Big Brother 11: How Chima’s Eviction Ruined Her Alliance’s Chance Of Winning

Last night on Big Brother 11 we finally got to see the rest of what happened with Chima’s eviction from the game. Production’s portrayal of Chima was far more realistic this time when compared to the victim approach they used during her “terrorist” fight with Russell. Despite finally revealing the bigger picture of Chima’s attitude problem in the game I doubt most viewers without the live feeds will realize just how bad things were with her.

While most could easily argue Chima’s decision to ruin her chances at Big Brother’s half-million dollar prize was short-sighted at best there was a bigger impact set into motion. When Chima failed to keep herself in the game she not only destroyed her chances of winning but also those of her teammates who stood up for her while she in turn completely let them down. I’ll tell you how.

Prior to Chima’s eviction on Saturday morning the house was evenly split with J/J/M/R on one side and K/C/L/N on the other. Even with the inevitable eviction of someone from Chima’s alliance there would still be an even battle of three against three in the next HoH competition. From there the eventual chances of J/J/M/R sequentially eliminating all three of the opposing HGs would have been extremely difficult and overall unlikely as the stars would need to align.

So Chima abandoned her alliance in the competitions where numbers count, but the real kicker, the most important effect is the impact she made on the Final 2.

In the end the Jury House is made up of 7 votes. When Chima left the game and abandoned her alliance that 7th vote vanished. Instead, due to all previous HGs being released into the wild and essentially tainting the potential ‘jury pool’ there was no option to bring any of them back. Sorry, Casey. Now production will be forced to fill the missing 7th vote with, you guessed it, America’s Vote.

Hmm, which way would America Vote? When the question of who to award the Coup D’Etat was posed to America the fans overwhelmingly voted for Jeff. Even the “how to use the Coup D’Etat” poll here resulted in over 80% of votes being leveled against Jessie and Natalie with the remainder going against Michele and Jordan. Clearly America is on Team Jeff/Jordan and as such their vote on Finale night will back that up.

Prior to Chima’s selfish move of eliminating herself from the game the K/C/L/N team had an undeniable lock on the half-million dollars if at least one of their members reached the Final 2. With one HG from their alliance arriving at the finish line the other three votes from their alliance plus Jessie’s vote would put them over the top and secure their team the money in a 4-3 outcome. Instead, we’re now looking at a scenario where if one HG from Team J/J/M/R and one HG from Team K/L/N reach the end the vote would be 3 to 3. K/L/N need 2 of their 3 at the end to have a chance. That’s not going to happen.

Would America vote for Natalie or Lydia over either Jeff, Jordan, Michele, or Russell? Not a chance. From where I sit I doubt even Kevin holds much of a chance anymore and with those two cinder blocks chained to his ankles the girls are quickly drowning his last hopes of getting to the end.

Congratulations Chima. Not only did you pull off one of the stupidest moves in Big Brother history but you also completely screwed the people who were counting on you the most. You just cost your team a half-million dollars.

What do you think? Who stands the best chance of winning this season? Share your thoughts and opinions below. The floor is open for your discussion!

Update: Now with added video from ‘Inside Dish’ with Ross Mathews as they discuss Chima’s early departure from Big Brother 11:

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