Big Brother 12 Live Feeds: What You Can See This Weekend

Craziness in the Big Brother 12 house really breaks loose each weekend with the fallout from the HoH comp, Nominations, and Veto comp. This week Britney has broken the chain of power shifting between Brenchel and Matt with her win as HoH on Thursday. After last weekend’s explosive adventures with the return of Rachel I’ve got high hopes for more fun ahead but it’ll be hard to top that!

Since there’s no way CBS can show everything that happens on the uncensored house cams I thought I’d give you a rundown on what to expect over the next few days and what you can watch on the live feeds from within the BB house.

Friday will feature the build-up to the nomination ceremony. Britney’s potential target (Brendon, of course) will be running scared around the house trying to make deals which is always fun to watch. You’ll be able to listen in and learn who Britney is after and why. Friday night we’ll get to watch on the feeds the fallout from the noms which is always a loaded situation.

Saturday will bring us the Power of Veto competition as more deals are made and tensions run high amongst those put on to the chopping block the night before. This will be Brendon’s big chance at saving his butt so the pressure is on.

The Veto Ceremony will be held on Monday which means you’ll get two days of HGs’ battling it out for their safety and majorly stressing out all along the way.

If you’re new to the Big Brother Live Feeds then this is the perfect time of the season to jump in and start enjoying what the rest of the fans are already watching. There’s even a free trial period if you’re not sure it’s right for you. The BB Feeds provide an unedited view of the real Big Brother game as it happens so you’ll know the real story and not just what CBS wants you to see. Enjoy!


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  1. Buenos Tardes BB Post-ers & Nifty 9 Crew! :)

    Britt is on the warpath! So fantastic really, NOT!
    If only she would keep her word and shock the house by doing so, I mean she can always backdoor Brendon right? Course this is the twit with wit we are talking about so likely not! Brendon stay true to yourself don’t lower yourself to the likes of Raggity Rag and Mad Matt!

      • Indeedy das right! Hey she could so go home this week too! Ya know what goes up must come down! I know you’re jonesing on her Torch ;) She’s good at comps she’s proven herself more than enough to win it with 3 POV’s & 1 HOH! But I still hope she goes home! lol.
        Much as I hate to say I want it to be all guys, with Bren still in da house it will be worth watching! He just needs to win POV!

    • She promised Brendon that she wouldn’t nominate him or backdoor him… I hope she sticks to her word. Unfortunately, she isn’t very honest or trustworthy so probably not…

      • Ya and Bren promised Matt and Rag that he would not put them up. So why is it ok for him to go back on his word but its not ok for Brit?

      • No NO janna, brendon nerver said that he wouldn’t put up ragan, because right after his talk with brendon about it, ragan said that brendon was a coward for not taking his deal.

        Hey torch, say it aint so, your girl britney can’t be on the warpath, wasn’t she the one that has winned the most about people that let winning HOH go to thier heads and treat people bad, Ho I’m sorry she didn’t need to win HOH to do that.

  2. Brit should keep her word to Brenden, at this point in the game he’s not much of a threat because he is all alone and if he didn’t keep his word to her, she would most likely be in the jury house right now, because she would have been up against Lane and the Brigade would have saved him, Especially since it’s a double eviction coming up, and with such few people in the house, people are going to turn and Brenchel makes up like a third of the jury votes.

    • I agree, if she aligns with Brendon she could save herself for a couple more weeks. The brigade won’t hesitate to put her up. She will probably put him up (Brendon)and listen to Matt and put Enzo up too. She should really putup Matt but we know that won’t happen.

    • keep his word…whatever he only put up Matt instead of her because his girl told him too. He was ready to put her up. He talks just as much smack about her as she does about him.

  3. If Britt was smart (she’s not) she would get rid of Matt this week. Matt is the strongest player (like it or not) and he should go as soon as possible. I doubt Britt can win in any event

    • um… whos hoh this week? but yet as you claim, britt cant win nothing. so i guess 3 povs and now an hoh dont mean anything hmm?

      i love it, when you people have your fav. all you do is talk trash about the ones you dislike. and when you do, you forget everything theyve done. lol. too funny. you just made yourself to look like an idiot for your comment. way to go. congratulations. lol.

  4. Brandon is a pimp , even if he goes to the jh , he wil be bangin (and allready has!) the trashy redheaded bombshell by the end of the week. Be it good or bad red had loads of personality and i bet most of the dudes in the house would be praising brandan if the truth be known. BBAD showed 3 hours of Brenchal bashing weee that was fun Not . To top it all off most of it was cuming from a flaming teacher who is proud to have slept with over 200 guys! if he wins I will puke , glad he is not an instructor of one of my children. nothin against gays but I would dissassociate from Ragina as fast as possible. Thew Brat needs to go too, she is a 22 year old beutiful snake in the grass. Shes the epidome of pandoras box , align with her and there will be a price to pay. Remember how she was brenchal bashing before Red ever fired a shot. Go Brenchal, even if its only to spoil someones game with your jury votes.

    • lol, youre too funny… youre saying his buddies will be in awe over him being with rachel.. i dont quite think so. after all, his buddies will sleep with her within a week of meeting her too and see what a slut she is. if you cant see how easy she is, watch the youtube videos of her going home with dudes from a club for two shots of tequila. its actually pretty funny. well, its not, its pretty sad really. lol. funny for me though. lmao.

  5. It would be in Britney’s best interest to keep her word (for whatever that’s worth) to Brendon and not put him up this week. Otherwise if by some miracle she survives until the end, she will be guaranteed not to have Brendon and Rachel’s jury votes.

    Also, Ragan: SHUT UP! I am sick of hearing how happy you are about Matt. You are a fake and you think this game revolves around you and your feelings. Get over yourself!

    Enzo: You are never going to win HoH, so stop saying how close you were and how you will next tiem. You have been saying that every week and its getting old. Go home!

  6. If Britney was smart…and she is not…she would realize that targeting Brendan means the farthest she will ever get in this game is 5th place. Now would be the time for Ragan, Brendan & Brit too start their alliance. seeing as ragan & Brit are pretty useless when it comes to the gameplay ( see Raghan with Matt/Brit with Lane) I really feel they are doomed.

    • If the brigade keeps going as is, ragina and brat will be crying their eyes out in jury house when matt and lane send them there. I’m gonna be laughing too, serves them right for being so gullible.

    • The show starts with the eviction for the week. They go to an HoH comp, after which the new HoH immediately nominates two for eviction. He/she is only HoH for an hour or two.

      Then they do a POV, another eviction, and then another HoH.

    • danielle, the nominations by Brat will be made, they will play for POV and who ever is left on the block will be voted out Thursday night at the live eviction. Immediately after that they will play for HOH and the new HOH will immediately put two players up for eviction, they’ll play for POV and there will be another live eviction. All happening this Thursday! Best I remember that is how it works. Other peeps can verify that or correct it if I am wrong.

      • OK – so we will basically see two HOH comps and one POV comp on Thursday. Damn!
        It’s going to be interesting to see how the “brigade” crumbles…..

  7. Last time I subscribe to live feeds, most of the time it’s bubbles or all four cameras showing same room, even when things are happening in other rooms. When there is something interesting the bubbles start. Only thing I got from feeds is that BB manipulates everything, so not what is advertised.

  8. I think it would be a good ideal to put up Enzo and Hayden on the block, so if any of them won the POV they could put up Brendon. If Britney put up Brendon and he won the POV then she will have to put up her favorite on the block. Next week will be a double shocker and nobody yet know who will be going to the jury house too.

      • Yeah, it should more be, “can you guess adzactly what is going to happen this week”. Even with the “twist” I was able to guess what was going to happen. Noone in this house has a set, nor do they want to stir up the waters of the house.

        I am Team Brechel, just because they played the game and didn’t care who they upset.

    • Well I have to give it to Brendon. He is upstairs in the HOH room actually talking some game to Brit. He isn’t doing that much kissing azz but mainly talking about how much further she can get down the road with him and other game stuff. I know all she will do is go and tell Ragan and Mattie and they will have a good laugh. Well ok, but atleast he is trying to stay there. No different than what she did with him last week. Well one difference, Brendon never told anyone about what they talked about.

      • Well, I’m happy he is not giving up. But we can look forward to her DR session saying how she doesn’t care what he says because her mission in the house is to get him out.

  9. I still have high hopes for Brendon this week but even if he does go, one of those other suckers is following right behind him. So that part makes me smile. I hope its Brat. That would be sooooo perfect and I hope its at the hands of Matt or Lane. Wow, talk about a zinger. :)

    If Brendon leaves then it will be nice to see how dumb everybody else looks when they see how they realize how they could have went to the top with him and been guaranteed the money and how they could trust him. They all claim they are so smart but really they have proved to be really dumb to play a game based off getting out one person instead of playing for future of the game. If he made it to final two with anybody, only one person would vote for him and that would be Rachel. This cast is dumb as a box of rocks. They must have never watched the other BBs.

    • Rachel could see things analytically, but she let her emotions get in the way. Matt seems to be able to observe and pick up on some of the subtleties, but he gets so full of himself that he’s in danger of falling into a trap made up totally of his own arrogance. DUH-BOOR-GADE is getting overly cocky and letting things slip, but it’s still going over the HGs (air)heads… I have to agree with Rose… There are going to be a lot of stunned people slapping themselves in the head when they realize that they were totally played and outplayed by a bunch of dumb jocks…

    • How can anyone trust him? Does everyone forget that he promised both Matt and Rag that he would not put them up right before he did.

      • Come on get off that brendon promised matt and ragan that he wouldn’t put them up, He never promised ragan and he didn’t put matt up, It wasn’t until ragan won pov and took himself off that matt went up, And if you watch BB you should know that matt wanted to go up, so he could have his 15 minutes, using his dpov.

      • That is correct Chris the Great. Brendon was up there talking game to Brit not so much kissing azz but saying how much further in the game she could get and what he thinks who could get her there. Don’t think Brit will listen but if she does that would be a first.

  10. To all the Brit haters, she has managed to stay in this long so to call her “stupid” just makes you look stupid. The girl is no fool so to keep trashing her makes no sense at all. She hasn’t had to resort to being a slut either like Rachel or even Kristen and for that I give her some credit.

    • She is stupid to think that she can get through with Matt. He will throw her under the bus as soon as he can. She would take home the money if they were final 2. Unless Matt is dumb, he is not going to do that. At least she knows Brendon keeps his words and she would be guaranteed the money at the end. She is very stupid to think only for the present time and not the future. How does that make us look stupid? The girl is just as bad as Rachel, making decisions from a personal basis instead of a rational one.

      • you are right rose brit is hypocrite she bashed rachel for crying when she went on the block. she and regina (regan my bad) cried all the way to eviction night when brendon won HOH and almost flooded the HOH room when she begged brendon to keep her. now she will betray him and that sucks.

      • Then I guess that makes Brendan stupid for trusting her.

        To Tina though, I have a feeling Kristen could have done something good if she didn’t bother with Hayden (because I’m sure everyone’s hearing wedding bells.)

      • I’ll give you that Dylan. I don’t know why he would trust that little weasel cause i would have seen straight through her. But it was worth a try, what else could he do? He really wanted to get Ratt out because its his strong competition. He tried. And that’s one thing I can say about him is that he has been fighting to stay in the game. Everybody else sits back and waits to be evicted. If Matt wasn’t handed two powers for one competition then he would be in the jury house. But if it goes the way i think it will she will be the next packing her bags. Ratt will choose Ragina over her. Lane will choose the brigade over her.

      • You guys are missing the point. Whoever is 2nd HOH next Thursday is going to put Brit up, Ragan< Matt, Enzo, Hayden, Lane or Brendon already said they intend get her out before the final four.

        Her only shot is the same as Brendon, does not matter who they align with, Brendan or Brit must win Pov or HOH every time or they are out.

      • Rose wins, Brat is the kind of snake that that allready told us on BB a couple episodes ago that she was telling Brandon what he wanted to hear and she would lie to him as soon as she had the chance. The cool thing is that everyone left knows how she rolls and they will behead the snake as soon as they can. Rachal is going to be a force in the jh for it appeared she had a fairly good grasp on remebering the happenings of the game.It would be interesting to know if the ratings have taken a hit after she left both times.

      • Bren does not keep his word. Did you guys watch the same show as me last week he went back on his word to Matt and Bren. Oh ya and before he won HOH he made a deal with enzo and hay and went back on that to.

      • He kept his word to Brat but she will not do the same which is why she will be the next person out the house unless Ragina wins.

    • Slut or not, the live feeds have caught her acting no better than Rachel. She said it was disgusting that bren sweats in his gym shorts when he’s working out, yet, she wears short shorts with NO UNDERWEAR on when she exercises and cameras have already shot her crotch shots. She doesn’t have any room to talk about Rachel being trash…

  11. Why are all the weasels and wimps on Brendans side now? He basically did whatever Rachel wanted him to do, a girl he just met and fell head over heels for, why I have no idea.He is whipped and is a very weak male, he does not deserve to win.

    • So its wrong to meet someone and fall head of hells in love? People do it everyday. That doesn’t mean he doesn’t deserve the money. Ragina doesn’t deserve the money for being the real hoe and sleeping with 200 men. Brat doesn’t deserve it for being a backstabbing witch, matt doesn’t deserve it for lying on his wife. We can give reasons for all of them. What makes Brendon worse than the rest of these snakes?

      • so let it hurt him. why is his character in question because he fell in love? Didn’t jeff and jordan fall in love? didn’t hayden and kristen fall for each other? didn’t janelle and micheal fall for each other? isn’t lane and brat falling for each other? can’t forget about ragina and matt’s showmance…lol. Again why is he so much worse than the rest of these characters?

      • Hayden had his alliance, so Kristen’s out. Janelle and Michael made more alliances, but Michael went out, Lane and Britney don’t even have each other’s backs, Ragina and Matt both have others.

        Brenchel came in aggressive, only keeping to one another. If you look at your examples, you can see that none of them became exclusive so quick. It was the first episode, and these two were making out in plain sight. The other difference is that these couples all have at least one partner that has an alliance (except for J&J who managed to make it [W/ help from the coup d’etats] but nonetheless are the outliers in the showmance destiny .)

        I’m not saying it’s bad character wise, it’s bad gameplay. Matt and Brit may do bad things, but it gets them further. When Brendan got w/ Rachel, he knew this was a huge risk. We even saw that he was willing to give up the game for this. In the end, love on Big Brother seldom works out and very rarely gets you first.

      • I can not believe that people out there truly think that those two idiots found “TRUE LOVE” this summer. They are nothing like Jeff & Jordan & shouldn’t even be in the same sentence. They are trashy & gross J&J were cute & fun.

      • I didn’t say they found “True Love”. I said he fell in love. That has nothing to do with whether he should win or not. Do you believe that Ragan, Brit, and Matt will remain friends after the show? Why is their “friendship” so authenticated? They have only known each other just as long and are claiming they each other too. Ragan crying like someone killed his puppy when he thought Matt was going home. Please…

  12. Seems so obvious Rachel was using her (sell the guy the guy the goods) from her Vegas days to convince Brendon to do her bidding. That “relationship” will last as long as an ice cream cone on a 90% day. He is a pathetic guy who will fall for anyone who gives him attention. Hope he goes soooon!

    • Canadians can get it. The free trial still requires a credit card and you may have to cancel to stop them from charging you.

  13. If it were not for Regan and Brit, I wouldn’t watch. They are the only two who make me laugh. Quit hateing on them for being fun and smart at the same time. If either of them were my family I would be proud of the way they have conducted themselves. The Brenda has the personality of a house plant and just doesn’t fit in. Don’t mean to offend anyone but if he hadn’t been sucking face with the witch for the first 2 weeks, he might have found a place in the game. No one wanted to walk into a room with them in it for fear of what they might see. Nobodys fault but his own…

    • I don’t really think Ragan is all too smart. He doesn’t realize his new boyfriend is already taken by the ‘bruhgayde’ and hasn’t really done anything but cry or yell at Rachel, which doesn’t help his game.

      As for Brendan’s personality, I agree, even his new alliance isn’t comfortable talking to him.

      • I completely agree, mama bear. I know we are outnumbered here, but I am only still watching b/c of Britney & Ragan. Britney makes me laugh, and she’s a smart, tough cookie who knows how to get what she wants. As for Ragan, he’s my fave!!!! I don’t understand all the bashing…I find him to be honest, and as for the ‘whining’ I only think that makes him more real. Besides, nobody did more whining and (fake) crying then Rachel. Some people just need someone to hate each week. I love Ragan and hope he can hang in there a little longer, even if it’s just to piss off Rachel.

      • I am enjoying Brit too; she cracks me up. Doesn’t she look in the face like Dolly Parton? Unreal. Now for Ragan I could have done without the tears & arguing with slutface, but you know her face was priceless when he let her have it back & walked off. She 90% of the time started it but if they would have ignored her I would have loved it more.

      • Yeah, I’m a Britney fan, and maybe wouldn’t mind so much having her in my family- but being proud of how she conducts herself? If I had a child I was proud of, they would not be on this show.

  14. I am baffled how anyone can root for Brenchel. I get that every show needs an antagonist to be interesting but to actually ‘like’ them? Yikes. If watched Ragan dissect Rachel when she came back he couldn’t have been more correct. If you sided with Rachel I’m willing to bet that you a) have never been to university or b) have been in jail or c)have no friends. Sorry.

    • I agree. I thought it was a bit harsh, but he mostly strained from using profanity and he was pretty much on point with all of it. Even at the end of his tirade, all she could do was stand there. I’m not a fan of Rachel’s but in a way I thought it was overly harsh – she is by no means an angel but Ragan def had her number!

      • I thought she deserved everything she got…. if I had been Ragan i would have been WWWAAAAAYYYYYYYY Harsher… and not even felt bad later, she had every bit of it coming!!

    • Get over yourself. I was a Brenchel fan, I attend the University of Oregon as a math major, have never been in jail, and have plenty of friends. Your stereotypes don’t prove sh!t for Brenchel fans.. Grow up

      • Exactly Sara. Sounds like something Ragina would say. The same guy who calls someone a slut yet sits around talking about putting Matt’s you know what in his mouth on the live feeds. We could assume some things about the Ragina fans based off that but we don’t.

      • Exactly. Brit and Ragina fans talk smack about Brenchel yet they get upset if that favor is returned. If you can’t stand the heat get out of the kitchen!

    • Lol, what r u talking about, I bet Rachel have more friends than Regan in real life, Rachel is very straight and emotional, which left many people dont like her and many people like her. However, she is not a bad person. Regan, he is the best so far I ever seen in attacking people verbally. As a professor with Phd (no doubt he is better than rechael). But, in my opinion, he is not a better person than Rachel. Like Rachel mentioned, living in the BB house is just a game!!!

      By the way, I have been more than one Universities and have never been in jail, and have many friends in different countries. Lol.

      • Has anyone noticed that the people that bash Brendon and Rachel. Always call the fans stupid,say we are homophobic, etc… We don’t say something is wrong with you for liking the weasels Ragina, Ratt, and Brat. We just talk about the characters.

      • I find it amusing that people dislike the trash talking hg’s and in the same post refer to Ragan as Regina and Britney as Brat or Bitchney. Something doesn’t seem right about that.

      • Lol! Actually Ashli Rae I call Rags, Ragina because he cries every five minutes like he has a vagina and needs some midol and a tampon. I don’t call Britney, Bitchney but that is a great name for her. I don’t dislike them for trash talking,if it were in someone’s face but the only time Ragina had balls was when he was forced to have them. The Brat doesn’t just trash talk, she is a lil manipulative backstabber and that’s why I don’t like her. Why would you take a bath w/someone and then go in the DR and talk about how horrible it was. Just don’t get your two-faced ass in there. I don’t like her because she is two faced. I don’t post about the trash talking, I talk about her being a snake and how dumb it is for them to target one or two people for the entire show. Their real reasons are dumb. And I will be happy when both Ragina and Brat get sent to the JH by the same people who have been using them the entire show. They are so obsessed with B and R that they couldn’t even figure out the stupid Brigade. They are gonna look so stupid in the end.

      • Sorry Ashli, I just assumed because you responded right under me that you were talking to me. But no, no guilty conscience here. :)

    • Dear, led head (sorry I’m bad) zeppelin, sounds to me that you know all that by looking in a mirror, Would you please name the University you went too, How meny times you have been in Jail, And the number of your friends. Because I happen to think that ragan showed no class, And sunk to an all time lower, the way he talked to rachel.

  15. Can anyone give a good reason for slamming britney. Because I have only seen her gossip. I feel this has been a gOod season I have enjoyed it.

    • How about she’s a hateful, spoiled brat who has trash-talked this entire season, beginning with her partner in trash, Monet. Trash talk is not game play in my humble opinion.

      • In all due respect you, my self, and most others on this site are trash talkers. So humble or not we are just as guilty as her and the others on the show. Sometimes we cant see the refections in the mirror.

    • Imo, I think the season has been predictable with the hgs all voting together instead of for themselves. I felt the DPOV was a major loss, there wasn’t even any drama from it, Matt stayed safe and evicted the ultimate floater. I think they got rid of the best thing to boost ratings, which was Rachel, love her or hate her, SHE’s the one that made the game interesting and dramatic, again, imo here. Britney I like for comic relief, and I get that her gossiping/lying/backstabbing/two faced attitude is part of the game, but I don’t know if I would want to see her win. I honestly like Brendon the most out of the whole house. I would probably want Lane to win if Brendon wasn’t there, but he hasn’t done sh!t to prove he’s earned the 500k. ====

    • I consider her mean comments more interesting then the brigade and brendan talking about Hayden breaking pool sticks.

  16. Last night, Ragan told Matt he makes $60,000 a year. His field of professional expertise is the study of mocking and ridiculing people with crude, obscene and hurtful dialog behind their backs. Seriously. Look it up.

    • I think Ragina is a huge whiner in real life as well . I did see him whining about making only 60k and having student loans 4 life. He can clearly find something to bitch about continually, even when it appears they had a big win by saving his lvr matt. Rose has both sides pegged.

  17. Everyone needs to sit and realize how good of a position that horse-toothed gremlin/troll Matt is sitting in right now! He’s got Britney and Ragina one one side and “the brigade” on the other. He’s sitting pretty!! Why the hell does everyone want to go after Brendan so badly, when they’re going to have to start turning on each other right after he’s gone? This is WAY too late in the game for people not to be thinking for themselves and just going with what “the house/majority” wants. They’re all sheep! I’ve not liked this season much.

    • I totally agree. I cannot believe how blind they are. I am so sick of Ragina’s emotional out bursts. Ugh his voice is so annoying. He is such a nasty girl

    • That’s what I don’t get. Matt’s going to turn on hay/enzo/lane if either of those guys go, he will still have brit and ragina in is pocket..Hopefully, Bren can pull a rabbit out of his azz and stick around long enough to see Matt become the target lol.

    • The brigade wants him out when they can manage to. Brendan knows he’s no good, and he could even tell Britney about Reagan’s little talk w/ him.

      • Enzo wants to throw Ragina under the bus to Bratney because of the smack talk Ragina was doing to her all last week

      • Brendon is no good? He knows this? Wow didn’t know you could mind read. Do you make money doing this?

  18. Don’t have live feeds, can someone tell me what is going on in the house right now? Nominations?

    • no, nominations are later, they’re still doing a food / maybe trivia comp to see who’s going to be on slop

  19. @ rosie. Everyone is bashing everyone no side is very nice. I think the best player should win. The last 2 will be the best simply because they made it to the end. Its a game that’s the way its played.

  20. I don’t know if was our Matt or someone else put up the website that we can watch the shows back video’s. Does anyone know what it is? I missed the first 15 minutes of last nights show and would love to see it. Thanks

  21. Everyone should want Matt out. He should be the target. He can play the game. He wins comps if he WANTS to. He’s the strongest player. I would want him outta there ASAP But these HG’s are stupid and they really aren’t playing the game. Only Matt is sho far. (like it or not)

    • I agree to a certain extent, I think if Matt wanted to play if better, he would’ve put up Enzo instead of Kathy, the dpov thing was boooring this season, I don’t consider it a blindside at all to use it on Kathy, there was no shock. But I do get that he didn’t use it on Enzo to keep more of the numbers to himself by weasling his trust back into the BORgade. But I think it’s too late for that.

      I wish Bren would stop acting like he’s not playing a game and get into everyone’s head and plant lil seeds, but he’s totally acting like he’s going next and not interacting with the HGs more… Ugh, And I want him to win

      • For Bren to win he’d have to stop playing a “revenge game” for Rachel. I think it’s too late for him now. Even if he sucks up, I doubt he has the votes to win if he was the final 2.

    • I think they all believed that Kathy was the saboteur that is why she was selected. Plus being an easy target that would offend no one.

    • Matt is going far in this game. He has everybody where he wants them and unless these people start using their brain, they will be his stepping stool to the top. I’m sure Brat will waste her HOH getting out someone that she could use. I’m sure she thinks everything will be peachy once Brendon is gone but unless Rags wins HOH, she is gonna be in the JH very soon.

    • needle d!ck? came from Enzo i think, but production said that they’re not allowed to refer to him as that and had to retape everything they said where they called bren ND.

  22. IF Ragan ends up on slop again, the “Zingbot” should come and cry and say, “Boo hoo, boo hoo. Ragan is on slop, woe is me, woe is me, boo hoo”

    • Lol! I can just imagine his face when the Zingbot says it. He would be so pissed and run off playing victim again.

  23. If CBS doesn’t do better before this season of BB is over, I will not have Sho after dark next yr. or live feeds. This has been a most dissapointing yr. for me and I have watched from the beginning. Has anyone else had trouble with the live feeds or is it just me? Has it always been this bad? This is my first year of LF, and I won’t do it again. Everyone trash talks on the show but if you listen, you can feel the real person that they are out in the world not locked up in the house but I gotta admit, I can’t get a feed on who Matt is outside the house.

    • I never had live feed. Someone else complained about “bubbles” what is that about? Do you think the LF is worth it?

    • they are bad this year, tons more bubbles and most of the feeds are on stupid things like snoring, popping pimples and fish

      • yes, the feeds go out so we don’t get to see/hear everything, usually it’s production talk they’re not allowed to say or it’s something they’re holding out on til the show aires. But Bren was able to tell Enzo that because he told Britney she going to be nom’d, production told him he had to undo it, that’s why he chose Lane and Ragina, he was going to put up Bratney instead of Ragina

  24. Does anyone with LF know if Lane has tried to influence Brit on who to put up? If Matt was smart, he would have visited her often in the HOH Room and then had Lane follow up with his “dirty work” to bring it home. If I was Matt I’d want Enzo up, but I’d not want a hand in it. But maybe he thinks this is a good week to get Bren finally out.

  25. i think this season is getting better. i know it dragged on in the beginning but im soooo excited brit wonnnn!!!!

  26. I can’t wait to see the banality that is Brit’s life when she shows off her HoH room.

    She has been pretty much a clown since day one. remember her sitting around with Monet trashing everyone?

    I bet it’s all junk food & Barbie dolls.


      It was on BBAD. She got a Razorbacks Shirt and Blanket (the blanket is Nicks and smells like him) she got Sangria, Hamburger Helper, Play-Doh, A Gaga CD, Shampoo/Conditioner and photos of an eight grade her, family xmas pic, her dog and nick+her.

      • dylan, don’t forget the letter, How could you forget the letter from home, She onlu looked at and read it over and over and over, raga was the only one left in her room.

      • Oh yeah, her letter said that her younger brother is a rebel now that he’s in school (more like misbehaving), her older brother Brendon (who has a rough history with Mrs. Brittany’s Mom) is getting along with mom, Nick went back to Little Rock (with her dog, Molly) so the Haynes got a Golden Retriever pup and her Dad acts like he doesn’t watch- but he seems to know everything that goes on.

        In case you don’t know already, Britney’s mom wrote that.

  27. bren says he should just go ahead and eat anyways since he knows hes going to be nom’d

  28. I wish they would do away with the slop, it adds nothing to the game, other than makes house guests more whinny. It doesn’t affect game play at all.

  29. Brenden and Lane talking about comp, sounds like they had to drink shakes, Hayden said something about a salmon/cookie dough drink

  30. enzo tells lane that brendon told him he was going to throw mat and ragan under the bus to britney

  31. lol this was the rope comp for HOH…

    Bitchney: “Brendon taking the lead makes me want to lay my face down in the mud puddle, suck in a bunch of air, and kill myself.” Bitchney darling, sucking in air won’t kill you. You’re actually doing that all the time. Try inhaling the mud instead. Well, go on. I’m waiting. Brendon has the lead. Well? … As I thought; all talk.

  32. Ragan is just insufferable – can’t bear to watch him whine like a little girl. Enzo is just sucking up the oxygen in the house, and a total waste of space! Kathy was as exciting as a door knob – it was inevitable she had to go. Matt for being a member of Mensa – sometimes I have to question his intelligence – can’t believe he doesn’t see through the other members of his blood sucking alliance!

  33. Brenden would have alot more supporters if he would stop bashing D’Gremlin alliance and called out Enzo and Hayden for sending out Rachel but he doesn’t have the nads to do this… He’s just a bully and nothing more..

    • This is his chance to stir things up. If he can tell Brit about Reagan turning on her or tell Matt about the BG turning on him (if they let Brendon in on this stuff.)

    • I just laughed my butt off @ D’Gremlin alliance. That’s perfect! Now I don’t have to name them individually. Lol!

  34. Due to the unsavoury characters on BB this season I have been relegated to begrudgingly rooting for Brendan who has become some sort of Rachel zombie since her ouster. “Give my love to Rachel”. How did we not know that would be the last words he would say to Cathy… I laughed because I knew he would say something about her.

    It’s looking bleak for my boy. Forget Rachel and start making connections and alliances.

    Honestly, it seems like no one this season has a clue about Big Brother. Maybe Matt does..

    • I agree Andrew. They just don’t have that BB game play like the past seasons. They all are too personal. I haven’t seen a strategic move yet. Besides Matt getting rid of Rachel. They don’t know when to start playing a different hand of cards. Too fixated on Brendon. Matt is acting like a chess player with them (as much as I hate to admit that because I can’t stand his cocky

  35. Its fairly obvious to me the final 2 will be Matt and Lane, everyone likes them and they each have 2 strong alliances

    • Britt is HOH this week…so she can’t be gone! and i hope it’s not Enzo…i’m hoping it’s Ragan! sorry not a Ragan Fan!

      • Um, it’s double elim this week and she can’t fight for the HoH. Many people think she’ll be gone in the 2nd round of elimination on Thursday.


  37. If brendon is nominated this week and he wins pov, enzo goes home. Everyone but Lane will be gunning for Brit. I felt like this season is pretty predictable. Boring. I wish Brit will break the brigade and put enzo and hayden up.

  38. here’s what’s goijng on in the bb house right now:


    2:12 PM Brit and Bren talking in HOH room; Brendon throwing ppl under the bus…

    2:15 PM Bren in HOH with Brit

    He tells her that Ragan/Matt tried to get him to put her up last week….saying he doesn’t trust Matt.

    Bren pointing out that Matt said he wouldn’t have used the DPOV on anyone but himself.

    Brit wants to know who else was saying to put her up. Bren says there were a lot of people who thought she was a strong competitor, but doesn’t name any names.

    Bren: If you put me up, put me up. I’m not going to try to make deals and butter you up. If you keep you deal, that speaks volumes with me.

    Now Bren talking about Matt saying rude things to him and refusing to apologize…says the things he said to Brit/Ragan were to try to get Rach to stay and he apologized.

    Brit saying she doesn’t want to play personal. Bren says not to play on what ifs…this is after she says if he had put her up, she would have gone home.

    Bren telling her that if she puts him up, it will be going back on her deal and it could cost her his, Rach’s, and Kathy’s jury votes. Then says it is her decision.

    Brit says she’s trying to think strategically.

    Bren tells her he doesn’t want her to play for Matt/Ragan.

    Brit says no one has tried to make final deals with her.

    Bren saying if she keeps her word (not to put him up), he will win the next HOH and she will not be his target.

    2:18 PM Bren tells Brit that Matt/Ragan are the strongest couple in the house.He says it’s ridiculous to think they don’t have a final 2 deal.

    2:21 PM Bren says to do what she feels is right for her, but remember that he has influence in the JH.

    2:25 PM Brit tells Bren that it’s a hard decision because she genuinely likes everyone in the house.

    2:29 PM brit and brendon still in HOH

    She says she’s trying to put emotions aside.

    Bren says that’s good, then goes back to talking about not trusting Matt. And tells her to do what will get her further in the game.

    Brit asks if anyone else would come after her next week. He says he thinks eh has sway with Enzo/Hay and that eh will not put her up.

    Bren pointing out Matt broke his word when he sent Rachel home.

    Bren saying he wouldn’t put her up even as a POV replacement.

    brit – i’m not thinking of going back on my deal, but i’m having trouble deciding.

    bren – saying hes not going to throw anyone under the bus. saying ragan was up here last week making him deals and trying to make a secret alliance. last week matt and ragan were pushing you to go up. matt said openly that if you or ragan were on the block he wouldnt have used the DPOV. he knows he has a hard fight to get to F2

    brit – were those 2 the only ones who tried to get me put up?

    bren – well there were others …. people want you out for the same reasons they want me out. we’re strong competitors. figure out what you think is going to help you best. if you have to put me up, put me up. i’m exhausted, i’m not going to butter you up. if you honour our deal, it will speak volumes. matt still hasent apologized to me for what he said during eviction ceremony. i took real offense at what he said that i didnt think formyself. i made that decision, not rachel

    brit – when matt pulled himself off,i knew that you would have put me up if you got to pick the replacement. i would have gone homelast night. if matt had won POV and taken ragan off the block, i would have gone home last night.

    bren – we can sit for months and play the ‘what if’ game
    brit – i dont want to play this game personally……

    bren – you cant base your decision on what did happen. the only thing you can change is what you do going forward. if you put me up,whatever. but if i go to JH i will tell kathy and rachel. those are 3 votes i have huge sway with. if you want to make it to final 2 and come second, thats cool. i know we all have to backstab at some point, but i think its too early. do you think matt and ragan are going to take you to final 3?

    brit – no one has made me any deals at all

    bren – ragan tried to make a deal with me last week …. he said no one would suspect it. everyone is playing this game one week at a time. if you keep your word i will remember it if i win hoh next week. i’m very competitive in these comps and you wouldnt be my target

    brit – do i go with the theory that we take competitors to the end of the game? i could do that, but everyone says it and no one does it.

    bren – everyone views matt and ragan as a pair, and you and lane as a pair. matt called you out to me like week 2.

    brit – im as good friends with hayden as i am with lane. lane and i arent a pair.

    bren – he wouldnt put you up

    brit – i dont know that. saying she wants to play strategic.

    bren – dont play what if games. guess what, i sent home kathy on my HOH game. it sucks i’m still being targetted for being a strong pair when my pair is gone. the new strongest pair in the house will still be here. you think they havent made a final 2 deal? it doesnt make sense

    brit – it makes me mad when i hear that peope were trying to get me out last week

    bren – me too, but i’m used to it. people say whatever they can to stay safe
    brit – even lane has been standoffish

    bren – he wants someone to fight to be here, but he doesnt want someone who fought dirty. if matt doesnt apologize he has lost my vote in the jury house. he said he wasnt going to make it personal and then he did. i apologized to all 3 of you. i want to have a good time, i dont want akwardness. matt and ragan are really trying to make it akward for me. no one cared when we were up on the block, no one felt bad for us

    brit – saying she was there for rachel

    bren – agrees. saying matt and ragan are trying to make it bad for him. if you go back on the deal i will have a hard time forgetting that. if i go, its good for matt and ragan. if you go, its also good for matt and ragan. you were the people that everyone wanted gone last week. i dont trust matt … people wanted to keep him here. he watched his best friend cry all week. we found out matt was the one who told kristen and hayden that we were against them and vice versa. if you are going to play the game, do it straight up. dont sneak around. i’m done with that.

    brit – its a hard decision. i like everyone. i’m trying to put emotions aside

    bren – i had an opportunity to send you home last week, but i didnt b/c i thought you deserved to be here more than matt and ragan

    brit – do you think that matt and ragan are the only people who would come after me?

    bren – maybe, maybe not. i think i have some sway with hayden and enzo. matt kept his word one week and then the next week sent home rachel. i have beef with matt and ragan. if i win HOH next week i will put them up. i wont put you up for initial or replacement nom. ragan will come up here and be in your ear and hes good. thats why i put him up … he was hiding behind matt. just make sure you dont do the work for someone else that puts you in a bad spot next week. i wouldnt be surprised if they tried to make a final 4 deal with you and lane, and then cut their throats. i wouldnt be surprised if they viewed you as a bigger threat than me.

    brit – i know i dont want to be in a final hoh endurance challenge against them

    bren – i wont be upset, i’m tired of ragan and matt making me upset. i just wish matt would apologize. it was my decision. says ragan was still bashing rachel last night, saying he should have said more about her during julies question.

    2:41 PM hayden and enzo in HN roomH – if mat would have went home…
    both – why did he get rid of kathy> he shoulda got rid of britney
    E – we would have been set up if matt went home
    H – thats the second time matt has screwed us. if we win next week, we gotta put matt up with ragan

    2:41 PM Bren leaves HOH. Brit asks him to send Hay up.Brit tells Hay she doesn’t have anything serious to talk about…just wanted Bren to leave.

    Brit tells Hay that Bren said everyone was telling him to put her up last week and that he’s the only one that will not put her up next week.

    2:46 PM Brit tells Hay that Bren said he controls votes in the JH and can control Hay/Enzo.Brit says the only people Bren “straight threw under the buss” were Matt and Ragan.

    • Thanks for the FB! Man, you see how sneaky she is. Now she is gonna lie and twist his words? Man, she really hates him.

      • Does britney not understand that when the other HG’s get to the jury house that they are going to talk and all britney’s lies will come out?

    • wow… Bren is so transparent, if i were Brit i would know Bren is in with Enzo/Hayden/Lane against Matt/Ragan.

      Brendon is REALLY pissed at Matty… partial b/c of what Matt said to & about him at DPoV and secondly Bren thought he was sending Matt to the j-house as a “i love you Rach” gift that PROVES his love for her.

      *cough*hack*hack*cough* sorry i’m gagging, hold on a minute………. ok, i’m ok.

      So when Kathy walked in the j-house what message did that send Rach… “sorry, Rachel I’m a bumbling idiot and can’t accomplish jack for you… which proves I really don’t love you!!!”.

      Unfortunately Kathy will have the dvd that shows what happened, I hope they have the whole speech that Matty gave… Rach will get stinky fall down drunk *tequila rach* & will plan on ripping Matt limb from limb when he hits the j-house.

      • rachel’s first reaction to kat’s entrance will be very telling about her TRUE feelings for brendon.

        if she says something like “what happened?” – then i might THINK about cutting her slack about really being in love with brendon.

        BUT – i would bet money that she will stay true to her nature and her initial reaction will be something like “WTF BRENDON… CAN’T U DO ANYTHING RIGHT?”
        yeah – THAT’S true love, for sure! lol

  39. matt makes me so sick he sits there laughing and bragging so cocky but im hoping brittney realizes that if she keeps brendon in she has a chance 2 upset the house and then she will see 1st hand the brigade come out like roaches. and if she doesnt then i hope brendon wins the pov and a platnum pov that knocks out 2 hg now thats real t.v.

  40. conversation between britney & hayden:


    2:58 PM hayden and brit in HOH….

    B- talks about what brendon was saying. he told her no one likes her and everyone was throwing her under the bus. she says shes on track with the final 6 they talked about, but matt is a huge threat to win this game. i love matt to death
    H – so we’re still on the same page with that (matt)
    B – yep. i’m glad hes still here tho
    H – me too.
    B – esp when it comes to the POV tomorrow. i just hope i have an HOH week.

    discuss what veto might be. part mental part physical … the trick will be being the fastest.

    H – i want brendon out more than anyone in the house
    B – i feel like i am the perfect person to take to the final 2. i have 3people on jury who hate me, i have no shot to win
    H – i feel like you have a shot
    B – there are people who have managed to keep R/B on their good side and that sucks.
    H – i dont think brendon is going to vote based on emotion.
    B – telling him what brendon said to her to convince her.

    (talking about matt)
    H – i know that you and i have been on the same page for the past 4 weeks
    B – and i know that page needs to be turned. not this week….
    H – maybe next week.
    B – he knows i was never voting for him to stay over lane
    H – suggests that if brendon comes off the block, he will be screwed
    B – says hes not screwed, she doesnt know who he would go home against. hes a threat but not the biggest threat. i do not want you to go home. i cannot send home hollywood hayden. i need you in the house.
    H – suggests that him, lane and brit try to work together. asks who she will put up with brendon.
    B – she says thinks she knows (doesnt say). says shes going to take the easiest way out.
    H – asks if hes going on the block?
    B – laughs and points to the playdoh hayden, says that guys not going on the block
    H – laughs … repeats that hes glad hes not going on the block. says hes glad they are on the same page. he knows that anything they have talked about has not been repeated to anybody
    B – i think lane kinda knows, he talked to me about it once. he brought it up that matt says alot of stuff that lanesays
    H – matt has come to me and told me things that he knows arent true
    B – i know, he does it all the time
    H – brings up that he thinks matt turned H/K against R/B
    b – says she knows about that. says rachel told her about her deal with matt. she says matt is the reason that they are still dealing with brendon b/c of him
    H – if matt makes it to the end, he wins
    B – agrees. the only thing that screwed up this week is the POV. she is going to fight hard for it
    H – if he comes off, what are you going to do? you have to be ready for the worst case scenario.
    B – i’ll figure something out
    H – i’m not going to throw anyone under the bus, but keep that in mind
    B – send lane up here when you go down. i’m glad we are on the same page.
    H – its a good page. i’m not gonna be mad about who goes up against brendon … unless its me.
    B – i cant control if anyone is mad. i can’t nominate brendon and his toe. i have to be smart, b/c if brendon wins, that person stays on the block. thats why i cant risk putting someone up that i like
    H – loves that they are on the same page
    B – we can sniff it out
    H – next week bren is gone, and you have lane and i playing in HOH comp. if matt or ragan wins HOH i dont know what they are going to do.
    B – i dont know where M/R’s heads are at
    H – says hes not going to throw anyone under the bus
    B – the convos we have are confidential, (about matt)
    H – have a think about what you wanna do though, and what peoples agendas are. last week, ragan knew that enzo and i were the deciding vote and he came to us trying to make deals to save matt. just shows how close they are.
    B – agreed with him.

    3:00 PM Hay comes down from HOH and tells Lane Brit wants him up there and wants him to bring her batteries.Lane: Are you kidding?

    Lane: I’m going up there and throwing all of youse under the buss. Then I’m gonna throw myself under the bus

    I LOVE LANE!! LOL :)

  41. britney & lane’s conversation:
    3:08 PM lane and brit in HOH……

    B – i tried to throw you under the bus (to brendon) but he wouldnt bite. i said you were being standoffish. he told me everyone wanted me out last week. tells him that Brendon said he needed to be there to protect her the next week
    L – did he throw anyone under the bus?
    B – ya, matt and ragan
    L – nothing about enzo and hayden?
    B – just that he can work and control them
    (talking about nothing for a bit)
    L – (changing subject) in your blog, tell nick not to judge me
    B – what did you say about him yesterday?
    L – i didnt say anything bad.
    B – did anybody?
    L – says he was mad that brit said that nick had a beard, when lane takes real pride in his beard.
    talk about nicks response to lane

  42. I just thought of this. If Brendon wins POV and then HOH next Thurs., he will be in the final 5 after the show next Thurs. I think the final 5 can all play for HOH. I’d like to see the underdog make it there.

    • My prediction is she will put up Brendon and Enzo (as a pawn) if Brendon wins POV she will replace him with Ragan !!

      • i know Enzo is like the worst player ever but i just love listening to him talk! Yo i can’t play these competitions for Sh*t! lol

  43. Well ok I been watchin BB for years. This one hmmmm..I was gettin disappointed but now that the hhhmmm is gone I am enjoying it more. Rachel now there is a Vegas piece of work as far as I can see..but Someone make Ragan stop Crying & whining,hell he has $20,000 giv it a rest. & Matt gezzzzz

  44. rest of lane, britney & other hgs conversation:
    3:29 PM brit and lane in HOH, enzo and then matt come in after……

    lane asks who brit is going to put up


    lane saying that the best case scenario for brit if she goes up next week is to be against ragan and not lane. lane saying that he couldnt vote for brit if he was on the block against her
    L – bad luck that kathy left. but good luck, cause matt stayed
    B – who would you say you are closest to in the house.
    L – i’m close with alot of people. hayden is my boy
    B – if i was up against hayden who would you vote for?
    L – it depends on circumstance
    B – if we are in the final 4, and you are the deciding vote, who do you vote for?
    L – (skirts the quesiotn and pretends not to understand)
    B – brit explains and re-asks the question a few times
    L (doesnt answer) .. i’m closest to hayden, but i am closer to you. what i wuold like to see, is me you and hayden in F3. you need to start looking that way. more than likely, if enzo wins, you know you are going up next week, hopefully with ragan. you stay, ragan goes home, the person who put you up wins HOH … I think enzo has an idea hes going up. hes not going to take it well.
    B – you think he’ll be really pissed if he goes up?
    L – either way, if he wins next week hes putting you and ragan up. i’m not throwing him under the bus, thats just fact.
    B – i wont tell anyone you toldme that
    L – you have an easy decision. it doesnt matter, we just to not let brendon win POV.
    B -agrees


    (Enzo comes in)

    E – did he throw me under the bus?
    B – he (brendon) only said that he can control your vote. it sucks. everyone wants the same thing this week. we have to win veto.
    E – complains that he is always being left alone with brendon

    (enzo leaves)

    B – what was that? that was weird
    L – he was just feeling you out.
    B – he didnt even talk to me
    L – i’ll tell him to come up after i leave

    (talking about nick and how he is going to be pissed and lane)

    (matt comes in)

    M – so what did brendon say?
    B – oh we’ll talk about it, he threw you under the bus hard
    M – what did he say?
    B – that you were actively campaigning to ger me out etc etc. heis most mad about you not apologizing for calling him a dummy. he said you were hardcore about getting brit up on the block
    (they all laugh)
    M – ya, i was trying to get you up on the block when i had the diamond power of veto.
    B – tells him that brendon mad at him and ragan about various things
    M – how did you handle it?
    B – i told him i was considering all my options and i didnt know. he tried to ask if the deal was still good. she asks them for help with her speech

    (talk about the speech a bit and lane bashing nick)

    M – jokes about how brendon said he was campaigning against britney. why would he waste his energy campaigning against someone when he wasnt going home. if i was against you, and i had the option to replace, wouldnt i have put you up? i hope he comfronts me, he is a dummy.
    B – he will confront you, he wants an apology
    M – oh like how he didnt apologize to you until he needed something? if he confronts me i will call him a dummy for not realizing why i called him a dummy.

    3:36 PM matt and brit in HOH.. ragan comes in..

    B – lane , when you go down, ask ragan to come up
    M – you want me to leave?
    B – no

    (lane leaves)

    M – asks if he needs to defend himself regarding what brendon said?
    B – no, i didnt want to say everything in front of lane, i didnt want it to become common knowledge.

    (ragan comes in)

    B – (sarcastically) so brendon let me know that you two were throing me under the bus, and that you were campaigning against me and that you two were the only ones who were against me last week, and that you are planning on getting rid of me next week
    R – right. hes such a POS

    Brit is called to the DR

    B – i hope its not noms. i’m not ready with my speech.

    they talk about how dumb it was that brendon thought that he could convince brit that matt was trying to get brit out, when he had the DPOV.
    B – you two were aparently the only ones that were after me last week and that if you win next week i am going home
    R – this goes without saying, but the only 2people whose backs i have are the 2 of you. i give my word that if i win HOH neither of you would go up in any capacity. his goal is us to pick a fight with him.

    they laugh some more about brendon not thinking he was dumb b/c he has 2 degrees in physics.

    B – you were the only people he threw under the bus
    M – we are his targets

    3:38 PM matt and ragan continue making fun of brendon in HOH

    3:49 PM brendon grumbling in hottub with hayden and enzo – complaining about PB – throwing matt under the bus

    4:00 PM lane and hayden joking in the pool about what they are going to do with the money. say the winner will pay for the other one’s ski trip

    4:02 PM enzo trapped in the hottub with brendon who is whining about life not being fair

    • Thanks for the updates!! Now I dong have to rewind the bs. Sounds like rachel has entered Brits atleast it sound like Brit is going to make some waves!!

  45. not sure I can watch this “slop” anymore not that anyone cares but its so damn least last year it made me smile,angry at times, shocked etc point being it illicited a lot of different feelings. Its just to disgusting this year to really get invested in anyone of the bufoons

  46. think I’ll go watch a cooking show more interesting to watch the onions sweat than any of these people

  47. Princess Brit gossiping from her throne. What a moron! No way should she be sharing any inside info with any of the houseguests.

    She really is smug about her position. I’m sure her speech will be brutal and not well played.

    • And everyone thought Rachel was on a power trip as HOH – geez. Britney could teach her a thing or two about being a powerful princess!

      • Let the girl have some fun. Her first HOH and the only female left in the game. She got a little bit of home and she’s feeling good.

      • can u please explain the “power trip”?
        sorry, i don’t get it.
        all i see is britney comparing notes and exploring her options. she’s not trying to tell anyone what to do like rachel was… ?

      • Come on CT, you know there are differant kinds of power trip’s She on one thinking that she has everything in her hands, Can’t wait to see her face when eveerything blow’s up in her face, Also by the time she gets to the JH, Kathy will have already told rachel all the thing that she has been saying behind her back, Yep I can’t wait!

      • i totally disagree chris.

        britney is SERIOUSLY thinking this through – finally some kind of STRATEGY in this game!

        EVERY decision rachel made was based on PURE EMOTION. i see no resemblance at all between britney & rachel’s hoh experience.

    • Dee please i can’t stand rags and whuny is def appropos but whinny honosexual is not appropriate. Hewould be whiney no matter straight are gay please don’t fall into that outdated sterotypical kind od thinking

      • In dee dee’s defense, Ragan often makes comments about his sexuality… yet he can’t take it when someone else does. Seems like a double standard to me.

      • thats rags problem has nothing to do with his sexual preference…would you call enzo a whinny straight man…just saying definitely whiney but that has nothing to do with him being straight

      • i don’t care for Ragan much…but him being gay has nothing to do with that! he is a bit of an emotional crybaby and can diss it out real good when he feels safe but when he’s not feeling safe he acts the same way that he Bitch’s at others for behaiving that way! but to call him a whiny homosexual is just too far…just like people called Andrew “The Jew” people are very disrespectful and insulting! who gives a shit if he’s a gay or strait…you can call him whiny cuz clearly he is but to throw in the homosexual part just makes you Dee Dee look like a racist homophob jackass!!!


    nobody has no freaking idea. britney has no clue she is walking into a trap no matter who she puts up.

    dont think she got the chance to talk to matt. they were not having it cuz they kept calling her to DR.

    i hope she puts up enzo but she is going to put up matt.

    looks like im going to have get a new favorite. again. c’mon matt! lol

    • Hmmmm…maybe she puts up Enzo and Matt. Brendon did give her a good game scenario about jury votes and her safety for a few weeks….

    • it depends on how many “strange minds” there are here, spikesmom…

      check this out:

      Only strange minds can read this! :)

      fi yuo cna raed tihs, yuo hvae a sgtrane mnid too…

      Cna yuo raed tihs? Olny 55 plepoe out of 100 can.

      i cdnuolt blveiee taht I cluod aulaclty uesdnatnrd waht I was rdanieg. The phaonmneal pweor of the hmuan mnid, aoccdrnig to a rscheearch at Cmabrigde Uinervtisy, it dseno’t mtaetr in waht oerdr the ltteres in a wrod are, the olny iproamtnt tihng is taht the frsit and lsat ltteer be in the rghit pclae. The rset can be a taotl mses and you can sitll raed it whotuit a pboerlm. Tihs is bcuseae the huamn mnid deos not raed ervey lteter by istlef, but the wrod as a wlohe. Azanmig huh? yaeh and I awlyas tghuhot slpeling was ipmorantt!

    • how am i misguided? all she was gunna aske if matt was cool with going on the block, but she didnt have time to get an answer.

      she is doomed no matter what she does. enzo will get everyone on board to get her out next week. and if she puts up matt? i mean she MUST win HOH or POV next week (after dbl eviction, well after the first eviction)

      she deserves to be in the game, but everyone is going to gang up on her. i hope ragan wins. he wont put up britney.

      and if im britney i would see right through lane’s b.s. he never wants to talk game and can never give her straight answers.

      • i realize matt is a snake (a good one, and he needs to be) but she is sort of bout to burn her bridge.

        i hope britney told matt how the brigade pretty much outed him, then he can ditch them, then go after them.

      • Well if everyone gangs up on her that is what it is. Brendon has been feeling that way since day one, let someone else for a change experience that. I don’t feel sorry for her at all.

  49. @Trish – if you get a chance check reply to your comment: Thread – Week 6 Live Eviction Episode; Page 2; Comment #21-Nancy; our comments near bottom of that comment.

    I recently saw your reply to me and felt I needed to reply to explain.

      • Greg I read your reply to me. I don’t care for Rachel at all. Do you have the live feed? Do you watch it alot? I do and I do and I see what Ragan and Brit do all the time. There is no excuse for what Rachel did but if she does have mental problems like you think then that is more the reason why Ragan shouldn’t have done what he did. How can anyone excuse his behavior but not Rachel’s? I think BB told her to go in that house and cause drama. What is Ragan’s excuse for his poor behavior? He knows he got the better of her yet he still continued? I am sorry but I don’t care for Ragan, he is no better in my eyes than Rachel and that is how I see it. Noone has to agree with me that is just my opinion and that is all it is.

      • i appreciate you reading my reply, guess i needed to get that out of me.

        i do not have lf but i would record/watch BBAD… really don’t know how you guys watch that stuff but that’s another topic.

        i can’t tell for sure Ragan’s excuse, maybe it was that time of the month & she struck a nerve when she stepped in the house and they just kept pushing each other buttons.

        i will say i doubt BB told Rach to go in there and cause drama… that was a GIVEN for sure w/o saying.

        i guess that’s my bad problem with her, it’s not following her, she’s creating it.

        oh yeah, I agree he was out of control he had her on the ropes and kept hitting her and there was no ref to stop the fight… in the real world other people would have been breaking that up.

  50. Couldn’t bring myself to watching BB After Dark last nite,because of Bratney winning the HOH. She was already irritating the hell out of me, before she won HOH, with all of her constant trash talking.

    Go Brendon, win that veto competition!
    So I can start watching BB after dark again.

    • I agree John. Everyone keeps saying that Brit will have to fight next week for her survival and that is correct. She should listen to Brendon and think about next week but she won’t. Too bad, for once she could have listened to someone who has been there since day one and knows how it feels to fight to be there. Brit will try to use her tears next week but it won’t work after what she will do this week.

  51. I think probaly misguidedly that they might gain a lil respect for her if she puts Matt up and she just might garner a few jury votes if she can hang in there..personally can’t stand her either but it seems like a better game plan to me

    • I have not watch feeds today..question??? Is Brendon finally wising up and starting to play the game for himself?? I hope so cause “somebody” in that house needs to …

      • he is to a point, telling brit that ragen/matt wanted her out a week ago, and that if she puts bren up she’s not going to get rachel and bren’s vote. And Kathy won’t vote for her to win against matt, ragan, or hayden

  52. SOOOOOOO..from what I have read Brendon has been paying “some” attention and is beginning to realize what is going on with the exception of Hayden and Enzo backstabbing him..Gotta keep watching..

  53. umm hello! Why was Matt allowed to receive outside assistance from his wife in her letter to him? Am i the only one who sees that as cheating and using outside influence to better yourself in the game? That is totally unacceptable in my eyes and I would like a Big Brother explanation as to why that was allowed to happen. I swear that will be the new blueprint for every other HG from now on in future big brothers.

    • I think after having a feel good season (Big Brother 11) with the relationship between Jeff and Jordan, Jordan winning, and Jeff just being an all around good guy, the plan this year is to have a villain be guided through the game. It was obvious BB assisted Jeff and Jordan when they were against the numbers, but now it seems Matt is getting all the help he needs. The little arrogant midget thinks he’s playing a great game yet his wife helped him with the illness lie and BB helped him with the DPOV.

      And I’ll explain why it’s cheating. Andrew sniffed him out on his lie, yet when he got that letter it ended any suspicion Andrew was having about Matt lying because he assumed BB would never let his wife influence the lie in a letter.


      I want an explanation.

    • Why was Rachel allowed to leave Brendon a message (using pretzles) spelling out Matt’s nmae??? It’s a draw….neither were correct in happening but BB let em slide through..

      • It was a pretzel message that said “Matt”. That is far from having a letter from a significant loved one support a lie you told on the show, especially a serious lie like it is. Also, Rachel was allowed back in the house and her move could be considered clever or stupid whichever way you look at it. Matt’s wife’s letter is plain old cheating.

      • ….so is passing notes and info from outside. kicked out is out. remember the stick over the airplane banner?

    • you are 100% right moogie!!! I never saw it that way just hated his sick lie but he did get outside assistance …there must be some sort of rule re: that

  54. I would put up Matt and Enzo. Matt is the best player so far, he needs to go. Whatever Brit does she won’t have the votes to win if she makes it to the final 2. If I was Matt I’d be up in the HOH Room telling her who to put up, then send Lane up there to back me up; This bunch of HG’s don’t know how to play this game. BB is lame this year. Matt at least tries and wins comps if he wants to.

    • Ragan is a cry baby. I heard he was complaining on the LF that BB doesn’t have as many prizes as in the past. He won 20k so he should stop whining and shut up. Can you imagine the future students he will have? I bet they will make fun of him behind his back just like he makes fun of all the HG’s on BB

      • it’s also because h e and l know that matt has brit/regina as an alliance to fall back on, he’s in too good of a position, they want him gone.

      • And at this point Brit should realize (she is dumb though) that she can’t win. Why not be a spoiler and put Matt out. Maybe in the end she could be a game changer and if she makes the final 2, maybe votes would change in herr favor for having guts.

  55. I’m glad producers were stalling the chance Brit had to talk to Matt about what Bren dropped on her. Hopefully she puts Matt and Ragina up!

      • hi torch..

        read sara’s POST #24 (from BOTTOM to TOP for proper order)
        it’s the conversation between brendon & britney.

      • let me guess… Bren wants Matt out… imagine that, after all the nice things Matt said about Bren during the DPoV and the fact that if Matt shows at the j-house Rach will have a HUGE reward for Bren for their reunion.

  56. I don’t get why the more popular players are the lazy, boring, whiney players that sit back and watch the REAL players play the game.
    Oh, boohoo, Matt told a fib to advance himself in the game…his wife wasn’t happy about it either, but even she saw the benefit to it, and helped him out a bit. Lucky Matt, IMO.
    I hope Britney makes some well thought-out choices this week, eliminating those players who are skating by on whichever coat-tail is most appealing at that moment!

    • lol imo telling a fib is lying about your occupation. His lie actually had hate mail sent to his wife, from the people who actually had it, for lying about having such a disease.

      • Apparently those people had never heard of Big Brother, and were unaware of the lies that are told each season, good and bad.

      • And if those people think that sending HATE MAIL to an innocent bystander is okay, I feel sorry for them…

      • @kimmy innocent bystander??? you must have missed her letter to matt the week he was HoH she fed into the lie totally

      • i wouldn’t go that far to say his wife “fed into the lie totally”, she said a couple of things you could ASSUME were connected to his lie but that his wife could truthfully say had NO connection later.

        please, don’t make it sound like she said “don’t worry about my diease” and “i’m doing fine and my condition it’s not getting worse”.

        i would not want to win anything b/c i lied my wife had a disease or i told others she really had a disease so i’d win.

        here’s hoping the majority of us have that integrity and i believe the majority is a high number.

        we realize some people don’t have the integrity and will do whatever to win. Example Russell, i believe he said if he could get away with it he would do it to win.

      • karma’s a bitch – the brigade are afraid of Matt b/c if he’s in F2 he wins. Why – b/c of the wife-lie. Solution – get him out now.

        ooops bite in the ass by his own lie.

    • Historically the inactive players last until the end of BB. Many years those who just sit around make it till the end. Kathy I think said she would try that, and so did Andrew. Although Andrew is gone. I kinda wish he was still there.

    • She probably won’t…she thinks Hayden Enzo and especially Lane got her back..yeah they got her back alright with a knife pointed at it…dumb girl..

  57. looks like the noms might be taking place now.

    last conversation between hgs:
    4:59 PM hayden and enzo in BY…..enxo is saying that it would be great if enzo won POV and they can get matt on the block. hayden says ya, if you or i win he is going up. even if brendon wins we get her to put up matt. enzo says that it would be hilarious ifmatt volunteered to go up against brendon b/c he is sure brendon is going home.

    they say matt is playing everyone. enzo recalled matt’s ploy to get monet out

    5:00 PM Brit appologizes for cutting Bren off and says she needs to talk to some other people before she runs out of time

    5:01 PM Brit goes to get Lane and says she wants to talk.. going to HOH

    5:01 PM Hayd/Enzo join Lane in HOH

    5:15 PM Enzo: after this, you gotta look at who’s playing the whole house (first get Bren then get Matt next week) NT
    5:12 PM Brit says Bren came up and said all the guys want Matt out… Hayd says Bren was the one doing all the talking NT
    5:11 PM Hayd/Enzo/Lane & Brit in HOH Brit says she doesn’t want to mess up anything with the 3 guys. She says she knows it’s not a big secret that Matt’s playing the house.

    Enzo: you cant let this guy (Bren) get in your head

    Lane says Matts playing everyone. The 3 guys are all trying not to say anything bad and don’t want to throw Matt under the bus but say he’s playing better then everyone..

    They agree if anyone ends up up with Matt in the F2, Matt wins.

    Brit says the easiest way is prob to put up a pawn (NOT MATT). Lane says talk to him… saying he might WANT to play in POV and be the one to send him home…

    Enzo says to throw thme under the bus to Matt about them not winning stuff and she NEEDS Matt to play in POV… doesn’t wanna risk that…

    5:07 PM Lane/Hay/Enzo/Brit in HOH… Enzo says he thought it was Bren playing the house now he doesn’t know. Brit says shes been told everyone in the house…wants the same person out (Matt)… and she thought it was someone else (Bren)

    Brit says she wants to know who the house wants out … she expected to put up a pawn and Bren, and the pawn would not go home no matter what

    Now she’s hearing maybe the house wants someone else

    Hayd says who are you hearing it from

    Brit says Bren came up and says they want Matt out

    Lane says we still want the same person out – Bren

    Brit says Bren told her he wont have any votes in the jury house. Lane says hes going crazy

    Enzo says hes starting to think Matts fishy

    Brit – does everyone understand 100% whoever the pawn is DOES NOT GO HOME.. EVEN if Bren wins POV … they say yes

    Hayd suggests putting up Matt and Bren, they’d both fight erally hard for POV … Brit says she cant really do that because she already told Matt she wouldn’t put him up

    Lane says Matt wants to get Bren out. Lane says – Matts already offered himself up before.

    Hayd says next week if any of them win next week they wont put her up. Says – do you think you’ll be safe next week if Matt wins?

    5:11 PM Hayd/Enzo/Lane & Brit in HOH Brit says she doesn’t want to mess up anything with the 3 guys. She says she knows it’s not a big secret that Matt’s playing the house.

    Enzo: you cant let this guy (Bren) get in your head

    Lane says Matts playing everyone. The 3 guys are all trying not to say anything bad and don’t want to throw Matt under the bus but say he’s playing better then everyone..

    They agree if anyone ends up up with Matt in the F2, Matt wins.

    Brit says the easiest way is prob to put up a pawn (NOT MATT). Lane says talk to him… saying he might WANT to play in POV and be the one to send him home…

    Enzo says to throw thme under the bus to Matt about them not winning stuff and she NEEDS Matt to play in POV… doesn’t wanna risk that…

    5:12 PM Brit says Bren came up and said all the guys want Matt out… Hayd says Bren was the one doing all the talking

    5:15 PM Enzo: after this, you gotta look at who’s playing the whole house (first get Bren then get Matt next week)

    5:15 PM Lane says BB is trying to get them to bash Nick.

    5:16 PM Enzo/Lane leave HOH. Hayd says the best would be to get Matt up with him.

    5:18 PM Brit called to the DR. She sees Matt & says lets go to the SR. BB calls her again, bubbles then trivia

    5:19 PM Brit grabs Matt and pulls him into the storage room to talk as she’s being called to DR; then bubbles

    5:22 PM Triva

      • I think Hayden is getting dumber being around all these other dummies. He wasn’t that smart to start out.

      • hi graves…

        i’m confused. where do you read that hayden offered himself as a pawn?

        the only place i see that you MIGHT be referring to is here:

        “5:16 PM Enzo/Lane leave HOH. Hayd says the best would be to get Matt up with him.”

        is that it?

        i took it that hayden was referring to BRENDON as “him”… ???

        confused over here!

  58. Man, those guys are dolts, Bren is by himself, they really should take this opportunity to put up Matt. If they don’t, Matt deserves to win.

    • The only thing, if Matt goes this gets really really boring! I bet those guys will be gunning for Ragan and his whining ASSP if Matt goes. Even Ragan ahead of Bren

      • Of course Brenda is by himself. Did he take the time to just hang with the boys earlier in the game? No. he was too busy following behind the skank like a puppy. So sick of hearing about the golden boy working hard to stay in the house since day one. Please Why is that? cuz he had an abvious alliance and that is dangerous in the game of BB. What should the other HGs do, just sit by and let this tight alliance dominate the game. I dont think so. Someone should a tell Brenchel that BB is not a sprint it is a marathon.

  59. Cheating-how about BB leaving Rachel’s message to put up Matt. They wanted Matt up so he would have to use the DPOV for better ratings. If he didn’t have the DPOV and they left the message-FCC investigation if Matt was put up and evicted

    • I’m sure the FCC wouldn’t care. I bet BB has all kinds of ifs ands and buts in the contract. I bet too they manipulate the results all as part of “production” which I bet they have in the contract too. So far BB has been boring! If Matt goes home this week think of the boring result of that!!!

      • today on lf before have and have not comp someone forgot to hit bubbles button and for a brief bit you could hear the director/or someone they called Mike telling them how to act and redoing scene of brat walking in and announcing “Time for Have and not have not comp” and then they did it again cuz director was not happy with their reactions…then the bubbles

  60. hmmm. wonder what this is all about?

    6:14 PM Trivia says “The houseguests are playing a game that will be kept secret until the next episode”


    • its the nom ceremony, but it is taking a long time. i think there was an immediate eviction attached! or a hige fight has broken out….

      • is it just me, or is taking super long this week? I wonder if maybe the eviction was tonight! there is a twist! i bet it was enzo and brendon and there is a huge fight going on.

      • yes but she will not do it. she thinks she has friends in matt. if she chooses brendon and he goes home then she will go next. the brigade will take her down. they will keep ragan before her because they saw ragan fight with rachael so that means he will not get rachael’s and brendon’s votes.


    Joker’s Live Radio Chat with BB12 Britney’s Fiance, Nick Grisham

    Nick will be there to talk Britney and answer all your questions!

    Date: Wednesday, August 25th

    Time: 9pm EST/6pm PST

    Call-in Number: (347) 215-9538

  62. aw yes – the “ratings game”.

    looks like production’s rigging is working…


    Here’s a surprise: “Big Brother” was the biggest show in broadcasting Thursday night. It was even bigger than NFL preseason football.

    In a surprising “Big Brother” episode, all-around nice person Kathy got the boot, and 7.6 million viewers watched. At 8, the CBS reality contest outdrew a rerun of ABC’s “Wipeout” (6.4 million) and New England-Atlanta football on Fox (5.8 million).

      • brittney was assuring Enzo that he was not going home..Brendo telling Enzo he was gonna fight hard to stay

    • Bren will fight for PoV and Enzo better pray he’s a pawn b/c he’s won nothing so far.

      If Bren wins PoV, he takes himself off the block and Enzo off the pawn.

      Then Brit puts up the real pawn – she won’t put up Lane, Ragan or Matt, who’s that leave?

      Hayden, actually it’s between Hayden and Matt… Brit’s got a tough choice.

      W/O any twist it’s probably Enzo & Hayden on the block… so long meow meow.

      You know i could never think why Enzo thing is meow meow… 9 lives… how many does he have left b/c he’s been pretty lucky so far.

      • damn, now it appears Matt’s going to get the back-door. wow… I’m surprised, guess the hg’s will be hoping Matt doesn’t win PoV.

        if he’s playing then his work is cut out for him b/c Bren & Brit are pros at the PoV.


    6:51 PM Feeds back.


    6:52 PM Matt is not up
    Brit: I didn’t want to putt Matt up as a pawn but the pawn is so safe this week
    Brit: I went and asked him if he’d be okay and he said no, so I said ok
    Ragan: Brendon is soooo dispicable
    Brit: Who cares really, he’s up this is what everyone in the house wanted

    Feeds switch to Matt/Lane in SR

    6:52 PM Enzo and Brendan nominated

    6:55 PM matt and lane in SR – matt saying that brit asked him to go up as a pawn right b4 noms and he said no way

    6:57 PM Brendan just told Enzo he (Brendan) controls the “shunning”…

    6:59 PM enzo and brendon in HN – brendon saying hes going to get back at them by staying in the game. joking and laughing

    7:00 PM Matt and Lane in kitchen saying Brenchel is a match made in heaven because they both have something wrong mentally.

    7:01 PM hayden brendon and enzo in HN asking where everyone is and what people are saying.

    brendon saying that brit isnt trustworthy and that none of them should make a deal with her.

    talking about how bad HN is and dinner etc.

    7:01 PM Matt wondering why Lane isnt gaining weight since hes never a have not so he cant lose weight that way

    7:02 PM Brit and Enzo in HOH

    7:03 PM Brit says no matter what happens at POV she swears on Nick that Enzo will not go home

    7:03 PM Brit saying there is no way Enzo is going home this week

    7:03 PM Brit Enzo in HoH. She said in speech, “no matter what, Enzo is not going home.”

    7:04 PM Enzo seems to understand why Brit put him up saying hes never been on the block so he expected it NT

    7:04 PM Enzo saying they need to stick to plan (backdoor matt) and Brit agrees

    7:05 PM Britney saying Matt for sure is the replacement. Telling Enzo not to say anything

    7:05 PM Enzo makes Brit swear on her razorbacks that he will not go home

    7:06 PM Enzo telling Brit that Brendon is pissed that she went back on her word

    7:06 PM Enzo suggests to Brit that he will win POV, Bren will go home, and Matt will be their target next week

    7:06 PM brit calls enzo to HOH…
    B – i’m really really sorry. she said it in her speech, she says theres no way hes going home. he has her honest to god word. she felt bad and she approached matt right before noms and he said no. she doesnt want to lie to anyone, and she had already told him he wouldnt go up.
    E – its ok, honestly. i’m just gonna fight hard for POV
    B – i would love for you to win POV. if its a tiebreaker, theres no way i’m voting you out
    E – if brendon wins, we’ll just stick with the plan?
    B – ya lets keep it between us. i wont even tell them
    E – everything in the house, hes somehow involved. the monet thing….. we’ve always been honest with each other in this house
    B – swears on nick and her family that he wont be going home. asks if brendon is pissed
    E – says ya, he nicknamed him brendon the block

    talk about brendon and his late plea to britney and what if he stays?

    E – if matt stays we have a potential target for next week
    B – i wont say anything to anybody
    E – i love hayden and lane … i wont throw anyone under the bus who i like

    they hug

    enzo leave

    7:08 PM Britney is reading her letter by herself in the HOH

  64. I give Enzo 48 hours in the have not room with Brenden and see Enzo walking out the front door! Which is better week with Brenden trapped in house or with Kathy and Rachel! LOL! What would you do?

  65. they are gonna be so blindsided by double E oh please great spirit let Brit follow Ben out of the house and have to be in JH with Bren Rach,and Kathy

  66. if they don’t get rid of matt this week they will all be sorry.they better backdoor him now they might not get another chance look who will be left to win hoh, povs. hayden (maybe),enzo(NO)regan (will try his hardest so he can keep matt. brit will end up on the block with enzo she better hope brendon wins pov so she can get rid of matt (he’s the biggest threat now)

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