Big Brother 11: Week 6 Tuesday Live Feed Highlights

While Tuesday slipped away in Big Brother 11 without a sign of the Power of Veto competition the house was abuzz with strategy and full-on game playing. New alliances were formed while another broke apart. In the end a plan was formed for Jeff and Jordan with one HG firmly in focus for eviction with another waiting in the wings. Find out who below with the highlights from Tuesday.

The current speculation, both inside and out, is that we’ll see the PoV comp and ceremony live on Thursday night before the live eviction. Since the double eviction plan was squashed with Chima’s expulsion the show will have the extra time it needs to host all these events. Should be an awesome show on Thursday!

Update: CBS just confirmed that the Power of Veto competition and ceremony, along with the live eviction and follow-on HoH competition will all be played out live on Thursday’s show. Wow!

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Big Brother 11 Live Feed Highlights – August 18, 2009:

10:30 AM BBT – Michele tells Russell about Jeff hanging out with Kevin, Natalie, and Lydia last night and how she heard her name. She is seriously stressed on this and Russell tries to calm her fears.

10:50 AM BBT – Russell tells Michele that he’ll put his foot down if Jeff sways from their 4-person alliance and tries to bring Natalie, Kevin, or Lydia in instead. Both Russell and Michele agree that they won’t vote for Jeff to win in the end either way.

12:30 PM BBT – Natalie is back from her prize of a phone call home to her dad. Her dad warns her that her boyfriend is watching the live feeds. He also says something about the boyfriend telling her parents he got her an engagement ring. Seriously? I would have been getting her a cardboard box for her stuff!

1:30 PM BBT – Natalie and Lydia are confident that everyone has already decided how they’ll vote on Thursday and aren’t campaigning.

2:30 PM BBT – Michele and Russell freaking out together and want to win the PoV to insure their safety from the potentially changing plans of Jeff and Jordan.

5:00 PM BBT – Michele is upset and crying because she’s sure Jeff and Jordan are going to betray her. Jeff reassures her their good, the three of them, but he’s not sure on Russell anymore. They end with a hug and Michele improves her mood.

7:45 PM BBT – Jeff tells Jordan they need a group meeting with Russell and Michele to confirm their status and what’s going on with Russell betraying them (this was the lie from Natalie and Kevin). Jordan says that if Kevin wins the PoV and saves one of the girls then they’ll put up Russell instead of Michele.

9:15 PM BBT – Jeff and Jordan talking game and again are nervous that Russell will betray them. Jordan confirms her plan to nominate Russell if Kevin wins and uses the PoV. She points out it’ll likely be a tie vote then and she’ll have to decide to evict Russell or the remaining girl. Jeff thinks that if Lydia is evicted then Kevin would join their side.

12:00 AM BBT – Michele tells Jordan that Russell is afraid to go up against Jordan in the Final 2 because everyone likes her. Michele is busily planting seeds of doubt.

2:15 AM BBT – Jeff, Jordan, and Natalie talking game. Natalie wants Kevin nominated because he’s won $10,000 but has never been nominated. Jeff and Jordan agree they want Natalie to stay over Michele or Russell now. Natalie says she’ll agree to nominate Lydia next week if they agree to keep her around.

2:40 AM BBT – Jordan says they really need to evict Russell this week.

3:30 AM BBT – Jeff and Jordan agree that if Lydia goes on Thursday then they can have Kevin, Natalie, and Michele on their side against Russell. But if they have the chance to evict Russell this week they should take it. Otherwise Lydia will be evicted this week.

There were a ton of new deals and plans put together yesterday in the house. The HGs in the most danger will be Russell and Lydia this week.

One scenario neither Jeff nor Jordan discussed was if Lydia or Natalie win and use the PoV. Would they stick to the Russell eviction plan or go after Kevin? I still think Kevin is greatly underestimated in this game and poses a big threat. Who do you think Jordan should be targeting this week if the PoV comes into play?

Get ready for a really exciting show on Thursday and keep checking back here for the latest events and happenings in the house!

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  1. So while I would love to see “I’m not slurring my words Lydia” gone this week I think if they have the opportunity to get Russell out they should do it. It will be a lot harder later if they don’t.
    Also, Kevin is a sleeper in this game and I think he could actually have a shot at winning if they keep him around much longer.

  2. I still think Russell and Jeff should stick together. They formed a bond and it is terrible for a female to come between them. I think they are crazy if they let Lydia or Natalie stay. Watching Lydia on television last night was totally disgusting. Her actions along with Natalie’s remarks, they should be removed. I don’t understand how the producers can just sit there and let them disrupt the show. It makes me wonder what kind of a show this is. I still think Jeff is outstanding and Russell, too.

  3. if jeff and jordan keep nat and get rid of Russ this week then they deserve what ever comes next for them. they have it made right now but they are fixin to really mess up i think.

  4. Jeff and Jordan are just not smart right now believing Nat. She has been against them from day 1 and now all of a sudden she is their best friend. Come on! I honestly believe Russ would have kept his word to take JJM to final four but I hope he can see through what is going on and play hard for the veto. If he does go out this week then I hope Nat screws over JJ because that is what they will deserve!!

  5. I wacthing bbad right know and they decide to keep russel and only put him up if one of the two girls win veto there looking to get natilie out

  6. I really dont think Russell should be the target, get those girls out because they are the ones lieing and as much that Jeff did to help Russell in the game if he was a man he would give him a vote.

  7. cbs…I think for the finale you should give my man Jeff and ring a big square one like Jordan wants and he should be able to propose to her in front of everyone. When he let her win HOH he just proved how great of a person he is. Jeff seems to be sooo awesome and funny. Thanks big brother for choosing him.

  8. Even if I had to pay for the ring, I would love to see it and I think Jordan deserves someone like Jeff.

  9. I think that they should backdoor Kevin. I agree that they underestimate him and it would be Jeff’s downfall…

  10. sara, there is no replacement for Chima. She will not be part of the Jury, nor will she be at the Finalie Night. Since they will only be 6 members on the Jury, if a Tie vote comes down, We, America will break the Tie.

  11. I don’t have the live feeds but I do watch BBAD, and according to the live feed highlight from 2:15am, Jeff, Jordan and Natalie talking game. Are they crazy?! Are these people not paying attention? Am I the only one catching the fact that it looks like Natalie is starting to slip up on her lie about being 18? Did anyone catch her explaining to Russell while they were playing Texas Hold Em how and where she learned to play (in the library, at “house parties”, she goes to Las Vegas all the time). Come on people start paying attention. She even mentioned in her DR last night how she’s been running the house! Don’t fall into her trap. Please!

  12. Kevin won a veto and almost won 2 HOH’s. He needs to go, because he is definetely a threat. I hope they don’t underestimate him. I don’t like the idea of backdooring Russell right now. What if the other team decides to evict their own team member and Russell stays. He will certainly be after Jeff and Jordan for sure.

  13. Did my hearing serve me correctly last night on Late Night? Is Kevin the winner of the new POV? Once the statement was made “whoever Keviin takes off”…, I’m not certain. If he is—–he’ll have to show his true colors either by voting with the HOH or by removing one candidate……what do you think he will do? I think he’ll save one … so HOH will have to nominate one of their own….we’ll see.

  14. The veto will be Thursday night. I did not say he won this veto, I was saying that he has won a veto is the past. Hope I did’t upset anyone.

  15. well i personally do not think we have to worry about either one of them winning the pov cuz they have not won crap since they started..especially natalie. BUT if one of them does win i think she should put kevin up there because it is obvious he is on their side even if their boo hooing over jessie is driving him crzy!!

  16. I don’t think they realize how much of a risk Kevin is, Jordan is too trusting, could be her downfall, Jeff needs to start realizing that or maybe he does. Big mistake to trust Kevin at this time or any, he is liked by all.

  17. Im sorry but natalie was amazing last nite on the live feeds. Thats what you call saving your arse. Go natalie go

  18. Nat already slipped she was 24 on the night that Casey left. He called her immature on his way out the door and she responded that she was 24 not 18. Which only made his point more valid beacuse she acts like a 16 yr old.

  19. Jeff and Jordan are extremely dumb and blind if they honestly think that Natalie will take out Lydia. All gnat does is make up lies and talk crap about the people in the JJ alliance. JJ HAVE to keep Russell in order to advance themselves next week. I know everyone says Jeff will win this endurance HOH if Russell is gone but remember that gnat is extremely athletic. Just because she got motion sickness and threw up from going around in circles doesn’t erase the fact that she helped bring back Jesse because of an ENDURANCE comp at the beginning. JJ need to keep Russell to give Natalie a run for her money or else they deserve what they get when she wins HOH

  20. i think they should all be playing strickly for themselves. they are all lying to each other which is part of the game, and makes it the most interesting.

  21. Jordan is too cute but such a burden .. jeff, lose her .. and i thought jeff was smarter to believe ANYTHING nat has to say .. i say jeff and the scientist link up, they’ll go far .. as for kevin, he TOTALLY IS PLAYING THE DUMB GAY chic thing to a tee .. he keeps winning BIG MONEY and acting like it’s not a big deal .. hello!

  22. YES!!!!! woot woot! lol

    How in the world? did Natalie convince Jeff and Jordan to send home Lydia?!?!?!

    I would kill for someone like Lydia in the finals. Heck, even the final 2. She is the weakest competitior and is the only remaning hg that hasnt done ANYTHING!.

    Jeff and Jordan cant be that stupid in thinking that Russ, and Michelle wont come after them next week.

    Its in everyone’s best intrest to get them out because for the final 2, Jeff/Jordan have automatic 1 vote. Thanks america >:(

  23. Thats a great point tho GET KEVIN OUT! he has won like more than 10,000 caz he won 3 on the hoh competition, were Jordan won.

  24. They need to get rid of Natalie… I heard the comment that she was running the show. Please….. She needs to go…. Natalie…. Lydia…. then Kevin…. leave Jeff/Jordan/Michelle/Russell to do what they have to do to win. But NOT Lydia or Natalie…. they NEED to go….

  25. I do not have the live feeds, so I have to go off what everyone else is saying. However, from my perspective, JJ are really starting to lose sight of the entire picture. Yes, Russell may be hard to get out later, but why would you want him out? He may be loyal to the end, and EVERYONE in that house can beat him? Why has NO ONE started to mention who they could beat in the end?!? You not only want people in your alliance who are “trustworthy” (As trusting as you can get in this game) but people you can beat at the end. Poor moves on JJ’s part.

    If Russell goes this week, it will be 3 vs. 2 on the HOH, and for sure if lydia, kevin, or nat win, one of jeff/jordan/michelle will be gone, and Id have it be Jeff. Jordan would be distraught, and they would no longer have that endurance person in their group. One of the 3 would be gone no matter who won POV. Then the following week it’s 2 vs. 2 and whoever wins the HOH that week can control the house.

    If JJM agree to send Russell home, they deserve all that they get.

  26. To be honest, watching J/J fall for every bloody thing they hear is making BB a lot less fun to watch. Jordan did nothing to win HOH and is doing nothing as HOH but ruin a great alliance.

    Don’t they realise K/N/L have all vowed to take out Jeff next week? They can’t trust anyone on that team and need to stick to R/M/J/J for F4!

    And what ever happened to Jeff confronting Russell and Michelle? If they’d just do that instead of dragging things out and betraying their own alliance they’d see how STUPID they are.

  27. I think Kevin should be nominated if POV is used. If noms stay the same, Natalie should go as planned from the beginning. Getting russel out at this point is a huge mistake!
    Natalie is the biggest liar in that house and kevin could very easily win HoH. If kevin gets to the end, he will win. why are Jeff and Jordan being so blind now?????

  28. What the heck is wrong with Jordan & Jeff?! They need to focus on takin out Natalie & Kevin. Lydia never wins so they should keep her around & let her self destruct. They should stick to their 4 alliance. Id rather see any of JJMR win than KLN!

  29. Redora I totally agree. If J/J weren’t so blind and stupid, they’d see their only shot at reaching the finals is with Russell and Michelle. NOBODY else wants them in the house, and I’m shocked at their lack of common sense, which should tell them that Russell has no friends in that house after what happened with Chima so there’s ZERO reason for him to break his alliance.

    Common sense should also tell them that Michelle will say anything she has to say to get them to take her to F3. She knows Russell has a good chance of winning against her and will pick R/J/J off one by one if they take her to F3.

    If they eliminate Russell before F4, J/J will be voted off one after the other because nobody likes them in that house.

    I just don’t understand how Russell’s alliance with Michelle has anything to do with them getting to F4. They seem to want to align themselves with someone who will just hand them the money, and that’s NOT realistic at all!

    At this point, I hope Russell figures all this stuff out (which it looks like he’s beginning to get a clue), and takes himself to the end. With friends like Jeff and Jordan who needs enemies!

  30. ive always been fans of jj annd are my fav but wat r they thinking of keeping nat lyd and kev they should stick w/russell even tho theres talk i dont think there going tro do it i hope not

  31. I really think Jeff and Jordan should be the Final 2 and I would be happy if either of them won. Russell is a strong competitor but no one likes him so if he made it to the end they would not vote for him to get the money so it would be kind of smart to take him to the end.

  32. russ has his own agenda and it doesn’t include jeff. he told michelle his plan and she quickly told jordim. BUT when jordim told Jeff russ’s plan, she left out critical points, one being that he encouraged jeff to workout so he’d be sore and most likely unable to win an endurance comp. If Jordim had relayed the crucial information correctly, there would be no question to jeff that Russ has to be evicted. I am a j/j fan, but she needs to shut up and LISTEN. This misinformation, and her lack of being able to keep quiet about (told Natalie everything about their plans) may very well be the end of this ride for them. To tell michelle to use the POV before the actual competition could ensure that michelle throws the comp to russ. We need some telepathy to get jordim to keep her mouth shut!

  33. This talk of Natalie and Lydia staying is garbage. The best time to get of Russell was when Ronnie had the chance to take him out. Now Russell deems too valuable to the house. Think of if like this – Russell is the house swing vote right now, it was Michelle but now it’s Russell. If Russell goes, it’s 3-3. Is trustworthy? No less than Natalie and the crazy Lydia. Staying status quo is the smartest thing to do. As for Lydia or Natalie? Lydia is the smartest to keep around . . . isn’t she eliminated in every competition within the first 2 rounds?? No threat with her.

  34. I believe that after the talk with her dad that Nat is afraid to go to the jury house alone with Jessie

  35. I agree with Arizona post #40 100%. Jordan needs to be quiet and listen. I agree she doesn’t relay the entire story she hears from anyone. She’s keeping out a lot of the key elements of any conversation she hears. She also tells EVERYONE everything form any conversations she has. How many times has Jeff even told her to be quiet and not repeat things? I love her and thinks she’s a little sweetheart but she’s really going to blow it for the J/J team. And why are J/J believing anything coming from the other side? I’m a big fan for the J/J team but they’re starting to wear on my nerves. They’re going to screw this up for themselves if they don’t step back and reasses the situation and realize that the other team will do anything and say anything to pull them all apart. If they keep this up they deserve whatever happens to them. THINK guys, THINK!

  36. See this is what I don’t get…

    Does Russell have his own agenda? OF COURSE HE DOES. But so does everyone else. This does NOT change the fact that he has been and still is loyal to the F4.

    Russ would be an idiot to not fight to win, and that’s all everyone in that house is doing, so I think J/J are stupid to want to get rid of him for that when they’ve got such a good shot at reaching the end.

    The important thing to remember about all this is K/N/L are NOT on J/J’s side. They WANT J/J to get rid of Russell or Michelle so they can break up the J/J/R/M alliance and have a shot at winning themselves. Getting rid of Russell or Michelle would NOT help J/J.

    All this talk of getting Russell out is totally dumb and makes no sense. The original deal made between Jeff and Russell was that they would ride the game to F4 and then it would be every man for himself. Russell has NEVER waivered against that plan, but Jordan has because she’s listening to stupid lies and can’t play the game to save her life. Jeff needs to play the game and stop being so wrapped up in Jordan.

    Michelle’s only agenda is to ensure that she is safe once they reach F4, but I honestly think she shot herself and her alliance in the foot when she started bad-mouthing Russell so soon because now we face a situation where the whole thing could fall apart.

    My hope is that Russell saves himself, sticks with the F4 plan (which will open Jeff’s eyes), and eventually win it. I don’t think he deserves to have his team turn on him like that after being so loyal. Personally, I don’t see Jeff or Jordan making it to F2 given how they’ve played the game so far, and I do believe Russell will win over Michelle because she’s lied too much and for no good reason.

  37. IF THEY EVICT MICHELL OR RUSSEL THEY DESERVE TO LOOSE!!!!!!! jeffs just peronoid!!!!!and very gualable!!!!!can’t trust nat to keep her word and the numbers would be against them, what are they thinking?????? just sit down and talk to michell and russel, and jordan together hash it out and con front kevin!!!!!!

  38. I hate to say it, but there needs to be a spell check feature on this for some of you posters . . . no offense to you but it’s offensive to my eyes!!

  39. i love jeff and jordin they belong togetheri hope they don’t fall for nats lies she should be voted out this week. it will be a big mistake to back door russell.

  40. 1. Natalie
    2. Lydia
    3. Kevin
    They have serious issues, they need to go.
    Just watching Natalie is painful. Get rid of her.
    Lydia last night proved she needs to go next.
    Did anyone notice that these two are psychotic? They seriously need help.
    OOOPS did i say it out loud? lol

  41. It seems like everyone is against n/l/k side.. Seriously america likes the J/J saide because they are cute..They just barely started playing the game. Jeff gave up HOH for jordan. They talk bad about there own alliance.. R has switched sides so many times he deserved to go but got lucky. Thats what this game is all about and he has been on the lucky stick..If j/J back door R or M they arent going to vote for them in the finals and then the vote wont be tied it would be 4-2 so America wont have a say.

  42. Jenn, I agree except I think Russell’s alliances have turned on him first generally speaking. I also agree with this decision to keep his options open because you can’t trust anyone 100% in that house.

    The interesting thing is Russell may still come out on top whether J/J turn on him or not. L/K/N are all wanting to get J/J out, which means Russell may still stand a chance if he fights hard. I hope he does and those 2 donuts J/J are booted out for good for their horrible and non-existent game play.

    I would’ve been happy if Russell, Jeff, or Michelle got it in the end, but after watching Jeff these last few days I pretty much want him and Jordan out – I honestly thought he was smarter than this. They’ve been a disgrace to the game and to themselves, and it would be a breath of fresh air to be able to watch BB without having to constantly hear Jordan talk about her fake breasts and bodily functions.

  43. America gave Jeff power which he used wisely even though i liked jessie cause he played the game well and wasnt gonna get carried through the game. However jeff after getting all the power with a no brain decision of who to put up, gives jordan HOH. I hope they are stupid enough to backdoor russell because then it will prove nothing and make everything and make things 3-3 in the house again. and michelle isnt stupid she knows jordan or jeff will not take her to the final two.. so she will turn on them as well.. if jeff or jordan win they will prolly share it with one another and we know that there is going to be america who do you think should win…. amount of money and that will also go to jeff or jordan..cuz face it america doesnt cast a vote on game play but who is the cutiest couple AWWW!!! except jessie in the jury house gets just as much money as the second place person or close to it so in the end he wins anyway and is relaxing!!!

  44. Honestly, i could care less if Jeff and Jordan stay together after the show. I like them not because of their showmance but because of their decency in dealing with others. Yes, its a game and your fighting for your position. But those you step on on the way to F2 will be in the jury house deciding your fate. Hopefully the jury will take into consideration not only good game strategy but how that strategy was delivered. You can say that Jeff and Jordan never made a strategic move before the CDT but you would also have to put Nat in that same category. If her laying low behind Jessie is a game strategy then Jeff and Jordan could be considered to have the same sort of plan. Except for Chima, Russ and Ronnie they all hunkered down and watched where the game was going the first few wks. Too bad that J/J are not thinking clearly now that there is NO sliding under the radar. The point of the game is not who LIES the most or clearly Nat would win hands down. Stategical winning does not require lying but winning comps, social interaction, and the ability to persuade someone to see YOUR side and agree WITHOUT lying. So far Nat is 0.

  45. i dont think nat should win either hands down i think michelle olayed this game the best so far.. won ccomps, swung vote it for awhile, made an alliance when needed… she deserves to win.. jordan and jeff have had no reason to lie why would they. you dont lie till you have too.. and in the lieing sense nat shouldnt win she told two people a lie to stay safe. russell has told and lied to all of them think about it he was once in an alliance with the other side.. He through michelle under the bus to chima.. he befriends and has had an alliance with everyone. and if jeff and jordan didnt have power right now he would be with the other side… REMEMBER HE VOTED TO KEEP JESSE!!!

  46. J&J should be targetting Natalie or Kevin because Nat created this “lie” that is taking root in the J&J camp and Kevin (because he’s the more “believable” one of Nat, Lydia and Kev) went to Jeff and told Nat’s “lie”.

    Natalie and Kevin are by far the biggest threat to J&J as they are duping J&J and will put them out if they get the chance.

    Lydia is weak and everyone knows, sees and no longer believes Russell’s game. Michelle is on the up and up with J&J.

    I think J&J should target Natalie this week, Kevin next week and Russell after that, leaving final four J, J, Michelle and Lydia and getting rid of Lydia when they need to which shouldn’t be that hard.

    I hope Jordan or Michelle come in second and Jeff wins as it would be nice to see a non skank win.

  47. jeff doesnt deserve to win at all!!!! a skank win??? what michelle and jordan are not people said they will vote for jordan over jeff…i think that Ja nd J will lose power by then..they should get out lydia this week as nat will have no one really and either will kevin then they can target russell..lydia nad kevin have a stronger alliance then if they keep nat. ant is strong but not really smart when it comes to challenges.

  48. I think Kevin should be nominated to go as he is flying under the radar. Russell is a hothead and made some enemies on the show, Kevin hasn’t.

  49. Get rid of Nat first then Lydia so all three can be together at the jury house….. that should be interesting….. does anyone know when POV will be held?

  50. kevin as of now cant be nominated nominations have already occurred!!! things never work out how people plan and michelle isnt that stupid to go with them to the final 4…

  51. Michele know in a f3 that J/J would vote her out. If J/J can be a team Why cant R/M. When it gets to final 4 are they just supposed to give it to J/J

  52. If it works out that veto is used Kevin should go up. I always thought if POV is use then the one using it can be put on the block. I wish someone would clear this up

  53. I think kevin is being undersestimated.If he is left he could go to final 2 and I think he would win.

  54. Jeff has got to stop listening to Jordan for the time being. Jordan is starting her period, and all women go wacky and howl at the moon at that time. She is not in her right mind.

  55. I think that everyone is underestimating Kevin’s desire to win. If you guys all remember, the last time he won PoV he didn’t use it on Lydia, because he didn’t want to get on anyone’s bad side, which was a very smart move. I honestly think that if we won the PoV he would not use it again, because this way he won’t be a target. He is truly playing the game better than anyone else. He is always the wallflower, never in the middle of anything, always smiles and nods, but he HEARS and SEES EVERYTHING. He waits to use information until it will benefit him, and since he never stirs up trouble, and never lies, the time has come that when he finally does, and everyone believes him, and starts questioning all the loyalties of the people around them. If you ask me, it would seem that Kevin has the most power right now. I love it. I think Kevin deserves to win it all, because he is playing the smartest. I think they should get him out of the house as soon as possible, but they won’t because they don’t see him as a threat, when in fact he is the biggest threat of them all. :D!

  56. It doesn’t matter that Russell voted to save Team Crybaby (Jes,Gnat,Lyd,Chima). He was only going to claim to Jessie that he tried to keep him in the game. But I agree they should watch out for Kevin, He was the deciding vote to evict Jessie & none of Jessie’s biotches said anything. Not to mention Kevin has won $15,000.00 dollars.

  57. I would have to agree Kevin is the biggest threat. The reason is that it doesn’t matter that Russell voted for Jessie. He was just going to use that to show Jessie he did not break any deal he made w/ Jessie. However,Kevin, was the deciding vote to remove Jessie. But when Jessie’s biotch’s were crying about his eviction, they said nothing to Kevin. Add to that Kevin has won $15,000.00 at least, yet no one says anything.

  58. I cannot believe that Jordan is even considering putting up Russell!!!! What is the world is she thinking??? Nasty Nat really has a way of getting into people’s heads. Jeff, Jordan, Russell, and Michel have works so hard to get the power on their side and Jordan is about to mess all of their hard work up!!! She needs to stick to the plan and get rid of Lydia or Nasty Nat! I wish it would be Nasty over Lydia. Lydia is good TV. I laughed so hard the other night when she was “not sluring her words.” That was the best thing all season. What was Jessie thinking by sleeping with her….MORE THAN ONCE TOO no doubt!!!!! Nasty Nat needs to go. I hate to say it, but she’s the only one playing the game right now. She has obviously done her homework. She knows what to say, who to say it to and how to say it. Although she needs to stop taking everthing so darn personal and realize that it is a game ad that’s all. I feel sorry for her boyfriend. If she doesn’t win POV, then hopefully she’s out of there this week. She will go to the jury house and be reunited with her new BFF Jessie and they can live happily ever after. Poor Jessie…….

  59. I think the house guests should go after Kevin,
    he is smart and he is outwitting them. I believe they think he is just picking a side and staying with that side but in the end he
    will TAKE IT ALL!!!!!! They better watch out
    for him.

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