Big Brother 11 Official House Photos Released – 14 Frames On HG Memory Wall

CBS has released the official run of Big Brother 11 House photos revealing every little detail down to the recycling bins and the light bulbs powered by the exercise bikes. Okay, maybe too much detail, but the photos of the new Head of Household room are still impressing me.

Check out a huge gallery of pictures after the break and be sure to watch the video tours if you missed those. Big Brother is so close I can almost taste it!

Update: Reader Sarah points out that there are 14 frames on the Memory Wall. So what happened to the 12 Houseguests that CBS told us about??

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Source: CBS via BigBrotherCraze & Yakkity Yaks


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  1. I just watched the first three video’s they have available. I was surprised to see Jen back in the house without any other “old” players in the house with her. Looks like its going to be an interesting season.

  2. Actually Lynne, if you count the counter as well, there is 17. I’m sure that was just too show how many plates they have. How many seats are available. In the first POV Nominations all seats were filled.

  3. Kathleen, those were the people for media day not the new hgs. they only stayed for 1 night. The new HGs won’t be revealed until Wednesday!

  4. You all are good! I didn’t even stop to count the picture frames on Memory Wall. Ohhh… 2 more mysterious HGs!

  5. I can’t stand Jen!!! Hope she goes home really quick! Pics of house look cool. I can not wait til show starts!

  6. Yo! Did anyone else notice the #14 ball is in between the two pool cues??? And what about the bowl of fruit on the round table? 10 green apples + 4 orange apples = 14! I feel Like Natalie counting everything LOL

  7. i think sheila and someone else is comming back … like 3rd one out from 10 or something

  8. Guys you have to remember, one box always says “Big Brother” so if there is 14 screens, minus the middle on that will say “Big Brother” then there is probably gonna be 13 players…which happens to be how many plates there are!

  9. when can we start watching the live feeds as soon as they go in the house or not til the show starts on tv. thanks

  10. The live feeds turn on right after the west coast completion of the season premiere.

    Luckily, if you pick up the 3-month discount on the live feeds now you’ll be covered through the entire season. If you wait until the feeds turn on then you’ll end up paying much more. And yes, I already bought my feeds last week to get the deal.

  11. good point Kathleen, I didn’t notice the plates on the counter either. Now that I think about it, Are these pictures from before the media went in? How many reporters went into the house? Was it 17? If so then these plates were for them not for the actual hgs.

  12. I was wondering about the feeds… I signed up for the 3 months but I couldn’t get any feeds. So they don’t start until the show airs???
    We are supposed to be billed (charged) after the 3 day trial.Does that mean our 3 day trial doesn’t start until then too???

  13. I wondered the samething Pam…so I called. I was told the 3-day trial starts when you sign up. There are other videos etc to check out but I haven’t tried it. Waiting for BB!!!! Almost like a kid waiting for Christmas morning!

  14. @Pam: Diana is correct. The 3-day trial begins after you sign up, not when the season begins. If you’ve never had the live feeds before then that might sound like a risk, but trust me, you’ll want it.

    If you wait until the season begins to get your feeds then you’ll miss the discount and have to pay more.

    I turn them on all the time even when I can’t watch just to have the discussions in the background. Then if I hear something crazy I can flip over and watch. I’m getting anxious!

  15. @Kelly: Well that’s a good question. Let me check.

    Update: I got a response from Real who confirms that this is NOT possible. You can not receive the live feeds on your iPhone, Blackberry, etc. That would have been awesome though.

  16. The screens on the wall don’t mean anything in my opinion. Ever since the house was built for BB6 the wall has always had 14 screens.

    For BB9 BB didn’t post their pictures until Sharon & Jacob were evicted, when Neil left BB took his picture down and put Sharon’s up.

    Where BB10 had 13 houseguests BB put the BB10 logo in the center because they didn’t have a 14th housemate that year.

    Most likely the BB11 logo will be on two screens this summer. If you look at the Media Day video when the wall was visible they had the BB11 logo in the bottom left and the bottom right screens with the pictures of the people in the House on the other remaining screens.

  17. omg, what is jen doing back on. im really hoping they send her home. i dont like her. the house looks so cool this year and love the pool room…….

  18. Quote:”Update: Reader Sarah points out that there are 14 frames on the Memory Wall. So what happened to the 12 Houseguests that CBS told us about??”

    14 memory wall frames does not mean that there must be 14 HGs. Season 10 had 13 HGs and BB9 had 16.

    Quote:”Guys you have to remember, one box always says “Big Brother” so if there is 14 screens, minus the middle on that will say “Big Brother” then there is probably gonna be 13 players…which happens to be how many plates there are!”

    There is not “always” one frame that says “Big Brother”. The only season where one frame said “Big Brother” was season 10 where there were 13 HGs. You do have a point, however, where you say there are 13 plates on the table.

  19. The houseguests weren’t supposed to be announced until Wednesday…Could it be that they are pulling our leg..and those people are BB crew members. Why would they show the complete show online BEFORE it aired?

  20. @Linda: Those people in the videos were members of the press who attended a 12-hour version of Big Brother. They were not this season’s HGs.

  21. will this be shown on e4 this year as im in the uk and loved the last one more than ours????? please does anyone know

  22. @Louise: I haven’t a clue how you can watch this overseas. Maybe one of the other readers can help.

  23. I hope they do one thing this year when they start going to the jury house. They have Camera’s there also. And have one Live Feed on the Feeds.

  24. There are 14 frames on the wall. Ijust hope that this is a very interesting season. We need some good old action.

  25. I have heard these rumors that it will be one of these Recycled HG added to a clique, but every year we all way over think it LOL
    Jessica the Popular
    Sheila the Outcast
    Jesse the Jock
    Brian the Brainiac
    as they have all gone missing from there my spaces etc
    But I am hoping they leave it alone! No past HG

  26. @Seattlemom: That sounds plausible. For some reason I could see that happening. All the cliques will probably compete and whatever clique wins gets the houseguest that relates to them. How ever I believe Jessica would be replaced with Jen

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