how a player can change so fast. Wasn’t Kahlia just talking about how she couldn’t put up Porsche and now she wants her gone. I think it is a stuppid move.

    • Patty just remember Kalia feels like she needs to save face now after the way she put up Jeff for eviction. She thinks by doing this the target will be lifted off of her back. I Think NOT!!!

  15. we love big brother so much, we named our new fish Jeff, Jordan, Dani, Evel Dick, Brendon & rachel! Great news…jeff got jordan pregnate!!! Lol ……now game play, kelia has got to go she anoys the heck out of me!! Shelly gotta give it up to her, she is playing an all time game, dani has jumped the gun to soon, lawon..porcha..adam total floters!!! Waste of space!! I hope brendon does come back and tear the house apart!!!

  16. I’m going to agree with Branden. Shelly is playing the game big time. She has a great social game and convincing each side to see it the way she does makes people listen. Just remeber Shelly has been in sales for years and she is very good at what she does. Making the Sale!!

    • I’ve gotta agree Roosta.At this point in the game.Best overall player goes to Shelly.Worst overall game plan goes to Dani.Biggest crybaby hands down Rach.Most boring(but still the best lookin’)Porsche.Toughest overall competitor Jeff with Jordan runnin’ a close 2nd to Rachel as biggest cry baby.The rest of em’yawn yawn.

      • Matt,

        Do you know when they are going to announce the winner of the vote? I am sure a lot of viewers will like to know who won the most votes. Thanks.


      • I’m expecting them to keep it a surprise until during the east coast broadcast on Thursday night. They’ll want everyone to tune in to see what happens.

  17. The most poignant moment was Kalia relating to Shelley the times in her life that people have had the need to compliment her for “speaking well”. It was very much like last Thursday’s BBAD when Kalia opened her new HOH room and was complimented by people like Jordan for the quality of her boyfriend.

    • “People like Jordan”? You mean all of the girls and several of the guys? And do you want to say what they expected vs what they found?

      Everyone said they expected a button down shirt, well dressed guy because she said she was dating a lawyer. Instead the picture was of a guy on a motorcycle. Oh what controversial statements!

      Stop trying to make this cast out to be the most racist people in the world. It’s just making you look incredibly ignorant.

  18. I love Jejo but people get nominated and voted out so settle down. It doesn’t matter is Porsche goes home or Rachel. Dani can still win hoh and the vets will be screwed again. Jejo and Rachel are whining like crazy about dani even though they were doing the same stuff two weeks ago. This is a game people, relax.

  19. I am so tired of the vets whining when things don’t go their way. They had an unfair advantage from day one. and would have still been picking off the newbees if Dani and not made her move too soon.

    • I am sick of the BS from most of the vets, too. Somebody call the WAAAAmbulance if a vet gets nominated. Boo freaking hoo!

  20. Crabs Shell does not know what a yam or jalapeno is oh boy she gave that in a silver plate ,you could take the girl out of the farm but you cant take the farm out of the girl wow she is better than Casey Anthony

  21. i cant believe u guys like the vets better overall the vets have taken the game over enough! its time to see jeff or rachel go! im so sick of them! jordan has already won she dont need to win again! daniele i see winning and sorry brenchel fans i dont see brendon coming back

  22. Kalia is soooo stupid she says she isn’t doing what other people are telling you to do but thats a lie. She’s doing what Daniele is telling her to do. I can’t wait to she her face when Daniele turns on her. She said she wanted to do whats best for you her then get rid of a floater or get rid of Daniele because Daniele will turn her back on Kalia as soon as she gets the chance. God I can’t wait to see Jeff win this whole thing.

  23. Shelly may be playing what some call a social game, but at some point unless she starts winning she will have J/J and Brenchel wanting to get rid of her. I say Brenchel because Rachel will stay and I have a strong feeling it will turn out Brendon comes back. To me it’s all about ratings and they thing Brenchel is good for that. I can’t stand watching the two of them. Shelly came up with this plan that Kalia bought. I feel bad for Shelly’s husband and daughter. IMO she has shown her daughter a very bad side of herself. Of course in her DR sessions she looks like a saint for tv, but not in the live feeds and BBAD. Rachel has not won a thing since Brendon left. When Brendon comes back she will regain her strength and I think the two of them will end up in the final two. Brendon coming back will be bad for everyone except Rachel. Brenchel fans will get their wish. My only hope is a miracle happens and Brendon does not return. As I said I cannot stand watching the two of them. @Eileen I agree with you about the vets whining. They lost one vet and the newbies lost 3 with a 4th going soon. I personally think this whole season was a big mistake. Did they intentionally pick newbies that would in no way be able to play against people already experienced in the game? I think vets should only play against vets as in All Stars.

  24. Sorry, on my post I meant to say it’s all good for ratings and they think (not thing) Brenchel is good for that.

  25. Woot finally some credit for shelly. i hope she goes far with brenchel and jordeff. i hate dani to death, but at least she is playing the game. adam, prosche and lawon are just such floaters. while i see shelyl actually playing a game. lol funniest moment was when kalia was asking each floaeter if they would be ok if they were the pawn, lawon is like ok but sad, adam is like fine, shelly is liek sure, porsche is liek what about shelly lololoolol

  26. Kalia is the DUMBEST PLAYER EVER!!! She may even trump Keith and Lawon is running a close second. Keith is now the 3rd dumbest player ever!! Lawon goes and asks to b put up becasue it may b fun??? He thinks people will keep him becasue the hate Rachel??? Kalia puts him up thinking the moves redeems her with the vets. WRONG!! All three should have done something else with their summer. Now if Dom comes back they are short on numbers because stupid Lawon will be voted off. Dani and Dom will have to fight that much harder. Kalia and Lawon disgust me!!!!! GO Daniand Dom !!!!!

    • Totally agree …Dani and Dom to the end…go away vets….think they should win and are better than newbies…disgusting …if the vets didn’t have a set of four of them…already in an alliance …they wouldn’t be so strong…get rid of Rachel please America

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