Big Brother 12: Week 2 Wednesday Live Feed Highlights

Yesterday the BB12 house was on an inside lockdown for most of the day and boredom seemed to be the theme.  Some hg’s tried to make up games while other just wandered around aimlessly.  Matt doesn’t seem to be too worried about the live eviction tonight and Monet is a basket case trying to secure some votes.

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Big Brother 12 Live Feed Highlights – July 21, 2010:

8:00 AM BBT – Brendon and Rachel up.  Brendon is making tea and Rach is in the stockade.  Her last day lol.

8:28 AM BBT – Rachel thinks it might be smart to keep Monet over Matt even though she still doesn’t like her.

8:50 AM BBT – BB told the hg’s to take all their stuff inside so they are thinking luxury comp.

10:06 AM BBT – Lots of movement under the covers for BRachel. They are saying how much they like playing with each other and Kathy comes in.  (This is becoming worse than gross and very redundant)

10:30 AM BBT – Matt and Ragan talking about the meeting last night and Matt says it was a flamboyant performance for throwing him under the bus in front of everyone.  They continue talking about the hoh comp being endurance, possibly hanging or swinging.  (we could be in for a long night on this one)

11:05 AM BBT – Andrew is telling Kathy that he thinks Matt is in an alliance with Lane and Ragan and will be coming after him if he doesn’t get voted off. 

1:06 PM BBT – Rachel runs around saying it’s picture day!

2:15 PM BBT – Inside lockdown.

3:28 PM BBT – We get a quick flash of the outside where there is a lot of metal framing.  (I’m thinking this definitely has to be an endurance comp)

3:53 PM BBT – Rachel made up a game and she is playing with Ragan, Matt, Kathy, Lane, Britney and Monet.  You move objects around in the house and use the spy screen upstairs in hoh to guess which items were different. 

4:30 PM BBT – Rachel, Brit and Monet are in the have not room.  Monet is telling Rach she won’t put up her or Brendon and felt betrayed by Matt because he offered to be a pawn.  (She’s giving a good effort to get Matt out but I don’t think it’s going to work.)

5:24PM BBT – Brendon tells Rachel that his mom told him to stop dating hot girls with big boobs.( lol, sorry Rach but mommy won’t approve of you.)

6:00 PM BBT – Hayden, Brit and Monet have a pillow fight in the cabana room.

6:35 PM BBT – More hanky panky in the hoh bed. 

7:49 PM BBT – Rachel manages to completely bare her behind for the cameras. Is this woman allergic to pants??

8:42 PM BBT – Monet is crying to Kathy saying she doesn’t understand why people wouldn’t keep her over Matt.  Says she is going to try and talk to everyone tonight and secure the five votes she needs to remain in the house.

9:33 PM BBT – Andrew, Brendon, Rachel and Ragan playing charades using the spycam.  One person goes outside the door and mimes while the others try to guess.  Matt is hitting a ping pong ball up to Hayden and he throws it back down to him.  The hg’s are bored with the inside lockdown all day.

10:51 PM BBT – Kathy tells Brendon and Rachel that she is voting for Matt to leave because she wants it to be a warning for him.  She thinks Monet will still go home.

11:57 PM BBT – Brendon is talking to Rachel about possible future plans for the two of them and Rachel says she can’t live without him.    They officially become boyfriend and girlfriend.  They say their showmance is the center of the show and they can show the dvd to their grandkids one day.  (OMG! I’m sooo sick of these two)

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At the rate Brendon and Rachel are going they could be getting married in the bb house before the season is over.  I mean come on, they’ve known each other all of 3 weeks.  The real world is nothing like living in a controlled environment.  I’m so sick of the two of them and I would LOVE to see one of them go next week.  Don’t forget the live eviction is tonight.  Will Monet receive the 5 votes she needs?

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  1. BB said there were 2 life long friends in the house. Ponder this thought. Kathy and Brittany are almost identical in facial features. A couple of shots together shows this – mother & daughter? also Brendon & Rachel – we think to much to soon – well not if they are together already for awhile. Food for thought. Thanks for listening

  2. Like I told everyone matt is a snake and needs to go. I compared him to ronnie of last season yesterday. Now that i’ve seen yesterday’s show he is ronnie and johny fairplay roled up into one. HOPEFULLY after that rat is exterminated today the hottest houseguest EVER kristen will win hoh.

  3. Matt is not one of my favs anymore. Didn’t like that lie about his wife’s illness. Brendon off my list too. He only thinks below the beltline. Both he and Rachel need to go soon. So does Ragan so that I can keep my sanity. That voice and his actions are over the top. Can’t watch too much of him, or I start screaming. SO MANY HOUSEGUESTS, SO FEW TO LIKE

  4. Yeah Summer, Matt’s lie about his wife’s illness didnt sit well with me either. I still like him though cuz he is part of the brigade.
    Sooooooooo sick of Rachel and Brenda with their constant kissy kissy, its like I watching the bachelor. I like Ragan alot, just dont like his alliance with the porn star.

  5. y would matt lie like that n then hes not even a good liar he was smiling the whole time dont he think if his wife was really sick he wouldnt be smiling n thats the only reason y ragan fight so much for him only if he knew i cant wait to see when he find out n i dont get it we see monet sayin stuff about ppl but she dont do it in front of ppl but brit do n they like her better y not monet i love monet alot i feel really bad for her but maybe she do need to go cuz i just dont get it so many stuff ppl say n do to ppl n the house n no one dislike them as much as monet

  6. At this point I don’t really care who goes. I do like monet and I don’t mind matt, all I care about is seeing brachel on the block next week, so hopefully enzo, britney, or monet/matt win. They need to go asap. Id rather see brendon go to watch rachel lose her shit at the other house guests since you know she can’t live without him. At least hayden/kristen are keeping their showmance on the DL which is how it should be done.

  7. This is ridiculous. Big Brother has recycled the same old competitions over and over. the spelling veto competition is the third time its been used. the 1 hour comp is from season 10 wtfffffffffff

  8. I agree with everyone who has said they didn’t like the lie Matt said about his wife being ill. I’m so NOT a fan of that! And I can’t stand his self centeredness like when he said he was such a diabolical genius. I mean really? If he was so smart I think he’d know not to EVER volunteer to go up on the block.

  9. Assuming Matt has the three other brigade votes as well as Kristen’s, and Monet has Brit and Kathy (who I still think are niece and aunt), that still leaves Regan, Andrew and Brendan to sway the votes however they want. Would they decide Matt is more off a threat down the road and keep Monet. As a viewer I hope not, but if I was in the house, I can’t say I wouldn’t think about it long and hard. Although I am aware of Matt’s “monster” alliance. Also if Matt does stay how long til the brigade falls apart? I say before we have our first jury member.

  10. IF I had missed last weeks eviction show,I wouldn’t know who got evited, annie,kristen,or kathy. that all showed up last night for about the same screen time which is zero.

  11. I don’t like Matt’s lie about his wife either. Seems like bad karma to me! But I did like when he was telling the lie to Andrew…did you notice that Andrew listens like a doctor?!? Why didn’t Matt notice that?!? It’s the first time I kinda liked Andrew…

  12. oh monet goin home for sure i like n it suck cuz i like them both if u ask me they are like the top two that really want the win they need to take rac n bren off cuz all they say they dont want the money so y r u hear this is the reason y ppl sign up to win the monet n she lame cuz she wasnt thinking about winning this week she just want monet out for no reason like some of u if that was ed there ppl would be like yea go ed all monet do is tlk to brit about thing not be rude to others not tlking to ppl which she do the only ppl she dont tlk to is rac n kris dont make u rude she should of been thinkinf about getting the guys out

  13. BG, I think its because kathy and kristen are staying away from most everyone. Kathy especially because she really does just stay to herself or up in the hoh room.

    #9 Nate, ragan totally bought into Matt’s lie about his wife and sticks up for him constantly so he will vote out Monet unless something major happens today.

  14. I do feel a bad for what people say about rachel. SURE she likes to flaunt herself but there have been worse like natalie from bigbrother9. If you watched the afterdark on showtime for season 9 you know what I mean. especially early on in the season.

  15. Andrew knew Matt was lying cause he is a “doctor”..he may be a “foot” doctor but he is evidently up on ailments their medical term. Somebody said that Ragan was a doctor..What “field” does he practice?? If he is a doctor did he not know that Matt was lying??

  16. I really hope Matt goes home. I was all for Monet going home until Matt’s lie about his wife. That is just wrong. If I was his wife, When he does leave the house I would be waiting with divorce papers.

  17. Just took note in one of Ragan’s bio’s that he grew up in TEXAS..Who is the other HG from Texas??

  18. im sad for monet. ive said ti a few time recently.

    however. im now a fan of hayden. i already liked him cause he goes to ASU, but now to find out that he is a Arizona Cardinals fan, im all in.

    thats my dog.

    that had good sports talk last night.

  19. Hey Connie, I believe Lane is from TX.
    Brit and Monet are complete trouble…at least w/ Rachel, she may be gullible, but she isn’t lying maliciously.

  20. people are worried about the 2 person alliances
    with britney/monet & rachel/brendon, wait until they find out theres been a 4 person alliance right under their noses the whole time.

  21. ok if you really think about it all…Matt is doing what a BB HG should and that is lie, manipulate, and basically cheat. After all, that is the game. Kathy do you even know what show your on, with your butterflies and rainbows attitude. Your on BB not Sesame Street. The game is about deceit and perseverance, not b rate porn, and doing the “right”thing. Brendan Rachel and Kathy need to go.

  22. Exactly T raza-

    Show me a person that watches BB to see good, honest people being nice and trying to win this game that way, and I’ll show you LIAR.

  23. Jordan won last year without lying & cheating.
    I do know it’s part of this game,but matt’s lie is not what a person with morals and dignity do. He is scumbag period.

  24. T raza

    you’re right about Kathy — she is totally out in left field — get with it girl and start playing the game …………

  25. @ Bob your right Matt’s lie was a little over the top, however don’t let that sweet southern charm of Jordan fool ya. She was way into the game more then anyone including Jeff thought and she did lie to get there. I loved her for acting dumb and yet being game smart.

    • nah she is doing what almost all the older ppl do on the show be weak, kiss hoh ass, get carried to the end

  26. One way is by not using a sickness as a lie, when there could be people out there watching the show who have to deal with that everyday of their lives. If you still don’t understand the differnce between that lie or just telling someone your voting for them and don’t, or I wont put you up this week and still do then I don’t know what else to tell you.

  27. Really? For all of u who think marts awful, he’s really not. He’s so smart for putting himself as a pawn because he gets security of the brigade. The votes I think will be: lane Enzo Hayden kristain ragan brendon to keep Matt and Brit brat kathy and Andrew to evict him. Bye bye Monet.

  28. What ” Matt ” said about his wife ” Bless Her ” made me sick. I know it’s a game—but my grandson has c/p & wears braces on both leg’s & can run & play & we thank God for that, yes he is as sick as ” Johnny Fairplay ” & he did’t get to the end either. Nope, not feeling sorry for myself b/c we have a very special little boy who worked so hard to walk. He just makes me sick.

  29. I really hope TEAM MONET pulls through tonight! I have to give it to her, she is the one person in BB History that I have ever seen rally for votes like this! Matt deserves to go home over here for telling such a lie about his wife! I wish Monet knew about the Brigade so she could expose them if she does leave! Okay as of now Monet has Brendon, Andrew, and Kathy’s vote! I don’t think she will get Ragan or Kristen! I think she could get Lane or Enzo to vote for her and they could have everybody else think Ragan and Kristen did it! Come on TEAM MONET we can do this! we’re fighters. I’m praying for you! GOD BLESS! :)

  30. @bigbrotherbob

    I understand the severity of such a lie.

    I only disagree in the fact that I think Morals and Dignity are checked at the door b/c when everyone is going to be lying, then one can’t claim a higher moral authority over the next.

  31. I have a handicapped child..even if she were without a disability I would never make up a lie concerning her health…those kinds of “lies” have a tendency to come back n’ bite u in the ass or worse..

  32. My point is some lying is part of the example is a baseball player diving for the ball and traps it. he tells the umpire yes I caught the ball and lies. do I consider him having bad morals? NO thats part of the game of baseball. just like some lies are part of the game in bigbrother.I just think matt lie has no part in any game and is not moral.

  33. LOL wow…diobolical genius huh??? I want Monet to go but wouldnt mind seeing Matt go- its a win win in my opinion. I love Rachel she is soooo funny! Kristen doesn’t really say much does she????

  34. My grandson is 7 y/o, & yes that hurt. But what comes out of your mouth, you can never take back. He was born 2-months early.

  35. Lying is a part of the game..but people are having a problem with the “content of the lie” he told.

  36. @bigbrotherbob

    Good points. I don’t know though because a part of this game is about playing on the emotions of others (sympathy and empathy). Its kinda messed up, but the game is conducuve to the actions that Matt used.

    BTW I don’t really agree with his strategy. It’s lame.

  37. i hope andrew tells them there is no such thing as that disease if only he could do it without exposing himself as a doctor then stoopid matt will go home and monet will win hoh it would be smart not to put brendan and that ho rachel at the same time so one of them can go up if the other is taken off the block

  38. bigbrotherbob or w/e ur name is jordan did lie. she would lie to the houseguest who came to her to get to jeff since they were a pair.

    plus she didnt lie as much as usual because she was literally carried through 95% of the game

  39. I wish they showed matt’s wife today. I would love to see what she thinks of matt’s lie.

  40. Hi Everybody, Here’s how I see it: Monet is boring,a “debbie downer”, and a hater. The way she and Brit tear down Rachel and Kristen is not warrented. Kristen is way hotter than either of them. Having said that, Brachel may keep Monet in the house anyway because of their distrust of Matt.
    Matt is a blantant liar, manipulating and super smart, however, his ego is too large and he may go the way Ronnie did early in the game (week 4, I think). I really hope Andrew can see through the ploy of Matt’s wife’s disease story. I would rather see Matt in the game than Monet, but not for too long!
    Someone brought up the life-long friend theory that prehaps it’s Kathy and Brit… I hadn’t even thought of that. For some reason I thought it was Hayden and Kristen.
    Any thoughts on that, anyone?

  41. If they were smart they would realize with the job he has medical insurance would cover most of it. But as much as I hate to a lot of this group maybe book smart but not really street smart, I can see Enzo winning this season because he has the street smarts you need and he ain’t over playing it like Russell did in survivor.

  42. I guess I’m missing something cause I don’t have the live feeds but I keep reading that Monet has Brendans vote, how is this I thought he didn’t trust her at all.can someone explain

  43. in the diary room Matt was talking about the “lie” and he said that his wife was not sick at all..then he said “Sorry Honey”

  44. if Matt does make it to the final two and the jury found out about it that would really hurt his chances, look what happened to Nat. last season I believe it was her age lie that lost her the game.

  45. connie, you are right, I forgot that, too much mushy crap going on & not enough of all the house guest. It’s the Brandon & Rachel show this year & bb is leaving the reat of the cast out. Sick.

  46. Its kind of funny how both Andrew and Monet talk to Kathy about everything. That gives her a little bit of power, don’t you think? learning whats going on in the house, who’s coming after who, etc.

    @BIGBROTHERVAL I think that whoe ”pre-alliance” thing was just Annie’s deceitful method to sabotage Britney and Kathy. Remember, she put tape over both of their faces on that wall with their pictures, and THEN she left the HG’s a message saying two people came into the game with an alliance. She was trying to insinuate that Kathy and Britney had an alliance before coming into the game. Why else would she put tape on their faces?

  47. I think the 2 perople that know each other could be – Kathy & Brittany – mother daughter. they look very similar in facial features. Watch the next time they are close.
    Also Brendon and Rachel – we think to much to soon – hmmm not if they are already to gether outside the house. Food for thought

  48. Ryan15,how dang smart are you ! great idea & thinking. Love the name Ryan, my granddaughter’s middle name is Ryan !

  49. I said from day one Brandon & Rachel were married, but I love all these great ideas you people come up-with.

  50. I think the life long friends might be Matt and Ragan. Just noticed the star tattoo on Ragan’s shoulder. Matt looks like he has the same star tattoo on his left arm. Matt keeps saying he’s a superstar hero or something too. Just a thought…

  51. Matt’s super all-right { Super Jerk } there now i.m feeling better sitting here eating crackers, bologna & cheese.

  52. I sure hope there is a relationship… definately is making things interesting for us. I haven’t heard anything from the HG recently about it though.

    I like Matt even though he came up with this terriable lie, it’s really not a bad idea. He’s not the first to act like it was all about someone else and not just his own game. Who was it that was playing for their mom a house last year, or was it the year b4?

    And we have to have someone stirring it up. Matt has a taste of Evil Dick and despite himself, he was a great player! There is hope for Matt yet!

  53. Have several ideas on friends angle
    Hayden & Lane for the comment Lane made on Haydens sister living in his town and how mad/scared Hayden looked.
    Brendon & Andrew. why was Bren sooooo sure of Andrew alliance with him??? I NEVER see them talking. And why was andrew so happy when Rachael won HOH?
    Kathy & Enzo not sure why but their personalities are the same. I can see them being friends.

  54. I think the two that knew each other prior to the show are Andrew and Brandon….How is it that now one has heard of them talk to each other ever and yet Brandon was so sure of Andrew? Oh yeah if they have a secret and not even Rachel knows about it.

  55. RESPONSE TO DEBBIE 31: I too thought the Kathy/Britany lifelong friends last night. They have same accent, same body type, same bleached blonde hair similar facial structure, either they are mom/daughter or aunt/neice? Then again, you know how friends start looking like each other…? what about Ragan and Matt? They are very similar. My very first thought was Hayden and Kristin because I’ve caught them whispering to each other a couple times and the way they reacted to each other was like old friends..hmmmmm.

  56. It was said by the sabotager that you just have to look hard to see who are lifelong friends. The matching star tattoos on Matt and Ragan fit that perfectly.

  57. I really enjoy Hayden…what a breath of fresh air. Nice kid. Ranchin’ brings a man up right! Lane and Hayden could easily be lifelong buds. It seems like Lane is trying super hard to be quiet around Hayden.

  58. It is disheartening to see how Brit & Monet talk about others so mean and so childish. Then they bawl like babies when people target them and call it “personal”. I hope they learn something when they watch themselves later. I wouldn’t want two toxic people like them around…that can really get you down. i didnt like Rachel much at first but she’s really grown on me. Remember how young alot of these kids are. I think Rachel conducts herself well for her age. AND…I think she’s going to DUMP mr whimpy pants (brenden) during the show…he’s way too klingy. He looks like “all that” but he talks over Rachel and doesnt take her seriously. She won’t put up for that for long. Unfortunatley. It’s fun to watch their romance but it’s too weak, no substance.

  59. Sure am glad ” Rachel is not my DAUGHTER I would hang my head in shame. No Class at all & no brinning up. At least she could act like a lady on TV, but I guess there’s no brain there for cell’s. I have never seen anyone on any of the bb shows carry on so sick, & there has been some close times.

  60. then (judy) you havent watched all the after dark or live feeds from the other seasons. Believe me there’s been everything and more than you can imagine. Try not to be so harsh. It’s easy to be angry mean and rude isnt it? I choose to believe people are probably better than what we see of them. It’s just easy to hate. Be nice. She is someone’s daughter.

  61. what’s up with BB giving all the air time to the same people over and over again. Of course we are going to get sick of seeing R&B getting it on all the time. Let’s spread the air time around a little please.

  62. @#80 / u nailed that on the head with Mr. Whimpy pants! For being so good looking he sure is needy! I’m back and forth with Rachael. Sorry but she is smart, maybe not street smart but she gets that right sometimes too! She is way to flamboyant (in a kida trashy way) and is annoying but I think you got it right about them being so young!

    I’m soooo sick of seeing Monet crying about going. If she hadn’t put out all this bad energy they might not have all been against her. Britney is just as bad with the mouth but she is damn funny!

    I’m hoping Matt doesn’t get BD’d and they stick w/the plan!

  63. Young, to hell with that ! I never acted like that in my life. My Father { Bless his sole } would have used a switch on my backside, & I would had had that coming. Hope she don’t go to church, they’ll show her the door,!!! DISGRACE IS WHAT SHE IS & SHE SHOULD KNOW BETTER. I sure knew better when I was 6y/o. God !!

  64. #86: Judy shame on you for being such a hater. You don’t know this person only what CBS shows you and titilates you with. Like I said it’s so easy to be mean and put others down. You should look at yourself before putting others down. I’m so tired of people jumping on the hater band wagon. We don’t know these people at all or why they do the things they do. It’s reality tv not Christmas dinner at the inlaws. Lighten up.

  65. WOW! I think she is exactly the person to go to church. It should be a place to go and improve not to be shown the door!

    I do however agree with the switch part! lol

  66. I didn’t do a thing to that ?????, she did it to herself. And yes I,m no better then anyone, but I sure have respect for myself & a great country brinning up by the two most wonderful parent’s in the world. They taught “ME” to keep my legs together & a hell of a lot of pure good love. She is shameless !!!

  67. @#82 / I completely agree with spreading the air time! I haven’t even seen enough of Kristen and Kathy to have a real opinion yet.

    AND I will be looking hard to see if the stars on Ragen and Matt match! That goes right with the message and is an excellent point!

  68. i hope brendon doesn’t win HOH..i don’t think i can handle another week of “Brachel” in the HOH room…95% of the BBAD time was on the HOH room this week, can’t watch another week..BB there are 10 other HG’s in the house

  69. think it’s possible for Brendon and Andrew to be the friends..Brendon has stuck up for Andrew since day 1; and he keeps saying he can “control” Andrew’s vote and he would like to see Andrew win HOH

  70. We are now in a ” Tornado Warning ” here in lower Michigan. Bye-Bye Hope we don’t lose cable.

  71. JJ – I think you may be right with that one too! How else would Brendon be so sure that he is on his side??

    And he got super mad when Rachel wasn’t listening to him and was saying that she wanted to maybe put Andrew up. He got up and told her to do whatever she wanted and left her crying in the HOH room.

    I hope he doesn’t win HOH tonight either! We will have nothing but HOH BOOM BOOM for another week! Really, really over that one!

    I guess we are all pretty sure that Hayden and Kristen aren’t twins!lol I didn’t think they were anyway and after I saw them on the couch telling eachother how mysterious and hot they both were I think we all were pretty sure.

  72. After watching tonights show, I want Brit. to win. CBS, just seems to hand ” BIG RED BOTTLE ” the gold. Torch, nice to meat you,!

  73. Has no one else thought of this theroy matt and ragen are lovers? hence the “lifelong companions” title :) just a thought

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