Keesha Big Brother 10
Last night
Keesha became the first female Head of Household for Big Brother 10 after beating out Libra for the title. I was excited to see Keesha win because she’s turned into a pretty likeable character though I’m not convinced she’s ready to rock the house with some surprise nominations.

Later today Keesha will announce her nominations at the ceremony. From what’s been seen on the live feeds amongst the Keesha, Libra, April, and Ollie alliance it looks like they’re definitely targeting Angie. Her second nomination will likely just be a pawn with either Memphis or Dan filling the role. It’d be easiest to nominate Dan because he’d just be a repeat and she could just use the “Brian & Steven” excuse on him.

I’m not sure how Angie became such a target for Keesha’s alliance. Angie hasn’t won anything and other than her temporary pal’ing around with Brian, she really hasn’t done too much wrong to the house. It’s still early enough on that most of these nominations and evictions are more social than strategic, and that’s what I think we’re seeing here.

My nomination predictions: Angie and Dan/Memphis

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