Big Brother 12 Week 7: What Lies Ahead

The Diamond Power of Veto has been played. The great chain of Matt and Brenchel HoHs has been broken. Now, the only thing left to do is eliminate Brendon and push on toward the Big Brother 12 finale. Here’s how this week will play out.

Matt took another big gamble by throwing the HoH comp last night but the risk paid off when his more reliable ally, Britney, won the power over Enzo. Britney’s disdain for Brendon has only been thinly veiled to the man himself and despite her deal with him last week (everybody had a deal with Brendon last week) I don’t expect any obstacles in his nomination tonight. That leaves one other vacancy on the block.

Britney won’t nominate Matt nor is Ragan in any danger after this trio shared in the Fellowship of the Have-Nots last week. This leaves her the options of Lane, Enzo, and Hayden. There’s zero chance she’ll nominate Lane, so take him off the list. Enzo or Hayden will inevitably take the place of the pawn and that’s alright by me. Those boys need to break a sweat again in this game.

Unless Brendon wins the Veto on Saturday he’ll be going home. Should he pull out another Veto victory then look for the un-nominated half of Enzo and Hayden to take his place. The choice between evicting either of those two would be tough. Enzo is the new Kathy with his weak performance record in comps, but he’ll stab you in the back quicker than anyone left there. Hayden is the better phyiscal comp competitor and at least a tiny bit more trustworthy. If I were in there I’d say goodbye to Enzo, sorry kitty cat, I mean Meow-Meow.

I’m hoping it won’t come to that though and Brendon will be reunited with Rachel far far away from the rest of the season. Ahh, love truly does conquer all.

No matter what happens this week there will be an exicting Double Eviction night next Thursday. We’ll have the live eviction vote, an HoH comp, a Power of Veto comp, the Veto Ceremony, another live eviction, and then move on to a second HoH comp for the night. Phew! I’m expecting we’ll have an endurance comp on that second HoH round and unless Matt gets knocked out or becomes the shortest-lived HoH in round 1 he’ll have to fight to hold on to his winning endurance comp record. It’s gonna be awesome! Are you ready?


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  1. Last night was great, loved the look on everyones face when the DPOV was played. Especially Brenda’s, what a poor excuse for a man. He can go have a pity party now & join his man woman slut in the jury house. Sad for Kathy, having to put up with their nonsense. Let’s make it happen, so let it be written, so let it be done!

    • I actually like brendon. I can’t stand matt or Brittany. I used to like ragan but he has turned into an annoying baby. I honestly would rather see brendon or lane win because the others just blow.

    • You don’t know what u r talking about. Watch and comprehend if u can. Brendon is more of a man than any of them and he proved it. Kathy is nothing but a slump who did nothing but gossip. They should have sent her home a long time ago. She took up space. Have the Pity Party for cry baby Ragan. That’s all he did. A girl w/no backbone.

      • Bredon did good, what would be your look if you were at his position.

        Remeber what happend to the girl last year, LOL, CBS had to remove her!!!

    • The diamond power of veto was totally luck for matt…without it he is toast and would have gone home from his own brigade….it is for weak players,,,Big Brother screwed up by doing that..Matt will never make it to the end.

    • I like Britney and Lane. I’m not a fan of Enzo and Hayden. Brendan is the kind of guy who is cool to hang out with until he gets serious about someone. I hope she puts up Hayden and Enzo.

  2. This site is soooo committed to the little bitch trio of Brit, Matt and Ragan it makes me sick. Rachel might not have been the most sociable player, but I think she had more heart and drive than anyone else in this house. I am for Brendon all the way. Someone needs to slap the BritBitch and knock her eyes back straight.

    • This is a Big Brother fan site, not a house of journalism, so of course we have favorites. I certainly don’t blast you for liking my least favorites.

      Rachel might have played hard in comps, but Ragan was accurate in his analysis that she missed the social part of the game. You can’t be an a-hole in this game and go far. You need to play both sides of the game and she didn’t.

      • Agree, you have to have to include all parts in this game; expecially when to shut your mouth. Rachel didn’t learn this and neither has Regan.

      • Can only hope Brendon will open his mouth and spill the beans to Brittney AS TO WHO IS BACKSTABBING HER

      • I agree Rachel played too hard and forgot the social part of the game but i still think Ragan and Britney have been terribly mean and nasty..seriously what did she do?she never did what any of them especially Brit is doing,being two-faced?she was real…even when she was working out with Brendon Brit was making fun her…i guess she’s got some complex issues.

      • It’s not about whether you’re an ass or not, it’s about diplomacy. It’s about forging alliances, putting people in a position where they will support your agenda, being useful to people, and guaranteeing your own safety however you can. You can’t look at Rachel and Dick and say “they were both assholes how did one win and the other lose?”. Dick was a diplomat. Rachel had no sense of diplomacy whatsoever.

      • Also, Jana, Big Brother exposed numerous Rachel lies on the show itself. Like her blatant lie about Kristen.

        From my experience with Brechel fans, they seem completely oblivious to the things that Rachel does. I like Britney and Ragan because they’re funny, because they’re fiery, because they rip on people. But Rachel fans love her for reasons that just aren’t comparable to the reality of the situation.

      • Matt B, so says a fan of the gruesome threesome! You are just as bias about your favorites as I am and everyone else on this site, so lets don’t dog each other, dogging the HG’s is way more fun!

      • and what is your take on this MattBB? Do you condone matt’s lie as a way to play the game??? Talking about having a fundraiser for Stacy when they get out. How expensive her treatment is…is this fair to all the ppl afflicted with this disease no wonder I read that stacy was actually getting hate mail from ppl with the disease. why doesn’t BB step in and tell him enough is enough…would be so easy for him to just tell the others he really doesn’t want to talk about it anymore. It makes Stacy self concious or something instead he just keeps going on about it and how badly he needs to win the 500K

      • Spikesmom– I have absolutley no issues with Matts lie. I have no idea why him saying his wife has something would offend the people who have it, he is actually raising awareness of it. Its not like he is making fun of it or anything, and if he wins I could totally see him dropping them a donation. I just dont see the big deal, i mean yeah it is a little uncouth (spelling??) to lie about somebodys health but not worth all these paople up in arms about it. If anybody should be mad its his wife and shes OK with it. I really do not see the big deal.

      • Matt BBN, are you tring to say that ragan and matt and britney weren’t A holes and rachel was, T whole house was on them from the begining, No I like your opinions most of the time, But somtines I think you for got to take your Med’s.

      • I thought the lie was brilliant. If he was malicious about it that would be one thing, but he has already promised to make a charitable donation out of his winnings should he make it to the final. The fact with Big Brother is that you can be the best player in the game, make it to the final, and only come in second because the person beside you might need the money more in the eyes of the jurors. Everyone in the house last year knew about Jordan’s situation with money and that definitely contributed to how people voted. Matt made that lie specifically with the final vote in mind, and it is helping him along the way as well.

      • @Chris-the-so-so: Rachel was an antagonizing a-hole attempting to provoke actions from others. Brendon similarly sought out confrontations the week he wanted to be evicted. Ragan was reactionary to Rachel & Brendon’s baiting. Britney was behind-the-back.

        Standing up in front of the house and telling them to “bring it on” is stupid and provokes attacks, just like she got. Yes, the whole house was on them because she was challenging them to do so. A little humble pie can help keep a winner out of the targets. Rachel just forgot that the game last 10+ weeks and isn’t decided by who wins the first few rounds.

    • Totally agree Sara! I like Rachael. I do believe she played the game with all her heart. I am so sick of Ragan and his backstabbing and crying. He is so passive, it’s pathetic!

      • Passive?? Passive?? Did u sleep thru the 24hr ‘something bad’ from pandora and miss it when Ragan told her EXACTLY where she stood and WHY she was standing there?

        The witch actually RAN OUT OF WORDS!

    • So in other words, it’s fine for someone to have an opinion as long as it agrees with yours.

      There are plenty of other sites, and I’m sure at least one of them agrees with your opinion. Maybe you’d be happier posting there.

    • Hey Sara, include Lane in there for me and make it a four-sum!

      And it wasn’t that long ago that there were crazy post consistently for Rachel so don’t blame it on the site! Anyone can post, I think most are just in hiding…abby abby absent, is anyone out there??

    • I agree.. but of Ragan lovers on this site. IMO noone is playing a great social game, especially whiny Ragan.

  3. No way will the live HoH competition be endurance, they can take waaayyy too long. It’ll be a puzzle since they did a knowledge game for this week.

      • I think when he said Endurance they were referring to the second comp of the night, the one that determines HoH for the whole week, not just that night…

      • Oh yeah remember that puzzle comp from last yr, where they wore them space outfits! Hilarious! that would be funny indeed! let’s hope they do that again!

      • perfect scenario: brenden and enzo go on the block, brenden wins pov hayden goes up as replacement,enzo goes home. first hoh next week:ragan wins nominates brenden and hayden brit wins pov noms stay the same brenden goes home, second hoh brit wins again and puts up hayden and whoever.

      • Gonna have to agree with with Trish here IF Matt, Brit and Bren dont allign, there is going to end up being a brigade final an THAT WOULD BE BORING.. LOL

    • the 2nd HOH will probably be an endurance not the 1st one. Brendan should definately go to the jury house along with Enzo – he doesn’t do a thing except make everyone else do his dirty work – he can’t win any competitions he is what he says just a little “meow meow” – no furious “growl growl” in his game play

      • What kind of tough guy likes the nick name “Meow Meow” anyway?? Time for Enzo to go clean the litter pan. Go to the jury house and munch on “Meow Mix” LOL

    • I said the second comp could be an endurance one. The first obviously has to be quick, but the second doesn’t have to complete within the timeframe of the broadcast. This is a typical tactic on Double Eviction nights.

  4. THE PROBLEM WITH THESE HG’S is that they talk toooo much at the wrong time..LANE WARNED BRITTNEY to keep her mouth shut and be careful as to what she said and who she said it to..Regan Enzo and Hayden have all talked against Brittney..They did not stop to consider that the info /discussion could be used against them. later on..JUST HOPE BRENDON FINDS THOSE LOST BALLS and passes what he knows on to Brittney..

    • Lane has kept his mouth shut. You notice the HG’s that do that, last the longest. It’s best like Kathy said to lay low and not be noticed. She was laying to low and an air head to boot though.

  5. Brit will put up Brendon and Enzo. Her promise to Brendon was of course a lie and nominating Brendon will ultimately cost her the win IF she makes it to F2. She will lose 3 votes as Brendon, Rachel and Kathy know she is the SNAKE of the house and won’t give her there vote.

    Hoping Brendon wins POV and removes himself from the block or
    Brit somehow makes sense into Brendon threat of her losing 3 votes and nominates Enzo/Hayden, let Brendon win POV so he can remove either E/H and Brit is then forced to put up Raga/Matt or Lane.

  6. I’m pulling for Brendan – I hope if she nominates him, he wins POV and one of the Brigades goes home.

    Enzo NEEDS to go. Ragan as a professor is a sad reflection on his Campus.

    Brit – she’s is down right horrible and nasty. I can’t wait for her to see how they portrayed her. She’s evil and nasty in her comments.

    • I couldn’t agree with you more Mary. I don’t know how there are ANY Britney fans. She is vile and repulsive. Hope she feels dumb when she sees herself.

      • Britney is funny and sexy. Ragan is smart and eloquent. That’s why they have a LOT of fans.

        Maybe when Brendon goes home, the Brenchel fans will stop coming to these forums.

      • @MattB so does alot of HG’s on BB. Just because your choice is your choice doesn’t mean everyone loves them. This is a BB forum not a Brit and Ragan and Matt forum, so stop knocking those who don’t agree with you.

      • Matt B did you not take your medication today? If you believe what you wrote you are truly ill. I don’t see where Britt and Reagan have a lot of fans. They are both shallow and repulsive.

      • Well as a FLOATER thise season HAHA. I can tell you that those of us who are BB fans No matter who our Fav HG’s this season arent going anywhere. Rachel and Brenden fans will still be here posting daily I hope, because untill the season finale and the money is awareded their opionions matter. The difference of said opinions is what keeps us ALL coming back here.

      • Right here is a Britney fan….love her sense of humor. Hope she does listen to Brendon ..and kick that nasty creep Enzo back to Jersey. Hmmm let’s see….snookie, the situation, Daniel from HWONJ… And Enzo all represent the state of New Jersey…my gosh it must be paradise coming from there. NOT!!!!!

      • Trish: My post was in response to someone bashing HGs that I like, and the person asked who could be fans of them so I explained why. Then I expressed the thought that the Brenchel fans might go away once Brendon is gone. How is that knocking?

        Ms M: You think I have a mental disorder because I think they’re funny and smart? Not sure how I should respond to this, so I’ll just leave it be.

        The reason why I hope the Brenchel fans go away is because most of them just come on here throwing around insults. This forum is supposed to be used to discuss the game, but instead most people just come on here to rip in Britney and Ragan. Now, I realize people do the same for Brenchel, but with Rachel gone, the number of Brenchel haters has significantly decreased. Remember all of the users with something like “I Hate Rachel” in their user names?

  7. Lets just say Hayden and Enzo are up on the block, and Brendon wins PoV on one of them, can Britney put up Brendon even though he won the veto?

  8. Big Brother is not a game anymore everyone is playing the game personal, only one person can win the game, it is stupid to EVICT someone because you DONT like them. And the name calling MATT is doing is not necessary.

    • I agree about the name calling! Atleast if he is going to call Brendon a name, he should come up with something better than “you big dummy”…???? What are we?? 7 years old???….

      • yeah i found that funny when matt was like stickin’ it to brendon, here’s to hoping bren wins pov and then sticks it back to Matt, EVICTED dude! cya!
        he acted lik a spoiled brat!

      • Use your heads, people. He wasn’t just mindlessly insulting him.

        Matt knows that people are suspicious of him. The Brigade thinks he will turn on them. His speech was a message to everyone in the house that his main target is Brendon. He purposefully made it seem personal so that it would be believable. Apparently it was, considering you guys are seemingly incapable of appreciating the speech for the amazing play that it was.

        Did you not link his speech to the fact that he threw the competition? It was all a ploy to keep the fire away from his feet. Now it’s likely that Brendon will go this week and Matt is in a position to win the next HoH and make some waves.

        Come on people. This isn’t that complicated.

  9. I feel sorry for Ragan a bit because he will likely go home to no job, but then I he dug his own hole and I laugh merrily. His attitude is precisely the type of attitude that former teacher house guests tried to never be like because it would risk their job.

    • I rather enjoyed what Ragan said to Rachael. He was the only one to say it to her face that she was horrible to everyone (even Brendon in her DR sessions).

    • why would Ragan not have a job? He was well spoken & very factual with what he has said, he shows his intelligence every day. I would love to have him for a professor.

      • I guess you son’t watch BBAD.

        There was when he mimicked the BB House “Ragan, please get Matt’s d!ck out of your mouth” and he’s so vulnerable. The vulnerable professors perish. >:)

      • I think it was funny that Ragan told Rachel off and didn’t even cuss. Thats impressive for BB and how the others cuss like crazy.

  10. Matt will be f2. Rest of house is not smart enough to beat him. And he will get the votes cuz his wife is .sick. Lol the hg would prob be scared to not vote 4 him n look like assholes. I wonder how they would feel if matt wins then bb tells them about his lie. Id be pissed haha nother priceless moment brought by matty.

  11. Here’s to hoping that Brendon wins the POV, he MUST, b/c that will save him from BOTH live evictions on Thurs (right Matt @ BBN?) that would stun EVERYone, that he’s saved again! Makes for great TV! I’m pretty sure it’s a done deal that Enzo’s goin home UNLESS he wins the 2nd HOH comp!
    This epi is goin’ to be fierce! Eviction then quick HOH then quick 2nd eviction then endurance HOH right? No POV in b/w no chance to fight for safety so betta make da most of this week! Brittney can actually go HOME as well, b/c once the eviction is done her HOH reign is OVER! So she can go home as well if Brendon or Enzo wins HOH! lol. I know UNlikely scenarios, but that 2nd eviction could be ANYbody!

    • there is a pov in the middle there, so brenden will not be safe from 2 evictions if he wins tomorrows pov.

  12. Ola BB Post-ers & Nifty 9 Crew! :)

    Here’s to hoping Britt has the time of her life making enemies this week b/c I sure hope she goes from TOP of the chain (HOH) to the very bottom crud of the earth! (EVICTED IN THE 2ND PART!) :)

  13. I know she’ll nominate Brendan, but as much as I hate him, I would greatly respect a Brit/Brendan alliance. Neither would get over their petty differences (“You got out mah girl”,”you make me want to fall down a flight of stairs”)

    Also, BBN Matt: Fantastic job! You put in bias without looking foolish. Brenchel fans are having a sour week, and I don’t blame them.

    Lastly, like Matt pointed out EVERYBODY made a deal with Brendan. So what if Britney goes back on her word, Brendon isn’t so naive that he made his noms based on what Britney said. I also think he isn’t petty enough to base his vote on personal reasons. Every year, we expect jurors to do this, but not very often they actually do (look at the BB8 outcome.)

    • Yes Brendon is naive..and YES Brendon is making decisions based on personal issues..Brendon needs to realize that he is in the house not Rachel..Brendon needs to play the game for himself.(bottom line) The only way Rachel is gonna be at his side after BB is if he wins the big bucks..

      • rachel is NEVER going to be with Brenden, they might HOOK UP a few times but they have NO FUTURE together.

    • Where in the world did cbs get this bunch at this season..I mean what a bunch of looser’s these guy’s are..I do hope Brenden has a chance this week..Britt is a pretty good player but can’t stand her or Ragan or Matt the lier…I hope it come’s down too Brenden and Lane …the Enzo is lazy..Hayden is just a punk..Lane he’s just sweet..

  14. I’m routing for Brendon to win the POV, I know he will be put up. I just wish someone would hurry up and see all of Matts lies and put him out of the house I mean who lies about thier wife being sick to get ahead in the game. He is pathetic.

    • I don’t really like Brendon as a player or a person but I do hope he wins POV..cause all the HG’s are making him to be an outcast for his decisions..they forced some of those decisions on him but they don’t see it that way…

  15. I HOPE Brendon makes it past this week, and avoid DE…very doubtful, but possible :)

    I would love to see Enzo and Matt/Brit out this week..

    Matt needs to be smacked down a few, needs to have that smirk wiped off his face…

    If i was his wife, and he won the money, i think i would be ashamed to show my face around town…

    • I am with you all the way hopefully Matt and brittany go this week . I would love to see the look on her face if she went from being HOH to betting evicted !

    • Tasha I agree..I hope they go this week..I know Rachel was annoying as all get go..but from day one Britt, acted as though she was better than her..I mean come on for all we know Britt could be worse..she is supposed to be engaged, but her and Land are chummy..maybe Britt. isn’t so sweeat as she soooooo tries to be.

  16. I am still on “Team Brendon”! What do all these HGs think they are going to do when the Jury House gets to see all the nasty things they are saying behind each other’s backs??? If Matt, Regan or Britt make it to final two, I doubt anyone will vote for them anyway! Regan thinks he “loves” Matt, wait till he finds out Matt is just a big fat liar! lol That should be funny!

    And would someone please hand Regan a box of tissue??? His snot and slobber is really getting old now….

    • The jury only sees comps and ceremonies.

      I still agree that CBS should strike some major deal with Kleenex, they’re going to be using a lot anyway.

      • They not only get the DVD to watch the evicted hg gets to tell their side of the story about what has been going on in the house as well. That was a game changer last year for Nat when all her lies and back stabs came out.

    • Do you even watch Big Brother? They only show little clips to the Jury House. Every time a House Guest is evicted, the JH gets a quick rundown of how it happened. No DR sessions.

      • Yes I watch BB, duh. Either way Regan Matt and Britt are screwed when it comes to Jury votes…

      • What if Matt makes it to the end with Brendon? Do you really think Matt is screwed for votes then?

  17. Even though I know everyone hates Brenden I don’t think that the smart game for Britney would be to send him home. Brenden is all alone, she kind of needs him. Matt is aligned with everyone in the house. The brigade needs to be broken up they have total control of the house. Survival means putting up two brigade members. preferably Enzo and Hayden that way one of them has to leave. Worst case senerio one of them wins the veto ( which I doubt because they both haven’t done that great in comps)then they can be replaced by Matt. she needs to allign with brenden and reagan at least for this week.

  18. I find it funny that it seems like so many of these people aren’t really playing the game but just thinking about who they don’t like to get out of the house.

    IMO, Matt, Ragan or Brittney should actually think about KEEPING Brendon because other than Rachel, nobody in the house really likes him and I believe they would have amuch easier time in the final 2 vs. him than anyone else.

    Initially these evictions are a bit personal but by now these people shouldn’t thinking about who they like/dislike to get rid of, they should be thinking who can get me further in the game and I don’t think anybody is.

    Ragan/Matt/Britt need to realize that if they dump Brendon, that’s an auto 2 votes against them. Their only hope is to possibly take one another to the final two but even then it will be a tossup as to who Brendon and Rachel hate more.

    • That does not matter, because someone has to be the one to put Brendan out of the house if he does not make it to Final Two. If there are 2 votes against that person, so be it. Brenchel had beef with almost everyone in the house at some point during this game.

  19. i believe matt is gay and is reagones boyfriend.
    he is not married and woman is just friend gaming us.

    • Dude you are WAAAAAAAAAY off! I actually know Matt Hoffman and he did get married last September. He was in fact picked to go on BB11 but had to cancel because the finale interfered with his and stacy’s wedding day! But our whole family is surprised to see how he acted on the show because in real life, he is shockingly SUPER shy!

  20. I am still wondering which two know each other. Is it Lane and Brittany that are engaged or Regan and Matt that are really together as a couple. After how upset Regan was getting…it started to make me think…maybe Matts wife is a lie as well.

  21. BBN Matt: Is there any way to just see new posts? It’s a real PITA to scroll up and down rereading posts trying to pick out the new ones.

    • I just post on the ones I want to keep up with. Then when I want to find it, I press Ctrl F and type ‘Dylan’ and it will show every time I posted or others posted about me.

  22. Matt mentioned in his second HOH blog that he expected to not win an HOH until final five — going by that, he’ll most likely throw the first HOH competition on Thursday (six people left), and fight to death on the second HOH competition on Thursday (five people left). Since that will probably be another endurance competition, Matt’s “action figure strategy plan” will probably follow through.

    • Jenna, that would be great, If matt knew about the double eviction, but he doesn’t, So I can’t wait to see all thier faces on thursday when julie drops the bomb.

  23. None of this season HGs are my favorite. Matt is playing the game and playing it well but if he makes it to final 2 his lie about his wife will hurt him I think.Britney is funny and also mean in her personal insults but she is also playing the game.Lane and Britney have something going on I am not sure Nick is real!Hayden could if he would start playing the game make final 2 but for this to happened he needs for Enzo to go.Ragan will go if Hayden/Lane/Enzo makes HoH if he makes final 2 with Matt well the sab thing could hurt him. Brendan well he can’t think so he is a sitting duck gone this week if he doesn’t win POV and he’s is so ticked off about last night that he’ll want to go to jury house to see Rachel or he s mad enough to play the game for himself.Matt speach was awesome last night.Just my thoughts I do think Matt will make final 2 and not sure till after this week who will step up and start playing there is four big tough guys who are just hanging out come on HGs play the game.Oh and what Ragan said to Rachel she deserve she was awful in what she said and did in that house it was like watching how much of her body she could show how rude and offense she could be each week.I would fast forward through her and Brendan.They were not Jeff and Jordan no class honey you are on tv and not Mtv. Just please next season BB give us some people we can pull for and defend and that will play BB. We wait so long for BB and then we get this group.Did you all just want to go hang out somewhere for a couple months cause that what it seems like.Don’t think Matt or Britney are my favorite cause I don’t like them but they are playing and Ragan played this week cause he sent Kathy home who was just there.If BB can get the ones left to play the next couple of weeks we may get to see a little game play.

    • they are actually talking about doing a fundraiser for Matts wife when they get out….this is so vile and pathetic. Imagine
      the poor people that have this disease having to hear abloout his lie and him using that disease to win himself 500k No wonder I read somewhere that stacy is getting hate mail. BB could at least tell him enough is enough . All he has to say is he really doesn’t want to talk about it any more. Say Stacy getsself concious abbout it or something like that.

    • wow, youre not coy at all. you complain about her talk towards other houseguests and you say this??? maybe the bitch(mary) wont post here no more.

      • Well Mary you were right. Sorry you got called a bitch for your opinion. I think YOU ROCK! I guess that shows that the real bitch is iheartbritt and maybe that bitch wont post here anymore….or “no more” lol got to love the correct grammar here

  24. I really am not sure about Brendon and after Rachel I was rooting for Kathy but now I am sorta rooting for Britney! BUT I HOPE HOPE HOPE BRENDON WINS POV AND SAVES HIMSELF! Bitchney is good too! shes so funny and rude! I hope Enzo or Hayden are evicted when Brendon wins POV then at double eviction Brendon wins HOH and evicts Matt then Britney wins HOH but Brendon wins POV then Brendon wins HOH and evicts everyone and him and Bitchney make it to finals cuz they deserve it! RACHEL!

  25. brit better lock herself in the HOH room and do a lot of thinking out of all the guys brendon would more likely save her but than lane,enzo,hayden look at regan he was ready to throw her under the bus after he told her he love her so much. i hope brenden realize rachel is out of the game and focus on what he needs to do to win.i don’t trust brit she is going to listen to lane. if for some reason she puts lane up as a pawn with brendon i hope brendon wins pov. and then the HOH

  26. well that was a big blunder…some forgot to hit the button on lf and saw them ehearsing/doing takes etc not exactly live…..

  27. they were starting a have/have not comp ..the director more or less told brit she was over the top

  28. If she were smart she would get rid of Matt! He’s smart and can win the competitions and he’s a big fat liar! Everyone else can’t win shit and they pretty much haven’t. The whole story about his wife being sick is just wrong! I wonder how Regan will feel when he finds out about that!

  29. Brendon has to win POV or he’ll be gone for sure. I hope the engaged slut goes home for the double elimination.
    Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr, i’m so mad she won HOH, at least it wasnt Ratt or cry baby Reagan.

    • I honestly don’t believe Brit is engaged! and if she is her mother must not like Nick, because she said she thinks Brit likes Lane!, but the engagement is holding her back!!!! who says that on TV??? She Dissed Nick!

  30. Britney is my fav & Lane ~ Britney can be mean but she’s is just too funny:)

    Brendon has never been one of my favs but I felt sorry for him last night during bbad when he was trying to talk to lane, enzo & hayden ~ they were ignoring him so bad it was sad.

    I wonder if matt regrets telling that awful lie about his wife now that he sees how easy it is for him to beat the house @ comps.

    I think enzo & hayden should go thurs ~ enzo iz ignoring & hayden is boring ~ they both would stab anybody in the back even lane.

  31. I’m not a great fan of Brendon, but I don’t count him out – I think he may be playing a smarter game than anyone realizes. Matt needs to go home and be served divorce papers…if I were Stacy I would be totally furious with the lie. There are lots of things he could have lied about if that was his game play besides having a very sick wife. I like Ragan, but am totally over his meltdowns. My favorite is Lane. Hope he makes it.

  32. Stop hating on Brendon. He is a really nice guy. He hasn’t changed a bit since high school. I hope he wins PoV AND HoH next week and put both Brit AND Matt up.

    • I think Matt said it best calling him a big dummy incapable of making his own decisions. His intentions are good but he got sucked into how Rachel wanted to play. He was a loose cannon in the week she was evicted and I half expected him to be kicked off the show for hurting someone. Her pretzel message wasted his vital HOH and probably ruined his chances.

  33. I will be sooooooooo glad to see Brendon gone, I can hardly wait. I know they will vote the way they want as they are soooooooo evil. I only hope lazy Kat will not gab & do her own thing. Enzo is sicking he is sexually preverted doing what he says he does constantly & his language & Brendon micmics his language some stupid way. Just pathetic, I know his mom is so sad to see a Physist behave like him.

    • I hope she puts up Brendon & Enzo, noms stay the same and Enzo goes home, I’m not a big fan of Brenderthal, but Enzo is hard to watch especially when he put his hand down his pants and then rubs both hand 2gether and then touches his face, Yuk!!! he’s Nasty!!!

  34. Everyone celebrated when Matt pulled out the diamond power of veto but do they not wonder what other secrets or backstabbing he is going to do. He threw Cathy under the bus so he cannot be trusted. What is this relationship between Ragan and Matt.

  35. Ragan is just insufferable – can’t bear to watch him whine like a little girl. Enzo is just sucking up the oxygen in the house, and a total waste of space! Kathy was as exciting as a door knob – it was inevitable she had to go. Matt for being a member of Mensa – sometimes I have to question his intelligence – can’t believe he doesn’t see through the other members of his blood sucking alliance!

  36. I believe Matt what knife his own wife in the back to win..after what he said..I’d divorce his ugly azz..sometime’s in life your lies catch up with you..Karma is a B–ch…I wish no bad for either him or his wife… but that was a awful mthing to do..ol’ Johnny Fairplay trick..shame shame…

    • Had you ever heard of the disease before Matt brought it up? Did he not pledge to donate to a charity to support research for the disease if he wins?

      He’s using the disease to coerce people into giving him money, but he also plans on paying back for it too.

  37. I’m not wild about Brit, but she’s the only woman left so I’d like to see her make it to the top 3 – don’t want her to win. Ragan, Enzo & Lane need to go ASAP – they are just floaters and don’t play the game. Ragan and Brit are just nasty, venomous and vicious. My ear drums were just bleeding, to listen to the utter garbage spewing from Ragan’s vile tongue, when he decided to be self-righteous with Rachel….just nauseating!

  38. Brendon deserves to stay. I agree with Jaime.
    I am sick of Matt, Ragan, and Brittney who constantly talk about eveyyone, like she is not doing the same thing. Diamond veto was no big deal since the veto should have been Brendons. BB missed the boat on this one. I wonder what Ragan will do when he finds out his precious Matt has been lying about his wife. Boo hoo.

  39. bRENDON IS A WASTE OF TOTESTERONE, HE IS IN LOVE, THAT SAYS ENOUGH!! he thinks he and Rachel are entitled to ridicule others and then tell them to be quite and take it or get beaten up!! Sick Duo!! Matt knows this is a game, I like his style of play, Enzo knows this is a game i don’t like floaters and he is to quik to stab one in the back for my taste, Haydon is just heartless, Britney is fighting for her life having to pretend to like the boys,

  40. Matt is just a a== H=== hope he gets knocked off soon his smirk drives me crazy. just like Rachel laugh did.

  41. Ragen is disgusting, what a nasty biatch he as was to Rachel last week, even after she was voted off. He makes me sick. I like Brendon, he’s a nice guy and he means well. He hasn’t done any harm to anyone. Agree that Matt’s smirk is gross. But I’d rather see him win over Ragan. Brittney is a little catty nasty weasel. But Kathy was sooooo righteous, that was awful too. Hayden and Enzo are just dead weight. I think it will come down to Matt and Ragen, yuck, but I think Matt will win.

    • Matt and Ragan should jump into bed together already. Maybe the lie is about the wife herself! I get sick when I hear Ragan talking so righteously about the real MONSTER MATT such a disgusting liar hope Karma smacks him in the face and He gets SICK. Gameplay is gameplay but thats gutterplay then MATT has the nerve to ask RAGAN “Do you think the Gay community likes me? I want to heave……
      MATT and RAGAN are the match made in HELL!

    • Lol your comment is sooo right! I couldn’t agree more! Ragan is disgusting! I don’t know who I hate more Brittney or Matt. They are both snakes who would stab you in the back. I know it’s a game yea, but Britney is downright hateful! If the group was smart, they would have chosen Brendon in the beginning to be their ally. He is loyal.

  42. well folks – brendon is giving it his best shot to stay off the block!
    and as BAD as i hate to admit it – he’s actually making A LOT of sense :( :)

    check it out (SUPER long post – sorry):

    2:12 PM Brit and Bren talking in HOH room; Brendon throwing ppl under the bus…

    2:15 PM Bren in HOH with Brit

    He tells her that Ragan/Matt tried to get him to put her up last week….saying he doesn’t trust Matt.

    Bren pointing out that Matt said he wouldn’t have used the DPOV on anyone but himself.

    Brit wants to know who else was saying to put her up. Bren says there were a lot of people who thought she was a strong competitor, but doesn’t name any names.

    Bren: If you put me up, put me up. I’m not going to try to make deals and butter you up. If you keep you deal, that speaks volumes with me.

    Now Bren talking about Matt saying rude things to him and refusing to apologize…says the things he said to Brit/Ragan were to try to get Rach to stay and he apologized.

    Brit saying she doesn’t want to play personal. Bren says not to play on what ifs…this is after she says if he had put her up, she would have gone home.

    Bren telling her that if she puts him up, it will be going back on her deal and it could cost her his, Rach’s, and Kathy’s jury votes. Then says it is her decision.

    Brit says she’s trying to think strategically.

    Bren tells her he doesn’t want her to play for Matt/Ragan.

    Brit says no one has tried to make final deals with her.

    Bren saying if she keeps her word (not to put him up), he will win the next HOH and she will not be his target.

    2:18 PM Bren tells Brit that Matt/Ragan are the strongest couple in the house.He says it’s ridiculous to think they don’t have a final 2 deal.

    2:21 PM Bren says to do what she feels is right for her, but remember that he has influence in the JH.

    2:25 PM Brit tells Bren that it’s a hard decision because she genuinely likes everyone in the house.

    2:29 PM brit and brendon still in HOH

    She says she’s trying to put emotions aside.

    Bren says that’s good, then goes back to talking about not trusting Matt. And tells her to do what will get her further in the game.

    Brit asks if anyone else would come after her next week. He says he thinks eh has sway with Enzo/Hay and that eh will not put her up.

    Bren pointing out Matt broke his word when he sent Rachel home.

    Bren saying he wouldn’t put her up even as a POV replacement.

    brit – i’m not thinking of going back on my deal, but i’m having trouble deciding.

    bren – saying hes not going to throw anyone under the bus. saying ragan was up here last week making him deals and trying to make a secret alliance. last week matt and ragan were pushing you to go up. matt said openly that if you or ragan were on the block he wouldnt have used the DPOV. he knows he has a hard fight to get to F2

    brit – were those 2 the only ones who tried to get me put up?

    bren – well there were others …. people want you out for the same reasons they want me out. we’re strong competitors. figure out what you think is going to help you best. if you have to put me up, put me up. i’m exhausted, i’m not going to butter you up. if you honour our deal, it will speak volumes. matt still hasent apologized to me for what he said during eviction ceremony. i took real offense at what he said that i didnt think formyself. i made that decision, not rachel

    brit – when matt pulled himself off,i knew that you would have put me up if you got to pick the replacement. i would have gone homelast night. if matt had won POV and taken ragan off the block, i would have gone home last night.

    bren – we can sit for months and play the ‘what if’ game
    brit – i dont want to play this game personally……

    bren – you cant base your decision on what did happen. the only thing you can change is what you do going forward. if you put me up,whatever. but if i go to JH i will tell kathy and rachel. those are 3 votes i have huge sway with. if you want to make it to final 2 and come second, thats cool. i know we all have to backstab at some point, but i think its too early. do you think matt and ragan are going to take you to final 3?

    brit – no one has made me any deals at all

    bren – ragan tried to make a deal with me last week …. he said no one would suspect it. everyone is playing this game one week at a time. if you keep your word i will remember it if i win hoh next week. i’m very competitive in these comps and you wouldnt be my target

    brit – do i go with the theory that we take competitors to the end of the game? i could do that, but everyone says it and no one does it.

    bren – everyone views matt and ragan as a pair, and you and lane as a pair. matt called you out to me like week 2.

    brit – im as good friends with hayden as i am with lane. lane and i arent a pair.

    bren – he wouldnt put you up

    brit – i dont know that. saying she wants to play strategic.

    bren – dont play what if games. guess what, i sent home kathy on my HOH game. it sucks i’m still being targetted for being a strong pair when my pair is gone. the new strongest pair in the house will still be here. you think they havent made a final 2 deal? it doesnt make sense

    brit – it makes me mad when i hear that peope were trying to get me out last week

    bren – me too, but i’m used to it. people say whatever they can to stay safe
    brit – even lane has been standoffish

    bren – he wants someone to fight to be here, but he doesnt want someone who fought dirty. if matt doesnt apologize he has lost my vote in the jury house. he said he wasnt going to make it personal and then he did. i apologized to all 3 of you. i want to have a good time, i dont want akwardness. matt and ragan are really trying to make it akward for me. no one cared when we were up on the block, no one felt bad for us

    brit – saying she was there for rachel

    bren – agrees. saying matt and ragan are trying to make it bad for him. if you go back on the deal i will have a hard time forgetting that. if i go, its good for matt and ragan. if you go, its also good for matt and ragan. you were the people that everyone wanted gone last week. i dont trust matt … people wanted to keep him here. he watched his best friend cry all week. we found out matt was the one who told kristen and hayden that we were against them and vice versa. if you are going to play the game, do it straight up. dont sneak around. i’m done with that.

    brit – its a hard decision. i like everyone. i’m trying to put emotions aside

    bren – i had an opportunity to send you home last week, but i didnt b/c i thought you deserved to be here more than matt and ragan

    brit – do you think that matt and ragan are the only people who would come after me?

    bren – maybe, maybe not. i think i have some sway with hayden and enzo. matt kept his word one week and then the next week sent home rachel. i have beef with matt and ragan. if i win HOH next week i will put them up. i wont put you up for initial or replacement nom. ragan will come up here and be in your ear and hes good. thats why i put him up … he was hiding behind matt. just make sure you dont do the work for someone else that puts you in a bad spot next week. i wouldnt be surprised if they tried to make a final 4 deal with you and lane, and then cut their throats. i wouldnt be surprised if they viewed you as a bigger threat than me.

    brit – i know i dont want to be in a final hoh endurance challenge against them

    bren – i wont be upset, i’m tired of ragan and matt making me upset. i just wish matt would apologize. it was my decision. says ragan was still bashing rachel last night, saying he should have said more about her during julies question.

    2:41 PM hayden and enzo in HN roomH – if mat would have went home…
    both – why did he get rid of kathy> he shoulda got rid of britney
    E – we would have been set up if matt went home
    H – thats the second time matt has screwed us. if we win next week, we gotta put matt up with ragan

    2:41 PM Bren leaves HOH. Brit asks him to send Hay up.Brit tells Hay she doesn’t have anything serious to talk about…just wanted Bren to leave.

    Brit tells Hay that Bren said everyone was telling him to put her up last week and that he’s the only one that will not put her up next week.

    2:46 PM Brit tells Hay that Bren said he controls votes in the JH and can control Hay/Enzo.Brit says the only people Bren “straight threw under the buss” were Matt and Ragan.

  43. conversation between britney & hayden:


    2:58 PM hayden and brit in HOH….

    B- talks about what brendon was saying. he told her no one likes her and everyone was throwing her under the bus. she says shes on track with the final 6 they talked about, but matt is a huge threat to win this game. i love matt to death
    H – so we’re still on the same page with that (matt)
    B – yep. i’m glad hes still here tho
    H – me too.
    B – esp when it comes to the POV tomorrow. i just hope i have an HOH week.

    discuss what veto might be. part mental part physical … the trick will be being the fastest.

    H – i want brendon out more than anyone in the house
    B – i feel like i am the perfect person to take to the final 2. i have 3people on jury who hate me, i have no shot to win
    H – i feel like you have a shot
    B – there are people who have managed to keep R/B on their good side and that sucks.
    H – i dont think brendon is going to vote based on emotion.
    B – telling him what brendon said to her to convince her.

    (talking about matt)
    H – i know that you and i have been on the same page for the past 4 weeks
    B – and i know that page needs to be turned. not this week….
    H – maybe next week.
    B – he knows i was never voting for him to stay over lane
    H – suggests that if brendon comes off the block, he will be screwed
    B – says hes not screwed, she doesnt know who he would go home against. hes a threat but not the biggest threat. i do not want you to go home. i cannot send home hollywood hayden. i need you in the house.
    H – suggests that him, lane and brit try to work together. asks who she will put up with brendon.
    B – she says thinks she knows (doesnt say). says shes going to take the easiest way out.
    H – asks if hes going on the block?
    B – laughs and points to the playdoh hayden, says that guys not going on the block
    H – laughs … repeats that hes glad hes not going on the block. says hes glad they are on the same page. he knows that anything they have talked about has not been repeated to anybody
    B – i think lane kinda knows, he talked to me about it once. he brought it up that matt says alot of stuff that lanesays
    H – matt has come to me and told me things that he knows arent true
    B – i know, he does it all the time
    H – brings up that he thinks matt turned H/K against R/B
    b – says she knows about that. says rachel told her about her deal with matt. she says matt is the reason that they are still dealing with brendon b/c of him
    H – if matt makes it to the end, he wins
    B – agrees. the only thing that screwed up this week is the POV. she is going to fight hard for it
    H – if he comes off, what are you going to do? you have to be ready for the worst case scenario.
    B – i’ll figure something out
    H – i’m not going to throw anyone under the bus, but keep that in mind
    B – send lane up here when you go down. i’m glad we are on the same page.
    H – its a good page. i’m not gonna be mad about who goes up against brendon … unless its me.
    B – i cant control if anyone is mad. i can’t nominate brendon and his toe. i have to be smart, b/c if brendon wins, that person stays on the block. thats why i cant risk putting someone up that i like
    H – loves that they are on the same page
    B – we can sniff it out
    H – next week bren is gone, and you have lane and i playing in HOH comp. if matt or ragan wins HOH i dont know what they are going to do.
    B – i dont know where M/R’s heads are at
    H – says hes not going to throw anyone under the bus
    B – the convos we have are confidential, (about matt)
    H – have a think about what you wanna do though, and what peoples agendas are. last week, ragan knew that enzo and i were the deciding vote and he came to us trying to make deals to save matt. just shows how close they are.
    B – agreed with him.

    3:00 PM Hay comes down from HOH and tells Lane Brit wants him up there and wants him to bring her batteries.Lane: Are you kidding?

    Lane: I’m going up there and throwing all of youse under the buss. Then I’m gonna throw myself under the bus

    I LOVE LANE!! LOL :)

  44. britney & lane’s conversation:
    3:08 PM lane and brit in HOH……

    B – i tried to throw you under the bus (to brendon) but he wouldnt bite. i said you were being standoffish. he told me everyone wanted me out last week. tells him that Brendon said he needed to be there to protect her the next week
    L – did he throw anyone under the bus?
    B – ya, matt and ragan
    L – nothing about enzo and hayden?
    B – just that he can work and control them
    (talking about nothing for a bit)
    L – (changing subject) in your blog, tell nick not to judge me
    B – what did you say about him yesterday?
    L – i didnt say anything bad.
    B – did anybody?
    L – says he was mad that brit said that nick had a beard, when lane takes real pride in his beard.
    talk about nicks response to lane

  45. have the live feeds showed matt and ragen making out yet? i dont haVE LIVE FEEDS,SO MISS THE GOOD stuff

  46. @Matt, please think about this, we only have matts word that he’s going to give money for research, and with all the lies he has told so far, I don’t believe he will, Also BB has a problem with matts lie, If he wins, all and I mean all of the Next BB hg’s are going to do the samething, I mean, If it was I, I would come into the BB house with a walker, telling the other HG’s, That I’m there to win so I can get my mom the operation that she needs to save her life, that’s she on life support right now, So the lie was a big mistake and the fact that BB let his wife, with her make it even worse.

    @ the britney and ragan lovers:

    I don’t understand how you can think that britney and ragan are so funny when they talk too, and about people the way they do? “You must be vile losers and have no friends, you all must work in an unbreakable mirror factory, in the test dept.
    I mean you must be soooooo ugly that your mother had to put a steak around your neck to get the dog to play you. Now please don’t be mad or hurt ” I WAS JUST KIDDING”

    • hey chris. i totally agree with ur comments about matt’s lie. we can gear up for more of the same on future bbs if he wins.
      (i just hope his wife doesn’t really GET some awful disease now… karma?)

      as for ur second comment – i happen to LOVE britney & ragan’s snide remarks. and – and – when U were born, u were so ugly that the doctor smacked ur MOM – so THERE!!! ;)
      lmao :)

  47. rest of lane, britney & other hgs conversation:
    3:29 PM brit and lane in HOH, enzo and then matt come in after……

    lane asks who brit is going to put up


    lane saying that the best case scenario for brit if she goes up next week is to be against ragan and not lane. lane saying that he couldnt vote for brit if he was on the block against her
    L – bad luck that kathy left. but good luck, cause matt stayed
    B – who would you say you are closest to in the house.
    L – i’m close with alot of people. hayden is my boy
    B – if i was up against hayden who would you vote for?
    L – it depends on circumstance
    B – if we are in the final 4, and you are the deciding vote, who do you vote for?
    L – (skirts the quesiotn and pretends not to understand)
    B – brit explains and re-asks the question a few times
    L (doesnt answer) .. i’m closest to hayden, but i am closer to you. what i wuold like to see, is me you and hayden in F3. you need to start looking that way. more than likely, if enzo wins, you know you are going up next week, hopefully with ragan. you stay, ragan goes home, the person who put you up wins HOH … I think enzo has an idea hes going up. hes not going to take it well.
    B – you think he’ll be really pissed if he goes up?
    L – either way, if he wins next week hes putting you and ragan up. i’m not throwing him under the bus, thats just fact.
    B – i wont tell anyone you toldme that
    L – you have an easy decision. it doesnt matter, we just to not let brendon win POV.
    B -agrees


    (Enzo comes in)

    E – did he throw me under the bus?
    B – he (brendon) only said that he can control your vote. it sucks. everyone wants the same thing this week. we have to win veto.
    E – complains that he is always being left alone with brendon

    (enzo leaves)

    B – what was that? that was weird
    L – he was just feeling you out.
    B – he didnt even talk to me
    L – i’ll tell him to come up after i leave

    (talking about nick and how he is going to be pissed and lane)

    (matt comes in)

    M – so what did brendon say?
    B – oh we’ll talk about it, he threw you under the bus hard
    M – what did he say?
    B – that you were actively campaigning to ger me out etc etc. heis most mad about you not apologizing for calling him a dummy. he said you were hardcore about getting brit up on the block
    (they all laugh)
    M – ya, i was trying to get you up on the block when i had the diamond power of veto.
    B – tells him that brendon mad at him and ragan about various things
    M – how did you handle it?
    B – i told him i was considering all my options and i didnt know. he tried to ask if the deal was still good. she asks them for help with her speech

    (talk about the speech a bit and lane bashing nick)

    M – jokes about how brendon said he was campaigning against britney. why would he waste his energy campaigning against someone when he wasnt going home. if i was against you, and i had the option to replace, wouldnt i have put you up? i hope he comfronts me, he is a dummy.
    B – he will confront you, he wants an apology
    M – oh like how he didnt apologize to you until he needed something? if he confronts me i will call him a dummy for not realizing why i called him a dummy.

    3:36 PM matt and brit in HOH.. ragan comes in..

    B – lane , when you go down, ask ragan to come up
    M – you want me to leave?
    B – no

    (lane leaves)

    M – asks if he needs to defend himself regarding what brendon said?
    B – no, i didnt want to say everything in front of lane, i didnt want it to become common knowledge.

    (ragan comes in)

    B – (sarcastically) so brendon let me know that you two were throing me under the bus, and that you were campaigning against me and that you two were the only ones who were against me last week, and that you are planning on getting rid of me next week
    R – right. hes such a POS

    Brit is called to the DR

    B – i hope its not noms. i’m not ready with my speech.

    they talk about how dumb it was that brendon thought that he could convince brit that matt was trying to get brit out, when he had the DPOV.
    B – you two were aparently the only ones that were after me last week and that if you win next week i am going home
    R – this goes without saying, but the only 2people whose backs i have are the 2 of you. i give my word that if i win HOH neither of you would go up in any capacity. his goal is us to pick a fight with him.

    they laugh some more about brendon not thinking he was dumb b/c he has 2 degrees in physics.

    B – you were the only people he threw under the bus
    M – we are his targets

    3:38 PM matt and ragan continue making fun of brendon in HOH

    3:49 PM brendon grumbling in hottub with hayden and enzo – complaining about PB – throwing matt under the bus

    4:00 PM lane and hayden joking in the pool about what they are going to do with the money. say the winner will pay for the other one’s ski trip

    4:02 PM enzo trapped in the hottub with brendon who is whining about life not being fair

    • CT hey why is always that brendon is whining, when he sya’s something and all the other HG’s are just talking, One might think you don’t like bredon!

    • Ragan is a spiteful b–ch..and I do believe him and Matt are a couple..maybe Matt’s not even married who know’s they did show a woman who said she was his wife, but maybe to throw us off..If Matt is married I do believe he’s having a fling with Ragan..I mean the guy was crying for Matt..toooo weird these 2 are..and as for Britt I hope she goes on double eviction, for being such a smarty pant’s lol…

      • i

        agree viola,matt and ragon are a couple ,and so called wife was coverup.
        ragon is just too emotional over him,and matt just eats it up.

      • Yea, I think Matt and Ragan are a couple. They shave together, lay on the hammock together. That is too weird.

  48. CT, just read the conversation between lane and matt and ragan, Can’t wait to see her face when the bus runs over her and matt is waving goobye.

  49. I think Britney has a better chance in stayin in the house if she keeps Brenden. With double eviction this coming week those guys will put her up,cause she wins too many POV’s but I think that the only one talking the truth is Brenden when he said he will not put her up! She deserves to go cause she is listening to the two different alliances and she will do their dirty work.I been rooting for Brenden & I hope he wins the POV or maybe he wins a lux comp that will give him a pass card for POV :) That will really shake up the house. LOL BB please I’m sick of watching BBAD cause those nit wits are so into that POOL TABLE & putting their names into that FAKE silver FRUIT BOWL instead of the real game! GO BRENDEN GO I hope you make it to at least Final 2 or 3 !!

    • I agree! I have always been rooting for Brendon. He is trustworthy and loyal. The other night when I was watching it, I was talking to the tv saying pick Britney, pick Britney! She is such a bitch. Just like Ragan.

  50. damn i wish I could afford a plane with a banner that says DOUBLE EVICTION so they could at least get rid of Brit right after Bren (if he doesn’t win pov) and she has to sit in JH with Rach Bren and Kathy

  51. WHEN RAGAN finds out about his beloved MATTS big disgusting lie about his ILL WIFE! He and all of the rest of the house will totally be DISGUSTED. Ragan thinks he is a good judge of character he is sleeping with practically with the TRUE MONSTER of the HOUSE MATT!! Not Rachel. Ragan is an IDIOT who thinks he is so smart. His gaydar is broken for sure.. Keep BRENDON in the GAME BIG BROTHER he is the real fighter!!!! and we will keep watching on showtime and the live feeds….

  52. Hey the only one really playing this game is Brendon. He has his back up against the wall and keeps fighting. Fighting!! Since week one and they have been against him from the beginning. Give him a Break BB!!! That is your story line for this boring season where there are no stand outs just a house afraid to vote against each other……i watch showtime and the live feeds I want to see the rachel brendon story line continue……

  53. Brendon keeps whinning about Rachel like a little biotch. Brendon’s not a swim coach… he’s a mental patient and obviously isn’t taking his meds. Enzo’s like chester the molester… he’s absolutely gross, always playing with himself on TV…. and then goes and fixes a sandwich without washing his hands, touching the lunch meat and bread that everyone else uses. Everyone in the house smacks with their mouths wide open when they eat… but Enzo is the worse… he’s disgusting. You can’t even hear what people are saying when he’s eating.

    I love love love Lane and Britney!!!

    • why do you love love love Lane and Britney? Is it because you think they might become a couple or are they already a couple? I thought the little weasel was engaged already to someone. So much for loyalty.

  54. I have been an avid follower of BB since it started years ago. I don’t watch live feed, just television, and when I have to miss a show, I check the internet. Harder to follow, but I get the just of it anyway. How interesting that Brittany won. To be honest, as we all know, no one is perfect. There is alot of dysfunction going on in the house. But if the game is the game, setting aside personal attacks…Ragan’s sexuality for instance…in which Rachael shouldn’t have gone there…Brendon still has been playing a good game, despite love getting in the way. He doesn’t lie about a sick wife, he doesn’t commit to a boyfriend back at home and then have a relationship with Hayden in the house, etc, etc, etc. Remember, the jury house and the final vote is what counts. Now is the near end and the preparation for that is such. Brendon and Rachael are 2 votes, no matter what people think…and those 2 votes could be very important in the end. Look at what is happening in the house right now…lots of unravelling, alliances changing, loyalties are breaking. All of this once voted out, gets brought to the jury house and compared for the vote.

  55. And what’s with the guys with their hands down their pants??? I had a girl ask me if I did that. I was like, ahh NO! You’ve been watching too much BB. NO ordinary guys do that!!! Not sure where these guys were raised. They certainly have NO manners!

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