I wouldn’t say this past week of Big Brother 18 was crazy or exciting, but there were plenty of ups and downs to look back on, including the very entertaining Live Show starring Big Meech.


What sets this week apart is that many opinions of HGs changed from the start of the week to the end of the week and you’ll see that reflected in my ewws and ahhs below. So let’s get to it.

The Best and Worst Moments of Big Brother 18 Week 10

Eww. Da’Vonne and Zakiyah drop from the battle back competition. I understand their reasoning, but I was really disappointed. I was more disappointed in Da’Vonne because she could’ve held on a lot longer than she did.

Ahh. Victor wins the jury battle back AGAIN. OK, normally I’d say get out and stay out, but this guy’s heart and persistence has changed my thinking. Victor has earned his spot in the house more than anyone else this season. He didn’t make the twists; he just wins them.


Eww. America gives Corey the Care Package. WHY? How did this happen? Apparently Paul and Victor fans split the vote and Corey got a lot of TV-only voters to support him. I mean that’s the only thing I can figure out unless their was some shady stuff going down. At any rate, Corey winning was a shock.

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