I know a lot of us are all feeling the same thing about this past week of Big Brother 17. It was a little underwhelming and disappointing in a lot of ways. So this week’s Ewws and Ahhs are going to be extra hard to write. So go easy on me.


So let’s see what I can come up with as the best and worst moments of Big Brother 17 Week 8.

Eww: Liz Wins HOH. Sorry, Liz fan, but we all know Julia is everyone’s favorite twin. And since her HOH ended up being the most boring one of the season, it gets an easy Eww.

Ahh. Everyone is onto Vanessa. The best part of this past week is that Austin and the twins have even had it with Vanessa. Austin hasn’t felt right about her since she almost backdoored him, but now her paranoia and lies are even annoying Liz and Julia.

Eww. Liz decides not to target Vanessa. I understand that she didn’t have to do it and that it wasn’t even necessarily great for her game (especially since Vanessa might not even be hard to beat in a final 2 jury vote). But taking out Vanessa would have been so great for a final 2 jury speech. I would’ve done it.

John McGuire is ready to go a little crazy

Ahh. Johnny Mac strikes a deal with Austwins. For a minute it looked like JMac was in trouble, but he managed to get on the good side of Austin, Liz and Julia by letting them know that his target is Vanessa and that if he stays, he’s going for her.

Eww. Liz and Austin under the covers. We saw a lot of HOH bed action this week on the Live Feeds. And needless to say, I don’t want to see that again. Ever. Ever.


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