Big Brother 13 Episode 27: Week 9 Special Eviction Show Tonight

Big Brother 13Big Brother 13 is heading your way tonight with a special eviction episode. Normally we’d just get a Veto competition and ceremony on Wednesday’s, but this isn’t your regular installment. Since this one is out of the norm, we’re not certain about what will be shown, but here’s what we expect on tonight’s show.

Tonight on Big Brother we should get to see the Veto competition from Saturday along with Monday’s Veto ceremony. We’ve got all those PoV spoilers if you want to get ahead and see what will happen there. Things won’t stop there though since they’ll have even more to squeeze in.

The eviction, normally done on Thursdays, was held last night and the results, if the rumors are true, shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone who’s been following closely. After the eviction was over the next HoH competition was allegedly held and a new power was crowned for the last regular Head of Household. It’s going to be one fast paced episode with all that crammed in to one hour tonight, but that’s supposedly the plan.

I’ll be here posting all the results during the East coast broadcast and any other big news so keep checking back for the latest Big Brother 13 spoilers.


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    • Seriously Adam stepping up his game? Looked who he played against? I bet he wouldn’t have won had the GOOD players been allowed to play or was still in the house!!! Come on, now

      • I think Rachel has played a very good game and she’s still in the house. Everybody was “allowed to play” – the ones who are gone just didn’t play very well.

      • “Good” players?…..the point is to get to the end. If I was sitting in the final 2 and certain to win at least $50,000, I wouldn’t give two sh*ts about what those other dorks thought of my gameplay. Keep your “Reality TV Accolades”. I’ll take the money and laugh all the way to the bank.

      • Very true Hope. If Kalia were still in the game (know she wasn’t) I think she would have beat Adam. That is why Rachel wanted her gone because she knew Kalia was so good at questions.

        Even Rachel wins were not that impressive. In the beginning ED gave her a deal. Then a lot of newbies were throwing the comps. She lost the bubble gum one against Dom. She fell apart when Brendon left. Her and Jordan both looked like they were goners until the Pandora’s Box. She even said to Jordan “why can’t we win a comp”?

        Whole concept was wrong from the beginning. IMO

      • I agree. If it wasen’t for Kalia and Porsche carrying him to the end with the newbies his sry ass would have been gone by now. What makes me laugh about no backbone Adam that he chose to switch over to Rachel and Jordan’s team in the end. Why ? Because his pathetic infatuation first with Jeff and now with Jordan. His chances I think would have been easier for him to beat Kalia and Porsche than Rachel. He thinks he’s all that now. Lol. if he’s in the end with either Rachel or Jordan, he loses for sure. Hands down ! No one will vote for him at all. Surely not Kalia, Porsche, Shelly, Jeff,( Jordan or Rachel) Brendan. Maybe Dani ?? So he loses 8-0 or 7-1

      • I don’t think Adam “chose to switch over to Rachel and Jordan’s team in the end.” He was in a large alliance with JJBRS the whole game. He briefly switched over to KPS after Shelly switched and Porsche won HOH, but obviously switched back to his original alliance. (Yes, he voted B out, but another member of his then alliance (S) was on the block.)

      • @Eimee, I am not a fan of Adam and don’t want him in the final 2 but Kalia and Porche did NOT carry Adam to the final 4. Jeff and Jordan carried Adam to the spot he’s in. He would not of won POV that saved him if Jeff didn’t throw it to him. He would of been voted out way back in week 3 if not for Jeff and Jordan. And Adam was not in an alliance with Porche and Kalia. He flipped for 24hrs and went right back to Jordan and Rachel. Like I said before I am not an Adam fan. Just stating the facts.

    • Assuming the rumor is true…

      If Adam/Rachel are final 2, the Jury votes would look like:

      Jordan = Rachel because they were Team Jordel
      Porche = Adam because of newbie
      Kalia = Adam “”
      Shelly = Adam “”
      Jeff = Rachel because he respects her as competitor
      Dani = Adam because she hates Rachel
      Brandon = Rachel obviously

      Winner = Adam


      If Adam/Jordan are final 2, the Jury votes would look like:

      Rachel = Jordan because they were Team Jordel
      Porche = Adam because of newbie
      Kalia = Adam “”
      Shelly = (50/50) Adam will likely get vote
      Jeff = Jordan obviously
      Dani = Adam because she hates the Alliance
      Brandon = Jordan because she’ll be in their wedding

      Winner = Adam


      If Team Jordel are final 2, the Jury votes would look like:

      Adam = (50/50) ??? Jordan because they were closer / Rachel because she hasn’t won
      Porche = Rachel because they were buds for a while
      Kalia = Rachel because of “respect”
      Shelly = Jordan because she hates Rachel
      Jeff = Jordan obviously
      Dani = Jordan because she hates Rachel
      Brandon = Rachel obviously

      Possible Winner = Toss Up!

      Anyway, these are just guesses.

      • Dont assume Dani will vote for Adam because Adam screwed her and decided to hide behind Jeff as a floated.

        Kalia will still be kissed Adam didn’t use the Veto which would have got her to the Final 4 and decided to work with Rachel and Jordan over Kalia and Porsha.

      • Your guesses are based on the jury members voting “emotionally”. I have a feeling that is not how it’s going to come down. Other than Jeff and Brendan voting for their respective girlfriends if they are both in the final two, I think the jury is going to vote on game play. These people were just playing a game – they don’t really hate each other.

      • Wow August, you and I are way off. Lol. I just have a feeling the newbies will be pissed at him because in the end he screwed them. Especially Kalia and Porsche. Shelly’s vote idn for sure. Maybe for Jordan (if it’s her) just to make amends with her. Same case if it Rachel.

      • Dani would NEVER vote for Adam. She stated in multiple interviews and in the jury house that she wanted Adam to be coming in after her because he does NOT deserve to win. Dani may not like Rachel, but she respects the game way too much to vote for someone as undeserving as Adam.

    • Were does the rumor come from that Adam won HOH? If comes from someone in production fine. But if comes from people on here than wow that still leaves it wide open.

    • Who you consider the good players were so good that they are out of the game. I think everyone tends to forget that this is not a game all about winning comps. It takes a combination of comps, alliences & social game.

      • I hope a newbie wins. Rachel had her chance last year and blew it and Jordon already won. This was the lamest season ever! CBS should have done a BB for all star couples or something along those lines. I also believe production made it easy for the vets with that pandora’s box twist. How convient that Rachel and Jordon are on the block that this twist happens. CBS must think the viewers are stupid! They read these message boards and see what the viewers are saying. They blew it with cast selection this year.

      • Let’s hope that all good things come to the correct end!! Rachel and Jordan will make the ending sooo… NICE!!

      • Come on people! Adam isnt a good choice! And he has been riding on J&j back the whole season until P got hoh and then in a blink of an eye hes back with J&J.I do think his win although last minute should count. But thats it! The rest of his was sitting on hoh beds and saying “I’ll do what you want me to do.” J had alot more game than that. She should win before him.

    • I love Jordan’s heart and soul — I just don’t particularly love her game play.

      Outside of winning ONE H.O.H. (and allegedly this last veto comp), she simply isn’t deserving of the win, in my opinion.

      Jeff carried her in the game and now Rachel is.

      Again, I think Jordan is lovely inside and out — truly — but it is Rachel who is desrving of the $500,000.

      I just hope it isn’t going to be ‘Russell Hantz 2.0’ (ala ‘Survivor’) where she’s done in by a bitter jury instead of them voting for the best player that’s left in the game.

      Rachel definitely Outwitted, Outplayed, Outlasted.

      • Jordan actually won two an if the rumor is true three competitions. She won HOH, she won luxury and if rumors true last POV. I do have to say her best game move ever was telling Kalia Rachel and her were keeping Shelly which prompted Kalia to vote out Adam which sent Adam right back to Rachel and Jordan because he felt betrayed. Awesome game play which definitely affected the final four outcome. I want Rachel to win but you cannot say Jordan did not play the game because she did and Rachel and Jordan deserve the final two spots. They work extremely well together!!!

      • Rachel works well enough for the both of them and makes up for what Jordan lacks — and vice versa.

        Yes, Jordan has played a good social game and talks good strategy but she certainly didn’t come through in the competitions when it was badly needed — if not for Rachel, I believe Jordan would not still be there.

        Again, keeping in mind that I adore Jordan but the kudos truly belong to Rachel.


      • Jo, I agree with you 100%. I love Jeff and Jordan, but Jordan hasn’t done anything this year to win the money.

        If it weren’t for Jeff and Rachel, Jordan would have been gone a long time ago.

        I couldn’t stand Rachel until after Brendon left. Once he was gone, she became a different person and she truly does deserve to win.

        I will get sick if Porshe wins. Especially after she talked about throwing a ball at Rachel’s stomach to make her miscarry. Putting the benefiber in the guys muscle milk, and just trash talking about everyone all of the time.

        I am so absolutely thrilled Kalia is gone, good riddance.

      • Indeed. I’m truly appalled that CBS and ‘Big Brother’ producers condoned that kind of behavior where there were clear threats being made against Rachel and what would have been her unborn child as well as wanting physical harm done to the other competitiors, nevermind all the stealing and hiding of Rachel’s personal property…

        The same goes with a noose being made and put around the ‘Rachel Doll’s’ neck several weeks back.

        Future houseguests beware: if it makes for good T.V. and provides lots of fodder, CBS isn’t going to give a rats a** about threats being made against your person or property.

      • Depends on what your definition of deserving is jordon won hoh (regardless if u think she was given it or not she still won it) and if rumor the pov. Which is the same as porche but unlike porche jordon has been playing the social card all season so she has been playing the game porche didn’t do anything until after jeff and dani walked out the door. Rachel she has won a lot of the comps but her social game wasn’t that good she had more enemy’s then the other two. I think that what most people forget in this game is the social part without it you don’t get ahead you may think jeff carried jordon but in reality jordon was the more social player. She had people from the other allience going out of their way not to put her up so i find that good game play she is just more subtle in it

      • All right, I’ll bite:

        FACT: Second only to Janelle from ‘Big Brother 6’ and ‘Big Brother 7’, Rachel has won MORE H.O.H.’s than any other houseguest.

        THAT alone makes her deserving.

        While you and others are certainly entitled to disagree, I nonetheless respectfully stand by my statement.


      • Just think that Jordan has a very calming effect on Rachel and think that both of them made game changing moves this season. First, when Rachel won the veto when both her and Jordan on the block was game changing, but Second, when Jordan convinced Kalia that they were voting out Adam and keeping Shelly and then Kalia voted for Adam to go was game changing. I believe if Kalia had voted to evict Shelly then Adam would have used the veto he won and sent either Jordan or Rachel home. That WAS GAME CHANGING, and that is why Jordan has such a great social game. Love them both and want them both to make it to final two but would love for Rachel to win, and totally agree with you that the stuff Porsche did should of gotten her evicted immediately by CBS and BB and it sets up a really bad precedent for next year and what those house guests may try to do to other contestants. It sends a really bad message as there are nuts out there as in Porsche’s case that think anything is acceptable in BB!!

      • If it’s true that Jordan won this Veto comp, it’s probably the most important one in the game- it carries ALOT of power

      • Sheri and Jo , you make the most sense on this site! you always say exactly what I’m thinking! Great minds think alike! Agree 110%- dead-on!!

      • Absolutely — this is when the winning truly counts and IF Jordan did win the Veto, good for her.

        Again, I ADORE the girl — truly a beautiful heart, albeit if not slightly dim-witted.

        Being laid back and alightly dim-witted indeed carries you far…but is it enough to deserve to win?

        That seems to be the $500,000 dollar question.

        Rachel would have MY vote.

        And I agree with Sheri about Porche’s antics in the house; on the other hand, she finally found a talent other than playing with shiny objects and learning to count to three on two hands.

      • Absolutely Jo, I’m with you on Rachel! I’m VERY impressed with her this season and I think she and Jordan balanced eachother out wonderfully, Rachel matured so much in 1 yr. Rachel really became a team player and she really does deserve the win, though, I too, adore Jordan!

    • If Kalia went home I hope that Jordan wins the next HOH!!!! Then it would be goodbye Porshe….. That would be great!!!Kalia and Porshe has done nothing this whole summer to even still be there…..Other than eat and sleep and hang on coat tails the whole time……..dont think that they deserve to still be there…..It sucked that Jeff got out the way he did should of been one of the lazy newbies!!! Go Jordan and Rachel FInal 2 !!!!!! fingers crossed :)

      • @Jo: That is the rumor, but until they show it then it’s still a rumor. I could make Wikipedia say Chima won BB11, so you can’t trust that as a reliable source. Just a rumor until tonight.

      • My pick at the beginning of this game was to see Jeff win it. With that being said S made a move she was going to have to make to have any chance of winning this game. I don’t fault her for that vote. What she did trying to keep Dani and getting caught was her downfall. Her voting out Jeff was smart and yes I was sorry to see him go. He got played far and square.

      • But Faye, that’s also the reason she’s sitting in the jury house. If she hadn’t lied so much to everyone, especially J&J and kept her game play a little closer to the vest and stuck it out a little bit longer, she may have had a chance. Maybe if she wasn’t a chain smoker and up so early everyday, she may have not talked so much. She’s such a convincing liar, it’s almost pathological! She sure had me fooled Just my opinion, but if someone is such a prolific liar, it has to be almost second nature.

  1. Sont make COMPS plural, adam IF he won this HOH only Won ONE comp and that would be THIS HOH. Dani and Jeff threw the cornhole. #TeamRach

  2. Adam is sending as many newbees as he can to jury for their votes
    If Rachel is with him he will assume only Brendan will vote for her
    If it’s Jordan beside him it gets trickier for him
    So I bet if he has the choice he will want to have R beside him

    • Yeah right – I’m sure Kalia and Porshe (if they both are in the jury) would be happy to give Adam their vote seeing as he decided against saving them when he could have.

      If the jury members vote on game play instead of personal feelings, Rachel will come out on top.

    • Adam has a better chance to beat Rachel.

      Jordan will get Rachel, Brendon, Jeff, Shelly and Kalia

      against Adam, Rachel would get Jeff, Jordan, Brendon and read my comment about Dani and Kalia’s votes.

      • Leo i have to take issue with you here, jordan and jeff from day one was on board to get rid of brendan during dani’s two hoh’s discussions were going on from jj to dani as to overthrowing brendan we must keep this in mind going forward jordan offered herself as a pawn to get rid of him the first go round, upon his return jeff threw the cornhole for brendan to be gone. based on this, jordan may not get team brenchal’s vote. everyone here assume the vets will vote accordingly, all of this will be brought to the fore by dani on final show, jordan may not get the votes she thinks she has, just a thought

      • JJ were not on board to get rid of B “from day one.” When they offered Jordan up as a pawn they knew one of the two of them was going up and preferred it be Jordan instead of Brendon. That was about making sure they were both safe. When Jeff threw the Cornhole POV Competition, two members of his alliance were on the block. Also, BR still don’t have any comfirmation that Jeff threw that comp. Additionally, it was a split-second decision by Jeff that I believe he made to save himself. He had a 2-to-1 chance of not winning. (And Dani had been doing the best at the comp so far, so there was a good chance she would win). Had he not thrown the comp, there was more of a chance Dani would renom him and not Brendon. Throwing the comp at the last minute was a good-faith move to get Dani not to put him up. It’s not as if he campaigned the entire week to get Brendon sent home; he was simply trying to make sure he survived the week.

      • Craig,

        Brendon won’t vote for Adam to win because I am sure Jeff told him that Adam is the reason Shelly stayed over him…

        Adam is the reason Brendon, Dani, and Kali were sent to the jury because of his deciding vote and his decision not to use the Veto is why Porsha will end up in the jury…. Adam will have almost as many pissed off players as Rachel does, but Rachel has played a more impressive game since she has been targeted since before the jury…

      • Kaylee- Dani also threw that comp. And yes Rachel does know Jeff threw that comp. 2 ppl told her while they were still in the house. I think one was Shelly and the other one might have been Porsche.

      • First off jury is different then in the game but with that said both jj and branchel tried to throw each other under the bus at one time or another. When the whole thing with dom happened and the vets turned against dani the truth is branchel was more then willing to backdoor jeff the only reason they didn’t is they thought dani would have to much power if she got dom. Also we know a lot of what jj and branchel did but they don’t but my guess is that they will stick together.

    • Ellablue- no way ! He screwed himself big time with the newbies especially Kalia and Porsche when he could have taken one of them off the block and didn’t. I doubt very much they’d vote for him to win $500,000 when he just took away a chance for one of them too. Would you ? I know I wouldn’t. But hey, that’s just me !

      • Craig you better go back and look! R&B had the early start on throwing J&J under the bus. Jeff sensed something was wrong but didnt act on it. The time you are talking about is when everyone was trying to save their but with Dani.They cant be blamed for that.

      • To be honest it would have matter in adam’s case wether he stuck with RJ or PK the odds werer the same. I think he just felt that PK were stronger as team the RJ i think a lot of people under estimate jordon

    • Ellablue,theres no ay on hell themjury members are going to give it to A.He doesnt stand a chance against neither one. Hell some of them even said they would kill themselves if he won. So i dont think he is getting their vote!

      • I’m not so convinced Adam couldn’t beat Porsche. I think it’d be very difficult for him to win against Rachel and probably not such good chances against Jordan. But if JeJo + Brenchel block vote as a “thanks” for him sticking w/ Jordan and Rachel and not using that Veto this week, then that’s all he’d need to win.

    • I can actually see the JJ vote being split if AR are final 2. I can see Jeff voting for A and Jordon voting for R. I think Jordon & R have bonded enough over the past couple weeks that A would be a hard vote for Jordon if against R.
      I can see KPS & Dani voting for A over R if they seriously dislike her as they have stated. But alot of the trash talking R could have been game play.
      I would love to see R in the final 2 to see how the votes pan out.

  3. Praying Porshe does not win Veto! She has to go she was not a good BB player in my eyes at all…I don’t care who wins but my most unliked player is Porshe only beings since Kalia is gone! I wanna see how Jeff reacts to Shelly I wouldn’t want anyone treated to badly over a GAME !!!

    • I think since Jeff had a week to cool down he will react calmly to Shelly. Of course they won’t be buddy-buddy right away, but I think he realizes that, with Jordan still in the house, he is very much still playing the game. I think he will try to make Shelly feel guilty and try to parlay that vote into a F2 vote from Shelly for Jordan.

    • RJA fan, What would you do if your friend stabbed you in the back? Play nice! This wasnt about game play.Watch the show again!

      • Get real people, this is a game, a game for alot of money. There is no way in hell you can tell me you wouldn’t do the same thing. It would be different if they were friends for years, but less than 2 months of knowing one another, GET REAL

  4. If ppl voted on winning comps kalia would not be on the jury .rachael claims to hate floaters well Adam Jordan yes Jordan and porsha have floted the whole time not winning anything .

    • Just because a player doesn’t win stuff doesn’t make them a floater. A floater switches sides each week to go where the power is. Jordan stayed true to her alliance and did not do this so you can’t call her a floater.

      • Jordan had to stay with her alliance, for goodness sake, Jeff’s her b/f. Once he was gone, Rachel was still there and Jeff told her to stay with Rachel. By your interpretation I guess you can say Jordan isn’t a floater, I think ppl are just frustrated because she didnt win many comps and from what I saw never tried very hard but is still there. I blame that on the ppl in the house who didnt vote her out. But the thing with that is she is always protected by a strong player (Jeff) now (Rachel) who keep her safe. But in the end the jokes on them because of course they leave before her.

      • I agree charanne. Jordan also has the best social game and she came in second on a lot of the comps so those who say she didn’t try are wrong.

      • Eimee, Jordan stated at the end of her season that she knew she wouldn’t win comps, so her strategy was to attach to a strong player from the beginning. Obviously it was an effective strategy since she won. It also just makes sense from a logical standpoint. Let that player win comps to protect you (she attached to both Michelle and Jeff in her original season, IIRC) and let that player remain the bigger target. It’s really proven to be quite an effective strategy for many players this season. (If Kalia did in fact go home, I think everyone other than Rachel used this strategy.)

      • @Karen-you say Jordan came in 2nd a lot of the comps. Geez…I must have feel asleep. From my recollection, that was Porsche not Jordan.

      • Thanks Eimee for for pointing out how good Jordan’s game play is. Going in she knew she wouldn’t win many comps so what do you do, you have a good social game and you get in an alliance of strong players like jeff, brenden and rachel while you fly under the radar. It worked in BB11 and is still working in BB13, I dont know if she will win or not but like it or not she is a great BB player.

      • The thing about bb is that winning to many comps is not a good thing if you win to much you are pegged as threat. I think jordon did play this game her stragety was the social her goal was to be liked and find ways to keep her and her allience off the block if they were not in power and for the most part it worked. Do really think adam would have sided with them if it was branchel no he did that because he trust jordon and kaliah went out of her way all season not to put jordon up that says something about her skills as player. She may not be good at winning comps but she is extremely good at the social part.

      • Ur welcome clarrym. You and Karen really take things way to seriously on here. More like a cut throat time of attitude. I guess my dry sense of humor does’t cut it on here. This site was much more fun last year. Adios !!

      • The thing about Jordan is she doesn’t even have to TRY to play a social game! Her kindness and sincerity are just natural to her, and people are drawn to that, especially with all the horrible, childish antics Porsche and Kalia have been doing. Jordan just doesn’t put on an act, and that’s what makes her successful, this is why I love she and Rachel together- they just balance eachother out.

    • And you really can’t call Porshe a floater either. She has pretty much stayed loyal to the newbie alliance throughout the game.

      • Well she was with the vets at the beginning when they were winning and switched to Danis when she was in power

      • Porsche was w/ the Vets for the first 3 weeks (when they had power). When they fell out of power she went to the new power source (Daniele/Kalia) for 3 weeks. If there had been more power changes I wouldn’t have been surprised to see her shift more than that.

      • POrsche is just evil and hateful and mean. She just needs to go for those reasons. Anyone that taints milk to make others sick or says to save someone $400 they need to hit a woman in the stomach who make be pregnant to cause a miscarry is sick in the head and should of been sent packing by BB producers after doing it.

      • Charranne52, P was a floater Her true alliance was R. Then the first sign of trouble she goes to Dani and she trys to talk to R then she trys Jeff. He tells her she hadnt talked game so far so why start now. Then she stars with Kalia.Thats were she stays cause nobody is buying her crap. All day a floater.

      • Porche didn’t really play the game untill jeff and dani walked out even when she was with dani she had no game moves she didn’t have a social game she made no attempts to anyone else. She buddied up to rachel when they were in power then switched to dani when she was she never talked to jj, adam or shelly really so she really just floated the others at least either won comps or played it social she did neather until the end

    • I don’t know what the correct name is so I call them newbies versus vets. Jordan and Rachel stayed with the vets. Jordan has not done much for the game. She won 1 HOH in the beginning and I guess the lux. comp. (which I don’t put in the same category).

      Porche was with the vets when she had the Golden Key and not allowed to play. She switched when she could play to Dani’s alliance and has stayed there. She won one HOH, one veto and a lux. comp. Again, I don’t really consider a lux. comp. the same.

      Adam has won 3 vetos (not counting his HOH we think he won yesterday). He certainly kept himself safe at the right times so I don’t know if people consider him a floater or not.

      • Adam only won 2 veto’s. One given to him. And one against 4 girls and the HOH against 2 girls. Real good game play.

      • @Eimee, Never said that. Just stated there were only 4 girls and 2 girls left to compete against not 13,12,11 other players. Please read my posts before commenting.

    • Totally disagree with you as JOrdan definitely has the best social game in the enitre house and even though people say her HOH was handed to her you never know if Brendon would of done better than her in the HOH competition and she won the luxury competition. Also, her best game move and probably the best one in the house all season along with Rachel winning the veto last week is convincing Kalia that Rachel and her were voting for Shelly to stay and thus sealing Kalia’s fate when she voted to evict Adam. That is what helped Rachel and Jordan to totally gain Adam’s trust and loyalty so he would not use the POV to save Kalia or Porsche. NOW, that was a great game move!!!!! Jordan and Rachel for the final two as it should be!!!

      • I agree jordon’s social game was great she not only convinced people to side with her and rachel but she made then go out of their way not to nominate her all season. She did it a suddle way she was probably the most liked and the most under estimated person in the house as for her hoh win you are assuming that brendon and jeff would have won that hoh. By the time jeff and brendon played jordon had already knock everyone out of the game but who is to say they would have won what matters is she did win

    • Please someone fill shoequeen on what a floater is. I have wrote it so much im tired of writing it.

  5. If it’s true Adam won HOH, he should take Rachel,
    he has a better chance with her rather then Jordon.
    and beside Jordon does not deserver it, Jordon did,nt do nothing she did,nt play like if she wanted to win.She let Rachel do all work. I hope Rachel wins BB

    • Well like I said earlier that Brendon and Rachel did not win any money last year, Rachel hasn’t had a job, Brendon works part time and goes to school. For them to come back this year and take a chance of not winning is pretty stupid on their part. BB wanted them for conterversy on the show. BB must of guaqrneted them something to come back. It’s now looking like 1st or second. Brendon and Rachel have been on the block and voted out to many times to still have a chance on there own. Someone has helped them and it wasn’t the HG.

      • Yes Cb someone helped and that someone is the producers,thats the reason porsche was given a pandoras box and the next veto comp was endurance(the type rachels good at).

      • Well, Big Brother contestants get a stipend for each week they are in the house (sources report $750/week and that some cast members got as much as $4000/week during the last all-star season). So, it’s not unreasonable to assume that BR would make a decent amount of money just for appearing on the show. Additionally, I think this show is kind of catered toward people who don’t work/work part time/are in school. It would be very difficult for me to take a few months off my job, as I think it would be for most people. I think that’s why a lot of people on reality shows in general are on the younger side (not yet as career-oriented, still students, etc.) or a bit older (retired, established enough in their careers that they can dictate their own schedules). Additionally, BR make money from appearances in clubs, etc. Appearing on the show again increases their exposure and lets them increase their appearance fee. Not appearing when invited back would have been “pretty stupid on their part.”

    • Adam doesn’t get to the make the decision of who to take. Even if he won POV, whomever he leaves off the block gets to make the decision. He would have to win the final HOH in order to choose.

    • Margie you cant play comps to good anyway or your butt will be voted out.Damn people didnt you see any of her social game? Cause R&A wouldnt be where their at if she didnt help them.R more than a few times. And if she makes it to the end she damn well deserves the win over Adam!

    • If Jordan is such a bad player why is everybody afraid to take her to F2? I will tell you, the HGs know that Jordan is a great BB player and would win if she gets to F2. Isn’t that the object of the game, to get 4 votes from the jury. I think that makes Jordan a pretty strong player who gets a lot of respect from the HGs and thats why nobody wants to be in the F2 with her.

      • Jordon’s best quality is that people really like her. It is easy to place a vote for someone you really like. Can’t say it would be so easy to vote someone 500g’s if you can’t stand them. It’s called Human Nature.

    • I don’t know it is 50 50 chance jordon is more liked but they may look at rachel as being the better player and she may win. Rachel had more wins then anyone in the house and dani, jeff, brendon and kaliah may look at that way. Even though dani said she wouldn’t vote for rachel she may if she loves the game the way she says she does becasue rachel is a player. It all depends on if they are voting personally of game also alot of the hg are holding the fact jordon already won. I think he would have a better shot against jordon then rachel

  6. I will vote for Rachel when it’s time to vote for Americas favorite. Just in case she doesn’t win. She was grrrrreat this year.

    • I will also vote for Rachel. I sure hope Adam didn’t win HOH but if he did then I sure hope Rachel wins POV because I am still mistrustful of Adam with Porsche. I am assuming Kalia went to Jury. If Adam is in the final two against Jordan or Rachel, he might win against Jordan because she didn’t play much of a game. But, there may be the attitude that Adam didn’t play much of a game. And, people do like Jordan regardless. I think if Adam was against Rachel, Rachel would win because of her game play. Even Dani admires game play in spite of her dislike for Brendon and Rachel. But, Dani’s dislike may not be real and she may actually like Rachel and Brendon outside of the show.

      • Rachel really deserves the win for this season and i will also vote for her when its time for Americas favorite

      • I think that it’s actually best for Rachel if Adam did win HOH. If Jordan won, there’s a 2/3 chance that the only vote would eliminate Rachel (assuming Adam would vote to eliminate her, which who knows if he would). If Adam won, there’s a 1/3 chance. Regardless, veto is obviously so important this week and I think Rachel will fight very hard to win it and ensure her own safety. (Or, if rumors are true, I think Jordan will vote Porsche out, ensuring Rachel’s safety. Either way, I’m happy!)

    • @Becca, I agree, I & my family are voting for Rachael for America’s favorite as well, even if she does win (but doesn’t look likely). I know Jeff would be majority of ppl’s pick, but not mine. He’s won enough $. Plus I found it very amusing that they picked on Rachael as an emotional mess when Brendan got evicted lst time, but didn’t Jordan do the very same thing? I was never a “Brenchel” fan, but after Brendan got evicted 2nd time she showed alot of strength & really picked up her game, despite all the cattiness thrown at her & having the biggest target on her back. I found Jeff & Jordan very annoying. They were like 2 bratty kids in house when things didn’t go their way. Anyway Go Rachael!!!

    • Ohh come on people you want to give R money? Fan favorite should be Jordan. At least let that go to someone good. When i started on this site people hated R. When she teamed up with J they started liking her. And now people dont seem to like J. I think when it comes to fan favorite. The best person should get that. Not the best player!

  7. Rachel will win BB because Dani said she loved BB and she will give Rachel alot of respect and not hold anything against her. To bad it,s not Dani and Rachel. nobody else should win but Rachel

    • @Marge, I agree, I don’t see Dani giving Jordan or Adam her vote. She said in her eviction she wouldn’t give another $500K to Jeff and/or Jordan especially Jordan who has done nothing but ride Jeff & now Rachael. Jeff & Brendon IMO threw her the HOH & outside of that she only won a lux. comp. Also it looked like she wasn’t even trying to help Rachael win after Jeff left. I mean seriously Adam came 2nd in the rolling in the donuts??? A big man & heavy smoker & she couldn’t even take him?? I would have loved to see Dani & Rachael F2 but oh well Go Rachael!

  8. will they be showing the jury house tonight? that’s all i’m looking forward to.. i miss the ex-contestants in the BB house!! as much as i wanted them gone, they made some good tv!

  9. Sorry cb but Rachel had to work hard very, very hard without anyones help, because Jordon sure was no help. Jordon could not hold onto Jeff if her life depended on it. love you Jordon but you have to go.

  10. Matt, your comment about Porsche being where the power is not really true. She was given the Golden Key for the first four weeks, so she didn’t have to be on any one side during that time. Also this season was so set up for Rachel and Jordan, to me this is the worst Season of BB ever. How handy was it that both times they (the vets) were about to lose control was there some new special power brought in. An evicted guest returning or Pandora’s box. Big Brother was clearly for Rachel and Jordan this season and not the fans. Those that think Adam should win.. Wow Really? He is a nice guy but what did he do to really win. Sit back and switch sides all summer long. He did nothing for himself, he was helped along the way by others.

    • O you are so right i mean no one but a vet had a chance to return to the house. America couldn’t have voted for Keith, Cassi, or Dom. And there is no way Kalia could have put a vet on the block like for example rachel instead of lawon to battle brendon.
      Let’s also not forget about how production held a gun to porsche’s head and forced her to open pandora’s box and how they made sure that no one else could win pov that week and keep rachel and jordan on the block.

      Porsche is a floater. She was with Rachel when she was in power long enough to get a golden key and then when the vets weren’t in power she floated to team Dani.

      • p is really not a floater, she voted for brendan to stay, and rachel just outed her at the point where her man was outed so p basically was thrown off the vet alliance so she had no choice but to run to dani’s side. P has not shifted like ppl are saying, same with kalia, the vets threw her to the other side. Remember, at 1 time or another, all of these newbies played with the vets, so as to them leaving now they can only blame themselves and not others or adam. Adam said to them day one they should keep keith. Had they kept keith they would have been better off

      • People stop blaming the network! The newbies had some power and didnt make the most of it. So stop complaining

      • @matt bbn matt as far as p floating, no she did not. You have to remember rachel got really pissed at her although p knew brendan was leaving but she did vote for him to saty. Only at the point where rachel screamed at her and gave her the evil eye did p go to dani’s team. She did not just go side to side like shelly did, the vets basically kicked her to the curb. Also adam entered the picture for them, so they still had numbers and didn’t really need her fron that point on. Like I said, all the newbies with the exception of cassi and dom went to the vets but one by one they were kicked out of the alliance when their vote wasn’t needed

    • @DC: Porsche got a Golden Key after Brenchel decided she was the most on their side and would evict Keith to get the her key. She had no requirement after getting that key to stay by Brenchel’s side, but she did because she was with them. Then after her safety net vanished she was suddenly hanging out w/ Daniele and Kalia when they won a second week in a row.

      As far as the returning HG, that was the Newbs/Dani’s fault for completely screwing themselves on that one. They could have voted out Rachel and then gotten back either her or Brendon. Instead they tripped over their own feet and voted out their own alliance member and allowed Brenchel back in the game. Production couldn’t have scripted a screw-up that big.

      Then the Pandora’s Box was no guarantee of safety. Rachel still had to win the Veto to stay in the game. If she had lost it then it wouldn’t have changed a thing.

      Those weren’t “fixes” by production.

      • Matt,

        One last thing..Porsche was picked by Evil Dick in the beginning remember that…and as far as the evicted house guest returning.. Did you really think America wanted Brendan back..he wasn’t even liked in his season..So why would he win all the votes. America (me) wanted Dom back..Then the duo twist for one week.. Come on Matt.. Seriously..Why was that the twist for one week..why not til the end.. Because it was geared for Rachel and Jordan to stay in the house. I know the house would have been boring with just the newbies but..thats the game..Yes Rachel one the veto..but we all know Jordan can’t win nothing but america’s hearts and who else was she gonna pair up with but Rachel. Just my opinion.. I love you but Disagree Matt! Oh and the Pandora’s box that Porsche opened…normally Julie tells us prior that Pandora’s box is coming into play..but not this time.. Production came up with this at the last minute..=)Correct me if I am wrong..but has there ever been two Pandora’s boxes in one season..hmmm..

      • Great job DC. You hit every nail on the head ! That Pandora’s Box or twist whatever BB wants to call it deflated any interest I had left in the game as to who will win. I’m still watching but not with any respect left for production by obviously interfering with fair game play. IMO

      • Pandora’s box has been done twice in a season. And as far as producion fixing it grow up all you cry babies. If Rachel would not of won POV and Porche won and Rachel went home then it wouldn’t of been fixed would it???

      • @Eimee, If you hate everything about Big Brother why are you watching??? Oh I know so you can get on this site and cry about it.

      • @Karen- I think u need to read my post again. No where did I say I hated BB but did say I was still watching. I’m not crying about anything. I’m on here like everyone giving my opinion just like you. Why do ppl have to substitute words to make that person look bad. As far as you saying I would have liked Rachel being evicted, why assume that just because I said production had a part in some of the twists. Rachel I think deserves it the most out of the remaining four. As far as calling me a cry baby……whatever

      • Well Matt. The Veto was a hang on tight the same as she had won before. Why not something everyone has a chance at.

        Every one knew a couple of days in advance they were going to evict lawon because he agreed to go. At least the newbies and BB. So they had plenty of time to set it up. You have to go with the odds that brendon comes back over lawon if he got the votes. Maybe not for sure but at least 95%

        As far as pandor’s box with the duo twist P/K were safe. Some chance is better than none. Playing that veto also played into the hands, never before has two people come off the block. It should have been bad for the whole house not just three. J/R even said when it happen that it was in their favor.

    • @DC-sorry, but I disagree with you. America could vote for anyone-it just so happens that America likes Brenchel (they are good/fierce competitors). AND no one made Porsche open pandora’s box. If a vet wins-it is clearly Porsche’s fault and she will have to live with that decision, but at least she doesn’t walk away empty handed!

      • @catherine..its ok to disagree. Pandora’s box has almost always been opened so that was a given that the she would have opened it and the BB twist would have come into play. Brenchel are very fierce competitors I totally agree with that.Jordan is not.. which is why the twist in my eyes came into play.. they didn’t want to lose America’s sweetheart..It pretty much was guaranteed that Rachel would win the VETO because look who she was competing against and she would save Jordan..Come on now..Just looking at it with eyes wide open..

    • OMG nobody told porche to open the box and the fact everyone is letting her off because they need to blame production unstead of just seeing it as porche is an idiot. This not the first time a twist was brought in and messed up the game. I agree with matt porche swug from one side to the house yes she had the golden key but she stayed alliened with the vets until they no longer had power. Then she went to dani and kaliah. Now when it seems rachel has the power she back to trying to be her bbf so exactly how is she not floating from side to side. Porche stayed under the raidar for most of the game and she may have had a golden key but she still could have played social instead she didn’t really play at all until jeff and dani walked out of the house

      • Look Rachel open hers and was bad for her. They offered Porche 5,000 to open it. Come on any one is going to take the money even knowing something bad for the house would happen. Again it should not be bad for three and good for two, it should of been bad for all five. Pandora’s box that rachel open was set up for Adam. Come on Tori Spelling after the way he talks about her. Yes big brother talked about a celeb at the first of the game, but that was Matt Haselhouf. So that shows they can change or do as they please as the game goes on.

  11. Well if rumors are true and Jordan has pov like I’ve read she decide who stays or go why would she help Porsche out Jeff and Jordan might of talk to her about game for 10 minutes total. So we all know who final 3 is Let the games begin either way Dani, Jeff and Shelly deserve jury Kalia might of know Fortune Teller but she was slow at remembering the whole prediction, so Adam (Rain Man) technique would of still beat Kalia, besides winning Hoh always hurt more than it helps. This year with the exception that Adam just won its been a curse to be a man in this game. Lol

    • if Adam won HOH hr would put up Porsha and Rachel knowing that Jordan had the only vote to pull Rachel off, thats how I see it he wont go against Rachel because he knows Jordan has her back.

      • @Amy, I don’t think Jordan has Rachael’s back at all. She’s just riding Rachael to get to F3. Also I did remember Adam telling Jordan that if he won HOH he was putting up Porsche & Jordan, as he all of a sudden has adopted Rachael’s view’s in that he wants F3 to be the most competitive players. Rachael needs POV to remain in the game period. She has no one watching her back. She is playing for herself at this point.

      • No i disagree i think Adam realises that it didn’t matter who he put up all it matter was the pov and that if he put rachel up she tends to be very vindictive and he didn’t want it coming to bite him. He also knows that when rachel back is to the wall she comes out swinging and he didn’t want her to be swinging for him. I think jordon has rachels back she won’t turn on her

  12. I was just thinking, what if Porsha wins HOH that means that Rachel or Jordon goes on block, what a disappointment.

    • i know it was so obvious how the whole season was rigged for porsche to win it all.
      I mean everytime it looked like she might have been in danger a twist was thrown in to save her

    • Dani said it best..everyone is just sitting around waiting to write a check to Jordan and Jeff..including BB.. but Kalia spoiled that its Rachel and Jordan..I think BB should have just had an all star season..if thats the case..Clearly they wanted Jeff to stay..This season would have been so different had Evel Dick stayed in the house..

      • Absolutely, I was so bummed out when Evil Dick left the game…was like he sucked all the life out of the game.

  13. I would have to see it to believe it that Jordon won POV, Yesterday on BB after dark she was,nt feeling well.

  14. Matt(BBN) I had no idea you had such music talent! I just checked out some Shooting Blanks videos you did a few years back, love the dimebag guitar! Any chance of the band getting back together?

  15. What I’d like to see (assuming Adam did win HoH): Porsche/Rachel nominated, Porsche wins Veto, Jordan goes up, Jordan evicted, Rachel wins HoH, evicts Porsche, Adam/Rachel final 2, Rachel wins. I have a feeling Porsche is going next though lol.

  16. I have watched every Big Brother but this one really was awful. I would like to see Rachel win, she had a mean streak and could really get nasty but she played the game very well. I like Jordan but she really didn’t do much, in fact it was Rachel that kept her in the house. Of course this is just my opinion.

    • Yeah I actually thought that this year was kind of average. It wasn’t really good or bad to me. I really liked 2, 6, 8, and 10 and really disliked 1, 5, and 9. The rest were just alright.

    • Totally agree..Worst season! I love BB.. but they miss the ball this season..I don’t dislike Rachel or Jordan..but to me they don’t deserve to win..Especially Jordan..She seriously has floated to the end.. Again! I am waiting for this season to be over and for Amazing race to start.. I hope they don’t put Brenchel on Amazing race lol…

      • @DC no, I saw the cast for the next Amazing Race & Brenchel are not on it Ethan from Survivor & his gf is. Ethan has been dx. w/Cancer so he & his gf want to spend time traveling together with what time he has left. Also a professional Football player & his wife & 2 professional Ski-boarders & the youngest guy to sail around the world & his dad I think. The rest are all regular couples added in. I cannot see any of this year’s HG on Survivor..please..they whined & b**ch so much about being havenots can you imagine them on Survivor? Sleeping practically outdoors & no bathroom or shower? Plus having to catch their own food (fish) & rationing water & rice? OMG! They’d be lined up begging to be evicted after day 1 lol

  17. Just over 3 hours until BB comes on…. I can’t wait….. I am also excited for the Live Feeds to be back up…. Anyone want to see real excitment after tonights show? Watch Evel Dick on RTVZone . com 15 minutes after BB goes off…. He is the host of Dick at Night…. He always has past BB HG’s including Janelle from BB6 7 BB7, James from BB7 & BB7, Jun from BB9, Natalie from BB9 and a host of other HG’s including Keith, Cassi, Dominic and Lawon from this season (BB 13)

      • Dani,

        The Dick at Night show is a great show that any hardcore BB fan will enjpy…. Plus Evel Dick throws shots at Superpass all the time and is uncut and entertaining as hell!

  18. big brother started out bad,as soon as rachel and brendon walked threw the door! then there was hope for a good show when evil dick waked in,then he left!! so the shows sucked all season! the only good part is we all got to c domonic!!!

  19. It doesn’t matter what people think about Rachel, Rachel brought excitement and laughs to the BB house with her Big Booty game…

    Big booty big booty big boot, oh yeah big booty…. Big booty #1…….

  20. Jo dont say J dont deserve winning! Shes there isnt she? She saved R butt are she wouldnt be there. She kept S and A and others from getting her out . R was messing up her game. Even Brendan had a hard time with her. She had a good game.If shes there she deserves the win!

  21. MATT

    Do you know how Adam found out that on Porche going to Alaska that it is buy a igloo with a Eskimo name Ernie instead living in a igloo. Jordan, Rachel and Adam practice living all night. How in the morining did he learn that it was buying?

  22. Got 1 more hour ..(central time zone) to learn the to eviction HOH and maybe POV…be it good news or bad..just gotta watch..

      • Good… ty for asking..hope u are doing well also…Due to the spammers coming in especially at nite I don’t post alot anymore..U can’t have a decent debate or discussion with some jerk filling the page with crap..I know Matt does the best he can to controll it..but it is sooooo annoying and results in regular posters leaving and new ones too..

    • @Ellablue,

      Final 5 POV results,

      Jordan goes out
      Adam wins

      Adam doesn’t use Veto

      Kalia is voted out 2-1 / Rachel breaks the tie

      Adam wins the Final 4 HOH

      Adam 6 out of 6
      Jordan 5 out of 6
      Porsha 3 out of 6

      Adam nominates Jordan and Porsha

      Rachel will win the POV

      Rachel evicts Porsha

      Final 3 HOH

      Rachel wins part 1 – endurance

      Adam wins part 2 – skils

      Adam wins part 3 – Q & A

      Adam evicts Jordan and takes Rachel to the final 2

      Rachel wins Bb 13 by a vote of 4-3

      Rachel gets

      Brendon, Jeff, Jordan, Dani and Kalia

      Adam gets

      Shelly and Porsha

      • I mean Rachel wins a vote of 5-2….. It could be 4-3 depending on either

        Dani or Kalia voting for Adam because they personally don’t like Rachel…. Dani did like Rachel until Dominic was evicted….. I don’t think both Dani or Kalia will vote for Adam because Adam screwed both of them……. Adam screwed Kalia royally by not using the Veto to save Kalia and allign with Rachel and JJordan over the newbies Kalia and Porsha….

    • Shelly played her game. Why should Jeff be so upset? He back stabbed Dani at the end. Oh I get it he is just telling her what she wan’t to hear. So I guess it should be the same for Shelly, just telling Jeff what he wants him to hear. It’s a freaking game. One thing that should not be allowed is someone being a bully. JEFF

  23. There is a video of the jury house where Jeff and Brendon are painting. It’s so cute. Jeff is painting a clown shoe while Brendon paints a clown.

  24. Spoiler Alert… do not read this backward if you do not wish to see this spoiler:
    (nadroJ ylekil tsom) nadroJ ro leahcaR :emoh seog ohw revo lortnoc etelpmoc sah won dna VOP debbarg ehcsroP tub , ehcsroP dna nadroJ detanimon madA.

  25. I think this is the worst Big Brother ever. I don’t think you should have had the veterans come back as pairs. It was very unfair to the newbies. I am also sick of all the crying going on. Rachael can change on a dime from crying to gloating.

  26. I thought Jordan was the laziest thing on Big Brother 13. She had her nerve to talk about floaters. Jordan!!! you were the biggest floater on the show. I hope they never bring her back. Also, I think she was just jealous of Porshe. Talking about bathing suits and cooking. You ate didn’t you!!!!!! Can you cook!!!! I doubt it!!!

  27. Jeff thought he was all that. I was so glad when Kalia sent his butt packing.He wanted to evict but didnt want noone to mess with him WHAT!!!!!The worse Big Brother ever.

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