Ronnie is definitely turning into a villain this season having sided with the Meatheads both in his eviction vote and now in his nominations. Sure, some of the Big Brother 11 fans may consider him a hero for this, but not me.

Overnight on the live feeds (which still has the 13% monthly discount rate running if you haven’t joined the rest of us yet), Ronnie, the new HoH, announced his nominations. Click “continue reading” to find out who he nominated.

The Week 2 nominations for Big Brother 11:

  • Laura
  • Jeff

I had predicted we’d see Jeff and Jordan nominated when Ronnie won HoH, so I was close. Laura promises to fight for the PoV, but won’t campaign against Jeff.

To make matters worse for Laura, the Populars were on the losing end of the Have’s & Have Not’s competition yesterday. That means she and Jordan will be limited to slop, cold showers, and the steel room for sleeping. Not a good week for Laura. I was just starting to get impressed by this HG!

If Laura manages to get the Power of Veto this weekend, who do you think Ronnie will nominate in her place? Share your thoughts below.

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