Big Brother 11: How Chima’s Eviction Ruined Her Alliance’s Chance Of Winning

Last night on Big Brother 11 we finally got to see the rest of what happened with Chima’s eviction from the game. Production’s portrayal of Chima was far more realistic this time when compared to the victim approach they used during her “terrorist” fight with Russell. Despite finally revealing the bigger picture of Chima’s attitude problem in the game I doubt most viewers without the live feeds will realize just how bad things were with her.

While most could easily argue Chima’s decision to ruin her chances at Big Brother’s half-million dollar prize was short-sighted at best there was a bigger impact set into motion. When Chima failed to keep herself in the game she not only destroyed her chances of winning but also those of her teammates who stood up for her while she in turn completely let them down. I’ll tell you how.

Prior to Chima’s eviction on Saturday morning the house was evenly split with J/J/M/R on one side and K/C/L/N on the other. Even with the inevitable eviction of someone from Chima’s alliance there would still be an even battle of three against three in the next HoH competition. From there the eventual chances of J/J/M/R sequentially eliminating all three of the opposing HGs would have been extremely difficult and overall unlikely as the stars would need to align.

So Chima abandoned her alliance in the competitions where numbers count, but the real kicker, the most important effect is the impact she made on the Final 2.

In the end the Jury House is made up of 7 votes. When Chima left the game and abandoned her alliance that 7th vote vanished. Instead, due to all previous HGs being released into the wild and essentially tainting the potential ‘jury pool’ there was no option to bring any of them back. Sorry, Casey. Now production will be forced to fill the missing 7th vote with, you guessed it, America’s Vote.

Hmm, which way would America Vote? When the question of who to award the Coup D’Etat was posed to America the fans overwhelmingly voted for Jeff. Even the “how to use the Coup D’Etat” poll here resulted in over 80% of votes being leveled against Jessie and Natalie with the remainder going against Michele and Jordan. Clearly America is on Team Jeff/Jordan and as such their vote on Finale night will back that up.

Prior to Chima’s selfish move of eliminating herself from the game the K/C/L/N team had an undeniable lock on the half-million dollars if at least one of their members reached the Final 2. With one HG from their alliance arriving at the finish line the other three votes from their alliance plus Jessie’s vote would put them over the top and secure their team the money in a 4-3 outcome. Instead, we’re now looking at a scenario where if one HG from Team J/J/M/R and one HG from Team K/L/N reach the end the vote would be 3 to 3. K/L/N need 2 of their 3 at the end to have a chance. That’s not going to happen.

Would America vote for Natalie or Lydia over either Jeff, Jordan, Michele, or Russell? Not a chance. From where I sit I doubt even Kevin holds much of a chance anymore and with those two cinder blocks chained to his ankles the girls are quickly drowning his last hopes of getting to the end.

Congratulations Chima. Not only did you pull off one of the stupidest moves in Big Brother history but you also completely screwed the people who were counting on you the most. You just cost your team a half-million dollars.

What do you think? Who stands the best chance of winning this season? Share your thoughts and opinions below. The floor is open for your discussion!

Update: Now with added video from ‘Inside Dish’ with Ross Mathews as they discuss Chima’s early departure from Big Brother 11:

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  1. I have always enjoyed BB, but this year, it has been disappointing. Jeff is an idiot and doesn’t know how to play the game. Without America’s choice, he would have been long gone. Jordan, with her typical whiny “dumb blond” voice, drives me nuts. The only reason she won HOH is because Jeff let her. Michelle is beginning to show her true colors. She is mean spirited, nasty, and I find it hard to believe that she holds a position of authority in the real world, because she is dumb acting and a real liar. Hopefully none of these losers will win. I hope that either Natalie (who is a real player whether you like her or not) , Kevin or Russell win it all. I have stopped watching “BB after Dark because the show has become a real disappointment, and only catch up on the show from the internet. Hopefully next year will be better. BOOOOO to BB this year. What a bunch of losers!!!!!

  2. When you go against Chima you go against Chima. She only cares about herself. Diva, Race, Color does not make any difference. Chima was just a spoiled girl. She was able to change a lot of things for one person looks like. My My

  3. i agree with the last person that whole thing with jesse leaving from big brother becasue of the KUTETA (spelling) was stupid and bad for big brother and if i was chima i would be pissed to it is a game they have to play for hoh not being handed too that is stupid and ALOT of people do not want to watch it becasue of that it is not fair!!!!! u need to come better

  4. Best move for BB. Generating the Coup D’etat and removing Chima. I was about to give up on the show but now I’m so happy to see positive things happen to good people like Jeff,Jordan,Michelle and even Russell. Any one of the 4 should win (best case Jeff or Jordan)
    I can’t believe the destruction from the bully team after Jesse left. He’s a moron…

    It’ll be great to see Jesse,Natalie,Lydia and Kevin sitting in the Jury House forced to vote for the eventual winner…love it!

  5. Jeff and Jordan are the only “real” people on this show! They are both down to earth and genuinely NICE! Something Lydia nor Chima know anything about! As for Michelle, you call her nasty, but I think she’s a great competitor. She’s playing the game and she’s good at it. She’s still not getting my vote unless she’s up against Lydia, Kevin or Natalie…which I don’t see that happening.

  6. I bet if team Jesse would have won that wizard power we would not hear how unfair it would have been…America got a chance to make a decision that would change the outcome of the game and make it more interesting!! Plus Jeff did not HAVE to use it!!

  7. I think personally this Big Brother has been the best thus far…and I have watched EVERY season. When signing up for BB you sign up for ANYTHING, just because you THINK you know what to expect…they change things up EVERY year. This new power they decided to throw at the HG’s was not only entertaining for the veiwers but it also gave the “under dogs” at the time a chance to get into the game.I really do not understand all of the drama that resulted from it. IT IS A GAME. If Natalie and Lydia ( I won’t even speak of the other ridiculous HG) wanted Jessie in the house so bad….Then hand him the half million…How about Lydia thanking Jeff for taking her OFF the block???? I was a HUGE Lydia fan when the show started ….now I think she threw away the entire game for a showmance that only existed while she watched Jessie sleep!!!! I really despise when people lose sight of PLAYING and start taking everything so personally….honestly ladies….do think Jessie would have handed you the half million??? NO!!!!


  8. natiie and lydia have,nt won nothing.A team playeris not a poor sport its a baby playing and adult game.

  9. Jeff let Russell win HOH, he let Jrodan win HOH, he won the POV when he was on the block and he had the balls to use the CDT, he’s the real player in my opinion.

  10. Jeff throwing the HoH comp to Jordan enables him to compete in the next HoH, which was a smart move, whether or not he realized it at the time.

    And the next HoH may well be the most important to date.

  11. redhead
    how would jeff have been long gone if he wouldnt have got americas choice? that was last week and he want even on the block at all. so how would that have even been possible with the pov already not used and everything. either way if jessie want to have gone that day it would have been russle and then chima next. jeff was no where near a target that week with all the tension chima put in the house.

  12. oh and how is nat the only real player, seriously are you kidding. she has done nothing diffrent at all then jordan. she hid behind jessie the whole time he was here now she is lost. the only thing she can think of to do is make up stories. what has she done in this game other then lie and hide behind jessie. i must have missed something seeing you think she has the best game. so please let me know.

  13. maryanne i agree with you completley cause the next hoh will be a physical challenge! very smart move.

  14. not necessarily
    The lie that Lydia Nat and kevin told J and J about Russell is working and they are planning to backdoor Russell which will put the Jessie alliance back in power.

  15. I agree with you tara its like playing monopoley if you had a get out of jail card would you use it to get futher in the game or say in jail in not get any where so I don,t understand why pople are saying it was,nt fair that jeff got the cdt.i know i would have use it if it got me futher and it seems like tara on that same page I am. I think?

  16. Getting rid of Chima was the best thing to happen on this show. She is a spoiled brat! Hopefully Lydia, the ungrateful rag, is next!

  17. @suz. If J/J decide to backdoor Russell, the next HOH is endurance and Jeff will win it, so they would keep the power.

  18. I ,m wacthing bbad and jordan and jeff where talking about not putting russ up in less one of the girls win the veto.

  19. I agree that the coup d’etat was a wonderful BB move. I also agree that if the “bully” team had won the coup d’etat there would not be one single problem in the house. I love watching BB and this year is the best yet. However, my one pet peeve about BB is when certain HGs become “holier than though” when they are either nominated or on the losing end of the stick. I hate hearing how Chima, Natalie and Lydia have done nothing wrong but be kind to everyone in the house and they don’t deserve this. Get over it, this is a game about lying and deceiving the entire time and with these ladies making these comments they have shown how lying does occur to get what you want.

  20. Yes it was smart of Jeff to throw the HoH competition because he’s more likely to win the next one than Jordan is. I cannot stand Natalie, she’s hardly done anything. The only reason that alliance is so angry is because they lost the guy that was letting them glide through the game like it was nothing, and now that the power has been taken they’re mad. And Lydia’s just rude.
    I personally want Jordan or Jeff to win. They’re the only decent people on the show.

  21. Russell voting to keep Jessie was a poor choice. What was he thinking? That decision didn’t make any sense, and its definitely something that quite possibly will bite him in the butt.


  23. I laughed when Lydia and Natalie and chima cried over Jessie losing..
    Jessie put up Lydia… Jeff saved her (didn’t have to)
    Braden would have still gone home IMO
    Jeff deserved that CDT power
    Jessie is a muscle head (worse than last year)
    I knew he was going to get evicted
    The HG’s would prolly evict Natalie… Unless Pov
    is used…
    Chima you screwed your alliance!
    Good job…
    Have fun payin for the mic pack

  24. Jessie was a jurk the first time and also a bigger one this time. Jessie is for me and those 3 girls did not matter to him.

  25. Chima was so hostile, she needed to leave and I am glad she is gone. What didn’t she get — this is a game and this is how people play it. She just wasn’t living in the real world of Big Brother. Did she ever watch Big Brother in the past. Thank you Big Brother for getting rid of her – she was so annoying!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. @Tara (comment #10)

    i agree with everything your saying!

    and im so glad Jeff used the cdt to get out jessie.

  27. Was I ever happy to see Chima KICKED OUT of the BB House!!! She has been getting on my nerves since day 1. She’s the most selfish and ignorant person I have ever seen!! Did she think BB really cared that she thought things should go her way and be handed to her?!?! SEE YA!

    And for the other girls in that alliance – time is running out! And I sure am happy to see that!! I do feel bad for Kevin though, he has no chance in this game because of the alliances he made.


  28. Rick_de That was one of my favorite line as well my husband laugh.I like her face when she was told not to sit down

  29. I completely agree with Redhead. Jeff is an idiot, Jordan’s just plain dumb, Michelle is definitely starting to show her true colours who, without provocation, told Lydia to, “get your unitard on b****”. I hope Natalie or Kevin win as well. Maybe Russell. If Russell’s smart he’ll get rid of Jeff the first chance he gets. If he doesn’t get rid of him and him, Jeff and Jordan get to the final 3, neither of them would take Russell to the final 2.

    The Coup D’etat was the dumbest “twist” yet. It screwed over Jessie (who I was rooting for). He unfairly got evicted last time around and this time as well.

  30. First of all, Russell kept his word to Casey and did not vote to evict him.
    Second, he kept his word to Jeff and did not put up him and Jordan and put Ronnie up.
    Third, he has told Michelle that he would take her, and JJ to final four like he said he would. I don’t know why everyone is hating on Russ when he has kept his word. So what if he made alliances with everyone, you do what you have to do. Just like Jeff doing what he had to do to get Jessie out. Chima needed to go and I was happy when they kicked her off the show. If JJ was smart they would keep Russ and send Nat packing because she needs to go next. If they backdoor Russ, then Nat will betray them and they will get what they deserve!!

  31. I think that Jeff is weak. CBS has tilted everything so that Jeff can win. All during the CDT voting Jeff and Jordan were hardly on the TV with their boring showmance and that is all it is, once they are off the show Jordan and Jeff will go back to their shallow lives they lead. Also if it was not for the stupid cliques at the start Russel would have eliminated the good Jeff a long time ago!!!! All you that say they are genuine ask your self this if you saw Jeff or Jordan anywhere do you really think they would even acknoledge who you are. They are both very self centered idiots! And the idiot that says Russels is a good person, come on! If Natalie, Kevin or Lydia wins HOH next week Russel will be telling them that he was on their side all along! Lets see if Jordan has what it takes. If somehow Natalie wins teh POV might she backdoor Russel? Would be her best move to this date if she wants to win! If she go’s to the final two with Jeff she gets it 4-2 or 6-0 easy. If she go’s with anybody else CBS er I mean American vote go’s to weak sissy boy

  32. My favorite line was when Russel traded Natalie for the prize thing and she was like “thanks Russel,” and then he said “I didn’t do it for you, keep crying.” I know it’s mean but it’s funny.

  33. What happened to the feud btwn Natalie and Lydia about Jesse…now they are together. Lydia is a loser….Natalie is a follower…Jesse is so in love with himself (why???) and would have thrown all his “bitches” under the bus while driving it..Love Jeff as finally he is calling them out and saying exactly what America is saying….IT’S A GAME!!!!! They are all sore losers and I hope Jeff wins!!!


  35. Chima was stupid for messing up her chances in the game and getting evicted. She also messed up her alliance’s chances in the game. Kevin needs to ditch Natalie & Lydia if he hopes for any chance of winning. I hope Jeff & Jordan make it to the final two.

  36. Some of you are saying Jordan’s a dumb blonde and stuff but have you listened to half the bs Jessie has said, OMG. He’s just a meat head and he didn’t deserve to come back in the first place. He made Jordan look like a rocket scientist.

  37. I totally agree! Chima didn’t look at the big picure before she acted like a immature, spoiled brat! I have never in the history of Big Brother seen anyone behave this horribly! She didn’t think before she acted so poorly. I’m sure in some little way, then again..maybe not, she is wishing she handled things differently! I feel terrible for her grandparents! Such sweet people. I’m sure they are embarrassed by Chima’s language and actions, not to mention how this will all reflect on them. You are a bitter woman Chima! Get some help!!!!

  38. Jeff can,t be to weak if he did win pov.I don,t remeber lydia or natilie wiining crap so I beleave there the weak one.And yes I would vote for jeff at least he trying and not crying over people who left the game.And I do Beleave that they would say hi to you if you past by them.And russ and michelle are playing this game great.IT A GAME. and you got to do what you have too.If they don,t try there hardest. then they are there for nothing.YOu tell me If I had a chance to win a half a mill then I do what ever it took not cry like a little poor sprot that what lydia and natile ARE.So if they don,t get there finger out of there a#$ THEN THEY HAVE NO CHANCE AT WINNING

  39. Chima is just a sore loser…I honestly think she was conceited enough to believe that America would have given her the POWER….That’s what all this drama about the CDT is about…EGO’S…As soon Chima realized that her alliance (if you can call Jessie using all of the girls…an alliance) was not going to come out on top she figured she’d go out with a bang, she’d make a HUGE spectacle…so that at least if she wasn’t going to win the half million she might get to be famous for awhile….maybe become the notorious “Crazy Chick” from bb11 and become a reality T.V. whore…..Note to ALL Producers please DO NOT pay this woman to annoy America EVER AGAIN….that includes vh1.

  40. Why do a lot of you say that CBS and America gave the game to jeff? Does anyone remember how the game started? They brought in specific people to fit in cliques then they make the first HOH competition an endurance competition that is geared to the athletic in the house. They then put Jessie bak in and give him the HOH. Now their clique is four strong over everyone else’s three. Jessie being the first HOH, not earned by him given to him by CBS, and obviously everyone runs to him for an alliance. The first HOH always has the chance to form the strongest alliance as they have the first power. I think that the “wizard power” put everything back on an even footing correcting the first mistake of bringing Jessie back and skewing the game toward the athletes. Chima deserved to leave she is a sore loser. Those who say Jeff did nothing in the game prior to this must have watched a different show. He won the POV to take himself off the block and he dropped to give Russell the HOH. He won as many competitions as Jessie did and gave one away. he also had the nerve to use the power to further his game which was the smartest move so far this year! Go Jeff!

  41. I loved it last night when natalie was crying and thanking russell for the phone call, and he told her “I didn’t do it for you, I did it for my parents so they coudl go on the trip, keep crying!!” That was hilarious, too little too late Natalie!

  42. I think everyone agrees Chima was a complete idiot and had a chance at winning if she had just stayed. She and Kevin are just as strong together as Jeff and Jordan or Russel and Michelle. With her gone, it’s only hurt her team obviously but it’s still not over. Team JJMR can easy turn on eachother because they’re aware of how strong the others are if they stick around to the end and not keep the weaker player Lydia. She’s pathetic really, hasn’t one any comp and has no desire to I think… I’m rooting for Kevin obviously but this game can change any second hopefully his lie won’t come back to bite him in the ass lol.

    Next week can be a big shocker because chances are team JJ or MR will win or even Kevin and I see some unexpected HGs going up bc it is getting near the end. MR are the least reliable people, even tho Russel owes Jeff BIG TIME chances are he’ll want him out bc Jeff’s loyalty is to Jordan and only Jordan. This is an interesting season, there’s alot of HG’s I dislike and at the same time like so def worth watching to root for my fav.

  43. This fall on VH1, A Shot At Love with Chima Pet, where Chima tries to find love with one of these 16 muslim guys that entered the house.

  44. kevin needs to ditch nat and lydia and go with jeff jordan and michele
    although im thinking if kevin was in the jury house he wont necessarily vote for natalie if she was in the final 2 with jeff or jordan since he likes those 2 too so he’s vote will be free and wont be bias
    so if jeff and jordan wanna win without america they need to eliminate kevin or get russel or michele to do so :P


  46. @ Bye Chima

    I agree with the game whole game shift and howw Jessie had a HUGE advantage at the start which was not unfair bc I see we saw it came back to bit him in the ass full fold. LOL loved that moment!

    Players that float are better off than the ones that win comps, well there’s an exeption and thats Michelle, she’s won and floated her way to where she is and probably will go further. Michelle is a very smart player and has def earned to win the game, putting Chima up was one of her best moves in the game. She really was a threat to her and just as smart as her. It’s gonna be exciting to see who’ll outsmart the rest of the HG’s it’s very likely Kevin or Michelle or even Russel can get to the F2 as long as they can win comps or float their way to the end. Good players deserve to win and players like Lydia and Natalie need to go, Natalie had played well until Jessie was evicted, she’s still trying but the only way for her to get to the end is by actually winning comps now. Chances are she probably won’t lol..

  47. Ok just have to vent a little … I have watched BB ever since the first season and I love it … and this season is the first ever that i actually question the producers in picking who went in that house …. it is obvious that 2 people in that house have serious mental issues … I loved Lydia at first … but seriously can you say bipolar and as for Chima they should make up a mental illness and name it after her …. BB is a game and you do what you have to do to win the game … and it just cracks me up now that the power has shifted Lydia , Natalie and Chima(before she buried herself ) are acting like they are 10 years old …”ohh you all are liars ” isnt Natalie the one that made up the lie about Russ and Mich talking bad about Jordan and Jeff ….ok done with my vent now .. have a wonderful day everyone and enjoy the rest of the season !!!

  48. As if it wasn’t already apparent, Lydia finally proved she’s as big of a piece of human garbage as Chima. I’m tired of her makeup, tired of her ridiculous headdresses/hairdos, and tired of her attitude.

    All that said, she’s an A-1 loser. The smartest move for the JJ alliance is to remove Natalie first. Lydia will probably barricade herself away from the rest of the house for the following week if she doesn’t manage to go on a Chima-like tirade and get herself booted. Kevin, meanwhile, will continue to take up space and get booted later when it doesn’t matter.

  49. What is even more stupid is the fact that Gnat blames Michelle for the problems her team is having instead of putting the blame where it goes, which of course is with Chima, it was all her decision to do the things she did.


  51. I agree; she was only thinking of herself. The one she really screwed over was Kevin. I think he would have had a legitimate shot at the money.

    Hopefully the fab four don’t self destory before the final four!

    I will vote for J/J/M or K over R/N or L!

  52. @Randie: Yes, that’s the current plan for Jeff/Jordan but that could change again today. I certainly hope seeing players adapt their plans to help them win doesn’t make you quit the show this far along!

    Also, please no ALL-CAPS commentating.

  53. Are u all watching the same show i’m watching? Chima, Nat, and Lydia are stupid. They don’t know how to play BB let alone how to be a good sport. When they were running the house they were happy and cocky. When the game got a twist and the other side started to win, they threw a fit. It’s was like watching a child who didn’t get their way and took their ball and went home. I don’t care what anybody says, if anyone on the other side got the CDT they would have used it, and that includes Chima. By the way, Chima is on Twitter and she said that the revolution was of course NOT shown on TV. This was after BB aired last night. Like that would have made a difference. Nat or Lydia don’t deserve to win this. They do deserve to go to the jury house to be stuck with Jesse. I
    hope Jeff or Jordan are final 2.

  54. The first HOH was given to Jesse. As far as the coup d’tat, Jeff didn’t have to use it at all. He could have sat back and watched Russell get evicted. He had a lot of guts to stand up and use the power. I think if it we me I would chicken out. Chima can be very intimidating. CBS new that starting with cliques was going to be unfair for alot of players and I don’t think they made this power up just for Jeff. I believe when they first planned this show they were going to give someone this power to unturn the tables on the game.
    Can anyone tell me if the veto is today or will they do it live tomorrow night?

  55. Chima did screw the rest of her “team”.
    Nat has played lap dog so much she is lost at trying to be the lead dog.
    Lydia-cried when Jesse abused her-said she needed to avoid him(when talking to Kevin)-yet acted like he had been killed when evicted.
    Kevin was funny as could be when listening to the girls rying over Jesse’s eviction.
    Russell screwed up with Jeff by votig to keep Jesse, but kept his word to Jesse-admirable, but could be costly unless he talks with Jeff about it.
    If one of the girls gets taken off the block this week-J/J need to talk to Russ and Michelle and explain they are being put up as a pawn only (unless they use kevin-provided he does not win POV). They will need to keep the 4 of them together-BUT-if K/L/N go to Russ and tell him J/J were “going” to backdoor him, I can see problems-J/J need to talk to R/M to explain what was said-and involve K in the conversation to get him to admitt the lie.
    As for the CDT–Jeff had to use it-he had to get Jesse out before Jesse got him out-and it was gonna happen soon. I did not see any of them crying when Jeff’s friends were evicted-it was part of the game according to Nat and Lydia. And Jesse did lie to the J/J team-when they evicted Casey instead of Ronnie. The plan that week was to evict ronnie-and Jesse told J/J that he was going to stick to that-then he told Casey to move his feet. Hmm backdoor Casey?

  56. @mary: CBS just announced that the PoV events (comp & ceremony) along with the eviction and next HoH comp will all be played out live on Thursday’s show. It’s going to be nuts!

  57. @Ron (comment 36)

    Michelle isn’t my fav by far, but she WAS provoked, Lydia poured out her beer. I don’t think Michelle cared about the beer, but that wasn’t the point.

  58. I need to ask why some people are complaining about the Coup D’ Etat. This is not the first time BB has offered this power. If memory serves me right Mike Boogey from a past season had the power, but chose not to use it. It is not like BB took Chima’s HOH power away on purpose. This offer of power was announced to America before Chima won HOH so it could have gone to anyone, but luckily America got it right and gave it to Jeff. Now about Lydia, if and when she ever sobers up, hopefully she will remember that it was Jeff that saved her butt from eviction with that power that she is ranting on and on about. In the end I would like to see Jeff and Jordan as the final two. I don’t think Jeff has compromised himself in this game and he really seems to have his head on straight, and that is my opinion of what I see from watching the CBS shows and reading these updates.

  59. Chima has some mental issues to deal with and I think she should take Lydia with her when she sees the doctor! It’s a game people, I don’t understand why they got so upset when Jessie left, that’s right he left the house, he didn’t DIE! They all sat around crying like he died. I’m glad Chima is gone. Natalie should be next & Lydia should be made to stay one more week for punishment.

  60. Is everyone keeping in mind that Chima WAS NOT HOH when the “Wizard Power” was awarded? BB had no idea she would win a week later. Yet, she sees it as a personal attack on her from production.

  61. ron jessie had to chance to play the game he knew all the what if that could happen in the game. as soon as they where told there was a mystrey power.He should have made deals with jeff they all know america would have pick him.Jesse started to be his friend to late in te game

  62. I’m curious what Chima’s future career prospects as a freelance journalist are… she screwed over CBS and has made it clear that she can’t ever be trusted with a live feed. Better hope print journalism is what you wanted honey ‘cuz I don’t think anyone is putting you on TV or radio any time soon!

  63. Jesse is a friggen idiot that deserved to get the boot. If America “screwed” you once and you have the opportunity to come back wouldn’t you rethink your strategy. I think Jesse, Chimapet, and even possibly Russel put to much confidence in Evil Dicks strategy. At least Russel has figured it out, maybe, and put himself back in a competitive posititon. I was very glad to see the evil witch get shown the exit door. Lydia and Nat need to be next….


  65. It is a game, it is a game, it is a game!!! Everybody is loosing sight of that. It is a game for a half a million dollars. Kudos to Jeff for making the best moves ever and putting up Jesse and it brought out Chima’s true colours. She is the biggest baby around and because she didn’t get her way she threw a fit and is now out of the game. Good on BB!!!

    Oh and one more thing, It is just a game!!!

  66. Natalie really worked Jeff and Jordan last night. Everything is up in the air depending on who wins the POV. She is now “with” Jeff and Jordan. You have to give her credit.

  67. How can anyone not be thrilled with the way it is all falling into place? Jeff and Jordan are REAL. They are good people. It’s nice to see good people come in FIRST for a change. As for Chima … that girl is demented. I’m sorry she was abused/attacked but … that doesn’t give you the right to hate men, be racist and talk to people the way she talked to everyone. The show isn’t about her. there are rules and I think Big Brother had to take a stand. I’m glad they did. Why is Lydia now acting like an idiot? Lydia should have THANKED Jeff for using his POWER to get her off the block. Did she ONCE do that? No. Sad!!! Natalie … well … she has done NOTHING the entire game. Has she won anything?

    Say what you want about Jeff & Jordan … he got the power because AMERICA make a good choice. An overwhelming choice! It goes to show that America sees through those other spoiled, nasty people on the show. America gave the power to someone they knew would make smart choices. It is a GAME!!!

    Did anyone hear Natalie’s comment about America the night she was upset about America giving Jeff the power. Hello!!! Now you are disrespecting all the viewers/americans!!!

    I hope Jordan or Jeff take it all the way. I see something REAL in both of them and I think they would both appreciate the win/money!!!

    Just my thoughts. Thanks for reading!!
    Enjoy the show everyone!

    ~Merilee Reali

  68. 2pupriek — thanks — everyone acts like this is a life-or-death situation it’s a GAME

    — also, about Jeff giving Jordan HOH — what difference did it make — no one else had a chance at that point, and they are on the same side — she got a letter from home and he goes to Hawaii — so unless she backdoors him, it was a win-win for him…

  69. I highly doubt we’ll be seeing Chima on network TV anytime in the near future, especially on VH1. I read some where that Viacom (which owns CBS, VH1, MTV, BET, banned her for life from all affiliates. I don’t remember where I read that, it might have even been on this website (I read too many that involve BB!!!)but I know I did see that info.

  70. I was thinking the same thing.

    Chima completely blew Lydia’s Natalie and maybe Kevin’s chance of winning the whole game.

    And that suck because they tried to tell her she would, but she wanted to be selfish.

  71. I love this season. This is the first season where I actually watch and tivo every episode! It definetly keeps me interested. Chima is a big baby! She is VERY spoiled and diva ish. That woman is 34 years old she needs to act like it! You would think she is 20 by the way she is acting. I love Jeff and Jordan and I hope they make it to the end! Jeff infact WOULD still be in the game despite Americas vote bc he wasn’t on the block the past times..if he hadn’t used the coop de thing, he would in fact STILL be their, as well as Jordan. Kevin is garbage, he doesn’t do anything, Lydia is retarded and crazy. It amazes me how they reacted after Jesse got eliminated ITS A GAME! They acted like he was dead!! They need to get off his balls! He indeed put Chima and Lydia on the block and was mad at Kevin for voting to evict HIM instead of Natalie..they crazy. Jordan and Jeff are the nicest people in the game and I hope they win, and go off and be together 4 ever. THEY ARE SO CUTE!

  72. With Jeff getting the overwhelming number of votes in the coup de ta , there’s no chance for Team K/L/N to win win the half million dolloar jackpot. Jeff being the CIVIL person he has showed to be has the best chance of winning Big Brother. This goes to show that COOLER HEAD’S do Prevail.

  73. I agree with this article and I think that is why Kevin kept saying “so stupid” He knew the impact her being sent home would do to their alliance. But what bothers me the most about Chima, Lydia and Natalie is the POOR SPORTMANSHIP OF THESE WOMEN. How stupid can you get? It’s a game, IT IS A GAME! Nat is blaming it on Michelle for not upholding her word. BULL! CHIMA IS A POOR SPORT and when things didn’t go her way, she bailed. Chima is a failure. A quiter, whether she was tossed or left on her own, her actions were terrible. I hope she didn’t have any nieces or nephews watching because she just ruined her ability to take what life has given her and turn it into good. She needs serious help. She has never healed or dealt with her past and as you can see it came out in this game.

  74. Jeff would have been crazy not to use the cdt! good move throwing challenge, gives him chance to win next hoh. Natalie needs to go, done nothing won nothing so done! Glad Chima is gone, she made a choice, bad choice you pay the consequences! Really messed up things for Kevin, seems like nice guy, just wrong side of the fence right now. But as they say, it is a game! and anything can happen. Lydia, is just psycho, make her stay another week, and like Chima she will probably self destruct. I don’t get why people think Michelle is so mean, I think she has been playing a good game. As for Russell, a little wild at times, but I think he has kept his word, and look how far he has gotten. Can’t wait for the next show!!!

  75. Can anyone explain why did ‘nice guy’ Jeff take Russell’s Hawaiian Vacation (which he stated was for his parents) instead of Kevin’s $5,000?

  76. I would love to see Jeff win and I think he has a real shot. Just as long as Lydia and Natalie DON’T win….I’m good!

  77. To TAZMAYNE:

    good point. He probably did it for the same reason no one else thought of it but you. Maybe he just saw Hawaii in his eyes and forgot about Kevin’s 5000. I don’t think it was done to be mean. I think he just didn’t think of it.

  78. I agree, Chima not only made the mistake of a lifetime, who walks out on 5K ? Guess she is rich an didnt need the money, and she did seal the fate of all those she called ” friends” I Funny how when your on top all things fair in love and war. Kevin needs to wise up, he is a smarter guy then I think he is given credit for and shouldnt let this sinking ship take him down. I am a devoted J/J fan and have been from the beginning, and Michelle and Russ have my support but Im not 100% with them. These are the ones who have actually played the game, they didnt make to many ways in the beginning with the exception of Russ, and they never hid the loyalties, they played hard when needed an took the losses in stride, the others OMG… They have got to be the BIGGEST bunch of whiners I have EVER seen on this show ( I have watched EVERY SEASON) Well I could rant on, but nothing that hasnt already been said. I hate that the season ends to soon, but the rest should still be interesting.

  79. In order for one of the “good guys” to win anything this season, the two that need to be left both have to be from the good guy team. Just like the season with Evil dick and his daughter. If Nat, Kevin, Lydia or even Michelle are in the final two with Jordan, Russell or Jeff, the first four will be voted for insteade of the last three. This season there are so many poor sports in the house, its insane

  80. To Harmony: It may be an indication of him not being aware of what’s going on in the game. He seems to play on emotion versus strategy. It may bite him in the end. He views Russ’ vote for Jessie as a personal betrayal versus good game play.

  81. Great season. Im curious who America will vote in as the JURY PERSON – I personally would like Casey back in the game or LAURA – they would definitely vote J/J as the winner. I think J/J are an adorable couple and hope “reality TV’ doesnt affect them after this show.

  82. To Tazmyne: You are right. Gosh I hope he is brighter than that. Nothing worse than a stupid good looking guy. LOL. I’ve been watching the after dark and also the live feed and I’m not sure what Jordan is doing. I hope she doesn’t listen to Michelle who is trying to make her think Jeff would dump her in the end for Russ. I hope she stays loyal to Jeff because I don’t think he would ever turn on her.

  83. Why are we even acting like Jeff will be automatic final 2? Unlike the first 5 weeks, he is now gonna have to play the game.

    All he does it talk alot, but wont do anything. In my record book he still has won nothing but a veto. And his smart a– couldnt even figure out Jordan was only up as a pon, and risked no chances of going home.


    Natalie, Russell, Jordan have done more than Jeff. Dont give me that lame excuse Jeff was laying low. He wasnt. He rode the coat tails of Jessie and Russell’s hoh wins and power, and then he complains about being on the bottom. He wasnt in danger, but he knows he should of been because he was trying to against his OWN clique.

    Ofcourse BB gave America the vote. They are trying very hard to make sure Jeff wins this game.

    Wont it be amazing someone who hasnt doen anything but a lousy useless POV will win BB?

    America voted for Jeff because they think he is an attractive guy, and love watching the Newlyweds, oh excuse me, the Jeff and Jordan show.

    It had nothing to do with was done in the house, or who was deserving of it. Jeff and Jordan arent the only good people in the game as its made out to be, but most of Jeff’s fans will love to force themselves to beilve that.

    LISTEN HERE. I find it VERY interesting Jeff’s cult, or excuse me fans forgot all about the homophobic remark he made in the first week of the game. Oh yea you all forgot about that right? Ofcourse u did. Only rememeber wat u want.

    So tell me, how bad is that? Its not worse than Russell yelling at everyone having a short fuse, Its not worse then Natalie being upset of how evicitons go, and its not worse then Lydia acting as if she doesnt have any sense.

    Bottom line, Jeff hasnt done anything in this game. Now he feels he is entitled to talk trash, and he doesnt even know . . . . he isnt even running his own alliance. Michelle and Russell are.

    Jeff was awarded HOH, because he couldnt win it on his own and because he is the most popular in the house. BB isnt a popularity contest darnett. hhaha Its a game.

    So sure Jeff made a great move. But he couldnt do it himself, or earn it, he had to have his hand held like a lil kid in the wine ile at ur local drug store!

    He better not walk away with this money. It would be a travesty.

    I cant wait till Russell and Michelle team up and kick Jeff out. Then he has no chance of winning and we wont have a vote wasted on him.

    Its gonnga force America to vote for who has played the game, not is eye candy.

    Famous quote-“You play to win the game, . . . you dont play it just to play it! . . . .You play . . to win the game”

    Im sure ima get heat from this but 70% of what i said if not more is facts. Deal with those facts.

  84. The best move was Chima making an idiot of herself! She is a poor loser & I do not feel sorry for her.
    The player who would get my vote this year is Russell, he actually is the only one who has been playing the game, right from the first day! Jeff is coming alive, Jordon is on his coat strings, Kevin is lucky to still be in the game, without Jessie, Lydia & Natalie’s days are numbered, both haven’t won anything in challenges & Michelle is starting her game play. I would like to see Russell & Michelle the final 2! Good luck guys.

  85. I would love to see Russ in the final two. But whoever is in the final two, it better not be Nat, Lydia or Kevin, although I’m not sure about Kevin, he’s not a bad guy, he just doesn’t know how to pick friends. If I was Kevin, I’d dumpt the two insane chicks and try to make nice with the good guys side ASAP. He needs to tell Nat and Lydia that knowing them is a liability and change sides. If I was him, I’d tell them the truth and move on

  86. I think Cheemo is the most outrageous animal I have ever seen. {spoiled little brat!} The huge mouth along with those large lips just accentuate her ignorance to a point where you have to mute the TV. The loudness of her ear canal shattering voice is just too much to bear. I’m sorry for the persons that took her under their wings to depend on her to be a responsible team player but we do pay for our mistakes eventually folks & I think they are realizing theirs in a big way! I was also not impressed with giddy champagne lush either {Kevin stay away!!} Nice try for Natalie but thingz are backfiring all over the place. I think Michelle rocks – she is absolutely right with her comment on how it bothers her that a lot of people in her shared surroundings are not respecting ea. other. Unfortunately, some do not have the knowledge to know the differential between lack of respect & strategic moves. Jeff has definitely got it goin’ on – he stays a true gentleman in all his moves. I’m so glad fish lips is gone!

  87. Chima, Natalie, and Lydia are losers and poor sports. Lydia is a drunk, Natalie can’t stand on her own and Chima needs psychological evaluation. I have enjoyed watching them self destruct. Jessie was an A hole before and we didn’t like him. He loves himself too much and just the fact that these 3 latched onto him is a good indication of how wacked they are. Kevin is playing a good sly game. He needs to make a move soon. I am hoping for Laura to get another chance.

  88. to marcus: correction
    Natalie – HOH
    Russell – 1 POV;1 HOH
    Jeff – POV
    Michele – 2 POVs; 1 HOH
    Kevin – 1 POV
    Jordan – HOH (gift)

  89. TO MARCUS: I agree with you on some points except….. Natalie has done NOTHING. All she does is talk and most of that is bull. I just saw her on showtime after dark. She was playing poker with Jess and she lost. She told him if it was for real money she would have won. What kind of logic is that. Natalie is stupid. Lydia hasn’t done anything in the show either. She’s a loser just like Natalie is. Nat can’t remember her lies. Gosh I can’t stand people who can’t even tell a good lie. Geeze. Russ has played a good game. Let’s see what happens in the next few weeks with the others. Jeff had the guts to use his mystery power. I don’t think many would have done what he did. Took alot of guts and could have turned out different had Chima not bailed and Nat, Lydia kevin won anything

  90. yea sorry bout that, i was typing fast.

    Does anyone on the lve feeds know when or if there bout to do veto?

  91. The one that pisses me off the most is Lydia !!! I mean how stupid can you be? Jeff took your sorry ass off the block and you side with Nathalie and Chima (who put you on the block in the first place) Nathalie did nothing but bad mouth her to Jessie and Jessie put her on the block. If she had any brains she would be kissing the ground Jeff walks on for taking her off the block and letting her stay to see another week.
    My vote is for Jeff – I hope he wins as he is the only one with a good head on his shoulders and he is a nice guy !!!!

  92. @Marcus

    When did Natalie ever win HoH? Ummmmm… NEVER

    The HoHs were (in order):

    Week 1 – Jessie (which doesn’t count because he didn’t actually win it)
    Week 2 – Ronnie
    Week 3 – Jessie
    Week 4 – Russell (but Jeff dropped out, giving it to Russell after making a deal)
    Week 5 – Chimapet
    Week 6 – Jordan (and, yes, it was handed to her by Jeff)

    Not sure where you’re seeing Natalie in there. She’s never won a freaking thing.

  93. UMMM Natalie a “real player” are you kidding me? She has not won ONE thing, she hid behind Jessie and ran her mouth thinking she ran the house no one did anything they werent going to do anyways.. she is just good at convincing herself it was her ideas, Jeff has played with his head, and his heart (ie the HOH for Jordan) I also dont think he trust Russ 100% but he isnt going to let that out, he is smarter then that. He knows that if he doesnt want anyone to know what he has planned dont tell even Jordan. This may make for Dull game play for some viewers but its his way of playing an I like it. As for the “wizard power” not being fair; let me enlighten if you havent watched every season there is ALWAYS a twist, a house guest gets back in, an power to over ride is given some thing to throw a kink in the game.. Personally Chima got her revenge in that, NAt said it was Michelles fault well Michelle only got HOH for 2 days not a whole week, how fair is that? She didnt use the power and she didnt make Chima leave, so boo friggin hoo for life not being fair… Reality or NOT life isnt fair..

  94. Harmony there was nobody named Jess in the house, so what are u talking about? U mean Russell?

    How does it make u stupid, when u say “if we were playing for real money u would have lost”

    ?? i dont get that one.

    She has won an hoh, so u can try to act like she hasnt, but she has.

    Well it was her and Russ wining joint Hoh.

    So it was HOh without all da gifts.


    Well said I see that your a jeff and jordan fan as well.I was reading what you had said and BRAVO!! very well said.They do sevred to win its a game to be play and there doing very well! I have to give russ and michele some credit there trying as well I see no point in staying in a game if your going to be a poor sport.

  96. Maybe bb producers noticed that America hated team jess (CBS forums this site LOL) so to make viewrs happy, which makes ratings go up, they brought back cdt. Except this time
    You don’t win a challange like last time, you be your good ol self. But couldn’t bb alreDy know USA loved jeff so to ensure he did get it they could just do a VOTE In?????

    Which also brings money?????? Which brings in viewers to see if their fab got it? Which brings on more ratings????

    JUST an OPINIOn!!


  97. Marcus- “Wont it be amazing someone who hasnt doen anything but a lousy useless POV will win BB?”

    The strategy of the game is not limited to just winning competitions. Winning too many competitions can be used against you by other house mates who might see you as a strong competitor. Jeff would have won head of household on that golf competition but he gave it to Jordan. I watched them practice the night before. Jeff was the best at it by far. He could’ve won if he wanted to. As far as you saying that Natalie won HOH, she keeps saying that she, like Lydia, has won nothing so far. I don’t remember myself.

  98. I will now continue watch BB.
    Chima sucked from the get go what a LOSER!!!!!
    BB should have done someting along time ago to get rid of Chima, she just thought her bad behavior was getting rewarded as nothing happened, Good Move BB, took long enough….

  99. Yall are stupid for thinking that the Coup D’Etat was something stupid. Its a GAME, its the perfect game piece. Its the perfection additon to making a game more challenging. BB has always been full of surprises, so this year was no different. Chima and them were just mad because no one on their side was granted to use it. Surely, had the tables been turned they would have all been extremely happy, and walkin around expressing how they feel they are in control of the game. WHATEVER, JEFF..good job! I’m rootin for you and Jordan. Play the game, that is all it is! Sensitive people!

    FYI… make me want to scream, I can’t wait until you’re evicted!

  100. Jeff didnt give anything Russ. See this is what im saying, i understand ppl are gonna think the way i do but you are twisting stuff.

    Jeff was beggin Russell to make a deal and 3 times Russell told Jeff “sorry i want a letter from my dad”

    And the ONLY thing Jessie won the first week was power because Natalie and Russell won it for him, and to be able to come in the house.

    Remeber? the toleit seat thing? Russell was about to drop, and Natalie wasnt as close to dropping.

    One of the other cliques dropped, i think it was Casey.

  101. GoTeamJeff-“When did Natalie ever win HoH? Ummmmm… NEVER”

    Exactly, that’s what I thought.

    “Russell (but Jeff dropped out, giving it to Russell after making a deal)”

    I forgot about that one too.

  102. Im so sick of chima being refered to as a monkey and an animal. Its so rude and making fun of her lips, which she can’t help that she has. You people are no better than her when you do that.

  103. I must have miss something.I have live feeds,I dvr bbad and wacth it every time its been on ana NO NATILE DID,NT WIN HOH. jesse won it twices. ronnie won it,russ won it,chima won it,michele won it and jordan now has it am I right everyone did I miss some one?

  104. Oh Nat won to bring Jessie in. THAT DOESN’T COUNT. come on people.
    TO MARCUS: Re Poker: If you are playing poker it should not matter whether you are playing for candy or $$. You play to win. Nat said the reason she lost was because they weren’t playing for money. Stupid reason. If you play poker you want to win all the time, doesn’t matter what the stakes are. Just Nat talking out her butt again.

  105. @Kelly: Natalie contributed to, but did not solely win the first HoH. Jessie, on the other hand, did nothing to contribute to his first HoH. That power was given to him, something the Coup D’Etat critics prefer to overlook when they complain about Big Brother giving out special powers.

  106. Wow.. some of you actually watch 3 hours of BB after dark? Is it that serious? Isn’t that being just TOO nosey!? LMAO

  107. This is my first season ever for BB and I have to say i LOVE IT! First things first, please use spell check people…some posts are hard to read because of the spelling errors. Thanks! Next, my honest opinion of Natalie is that SHE wants to be the next one VOTED out so that will put her in the house WITH Jesse. If she gets herself ousted like Chima, then she can’t be with him. I agree with someone who posted earlier about Kevin. He was someone I didn’t care for at the beginning but he has definitely grown on me over time. Especially when Natalie-Lydia-Chima were all crying over Jesse. I LOVED his facial expressions!

  108. I wish people would quit calling this show a GAME. This show is not a game, the producers play a large role in the outcome, and manipulate the minds of the participants. This is a TV show, plan and simple. No game about it. “Game” would entail the participants deciding the outcome.

  109. I am glad Chima is gone. She was not very nice to watch. What a shame to waste your life being so negative and ugly. She needs to crawl back into her hole in the ground and get smart before she comes out again.

  110. TO Adrienne: I do watch 3 hours of after dark. I don’t sit in front of the TV and “WATCH” I put the tv on and listen to it as I work. Like listening to the radio.

  111. Nat and Russ were the only ones left hanging on in the FIRST HOH. Russ/Nat WON HOH FOR JESS. and Nat hasn’t been in most of the POV except 2 which included the chicken one and this [previous one. She came up with PLAN BOSLEY, which is starting to work.

    OOoo and RUSS is not loyal to JEFF. Russ worked jeff out extra hard so on thurs comp. Russ will perform better. EVEN THOUGH russ told jeff he would drop for jeff.

  112. I have always loved watching BB, this season is no different, now even my husband is hooked on it. We were both happy to see Chima go. Why let her stay and act like a baby. It was the happiest moment for us while we were watching. I can’t wait to see what happens next. Oh yeah can they please stop whining about jesse, he is still alive its not like he died.

  113. What people who dislike Jeff for using the “power” need to realize besides that this is only a game is that he did what he did because he felt it would benefit him later which in fact did. because if he wouldnt have used it team Jessie, Natalie, Chima and so on would have evicted Jeff soon enough. I dont understand why the people inside the house and some outside of the house took that so to heart when they would’ve done the same thing if they would’ve gotten it and used it to take out Ronnie out of the block. It’s okay for them to have done it but not for Jeff. People need to get over it. It was the twist this season. As far as Chima’s situation, she totally acted like a 5 year old having a tantrum. Made her look horrible as a human being and as a woman and I’m sure her family and friends feel the same. Yes, you can be upset, mad and hurt but you knew what you were getting yourself into when you signed up for this show especially that you’ve watched all the other seasons prior to this one. I agree that she sat there and ruined her team’s chance of at least getting closer to the final two but I’m sure she and everyone else who is team Chima doesnt see that how she acted was selfish on her part. Do people forget how her team acted from the beginning?? voting the other side out left and right and not caring about any one else but themselves? and what was their answer for their actions? it’s a game, I want to get to the final two.
    Natalie’s reaction to Chima leaving is just her being scared because now she has no one to stand behind her. Now she has to work and see if she can win a competition. And she’s become such good friends with her enemy Lydia isnt that so nice. Funny how things turn out. Natalie blames Michele for Chima leaving because they were supposed to be friends yet they werent mad at Ronnie for giving his word to both sides and then switching to team Jessie and them. It was just a game then and it’s still a game now. Sorry that you feel defeated but this is just how the game rolls. Sometimes it’s fair and sometimes it’s not. That’s what happens. Now that I’ve said all that may the best person win. Someone who not only has “played” the game but who deserves the money. :)

  114. I was so glad whenthe producers booted Chima. Just goes to show that she is not only loud and obnoxious but also selffish and egoistic. I feel sorry for her parents who seem to be so nice and polite but have such a daughter. I hope hope hope that someone from the J/J/M team wins. Russell would even get my vote over Chima. Good riddance to bad guest.

  115. After watching Kevin and Natalie plotting their desparate scheme the other night, I thought there was no way Jeff and Jordan would believe it; they fell for it hook-line-and sinker at first, but seem to be backing off backdooring Russell a little bit. That’s what makes Jeff such a good player: he tends to keep his cool and play off his instincts instead of making rash, emotional, game-determining mistakes such as Chima’s decision as HOH to take her eyes completely off the prize (making it to the end without everyone despising you) and focusing all of her rage over being a woman scorned (because Russell was just not that into her) on taking Russell out, despite the fact that it really wasn’t even a good move for her own alliance. I kind of feel bad for Russell because, although he has made some sly moves (mostly in his voting), he’s actually telling the truth most of the time in all his little spats, e.g. Michelle and Chima. Michelle is just mind-boggling. I can’t tell if she is half-way crazy or just constantly super-nervous… I suspect her true nature is that she’s incredibly smart with a nerdy personality and does tend to get nervous around “cool” people and act all over the place emotionally; but she’s smart enough to realize this and she uses it to her advantage to act like she really isn’t ever exactly sure what went down in certain conversations, then she always plants little seeds of doubt by making little comments, sometimes harmless and sometimes flat-out lies… But I think she is ultimately loyal to Jeff and Jordan.
    I can’t believe Jeff would actually believe Kevin! Kevin, Lydia, and Natalie have barely spoken to Jeff and Jordan all season then suddenly start being so friendly to them once they finally have a chance at winning, and J & J are this close to throwing it all away by believing Kevin and ditching Russell… please tell me they’re not that naive! This is why I feel bad for Russell: his personality does seem a little sketchy (and he obviously says some stupid things when he’s drunk, e.g. tellng Jeff and Jordan he’ll backstab them in a heartbeat; although I understood what he was trying to say, it wasn’t very smooth) so when someone says he’s scheming against them, people are inclined to believe he’s capable of it. Then those people start distancing themselves from him, he starts getting worried therefore he acts more subdoed, which in turn makes those people even more suspicious. It’s a cycle that happens over and over again with him and when he does call someone out on something they said concerning him, like with Michelle and Chima, Michelle flat-out lied and made him look like the crazy, paranoid one. I’d love to see the look on Chima’s face when she finds out he was telling the truth about that: PRICELESS!!! Anyway, I hope Jeff and Jordan see through this obvious scheme and don’t destroy their shot at winning by breaking their alliance, which I think would be pretty solid if they’d get back to how they used to play and go with their gut and not everyone else’s gibberish. It is so obvious Russell worships Jeff and Jeff has to be aware it; he can’t seriously think Kevin would be more loyal to him…
    Obviously I’m all for Jeff and Jordan, have been all along; I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone more geniune and kind on a reality show before. Jeff is one of the smartest, nicest, geniune, and most hilarious people I’ve ever seen ANYWHERE, and clearly very hot, which never hurts. I hope at the very least being on this show helps launch a successful career for him. I think he’d be a great TV host of some kind.
    As for Lydia and Natalie, I never really disliked them until this past week, when they took distastefulness and immaturity to an all-time low (along with Chima), successfully humiliating themselves in front of America by showing they all have absolutely NO CLASS. This was the first week Jeff or Jordan (or anyone other than Jessie for that matter) had any kind of power or advantage and Lydia and Co. reacted by threatening violence, talked about destroying their property,acted downright savagely toward Jordan during the HOH competition… It was disgusting.
    Can anybody tell me why Natalie thought it was be advantageous for the house to think she’s 18? All it did was make the other houseguests feel like she didn’t deserve to be there and tease her all the time. Maybe it was the only way she could justify her immaturity (as a 24-year-old).
    I used to like Lydia but after seeing her behavior on last night’s show, I almost think she should join Chima in the Big Brother Hall of Shame. She clearly wants to give up any shot at $500,000 just to go spend a week with the guy that treated her like crap every time Natalie looked their way, all the while providing him sexual services. That’s sad.
    I hope Jeff and Jordan see through the schemes and stick to their final four plan, which I think is the best shot for all four of them. As for everyone who thinks they’re not “real” players like Natalie, Jeff is probably the best competitor left in the game. He’s almost won HOH several times and threw it to help out his team. I have no doubt he could have won at least two of them if he had to. The one time he was on the block he won POV. I have no doubt that he can and will win when he needs to. He has the best personality of anyone in the game. He knows how to remain calm and think clearly no matter what, which is imperative to surviving in this game (look at Chima). He never went forming alliances with anyone who would talk to him which is probably the worst downfall (think Ronnie, now Russell) because it creates doubt and distrust among everyone towards you. Like everyone says, Big Brother is a game all about lying and deceit: everyone does it. What is truly exceptional is finding another way to win this game, and that’s exactly what Jeff is on track to do.

  116. @Marcus…

    Go back and review the tape. Jessie was on the sidelines telling Russell to strike a deal with Jeff.

    Now who’s twisting it?:

  117. That is mean to say things like that about chima she still a person and even though she did,nt tnink how she would hurt other by her action and her saying things about 9/11.Let not scoop that low in do the same as she did she no longer is in the game so lets get on with that and just say GOODBYE CHIMA.I know many of you do not like her I never hated the girl I just disliked what she said and how her action were,

  118. I think that eff should win because he has actually “played” the game. Jordan has played but basically has remained because Jeff is such a good guy. Jeff has been the smartest player.

  119. Natalie is a floater, she has won nothing, even while Jessie was there all they did was lay in bed and argue over Lydia. Oh how Lydia forgets the things Nat said about her. Now they are freinds. Jessie didn’t care for them anyway he was just using them to try and get ahead.

  120. @eesha people hate that Jeff is affirmative action, but acts like he’s a good player in the game. Like he won and made a move. If not for the twists, Jeff would have gone home week one. He’s useless as a player in this game.

  121. Chima was a hot mess, and I’m glad they KICKED her out!! She was throwing a hissy fit over something that she couldn’t control. OH WELL..GROW UP! Its a game! Did she not know that there would be twists involved in the game? Hasn’t there always been surprises!? She got alot of nerve, I hope they make her pay for that mic that she DILIBERATELY threw into the jacuzzi. Teach her a lesson!

  122. I don’t know how BB did it this years but they seemed to have found 4 of the worse poor sports in the history of BB. What losers they are. Nat and Lydia are stupid.

  123. just because american decided on who got the CDT doesn’t mean Jeff asked for it but he got becasue america wanted him to have it and it was in his best interst to use it and I think it was an awesome move on his part. Why let the other side of the house control things forever I was pretty bored with that anyway and bored with ronnie and his coniving. I’m glad things are shook up for now.

  124. How is Nat a floater when she helped her team win the first HOH? didn’t jeff drop before Nat? How isn’t Jor a floater? didn’t jeff LET her win? HOW IS JEFF NOT A FLOATER? Didn’t CBS HAND him an HOH???

  125. Lydia was drunk, lsurring words and stuff, just mad cause she lost. then nat saying oh the mic fell out of her (chima’s hand) GIVE me a break. we all saw her throw it in the hot tub! good move BB getting rid of her.

  126. @ comment #107….don’t leave out Michelle’s 2 day reign as HOH (you didn’t see her throwing a fit when it was taken from her)

  127. I feel sure that that it final 2 will be from the J/J/R/M team but hope to see Jordan win out. Jeff would be okay too cause I’d like to think he might help Jordan’s family out. What is the second place prize anyway, seems like I heard it was 50,000? maybe? Here’s to Jordan winning and stopping use of ‘fag’ at any cost….

  128. michele didn’t do anything to chima .. chima simply took things way too personally and blew many things out of proportion. everyone there is in it for themselves and michele had to do what was best to advance her in the game. I didnt see anyone else blow up like chima did whenever they were evicted? at least not to the point in which chima did.

    secondly, jeff is a smart player.. every BB season has a twist, it’s not like this is the first time something unusual happened .. it’s all apart of the game. I believe that Jeff is a huge player in this game and he shows how much of a genuine guy that he is (giving jordan HOH) id like to see him or jordan take home the money as ive gained a lot of respect for the two of them and how they play the game.

  129. I swear 98& of the people on this site are so one sided and hypocritical. Also more childish than the people they judge on BB.

  130. @ FteamJJ — I have made that point several times — those that seem to be the most upset about the CDT, saw no problem with Jesse walking into the house & the HOH through no effort of his own — I think the CDT was along that same line — just more of the GAME!!

  131. I am glad that Chima is gone. I hated her attitude and this anger she carried throughout the game. But I must ask, what is this realness that people see in Jeff and Jordan. I dont see it. They have said some harsh things about the other group that betrays this niceness that people on here say they have. Russell has cursed out every person in the house. Yet, he does not get anger and discuss that Chima gets. Michelle is a straight up liar. There is no one in that house that is nice. Everything is about strategy. And when the time comes, I see either Jeff or Jordan being betrayed and sent out the house because their alliance is too strong. Watch Russell make it happen as he curses you out and bullies the rest of the house. Evid Dick showed the way to be a complete jerk and still win the game.

  132. Thank you @MATT your right and she is the one that should have been hoh for that week not jesse people on her complain about jeff getting the power and it was just a hand out I think he desevred it and that what jesse got a 2nd chance at playing the game in the honer of being hoh without doing any thing. I call that more of a hand out more then anything esles.I hope the best player wins I ,m a jeff and jordan fan and am hoping they get it but if russ or michelle win I won,t be upset they desevre it as well. and I think kevin doing a good job as for lydia and nat. They need to try a little harder

  133. @ Cheryl Michele still got out the player she wanted and Russell is still in the house with Chima when her reign ends. Totally different situations.

  134. @F Team JJ: Damn those people and their opinions who don’t completely match mine. Shakes fist in air…

    Seriously, F, not sure why you show up here each day and complain that people don’t like the same HGs you do or think about the game the same way you do. Do you know what the definition of insanity is?

  135. 110% Agree w/comment #29 – Favorite Quote from last night – “No need to sit down, you’re going out this way.” My jaw DROPPED. (of course I already knew Chi-Chi-Chi-Chima was leaving, but to hear them put it that way was *the icing on the cake*. I bet her jaw dropped too!! GOOD RIDDANCE!!
    Love the way Jeff is playing it, never before in BB history has someone played this way, he does his own thing. I hope Jeff & Jordan make it to the final two and I sure hope Jeff takes Jordan to Hawaii with him!! (After winning that vaca).
    Another classic quote from last night’s episode was “I didn’t do it for you….. keep cryin'” – Russell. LOL LOL LMAO. That was CLASSIC. He was so cool and collected when he said it and Nats face was HILARIOUS. She totally didn’t see it coming. Ahhhh ha ha ha I love it!!!!
    GO team J&J!! You’ve got this!! =o)

  136. @Kelly: I’m not saying Natalie deserved to be HoH or even won it. She simply was still up there when the game ended. If it had been played out to the end I don’t think she’d have lasted especially considering she was out quickly in the most recent endurance.

  137. When chima was HOH, Michelle was up chimas A$$ complaining that russ was being a jerk, crying, lying about convos that never happened and then “forgetting” what was said and pretending to be girl power. She lied to russ’s face the day the CHI/R argument happened and could’ve stopped it before it happened. M is creepy and just as bad if not more than ron

  138. ED proved to be a master of the art and science of human nature. He played it like a game of chess and thought through every move. Nasty or not, he knew what he was doing.

  139. I somehow knew that someone was going to be ejected after the fight-, i mean WWIII between Chima & Russel.

    As for who I want to win, Lydia. I like her because of her personality & her looks(aside from the overkill on the tats). I doubt she’ll win it all. My money’s on Russel or Jeff. Jeff using the CDT & sending Jessie home was a very stupid move.

    Love The site Guys & thanks!

  140. Next season BB can fill the house with all nice people. Not a soul for us to LOVE TO HATE. jUST THINK OF ALL OF THE SLEEP WE WILL BE ABLE TO CATCH UP ON.

  141. I,m sorry jojo if my spelling off.I,m writing and taking care of a 2yr old and a 10 month old I,ll try my best to make it better for you to read.My two little girls,

  142. I think this article perfectly analyzes the Chima eviction and the inevitable aftermath that will take place. Natalie was blaming Jeff for driving Chima to the point of eviction, but she should really be thinking about the impact of Chima’s expulsion from the game. Maybe the NBK team really was being held together by Jessie and they imploded without him.

  143. @BB11Fan Comment #167 –

    Exactly how, out of curiosity and because I don’t understand, was Jeff using the CDT a stupid move??

  144. MATT I understand hun what your saying I just think that jesse did nothing to get hoh for that week and if natilie was the last up there then she desevre the spot at hoh more then jesse did.

  145. @ MATT

    I have no problem with people not liking who I like. I’m just pointing out that on this site 98% of the people here aren’t. Not saying that is bad or good. And I do feel like most of the people here are more childish than the people they are judging. Note the disgusting references to chimas “fish lips” “monkey face” and w/e dumb blonde jokes their are about jordan.

  146. @fteamjj

    Because Jeff had been like bullied by his own team at first and America felt bad so they gave him the CDT, and Jessie already had his chance to play last season and lost then so not only does he get to enter the game again when he doesn’t deserve it, he also gets the first HoH handed to him.

  147. Oh and I come on this site because the other site I was on was 99% we love jeff coz he’s HAWT and him and jor are sooOo cute!

  148. I never understand how after the tables are turned, the other alliance is suddenly “evil” and “underhanded”. Excuse me, its a GAME and its all part of the GAME. This season was a bunch of big mouths except for Jeff and Jordan. In the BB game, knowledge is power and the power is in knowing when to reveal that knowledge or not. Jeff was accused by Chima of not playing the game because he would be non-commital when she gave him information. Gee, Chima, maybe he wanted time to THINK and OBSERVE before deciding whether or not you were lying or misinterpreting what you thought you saw or heard. I hope Jeff, Jordan, and Michelle make it to the final 3.

  149. This was the first big brother season I’ve ever watched and at first it was great. You really didn’t know what was going to happen.

    Once the Coup D’etat was created the show became an actual joke to me. How can the producers create this magical power that will have zero reflection on how the players are playing the game but rather who American likes best? Come on, what a joke. To anyone who it wasn’t obvious to that Jeff was going to get it give your head a shake. For the producers to allow him to get it or to create this thing, thanks for making the show boring an predictable. Any somewhat smart person could of guessed what was going to happen once Jeff got that power. I really hope I’m not the only person that took notice to this blunder because now I’d rather not waste an hour of my time watching whats going to happen when I can almost predict it.

  150. Jeff using the CDT was stupid, because RUSS is SMARTER and STRONGER than Jeff and Jess. Jeff prolly could’ve beaten jess more easily than russ.

  151. Watching BB11 over the last 2 days have been very distrubing. I think CBS should rethink BB11. It will be hard for me to continue to watch the self destruction go on. I have watched each and every year. This is the first time I am uncomfortable to tune in.I feel so sorry for Kevin,Lydia, and Natalie. The house is a powder keg. I am glad I don’t live there.

  152. @ fteamjj

    No, it was smart of him because Jessie was the main part in that other alliance, by eliminating Jessie, his alliance was screwed. He couldn’t’ve done anything smarter.

  153. @ Brian — it’s obvious that you haven’t watched bb before — there are always twists — and you have obviously wasted more than an hour since you have bothered to come on this website….

  154. @F Team JJ Comment #179 –

    I disagree. Jeff had an alliance with Russell since the “graduation” HOH competition. Why would he keep someone he didn’t have an alliance with?
    I think getting on the stronger players “good side” (by saving Russell) was a better move than keeping Jessie and hoping to make a deal with him. There was NO WAY Jessie would have taken Jeff to the finals, and as far as who would win between Jeff & Jessie, who knows, we have no idea what the comps would have been.
    I think Jeff did the right thing using the CDT and keeping Russell over Jessie.

  155. @ suzi

    I completely agree, the saying is expect the unexpected, of course they’re gonna throw stuff in to shake things up. That’s part of what makes the show good.

  156. @KATE

    I do agree that was a smart move jesse was a tough player.And russ kept his word to jeff before I think that was another reason why he use it.I don,t know what russ is going to do next.

  157. Natalie did NOT win HOH in the beginning the clique she was in won and that brought Jessie back and he was the 1st HOH. No Natalie has not won anything so I don’t know why you people think she won it her team did win to bring Jessie back. I’m all for Jeff and Jordan I can’t stand Lydia it would not hurt my feelings if she was gone!!

  158. @ Kelly

    Yeah I’m hoping Russ won’t screw Jeff over, I really want Jeff or Jordan to win because I feel like they’ve played smart. It was smart for Jeff to let Jordan win, and it was smart of him to use the CDT and it was smart of them to lay low when everyone was fighting. As opposed to Lydia running her mouth.

  159. I’m pulling for Jordan,Jeff or Russell to Win the Money or possibly even Michelle, but as for Lydia she showed she’s as Bad as Chima last night and Natalie is a Spoiled little Brat that shouldn’t of even gotten on the Show! Kevin unfortuneatly has Sealed his fate by hanging out with the Whiners Club! I hope next season they do a Psycho test on the Prospective players before they get on the show, as this season has been Truly hard to watch do to all the Childish Antic’s of Chema,Jessie and Lydia and Natalie too! They are far from Evel Dick!!! He at least was a Great Player and did exactly what needed to be done…

  160. Let me just say I have no clue why America likes Jeff and Jordan . Jordan is the biggest air head that is riding jeffs coat tails. Jeff has no game play up until this point and really is annoying. Why America gave him power who knows but remember America also liked the blonde bimbo jenell. Did chima have a big mouth? Yes, but so does Russel and if being a idot like Jordan wins you half a million I guess we all should act like we don’t know how to tell time.

  161. @ Lynnette

    Jordan’s an air head? Jessie was definitely a bigger one. He was the dumbest person there. He was cocky and dumb.

  162. I think Jeff is stronger than Russell .. and only because when it comes down to it all, people are going to consider Russell more of a threat because of his actions and his cockyness in the past.

  163. Who here saw the live feeds last nite when kevin was schooling lydia and natilie what a bad guy jesse was. is he the only one out of those two who know how jesse acted.Lydia of course agree with kevin but she still like him I heard that they did some thing in that house that involes sex is that true.

  164. Chima is mentally ill and CBS had to get her out of there- she likely is in a padded cell at this point.
    Also Nat and Lydia crying over Jesse liked her died- really unstable.
    I wonder what will happen when they see the show and see he was using them.

  165. Waah waah waah… Jessie got the boot and Chima dug her own grave. I agree that Allison Grodner needs to make the next batch of prospective HGs undergo extensive psychoanalysis before letting them into the house.

    My wife and I almost fell off the couch laughing when AG told Chima to not even botrher sitting down in the DR… and again when Natalie and Lydia tried to say that the mic pack “fell out of” Chima’s hand into the hot tub.

    And then I started thinking more about Chima’s expulsion from the house: If she had continued to ignore AG’s request to go to the DR, all of the other HGs would have been on an BY LD while security entered the house and physically removed Miss Thing from the premises.

    I would have LOVED to have seen that.

  166. Jordan may be an Airhead but at least she’s a Decent person and she doesn’t feel the Need to run around and Pour out someone’s Beer or throw their food into the Garbage etc! I had hoped that Lydia would do well at first but once she started going on Jessie’s side I lost any and all Respect for her! She’s a Insult to Tattooed folks with her Immature way’s! It’s to bad really she could of done well in the game if she had used her Head instead of becoming one of Jessie’s Puppet’s!

  167. I didn’t see last night’s session but I did hear Jordan telling Michelle and I think Russ that Lydia talked about doing something with Jessie under the covers than wiping themselfs off on Natalie’s sweatshirt. Nat had mentioned something stuff was on her sweats but didn’t know what it was and I guess no one told her.

  168. i hope jeff wins the money he needs to dump jordan, all she does is tease him. she is still a baby and doesn’t know what love really is. poor jeff told her he loves her and she laughs at him,

  169. Chima didn’t know what hit her. She thought she was just going into the DR for a talk and as soon as she entered it, she was wisked away and asked to leave. I also heard that Chima Urinated on Jeff’s clothes. She threatened to do it but I’m not sure if her acting it out is true or not.

  170. Russ IS gonna screw Jeff over. Russ purposely worked Jeff out hard. So his muscles would cramp and be weak for thursdays endurance comp. That way Russ will win HOH once again and JEFFS plan of evicting RUSS next wk WON’T WORK! LMAO ROFL I can’t wait.

    I didn’t make this up I saw it on JokersUpdates

  171. Is Jessie in the jury house? If so then when we send nat and lydia there to join him, I want live feed on that, cat fight city!

  172. I think that Jeff and Jordan should go to the final 2 together. I think Jeff has played a better game than anyone else and he also allowed Jordan to win HOH this week so she could get a letter from her family that was really nice of him. I just think he should WIN this season’s Big Brother 11…..

  173. Does anyone know if there will be a POV comp today, and they air it thurs, or if the POV will be LIVE thurs? Coz i thought it was to be on WEN

  174. I definitely did not agree with Chema’s behavior, but that Coup D’Etat crap wasn’t fair I don’t care how you look at it. BB has done things in the past to change the game, but ultimately the players had to still make choices and compete. This move totally took competition out of the game. Some people are able to rise above this kind of stuff, but Chema and her team lost their will to fight. Chema was going to be evicted regardless of how she acted; but now she won’t get to be on the jury either. Whether you like her or not, it’s people like Chema who make the show interesting.

  175. Besides Jessie was only there to try and promote his attempt at a wrestling career. to many muscles anyway always lead to a smaller brain. He would of been out sooner or later.

  176. boy ludia was sucking down those mimosa’s quite fast last night. then being real immature dumping food and beer. I love the way Michelle reacted.

  177. we never saw sexual favors from jesse from natalie on the live feeds! all his favors came from lydia

  178. who cares who did who, if they did they were prob just using each otehr anyway. do any of you remember the almost cat fight between lydia and nat when nat told jessie to tell lyd don’t come near her or see her or even look at her? how can the now be friends?

  179. Chima was a big mouthed, spoiled brat! When she realized she wasnt going to win…she purposely got kicked off! She never played the game, she took a free ride threw the game on Jessie’s magic carpet! For those who dont have the 24 hour feed…you have no idea how bad Chima really was! I’m happy she is gone!

  180. As a big fan of Big Brother I have to say what a disappointing season. First of all bringing in past players is never fun, and Jesse of all people, don’t the producers talk to these people before they bring them back? Although it has been nice to watch a season (so far) with no sex however, the cursing is a little too much! half the show is bleeped out. Can’t anyone have a conversation anymore without using an explitive? I am still a fan of Big Brother I just hope next season is a little better!

  181. I knew that this season wasn’t going to go to well, Soon as that Big Muscled Baby Jessie returned to the Show! I was totally Happy last year when he got Kicked outta the House and hoped that was the last of him, Why Lydia was so hard up to actually perform Sexual Acts on him is just Sad! Go Jordan & Jeff win it all your the most deserving do to your ability to rise above all the Immature antics of most of the other’s in the house!

  182. I can only imagine how bad she was, she was probably remind you’ll of a 2 yr old stommping their feet, screaming and kicking on the floor when she couldn’t get her own way. Probably no worse than previous house guests behaved in the past

  183. I have one thing to say and one thing only…Jessie – Jerk and deserved to go home, Chima – Bigger jerk, Lydia – Creep and has gone insane, Kevin – HE CRIED WHEN CHIMA LEFT!!! LOL…one more thing…when the did the part were it showed them all sniffling wa hilarious

  184. To: 1st year BB watcher

    I know about the crying. OMG, you’d think someone died. Idiots. Little did they know what he said behind their backs. Wait until they see the entire show.

  185. @ 1st year BB;

    LMAO it was funny. at that moment I though kevin would of jumped ship to the other side.

  186. yes! I laughed at the music they played when all those fools were crying because Jessie was evicted!! LOL And Jeff said something like “omg, he isnt dead!” was very funny

  187. jeff/jordan are my faveortie people on the show but they are pissing me off when they think everything that comes out of kevins mouth is the truth like kevin would never ever lie are u serious he spends 24/7 with the people who hate u what do u think he just sits there an say nothing if he was with u he would talk bad about nat an lydia not people on your side put 2 an 2 together kevs team against the wall = kev needs to lie to save his team. why would Russ start stuff now when hes sittin pretty an why would michelle tell russ anything knowing he can have another house meeting an throw her under the bus again Jeff needs to listen to the Dr when they say dont get rid of russ cuz thats what the DR said an they know america loves him so they obviously lookin out for him. COME ON J/J THINK ABOUT IT NAT THIS WEEK RUSS NEXT WEEK LET MICHELLE TAKE OUT RUSS SO U DONT LOOSE HIS VOTE CUZ THE ONLY WAY JEFF IS GUNNA WIN IS IF HE TAKES KEVIN OR JORDAN TO THE END CUZ HE WILL GET MICHELLE JORDAN RUSS (MAYBE IF HEDOESNT EVICT HIM) AND LASTLY HE WILL GET AMERICA SO HE NEEDS ATLEAT 3 TO WIN!

  188. 1st year bb wacther/ I,m assuming your taking about the part when they all sat down and cry over jessie like he was dead or something ya that was pretty funny

  189. Do ya think that Lydia will try to get thrown out if Nat goes home this week where Nat want be alone with Jessie in the jury house… what ya think?

  190. I hope Natalie is the next to go. She is worthless! She cant win any competitions and refuses to bathe! I kinda want to see pyscho lydia for another week! LOL

  191. I bet she would love to be alone with him in the jury house, but who really cares. next week her and lyd w/b fighting over him and he’ll wish he wasn’t in that house.

  192. The people in the house when Evil Dick was there handled him (except for Jen) much better than how Nat, Lydia and Chima handle one of their alliances going home. What do you think would have happened if Evil Dick was in the house with these three? Someone would have beemn Killed. Anyone remember the first or second year (not sure what year) when a guy Houseguest came up behind another houseguest and pretended to stab them with a kitchen knife? That guy was outed immediately. I know Chima did more than what we saw. It takes alot to be thrown out. Look at Jen. She ate when she was on Slop and stole Dick’s cigarettes, all they did to her was put a vote against her. Chima did something very bad to get thrown out.

  193. Harmony…seriously, get the live feed and watch it from day one! she was constantly refuseing to do what the producers said and was F u ing them in the microphone all the time!

  194. @MATT

    I know that tommorw show there going to be doing the pov and some other things,Do you know is it supposed to be a two hr show?

  195. @ RICH

    Jeff needs to listen to the Dr when they say dont get rid of russ cuz thats what the DR said an they know america loves him so they obviously lookin out for him.

    IS BB COACHING THESE PEOPLE ON WHO TO EVICT???????? I coz I swear read on one of the Live feed transcripts that Jor said the same thing. “They made it seem like I shouldn’t put up russ.” JEFF – “ME TOO”

    WTH! I’m confused I thought only the HG were playing the game? Is it okay for the DR to do that? Kinda takes away the fun, if they help

  196. Chima is gone….Good, but shame on CBS for not having her ejected earlier! No need to talk smack about her since she did a great job of showing us who she really is…you be the judge! As for Jessie back in!, that is another stupid move from CBS but except the unexcepted so I accepted it! Russell needs to stop being so paranoid but with these houseguest…it’s almost impossible not to be! My opinion…he is still playing a good game! (good luck to him) Just needs to watch his paranoya and temper. Michelle, good game yes/no she is so akward that even watching her is ackward (good luck to her) Nathalie, lie after lie after lie that in the end she beleives it…so if you beleive it, it is true! (good luck to her also) Lydia, sorry girl! You could be a sweetheart and smart one tim and then you act like you are in need of some great therapy…and maby even AA! To do the things you have done on national TV….sorry but you just suck as a BB cast member (since I don’t know her luck to her) Kevin, Oh my Oh my little Kevin. You seem smart but have joined with the most dramatic crowd of gamers! You will need to prove once and for all that you can play this game and get a backbone and say what really is on your mind too these people instead of in the DR (good luck to him) Jordan, not dumb! Naive is what she is and lacks some education and knows not much about the world (naive) Small time girl with great values, I still beleive that she would be a great friend to anyone (say what you will) Now Jeff..hmmmm! Jeff: yes a good looking man in his early 30’s I give him that (stop with the f bombs however) Seems to be very calm in the upheaval of this game! (show, game whatever you wish to call it even some games are fixed…get over it or stop wathcing) He also is playing…not necessarilly the way others do but for an example…having a deal with Russel and taking the chance that it might come thru, that is a game move! Wining POV and taking himself off, that is a game move! Just my two cents. As for the other players, Laura seemed she could read people best! Braden, needs to jus stick with surfing Dude!, Casey, seemed like a cool jack and soory he left so soon cause also seemed hillarious! As for Ronnie! let me just say my opinion of him in the house, how he played the game and interacted with others, and what I saw of his own internet feeds and all, I would rahter just say nothing! (You have nothing good to say say, nothing at all)

  197. Yah real good move Chima. But im with the team of Russell, Jeff, Jordan and Michelle. What was up with Lydia’s little tantrum last night was she drunk?

  198. Oh I forgot Jessie, well did not hate him, did not like him but I realized Jessie loves Jessie, so who really cares.

  199. I hated this show when the First season started but my Daughter got me into watching it and now I record it regularly, I prefer to record it first this season and then watch it, that way when Ronnie or Jessie or Ceema was Ranting I could FFWD it an not have to listen to most of the Crap they were saying! I sure hope that they Screen Next season’s contestant’s alot better then they did this year though.

  200. I was watching some livefeed from last night and Jordan and Jeff are believing Kevin about Russ. I can’t believe it. They are trusting nat over russel? WTF? are they serious?

  201. After watching last night it was definately the right move on CBS to remove Chima (and we only saw a little bit)!! I cannot even imagine what went on after she was asked to leave the DR and to with the Executive Producer! Natalie… she hasn’t won a thing!! What a waste for CBS to put her on the show. Lydia ~ Guess she has a short memory and forgot Jeff took her off the block! Kevin, well I am still on the fence about him! I wish Jordon would tell Natalie about the BJ Lydia gave Jesse and about using her sweatshirt to clean himself!! Ummmm wonder how Natalie will feel about both Jesse & Lydia after that!! I am telling you Jordon had the opportune time to tell Natalie about Jesse & Lydia right after Lydia called Jordan a HOE!!

  202. @kelly
    Go watch his you tube muscle videos…what a hoot. Hope him the best in the WWE or WWF or whatever! Just remeber he is still a small pup an one day will grow and be wise like a dog! lol

  203. I’m not a Jesse lover but even Jesse had the class to tell Jeff, using the Coup D’Etat was a good move. Go Jeff. You are class from the top and not afraid to play the game the way it should be played. I would not be surprised to see a vote from Jesse for Jeff if he gets that far Jesse does understand the game.

  204. Some of watch this show/game to get a break from regular days of work, home, and just every day life to be entertained…and are we ever entertained. I have been watching since the start of BB1 and though I may love some more than others I do say as a whole, I love them for the entertainement. As for members of society, that is another subject!

  205. Well, hold on Matt…not necessarily. I think you have not taken into consideration how ruthless and cunning Kevin and Natalie are. If you watched the feeds last night…Jeff and Jordan fell for Nat and Kevin’s lie, and now…Jeff and Jordan gave Nat their word that she would not be evicted tomorrow (thur). Little does Jeff and Jordan know is that Natalie plans to eliminate Jeff on behalf of Jesse and Chima! So, we may not see Jeff or Jordan in the final two if the power switches and Jeff and Jordan do not come to their senses! It is not over for Nat or Kevin and yes America…these two may creep right into the final two; therefore, Chima’s departure will have had no impact. My suggestion…Someone please fly a banner over BB house with the message…STICK TO THE ORIGINAL FINAL FOUR!

  206. i agree chima’s parting affected her alliance. but they were imploding anyway. hero worship kept them bonded…what can we do for jesse?… how can we keep HIM safe? throwing themselves under the bus for him. thats why they look so stupid. and the clothes they took from him, as lydia said ‘ i can smell him’, production said he wants his stuff back. and they sat there and cried over him… its soo funny!

  207. Ok, I’m having second thoughts about Jeff’s inteligence. I just heard him say (from a livefeed flashback) that he loves jessica simson. That he would marry her. How old is this guy? He also says he loves Christen K whose taking over for LC on the Hills. Isn’t Jeff like 31?

  208. An exotic beauty, Chima is truly as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Chima is a joke to his sentence and I feel so sorry for her parents that had to endure her Bitchy, unchristian attitude and ruined any chances of her in house friends that tried to get her to shut her mouth. Chima was not a friend to do what she on Big Brother.
    Chima is a sore loser…it was alright when she had the power to put someone else out….ITS A GAME. I hope all the guys out there that thought she would make a good wife better think it over. Who would want to be married to this kind of bitch.

  209. I beleave jeff is 30 and jessica simpson is 28 I see no probley with that its not like he like 17 year old girl

  210. @harmony

    you make it seem as if 31 is over the hill (no pun intended…lol) When i was 23, i was with a 35 yearyoung and now I am with someone younger than I….They are adults and all have there rabbies shots lol lol! Wouldn’t you agree…and by the way as for him liking Jessica Simpson well everyone has faults…lol no really is’nt he allowed to like whomever he wishes! But JEFF!! really Jessica!!!!! lol but I do understand also where you are coming from! Not smart to say that on national TV!!!

  211. Chima is spoiled brat that has disgraced her family. So what if all that happened to her by a serial killer…I am sooooo sorry that it happened but it doesn’t give you freedom to act like she did if that be the case there are thousands of people that can do whatver they want to and use them being hurt as an excuse.

  212. worst BB so far! so much yelling, fighting, calling names, none of them have respect for one another! this game wasn’t founded on emotions but strategy and fun. Chima may have been upset that her hoh “was taken away” but she should have def. respected BB rules and her teamates…that wasn’t cool!

  213. I thought she was in her early 20’s. But I was thinking more on the inteligence part. JS seems sort of an airheady type, which is probably an act, but I couldn’t imagine being married to her and talking to her 24/7. LOL

  214. Yeah DS. See you know what I mean. LOL No 31 is not over the hill. I just meant in the way you said at the end of your comment. LOL

  215. Chima is gone…I feel like singing, “Ding Dong the Witch is Dead!” She was so annoying and utterly ridiculous with her annoying laughter when things were going her way and her tantrum throwing when things turned. She has ruined her reputation, whatever that was, and if she got on BB in hopes of becoming a star,she can forget that. She will be seen for what she is…a diva-wanna be that will never make it.

    My 4 year old acts better than that! Chima, you should be ashamed of yourself.

  216. @F team JJ read 233

    I also agree that the CBS prods and staff are coaching some castmembers but theyt have been doing since BB1…they do it on Survivor and most shows….they see where the public is going for on these kind of chats and say …hey let’s see if this cast or this cast could be persuaded…but in the end…it is still up to the cast member to do and say as they will! It is called a choice, as Chima has chosen to do and act the way she did! That was her choice and I am OK with that! You seem upset of this kind of treatment? Maybe stop watching the game/show or look at it from another viewpoint….you may enjoy it more? Just wondering!

  217. I see where your coming from I don,t think that would matter if they where smart or not. I think jeff the kinda of guy who go,s for the blonde chicks who are down to earth like jordan.

  218. Natalie is nasty! She eats like hog and apparently the week she was on cold showers..she was also on her “monthly” and was proud of the fact that she had not showered in 6 days!! Chima kept telling her she stinks and she laughed!!!

  219. Yeah when Natalie eats it always reminds me of that “Mr. Peepers” character that Chris Kattan did on Saturday Night Live.

  220. I couldbn’t believe that Nat only showers 1 x per week. How gross. She must be a great date. LOL

  221. Ya that was nasty she did,nt shower and she was on her period someone should have hoes her down with some water.

  222. comment from towerflower on hollyscoop dot com with wich I agree sole heartedly after her uh humm said apology!
    “Chima, you are a survivor. You survived a horrific event in your past but this event, I believe, has left you with issues. You call yourself a strong woman, I would call a strong woman someone like Oprah, the First Lady or the most recent supreme court appointee. All of these women achieved success without throwing temper tantrums in front of a nation-wide audience when things don’t go their way. You claim to have known first hand how hurtful racism can be when you are on the receiving end but have no problems being racist yourself. You not only insulted a person but an entire group. You also insulted and showed your racism by calling Jordan “White Trash” which if no one has bothered to inform you is a derogatory term used to describe people who are white. That my dear makes you a bigot and a hypocrite. Your lack of knowledge of the BB show was evident when you thought that the Coup D’etat was brought in just to bring you down. The power has been used in one other show but it was never used. The power was in play during Russell’s term as HOH but Jeff never used it, but he did during your HOH. A HOH that CBS could not have known who would win. This was a game, it wasn’t all about you. It was entertaining enough when you would threaten the other house guests but when you go after “the hand that feeds you”….well you crossed the line and deserved to get the boot. Your actions are not above reproach and are just as guilty as those you blame. I truly hope that you get the emotional help that you need so that you can become a beautiful person not only on the outside but on the inside as well. Remember a strong woman does not always need to be so outspoken to be heard and the certainly don’t need to act like a spoiled 3 yr old when things don’t go her way. “

  223. To those who say the CDT wasn’t fair – every season for the past 4 or 5 years “America” has had some control over the outcome of the game -i.e. america’s player – so shouldn’t the houseguests plan that winning over the audience will be part of their strategy? In addition, every year the early powerhouse alliance goes down in flames – i.e. the four horsemen – usually because the power goes to their heads which was clearly the case with Chima, Natalie, Ronnie, and Jesse. Those guys were so full of themselves it was difficult not to root for the other side of the house and I’m one who appreciates “strategy” – I just don’t think anyone’s got much of that this year so I have to base who I cheer for on who I DISLIKE the least.

  224. It helps me sleep at night to know that Chima will live out the rest of her days regretting being a “quitter”. You could say it was a “TKO” to her fight against gender and racial barriers. Please keep her out of my corner.

  225. By the way, I Love me some BB. I am a dedicated fan. It is a great game and I love the fact the BB keeps changing it up. That’s what keeps us watching, no matter who wins.

  226. @ Stacie Williams
    I am begining to beleive Chima will beleive she quit because she is a strong woman! So no matter what we could say or do to her let us just hope….she gets the helps that she so greatly deserves

    I posted their site but matt took it off! It’s ok Matt…no hard feelings…hug hug! Peo^ple will find it no matter!

    I try not ot judge but “it is better that others think you’re a “b i t c h” than to open your mouth and remove all doubt”

  227. As many people have pointed out, BB is a “game.” Even more so, it is a game that only a small number of people will ever be able to say they played. You can’t get up a neighborhood game of BB and lock yourselves in a house for 3 months to see who wins. It is unfortunate that there are so many fans of the game, and so many people who are willing to rearrange their lives to get the opportunity to play the game and possible better their lives with the money, and someone like Chima gets that opportunity over other people then pulls a stunt like that. I know derranged people make for good ratings, but I wish CBS would take more seriously the selection process and bring in people who will “play the game” and not take it so personally. I’m a high school basketball coach and would love the chance to compete for 3 months straight in a strategy game, but I’ll never be able to put my life on hold to do it (and let my real team down), and therefore I expect to see the participants who do get that chance to take it seriously.

  228. I totally disagree with Redhead and Ron. I am so glad that Jessie is gone, yeah he got the shaft again this year, but he hasn’t changed since last time, he is still full of himeself. I held the power over peoples heads, like he was the king, he used Natalie, and Lydia to stay that way, therefore keeping his hangs clean. Jessie deserved to go home. The people that didn’t deserve to go home were Braeden, Cassie, and Laura. As for you saying that Jeff is dumb well I think he was smart to use the power to evict Jessie, because to tell you the truth Jeff was right, Jessie would have walked right through to the finally he was just the only one that had the courage to put him up. As for Chima let just say I am so happy that she is gone. She has a hatred for men, and people in general, I feel sorry for her, and those that she takes her hatred out on. I hope that Jeff and Jordan make it to the final two they deserve. (Jordan is not as stupid as people think she is).

  229. DS I just went in and readed what china had said on the hollyscoop.And I got to say and less I miss it but not any where in there did she was sorry for the thing she said about 9/11.Which I have to say was very hurtful.

  230. @kelly

    I did say “said apology” I do not beleive for a second that she is apologetic. I beleive she has done no wrong by what she wrote! And that we are the ones who are wrong since we don’t agree with her! I have never and will never disrespect someone on how thet look but what they say or do, I shall allways question! Peoples physical looks should never be used to degrade them! (and honestly… I think physically, she is pretty)

  231. i was so happy when jessie was finally voted out.i couldn’t stand him on the last bb i almost decided not to watch bb11 because of him. i don’t understand how what i called the bad bunch meaning jessie,nat,chima,lydiot,kevin don’t see how bad they are the things they have gotten away with just amazes me everyone should have enough conchous to know when they are wrong.chima has a problem theres something more than just being a spoiled brat.maybe after she watches her self she will see she needs help.and jessie i just have this gut feeling and my gut feelings are never wrong but i think jessie is gay and he needs to come out of the closet. i don’t recall him ever kissing a girl and let lydia give him a hj but he made no attempt to pleasure her. but back to the bad bunch i know this is a game and you have to lie to a certain degree but they are the sorest losers i’ve seen yet. i am rooting for jeff, jordin,michelle and russell. the bad guys do not dererve to win.

  232. @DS I do agree I don,t judge people on there looks eighther.I judge on how they act and how they pronouced them slef. And she is a pretty girl but her action and her attudie just may her look ugly.

  233. I don,t Know judy you really think he gay.That make me wonder why? do you think that he is gay?I did,nt care for him eighther. I like jeff and jordan.I was just wondering what make you think that/

  234. This is a GAME! Why do people (who knew what they were getting themselves into when they signed those contracts to play this game) get so emotionally attached to other players is beyond me. We ALL know big brother is a game, we ALL know that each season the producers or creators throw in twists. Its a known fact. These players knew what they were signing themselves up for, a chance to live in a house and be fed free of charge for 3 months, all to be the last HG standing and win $500,000. Live in a house and make it to the end, that’s all they have to do. One player gets evicted each week, its not that hard. I don’t understand why cbs picked some of these people, people who don’t care about playing the game. This is life changing money, and all you have to do is live in a house and make it to the end. Chima didn’t deserve to be there and neither does Lydia. There are people out in this world who truly need that kind of money people who wanted to be on this show to have a chance, and of all the people out there cbs picks some very ungrateful stuck up people. I was a fan of Lydia until Jessie left then she started crying because a competitor was evicted, who cares if he was a “friend” that’s a strong competitor who was evicted to give you a shot at winning. All 3 of those “females” would have just handed all that money to him. Its disgusting. Then Chima goes on her rants about how America protects Russell because we think that what Russell did to her was nothing compared to what she did to him. I never heard Russell throw out racist remarks like she was doing. Russell never threatened to throw some fit when wizard power came into play (which by the way isn’t the first time BB has had this power). It just disgusts me.

  235. @TinaG

    DITTO! but you must admit that people in the house and even on the posts will b!tch and bicker when they are loosing and not look at it any other way! Do I have a preferences in the houseguests? YES! but whoever wins….good luck to that houseguest and hope they do right with the money! It is a game but many folks get caught up in their own emotions and plenty of time in their own self….as we have seen! So funny how almost every season we have a clique that calls the other side “evil” or the “bad side” are always on the loosing side after they have gotten a taste of power!!! Hmmm makes me ponder there for a while!!!

  236. kelly if you remember the night that they were playing truth or dare and kevin was dared to lay inthe bed beside jessie while he was sleeping and the paranoid reaction from him didn’t add up and the night he was evicted how he wouldnt let kevin hug him the signs are all there plus he never shows that he likes women i think i am right about him he just seems so misurable and on the past bb he was on he never tried to go anywhere with a woman.

  237. yes judy I remeber that.I don,t know if he gay, But if he was then the only guy he date is himslef.

  238. I actually beleive the only person Jessie would have sex with is himself! So in a sense tha would make him gay! I am not judging him it is only every time I have seen him speak in the game on any interview or any site whatesoever it is always about him! Wich is great, the only heart he will ever break is his own! You got to love yourself to be able to love others….but narcissism goes a little far…if that is what he is!

  239. kelly, maybe that he hides behind his muscles and hopes that will keep people from thinking hes gay hes just too into himself.

  240. I am SO happy that Chima did this. I don’t think ANY of those jerks on her team deserve anything. I do like Kevin but he is hanging himself staying aligned with Lydia, who obviously is a mental case. What a double standard. They all deserve to feel the pain for being such rotten sports and whining about their loss. Best of all is no more Chima! YES!

  241. Thank God we don’t have to see meathead Jesse flexing himself all over. Does he really think we like his weird behavior? Yuck. Obviously, those muscles are the only thing that defines him to himself, he looks ridiculous. I hope they keep Lydia, send Natalie (ratalie) to the jury house and tell Lydia to suffer while Nat gets to snuggle up and have Jesse all to herself first..torture for Lydia, and Nat’s boyfriend back home? I’m sure he is not happy.

  242. I know when natile got her phone call she talk to her dad her boyfriend was not there.I think he is mad at her for her action.He knew she was calling.And did,nt stay to wait for her call.

  243. I read Chima’s comments also and I feel they were typcial and self serving. She cares about no one but Chima. I do not agree with people putting her down for her looks. But to me she is ugly because of her actions and her failure to keep going. She is not strong, she is week. And that’s ok. There are many of us that are week, but she needs to admit her weekness and stop telling everyone how strong she is. Women who are strong do not need to go around telling people, it is just known.

  244. redhead; you are so removed from reality–you seriously underestermate Jordan and her influence on Jeff. Jeff, on the other hand, is playing the game magnificantly! Vegas odds:
    4-1 Jeff

  245. I didn’t like Jessie last year, I was sorry to see him come back and I was happy to see him finally leave, I don’t know why Chima and Lydia were so dramatic about him going. He betrayed them both and he clearly did not care about them. He did not betray Natalie but that may be just because his massive ego was enjoying her following him around like a little lap dog.

    I hope that Jordan wins it and if she doesn’t win, I would like to see Jeff win. As long as Lydia and Natalie don’t win, I think that it is all good.

  246. Dont care who wins as long as its not Nat. Would rather see Lydia win than Nat! I do have a fav but if they dont win, i wont cry or b*tch. Just cant stand Nats style of gameplay. Lying when necessary is one thing, lying because your breathing is another. Hope shes found out before it is too late.

  247. First off: watching B.B. after dark, so I see alot!

    Chima wanted to hook up with Russell and he dissed her. She asked him to break one off for her in the HOA bathroom. So, she’s a skank.
    Lydia and Natalie are soooo lucky to be one the show. They have no brains.
    Kevin is smart!!! He is a non-stop skeemer and He makes me nervous.
    Russell Is very paranoid but never gives up. I love that he’s confrontational and wants answers when he hears something about himself. He will go further than Michelle.
    Michelle has been the biggest LIAR in the game. It’s gonna bit her in the butt.
    Jeff and Jordan are going to be the winners and Jeff…I LOVE YOU :)

  248. That’s terrible how CBS portrayed Chima last night. She didn’t deserve that. They only showed the bad parts. They forgot to show the part about how she wanted to quit and wanted them to open the door to the diary room so she could leave the house, but they kept it locked. Then they tried to make it look like they kicked her out and said it was because of all the rules violations. If she was doing anything deserving of being kicked out, why didn’t they do it before this week if she was supposedly breaking the rules in all those earlier clips they showed. She quit and now CBS is trying to make her look like the bad guy for their mistakes.

  249. wow, i didn’t realize that about not bringing someone back because they have been watching everything and it would be tainted! I like your senario and I can’t wait to get my fingers typing Jeff’s name when I cast my vote for the winner. Jordan better snap him up, he is a catch.

  250. Yep, Kelly is correct. She went to sit down and they escorted her to another room. I heard she did some awful things. She threatened to urinate on Jeff’s clothes. I don’t know if she did or not but just the idea is sort of a sick thing, don’t you think?

  251. Jeff is a nice looking guy.I do like jeff and jordan. I hope they say togther after the show. does anyone esle think they will?

  252. Hey ronnie are you the ronnie from the show!If you where you probley won,t tell me anyways Just a question?

  253. Can someone tell me, did Russ backstab Jeff and Jordan and talk to Nat and lydia and Kevin or are those three lying?

  254. I think BB was 100% right on their decision with Chima,she was a time bomb waiting to explode!!

  255. I,m wacthing lie feeds nd jordan is asking russ about the lie.And I,ll just say don,t get and jordan way when she on her period.

  256. I don’t really think she is a bad person. I just think she has a lot of anger from the stuff she’s been through. And people have probably continued to tell her how strong she is, they’ve been protecting her all her life, and making excuses for her, instead of telling her to get counseling. You can tell Chima has a problem by the way she laughs after everything she says. Chima needs to get the hatred and anger out of her system or someday it will come out in a worse way then it did on the show. If she ever does get married, it will be nothing but a fight. She will always be in competition with her kids too. She really needs to get help. Natalie needs help too. She is the worse liar I have ever seen. That’s why I don’t get how Jordan and Jeff Believe her. Man, wait until they watch the show. They are going to kick themselves.

  257. @ Harmony I agree with you 100%. “She” told a website she was sorry for the remark she made about Russell being terrorist, but she’s sticking to the story that she ONLY meant that he was terrorizing the house!

  258. well Russ, Jordan, Michelle and Jeff are having a big discussion right now on who lied and when. I think Michelle makes stuff up or says it her way, which comes out to be totally different then the original statement.

  259. are you ronnie from bb-11? hes the only one that could say anything nice about chima and think she could do no wrong/

  260. I woud like to see Jeff and Russell in the final two Lydia switches from nasty to nice too much – I am not sure about Michelle – and Natalie is a gangsta.

  261. Chima – what a loser! Another Amorosa…
    Laughed that Russell would go out 6-0 – I hope he laughed in her face. I’ve never seen more of a poor sport and a poor loser. Real chip on her shoulder too -talk to the hand – ya right…

  262. I agree with Tammy totally. Chima, Nat, Lydia, and Kevin were so sure of their own victory while Jesse was in the house, that they burned bridges with every other houseguest without a moment of forethought. Last time Jesse spent the week before his eviction sleeping-so sure he didn’t need to “work on his game” and he made the exact same mistake this time too! All he did was sleep and wake up long enough to listen to his winches telling him every little bit of gossip they could glean or make up about the house to impress him. Then he would tell them what they should do–and they all did it! Natalie is stupid for blaming Michelle for Chima’s bad attitude and self-centered temper tantrum. They could all sure dish it out, but when the tables turned none of them could take it (maybe Kevin–but how smart is he to continue to allign with them in the first place, then stay with them when it became obvious that they are biggest losers ever? Sure, it’s honorable, but dumb to the 100th power!)

    I love the Coup D’etat that allowed BB viewers to participate in the game too. I also love who America chose to recieve it according to what we had seen in the house so far. It’s no one’s fault but Chima’s that she is gone (good riddance to bad rubbish) and it was her alliance’s own free-will choice to include her with them blow their own chances. It was a gamble they all took and one they lost. Fool’s move–but their own free will, no one’s fault but their own for their behavior. If they hadn’t burned all their bridges right from the start the game might be a lot different. They have only themselves to thank or blame–not BB, not Jeff, not America!

  263. I don’t if that is the Ronnie from the show but I agree with Judy. Ronnie was one of the worst liers on the show. Russell was telling the truth about him, and I hope that Jeff and Jordon realize that not only was Russell telling the truth about Ronnie but about Michelle also (Not saying that he didn’t lie in the game). Ronnie kept preaching to a few people in the house about morals, when he didn’t have any problems being mean, condecending and lying to people in the house. I was real happy to see him leave. I don’t understand how you Ronnie (from the house or otherwise) can say that Chima wanted to leave the house. She didn’t want to leave the house, she just figured that if she threw a big enough fit then she would get away with it. She is a very spoiled person, and is probably used to getting her way.

  264. Judy,
    I agree with you. I think that Natalie is very immature, she starts fights in the house. She rode Jessie’s coat tails the whole game.

  265. Chima took this game to a whole new level for me with her racist name calling.I have live feeds and have never been so disgusted with anyone.She was acting as though the rules should be changed to accommodate her and she could do and say anything she wanted and nothing would be done. I applaud AG for making the decision to have her leave the show.

  266. While Big Brother is a game, if I was an employer and one of the contestants came to me looking for a job, how they related with the others would affect if they got hired. I get the feeling many of the contestants do not care. Winning the half million just will not go that far with taxes taking a big chunk of it.

  267. Seriously, I couldn.t agree more. Chima just made the stupidest move of all time of BB. I have to say that I am happy she left. I couldn’t stand her from the start and I was stressed to the fact that she could be one of the final 2.
    I was, on the other end, very much a fan of Lydia’s until recently. Is she really that upset about Jessie leaving? He couldn’t care less. If she would have appreciated the fact that Jeff took her off the block and go on that side of the house, she might of been one of the 2.

  268. Wow, what a crazy season huh? ive never seen so many comments before.
    lets be realistic here folks, if u tried out for bb before, expect it to be 10 times harder next year.
    how horribly embarrassing that a houseguest(chima) behave like this. 2 other houseguests screw same guy and have no embarrassment sharing it with america (natalie, if your boyfriend at home takes u back, he s a huge idiot).
    finally, the crying game over jessie was absolutely priceless. the look on kevins face was great.
    whoops, finally now, i cant imagine how lydia, natalie, chima, etc.. must feel once home and in the real world and seeing what they said and did. psycological counselors get ready haha.

    bb, not the best season, but not the worst, bring BACK THE WINTER EDITION PLEASE.

  269. why wouldn’t bb use the coup’d’ete power? reality shows with veiwer participation have the most ratings. people want to be able to be envolved with the game, and what better way then to give the veiwer the chance to give their favourite player alittle extra power? seems like a pretty smart move on the bb producers part to me. oh and ps, chima knew someone had this power and had the opertunity to use it BEFORE she became hoh. it was stupid of her to assume noone would go against her, just because she’s her! oh and pss- i personally think her reasons for wanting russell out had nothing to do with him being a “terrist” or a “threat”. i think it was because he didn’t want to have a showmance with her. kinda funny how she was flirtting with him so much at first and then her was her worst enemy eh? again, that’s just my opionion.

  270. in the end, this show is not about the house guests, it’s about the veiwers. the producers arn’t trying to make the house guests happy, they are trying to keep us happy. think of it as the gladiators, fighing in the colosseum of ancient rome.

  271. I can’t believe Nat would let millions of people know she didn’t shower regularaly. Maybe in some third world country its acceptablel, but when you have access to water, at least she could take a sponge bath. What a pigglette.

  272. I’m watching after dark from this mornings episode. What’s wrong with Michelle? She’s a strange girl at times.

  273. AND JELLYBEAN you are right she did,nt start saying bad thing about him intill after he refuse to get with her. He turn her down and she got mad.

  274. @ kelly and jellybean

    I told my wife that when Chima started trying to get into Russell’s pants that it was going to get ugly when she finally got a clue that he didn’t want her. And, boy, did it get ugly…

  275. Hey Lydia, Instead of another bad tattoo spend the money on fixing that funky set of teeth you got going. WOW does she have some problems, pyscho!!!

  276. I totally agree RICK (comment #29) The look on Chima’s face when they told her she didn’t need to sit down was PRICELESS!! Loved it! Best moment of the season so far IMHO

  277. @ Judy

    I don’t think Jessie’s gay, I think he’s just an arrogant player. He couldn’t act like he was real into either of them in front of the everybody else because he was playing both of them (Lydia for sex and Natalie because I think he thought she was the best ally for him) and couldn’t make it too obvious. He didn’t really act all that into them when they were alone either (just enough to get what he wanted), but I think that’s because he didn’t think either one of them was good enough for him outside the house. As for the Kevin thing, I think that shove from Jessie at the eviction was more because he knew Kevin voted to evict him, which I wouldn’t think should have been any suprise. Jessie’s the kind of guy that would probably never be friends with a gay guy in real life- he’s way too macho- but obviously had to act civil in the house because Kevin had a lot of friends. I think when he was walking out he just didn’t care anymore and let his true feelings be shown.

  278. As for the coup d’etat, yeah it probably was put in place in the hopes that it might help the Jeff/ Jordan side (let’s be real, how many of us would keep watching if they were gone), but there was no guarantee on who America would vote for. Chima feeling like it was all a masterplan by Production to make a fool of her was RIDICULOUS! No offense Chima, but you’re not that important. It was in play a long time before Jeff threw the HOH competition you ending up winning. It would have made anyone’s HOH nomination’s null and void because no one else would have put up the strongest allies in the house. While I can see why the Lydia/Natalie alliance feel like it was unfair, in all reality it still didn’t (and hasn’t) made it a slam-dunk for J&J’s alliance. It was one nomination. There are plenty more competitions and webs of lies to spin. Before Chima went on her ego-trip game suicide the numbers were even and there was still a chance she could save herself, but I guess she felt that defeating herself and her team would be a better way to prove to the world just how strong she is. And Jessie is just as much to blame for being put up by the coup d’etat as America is for voting for Jeff. Jessie made no attempt the entire game to ally or even befriend Jeff or Jordan until he was pretty sure Jeff had the power. I heard him say several times on the live feeds how smart he thought Jeff was, and yet he still went out of his way to exclude him and Jordan from everything the whole game…Yeah, he and Natalie are real smart…

  279. Chima might be a strong person on the outside but let’s be real – she was a weak player. How could anybody that has watched BB before think that they are THE player in the house? Didn’t they learn that when they say it in the diary room – us at home usually laugh because they are not.
    And OMG – if she had had the coup d’état, she would not have pulled all that bullshit. Seriously, thinking that the producers did this for her?? To get her out ?? Why would she think she is that important ?

    The coup d’état would not have been used by the majority of the house. I believe America voted appropriately. It would have been boring to have this power and not use it. Good for Jeff. And the fact that he is the one who got the most votes is a evidence that the viewers are a little tired of ‘’dumb-asses’’ running the show. He is a good and intelligent person. And it is refreshing !

  280. I agree Jessie and Natalie had their suspicions that Jeff had the power and only then did they talk to him and Jordan. It wasn’t a smart move to ignore them like that. And what is it with Natalie she was all sad with Lydia, and Kevin about Jessie leaving then she talks to Jordon in the sauna talking crap about him. What a wishe-washe girl.

  281. Jessie is the wuss. He had his wenches do all his dirty work. The only thing Jessie did was sleep & eat. & think that he was God’s gift. To what is the question.

  282. You need to replace who picks these HOUSE GUESTS, what a bunch of dull people. And Shima, a spoiled brat. Not interesting,entertaining OR pleasant to look at. My sisters and I could not wait to get into the game,and pick who we wanted gone and who we loved or hated and who really deserved to win . Don’t get me wrong we like to watch Jeff and Jordan,Jordan the most she is so funny. But everyone else ,they are BORING!!! Can’t wait for BigBrother12!

  283. sandy, you said it well jessie was so arrogant acting his head is too small for his body or a BRAIN!!!!!

  284. I’m really hoping for a Jeff-Jordan. And if not Jordan then Jeff and whoever…I dont care as long as Jeff is one of the finalest. Go team Jeff

  285. Its been played. its not really live. I mean for us its not. They do everything during the day, just like the tonight show. We see it later on tape. It was recorded live before a studio audience but you see it at 8 or 9 your time and I see it 2 or 3 hours later in calfironia. Its not really live.

  286. @Harmony: Um, no, you’re wrong. They just went to Trivia about 15 minutes before your comment. It’ll happen live East Coast time.

  287. No you are wrong. its done live before a studio audience and we all see it prerecorded. That’s a fact. If I watch the live feed after it comes back on and they talk about it, you will be able to see who won. You don’t see until 8:00 on the eastcoast? I would see it three hours later. Everything is prerecorded in Hollywood.

  288. the live feed says the HG are playing a game and will return in a while. Are you watching the game right now on the eastcoast? No, its being recorded.

  289. @Harmony: Nope, you’re still wrong. The feeds always cut to Trivia before the live shows. Oh, and they say “We’ll Be Right Back” and not “we’re playing a game”.

    You’re wrong because when they start the live endurance comps at, say, 8:45PM and then the feeds turn on at 9:15PM it’s only been 30 minutes since they started. According to your claim it’d be hours later than that.

    Sorry, but you’re wrong.

    During the normal cycles the PoV would be pre-recorded and then shown on the appropriate night. But on “live eviction” nights the show is shown, wait for it…, live.

  290. They can’t show it live in both places at the same time unless you are watching it at 8:00 p.m and I am watching it at 5:00, then it would be live. No one sees it live. You see it prerecorded because they have to edit stuff out. Silly.

  291. @Harmony: Oh for pete’s sake. I never said it is shown live in both places. You’re the one that said “we all see it prerecorded.” The show is LIVE on the East Coast. I do not see it prerecorded on the LIVE nights. It is shown LIVE at 8PM on the East Coast. It’s a pretty simple idea.

    If Julie Chen looks down at her watch when tonight’s LIVE show starts it would show 5PM. At that very same moment, If I look down at my watch it would say 8PM. When someone on the West Coast started watching the show their clock would say 8PM and mind would say 11PM.

    Tonight, at 8PM EST I will watch the show live, as in not-prerecorded…

  292. Ok you can believe what you want. But I know for a fact that nothing in Hollywood is shown on tv live, not even the academy awards. But if it makes you feel better to think its live that’s ok. I just want to know how they go from sitting on the couch in regular clothes to costumes without us seeing them change or waiting for them to change.

  293. @Cat: I’m hoping Harmony is just F’ing with me because there’s no way someone is this dumb.

    @Harmony: Don’t read my message to Cat. Nothing is live-live thanks to Janet’s nipple, but I still consider a 7-second delay to be live. A 3-hour delay would not be live.

    This isn’t a “believe what you want” discussion. There is fact and then there is the version you’re floating on.

    No one is miraculously changing clothes so now you’re just making stuff up to support your claim.

  294. Do you guys think when you are watching Letterman or the tonight show they are live too?. LOL you are funny. No more 7 seconds, I think that’s for radio.

  295. @Cheri: Yep, that’d be the live show on Thursday nights. Harmony is just having a little thinking trouble this evening.

  296. @Harmony: Letterman, Conan, and all of those are not “live” shows so no one is claiming they are live. Big Brother Live Shows are LIVE.

    Do you seriously not understand the difference between live shows and pre-recorded shows?

  297. @Harmony: Nope, the live feeds do not turn off during the West coast’s pre-recorded broadcast of tonight’s PoV and eviction episode (which would have been live if you were East / Central time zones). You can watch the feeds right now.

  298. @Matt…LOL!!! I cant stand it! ROFLMAO!!!!
    Yes Matt, please answer. If im in Calif will the feeds go off at 11:00?

  299. Thank you Matt. Some of the viewers are new to this live feed stuff. The question, I believe was valid, and answering like Cat did is very arrogant in my opinion.

  300. I feel really bad for Kevin. He’s not a bad guy at all and he got caught up with the wrong group. I’m not sure he can recover. If any of the 4 in there now take either him or Nat, I don’t think Jeff, Mich, Jordan or Russ will win against them because the people voting are so vengeful. anyone agree or disagree?

  301. Regarding the conversation about prerecorded, Sorry guys, I was reading up on it and I guess I should have used the term tape delay or what they call the West Coast delay. I was a little upset to find out that even though all the shows happen in California, we are the last to see stuff, except the academy awards and that starts here at 4 or 5 in the evening. Do any of you remember when Football games use to get in the way of Big Brother episodes? I don’t remember BB being on Monday night, I was thinking it was monday night football. This was a few years back before I had a DVR. I remember I had to watch the darn football game for the ticker at the bottom telling me when bb would be on. Sometimes not until 1:00 a.m. Although maybe the east coast didn’t experience this either. :-) I’m so glad football changed networks.

  302. Another question for you guys. Last winter BB had a second season in 2008. Everyone said it was because of writers strike. Not sure if that was true, but do you thinkn they will have two shows per year now, like Survivor does? That would be great.

  303. @Harmony…didnt mean to be rude..just having a little fun. To answer your question , yes the second season in 2008 was because of a writers strike. Im with ya on the 2 shows per year. Dont know if they would do it again but that would be awesome!

  304. I dont feel sorry for Kevin he is still there so lying works well for him. I am starting not to like J/J much anymore they are letting power go to their heads and not making good decisions. Gnat or Kevin should have went home. I hope Russ or michele wins pov and takes no one off unless it is one of them J/J cant be trusted anymore. After Jeff making everyone swear on parents to f4 they are now talking about taking Russ out at 5 so I hope Russ wins pov this time and HOH next time

  305. @Cat…. Thank you Cat. I would love another season. maybe we should send some notes to CBS. I just hope I never see Jessie again. Ihope they don’t bring him back to an allstar game. LOL But I would love to Renny (sp?) again. Boy I loved her. She should have her own show. Remember how she could imitate all the houseguests? I loved that lady.

  306. @ Matt and Harmony

    I know this argument’s a little old, but Harmony is right that they sometimes pre-record episodes and pass them off as live. I don’t know if anybody DVRs Big Brother After Dark, but if you do check out the Monday night following Jessie’s eviction, which I believe would have been the 17th (technically the 18th b/c it was Tuesday morning), in the last ten minutes of the show. They’re all sitting around the hot tub and Russ and Jeff are talking about how they curse too much which leads them to talking about trying to control themselves on live shows. Then Jeff said something about being glad that the last live show (the Thursday before Jessie was evicted) was taped beforehand. And since Natalie knows everything she said it was b/c Chima had been threatening to throw a fit if the coup d’etat was used and get the FCC on CBS’s ass. Then they were told to stop talking about production. That’s not the week Harmony was talking about, but she could be right since I know for a fact the Jessie eviction was pre-taped. If they did it once who’s to say they wouldn’t do it again?

  307. Well, technically CBS didn’t lie- they never claimed it was live the night Jessie got evicted. Normally on Thursday nights the narrator does about a five minute recap then says, “It all happens next, LIVE….”. That night they said, “It all happens NOW…”. It was still deceptive because I’m sure pretty much all of us assumed it was live.

  308. I read the same thing about the writer’s strike that did not have a winter show. I know a lot people tried out early by sending in application then they change it. I herd it depends on ratings they need so many people watching the show I think it was 8 or 9 million.

    California people do not see Big Brother first back east sees the show first because of the time zone.Jeff reaction to Michelle was normal because he wanted to win, yes it was wrong but people sometimes cannot control what they say when they angry. I like to see Jeff. Michelle, Kevin to win. Jordan sounds like she needs the money more if she is telling the truth. Natalie should not win one she did not even help Kevin when he asked her to find the key then she wanted to take the away from Jeff. She lies which is part of the game but she give up on her HOH competition and does not care about anybody in the house. If a person cannot try on competition they do not deserve any money.

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