Big Brother 12: Week 5 Tuesday Live Feed Highlights

So much game talk today in the Big Brother 12 house.  It was a continuous circle of conversations.  With the two nominees trying to figure out who is going home to Matt trying to back up his lie about the dollar bill.  I’m surprised we didn’t have fights breaking out all over the place.

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Big Brother 12 Live Feed Highlights – August 10, 2010:

9:05 AM BBT – The hg’s are up and Enzo is complaining about the number of songs they played this morning.  They got 3 instead of 4 and he says Cake’s “Going the Distance” doesn’t count as a song. 

 9:39 AM BBT – Enzo and Matt having a conversation about Rachel going into the DR last night and asking if BB can go through their stuff.  Enzo says Brendon wants to put up possibly Matt, Ragan and Britney.  Matt is saying that Brit is way more devious than Ragan.  Why are Matt and Ragan so close? They love that Brendon thinks he is the one leaving Thursday.  This doesn’t make sense with their conversation on who he would put up but whatever.

9:46 AM BBT – Brendon and Lane talking about dating older women and how they prefer it because there’s less drama.  They then discuss having meaningless sex when they get out of the house.  Nice, real good guys these two are. 

10:13 AM BBT – Matt tells Lane that Kathy is a member of the brigade and doesn’t even know it.  Lane says he’ll make her a shirt that says alternate.   

10:33 AM BBT – Britney says she feels like she is walking on eggshells because she’s on the look out for Brendon.  She never knows when someone is going to come out screaming.

10:55 AM BBT – Rachel tells Brendon they (the hg’s) will continue coming after her.  They will continue to hunt her.  Rachel still believes she will be left in the house Thursday.

11:15 AM BBT – Bren tells Rach he is calling a house meeting on Wednesday and she doesn’t need to attend because he is going after Matt and she will defend him and he says people will attack her.  I don’t think this is a good idea.  It is only going to give everyone more to gossip about.

12:00 PM BBT – Ragan says he wants to stop bashing Brenchel and is talking to the others about it.  We’ll see how long that lasts.

12:14 PM BBT –  Britney says she thinks Brendon has a social disorder because he is always putting people down.  hmmm is this the pot calling the kettle black or what.

12:23 PM BBT – Ragan claims there was a coded message in Rachel’s letter from home with the phrase “hunting for sharks in oil infested waters” to pertain to Hayden and Kristen last week. 

2:58 PM BBT – Brendon calls Matt and Ragan the midget and the gay guy and says they are cocky and think they are going to win.  He says once bb quits gearing the competitions toward midgets, he’s going to win.  I really can’t stand this guy. 

3:14 PM BBT Lane chokes out Brit with a few of his moves. Check it out. 

3:45 PM BBT – Hayden tells Brendon that right now it’s a 3-3 vote and it could go either way with him or Rach going to the jury.

4:45 PM BBT – Rachel and Brendon now bashing the other hg’s especially Matt.  This is why I don’t feel sorry for them when Brit and Ragan go on and on because they continually do it as well.

10:10 PM BBT – Rachel, Ragan and Brit are in the hammock and Ragan is calling her out on everything but he is NOT yelling at her.  He basically says she’s a bad sport and she’s goes to the DR crying.  Brendon comes out to defend her honor and goes off.  He tells Ragan to f off and says some hateful things to Brit about her boyfriend Nick.  This guy has seriously lost it.  He is absolutely obsessed with his showmance and is not thinking with a clear head.  He keeps threatening to leave the show so walk on out the door!!

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Wow, has Brendon turned into a bully or what!  It’s just one thing after another with this guy.  I mean he is willing to throw away half a million dollars for some chick he doesn’t even know!  Did he not come here to play a game??  I have NO respect for people like him.  What an absolute waste of a spot in the house.   Has anyone ever campaigned against themself to go home?  I don’t remember it if they have.  What are your thoughts on his antics to keep Rachel in the game?
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  1. If everyone in the house hate u and bashes u and u have no outlet you’d be a monster at some point too. Bri is so too faced and so is ragen can’t stand them

  2. Once he gets out of the house and the jury house he will see how stupid he acted. He will also see how much Rachel has bashed him in the diary room and won’t he feel like an even bigger a$$. I so wish I could see his face when he sees everything!

  3. I am not sure what I find more revolting…Enzo’s repeated ‘meow meow’ references or Rach spouting off about getting between her and her man

    anyone miss the Will and Boogie DR phone calls??

  4. It’s too bad, because so many people have applied and were turned down. He is a waste of space.
    Can’t wait to see Rachels’ face when she gets evicted.
    I think Lydia campaigned to be evicted because Jesse was evicted and she wanted to be with him in the jury house. I don’t know about some of these people.
    I hope Kathy doesn’t make her move until the week after. If she wins HOH and then Matt pulls the diamond veto she will be so mad because it’s like she didn’t really have HOH.
    I still think she is someone to watch out for, if she stays long enough to make her move.

  5. @ kate this is where it started from monday live feeds update
    2:26 AM BBT – Brendon and Rachel in another argument. This time over what info Rach found out in the DR. Supposedly something good that will help them but she won’t tell Bren what it is.

  6. As of BBAD last night Brendon has officially completed his transformation into a classless douche. Any pity I had for him has drained away completely. Chivalry is one thing, but purposefully going out of your way to bully and stick your beak into things you have nothing to do with is (as Kevin would say) re-donk-ulous!! I notice he seems to focus on the physically weak members of the house. Disgusting!

    I love that Ragan was calmly attempting to educate Rachel in the proper ways to behave in a society but of course it was going in one ear and out the other. And it of course all ended up being Britney’s fault (in Brendon’s eyes–what a tool).

    My biggest problem with Brit is that (so far as I’ve seen), she never ever takes the high road. It’s hard to see her as the victim when she goes out of her way to antagonize the people who are ripping into her.

    Anyway Team ABR remains triumphant. (Matt was grinning and laughing the whole time the above events were unfolding with no one placing any blame on him—after all according to Brenda it was Ragan’s call to put Brenchal up).

    Please don’t let that door hit you in your botox laden ass Rachel. I don’t think I was happier to see Ronnie leave than I am going to be when the dragon rolls out the door.

    Go Team ABR!!!!

  7. @ Kate… Yesterday on the message boards of this site, people were speculating that Rachel went through Matts bags. Matt was heard saying how somebody had gone through his bag. On here people thought maybe it was Rachel and that she found his diamond POV, because after that Brendan was saying how he was gonna call a house mtg and call Matt out.

  8. really the and only day i don’t watch bbad and there’s a stupid fight
    okay so i not in the house but i feel attacking someone family like what bren did to brit is not right
    you don;t even do that in the real world

  9. I agree Mary ( as one that applied) I could have at least been entertaining and would have played the game haha.. ANYWAYS, seems one way or there other there is going to be some self destruction happening by the end of this week, I was really hoping to see Bren come to his senses and maybe even Rach find it in her self to be humble I guess I was asking to much. So we will see which one does what this week, Maybe we should have been a little more specific in our request for some drama and excitement in the house I am pretty sure I didnt want to be tossed back into highschool LOL.
    Oh well I am looking forward to this evening an seeing J/J and the reactions.

  10. <<<couldn't apply…the thought of being locked up with these deadbeats and having to tolerate the Chenster was more than I could take…I would rrink a Drano shake before that happened…not enough money for me to spend my summer in a house….the slop would be nothingb to me..I was a Marine so I can eat about anything and the have not room looks a lil bit like what we lived in :)

  11. Just wanted to say that I loved the Will & Boogie’s phone call is the DR. Also if Brendon wants to leave so much let him walk out the door.

  12. Britney can talk crap about everybody in the house, but can’t handle some crap said to her. I can’t stand her. I can’t wait for her to be backstabed. She is sooooo fake. I am so sick of this season. Think I will quit watching. Matt and his lie about his wife is sick. Oh well very lame.

  13. @ X-Tina
    do you watch this show hayden and enzo made a fake alliance with rach and bren agreeing to sent bren home so rach can be in the house with them and do good with their alliance

  14. I agree! When has it not been okay to confront or bash a girl or gay guy?? Esp when their the only ones bashing braychel

  15. @Kate,

    You are so right. GROSS. Please they will not be together after the show, or at least I would not think so. @Me I know what you mean about ganging up on, but she has put herself in that postition at times. She will blow up with out HER MAN by her side. I hope she is the one to go and Brendon to follow after her.

  16. Please let Thursday night get here so we won’t have to see, hear or read about one fake redheaded slut and her puppet poor excuse for a man toy. Enough play the game with class and fun, lets have the Wills and Boogie back. That was entertainment.

    • Class and fun and will and boogie don’t go together! One of them was In a showmance with Erica and then would go in a dr and call her a whore and horrible names are u kidding me?

  17. @X-tina

    I make no excuses for Brit, she is a bitch. And, like I said, NEVER takes the high road when given the option. But Ragan isn’t playing any differently than anyone else in the house is. You don’t see Brenda confronting Lane do you (the one person that just HAS to be the sab). Or Matt the one who actually put them up on the block. Or Hayden who put them up against each other during the hoh competition, and had the “obvious” alliance with Kristen.

    Brendon is simply picking those targets who he perceives as weaker than himself. Again…disgusting.

    • He isn’t picking them bri/ragen outwardly don’t like breychel and outwardly bash them when they can all four do it to each other. B/r thought bri and raygen were their friends but bri was being 2faced and ragen sided with mat. Mat hasn’t talked crap to them and is being nice sorta so he didn’t get attacked to his face

  18. Matt Could you keep us updated on the so-called house meeting that Brendon is going to have? I don’t get the live feeds. I think he is going to call Matt out on the dollar ticket. Rachel said there was some kind of flaw in the one he got in the first HOH comp and she said that same flaw was on the one he showed them he got for the Pandora’s Box, too. I don’t see how that is going to change things. Everyone suspects he was lying about that and next week if and when he uses it they will know and understand that he could not tell anyone. What’s the big deal?

  19. Well in every Big Brother there has been game play because after all it is a game. And I guess all of the house guest at some point and time did not show class, but come on they were entertaining you have to admit that.

  20. *repost from the Brendon self-destruction thread – I meant to post it here originally, not there, but poop happens*

    So many differing opinions on everything! That’s what happens when you throw all these posters in one room together talking about all those HG in one house together!

    However, it’ll all come down to Finale Night. My prediction is that Brenchel and the Brigade (with the possible exception of Matt) will be out of the house by then. But you never know in BB!

    So, I suppose I’m saying the F4 will be Brit, Ragan, Matt, Kathy.

    I just can’t see how whichever one of Brenchel is left this week can stay in the house past next week. And when push comes to shove, Matt’s going to turn on the Brigade – with a vengeance. He’ll partner with the others (in secret!) to work on getting Lane, Enzo and Hayden out.

    I am I Hate Rachel and I approved this message.

    Go Team ABR!


  21. Brittany and Ragan are mean beyond resonable grounds. When Rachel was Hoh, she atleast had the decency to try to act like normal people to the people she had put up on the block. She even comforted britaany when monet and her were up ont he block adn she went to apologize to kristin when she was up. KAthy and britanny are two faced because when rachel was Hoh they were acting like Rachel’s best frineds and the only thing they make fun of her for is what , her hair, boobs and her laugh( i’ll admit to the laugh). But britaany is a rich snobby scum and Ragan i don’t understand how he is a proffessor when he can’t even show compasion and empathy for someone who has been thworn under the bus by the entire house, and says cruel things beyond any normal person should. I wonder what his students would think of him after.

    Brendon although stupid, i think is a fair and decent guy. But if you kjeep bashing someone all the time, it will get to you.

  22. Will was able to throw stuff in the hg’s faces, case in point, his “I hate you all” speech and they still kept him…Brenchel has failed at this tactic

    that separates the good players from the bad

    I miss those calls That is why I have em all downloaded on my puter from You Tube those never get old

  23. This is a game people. They all know going into this house that game plan happens, now I would have to agree that what Matt has done is sick saying his wife is really sick.

  24. Memo to Ragan: just evict somebody already..nobody wants to hear your long drawn out spiels before you vote….

    I sadly hafta evict, the kindest , sweetest, gentlest most caring person I know…Kristin…

    he does this every week.. just vote and shut up

  25. I do not care for Brendon or Rachel, but I watched BB after dark, and they don’t deserve the bashing they got from the batch of misfits who are the remaining houseguests. Britney is just plain MEAN, and Ragan, who is the fruitiest fruitcake ever in the BB house needs to GO. I can’t stand him. They really scrapped the bottom of the humanity barrel when this group was signed on.

  26. I can’t believe Brendon is trying to save some gold diggers spot in the house. Why on earth did he even go on the game? Get him out and let someone who will fight to stay take his place. He of all people in the house shouldn’t be picking on Matt and Ragan. Big deal that one is short, and one gay. Brendon is a puppy with his tail between his legs, strapped onto Rachel’s leash.

  27. I don’t know why anyone is coming to Rach/Brendon’s defense about anything! As much as the other hg talk smack on Rach/Brendon they do the SAME thing! Rach/Brendon think they are SO innocent and that they do ‘nothing wrong’. Rachel is the biggest hypocite EVER! When she is hoh dancing around screaming things out nothing is ever personal…just a game… but when it’s her on the block “oh, this is personal”…well maybe if you didn’t put on such a FAKE persona the entire time people wouldn’t be gunning for you. You have to be more social than with just one other person in the house! They ostracized themselves from the very beginning and didn’t give a sh** b/c they thought that each other could take them to the end.

    They both came up with this ‘genius’ plan for Brendon to start basically harrassing the other hg…getting in Brit’s way? come on?! Now he’s straight up (again) saying negative things about Ragan b/c he is gay?! What day and age do we live in? I am not team Ragan – don’t get me wrong but I don’t think Brendon’s comments about his sexuality are appropriate.

    Brendon/Rachel are just a bunch of SORE losers who CANNOT understand that they did this to THEMSELVES! Rachel doesn’t use that derogatory term (bi**) but she has been saying it everyday since! She thinks it’s better to call Kristen a “trifling ho” in her exit speach? hmmm…. (even though I disliked Kristen and she needed to go and I do think she was a ho) the point is Rach cannot say one thing and do another and then not expect people to recognize it…SHE doesn’t even recognize it!

    I am sick of going into these chat rooms etc.. and still having people be ‘team rachel’ thinking that she does nothing wrong – get the eff over it! Rachel is leaving b/c she is a bad person. period. See ya later Skank! I hope she gets a consolation prize so she can get some new extensions…even though I thought paid escorts do pretty well for themselves in Vegas!

  28. Is there actual video from the feeds of Rachel’s maniacal laughing that Ragan is referring to? I’ve searched for a while but can’t find it. Anyone know what day this happened?

  29. @ Beth. I thought they got paid well too, but I guess once you’ve been around the block a few times like Rachel, it becomes a little stale.

  30. As much as Brenchal drives me batty, the best thing that could happen tomorrow would be if that door is locked when one of them goes to walk out, they are the only dramam in there I swear once they are gone these house guests will all sit down and have house meetings disccussing who is going up so noone is surprised or hurt, the only one with any game in there is Rachel even if she is insanely annoying!

  31. Watching after dark. This talk show crap is lame. I actually can’t stand anybody in the house. If I had to pick one I like it would be Lane. He has been the nicest. CAN’T stand Britnay. Can’t wait for her to gooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!
    This season is my least favorite.

  32. As much as Brenchal drives me batty, the best thing that could happen tomorrow would be if that door is locked when one of them goes to walk out, they are the only drama in there I swear once they are gone these house guests will all sit down and have house meetings disccussing who is going up so no one is surprised or hurt, the only one with any game in there is Rachel even if she is insanely annoying!

  33. dirtyd421, I think no matter what though Rachel is going home. the consensus seems to be that she is smarter of the two when it comes to quiz competitions…Rach is outta there.

  34. I just heard from someone that Kathy is Brittany’s mom. Has anyone else heard this. I looked back to try and find info they are both from Ar.

  35. Beth do you feel better now? I am TEAM BRACHEL and I don’t care if you are sick of people like me who are. Get a grip please. So what if B & R hung around together. If you were in that crazy BB house and since Day 1 had people coming after you and now the MOB GANGING up thing you would act crazy like Brendan did too. The only difference between what B & R did and what Hayden and Kristen did is they did it in the open, not hidden and not lying about it. If you don’t like people being team Brachel then too bad for you!

  36. @ Beth haha, thanks! that must be the reason she’s latching onto Brendon in hopes of some new extensions.

  37. I want Brenchel out so we can have more talk on Enzo voiding himself on his wife in the shower!!!

    or Lane shooting at eyes in the woods

    or better yet, Brit making fun of Rach

  38. @ Beth

    I forgot to add, I completely agree with your post. Rachel must be the biggest hypocrite in the house. It’s only derogatory when other people use the b word, but she doesn’t think that same rule applies to her.

  39. Trish: me get a grip? awe, someone needs to welcome you to reality. Brendon is not acting like this b/c he is fed up …it’s part of an orchestrated plan. They have been staying in solitude since day 1 and that is there problem – maybe if they would have left their room to try to talk to other hg in the beginning of the game they would have more friends in there. Actually, probably not – b/c talking to Rachel is about as exciting as talking to a freaking cardboard box. All she talks about are made up stories about vegas and being drunk, and doing things with men – who paid her…I’m laughing typing this right now! Brendon is a schmuck. Did he come there to play a game and win money? He lets rachel treat him like sh** in front of everyone! How embarrassing for him. There is no justification to say that the other hg have been ganging up on them, b/c rach/brendon have been doing it to, just in a smaller number…so…. They are a pair of posers who are just looking for face time on tv. Rachel is going to use her time on BB as a demo reel for a soap opera! gag!

  40. regan has no ethics him scolding rach is a joke should she really throw comps like him when she has a problem she confronts it he runs like a coward and plays behind the back rambo

  41. Kelsey – Among other things! Rachel is the very definition of the word “hypocrisy” ! I could come up with about a million examples! LOL!!

  42. LOL at NEC (NO EYE CANDY) Semper Fi my friend and my thanks to you for your dedication sir.

    LOL see I like to see ppl like in the house Not afraid to FIGHT, not afraid of slop I loved it when last season when they all were thinking up ways to cook slop to make it taste like something LOL.. Creative it was hilarious.

    TRISH – Girl Ive been so busy I have all the info though thanks to ALL OF EM, and I just wish Bren would settle a little bit I know emotions are going insane at the moment, but again I cant/wont count the chickens till they hatch just when it seems the bleakest at times is just when the sun comes busting in so we shall see what happens.

    I for one am sitting here waiting for the Brigade to self destruct next, these guys LMAO. I mean thats all I can say..

  43. If Matt was so into his alliance he would of not lied about the diamond veto. That is going to piss off the boys. Wait until Brit & Ragen find out they are not part of the alliance and get voted out. Oh I can’t wait for that day.

  44. Beth what Rachel did is nothing compare to what Brit and Ragan are doing. So I guess that is ok right? I am glad I made you laugh, more power to you! You don’t know Rachel personally, does it make you feel better judging someone from your computer? Personally saying things like you have?

  45. beth enzo and hayden tell them other wise in this game you have to try hard to accomplish your goals and when you see some light go towards it how do they know its just a joke

  46. Ok, On BBAD the cameras cut in on the taleend of a conversation between Lane andBritney on the hammock after the brendon blow up, and it sounds to me like Britney was talking to Lane about Nick having really cheated on her at some point in the past , and she said to Lane you know about that, and he said , Yeah with Nicole, makes me think Lane and brit knew each other before the house. And as far as Rachel goes, I honestly think the hooker is insane. And as far as Brendon in the house like a dog sitting outside the DR door waiting for rachel it truly reminds me of the dog sitting by the door waiting for its owner to come home, how pathetic. He should go out with some dignity. I truly question whether or not he is as smart as he claims to be, he kept saying I hate “ingenuine” people, it is disingenuous people you moron, if he is going to correct people (ragan) on how to pronounce a word then he should at least speak correctly. Then hearing him try and explain the book he read about the salem witch trials to rachel was painful to listen to, at best. And it’s fun how he inadvertently compared rachel’s persecution to a “witch”. And for brendon to say anything about a guy having his balls kept in a purse is hilarious to me, seeing as his are kept locked away in a vault by ,literally, a las vegas hooker. Keep it classy Brenchel

  47. Finally!! Some excitement on BBAD!! Last nite was awsome!! My Second favorite epi. next to the time they played Flip-Cup!!

  48. @ Beth We could literally write a book about trying to understand what’s going on in that girls head, and it would never end.

  49. Personally I have concluded that all this talk about 2 HG’s knowing one another outside of the house was merely something the Sab (Annie) put out there. In the past whenever there was a twist like that Julie always mentions it, and then tells the evicted houseguest this has not happened once and no one in production or Julie has brought it up again so I think it was just a seed planted. I could be wrong but I am just going off past seasons. ( shrugs)

  50. Semper Fi Kristy they need some Marines in the house…and I don’t mean like that old warhorse Jerry either..he had one foot in the grave and the other on a banana peel…

    when he struggled in that old raspy voice.. “you’re outta here” lamer

  51. Big Brother should change its name to “The Brendon and Rachel Show”. I’m no fan of either b/r and I don’t agree on how they both played the game BUT all the houseguests bad trashing b/r is making me sick.
    What are they smoking!!! This is a game. You need to strategize your game play and focus on who to keep with you to the end. Of course, Rachel to the end will make them win because everyone hates Rachel. Keep her to F2 and your guarented a win.

  52. I don’t care if Lane and Brit knows each other or not..I just wanna see em start shagging!! See Lane has the right approach..she is opening up about being cheated on, he lends a sympathetic ear..and before you know it,,,they will be bonin

  53. this is the first season where i just can’t get behind anyone everyone is scared to make a real move but soon they will be forced too

  54. I personally could give a rats ass what your opinion is Beth, you are no better than the people you are talking about so I am moving on.

    Hey Kristy, I know where the heck have you been? I agree Brendan needs to dial it down some but I guess if I were in his shoes I would be tired of all the BS and come off of some people too, especially the ones Rachel was guillable enough trust like Brit and Ragan who pretended to be her friends then when the house changes their attitude did too.

  55. X-Tina – so original! lmao

    Trish: You must have forgot some of your other posts… I have been on here since the season started and you are not innocent either. So, b/c I posted my opinion and you didn’t agree that makes you come at me and personally attack my position on it? I don’t care – I am allowed to say what I want – just like everyone else, yourself included.

    Mike: I AGREE!

  56. BBAD last night was very interesting but it made me dislike all these houseguests even more. Brendon was right about Reagan being two-faced. He was so bff with Rachel in the beginning. I will be so glad when the Bridage exposes themselves so that Britney, Reagan, and Kathy can feel like the idiots that they really are!!

  57. Good for you Trish! Way to go! That’s the spirit! I didn’t ask if you gave a sh** about my opinion. You’re the one who is so ‘up in arms’ about what I said. Get a clue. I’m glad you added entertainment to my day!!

  58. LOL Beth I forgot to have my wheaties this morning. Ok, I ate them now it is all good. You are right, I did go back and read some of my posts. I guess I just get tired of the bashing (myself included) and it gets old. How much more can anyone really say about Rachel that hasn’t already been said? Ok, now lets talk about Matt and did Rachel find his D POV?

  59. lol@Beth venting..lemme get some popcorn this show is good

    Wednesday drama..glad it is slow at work…

    continue plz ladies :)

  60. Lol Trish!!

    DID rach find the diamond POV?! I dont think it would be right if BB allowed the hg to go through others personal belongings…IF she found it then the only thing that would happen is after this week and next matt would probably be the target! which is fine by me!! lol

  61. kp matt can’t tell them he would lose the power even though it will eventually expose the brigade beth is entitled to her opinion wrong as it might be lol so please no personal attacks

  62. Nah Eye Candy, how can one continue when Beth made more sense than I did? Her last post had me laughing so hard and I had to look at my nonsense and laugh at myself and said ……wow…..but if you have popcorn mind sharing?

  63. NO Eye Candy: I think it’s all good now…I must be gearing up for the show tonight! LOL!

    It has been so slow lately, I thought I would perk it up, j/k!

  64. just not sure why she beats a dead horse..they both could make betetr use of their time by packing up their belongings..instead of bitchin, moanin and groanin….

    or they could discuss whether they wanna settle down in SoCal or Vegas….I mean, be prepared clones…it’s OVER

  65. Again it is so strange how thousands of people can all be watching the same TV show and all give a different opinion of the happenings..Such as Brittney & Regan doing all the bad mouthing and bashing of R&B..”ALL” the HG’S are bad mouthing those 2..and all of them doing it behind their back..NOBODY’S hands are clean in that respect..NOBODY!!!!

  66. Ragan and Brit are just 2 lil trolls who have slid by because of the Brenchel train..fear not, they will be picked off….

  67. Oh yeah! Brit & Ragan will be knocked off as soon as it’s convenient for everyone else… right no they are just along for the ride. The only way they will stay is if they win hoh or pov on a constant basis….

  68. you know who the real moron of this season is thus far?? Kristen’s boyfriend back home…after seeing this tramp frolicing around with Hayden and her tongue checking his tonsils, these mope has the stones to show his face on TV?? I would have been gone so fast…everywhere he goes now, people can snicker and say, hey look..there is that idiot who stood by his gf while she was banging some dude on BB.

    he should have tried the witness protection program…what a loser

    FYI moron…that was NOT gameplay

  69. I agree #98. They are acting so cocky right now and they have no idea that their leaving very soon as well.

  70. personally the best part of BBBAD last nite was Regan doing an imitation of Rachel laughing…despite all else that was funny..

  71. I don’t know Beth but someone that is what I heard thru the BB rumors. It will be so funny come Thursday and everyone is “expecting” something to happen and nothing does. I really won’t mind at all if Rachel goes out that door. She is not my favorite. I just feel sorry for how the house is acting. Like Brit who “pretended” to be her friend. I mean if the girl didn’t like Rachel hell no way would I spend 3 hours in a tub in the HOH room with her. I don’t think I could stand being with Rachel THAT long. lol So I guess even though I hate how Brit is acting I got to give her props to doing that, just didn’t like why she did it. These people in this house need to jump off the hate B & R bandwagon and start playing the game. Once B & R are out then what? Friendships will be gone and you all just thought it was B & R’s fault.

  72. I think Britney and Ragan are hilarious. And if we remember Rachel saying “being made fun of is the highest compliment” well then… there ya go. Rachel shouldn’t be too upset, should she? As far as Rachel coming up to Britney and Ragan on the hammock, Ragan handle the situation wonderfully. He was honest and didn’t yell or get upset. Britnet gets a little emotional, esp. with the Brendon thing, but hey… she’s only 22. She still has some growing up to do. I hope Matt gets into an alliance with the two of them and they make it to final three. They crack me up, and Just The Tip is highly amusing too.

  73. LOL NEC @ Bonin geez just when I was thinking you were a good guy come on up put the gutter buddy an join us back on this board LOL :P.. LOL@ you wanting pop corn NO CAT FIGHTS.. Thats what BB is for.

    But I agree they are looking to be showmance #3.. We shall see how it plays out.

    TRISH- working an heading on vacation this weekend. Ill be back an in the mix again next week FOR SURE. Im get you a BIG box of wheaties too :P.. I agree there has been A LOT of drama lately and isnt this what we all wanted the house to be shaken up? Looks like we got it.

    CANDLE – I know like I said I could be wrong but ever since BB1 if there was a connection with the HG’s the first ones to go would be informed or Julie would always remind us will the other HG”s discover so an so have a secret alliance, or are playing together and she hasnt even mentioned it once since Annie left, so that leads me to think it was something the Sab did to create paranoria in the house LOL funny thing is even the house has stopped talking about it much, but we ( the posters) are still trying to figure it out haha

  74. good question K..I dislike em all…

    but if I had to choose..I would say Matt..bc he made up that lie and people bought that was kinda Will esque..I admire that

    I would say Kathy because she is a fellow cop like me..but that donut eating ho is a disgrace to the shield….

  75. brit and regan could win all the comps noone else but matt is even trying he might just let them so he doesn’t have to get brigade blood on his hands

  76. still seeing her floundering around in that goo like some beached whale was revolting…I mean, how can she take down violent criminals?? I wonder if the Little Rock PD actually gives her real bullets..afraid she might hurt herself…she prolly got that shield out of a cracker jack box….she prolly lives in a mobile home…

    u know what they say…what does an Arkansas divorce and a tornado have in common….

    either way..someone is losing a trailer

  77. Hey NoEyeCandy, what do you think of Kathy saying she plays with integrity but she then goes and talks with Bren and Rachel and then goes back to the other’s and say what they said plus adds more? I don’t think she is any better than anyone but she “pretends” she is. If only she knew how the other HG’s talk about her. I think she is only someone they tolerate till they put her up once again. Watch out Brit and Matt and Ragan, those three will be up in a couple of weeks and then what? LOL

  78. Ragan has quit every comp…..the only threats in that house to win anything are Rachel, Brit and Matt

    the rest of the HG’s SUCK esp that “sweet” Ragan

  79. I agree Trish. Kathy has been doing that all game. Lol. Her, Britney, and Reagan are two-faced. Britney was just in the HOH room last week taking baths and putting clay masks on with Rachel talking crap about the other houseguests.

  80. she runs her mouth and wastes time..she is an oxygen thief..she talks a good game and then renegs..let me say this one last time…when you are on Survivor, BB, or any of these games, please leave the integrity remark at the door..because if you are gonna do well, you will lie, cheat and steal.

    it’s a game…integrity don’t play a part..deception does….and I don’t think she is a real cop..maybe mall security

    her and Ragan are wimps//why worry about them…they are useless as tits on a bull

  81. I really can’t understand why these people are playing the game so nonchalantly. Most of them are just going with the flow and letting other people determine how their game will be played.

  82. see Brenchel’s mistake was not bringing Brit into the fold…she did the baths with Rach, and the face masks, and all that..but she should have been brought into one of the Rach HOH room menage a trois’..and then she might have used the veto to save

  83. no eye candy if you put some tits on a bull i bet them cowboys would hold on a bit longer heck i might even give rodeo a try

  84. I happen to agree with your assesment Eye Candy. Why would the ex boyfriend put himself through that. Just goes to show that some people will do ANYTHING for their 15 minutes of fame. Matt has been my pick from the start to win it all. And though i dont agree with all his tactics….and hes certainly no Dr Will….hes weasely enough to make a side deal and screw them in the end.

  85. Britney and Reagan are both idiots. Even if they do make it to the final 2 they wouldn’t have Rachel nor Brendon’s vote in the jury house. Ugh!! I bet the Brigade are laughing inside.

  86. what about kathy is a waste of skin sounds like hatin maybe someone is still upset about that ticket they got in 08 dang speed limts

  87. Kathys not a waste of skin…shes just a waste of BB space. No real personality there. Shes trying to play den mother..and its boring as hell. Make a move woman!

  88. If I thought I had a chance at winning $500,000 I would most certainly sit with somebody I did not like or someone I loathed.. It is called usery and u need it to advance in the BB game..Even Rachel knows that ..She is using Brendon..That is using ur street smarts in the game..In the real world we all use people everyday in one situation or another sometimes unintentionally but we do it..As outsiders we can say what we would or would not do if we were in the house..but all that would go out the window if u were actually in the house..a person’s first thought when they go through that front door should be “SURVIVAL”
    and play from there..

  89. There has to be another twist coming this week and i can’t wait. Rachel wont leave. either you love you loath her. She is interesting. Boring people like Enzo, Kathy, Hayden, and even Lane need to be evicted. They are sooooooooooo boring. I can’t stand “meow meow” so irritating. Is this Big Brother or the Brooklyn Middle School Mafia?
    Enzo go…. someone do something

  90. Connie…the IRS says it will not be 500,000…lol..not to mention the prize money is awarded in California ( I assume)…so I am guessing, maybe 200K after the vultures chime in

    what would you do for 200K…not 500K

  91. Hey..i’d do a whole hell of a lot for 200k. Which is why Kathy needs to quit doing NOTHING…and play the game.

  92. I think I would prefer amazing race or survivor…at least I am not locked up like some lab animal..and I get a chance to win a million…it has to be worth my while…

    I am a high maintenance, snobby male ho :)

  93. Thats just it…i wouldnt tolerate her either. I’d evict her the first chance i got…Matt’s mistake.

  94. I guess if your strategy is to FLOAT to the end and take second place IF you make that far then Kathy MAY be onto something, but I think she will be gone before that happens, I dont recall a total floater winning a season with the Grand Prize though. Always a first for everything though.

    Lane, Enzo, and Hayden are going to end up being Matt’s targets pretty soon, they are to comfortable with him doing all the work and he has mentioned he is a little tired of being the one with blood on his hands. We shall see what he does with the DPOV. To early in the game to see if he would use it to put his brothers on the block and commit the “ULTIMATE BETRAYAL” of the season? HMMMMMM just a thought.

    Brit, I think I have tuned out while she can be amusing at times I did my time in the catty HS cheerleader era, I left my pom poms and pouty mouth in my storage building LOL. But if she keeps winning when its needed be it a POV or HOH then she may prove to have more game then just talking to much.

    Ragan Ragan, sweet dear Ragan. GULLIBLE, NAIVE and indecisive, should I shouldnt I I dont know, oh I will no I wont ! STOP IT. JUST DO IT.. your getting paid regardless.

    B/R I dont have anything that hasnt already been said good or bad about this one.

  95. Kathy…get rid of that rub for luck one wants to fondle your saggy mammaries….

    I think Ragan has a man crush on Matt

  96. I watched last night on showtime. What planet does this blogger live on? He said hateful things about the hillbilly princess’s boyfriend after she rudely laughed at him for daring to correct Ragan’s pronunciation and then mocked his walk. As bad as Rachel is (pretty bad), Bragan is worse. Both have shown no class and now they’re dragging Kathy into it. I never thought Big Brother could get this bad but Hayden & Lane are about the only folks left that aren’t scum.

  97. Hayden is not as innocent as he looks…or acts. And Ragan has nothing better to do. Might as well make the best of it.

  98. eating camel semen in the middle east or slop…

    what’s the difference??

    plus I get paid more…come on connie..pack ur bags

  99. hayden and lane aren’t really playing and they both act nice but then go behind peoples backs no saints in this house but i guess a drug dealer looks pretty good when surround by killers and theives

  100. 421 perhaps she did in the beginning HOWEVER after Jeff was voted off she managed to win a 3 Part HOH comp, see Kathy doing that .. UMMMM not so much, as another poster (NEC) stated she couldnt eat a snickers bar cause it has carmel in it LMAO.

    The only person to ever WIN BB with out ever winning a COMP.. Dr Will, but that wasnt floating he just had some kind of mind melt on EVERYONE in the house, that will never happen again.

  101. matt’s wife choosing a cronk junk toucher makes her judgement suspect and he wants her to have a cancer

  102. at this point in the game everyone thought the same about jordan kathy feels safe no need to fight yet

  103. guys I have really enjoyed the chat and appreciate u letting me be a part of it..I gotta go for a few hrs…thanks again..

  104. If I were in that house, I would be making deals over the counter, under the sheets and out by the pool and then I would backstab, shit talk, bed hop and be an emotional wreck! BB13 here I come!!!!

  105. When some of you find Brit funny I am now finding Brendan funny. Let him go off on her and anyone else. Hell, why not? Let him find some “balls”….lol

  106. Nice chatting with you Connie. Guess i better get back to work…since im not in line for that 200k. Take care all.

  107. You could be right 421, I will be glad to give her props IF she surprises me, but I havent seen the least amount of effort from her yet, with Jordan she did at least try. Can you guys see these HG’s attempting the fill the globe challenge from last year? Where Nat kept busting her butt and THEY all got up hurt banged up and at least finished even if they lost, so far this year Ive only seen them take the wasy way out. Oh well so an so dropped Im safe now I’ll just drop.. UUGGG PLAY LIKE YOU WANT TO WIN…

  108. I have been watching BB since #2 and all I can say to you people who are crying the blues about Matts lie is, to bad, so sad. It’s a game if that lie wins him the game then it s totally worth it. There is no rule that says you have to play with honesty, integrity or class. It BB for Christ sakes! The name of the game is lie cheat steal, whatever it takes to win. Matt is my pick to win even though some of his lies are pretty weak. I mean if you come into this game using you integrity and believing what people tell you, you go home, just ask Kaysar. I can’t wait till we get another BB All Stars. I’d love to see Gnat vs Rachel. Or Brenchel vs Jeff & Jordan.

    To all you people who are crying a river or how mean the HG’s are, wake up this is BB, without mean people the game would be a major snooze feet. I say be cold, ruthless, maniacal, do whatever it takes to win.

    Just my two cents don’t care if any of you agree or disagree, Let the botching begin!

  109. If I were in that house, I would be making deals over the counter, under the sheets and out by the pool and then I would backstab, shiz talk, bed hop and be an emotional wreck! BB13 here I come!!!!

  110. I want to see some game playing. Enough with this bashing. Make deals left and right. Back stabb and all you want, just stop laying around bitching and complaining. What a lousy season.

  111. Forgive me if someone has already touched on this, I haven’t read all the preceding comments yet. In my opinion Brendon is acting so obnoxious, not just because he is, but, he’s actually trying to use reverse psychology, which is working.

    His campaign to be evicted is a sham (less the wow) . He knows if he keeps up his bad behavior strategy to “save” Rachel, the house guests will vote to evict her, just to spite him, which in reality is exactly what he wants. He actually wants to stay.

    Now, on to his pathetic BBAD performance last night. I’m not a Brendon fan, but was embarrassed for him. A “man”, especially a supposed educated man, stooped to childishly, correcting someone’s pronunciation, and was in fact wrong, because both he and Ragan were right, either pronunciation is correct and acceptable.

    His ranting commentary to the camera afterward, bordered on scary, coming from, again, a supposed educated man.

  112. matt is trying to hard with all th blood on his hands he can’t afford to get caught lying sick wife is a big one nats lie about her age cost her and that one wasn’t designed to have near as much emotional responce

  113. @tilly, I didn’t find it scary. What does education have to do with what he said? He is playing a game. He is talking to us, the viewers on his take on what has happened. Brit does this all the time. I see nothing wrong with it. Plus he was waiting for Rachel to come out of the DR.

  114. @167, @169 too true, too true. we all sit out here in “normal land” (whatever that really is) but betcha all that if we got to play in the BB game we would all do the same things that these and everyother BBHG has done….try to win by any means necessary…these people are not lifelong friends/family/co-workers/bosses etc like in the “real world” so what the hell…go for it or get out of the game….AND if Bren would rather walk out of the game because he is “in love” with someone he just met…..bbye… but ain’t the reality shock gonna kill him when the show is over!

  115. you got to let it slide with brit she doesn’t hide how she is reagan on the other hand plays like he is above it all then trash talks

  116. NoEyeCandy post#103- sorry I gotta disagree with you about Kristen’s boyfriend being a moron. He had the ballz to show his face and not run and hide as you suggested. He did nothing wrong Kristen did, and he probably has the sympathy of every female in Philly which he can probably work into a lifetime of dates. You are entitled to your opinion, but I felt I needed to stand up for the guy. He is far from being a moron in my opinion at the time of that happening everyone in here was very supportive of him and most couldn’t understand how she threw him under the bus for Hayden.

  117. From my obseverance, Ragan was trying to explain too Rachael her bad winner attitude.I applaude him for keeping calm and think he had good attentions. I have read your comments daily, and agree Rach is sadly w/o social skills,as they accused Adam lacking of. I think Rach (in her stuttering and hitting the recall button)is aware of her reacations, even Brandon mentioned it to her, and how she could make them targets (when they were HOH.) Some may not like Ragan, but let’s hope some of what he said will make her look inside and become better for it. I enjoy reading your comments, some of you can be writers. WHEW!!!

  118. Good point Rick..the women may give him sympathy, but all the men who saw him get played like a fiddle will see him as being pwned by a skank….

  119. I’m from Philly and in The Inquirer today, Kristen says she is not coming back to Philly “for awhile” to get herself together.
    BUT she says that were only seeing each other for about 2 months and they already had decided before she left that they were each free to be. I’m assuming he was paid well to do that spot.

  120. Rachel will not, I repeat, will NOT be invited back for all stars. Only person I can definitely see being invited back for all-stars from this season so far is Britney.

  121. Trish, what I was referring to as scary, was not so much his words, which were mostly incoherent, when he was going through his diatribe for the camera, rather, his body language, and his facial expression, especially his eyes. I believe the guy has serious issues.

    Because “I’m old school” being “educated” includes more than “book-smarts,” if you will, but also having the ability to remain controlled enough, even when angered to form a few, semi coherent sentences.

  122. G’Day BB Post-ers & Nifty 9 Crew! :)

    @ron – yes i am wondering the same? and if so will she be automatically evicted?
    maybe that’s why she was poring over the BB manuals? to see if she could get away with it!

    @eye candy – oh yeah! i so miss those phone calls were funNY!

    Rach can’t talk about her DR sesh, no one came remem?
    Although Raggity Rag IMplied to everyone that she DID say something but she didn’t!

    @Texex – Rag hasn’t been much better, I mean he’s gone about it being mean politely if that’s even POSSIBLE, he hasnt’ yelled, but he’s hurt ppl in the house with his words (Brenchel) as well, he’s getting ready for a glass house himself! I think he’s letting the *sab* duties get to his head! He’s not ABOVE anyone else! He just gets to wreak havoc for free!

    @beth – hey remem dat everyone can watch a BB episode series and see things completely diff, no need to insult those who are on team rachel, you dont’ get it sure, but does that doesn’t mean you get to swear at them b/c they are.

    @trish – *ZING!*

    @gabe – seriously eh? b/c frankly it’s ALL anyone talks about, they love them they hate them, they adore them they loathe them, they admire them, they despise them, it’s like a never ending cycle of bashing!

  123. @connie – we’ve been saying that ALL week long! SAME episode, same info,
    different opinions and perspectives entirely, that’s what makes these posting board so INTRIGUING! :)

    @eye candy (113) – i have like NO idea! and she keeps wearin ‘that old sheriff shirt in all caps!that to remind her that she is one? cause we all like can’t believe it still! lol.

    @kristiw/#’s (139) yup that lol is kathy’s plan! to float her way to the top
    fishies r they! i highly doubt she can win, who on earth would give her a 1/2mil?
    this jury certainly wont! gotta win SOMEthing!

    @dirtyd- yes jordan floated for a while, but she won TWO HOH’s eventually including the finale one, so you really think Kath is goin’ to win 2 HOH’s?

    @eyecandy (151) wow, i did NOT need that imagery! dear gosh!

    @rickdd (177) i agree that guy (patrick?) could have NOT shown his face on live TV, imagine hwo embarassing it is for him he’s at home, going to work, going home to his family, that’s NOT easy for a man. i give him props! how is HE the moron?

    @lorr – yeah i heard a lot of them HG’s are talkin’ about heading to Vegas or Cali to chill out (unless they got jobs to try & save back home that is), see if they can extend their 15 min of fame? ugh!

  124. Um, yea. If you remember on the season with Dick and Danielle (estranged father and daughter), when they were put up against eachother, Dick wanted them to vote him out. In fact, he woke people up with banging pots and pans just to get them to vote him out. Then he used the veto to save HER!

  125. Tilly I agree whit you we are “Old School” so we see the world thru differant eyes and we controll areself’s better because we had too, Today people just say what they want and don’t understand that you have to stand behind what you say, In my day the person you said something about or lied about might just come and kick your a$$. It was a differant world and somedays I really miss it, One can play a game without putting thier morals or integnity away

  126. When Rachel and Brendon leave who will get Britney’s keen observations on character and clothing? Who in the household is Ragan on the same level as? When will Enzo shut up about how strong the Brigade is? When will Lane stop playing pool and play the BB game? These are questions the talk show should deal with.

  127. You can be smart and be a scientist, but you can lose all of your common sense. For Brendon to be so wrapped up in a girl in this short amount of time and lose the chance for the money – he deserves to be in the jury house. He lost the goal of the money and relies on him getting something from Rachel (and I am not talking money!) And how easy must she put out. I hope that one goes this week, and then they have a double eviction next week and Matt gets Brendon put out with the diamond POV. Would love to see that!

  128. People are all differant, the first time I saw my wife I was in love and would have done anything for her and that was 25 years ago

  129. Anyone else wonder if Lane and Britney are the “friends” in the house ? They seem to be somewhat”cozy” lately. If that’s true, Brendon could have a BIG problem in Lane if he continues to harass Britney. I think Lane would tear him limb for limb if he ever crosses the line and “grabs” her or throws something on her etc. Just thinking Lane would clean the Ogres clock in a heartbeat.

  130. First season for me also that i really don’t like any of them and definitely don’t think any of them deserve half a mil for this crap. If I had to choose i guess it would be Kathy but really stretching it to even choose her. Can’t they just call it no ones win and give the money to some charity.

  131. I want Rachal & Brendon to stay because they are not boring in this game. They are playing the game.Ragans comment we all need to get along is a joke. Who ever voted for him to do a job for us fans made a big mistake.He is so lame,we need some action in the house.Ragan Please: not just screaming like a cat in heat.When they do their nite time Bsshin Show it stinks. I switch the channel!Please BB come up with a twist to shake up the house and break up that stupid brigade and I hope Rachel found the DPOV in Matts suitcase and exposes it! lol

  132. Here BB a new twist from Pandora’s Box, Rachael finds the DPOV and secretly holds it until its time to vote and presents it to Julie! Rachal and Brendon off the block and she puts two of her favorites up! This DPOV is suppose to be SO Powerful for the person who uses it,not actually the one who found it first or maybe just has it in their pocket! Finders keepers losers weepers lol! BB, I hope Pandora’s box did say there’s something good with DPOV but something bad will happened to the rest of the house, oh my lol. I’m looking forward to one of the Biggest Shockers in BB History happen on the live show on Thursday! Hope this Twist comes to Life!!!!!!

  133. I think Lane and Brit are engaged to each other.Lane has kept his distance from Brit and he always hangs out with the guys to hear what they are thinking. He has a base ball cap on to cover-up his wandering eyes and taking in all the info he needs from the guys to play the game on that end.Meanwhile Brit wonders around to the other H guest and feels them out. Hence forth, they put all info together and become the final two! This is the true friendship and alliance formed as they walked into the door of BB house. This is what I believe!

  134. I think that production may be tired of the Brachel show just by the fact that they came up with the DPOV. The week that Pandora’s box was made available to the HOH, odds were that Brendan would not win the HOH comp. One chance out of seven or eight to win it – not good. Going into the week, production probably knew that either Rachel or Brendon would be put up and evicted by whomever win the HOH comp. Whoever the HOH was this week, the DPOV would now give that person the chance to put up whichever one was not evicted in the next two weeks thereby ending the Brachel drama.

  135. how does Britney & Ragen think that the love birds are the worse ones in the. All they do is say really nasty things that go way worse then calling someone a d@*khead.The crazy thing is they started all the bashing of them in last then a week so how do you may know someone to talk about them like that.So then in return they shut down from everyone but each other and know their the wrong ones. So who are the real mean ones here?

  136. Brendon is just a sad little puppy and Rachel has him wrapped around her fingers. He has no ability to think for himself. If he behaves like this with women in the real world that boy is heading towards a very abusive relationship. The other house guests should get Rachel out ASAP and hold an intervention for Brendon.

  137. I think it would have been funny if Britney took the 5,000.00 dollars from Rachel and then id use the POV on her. That would have been a classic.

  138. Hi Everyone, I have a question, why does Bren and Rash keep saying that Brit wanted to have an alliance with them last week? Or is it the other way around. They want to her to have an alliance with them.

    Last nite Show 2 after dark was quite entertaining. The nightly tips show.

  139. Brendon definitely lost his mind. He was so angry he could hardly talk. And then when he tried to repeat it to Rash, he could not remember what was said. Kathy is playing such a good game. The floaters are the ones who last the longest. The issue is how stupid the HG’s are to let them float.

  140. Can someone bring me up to date.
    Has the saboteur done anything yet?? I haven’t
    seen or heard anything about it.

  141. Many people have noticed the tattoo. It’s very common. I know lots of people with the same one.

  142. Still, I don’t get why he always wants to call a house meeting. XD They don’t help anything, but I guess he’s in self-destruct mode right now anyway.

  143. SAB sent another message that sorta conveys that R&B are staying or one of them is staying. Message couldn’t be heard by Live Feed.
    The HG are discussing the message and freaking out that one of the showmance might not go home

  144. Saboteur update. Ragan has not done anything. He is using Rachel to stir everything up with the help of Brittney. He has been successful with the help of Brittney to cause chaos. But NO he has not had to do anything because Rash always gives him so much material to us on her which causes the hg’s to all go into a rash bash… He definitely has an easy job for the 20k.

    I think Rash is just trying to be clever with her statement about the conversation in the DR.

  145. emmm id just like to know what she found out in the diary room? did she find the dveto and get to keep it for herself :D yeeeeeey

  146. It would be great TV to leave rash in the game. This game is definitely an exercise in mental torment. Rash would hold her own. The problem is when she drinks…and the hg’s will set up and IV for her with alcohol. Staying out of the chaos, is the key. Playing low key will get you far. Rash made herself a target from the beginning and it has back fired on her. Brendon has been a monkey on her back, also some entertainment for her when she is bored. When Rash is not on live TV, she will be so bored with Brendon. But in the jury house she can do exactly what she wants with him…Now will he come out a more experienced male or a better lover for the next female in his life. Brendon will never be able to keep Rash’s attention.

  147. Rachel is leaving, and it is set in stone. This time tomorrow, there won’t be a drama queen in the house. Brendon needs to remember why he signed up for the BBH in the first place and I am sure it wasn’t to “fall in love”. He and Rachel are not going to last after the show. She has her men in Vegas, and why would she leave that for Brendon..?
    Brendon has become such an arrogant and cocky guy, it is disgusting. He is such a dumb fuck, and UCLA should be a bit discouraged to accept a guy like this….He clearly is not cut out for such a prestigous school.
    Thankfully though, he is leaving next week and I can’t wait for him to get a reality check and actually see Rachel’s and his true colors. It is not very pretty. They are pathetic and their relationship is a total publicity stunt. They annoy me and need to get the heck out of the house, since they obviously are NOT playing the game.
    And it is “Neanderthal”….hahah.

    Britney and Ragan are being a tad bit too mean, but I can completely agree with them. The first day I heard Rachel laugh…I needed to get earplugs. Haha!

    Ragan is winning HOH this week, because he has a lot more riding on for his place in the house since he is the Sab. He is winning HoH this week–it is a fact.

    I mostly likely believe that Matt is winning the whole game though, the dude has the power.

  148. I like Rachel and Brendon. Cant think of anybody else I would want to win. Anybody rooting for the brigade are idiots!!!! The name alone is pathetic!! They haven’t really done anything. Matt is not, and never really was a member of the brigade. He plays to save himself, which he should. He will be the first to go.

  149. OMG Brendon, I’m so happy :) you won HOH! Let’s see who cries tonite on BBAD.I wonder if Bitcney and Ragan are gonna put on their nasty Late Show. Maybe if she can stop crying long enough.When you treat people mean it always strike you back. I hope to see Rachael pop out of another Pandoras box,good for the HOH Brendon and bad for the floating house guest.LOL Bring back the Queen of Drama,miss her already! The so called BRIGADE is laying around with their hands in their pants,YUK :( just what I said they would do! Warned you last night!! BORING,BORING,BORING

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