Update: The details on the season’s HGs are rolling in now over here.

The mystery over who will be part of Big Brother 11 will end Wednesday morning when Julie Chen reveals this season’s houseguests on “The Early Show.”

“The Early Show” runs from 7am until 9am so you can expect to have that news posted here on the site by at least 9am EST. I wouldn’t be surprised if CBS didn’t hold back on these details until near the end of the show, but either way you’ll know as soon as it’s announced so keep checking.

If you grab the free Big Brother Toolbar you’ll be notified as soon as that information is released and posted here. Meanwhile, be sure to take advantage of the Big Brother feed before the preseason discount expires and the price jumps back up. The new season is almost here so don’t wait!

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Source: CBS via YakkityYaks


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