Big Brother 12: Week 7 Thursday Live Feed Highlights

All the HGs were so happy in the Big Brother 12 house Thursday night, well all except one, lol.  If Matt had used the DPV on Enzo it would have been the perfect episode but the look on Brendon’s face while Matt was giving his speech and pulling out the veto was fine with me.  I really wanted Ragan to win HoH and I think Matt probably threw it for some reason but Britney won which is better than Enzo and Hayden so I’m good with that. 

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Big Brother 12 Live Feed Highlights – August 19, 2010:

12:14 PM BBT – Most HGs up and talking about the HoH comp and trying to prepare for a quiz.  Brit and Ragan talking about how sad they are that Matt is leaving. 

1:52 PM BBT – Ragan crying again and says to Kathy that this is so much more than a game and it is taught me what my values and priorities are.    

3:51 PM BBT – Enzo does tell Matt he’s voting against him tonight.  And Matt still decides to put up Kathy?

6:10 PM BBT –  Feeds back after live show and Matt is apologizing for having to lie to everyone about the power.  He’s on cloud 9.  Everyone is trying to collect Kathy’s stuff and get it together for her.

8:19 PM BBT – Matt is talking to Brit and kind of pushing Enzo to go on the block.  He says Enzo needs to experience it.  So Matt doesn’t want to get his hands dirty so he played it safe by sending Kathy home.

9:49 PM BBT – Lane tells Matt that Enzo is freaking out right now because he thinks he is going up.  Enzo said if he got put up he would freak out on Brit so now Lane is thinking about going up as a pawn.  Why is everyone so scared of Enzo??  The guy is all bark, no bite.  

10:44 PM BBT – Brit’s HoH room is ready and she gets a long letter from her mom and the Lady GaGa CD.  She fights back tears when she reads the letter.  Brit points out the pic of her mom and says it’s NOT Kathy lol. 

11:44 PM BBT – Brit has locked herself out of the HoH room and has to wait for production to let her in.      

12:36 AM BBT – Enzo, Hayden and Brendon talking about not throwing each other under the bus and will pull the other off if they win pov.  I’m really hoping Enzo and Hayden are just running their mouths to Bren to make him feel better or something.

1:49 AM BBT – Just the Tip now starting again in the HoH room.     

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Be sure to check in later to see who Britney nominates for eviction.  I’m sure you’re all well aware that I’m hoping it’s Brendon and Enzo lol.  I’ll have my interview with Kathy up sometime today as well.

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  1. There ya go Matt!! I figured he would have someone else put up Enzo!

    Congrats… for being so close… Luvd it!!

    • Wow Ashli Rae I see you are NO fan of Brendon. That is too bad, I love the guy but then I am no fan of Brit so there you go. LOL Enzo is all bark and no bite. Matt should have put him up but then again he is playing both sides. I hope Hayden does stay true to Brendon, it would be nice to actually see someone keep their word for one day. Does Enzo think he can intimidate people so he can win that way? What a sham he is. Hey Enzo, Jersey Shore and Snooki is calling your name bud, take that call and go, capice?

      • Trish, Me too Now I think that as unlikely as it will be to see I wouldnt mind seeing Matt, Brit, and Bren in final 3 they are after all the only ones left fighting and I cant even condemn Matt for throwing a comp otherwise he would have been HOH AGAIN this week. Oh well will see how this all plays out.

    • LOL Trish, no I’m not a Brendon fan but then again I’m not really a fan of anyone. I’ve had a hard time getting behind someone this season. I like Matt but think he should have put up Enzo last night instead of letting Brit do it so he wouldn’t get his hands dirty.

      • I think that is part of his plan, to let someone else do that dirty work.
        *the diabolical super genius rings his hands*

      • Aside from using the DPOV on himself Matt really wasted the DPOV. The whole brigade talks about how tough they are, he should have proved it and made a bold move and put Enzo up. I really hope that Britney puts Enzo and Brendon up. And then IF Brendon wins POV and takes himself off the replacement should be Hayden. I say IF Brendon wins POV because Britney is pretty good in the POV challenges. The brigade needs to be split.

      • Nadine, Matts hand is alwasy down his pants, don’t you mean the diabolical stupid (sorry I’m bad) genius is ringing his D—?

  2. FYI-On the CBS BB site, the HOH gets to write a blog for fans. Matt said in his blog that he planned to throw the next few comp, which is probably why he smiled at the camera.

  3. I am still rooting for Brendon because against all odds, he is still there and he has won POVs and HOH. I would like to see Brendon, Enzo and Hayden stick together and get the smug ones out. Winning is great but Matt’s attitude sucks and Brit can dish it out but not take it. Matt is not an Evil Dick.

  4. ratt didn’t throw that compitition! He acted like that because he had to cover up that he is a stupid ass. No way did he throw it! I think it sucks that BB is controlling this game. Ratt gets a DPOV and Brendon gets to go to the jury house! come on! It’s too bad that the game just cannot be played the way it is supposed to be. Let it play out BB and keep your dirty mitts out of it. And if that stupid scank Bratney locks herself out of the room again, let it stay locked! What a bimbo!!!

    • Wow, Bitter! He did throw it. When he put up his answer he held thumbs down then winked. He also has talked about it on the HOH blog.

      And Brendan isn’t at the jury house YET but he is on his way!!

      Now Kathy can sit on the bed while he and Rach do heavy petting and all will be right in their world again!!!

    • Matt definitely threw that comp. He waited to make sure he wasn’t out first. Then he took an easy question and went with the wrong answer. The smile on his face was all the news you needed to know it was intentional.

      There’s no reason for him to soil his hands on this one. It was a good move on his part.

      • TRUE.. He is not HOH but Brittney wil surely put up Enzo & Brendon.. Matt will somehow work behind the scenes to get ENZO out instead of Brendon Just keep watching..

      • guess that means Matt doesnt know that Enzo and hayden made an alliance with brendon. If Enzo had won HOH, it could have been Matt and Brit up for eviction. i have 2 questions: Is the Sabatuer still going on? and if not, does anyone know that Ragan won the $20,000?

    • I so agree with you! All she talks about is Nick Nick Nick and then BB makes a point to show her developing showmance with Lane! I feel sorry for Nick and Kristen’s boyfriends – BB casted 2 whores. Wait until Lane and Brit make it to the jury house with no cameras…I bet the ring comes off then!

    • Wow, what did you think he was doing ?? Dancing ?? It was so obvious and Matt wanted it to be. I can’t believe some actually think BB is controlling the game ?? For who or what ? Matt got the DPOV because he won the DPOV in the game by opening Pandora’s Box. It’s a game, someone wins and someone loses. If funny when the person you want to win dosen’t, then everybody starts yelling it’s rigged. lol I really don’t care who wins, I watch for the fighting of HG’s. :-) Oh well, but I do have to say Brendon really looked like it was about to cry most of the episode. I do think Matt calling him a dummy during his speech was hilarious, I guess that was in return for Brendon calling him a midget.

    • I agree BB is playing the game not the HG’s. That was obvious when they brought Rachal back..Same thing last year. Do they think we can’t figure that out.

      • They do that every year. As for the DVOP, they can put whatever they wish in the Pandoras box room up to the last minute. does anyone think if it ended up the Brigade in the final 6, anyone would actually watch it to the final 2? Ratings people, Ratings!!

  5. Haha the look on brendons face was hysterical! And so was ragans! Yay!!! Go britany! Put up brendon and Enzo and I will love you forever! Ha!!

  6. “Just the Tip” starting in the HOH room? Does that mean what I think it means, or is my mind just in the gutter? lol

    • Mind is in the gutter Krista, lol. It is a pretend show they have been having to make fun of HG’s in the house, namely Brachel. It would be funny if Brendon walked in and caught them. Not that Ragan would care but just saying……hell Rachel walked in on Brit making fun of her with the hair extensions and RAchel laughed right along. Don’t know if that is a good sport or Rachel being stupid…No Rachel haters don’t need you to answere that…

      • Thank you! I don’t get the live feeds, so I’ve missed that. I don’t think I’ve seen it mentioned on here before, or I’ve just missed it.

      • Ragan is on Matt’s Tip. All the bawling over some dude he just met. Stacy better watch Matt just might give him the Tip, lol. Matt did say he talked about the “butt” stuff with Ragan.

      • When Rachel walked in on Brit, didn’t she say something moronic like “Imitation is the sincerest form of making fun of someone?”

  7. I cannot stand Ragan. Rachel is immature, but at least she doesn’t say mean and nasty things about people behind their backs..she just comes out and says them to your face. Brittany and Ragan have really said some terrible things about people bheind their backs–I have been seriously offended by their awful behavior– and since when is BB a social game??really??–how you treat people Ragan??NOT–case in point–Evil Dick and Danielle–they constantly played this game–He may not have won, but she did–

    Have any of these HG’s watched any previous seasons??
    Matt is just a legend in his own mind(not my quote)Can’t stand him–
    I think Hayden should win this whole thing..he’s the only one thinking 3 or 4 steps ahead rather than just planning day by day..
    These HG’s are all bad at playing this game.

    • Connie I agree with you but Evil Dick did win. His daughter did not win the 500,000, he did that season.

      • Dick was put on the block & talked his way out. He even saved Danielle one time when he won POV. Dick played an outstanding game is why he won. Ragan has the cojones to stand up to Rachel & told her TO HER FACE what he thought of her. I don’t see anyone else doing that.

    • My friend has BB Afterdark, she said that Ragan says he watched all the seasons of BB. He mentions all the time that in past BB they gave away more prizes. The cry baby already won 20K what does he want???

    • Connie, where have you been, Britney doesn’t talk behind other HG’s back, How about

      1. britney with monet (until monet was voted out)

      2. britney and the rest of the house (thier game show trashing B/R

      3. then britney and ragan

      4. britney and lane

      5. britney and kathy

      I don’t think I need to go on, do I?

    • Oh, I so agree with you. This is proof that that the hgs: Britt, Ragan, and Matt especially are jealous and biased against Rachel and Brendon. I say that because those three especially talk about everyone behind their backs and they are mean and nasty. Anything and I mean anything that comes out of Brendon’s mouth and previously Rachel’s mouth was subject to mean talk. There is a real double standard going on here. So you see, it doesn’t matter what, now Brendon, says nice or nasty content because it is just Brendon that is hated. I don’t see where Brendon has done any more or any less than those three. In fact, from what I have seen, Brendon has never been mean to Britt. He has said something to Matt but Matt has also put him on the block. What has happened now is that Britt, Ragan, and Matt are aligning and controlling the game. Hayden and Enzo better align with Brendon and force Lane to make a choice them or Britt. Hayden and Enzo are just sitting back while Matt and his mean team are plotting and planning and also getting lucky (I don’t want to give them too much credit). I really don’t see how Matt was allowed to use that letter from his wife to confirm his lie. How is that not outside influence. I like Brendon and Rachel and I hate the others. But, Hayden isn’t too bad. I can’t quite get a grasp on where Lane’s head is.

  8. BB sucks. Brendon should have been able to play in that HOH because he didn’t get to put the person that got evicted. I doubt he would have won that but he should still have been given a chance. They better make that veto something he can win.

    Hopefully Nick dump brittney b/c she swore on their relationship she would not put up Brendon and she lied. So the relation must not be all that to lie on it.

    • I know she will lie but did she already do it? I didn’t know she had already put up her nominations?

      • Trish,
        I don’t think she has named her nominees, but she told the BB cameras that she would lie and say anything and she is not keeping her word to Brendan not to put him up… however, she would be smart to try and backdoor him to try and salvage his possible vote in the jury house.

      • No, Britney has not revealed her noms, only her intentions. The nomination ceremony will be held this evening and spoilers should be out around 10PM ET.

      • Bratt didn’t put up Brendon yet but we aall know thaat is her maaster plan. I really wish she would have been the one to leave this week. Little does she know everyone want the get her out next week.

      • Why in the world should Brendon get special treatment and be allowed to play in the HOH. He had it last week, no one EVER gets a chance at it 2 weeks in a role. Get real, just because he didn’t put Kathy up has NOTHING at all to do with it.

    • I don’t think Brendon should have gotten to play for HOH. I loved seeing the look on his face PRICELESS. In fact I am hoping that he and Enzo both go this week.

    • I just thought it was kind of weird that her mother kind of encouraged the flirting between brit and lane, when brit is supposed to be engaged…

      guess we see why brit is the way she is…no values

      • I thought that was weird too. Was the guy sitting on the couch nxt to her mom the BF? I bet he felt like an a** when he saw her make that comment.

        Momma must like Lane better!!

      • That engaagement is a frace, she did lie on it to not but up Brendon. Why would her mom be encouraging another relationship. I agree no vaalues. She is only 22 though. Not a good age to get married.

        That guy might have been her brother. They never said who it was though.

      • ok – well at least they didn’t have him break-up w/her on Natl TV like Kristen’s man. x-man. lol

        Have we even seen him? Maybe she will have pics in her HOH room. I’m just too curious.

      • I don’t think there is a Nick. I think she just did that to insure she didn’t get involved in a showmance. Her mom never mentioned “Nick” and neither did Julie. With both Christin and Brandon they got reactions from their “others” and they go to her house and never even mention Nick? He doesn’t exist.

      • I think her Mom must not care for Nick too much…. and if he did in fact cheat on Brit at some point I could see why Mom doesnt like him.

      • I also think Lane is Nick. One other website said that Lane and Brit ARE MARRIED in real life. It’ll be interesting to see how the Lane/Brit showmance plays out.

      • do you remember which site said they were married? If they are NOT a couple I would be a little upset if I were Nick…the way Britany is flirting with Lane – and WOW his future Mother-in-law didn’t seem to mind

  9. I totally agree that Matt “threw” the HOH last night…Think about it… he knows he is pretty safe,and that they are most likely all gunning for Brendan this week…plus,does he really want to win another HOH this soon…. that would put a larger target on his back for next week with the Brigade.. winning too many HOH’s does put a target on you….he just wants to lay low this week…. Wanted Regan to get HOH, but happy Brit Brit beat Meow Meow for the title… I would be surprised if she does not put up Brendan and either Enzo or Hayden…. we will find out later today!!! ; )

  10. This is the worst BB ever. I said last night I think I’ll vote for Kathy for America’s Favorite. She did care about the fish before she left, and maybe that is all to care for in the BB House this year. LOL (When she got evicted Kathy said, “Who is going to feed the fish? Let me see a hand” “OK, feed them twice a day” LOL

      • Kathy definately sould not get Americas favorite. She has not done anything in the game but feed the fish. How can we give someone money for being one of the loowsiest palwers everrrrr. Dido for Enzo.

        I will give my vote to Brendon!

      • I think there shouldn’t be any America favorite houseguest this season. I mean, CBS already threw money away on that sabotage fiasco, let’s make them keep some dignity!

  11. oh, I forgot to mention, ragg (ragan) while sitting in the scank’s HOH room stated that ” I think America likes us” OMG, think again you little runt! Most cannot stand you including myself! You also said that the look on your face was priceless when ratt took out the DPOV, guess again, it was scary not priceless! What a freak! and why hasn’t anyone mentioned his voice! All I’ve heard is that Rachel’s voice is irritating. Well, listening to the ragg’s voice is like listening to someone drag their fingernails down a blackboard! Then we had the pleasure of listening to bratney “ who wants to see my HOH room” screechy freaking bimbo! Hey bratney, always making fun of everyone else, look in the mirror bimbo!

    • GM is not PG…. Bimbo means slutty right??? Like having daily make out secessions and a little more than ‘just the tip” under the sheets in front of any American who wanted to watch…. Porno included with every Li ve Fe ed subscription!

      Did you happen to see the fav poll? Britt’s been up in votes more than once!!

      Don’t worry GM, if Britt has her way Rach and ‘her man’ will be back together soon and they can come between themselves!!

      • I totally love Brit and Ragan…. Brenchel and Enzo are THE ONLY ONES who drive me crazy this season…. Brit and Ragan are hilarious!!

      • They all sucks: Britney’s a hellspawn… Ragan’s a whiny cry-baby… Bredon’s an idiot… Matt’s a full-of-shit dumbass… and on and on it goes.

        BTW, nadine – it never dawned on you that most of those polls do not have the ‘don’t like any of them’ options in them? ‘Think those results would have been the same if it was in them?

    • No kidding GM, i wanted to break the tv watching ragan with his muppet looking mouth when voting against kathy…

      he is a horrible person…just horrible

      • Ragan looked like a horse bobble head. OMG! There has to be a horse out there somewhere missing some major teeth and Raggs found them. I read that he sat on the toilet crying (YET AGAIN!!!). I’m not surprised he was squatting errrr sitting on the toilet. What a dweeb. Hope he goes home soon. I NEVER thought anyone’s voice would annoy me as much as Gnatalies from last season, but Ragan has topped even hers! Sorry, just can’t stand the little jerk $%^.

      • Even worse then his regular voice is that stupid deep maybe supposed to be scary voice he does ALL the time. JUST GET A NEW VOICE ALREADY!!!!!!

  12. I’m not sure yet that it would be a good ideal to put Brendon on the block right now, if he won the POV this week Britney would have to put up another housegust that she want to stay in the house. What the houseguest don’t know is next week two will leave the Big Brother house on the same night.

    • This house is full of moronic cowards, prettyinpink – sad to say it, but Kathy was right when she said that she was the only one who didn’t vote with the rest of the group.
      So, sadly, expect Britney to prove her lack of gameplay by putting up the easiest target available – aka Brendon.

    • Am with u on that one…I think Enzo should go first..then possibly Brendon.. put him on the block but don’t vote him out. will just have to keep watching..

  13. Thanks Matt for wasting the DPOV to get Kathy out, you really are a mastermind, NOT! I can’t believe how dumb these house guest are why are they so intent on getting out the people that would never have the votes to win?!? I hope Hayden and Enzo stick with Brendon because that is really their only chance to win this game.

    • Maybe Matt figures if he doesn’t put any Brigade members on the block, he can still get their votes in the Jury House. This way he can still win the game. I don’t think he’ll put them up till the end, and this week try to align with everyone but Brendon who will probably be evicted, and won’t vote for him anyway in the JH.

      • In counting possible Jury House votes, If Matt makes it to the final two, he would have the votes to probably win if he doesn’t tick off his other Brigade members.

    • I’m pretty sure his plan was to save himself FIRST and Kathy was just casualty.

      As much as I wanted him to put up Enzo, it was better game play not to. He doesn’t need the Bro-gade to be openly against him.

      He’s playing his cards close…. kinda… oh what’s the word?? smart..

      • Matt’s move was just so predictable and safe. I was hoping he would spice things up in the house b/c I am over the Brigade!

      • I agree with you there Kate but the repercussions would have been too great. At least he knows what’s up and will still be able to get it done from behind the scenes.

    • No, it wasn’t as bold as putting up Hayden or Enzo, but it was probably the right move. We’ll see. Now he can get someone else to deal with Enzo/Hayden so he doesn’t get his hands too dirty. He knows full well that they weren’t going to back him up. He won’t forget that.

    • Joey… the only for sure Bro-gade vote against would have been whoever had gotten evicted with the DPoV deal and at some point Matty may have a hand in evicting Bro’s anyway.

      If his plea to the voting jury had been I blew-up the Bro-gade so ALL the Hg’s had a chance to win BB12 rather than let Enzo win it… that might have been enough to sway them.

      And if sick-wife-lie does not come back to bite him… here’s what is sick, if no one knows it’s a lie, the lie could actually win it for him… how revolting would that be?

      • I agree GregH! Matt’s sick wife lie will def sway the jury to give him the money, which is pretty sad.

      • That was the whole point of the lie… so if he pulls it out I would say Matt was the one with the BEST Gameplay/strategy form Day 1 and he deserves to win it!!

      • I’m sorry, but is everyone here young and stupid like the HG’s ? Matt’s lie is just gameplay pure ands simple. GTF over it already!

      • @letmeslapragan… we don’t have to GTF over nothing… hell, it our jobs to scrutinize the hg’s strategies, make fun of their every flaw and handicaps and every pimple on their chin and every hand down their pants and how annoying their smacking lips are when they chew their food and lots of other things too numerous and petty to mention.

        And how they are a disgrace to the human race… this is where disagreement between posters rears it’s ugly head.

        Probably the more petty the more scrutinizing we’ll be and the funnier it gets.

        There are some really clever/smart ppl on this BB Board, just go with the flow.

        I don’t know I could be wrong.

        Are you new here? LOL!!!

  14. ‘Watch last night show this morning on CBS – ‘couldn’t watch it yesterday since I went to see “Inception” in IMAX – GREAT MOVIE.

    Anyway… everybody in this house if SO PATHETIC. Matt could have done a power move, but no, he gotta do the safe thing by putting up Kathy. The funny thing is, at this point of the game, safe moves are now null and void. If you got to keep moving, especially if you are in the Brigade, you have to take out the most dangerous players left… which is why Britney is SO SCREWED right now, and the poor dumb girl probably doesn’t have a clue! Yeah, right now, her target’s Brendon, because, as I said before, the HGs are cowards only willing to do safe moves, but, after he’s gone, EVERYBODY IN THEIR RIGHT MIND will go after her.

    So, by next Thursday, after the second eviction, which is more likely to be Britney than anybody else, us straight guys will have to deal with an all-male edition of BB… which really sucks. Not that I was into any of the girls there this season, but still… it’s sad.

      • I think in an all male house, they will evict Ragan pretty fast. Imagine Hayden, Enzo, Matt, Lane in their all by themselves. What a boring show that will be. Everyone with their hands in their pants and when not playing that kind of pool, the real kind. BORING

      • LOL – yeah, that guy is more girly than most of the other women this season.

        And it’s true: the minute the Brigade becomes the majority in the house, the show will become uber-boring… Cannot wait for that to happen. :(

    • MM, exactly. *light-bulb* time, at HoH Matty answers a question or 2 and bows out, Ragan took no chances and misses the 1st freaking question.

      Those 2 are a step or two ahead of me… they were already thinking ahead to the surprise quickie comp (HoH-Nom-Evict) for the double eviction after next Thurs eviction.

      And poor Brit and the idiot Enzo are fighting for HoH… Enzo has got to be the luckiest hg this season. I can’t talk I’d a been fighting with them too. LOL!!!

      @Christina, only Ragina is so freaking UGLY, you heard Rach, she said something like “no wonder you don’t have a boy-friend”. Say what you want about Ragan at least he’s a caring person which would be a 180 of Rachel.

      • Ragan is a caring person? WTF? What show are you watching? He is just as vile as Britney and Monet and 10 times worse than Brenchel. Britney and Ragan both deserve to be bitch slapped.

      • here what you’re missing… he’s only vile with vile people. WTF, back at you, i rest my case.

        P.S. he only bitch-slaps those that deserve bitch-slapping.

      • I can’t wait to see Rag’s face when he realizes he was duped by Matt the entire time, being in the Ape Brigade and lying about his wife. It will be worth the price of admission. He can dish it out, but he can’t it, just like Brit (2 peas in a pod).

      • i think he’s MORE vile than Brit/Monet combined… did you not see him & Rach go at it during the 24 hour “i’m back bitches” episode. it was kind of hard to watch but had to stay an informed bbfan.

      • plus i never said he was caring to everyone, he is selective… but think about it, aren’t all of us selective.

        we can’t all be mother teresa’s in this world.

      • how can you hug someone and tell them you love them and then stab them in the back, he is vile that’s why he went up and threw his friend brit under the bus. i think he has a thing for matt. LOL

  15. I’m not saying I like Matt or want him to win. Think about BB if he got evicted. He’s the only one that is actually trying to “play the game” so to speak. Seems like the other house guests don’t have a clue. Brendon should stop the revenge against the house because of Rachel, but I think that is too late to do now. I think he will be gone if he doesn’t win POV

  16. Enzo thinks he’s a tough guy and likes the nick name Meow Meow. Give me a break! I sitll wish the “Zingbot” would have cried like Ragan. Now that would have been FUNNY!!

    • the ‘ZingBot’ was definitely a hit… you guys don’t think that could have been Jessie “I’m Magnificent” Godderz.

      You know Jesse should do some nude modeling… Lydia & Natalie would be loving that. LOL!!! I already know.

      • IF IT WAS JESSEE that might be the only type of employment he could get as his 30 minutes (2 seasons 15 minutes each) of fame on BB fizzled out..

      • GregH – Thanks the IT guys just had to replace my keyboard and monitor after it shorted out when I spit water all over thenm when I read this.

        Jesse the Zingbot! Why does that make SOOOO much sense but sickening at the amount of drool dripping from the pages of whatever magazine He nude models in THEN AGAIN it could be like Scott’s ummm stint in playgirl those over blown egos are usually a ploy to overcome the ummm lacking in other areas (wink) Im just saying..

        Maybe thats Matt’s reason for the hands in the pants thing making sure its still there hhhmmm *ponder*

  17. OH and also..If and when Brittney talks to Brendon he may let the cat out of the bag on Enzo and Haydens’s double teaming and plans to backstabb evrybody even Matt..I realize he is kinda slow in the thought process area but maybe ..just maybe he will get his points across..Then Matt will be trying to figure how to get out Enzo without it appearing that he had a hand in it..

    • If Matt was smart, he’d double team Britt with himself talking and then talking and getting Lane to do his dirty work and support what he tells her. Watch for that to happen this week. If Matt is the great game player he thinks he is, he will use Lane this wekk.

    • Matt is doubled teamed with EVERYBODY in the house but Brendon… but even that may be subject to change if he wants Enzo out..

      • …besides which, Lane is under the impression that he is controlling Brit. How dumb can you get? Sweet, but dumb as dirt…

  18. @ Ashli Rae, AR if you don’t mind me calling you that… i could not agree more with your editorial on the report and like minds think alike you know? and you have a bodaciously beautiest mind.

    so this is where you say “ok bub, what do you want?”

    nothing, just to say “have a nice day”.

  19. PRODUCTION!!!!!!!!!!listen up….Make sure that Brittney does in fact have a conversation with Brendon..Put a bug in Brendon’s ear (beforehand) that he should tell Brittney about ENZO HAYDEN and REGAN telling him that she should be voted out.. He clued her in earlier during one of their talks but did not give her nmaes.. and now would be the time to name those people..Brittney would be soooo pissed..if only Brendon was that smart..

    • Well, production screwed with the game so much already this season, why wouldn’t they do that too? I’m with you – let’s make this boring soap more exciting!

    • actually that’s a good idea, too bad Bren won’t think of it… his best move at this point would be to become a SAB and pit Hg against Hg… it would be fun at least if this is his last week and it could save him.

      It’s a long shot… once he finds out Brit’s after him what’s he to lose? Doesn’t HE think she will not put him up or backdoor him at this point b4 noms?

  20. text to Matt in the BBHouse…

    Matt, you had the 500 large in your hands, what did you do?

    You out-thought yourself, you figured if you had outed Enzo, that would have been 3 votes against you on the jury…

    1st off, all of them would have had to be on the jury, one might have made it to F2.

    2nd off, Lane and Hayden could have come over to your side after Enzo, the creep was gone. plus Rach probably would have drove him CRAZY and even Enzo would have voted you the money… never-mind on that one.

    3rd off, your plea at jury vote-time and reason for not being loyal to the Bro-gade could be an overall statement that you sacrificed Enzo so ALL THE OTHER HG’S HAD A FIGHTING CHANCE TO WIN else Enzo was going to win it.

    Dah-dah, take the money and go to the Bank.

    • Couldn’t disagree with you more. Taking out Enzo would put a huge target on Matt’s back. As indicated in the original post, Matt is trying to shift the dirty work onto Britney, which is a smart strategy.

      Using the DPOV was a huge move. It put all of the attention on Matt, and if he combined that decision with a significant move like taking out Enzo, that just multiplies the attention being put on Matt.

      Nobody wanted Kathy to be there. However, no one wanted to “waste” their HoH by targeting here, as they would rather go for stronger competitors. Matt’s decision is great because:

      1) He was in a position where he had to choose someone, so Kathy was not upset;
      2) All of the houseguests were glad to see a noncompetitor leave and a person who is targeting Brendon stay.

      And that is the key part of this. He made a big deal about calling Brendon stupid and making it clear that he is on the hit list because Matt wants everyone to think he is targeting Brendon. People are now unsuspecting of Matt, because he basically just shuffled Kathy aside so that he can go for Brendon.

      Whether he will actually go for Brendon is irrelevant. He threw the HoH this week so that he is in a position to face-off against Brendon in the next HoH competition, should Brendon survive this week.

      Matt is playing a brilliant game so far. He needs Ragan to win an HoH in the near future in order to guarantee his long-term safety.

      • ok Matt, i see your point… it’s just not valid.

        you said “Taking out Enzo would put a huge target on Matt’s back.”

        before eviction who had Matt targeted? lets see: Enzo, Hayden, Lane and Bren – 4.

        evict Enzo instead of Kathy – that make 3 left; side effect – brigade is no more it has Hayden (& Bren?); Lane and Matt jump ship to a new alliance or alliances with Lane gone that makes 2 – Hayden/Bren.

        target now on Matty’s back – 2. 3 at the worst.

        the path to F2 easier than leaving the brigade in the game – Enzo, Hayden, Lane and maybe Bren that he’ll have to fight through to get F2.

        I could not believe the size of Enzo balls, asking Matty – “So if I vote you out tonight, you’d still vote me the $500T, right BRO?”.

        Matt should have said “Man, if i had a pen I’d write you a check right now”. Holy crap, Enzo’s got nerve… is that the New Jersey in him?

  21. i agree, Enzo needs to go! I’d like to see Britney or Ragen win it all. Brit is a strong player and she’s funny. I’ve liked ragen from the beginning and I agree he’s a bit dramatic but he stands up for himself when needed and even though he got down to the witches level when she came back, sometimes you gotta fight fire with fire. And Rachel is a nasty human being and the only thing she seems to respond to is being talked down to.

    • With the things that have come out of Bitchney and Ragans mouths how can you say that Rach is a nasty human being? Brit is by far the most vile human in this game. I cant wait for the house to turn on her and boot her out to the jury house- where she will go and kiss ass to their face and spit on them behind their backs! Wow what a sweet, nice honest young lady! Gaggggg!

      • Why to go sara, well said, Now ash don’t get us wrong, All we are saying that we think that britney and ragan are lower than whale $hit, that’s all

  22. Hey Matt(BBN),
    Im a long time reader who doesnt post comments very often but from reading your posts, I’m just wondering who are you rooting for personally in the house?

    Thanks for your time,

  23. YAYYYYYY!! finally brendon will be gone and brenchel will whore-up the jury house and make life unbearable for all of the other jury members. brendon CAN NOT win pov or get pulled off i’m happy for brit because she needed to get stuff from home. brendon is feeling so bad he’s getting a dose of his own medicine because he doesn’t get to bully anyone around.

    • Brendon is no bully. Bratt and Rattgon love to dish it, but when anyone gives it back to them they bitch up cry bully.

  24. from this point on i’ll be watching like a loyal fan like in year’s past and also posting thoughts as well as reading what’s going on in the live feed highlights or when wrenchel…i mean brenchel was in power that was when for me the lowlights.

  25. oh yeah i forgot about matt’s speech it couldnt’ve been any sweeter and then when everybody was looking at kathy’s picture on the hg wall go to black and white they were still ridiculing brendon and i loved every word.

    • really? I’d like to hear in your clue free way just how brenden was a bully? (perhaps you’ll realize that was all subterfuge from the quenn bitch ragan, but I’m not holding my breath)

      • @ josh, please do us all a big favor, kept your witty comments to yourself, They aint witty!!!

  26. Brendon needs to go. He wanted to put up Britney, but he was so preoccupied with pleasing his woman that he put up Matt. Now Matt is still here and Britney is HoH, and Brendon knows that she won’t keep her deal with him. Obviously he couldn’t have known about the DPOV, but regardless, he made the biggest mistake of the game so far and he will pay for it this week.

    I’m guessing Britney will put Brendon up with Hayden, to ensure that Hayden plays for the veto, given that he is much more competitive than Enzo (not saying much). Hayden will certainly try harder if he knows that it will be Enzo beside him on the block and not Brendon, should Brendon win the veto and save himself.

    At this point, I think Lane is in the best position. He’s the closest person to the current HoH, he is not the primary target of the fracturing Brigade (at least until Matt goes), and he doesn’t have anyone that is really gunning for him besides Brendon (kind of), and he is likely going home this week.

    Matt has been both the smartest and luckiest HG this season. I love how he shows the fans what his strategy is though! Makes the show more interesting.

    • I agree with you. I’m probably the only Matt fan here and I’m rooting for him to win it even though he can get pretty cocky.

    • no no no! they did that ‘winter’ edition a year or so back, it sucked sooooooo much I bailed after 2 episodes.

  27. Lets face it, none of these people are real likeable. Initially Matt was my favorite and then he played the sick wife card. I think Brittany is a hoot but at what cost? She is really mean. Ragan was another initial favorite but he has become quite arrogant and really said some awful things to Rachel. Rachel and Brendon were doomed from their first kiss. Rachel is also mean and Brendon has no backbone. Enzo and Hayden aren’t playing at all, at the game or at any competions. The one problem they all share? None of them have a memory! Matt is furious at Brendon for putting him up, apparently forgetting he put Brendon up twice, Brittany was furious just thinking she might be put up, yet says horrid things about Brendon and Rachel, Enzo is ranting and raving about possibly being put up yet admitted to Matt he would have voted him out over Lane, it goes on and on……which of course is exactly why we all watch……..

  28. For all of youz dat tink da gamez will git boring wit jes da brogade left, dat iz win da fun begins win day all start eating dehr own like rats on a ships.
    /joisey speak

  29. Just curious – has BB ever let a HG be evicted without a chance to play for POV or campaign? It just didn’t seem fair to Kathy; like maybe playing a 1-on-1 comp with Lane & the loser leaves. Did BB’s great idea of DPOV blow up in their faces?

    • This is not a first. Jesse got evited with the Coup de tat last year when Jeff put up him and Natalie. Thats what drove Chima over the edge.

      Something like this usually happens.

  30. I really want to know – Have they ever put so much power in one HG’s hands to control the game, i.e. Pandora’s Box gift to Matt vs Brendon’s PB gift of a nice meal & a lonely swim in a pool, and for the nom to not even be able to try to save themselves?

    • Cyn, This is your 1 st season of BB?
      Yes they always have a week that is well some what uinfair to those nominated, so to speak. Last year Jeff had the power to basically over throw the HOH’s entirely, but its all part of the game and the drama, hence the reason for not wanting to be nominated. You never know when BB is going to toss a kink in there. Kind of where the ” expect the unexpected” phrase has been coined with this show.

      • But I thought that happened during the double eviction week? And the unequal PBox gifts? Will the Brat get power and the next HOH get none? It just doesn’t seem equal to me!

  31. America…come on, Man! broccoli and bean dip! That is LAME…make the have-nots suffer …artichokes and anchovies were the way to go!!!

  32. so I guess they finally got a grill…maybe they could grill rags..oh wait no meat on that skinny body. but it would be fun to finally see him have something to cry about

  33. I would hate for matt to win this thing after the lie about his wife.Brandon please stop dropping Rachals name. No one wants to hear it.You want to hit a man who told the truth right down to the pimples on her face which was very eligant and calm while she couldn’t think of anything to say..I am sure Brandon will figure ou what her job consists of, if not then soon..She is a paid escort. She may be able to piss down his back and say its raining now but when he gets in the real world he will figure it out. Britt Matt and Kathy are all taking med’s from DR room every night and as soon as Kathy left then they were making fun of her for the same thing they were doing . Pot calling the kettle black. And Britt you were talking about your dead realatives right along with her..You are a mean little girl..No job your mother pays your bills etc..And your mother was up to you bringing Lane home with you. What was up with that. I really never thought you had a boyfriend, guess you do..You better hang on to him real tight..You could never hang with Lane. He is probably more spoiled than you.. He has a lot of expensive toys..I always said he didn”t need the money,Just the attention..BB please don’t give Enzo camera time while he is eating,Gross. I would say the only person that really needed the money was Kathy, Although we could not help her fight. Wonder why she didn’t start to exersize when she got in the house. Something is wrong with BB.

  34. About next week’s double eviction… Will Julie tell them up front its a double eviction, or will they play thru the first HOH not realizing that their reign will last about 15 minutes? The way these people throw competitions, NOT revealing might be a good way to ZING them! That would make for some funny “boo-hoo, so unfair” drama. (Listen up, PRODUCTION!) By the way, if PRODUCTION really wanted to stop HGs talk about production/DR sessions they would impose some sort of a penalty instead of the constant nagging… Like next day on slop, or deduction from their stipend per incidence… Just a thought… Although those little tidbits do give the BBAD and live feed addicts those juicy “Aha” moments.

  35. This season really is not my favorate but well still watching :( I hate matt for making lie about his wife, second i hate brit for making fun with the other HG’s and talking people behind thier back, ragan? lol cry baby and well after the fight with rachel i really dislike him most! rachel is mean but she’s not talking people on their back she always confront them which is a bad startegy for the game, and she targeted people when she know they going for them which is almost of the HG’s lol well brendon umm hes not into the game, i think hes only fighting hard when rachel got evicted i think he need to think of himself how to win the game not just doing what rachel told him to do, which is to late for that, and hayden hmmm dunno what to say to him lol enzo? bo bo bo …i kinda like kathy, but in the remaining HG’s i like to see brendon going to regain himself and really play the game by himself… in other word i hope he win.. :)

  36. I,m not the judy above guy’s. I.m the judy that hate.s Brandan. Can’t stand the wussy. I lve Ragan, Brittney, & maybe Matt. Not to sure on that one though. I liked Lane & do some yet, but after what he did in the shower in front of all the camera’s shows me no self control. I would not want to be married to him & come home & find him in the shower, I would start asking a lot of question’s.

  37. Now Now Now, Brandan’s trying to win the game so he can turn that check over to Rachel, or deposit it into her ” BANK ” how smart is that ?

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